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Year 14 - 154 - January 2002


International band capacity of backbone over 2 Gbps

Dabi Atlante, Braile Biomdica, imusica and Admed are some of the companies which now enjoy the extended service

A new number for Cerj to give its 1.6 million customers a better service

0300 Televoto
TV Cultura now uses the first ever interactive research system

FastNet Dial Up
More attractive discounts for volume of calls

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Special shift guaranteed New Year greetings via 21

Embratel offered a special end-of-the-year service so that all customers could send their New Year greetings to friends and relatives without a hitch anywhere at home or abroad. Extra personnel were allocated to the shift teams in the 21 network management centers of the company in So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza. On 24th December, Embratel recorded four million DDI calls a 100% increase over the two million international calls in the network on normal days. Most calls were made to the United States, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Germany. On that same date, 50.5 million DDD calls were recorded. The increase was almost 30% compared to the 39 million national long distance calls that same day in 2000. The companys excellence in its network management permits advance failure detection. This work facilitates redirecting traffic, without detriment to the network capacity and prevents any possible interruption in the services provided. Embratel has 45 telephone switching systems throughout Brazil, three solely dedicated to DDI calls. At this time of the year, the company not only reinforces its staff but also maximizes the interconnection capacity of its switching systems and comes to an agreement with other carriers to attend places where there is more demand for calls to specific destinations.

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Jos Ricardo de Aguillar Pinho, Patricia Carvalho and Francisco Domingues Pereira
Mailing address

Av. Presidente Vargas, 1012, 14 andar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil, CEP 20179-900 Phones.: +55 21 2519 8427 and 2519 7545 Fax: +55 21 2519 7791 and 2519 8661 The articles published herein may be reproduced provided that the source is mentioned. Circulation: 38,000 copies a month.

0800 901 021 Customer Call Center 24 hours a day, 2 days a week
2 Via Embratel - January 2002

Personalized services
Via Embratels first issue in 2002 gives important examples of the variety of services offered by the company. They are technological solutions for a wide variety of applications, always meeting customer requirements and seeking to satisfy their every wish. The increase in the companys internet backbone capacity now over 2 Gbps, with the start-up of another four international circuits is one of the main features of this edition. Now the internet overseas connection via Embratel is entirely through fiber optics. More traffic capacity and less latency are the immediate benefits for firms that use the carriers services. Via Embratel also shows how to make the most of the internet for remote learning. This edition also informs about FastNet Dial Up, a service that offers security, flexibility and attractive discounts, and about the importance be used by the Rio de Janeiro electricity company (Cerj). And for those who still have doubts about the importance of investing in information technology, the example of Bahia Sul Celulose demonstrates the guaranteed return of such an enterprising idea, in the fact that the company won the 2001 National Quality Award. Therefore, for the corporate market or residential customers, Embratel always offers all its customers personalized services. of a well-structured service, such as the 0800 to

Via Embratel - January 2002



A new 0800 for Cerj

Rio de Janeiro electricity company closer to the customer
In the first quarter of 2002, the Rio de Janeiro electricity company (Cerj) began using its new Embratel number 0800, which is to be fully integrated to its call center and become the real customer gateway to the firm. The 0800 704 01 20 will attend the companys 1.6 million customers in 66 counties in the State of Rio de Janeiro. We already have a 0800 number from the local carrier, but we have created a competitive environment to improve costs. We were also needing to improve the service and expand distributes. Telephony and communication in general are today fundamental for any commercial or industrial business. Cerj not only has its own internal phone system but also needs an efficient capable external provider for its relationship with the market, either by 0800 or by conventional commercial telephony, adds Mario Rocha. cation will never go down, since they will be absolutely independent systems. Embratel will reach us with ninety lines, which will serve our call center with eighty answering desks, operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year, he stresses. Julio Moratella, financial director for Cerj, confirms that we are adopting a business philosophy focusing on customer satisfaction, just as Embratel does. Our customers require and we provide total transparency, and to do so we need the right communication media. Embratel offers an excellent service and is doing its utmost to enhance services. As we said before, a telephone provider for us is as important as a provider of crude energy, which is our raw material and the reason for our business.t
Mario Coelho 0 21 21 2519 7160

Single channel
Cerj is 80% controlled by Endesa and 20% by the Portuguese EDP group. As Jos Carlos de Sousa Rocha, head of the telecommunications department, says, the new number will attend commercial, emergency, rural power, theft warning calls and other services. The new 0800 service will be provided by Embratel with alternatives. It will arrive via three 2 Mbps routes in contingency one by digital radio and two by fiber optics, to prevent any problem with the 0800. This is a guaranty that our communi-

Jos Carlos Rocha (E), Mario Rocha (C) and Julio Moratalla, Cerj

its possibilities. With our new Embratel number 0800, besides bringing Cerj closer to its market, we will also be attending customers, as a single provider, in 73% of the Rio de Janeiro State. Embratel offers us much better quality, states Mario Rocha, commercial director for Cerj. Cerj, one of the biggest electricity distributors in the country, considers phone services as important for the company as the electricity it sells and

The international band capacity of the Embratel internet backbone is now over 2 Gbps, by starting up another four international circuits. With these new circuits, plus the other existing 13, the international internet connection via Embratel is now entirely via fiber optics. The immediate effect of the international connection made solely by fiber optics will be less latency and more traffic capacity,

ensuring better quality, availability and reliability. The benefits provided by increasing an international band will be felt not only by the direct internet customers of Embratel but also by those customers own customers. For example, the user of an access provider that uses Embratel may access an international news site much faster than he could before. Embratels internet unit has been constantly investing in the expansion of its backbone,

Via Embratel - January 2002


Saving with international roaming in the internet may be over 90%

Brazilian firms can save around 90% of their spending with their employees internet connections when abroad. This saving is possible because Embratel now offers its Business Dial (dialed access) customers international roaming. The reduced costs are mainly due to the fact that international calls are no longer necessary, since users access the internet of any of the 15,000 sites in 155 countries in the Embratel network today, connecting to local numbers at local call rates. Consequently, it is possible for those employees to continue to send and receive their e-mails, access information in their corporate networks or search in the internet when outside Brazil. Take, for example, an executive of a Brazilian firm who is connected 25 hours a month from the United States. It would cost around R$ 2.000. By using International Roaming Business Dial, charged on time of use, this figure would drop to around R$ 100 (95% less).

BNDES contracted International Roaming to provide a better connection with the internet during business trips abroad, without inconvenience, and at lower costs compared to the traditional services available on the market. We also have Embratels traditional technical competence and the reliability of its network. Luiz Alfredo Caf, telecommunications coordinator, BNDES

Aside of lower expenditure, it is possible to have guaranteed security and quality. The connection velocity is 56 Kbps and, in some countries, even faster, due to the use of ISDN (digital) technology.

The range of the Embratel service (155 countries) is the result of alliances with other carriers (the North American

WorldCom, the Embratel holding, and Gric), which facilitate communication with countries such as Angola, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Jamaica, Pakistan and Thailand, as well as the European and American continents. Previously, Embratel offered only roaming in national terr itor y, present in 90 places (local number for connection) and a nationwide 0800 number. t

Internet backbone over 2 Gbps

meeting the demand of increasingly globalized customers. Today, international circuits connect the firms customers to Europe, Mercosur and North America, on the agreement to offer further capacity, diversity and quality. Over 2 Gbps is a landmark for the internet via Embratel and is evidence that the company is still leader in this segment, since all other backbones together have less than 1 Gbps in international connectivity. Embratel is constantly striving to maintain the quality of its products and services, with the outcome of being awarded prizes and certificates from specialist agencies. With respect to internet services, the highpoint is the quality certificate awarded by Cisco Powered Network (CPN), the largest router manufacturer in the world. Adopting this philosophy, the internet via Embratel was the first and one of the only ones in Brazil to guarantee, under contract, explicit rates of performance through the SLA (Service Level Agreement) program.
Embratel offers corporate customers the

following services: dialed access (Business Dial) and dedicated access (Business Link), Business Hosting, Business Security and application service (Emvia).

Via Embratel - January 2002


Management via internet

Efficiency and economy for Dabi Atlante via its 10 Mbps link
Dabi Atlante S.A., in Ribeiro Preto, upstate So Paulo, one of the largest firms in Brazil and Latin America in the dental product sector, began the 21st century literally with its foot in the future. And we believe the future is the internet, throu gh which we interconnect our entire sales corps at home and abroad, says Maximilliam Maggioni, the firms production manager. He says that Dabi Atlante migrated to the Embratel internet service with a 10 Mbps link (since the internal network had this velocity). Today, 114 distributors and representatives and around 400 skilled technicians all over Brazil can make inquiries or orders and contact the main office in seconds, via internet. Maggioni explains: We have an ABC Bull management software, which we call Bull in the Web, by which, through a password and login, the represen-tative or distributor has safe access to our site and can expedite his work and attend customers. The internet, we believe, has proven to be a tremendous business tool. And through the network we can also link up our representatives abroad, in several countries with which we are in contact. efficient, as the production manager stresses. With the network, we are more dynamic and have better quality and the customers can also order through the internet , Maggioni emphasizes, pointing out that the line of his companys business does not discard the presence of technicians and specialists who also give personal service and install and maintain the equipment. So we can offer our customers better services and also become more streamlined and economical. Dabi Atlante is also a Vip-Phone customer. This service provided us with very good quality calls and technological base with the digital link over which we travel, besides telephony, videoconferencing and internet itself , Maggioni points out. And we must not forget the economical side. Today our phone bill is between R$ 24.000 and R$ 25.000 a month, with discounts already granted by Vip-Phone. Imagine what it was like without the service.

Security and efficiency

Maximilliam Maggioni, Dabi Atlante

Moreover, when sending data and information via internet, the service is much more secure, practical and

Maggioni says that, although the internet has brought much more productivity and efficiency in operations, telephony is vital for company business: Because we export a lot, especially to the Pacific Rim, Australia, Russia, Latin American countries and the United States. We are now into China and the European Union, after being awarded the European Community Quality Seal (EC). And we are in constant contact with our international customers. We also have a business office in Florida, United States, and four offices in Brazil Salvador, Piracicaba, Campinas and the newest in Rio de Janeiro. He says that the entire industrial plant is concentrated in Ribeiro Preto, the company headquarters, and where the whole administration is centralized. Today we have a telecommunications structure that gives us better business management and an excellent cost-benefit ratio, he stresses. We have been Embratel customers for at least ten years and we have found the service Slvio Mazzei excellent, not only in fast problem-solving but also in proposing new technologies that might be useful 0 21 16 605 8119 for our business. It looks like we will continue to be customers for another few decades. t
6 Via Embratel - January 2002


Technology to save lives

Internet is a basic tool for Braile Biomdica
A patient was needing a heart prosthesis in Trinidad & Tobago. One Friday the appliance was ordered from Braile Biomdica, based in So Jos do Rio Preto, upstate So Paulo, via internet, with all specified requisites for the equipment. On the following Monday, the appliance was already available for the patient in hospital in that country and the operation was successful.
This fast communication permits us to work very quickly, since we can receive and do image analyses through the internet server, with fast 128 Kbps access and to attend such orders, says Domingo Braile, one of the most respected specialists in heart and perfusion medicine (circulation). Braile Biomdica is based in an area of 8,000 square meters and is With todays telecommunications, a firm can be anywhere in the world and connected globally, as in our case. We receive inquiries and orders from several countries by internet and our site is visited by around a thousand people every day worldwide, explains Braile, who has Embratel as its Internet provider since 1996. In addition to receiving requests for information on products, the Braile Biomdica home page is the tool used by the physician and professor of Campinas State University (Unicamp) for courses and dissemination of medical research, experiments and statistics. An electronic magazine can also be accessed on heart health, and connects with other links on medical care.

Vip-Phone and 0800

Braile Biomdica is also an Embratel customer in Vip-Phone and 0800, in addition to the Internet

to Vip-Phone we were also able to Domingo Braile, Braile Biomdica set up our 0800 lines by which we communicate with our distributors and representatives in Brazil. We have forty agents all over the countr y. We also have a 0800 number for our customer call center, for phy sicians and other related professionals.

the only Brazilian firm in this industrial segment with 100% Brazilian technology. It develops a range of products from the biological line to electro-medical and disposable products having launched the extra-corporal circulation pump -, in addition to external pacemakers, thermometers, membrane oxygenators and blood filters, for example.

services. Before the Vip-Phone, for instance, we had a lot of problems with lines going dead and unanswered calls. Now we not only can save money but also have the accessibility we need, since we are in upstate So Paulo and attend the whole of Brazil and numerous international customers. We cannot keep our customers hanging on the phone, he argues. And thanks

As Braile explains, the firms next step will be to automate the sales area at home and abroad. We have always had a very fast friendly service from Embratel. We are very pleased with this partnership.t
Leandra Venturini 0 21 16 605 8190
Via Embratel - January 2002 7


No piracy
imusica permits internauts to download
This new idea in Latin America fully attends the demands of millions of music lovers. You are somewhere far from a large shopping center and cannot find a record by one of your favorite artistes. Or worse, you enjoy listening to one or two tracks of music by some artiste but very often have to buy one or two CDs just because of them. Now, with imusica, this situation has changed. Rio de Janeiro-based imusica Empreendimentos Ltda. has been on the air since July 2000. It is a firm of wholesale distribution technology and copyright controller, with logistics solely for this kind of business. It is also a gate through which the fully authorized music tracks are downloaded. In fact, imusica is also a music digital distribution firm a B2B site with increasing presence in other partner sites. The successful formula is to sell download and install technology in sites and gates. imusica, which is now on MSN, may soon be found in the iG, Usina do Som, Compaq and Vrgula portals. As customer of the Embratel Business Hosting service, imusica is fully secure and accessible for the comfort of its customers.

Claudio Campos and Roberto de Brito Nunes, imusica

Roberto de Brito Nunes, technology manager for imusica, says that the choice of Embratel for hosting was due to factors not encountered in competitors, such as total guaranteed security, velocity and flexibility in contract negotiations. Embratel Webfarm holds our entire phonographic collection. To ensure distribution facilities, we are in the Embratel backbone, a real cloverleaf through which everyone goes, sooner or later, who are traveling through the web in Brazil. The contract is very flexible and lets us pay at the end for the total traffic. This is an unquestionable benefit, he stresses. If we have a link here we would have to spend much more. Also, with Embratel, our customers can download their music anywhere in Brazil, depending only on their own equipment.t
Clio Madeira 0 21 21 2519 8697

Owner of the worlds largest Brazilian music catalogue on the internet, imusica now provides more than 10,000 licensed titles from almost fifty recording companies. The firm has developed a technological system that, unlike MP3, which is a completely open download format, permits purchase of music via the internet with total security and copyright management. We formed a three-sided partnership with Embratel and Microsoft to supply the best audio technology and best condition for distributing music online, asserts Claudio Campos, CEO for imusica. In our business, transmission speed is fundamental. Users should be aware that they pay for a service with competitive edge over pirate systems. With Embratel hosting, our customers find download velocity, audio quality, security, comfort and easy navigation.

Upcoming provider
Intercanal increases access capacity
The Marsico family, from Taquaritinga, in the state of So Paulo, owner of businesses that include Radio Canal Um FM, a metal working plant and a daily newspaper, did not think twice when it also invested in the internet about five years ago. We knew we couldnt stay away. And we were always the first to do things in the region here, principally in communications. Our natural course was to set up Intercanal, an internet provider, states Vanderlei Jos Mrsico who, together with his son Ricardo, runs the groups communication business. And we began with Embratel and right from the beginning, it has given us support, he concludes. Intercanal, an Embratel customer of the Direct Business Link service,

Vanderlei Jos Mrsico, Rdio Canal Um FM

Via Embratel - January 2002


Health in management too

Admed invests in telecommunications for a better service
Administrao Mdica (Admed) has been operating in the health plan segment for the past 17 years and today is one of the largest firms in the sector in Pernambuco. Since 1999 it has been implementing a process for growth and investment in technology based on a financial engineering plan and new proposals for users, offering unique benefits. To be successful today, you must invest in telecommunications, since the speed and efficiency of the service depend on it, claims the firms marketing and business director, Ricardo Almeida. This is why, when we found that we were needing an online connection between our units, we looked around in the market and found in Embratel the answer to our requirements, both in terms of technology and cost-benefit ratio. Admed, customer of the Business Link Flex service since the end of last year, has an intranet linking up its own eleven answering units in Recife, Garanhuns, Cabo, Caruaru and Olinda. We have just inaugurated another unit in Novem ber in the Zona da Mata Norte, Pernambuco, which is now linked up to the rest of the system, says Carlos Pires Leo, information technology manager. The most important thing is that we have currently centralized all data of each branch in the head office in Recife. So, if a user is answered in the Caruaru unit, his list is automatically provided by the switching system; the service is faster and the updated data is immediately sent back to the switching system. As the president of the firm Manoel Messias explains, the inauguration of Admed Agreste in Caruaru in April 2000 was the beginning of our spread into the interior of Pernambuco. Today we have two units in Caruaru, one in Garanhuns and another in Carpina. patient is well cared for on a daily basis and his doctors work on prevention, the patient falls ill less frequently and consequently spends less, permitting a reduction in the costs of the health plan, which will inevitably incur better quality of life Carlos Leo, Admed for the population and possible development of plans increasingly accessible to the different social classes, says Manoel Messias. In this context of growth and providing quality service, Carlos Pires Leo explains that the partnership with Embratel tends to grow closer, since the carrier has been giving the firm the support and security of an Manoel Messias, Admed efficient and fast data system. Embratel Intranet gave us the ideal solution. And even better users have noticed the faster service and thats important, concludes Ricardo Almeida.t

Competitive edge
With the focus on an accessible price and strategic competitive policy -, for example, dental care for all users, free distribution of generic medication and similar and preventive and home care programs -, the secret of growth, in the opinion of the Admed president, is personalized service. If the

Suely Roma 0 21 81 3416 3223

Ricardo Almeida, Admed

was until recently operating in the 64 Kbps velocity and moved to 256 Kbps. Now we are extending our links to be able to offer our customers more access velocity, stresses Mrsico, adding that the firm has been heavily investing in the regional corporate market, which needs faster and more efficient access.

As Ricardo Rebechi explains, the specialist responsible for the provider, the Direct Business Link capacity is

now 512 Kbps: We kept the same number of lines but increased the band in order to control the growth of the company as provider and to increase the loyalty of subscribers through quality. We have just enabled the link and, if necessary, we will increase it even further as we attract more subscribers. Mrsico believes that what is most important now is precisely to consolidate Intercanal as the local and regional provider, including working more with content and offering the custo-

mers more services: Today we have around five hundred users, a reasonable number since we are in a relatively small town but with potential growth. He talks about the importance of the partnership with Embratel: We have the help of Embratel to set up the provider and to grow and its service has always been VIP.t
Slvio Mazzei 0 21 16 605 8119

Via Embratel - January 2002


Total interactivity via 0300

In TV Cultura, viewers are the winners
On 16th December last, when the host of the Carto Verde program, Flavio Prado, came on the air to present yet another top-rated Sunday evening program of TV Cultura and mandatory for sports fans all over Brazil , he also broadcast a new, and unprecedented, interactive research system among the viewers: the Embratel 0300 Televoto.
The result was surprising. In the program lasting for little over an hour, 10,000 people rang to answer the question: Who wins the second final game of the Brasileiro 2001? We were expecting a large number of calls, but we were amazed at the final total - this shows that there has been a repressed demand in terms of participation, explains the technical director for TV Cultura, Jos Munhoz. We have a large audience and significant interaction with the public who want to participate, give their opinion. He says that the Carto Verde was until then the only TV Cultura program with live voting, precisely because it is broadcast on Sunday evenings and uses the TV stations own PABX, which has an answering capacity of 16 calls simultaneously and permits an average of around 3,000 calls per program. He explains that on other days it would be impossible, since it would jam the TV Cultura PABX. The idea of interactivity and its use in other programs had been limited by our call receiving capacit y, which was resolved with the 0300 number. TV Cultura PABX is left free. All traffic is answered by the Embratel Automatic Answering Platform, which counts the votes in real time and tracks each call. We know where most calls come from and we are able to draw the profile of our viewers, which the previous system did not do. This means that, in addition to being a valuable tool for interactivity with the viewer, we have a great marketing tool at hand, he points out. The 0300 service, launched in 2000, today has several applications and is now being used by public agencies, financial institutions, credit card operators and public answering service in the private corporate sector. But its use as a means of communication with viewers by real time totaling on live TV made its dbut precisely in TV Cultura, a television network which is outstanding as a forerunner and experimenting in programs. It has already won several national and international awards and the recognition of excellence for information and culture. With this new instrument, we will have an even closer relationship with the viewers, since we will be able to know what they are interested in, for example, he comments.

The idea of using 0300, says Munhoz, arose from a suggestion by Embratel itself, partner since TV Cultura first began. In two months we negotiated the new service and put it on the air, he says, adding that the system functions so that the

Eight years on the air

Carto Verde is a chat program showing the most important sports events of the week, with special focus on soccer. Hosted by journalist Flavio Prado and with the presence of specialists and guests, the program is broadcast live and offers viewers the chance to participate via e-mail, phone or fax and, of course, via 0300 789 92 21, the Embratel Televoto service. Carto Verde began in 1993 and is broadcast all over Brazil on Sunday evenings at 9:00 p.m.

Flvio Prado

10 Via Embratel - January 2002


Map of Brazil
Munhoz explains that TV Cultura soon intends to use the 0300 Televoto in its other programs, especially news casting, such as the famous Roda-viva and Vitrine. Furthermore, the system enables us to broadcast a map of Brazil, produced by our Graphic Production Center during the programs, showing the participation of each region while the calls come in. In other words, the viewer will see the contribution of his or her vote there on the screen, seconds after having called in, he says. He believes that, with the dissemination of the new service, the calls tend to increase, since it was clear that the viewer wanted to participate and was unable to do so because the system could not meet the full demand. This year, with the World Cup and elections, there are no end of topics to be broadcast for people to give their opinions. We have a great tool and we would like to use its whole potential, in terms of inviting our audience to interact with us and also to help us in our planning, says Munhoz. In other words, the 0300 Televoto tends to raise program audience, since the public has been showing a clear tendency to give

Features of the service

The 0300 Televoto is an application of the family of Automatic Answering Platform services, supported by a structure of Audio Response Units (ARUs), controllers and routers, with fully decentralized network architectures distributed nationwide. This platform enables calls to be answered with the customers personalized message and program involved. The data of each call answered includes full name of the subscriber caller, date and time, which are transmitted in real time to the customer through the FastNet data communication service. The platform is managed round-the-clock with high answering capacity, consisting of more than 10,000 phone trunk lines, and enables 630,000 calls to be answered via 0300 Televoto per hour.

Jos Munhoz, TV Cultura

their opinions and appreciate whoever respects them. The possibilities are enormous and we have the support of Embratel, who has proven to be efficient and dynamic in its service to us and have made this experiment a success. He says that now the working partnership with Embratel tends to strengthen the relationship: And the 0300 will undoubtedly be a very valuable communication, marketing, research and planning tool for TV Cultura.t

Marco Antnio B. Oliveira 0 21 11 3268 2085 Marilis Fernandes Affonso 0 21 11 3268 2752

Via Embratel - January 2002 11


Excellence rewarded
Bahia Sul Celulose awarded National Quality Prize 2001
Bahia Sul Celulose, acknowledged as one of the largest Brazilian companies in the pulp and paper segment, concerned with environmental preservation and socio-environmental projects, in 2001 was rewarded the National Quality Prize (PNQ) for its management excellenIn this context, she explains, the role of information technology has been fundamental: IT is mostly responsible for providing solutions to support the excellence management, since Bahia Sul s management model requires accurate, efficient and simple information for the end user. Therefore, we have in Embratel a genuine partner, since keeping business management compatible with the PNQ requires more than quality providers - it requires partners who are committed to our business and aware of our challenges. As Cristina understands, Embratel plays this role very well, caring about the service and quality, including monthly reports on circuit downtime, which ensures quality control of the services and ongoing improvements. She explains that since October 1999 the firm has been using the Topnet service for national connections and FastNet for international connections in data communication: Topnet is used in the major interconnection, which is the link between the main office in So Paulo and the plant in Mucuri, in the far south of Bahia. This communication supports the commercial, logistics and financial processes. And we even have, for security purposes, a contingency via Salvador, the company headquarters, should there be a break in the southwards fiber optics.

Cristina Moreno adds that another vital service hired from Embratel to run the company is Digidial: Digidial supports videoconferencing, today an indispensable tool for our administration. Today, therefore, this service is used to the utmost on a daily basis, in board meetings, operations, commemorations and training, for instance. The PNQ news itself was announced to the whole firm using videoconferencing. Bahia Sul Celulose was in 1995 the first Brazilian firm to obtain the British BS 7750 certificate (Environment Management System) and has been awarded the ISO 9002 and 14001 certificates. It has also won the Millennium Business Award Environment Achievement, granted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the United Nations Environmental Program (Unep).t
Roberto Schmalb 0 21 71 320 6291

Cristina Moreno, Bahia Sul Celulose

ce. Cristina Moreno, the firms information technology manager, says: It is very important for a Brazilian organization to be rewarded for its striving for excellence. What is exceptional is the assessment of the overall firm, like a great orchestra where all the instruments areas and processes need to be tuned.
12 Via Embratel - January 2002


Public service role model

Prodemge designs cost-cutting solutions
Since 1967 Minas Gerais state has one of the first firms to use information technology as a tool for administrative modernization and implementation of public policies. Committed to providing the best service to meet the citizen requirements, the Minas Gerais state data processing company (Prodemge) develops solutions in information technology to place its whole technological infrastructure as a priority at the service of the state public area, also attending the Judiciary and Legislative, in addition to local, federal and other state agencies. And to do so the Embratel partnership is essential. The Prodemge information highway enables communication even at the farthest points in the state of Minas Gerais. The firm offers solutions for integration, less bureaucracy and cutting costs. Human and technical know-how ensure security, strategic insight and continuity in putting into practice the states information technology policy, with wide service coverage for the population. Kbps each. It also uses access links to the Embratel internet backbone, which total 12 Mbps today, six accesses of 2 Mbps each, one being a fiber optic channel and five channels via microwave radio. We use data communication services via satellite, given the need to link up places with no land lines, such as small towns, highway inspection posts, prisons in rural areas and other similar cases, for example, says Antonio Carlos Passos de Carvalho, managing director of Prodemge. Concerning the internet segment, the Embratel backbone is very important to provide the Minas Gerais e-government services, under our responsibility. Our idea is to link up every county in the state, so that the state authorities can offer their services to the population on a fast, secure and reliable basis, including via internet.

Antonio Carlos P. Carvalho, Prodemge

The Embratel satellite service, Infosat, enables interconnection with places that have no other kind of infrastructure whatsoever, as in the case of highway inspection stations, important for collecting state revenue. Other important examples are police stations, prisons and other establishments in rural areas. Providing access to the internet helps Prodemge offer the different state agencies speed and availability in connecting to the network. The services provided by Embratel in the data telecommunication area meet the expectations of Prodemge, mainly with regard to the internet, guarantees Antonio Carlos Carvalho. The managing director highlights the fact that, through the V-SAT network

In the telecommunication area, Prodemge uses a V-SAT communication network via the Embratel satellite, consisting of a dedicated master antenna of 7.6 meter and 217 secondary antennas of 1.8 meter, installed in several towns in the interior of the state, attending the different Minas government agencies. In the master antennasecondary antennas direction, the firm has two channels in the 512 Kbps velocity each, and in the secondary antennas-master antenna direction, 12 channels with 128

via satellite, it has been possible to provide online data communication in six mobile technological vehicles, in order for them to provide any service, including access to the internet, for efficiency and mobility anywhere in the state. The use has already been proven in support applications for revenue inspectors, and preventive police operations, with instant online access to the state databases, guaranteed by Prodemge.t
Guilherme P. Franciscani 0 21 31 3279 3640

Via Embratel - January 2002 13

global solutions

Growth with Vip-Phone

Cestari enhances performance of its business divisions
When Cestari Industrial e Comercial commemorated its first centenary in May 2001, it had gone far from the dream of, but in close harmony with the enterprising spirit of Italian immigrant Luigi Cestari. In 2000, when it was already occupying an area of 380,000 square meters in Monte Alto (SP), with a So Paulo office and commercial representatives throughout Brazil, the company looked to modernize its telecommunication system, essential for the enhanced performance of its business divisions Automobile and Reducers and motor-reducers , and hired the VipPhone service of Embratel. During 2000, the Cestari board decided that one of its priorities in the information technology area would be to improve communication with our business partners. We were then developing an answering service for representatives all over Brazil for sales and inquiries via internet, says the chief operating officer of the firm, Luiz Antonio Cestari. What we needed for the project to be a success was a fast and highly reliable link, since our commercial area needed better quality in phone calls. We looked around at the available services in the market and decided to hire thirty 64 Kbps digital channels through a 2 Mbps radio

link, using the Embratel VipPhone service. Two channels were for internet and the others for telephony, including international calls.

Better quality
The executive continues: A year later, we noticed substantial improvement in the quality and speed of our phone communications and stability in the internet service, which is essential. Cestari also points out the financial benefits of

Partnership with an extra

HQ Global, leader in outsourced office sector, centralizes telecommunication services
More than 40,000 customers and around five hundred executive office centers in 28 countries. HQ Global Workplaces has been in Brazil for ten years and has been investing mainly in its technological infrastructure to offer its customers competitive edge. They are, in fact, our partners, as we are with Embratel, the carrier in which our telecommunications are centralized, says the firms technology director, Silvio DeChecchi. He explains that this partnership was consolidated in May 2000: That was when the company created a specific directorate for technology, at a time when it was evident that the appeal of telecommunications as a service and benefit for our customers was very great. Once this was decided, we also began concentrating the whole telecommunications part with Embratel. It was a well-thought out choice in terms of cost-benefit and technology and service quality. DeChecchi says that HQ, with eleven outsourced office buildings in Brazil, is customer of the Vip-Phone, Vipnet, Internet and videoconferencing services: Five of them are in So Paulo and the others in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Curitiba. Our customers have a major requirement in common which are DDD and DDI calls. This made us hire Vip-Phone and Vipnet as a way to offer not only more competitive prices but principally quality, because most of the firms that rent offices from us are multinational or branches of companiLuiz Henrique Andrade, HQ Global es from other states. They require, therefore, to be constantly in touch with their other points.

Broadband Internet
Moreover, says DeChecchi, the company required the broadband internet which Embratel knew how to meet: Today we have 512 Kbps internet services for each of our buildings, with online quality access, so that the users are constantly connected. Our customers increasingly request this service, since they need to work online and very often their decisions depend on real-time contact with their branches and/or parent companies.

Silvio DeChecchi, HQ Global

14 Via Embratel - January 2002

global solutions

From Pernambuco to the world

Pitu consolidates its market position at home and abroad
Luiz Antnio, Cestari

Vip-Phone, which establishes a direct link from the PABX of the firms with the carriers fully digital network: Cestari incurred no cost with the radio infrastructure, due to hiring the service with a four year loyalty agreement, ensuring a monthly minimum consumption. We also obtained an excellent discount in the cost of calls.t
Slvio Mazzei 0 21 16 605 8119

He points out that the videoconferencing service was the last item to complete the telecommunications structure and also broaden business horizons for the company in Brazil: We found that the demand for videoconferencing services has been growing every year, mainly because it is a tool that helps considerably to reduce corporate travel costs, and is only one of the various options for this service. The technology director continues: We not only offer the customers of our outsourced offices and videoconferencing rooms, but also the service to other companies who are not our usual partners but who wish to use this service sporadically. Today, in Brazil, we have ten videoconferencing sites. The business trend undoubtedly is to grow.t
Nelson Moraes 0 21 11 3268 3775

Pitu is one of the most famous reputable national sugarcane rums (cachaa). It is investing in telecommunications to consolidate its top market ranking in exports and the concept of quality on the home market. We feel that the partnership with Embratel was the right decision, because Embratel offers us the solutions we need, with an efficient personalized service, says the firms network supervisor, Flavio Jos da Silva. With its enviable market status Northeast Brazil leader in sales, the second most sold brand in all Brazil and with exports to Europe, United States, Argentina and Japan , Pitu, founded in 1938 in Vitria de Santo Anto, where its industrial headquarters are today, has also a head business office in Recife. Through the Embratel Intranet, for example, we have today succeeded in connecting up our two main units, with a link that has capacity to carry our management software and expedite the entire production and accounting operations, for example. We are also at the stage of installing the whole process, but it is already possible to see the benefits. Moreover, Business Link Flex has greatly reduced the manual work overload we had. Now, the data enters automatically, leaving more room for phone calls and streamlining the work, explains Silva. With offices in a number of Brazilian cities, such as Natal, Fortaleza and So Paulo, plus around fifty representation offices at home and abroad, the idea is that by 2002 all units are to be interconnected via intranet.

a very satisfactory performance, Silva recalls that the company has also hired the VipPhone service. Our DDD traffic is quite heavy. So we decided to hire the service because of its facility and quality, plus the saving in phone bills. He proceeds: We also have our 0800 service with Embratel, basically to answer customers, end consumers and also representatives, to pass on orders and information. This service is used frequently. Silva believes that the partnership with the carrier will definitely tend to grow. Because the service is an example. The Embratel staff come here to the plant, talk to us, propose new solutions. And thats what we need.

Flvio Jos da Silva, Pitu

Essential services
The company, responsible for over two million liters of cachaa exported every year, began exporting during the 1970s. Today, Pitu has become almost an emblem of Brazil abroad, especially because of the caipirinha a traditional Brazilian lime, sugar and rum cocktail. In order to meet national and international demand, we need to have a telecommunication system that lets us have good management and, at the same time, gives our customers impeccable service, says Silva. With Embratel, we are sure of having technological solutions with a good cost-benefit ratio. Moreover, should there be any problem in the network, we know that it will all be settled quickly and no headaches, he concludes.t
Elizabeth Rego 0 21 81 2416 3262
Via Embratel - January 2002 15

Praising the speed in data communication offered by Business Link Flex, which has been giving


Challenge met
Cambuci uses FastNet to link up units
Cambuci is headquartered in Itabuna, Bahia. Another plant, also in Bahia, is in Itajupe, and a third in Joo Pessoa, Paraba. Plus an office in So Paulo and a plant in Machado, southern Minas Gerais. The challenge for Cambuci S.A., owner of the Penalty brand, was to link them all up with quality and economically. Our solution was to change our system to FastNet, which gave us the data interconnection we needed and also major savings in telephony, since we put voice, data and internet in the network, explains its information technology manager, Luiz Pagan. With new FastNet FR 300, we can run our management software to every unit and the entire administrative, commercial and industrial control is centralized. Our customers and suppliers can now consult us online, he continues. The next step is to effectively work with e-business, so that we can do business via internet with our representatives and customers, storekeepers and suppliers alike. We will first update our firm with the new network, then we will begin using it at its full potential. With the data center installed in So Paulo and the plants elsewhere, the most important thing for the company was to fully integrate its units, with good performance, high speed and accessibility. That is exactly what we have today, enthuses Pagan.
Luiz Pagan, Cambuci

All Brazilian
Cambuci, an all-Brazilian firm, was founded in 1945 as a small business. In the 1970s, the company began producing sports materials and launched the brand Penalty, exporting to practically every country. It was the first firm to supply a complete line of products for field and indoor soccer and put logos on the club uniform. It was also the first to obtain quality approval seals from federations and confederations. The firm is a sponsor of major soccer clubs, namely So Paulo, So

FastNet Dial Up
Security, flexibility and attractive discounts
Embratel is always innovating to offer its customers top quality. A good example is the FastNet Dial Up service, ideal for whoever needs to remotely connect to the corporate network, with total security and flexibility. The service provides not only attractive discounts according to the volume of minutes used in the calls, but also a complete report with information of all accesses to the corporate network, listing the user, date and duration of call. The minutes are counted on a monthly basis. If in a certain month a customer uses 300,000 minutes of the service, for example, it will receive the discount corresponding to the first band. If for the next month it uses a million minutes, it will automatically move to another discount band. And the customer does not need to register to enjoy the progressive discounts, which will be automatically credited to its bill. It only needs to use the quantity of minutes for each discount band. With FastNet Dial Up, the corporate market has yet another important tool with the Embratel trademark within its reach to attract new customers.
Carlos Alberto Silva 0 21 21 2519 8266

Our option for FastNet Dial Up was to have better integrated telecommunication services, mainly through the Embratel services we have hired. Used as a contingency network, FastNet Dial Up places more than two hundred of our branches in the carriers backbone, thereby ensuring ongoing secure communication. Also thanks to this service we were able to inaugurate

Ana Luiza Bettencourt 0 21 21 2519 7411

16 Via Embratel - January 2002


Caetano, Ponte Preta, Coritiba, Bahia, Gois, For taleza and Ava, and has been investing heavily in technology, especially in information technology, which is essential for any business, as Pagan emphasizes. Besides the saving with the network, there are factors such as practicality of inter-extension calls, fast communications between the units. Plus the internet and data communication, which give excellent performance, he guarantees. t

Guaranteed integration
Laponia invests in velocity and security for corporate data transmission
Laponia, one of the largest Volvo concessionaires in Brazil, has hired the Embratel FastNet service for corporate data transmission between the head office in Sorocaba (So Paulo state) and branches in the So Paulo towns of Ribeiro Preto, So Jos do Rio Preto, Ourinhos, Regente Feij and So Manuel and in the towns of Carazinho, Caxias do Sul and Estrela in Rio Grande do Sul. Another point is linked to the Volvo truck and bus plant in Curitiba. Information technology coordinator for Laponia, Cristiano Sulzbach, informs that the head office site operates at a speed of 512 Kbps, the assembly line at 256 Kbps, with guaranteed band (CIR) of 192 Kbps, and the rest at 64 Kbps, with 32 Kbps CIR: This is what we need to meet the whole range of data circulating between the head office, branches and plant, with full security and quality of the Embratel services. Sulzbach continues: We work with buses, trucks and Volvo parts. FastNet helps us integrate the assembly line system, whose access facilitates the orders of parts, checking consortium quotes and inventory management, among other services. Moreover, we can calculate the monthly quotes for parts and vehicles for each concessionaire and make online orders. When we confirm the order, the invoice is issued and the parts are immediately dispatched by the producer. With the Embratel FastNet, Laponia also works with an intranet, permitting instant message traffic, chat, e-mails, distant support and management.

Paulo Srgio Rodrigues 0 21 19 3707 6002

Cristiano Sulzbach, Lapnia

Direct access
The concessionaire also uses another service, Business Link Direct, for direct access to the internet, which enables customers to access the corporate site and obtain all information considered relevant, including inventories, unpaid notes, billing track record and services in progress, for example. Laponia also has FastNet Dial Up in the Embratel FastNet infrastructure, through which more than fifty users 35 being sales representatives working in the field have direct access to the network anywhere in Brazil. Another carrier service used by Laponia is the 0800 for customer service, especially in the post-sales period. The 0800 redirects calls to the branches closest to our customers, emphasizes Cristiano Sulzbach. t
Rosana Monteiro Gomes 0 21 15 224 8113

another forty stores in 2001 alone and start them up even before the local telephony access was installed and made operational. We think the discount offer by volume of use very welcome, and we are pleased with the constant availability of this Embratel service.
Igmar Dornelas, telecom manager, Fininvest S.A. Retail Business Rio de Janeiro

Via Embratel - January 2002 17


Educational tool
With telecommunication support, Maristas (UBEE) ensures quality teaching
The partnership of Maristas Brazilian Union for Education and Teaching (UBEE) with Embratel began in 2001 when they both created the best solution to meet the requirements of the institution. UBEE and Embratel have provided all human and technical resources for the better configuration of this solution. The result was way beyond expectations. The partnership was, then, consolidated, asserts Marcelo Mello, information technology manager of the maintenance agency of the Marista Institute in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Gois, Tocantins and Federal District. He tells how the institution acquired a corporate link from Embratel in June 2001, connecting the units in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Goinia, Palmas (Toc antins), Colatina and Vila Velha (Espirito Santo), Montes Claros, Patos de Minas, U beraba and Varginha (Minas Gerais). This is the link that also interconnects all units with the central office in Belo Horizonte. The link consists of voice, videoconferencing and data channels through the Embratel FastNet solution, he explains.

Providing the project in conjunction with Embratel, made UBEE rethink the entire infrastructure of educational processes with regard to information technology, the manager says. He remembers that even remote units will have online access to the latest processes in the information technology world for education: Consequently, something in Palmas, for example, may be immediately announced in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro or Montes Claros. UBEE, also customer of the Embratel internet services and VipPhone, was able to guarantee access of its students to the world computer network in modern well-equipped laboratories. Each unit is integrated in the UBEE network, connected with the Embratel backbone in a broadband IP channel. This concept ensures the socialization of the resources based on egalitarian processing for everyone, with top security, he guarantees. Mello concludes that For all our ideas and projects, the technical support of Embratel has been invaluable as we go along. This is not a relationship between supplier and customer, but rather an enriching close partnership.t

Busy operations
UBEE operates as a priority in the educational and social areas and employs 1,600 educators in the various states where it operates. FastNet acquired from Embratel by UBEE has added value to all administrative and managerial processes and, even more important, to the educational processes. All work stations are interconnected through the link, enabling every area in the institution to process information from their operations, points out Mello. In the administrative and managerial area, he says, UBEE has R/3 SAP, which runs on FastNet. It involves all the processes in the financial, material administration, including assets and controllership. The system and database are in servers at the central office in Belo Horizonte, and the users of all units access this information as if they were all in the same plant, in the same place. Both the routine and managerial processes are accessed in real time, permitting UBEE to immediately monitor all its activities, says Mello.

Marcelo Santos 0 21 31 3279 3116

Marcelo Mello, Maristas

18 Via Embratel - January 2002

Seriousness in distant learning

Paran Virtual University democratizes education using Topnet and Datasat Plus
To give quality to the socioeconomic development of Brazil by providing and managing a logistic service network that strives to disseminate know-how, more democratic access to training programs and improve human resources and for the full exercise of citizenship, by using modern technological resources and consistent, realistic and updated teaching projects. This is the mission of Paran Virtual University (UEP), which, in partnerships with traditioting the institution and its current executive director. The purpose of UEP is to be a logistic carrier of distant learning, in which universities help by providing teaching know-how and Embratel provides the means to offer the courses. The first initiative, already underway, is the National University Course with Interactive Media, in partnership with Ponta Grossa State University. We are giving this opportunity to teachers in different towns, some who can only be reached by satellite technologies, via Embratel, as in the case of Planalto, with 7,000 inhabitants, close to the border with Argentina. The Datasat Plus technology alone has enabled us to get there and install the videoconferencing rooms and the necessary equipment, he points out.


Casa Viva, a big family
Around fifty poor kids between 4 and 5 years old in Vila Velha (metropolitan region of Vitoria, Espirito Santo), are sheltered from the dangers of urban violence, lack of hygiene, malnutrition and the lack of formal education for this age group. They are attended by the philanthropic organization Casa Viva, a school where they receive food, notions of hygiene, education and learn to give value to the human being, with the support of Embratel. Casa Viva, founded and maintained by a group of businessmen from Espirito Santo, began operating in March 1999. The institution, which today has the support of Embratel, focuses on the holistic service for children who are admitted when 4 years old and stay there for three school years so that they can participate in the complete program cycle, including learning to read and write using the Casinha Feliz method, created in Rio de Janeiro forty years ago. Voluntary work includes dental care for basic treatment (although the institution does not yet have its own complete equipment), barbers shop, actors, and professionals for accounting, legal and psychological care. We still need support to accompany the kids that leave here until they grow up, and to give psychological support to parents and guardians, explains engineer Horacio Duarte de Lemos, director and member of the institution who runs Casa Viva.

Horcio Lemos, Casa Viva

Borba explains that UEP performed market research to check which carrier could offer the solutions it required. We called every firm and the capillarity of services and technological range of Embratel with such resources as communication via satellite or fiber optics, in addition to its support, made us decide in favor of the partnership. We noticed that we had found the best support right from the start. The staff who give us assistance are excellent, he praises. Today, the Paran Virtual University has approximately 2,700 students in 18 towns where the system is already in operation. We will soon have a total of 25 towns with their structures ready with teaching and reception units.t
Vnia Lago 0 21 41 331 6195

Reinaldo de Oliveira Borba, UEP

nal universities and Embratel, has been developing several distant learning programs. Using one of the latest modalities distant learning with interactive media, by means of videoconferencing, conference calls and internet, for example, based on Topnet and Datasat Plus services , the university has been transmitting knowledge to the entire interior of the state of Paran in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a network that already includes 21 classrooms in 18 different towns. The idea of UEP began in 1998, explains Reinaldo de Oliveira Borba, one of the mentors for crea-

Via Embratel - January 2002 19

20 Via Embratel - January 2002