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In a world where black and white are uncertain, Which side will you choose?

2007 - 2010 Joseph Claudel and Joseph Freemer Portions of these Rules are 1999-2007 Truax McFarland, and are used with permission

Chapter One: The Core Rules Combat, Death, and What Comes After Effects Chapter Two: The World of Atropos Chapter Three: Clotho Player Regions Forleste Hunters Cove Jena Lionsdale Maritow Sarov Tarranoa Treslin Character Races Construct Fate Touched Fomori Human M'Pryael Tuatha Vree Ieklai Varanids Gifts Flaws Chapter Four: Skills Information Skills Crafting Skills Weapon Skills Combat Skills Ranged Combat Skills Unarmed Combat Skills Stealth Skills Merchant Skills Medical Skills Faith Skills Chapter Five: Magic Magic Skills Elementalism Fate Spinner Skills Geomancer Skills Chapter Six: Religion Chapter Seven: Advancement Appendix Crafting Feats

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Chapter One: The Core Rules

What is Live Action Role Playing, Anyway? It is action, without the need of a computer, dice, or a movie screen. You're not passively watching it- you're in the midst of it. You're not pretending to have an adventure- you are there! Live Action Role Playing is the attempt to create virtual reality- you actually get to become a character in a story of heroic adventure! Combat with padded weapons, a replica village to inhabit and defend, and chests of treasure you can see, feel, and touch. Everyone around you wears a costume and acts as though they were part of a fantasy movie. Masks create the monsters. Simulated magic, special effects, and more. Who Can Play? Anyone sixteen years of age or older is welcome to attend the game. Players under sixteen must have the permission of a member of the game staff to participate. Permission will be granted only to those who can show they have the physical, mental, and emotional maturity to participate in a game as demanding as this. Of course, those of us who are older have a duty to act our age! Costuming Basic costuming is an absolute must. At the barest minimum is a pair of black pants (not jeans) and a black t-shirt, for NPC duties. Players are held to a slightly higher requirement- they must look at least as good as extras from a B grade movie. Footwear is the only exception. Wear what is comfortable, but try to make it look period (no white sneakers, etc.). Boots or plain shoes are preferable. Obtaining Weapons, Costume, and Armor It may seem intimidating to come up with safe, decent weaponry and armor for your first LARP. However, MASI has been around long enough that there is a stockpile of weapons, costumes and even (sometimes) armor available to loan out. If you are interested in playing, don't let a lack of supplies stop you! And NPCs have all gear provided. However, you do need to let the staff know at least 3 days in advance; otherwise they may not be able to help you. Later you can learn how to make the stuff from other players. Making your own equipment can be very fun and satisfying, but buying it is also an option. Reality Everything happening in the game is real. Things which cannot be mimicked or modeled cannot be done. An example is climbing a tree. This cant be done safely in game, so in the game, it doesnt happen. Burning houses down wont work. Out of game things such as coolers and tents should be either disguised or discretely hidden. Avoid speaking out of game- one good example of this is the fact that no character has a clue what Health or specific Skills they have.

Role Playing Do not say things that are out of game. Stick to your character. Do not confuse player knowledge with character knowledge. You must maintain character at all times, except for three notable exceptions. If you are on the path alone with only close friends, you may fall out of character. If no in-game conversations are currently going on in the tavern, you may fall out of game, but only until someone who is in game enters. Finally, if at night a member of cast calls All Clear, then you may fall out of game.

Safety Calls

Caution If you see someone doing something dangerous (like about to run into someone else, or back over a rock) call Caution. You and the person you call it for are out of game briefly until the situation is resolved. Caution does not end the action, unlike some other safety calls. Clarify If you do not understand an effect or did not hear it, call Clarify. Whoever called the effect is obligated to explain it. Clarify does not end the action, unlike some other safety calls. Emergency In the event of a fire, lost glasses, major safety problems, or other threats, call Emergency. All action within line of sight ends and will not begin again until a Lay On is called by the person calling Emergency. Holds If action needs to stop in-game for some reason, perhaps to set up a module or what have you, call Hold. All action within line of sight is suspended until a Lay On is called.

Rules of Courtesy

Restrictions (Dos and Donts) Blocking Doors Do not physically block doors with furniture. Do not hold doors shut. Do not try to force doors open. Cheating Anyone caught actively cheating will first receive a warning. Any second offense will result in being removed from the game, and you will not be invited back. It is one thing to accidentally forget to lose a point of Health in a given skirmish- entirely another to use effects you do not have the skills for, or having an endless well of Essence with which to power your special attacks. Please dont cheat, even if you know you wont get caught at it- you make the game less fun for everyone. Control Do not lose control of your emotions. If you feel yourself getting angry, step back from the situation and cool off. Do not pursue someone who seems to be uncomfortable with a given situation. Do not let the heat of battle affect your control of the situation.

The Dead If someone falls in battle, it is considered extremely poor etiquette to remain near their body, unless of course you have plans for it, such as searching or animating it. This etiquette is in place so the spirit of the deceased may be free to return to The Locker (and so players dont have to lie around on the ground very long). Drugs, Alcohol, Real Weapons You will be asked to leave if found with any of these, and will not be invited back. You may carry a small penknife or similar item. Fire No fire may ever be left unattended at any time for any reason, not even a struck match. No combat may occur within 10 feet of an open flame. Fires may only be set in designated pits, and then may not be allowed depending on current fire danger. Littering Any food you carry should not have a wrapper or similar waste. Do not drop cigarette butts or anything else on the path. Do not leave things in the village between events. Physical Contact You may not touch another player without their permission. You may not enter within arms reach in a combat, and should draw back if you find yourself pressed near someone else. Carrying another person is acceptable if they understand what you are going to do. Restraints No player may ever actually hold another player. No player may ever actually be tied up, no matter how loose the bond. To simulate being restrained at the wrist, hold a piece of rope between both hands, looped around both wrists. To simulate being tied to an item, you may wrap a piece of rope around the item and yourself, and hold it in one or both hands. That way if need be you could drop the rope and be freed. Running at Night Try hard not to. Its not particularly safe, as game sites tend to be full of tree roots and other death traps designed to slay the unwary game player. If someone is fleeing, do not pursue. Staff will always pursue someone at night at a like speed. So don't feel you have to run at night to get away. Searching If you are fallen, or otherwise restrained, another player may simply state I search you. You must then leisurely remove your in game belongings, and allow them to steal what they like. Swearing, Out of Game Insults, and Politics. These are all bad manners and it doesnt sound good in game. Dont do it. That said, In Game insults can be hilarious and should be used whenever appropriate. "Politics" for our purposes include anything based on sexual remarks, religion, actual politics, race, etc. Leave your real life home- intolerance will be met by your removal from the game. Even if it is meant only in jest.

Weapon Safety Weapons must be approved by a member of Cast each event before being used. Make sure to carry duct tape and extra thrusting tips. Weapons which are too heavy, too whippy, exceed weapon guidelines, or are too shoddy in general will not be allowed.

The Lakhesis

Hooded and cloaked, often bearing a light or a heavy tome, these strange spirits have existed for as long as history has been recorded. Their purpose is a mystery. Perhaps they serve the gods, perhaps only themselves, perhaps some unknown power. The Lakhesis usually appear as a gray cloaked being, though other colors have been known to appear. If there is a difference, mortals cannot tell it. The Lakhesis congregate where strife, suffering, and great deeds occur. The appearance of one bearing a light at night is almost always a sign of battle coming- they do so to illuminate battle, so that warriors may die by the sword, and not by rocks and tree roots. Their power is undoubted. No one is certain what, if anything, they cannot do. Fortunately, they rarely do anything at all. They serve good and evil with equal impartiality. The Lakhesis serve as the referees of the game where needed. They bestow divine intervention, oversee battles, serve as guides on some adventures, assist those with the gift of Precognition, and generally keep the game on track. Minor infractions of rules or role-playing may be punished by death or cursing by a Lakhesis. Nothing personal- everyone messes up sometimes. The Lakhesis are not on anyones side. They will aid only if required to do so by their own strange code. Do not expect them to aid or help you without reason. Anything a Lakhesis tells you is true. Lakhesis are fully in game. You can see them and talk to them, though they speak as little as possible, and treating them with disrespect is never wise. If an action requires a Lakhesis and one is not present, you cannot perform the action. Any player can summon a Lakhesis by going to the NPC building and leaving a note as to the place and time the spirit is needed. It is best to summon at least an hour in advance, there is no guarantee of a spirit appearing, and it is unwise to summon one without great need.

Yellow Cards

Generally in the game, what you see is what you get. If there is a sword stuck in a stone, you will see a reasonable representation of a sword and a stone. Generally nothing will be described to you. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to convey extra information. For this Yellow Cards- pieces of yellow paper are used. When reading a yellow card, you should be as discrete as possible, to avoid breaking the flow of the game. If you see a yellow card, you must read it. Sometimes it will simply give you

information; sometimes it will inform you of an effect. Common Uses of Yellow Cards To let you know something cannot be moved without a feat of strength (a special ability). To let you know youve caught a disease (usually discovered when you poke around in nasty stuff). To let you know when youve been cursed. (There is a reason some places should be avoided). To let you know what happens if you touch something. To cue you in to things that we cannot actually create, like smells, feelings, etc. that are part of an adventure. Yellow Hands If you see a door or area marked with a yellow hand, you cannot go there and should ignore anything you see in the yellow hand area. You can invent any plausible reason you like for not going through the door- the best generally being that its not actually there. A yellow hand on a tree or near a path represents a dragon path so twisted that any creature would be instantly slain were they to step onto it. All living beings instinctively shun these areas, and thus most are safe. Yellow Rope Similar to yellow hands, yellow rope strung at waist height means you cannot cross it. Again, you can invent any reason you like not to go there, but its generally best to just ignore it. Anything beyond the rope should be ignored. Sometimes NPCs recycle beyond a yellow rope, representing hordes of marsh things pouring forth from the swamp, or the like. In his case, you can generally tell that creatures are coming from that area, but cannot attack them or otherwise interact with them until they cross the rope to your side. Flags Yellow cards present information that everyone should have. Sometimes, however, there may be information available only to those with special skills. These are represented by small colored pieces of paper called Flags. The flags are marked with text and symbols. Unless you have a skill that lets you read flags of a certain color, you should ignore all flags. When reading a flag, you should be as discrete as possible, to avoid breaking the flow of the game. Sometimes flags will instruct you to remove them after readingthis helps keep the site clean and represents the fact that the information can only be gained once. What the Flags Represent Blue Flags represent information about the spirit, magical world- they may reveal the words of ghosts, auras, etc. Orange Flags represent information gained from knowledge of the wild- tracks, the movements of wild beasts, etc. Grey Flags represent information from a knowledge of architecture, buildings, and stone- secret doors, traps, unsafe floors, styles of building, etc. Green Flags represent the voices of nature and the elements, which some can hear, though it is rare for trees, birds, rocks or a running stream to have much to say. Purple Flags represent information about books and documents- they may reveal forgeries, information about handwriting, invisible ink, etc.

Red Flags represent information about the past, future, and general fate of the subject- fate strand flags. Only characters with the Fate Spinner gift may read them, but they need not have any actual Fate Spinner skills.

Hazards of the Course

Carnivorous Grass This dangerous pest is found nearly everywhere in the world. Its tendrils, sometimes disguised as ordinary grass, sometimes hidden completely beneath the earth, snare anyone who sets foot upon them. Once it is well established, it is almost impossible to root out. Attempts to burn it, trample it with iron boots, and the like usually fail as it withdraws deep under ground, only to burst forth and snatch an unwary traveler. The dreaded grass is often planted deliberately as a defense, especially by beings able to move over it freely. They usually leave a trail of jumping stones, for their less fortunate guests and allies, and to trap intruders on the stones where they are strung out and unable to maneuver freely. You can assume that when the steppingstones end, the grass also ends. Whenever you encounter such things outdoors you know the area is perilous. You must stick to the jumping stones (which cannot be moved). If a foot or any part of your body touches the ground, you suffer an immediate One damage by weapon, and the Physical Root effect, though this applies only to the foot touching the ground. You also suffer great pain as the grass tears and bores its way into your flesh. Since the effect is Physical, you can hack yourself free, or have another do so. Should you be prevented from doing so, you suffer an additional 1 point of damage by weapon each minute. If the grass overwhelms you, it drags you down (with appropriate horrific role-playing), away from the jumping stones (for safety) but fortunately never so far that your friends cant recover your body. When you encounter jumping stones indoors that is another matter. There will be a yellow card, spirit judge, or NPC to inform you of what will happen if you fall off. Traps The most common form of trap used is the trusty Dart Trap, represented by a mousetrap. It affects whoever sets it off. Other forms of traps are possible- falling rocks, swinging beams, scything blades, poppers that you step on and cause to explode, etc. Traps are lethal. If you are hit by one, you are reduced to zero Health and go Critical. In a world with magical healing, trap makers long ago learned that simply injuring an intruder was pretty useless. Traps are rightly feared by any who mess about in the belongings of others. This will even disable a construct by bringing them to 0 life and causing them to freeze. Traps may NEVER be used offensively. They cannot be carried around and used on enemies. They must wait, passively, until someone sets them off. If you set off a special trap (such as a deadfall) to strike another, it doesnt count as a trap. It may still do damage- if the yellow card attached to it says it does. This is to keep players (or NPCs) from rigging up a falling rock they drop on everyone who comes through their door. Unusual traps may have other effects than killing. If so, this will be made clear, either by an NPC using the "Forsooth" call, or by a yellow card. Not all traps are fully represented- for example, a pressure plate could be placed on the floor, represented by a square of plywood, and the effect of stepping on it called by an NPC, detectable only by one able to see Grey Engineering flags. Be alert!

Traps cannot be set, reset, or constructed without special skills. Anyone can attempt to avoid setting off a trap. Only one with a special skill (Disarm Traps) can actually attempt to make safe a trap to prevent it from going off by cutting trip wires and the like. Poisons Poison is a threat to any character, and is employed by unsavory enemies of all sorts. Contact Poison Represented by petroleum jelly smeared on something. Touching it produces the Doom by Poison effect. This can ONLY be used as a passive defense- you cannot attack someone offensively using contact poison. They must touch it of their own volition. Blade Poison Blade poison works on the first hit scored with the envenomed weapon ONLY. Needless to say only edged weapons can be envenomed. Blade Poison is generally undetectable, and, for simplicitys sake, usable only by the NPC or PC who envenomed the blade. If, however, you find a blade with a tag attached to it indicating it is poisoned, you may use that poison. The skill or tag for the poison will inform you as to what to call when you hit someone with the weapon. All blade poisons are called as Bladebite ___ effect, because they are not used until you actually hit someone. Special Poisons There are a wide variety of special poisons in the world of the Atropos, with a variety of effects and a variety of means of administration. These will either be represented by an NPC using the Forsooth call to inform you of what has happened, or a yellow Card.

Items and Money

Stickered Items Items marked with a small round RED sticker cannot be moved. Items marked with a small round GREEN sticker can be taken, and they are yours to keep. You can take them home if you like. Items marked with a small round YELLOW sticker can be taken, but at the end of the event you must turn it in. You generally get it back at the beginning of the next event. Green and yellow stickered items are sometimes magic, but dont do anything until you learn how to activate them. Props Objects not marked with a sticker, tag or numbers are props. You may need to use them for something, but they dont belong to you, and you should not remove them beyond line of site of the place where you found them. They are not particularly valuable, so your character would not want to take them in any case. Written texts and game money are exceptions to this rule.

Currency After a magic item, Currency is probably the most sought after form of treasure. The most commonly accepted form of currency is the Sol, minted in Sarov. There are three basic types of Sol. The Silver Sol is the lowest denomination of currency followed by the Gold Sol, then the Black Sol. 10 Silver Sols = 1 Gold Sol 10 Gold Sols = 1 Black Sol Below is a small assortment of things to make it easier to judge the value of a Sol. Good Price Mug of ale 1/4 Silver Sol A good meal 3/4 Silver Sol A night at a good inn 2 Silver Sols A weapon of quality 1+ Gold Sol A small farm 6 Black Sols A horse 1 Black Sol A Cow 3 Gold Sols Peasants Clothes 2-3 Silver Sols Good Boots 3 Silver Sols A laborers wages for a week 5-10 Silver Sols A skilled craftsman's wages for a 2-3 Gold Sols week Valuable Items Often, loot is found in the form of an expensive rug, a piece of jewelry, a carved statue, some silver spoons, and the like. Anything that appears valuable is marked with a sticker as above, and a V code- the letter V followed by several numbers. Only someone with the skill Appraisal has the knowledge to decipher the code and tell what the item is worth- and sometimes other interesting facts about it. Potions, Powders, and Oils They are represented by a small slip of paper (a tag) rolled up inside a clear film canister sealed with wax. The paper describes what they do. They are sensitive to light, which sets off their magical properties, as they all contain a magical catalyst. When you open one, you are considered to have used it. They cannot be used where it is too dark for you to read, since the magic will not be triggered. Bombs are thrown. Inside the film canister you will find a spell packet. You may carry it and throw it when you are ready, calling the effect listed on the tag. Potions must be drunk. You take the effect, good or bad, yourself. Oils are applied to weapons, to people (yourself or others), or sometimes other objects. You must state what it does if using it on another. Food Food is a humble, but common form of treasure. Food consists of a physrep (fake food), with a tag or tags indicating how many rations it equals. Food also has an expiration date. Magic Items Magical Items are a rarer form of treasure that is highly sought after. No player may have and use more than three magical items at a time. Magical Items require someone with Second Sight to tell what their properties are.

Materials Materials used in craft skills, most often Metal for the smithing of weapons, are represented by a phys-rep- an object that looks and weighs about the same as the real thing, and a tag or Component ID number that is attached to it. The Rule of Tags Many LARP games use tags to represent things. (Let me see here- Ive got a sword in my pocket- why yes, here it is- and the player pulls out a slip of paper.) This doesnt work for extreme role-playing! In this game a tag isnt real without a physical object to attach it to. If you find a tag by itself, you should rip it up, as it is only a piece of paper. However, this is not to say a tag is physrep specific (usually). If you find a sword that is tagged, and have a similar weapon, you may trade tags.

Combat, Death, And What Comes After

Combat Hand to hand combat is conducted using SAFE padded weapons, sometimes available at the game site but easily constructed at home using relatively plentiful materials. Combat Speed Combat must be at a leisurely pace. If someone is hitting you very fast without drawing back their weapon, then that is too fast. The Three Swing Rule You are allowed to swing at a foe three times in quick succession before you must break and fall back, or, if you cannot fall back for some reason, you may pause for a few seconds, or attack another foe. This means that no one foe can ever do more than 3 points of damage to you in a single normal flurry, and usually less. If anyone presses on after three swings in the heat of combat, you should say Break to remind them, and not count any damage they cause after the third swing. Assume that since they were swinging so quickly, the blows did not have much force behind them. Combat Targets Hits to the groin, hands, or head do not count. Excessive Force If a hit was too hard, say "Excessive Force". That hit does not count. Do not feel uncomfortable about calling Excessive Force- it is your game, after all, and it shouldn't hurt to be hit. Judging Hits Judging when you have been hit by a foe is solely your responsibility, but you MUST at all times do so in as fair and scrupulous a manner as possible. You are hit by any blow that, had it been struck full force with a razor sharp weapon, would have drawn blood. Thus most contacts are hits. Falling In Combat Feel free to stumble off to the side of battle so that you do not get stepped on. Do not just fall down where you are killed, if you are likely to be a tripping or movement hazard.

Do Count A blow which strikes a cape, backpack or the like, if it would have hit you when the item was not there. A blow which is very light. A blow which hits your weapon, then hits you. Do Not Count A blow that is too hard. A blow that overcomes your block by force. Damage and Health Every player has a number of points of Health, depending on the character they are playing at the time. These are reduced when you take damage from magic or combat. All hits with a hand weapon do one point of damage, UNLESS the foe calls something else when striking you, in which case the damage done is the number called, or you take the effect they call. Thrown weapons also do 1 point of damage, as do arrows and crossbow bolts (unless otherwise noted) When you are reduced to 0 Health, you may do nothing besides fall to the ground and perhaps scream in pain, or slowly drag yourself about. Special Attacks Warriors can often do more than inflict mere damage however. This is where special attacks come in. To use a special attack, you must call the effect BEFORE you hit. The special attack is used up the moment you swing- so if your foe parries or jumps out of the way, the attack is wasted. Any contact with a foes weapon uses up the attack, so if a foe calls a special attack then holds back, you can simply tap their weapon to use it up. Special attacks use the Core Effects listed under Effects later in this chapter. For more on special attacks, see Weapon Skills in Chapter 5. Non-Combatants Non-combatants are a special case. Rather than attacking them again and again, an enemy may merely place their weapon to the non-combatants chest and state I strike you down. The assailant must be able to finish this for it to work. This causes the non-combatant to drop to Unconscious. A light, tapped blow while down will cause them to go Critical. Non-combatants must wear a yellow armband, or yellow Glowstick at night, to denote their status.

Special Rules Relating to Weapons

Bows and Crossbows Due to safety considerations, archery is simulated using a padded weapon like a sword but curved to look like a bow (though generally without a string). Arrows are simulated with spell packets. Wooden crossbows are produced according to a proven design powered by bungee cords, and have been used in MASI games for years. The bolts are constructed from the same materials as weapons. For reasons of game

balance and to avoid a backpack full of arrows, which just plain looks silly, archers and crossbow shooters may carry only 12 arrows or bolts at one time, per physical quiver they wear. An archer may carry up to three quivers before they run into that looking silly thing again. Shields Shields are the only "weapons" that are totally useless if they dont have the required tag attached. In this case it is assumed that the handle is broken. All shields must have a padded rim and no sharp or otherwise dangerous projections. Note that you MAY NOT shield bash or push another player with your shield. Armor It is possible to wear armor for increased protection. Only armor that looks realistic may be used- sports equipment and plastic Halloween armor are not allowed. Armor adds to your Hit Point total. For simplicitys sake, it doesnt matter if your foe strikes you in an armored area or not, you still have the extra Health. If your armor is shattered, you do not have the added Health until it gets fixed by a smith. The amount of Health you gain from your armor is rated according to the type of armor and what pieces of armor you are wearing. Health gained is rounded up or down to the nearest whole (.5 rounds down). At least 50% of an area must be covered by armor of the appropriate type to get the bonus. Light armor includes leather, padded, and studded leather armor. Medium armor includes chain, brigandine, and hardened leather. Heavy armor includes Plate armor, scale armor, or equivalent. Health Gained Torso Arms Legs Total Light 0.75 0.50 0.75 1 0.50 2 0.75 3 1 3/4

Medium 1 Heavy 2*

* Note that a character may wear a breastplate with no other armor and gain 1 Health. To gain the full 2 points the armor should cover both the front and the back of the torso. So, a character could wear full plate and gain 4 Health from it. In addition to the basic Health gained by wearing armor, there may be special effects which may be gained by various types of armor through crafting. In many cases multiple layers do not stack. If you wear multiple layers like chain and plate on the torso you will receive the points for the highest rated armor, I.E. the plate. *Another Note: All .5 or less round down. Anything above that will round up. Helmets Helmets dont count towards your total armor score but they do grant resistance to knockout effects received. To gain this benefit the player must have a helmet that covers the majority of the head, effectively everything but the face. The type of helmet gives you different resists that are refreshable. Base benefits are listed below:

Resist Knockout Light 1

Medium 2 Heavy Immune

Magic in Combat Magic in combat is simulated using the effects in the Effects section of this chapter. Generally, a magic user calls an effect, such as 3 Damage by Magic and throws a bean bag called a spell packet. If you are hit, you take the effect called. Its very simple. If you don't understand (or hear) the effect, you can call Clarify! and the caster will repeat the call. How and how often a mage can use such powers is determined by their mysterious skills and spells- but the average player does not need to know anything about these beyond what happens when they get used on them.

Becoming Wounded, Dying, and Dead

Wounded If a character has fewer current Health than he has max Health, he is considered to be Wounded. The First Aid skill may be used on such a character, as can the Restore and Heal effects. They may fight and act as normal. Unstable If a character has 0 or less Health, he must fall down, preferably far off to the side so he or she does not get stepped on. The character is only semi-conscious, enough so to sputter a few last words, moan feverishly, and stumble out of the way of combat. After five minutes of being unstable without receiving healing they become Critical. The First Aid skill, Restore, and Heal effects still work. The "Stabilize" effect will bring you to Stable, which halts your count and prevents you from reaching Critical. The "Reset" effect will reset your count to Critical. Critical After being unstable for 5 minutes or being struck with a death strike a player is considered to be Critical. First Aid no longer works on the character- he must find a surgeon or have the Revive effect used on him. After about 10 minutes of Critical, the character becomes Dead. However, some creatures and characters have a tenuous grasp on the living world, and will become Dead much faster than this- mainly monsters and other NPCs, but sometimes a PC may grow sick of waiting and simply shuffle off to the hereafter. Also, a character may have the Reset or "Stabilize" effects used on them- this resets the Critical count to 0. Dead The poor character who has not been healed via Surgery or a Revive effect (or who has been Disintegrated via that Effect) at this point becomes Dead. Only the Life effect can bring a character back from Dead. At any point after reaching death, the body may instantly reduce to dust or sink into the earth, and his Shade wanders towards the Locker to be judged for Rebirth.

Rebirth Every player will receive 3 life tags at their first event. You will also get one life tag per season after your first. These life tags can be used when a player fails surgery or in some way kicks the bucket. When you die you should go to "The Locker" and tear your life tag. Then you may return to game healed. When you have run out of life tags you will then choose a colored note card and write on it your name, your characters name, how you died, what god you follow, and any blessings or last rites you received. Each color card will be attached to a bag. When you are done you will take whatever is in the bag, put the bag & your card back in the tote and go back to the game with full health, spirit, and all limbs intact. Some afflictions last after death, make sure to double check your afflictions to see if any of them are cured by death. At some point a Lakhesis will come to give you your judgment. When it is time for your final death, or in special circumstances, you will be judged by your god. You will be given a test appropriate to your god, if you succeed then you will be by the Lakhesis themselves... most likely. Why Have Death? Death is a necessary part of the game. Without the possibility of character death, combat loses its excitement and the game becomes less real. That being said, your character is a HERO, not some poor schlep likely to get skewered by the first brigand you meet. The chance of your character dying is very real- it will behoove you to pick fights carefully.


Duration of Effects Unless otherwise noted, all effects last for 5 minutes, if there was no caster of the effect (such as a trap, etc). The standard duration of an effect is line of sight if you are actively resisting the effect. In order to break line of sight, you must move to an area where you cannot see the person and role-play breaking the effect for a 60count. If you use an object to break the line of sight, the object must be larger than you in all dimensions (e.g. the average tree or rock is not sufficient, but a building would do). If you do NOT want the effect to end, it will continue until the next All Clear. If the person who caused the trait is cut down, this is considered breaking line of sight, though it still requires a 60 count to end the effect. Note that there are many effects that are obviously instant (Awaken, damage spells, etc).

Offensive Effects

These are not necessarily effects used in combat- here the term Offensive denotes effects which are called by a character or card against another character or card. # Acid / Fire / Ice / Order / Chaos / Silver / Etc... Indicates damage from the indicated element. Each type may have greater effects against certain creatures. Afflict you with <Affliction> You have received the indicated affliction. This has no immediate effect. At your earliest convenience, you must travel to the Wall of Woe. This will be a predetermined place in-game that contains listings of possible afflictions you may encounter, with descriptions of the effects of each and the required Cures. Read the description of your Affliction. If it is a progressive Affliction, there may be postings for Day 1, Day 2, etc., in which case you should only read the appropriate one. Most Afflictions will have a Cure, or Cures. Your character will not know what Cure is needed, but you as a player must read these so that if the Cure is applied to you ingame, you will know that it has worked. Unless your character already knew what the Cure was before being Afflicted, you cannot use it on yourself or others until you learn about it in-game. Afflictions may include horrible wasting diseases, fiendish curses, madness, amnesia, possession, parasitic infestations, allergies, or addictions to obscure potions. Unless the Wall of Woe lists death as a cure, an Affliction will last until cured, even if a character dies and returns to life. Agony You are in such pain that you collapse to the ground in pain for 30 seconds. During this time you cannot attack, defend, or use any game abilities. Animate Allows the person calling the effect to cause the recipient to move at a shambling walk within arms reach, under the casters control. For example, Animate Critical could be used to move a wounded or incapacitated character to a safe place to perform healing. Any damage sustained ends the effect.

Assassinate A person who is hit with an assassinate instantly goes to critical, but can make no sound while doing so. So if you are standing in a room and someone assassinates you then you must fall to the floor as quietly as possible without any screaming or groaning. Awaken Removes Trance, "Sleep", "Unconscious", By Mind, "By Will", and any mind altering effects. # Backstab Indicates an extra strong attack which must be delivered from behind to work. If the character causing it is standing before you, you may call "No Effect." Calm You become completely peaceful. You will stop attacking and will remain placid for 5 minutes or until you receive damage. Charm You become favorably inclined toward the person who called the effect. You will not attack the caster unless attacked first by the caster, and will tend to go along with any reasonable suggestion he or she makes. You are NOT a mindless slave and will not give away (important) possessions, attack friends, or betray a trust, etc. The effect is broken if/when the caster or casters allies do something unfriendly towards you. Compel you to <Instruction> or Command (Instruction) You are compelled to follow the Instruction to the best of your ability. The instruction must be a short, uncomplicated action. The compulsion ends after you have followed the instruction. The action itself should be no more than 1 to 3 words. Countdown You will fall into a Critical state after five minutes. # Crushing or Piercing Indicates extra-powerful damage that will still do half-damage (round down) even if blocked with a shield or weapon. Thus a strike that causes "4 Crushing" will do 4 points of damage if it strikes your body, or 2 points of damage if it strikes your shield or weapon. This effect may not be used to damage an opponent by merely tapping their weapon. Piercing is identical to Crushing, though it works by sharpness rather than through heft of weapon. This damage rounds up, so a 3 Crushing will do 2 points of damage if blocked. Curse you to <Instruction> You suffer from the stated Curse. For example: I curse you to howl like a wolf whenever someone speaks your name, or I curse you to take double damage from fire. Curses last longer than other effects you must get a "Remove Curse" to have the effect end. # Damage or Damage # You take the indicated damage. Note that a normal weapon swing does not need to be called Damage 1!

Death If you are unlucky enough to be hit with this then you immediately become "Dead." Detect <Type or Item> If you fit the type or possess the item being detected, you must indicate this to the caster. A simple statement of Here is sufficient. Note that a Detect of the type Target cannot be resisted as normal using those rules. See Target, below. Detect Health/Spirit The character must state his health aloud, for example, Simon is wounded, and a wizard calls "Detect Health". Simon states "3 of 4." Note that a large number of creatures in the world have defenses against this effect. Disarm Your weapon or hand-held item falls from your hand. You must drop it and do a silent 3-count after it hits the ground before you can pick it up. Disengage You must fall back from the person calling this effect, until a distance of about 10 separates you. If you cant get that far away for whatever reason, retreat as far as you safely can. Note that the person using this effect is usually, but NOT always, required to retreat at the same time. The spirit of this effect is that the person calling it drives their enemies back to get some breathing room. You should always honor this. This is never a targeted effect. Everyone who is around the person calling it should fall back. Disintegrate You instantly be come a Shade and all items on your person suffer the Shatter effect Doom You will fall into a Critical state after one minute. Typically encountered as Doom by Poison. Drain #Spirit/Health The character calling this effect gains # Spirit or Health, while the target loses it. Note that if the target has less than # Spirit or Health, the character still gains it. Enhancement You will do +1 point of damage with every weapon attack, for 5 minutes. You must call the increased damage. Multiple Enhancements do not stack. Enslave You are a mindless automaton. You are bound to serve the caster without question. You will even slay your friends or yourself if so ordered. Note you are mindless, so any questions posed to a person under this effect are not likely to be answered very well. Fear You are terrified by the caster for 5 minutes. You may role-play this as you think most appropriate for your character. You may choose to run, or not, but under no circumstances will you initiate combat with the caster. If you are attacked, you may fight back, poorly.

Frenzy You are overcome with rage and attack the nearest person in your field of view, even if it is an ally, until rendered unable to do so, or until the effect ends. Frenzy is not an excuse for unsafe fighting. Heal / Restore Heal restores you to full Health, with all physical Armor points also regained. Note that this will not work on a Critical character. Restore followed by a number (e.g. Restore 2) restores only that many Health. Also note that while physical armor points are healed, armor points granted By Magic can never be healed. Heal to Half Heal to Half restores you to half your maximum health. So if you have 6 life, Heal to Half will bring you to 3 life. If you have 7 Life, Heal to Half will also bring you to 3 Life, rounding down. If you already had 3 or more life, Heal to Half would have no effect. Knockout You are unconscious for a 300 count, but do not lose any Health unless otherwise specified. You will be unable to be awakened even if there are loud noises, or you are shaken, and taking damage will also not awaken you. Lend # Essence/Health The character calling this effect loses X Health, while the target gains it. This can put you over your normal maximum. The health or essence so spent cannot be regained until after the character refreshes. Life Will only affect someone who is Critical or "Dead". Will bring a character back to life, with full Health- even if they have failed Surgery. Maim You lose the use of the target arm or leg. If no target is specified, you may choose which limb suffers the effect. If delivered by weapon, this will not have any effect if it strikes your torso. The Maim lasts until you receive the Purge Maim effect or until you rest for 3 minutes nursing your maimed limb. With one maimed leg, assume you can drag it around behind you slowly. With two maims to the legs (the same leg or different, it doesn't matter), you will have to prop yourself up, sit down, or go down on one knee. In any case, you can't move. Mortal This strike must hit your torso. You will drop to 0 life on one minute. Receiving any sort of healing will cure this effect. Also, during this time you may still be beaten down normally. Pain You are in great pain and cannot attack or defend for 10 seconds. Paralyze You cannot move any part of your body, but you are fully aware of what is going on around you. Damage and effects may still affect you.

Purify Removes any By Poison, Intoxication, or any effect delivered By Drink or By Food. May cure some afflictions. Purge <trait> Removes any effects that are currently on you that were delivered by the trait specified. So if you have a Doom by Fire on you, you need a Purge Fire to remove it. Purge Water or Purge Poison or Purify will not work. Regenerate Restores any and all maimed or severed limbs, restores all lost Health. Remove Curse Will negate the Curse effect. Renew Refreshes the character, restoring all skills and Spirit. Repel You cannot come within 10 feet of the person using this effect, nor can you engage the person using this effect. If they approach you, you back up. If you become cornered and are attacked by the person, the effect ends. Reset The Reset effect returns a Critical or Unstable characters count to zero. They must still find a surgeon or the Life effect to cease being Critical, though! Revive Will only affect someone who is Critical. Will bring a character back to Stable and Conscious with 1 point of Life. Sever You lose the use of the target arm or leg. If no target is specified, you may choose which limb suffers the effect. If delivered by weapon, this will not have any effect if it strikes your torso. The Sever is permanent, until you receive a Purge Sever. With one severed leg, assume you can drag it around behind you slowly. With two severs to the legs (the same leg or different, it doesn't matter), you will have to prop yourself up, sit down, or go down on one knee. In any case, you can't move. Shatter The target items tag is destroyed. Some items may be resistant to this effect. If the phys-rep without tags is still good for something you may still use it, such as a weapon. Shields must be dropped as soon as it is safe to do so, but may not be used during that time. Silence You are unable to speak or make any vocal noise for 5 minutes. You may still make out of game effects calls. Slay If you are struck with this effect you are immediately sent to the Dead state, Only the Life effect can save you.

Sleep You fall into a deep slumber for 5 minutes. The Awaken effect, or taking any physical damage, will release you, moving you or shaking you will not. Slow You become unable to run or jump, and can only walk SLOWLY, though you can fight and talk normally. Speak to (type) This effect allows you to communicate with a creature that does not speak the common tongue. It both enables the target to speak your language and to understand you. Spiritwrack Your spirit is weakened, as if you had died, although you do not go before Judgment. This will count against you when you next go before Judgment. Stabilize This effect will bring anyone who is unstable to unconscious, and will reset anyone who is critical. Stun You cannot do anything besides reel loosely for a 3 count, reacting (usually to your blocked blow). Torment You must scream loudly once, and briefly role-play mental anguish and horror. No physical damage is associated with this effect. Trance You must stand unmoving for a 300 count. You are mesmerized. You are not aware of what is going on around you. The Awaken effect, or taking any physical damage, will release you, but moving you or shaking you will not. Trap (Arms/Legs) If the effect strikes above the waist, your arms are bound to your sides and you cannot use them. You may, however, still use your feet. If the effect strikes below the waist, your legs are held and you cannot move. If the effect is a Target effect, Arms or Legs must be specified. Trip You fall to the ground. You must at the least go to one knee for a 3 count. Weakness As the 'Slow" effect, however you also cannot call any weapon effects and spells cost +1 spirit to cast.

Defensive Effects

Defensive effects are called when you are struck by a spell or attack, to let your foe know it didnt work, as you had some sort of defense against it.

Bladeturn/Spellturn <effect> This effect can be called against normal weapon attacks and effects delivered By Weapon. The attacker suffers the designated effect. For example, if a Mirror Beast was struck with a sword, it might call Bladeturn Damage 1. A bladeturned effect cannot be bladeturned again or reflected back in any way. Spellturn works the same as Bladeturn, but for effects delivered other than By Weapon. Capture Magic Not only does this function as a "Resist", the character calling it may immediately use the effect as if he had just cast it. For example, a character is struck by a packet for "Doom". He calls "Capture Magic" and may immediately use the "Doom" effect himself. Or, a character is struck by a "2 Magestrike Fire". He calls "Capture Magic" then swings his tiny dagger, dealing his own "2 Magestrike Fire." Dodge/Parry/Resist/Shield The blow or effect misses as if you had moved out of the way or otherwise avoided it. While the particular blow or spell was ineffective, it was an effort to ward off, and another one might succeed. When the Shield is used you announce Shield. You may only have ONE "Shield" effect on you at a time. Shields remain on you until used. Lesser Effect The blow or spell did less than it should have. For example, a hard metal golem may take less damage from weapon blows, and a "3 Damage" call will deal "Lesser Effect" called against it. The blow may have done 0, 1 or 2 damage- only the player of the golem knows. No Effect The particular blow or spell did nothing and it never will. For example, if you are not an Undead creature, and you were hit with a Slay Undead effect, you would announce No Effect because it will never work. Once someone has called "No Effect" to something, you may not continue with that attack against them. This is so that the person can accurately keep track of what is happening to them, without being confused by extraneous hits. Reflect The particular effect bounced back and struck the original deliverer. A reflected effect cannot be reflected or bladeturned back again by the attacker. Stoneroot/Threshold The character plants feet, and as long as he does not move them, calls threshold to base 1 damage. Special attacks can break this.


Many effects have Traits, which tell you WHAT caused the effect, HOW it was caused, or HOW LONG it will last. They are called as Effect by Trait. For example: Root by Magic Slow by Poison or Disengage by Stench. Traits do not change the effect in any way, but may determine if you able to resist the effect in some way. For example if you character is immune to poison, you would call No Effect to Paralyze by Poison, but not to Paralyze by Magic.

Type Traits Generally used to limit or specify another effect. For example "Detect Living." Living is the type trait. If a character is not Living, he does not need to affirm the "Detect". Flavor Traits Traits also help you to know how to role-play the effect. These are referred to as Flavor Traits. They are typically everyday, obvious words (ice, fire, fear, etc.) or defined by game rules. For example, consider Paralyze, which states that you cannot move. This effect could be interpreted differently for role-play purposes depending on the trait that caused it: Paralyze by Fear would indicate that your character was frozen in place in panic and horror. You would stand in place quaking or gaping until the effect wore off. Paralyze by Magic would indicate that you were basically frozen in place as a magical statue. You would hold your exact posture from the moment the effect struck you. Paralyze by Poison would be an effect like spiders venom. You may, for example, curl up into a ball. All Characters have the following Traits: Gender and Race. All player characters have the Alaestran trait, as well as the trait of whatever their homeland is. If the character lies, they have the Lies trait until they next speak a truth. Any character that has ever broken an oath has the Oathbreaker trait. You have the Foe trait if you consider yourself an enemy of the person calling the effect. You have the Ally trait if you consider yourself a friend, (or at least fighting on the same side) of the person calling the effect. All characters will be given either the Order or Chaos trait based on Region, Race, and Skill selection.

Delivery Traits

By Voice Effects called By Voice affect EVERYONE who hears them (or should have- the fact that you were not paying attention doesnt mean you werent affected if everyone around you was). You cannot stop up your ears or talk really loud to avoid this kind of effect. By Gaze Effects called By Gaze require that the person calling the effect make eye contact with you. This is difficult in the dark, in combat, or if you are deliberately shielding your eyes. You should call Not Taken under these or similar circumstances where you feel that you did not make eye contact. This is YOUR judgment, not the person calling it. By Gesture Effects called By Gesture only require that the person point at you to call the effect. Bladebite A Bladebite effect is called AFTER someone hits you with a weapon. You suffer the indicated effect automatically. Bladebite simulates things that do NOT need to be called before swinging a weapon, such as poison on the blade. By Discourse In order for an effect By Discourse to work on you, you must have engaged in

conversation with the person calling it. This need not be friendly conversation (insults shouted across the battlefield count), but if you feel that you have not actually conversed in some way, you may say Not Taken to the effect. By Weapon Effects by weapon represent a physical attack-a dart, a sword, a knife, a fist, etc. They must strike you in order to take effect, and they CAN be blocked by weapons or shields. If you swing a weapon and call and effect, it is assumed to be By Weapon; you do not have to say it every time. If someone throws a packet and calls and effect By Weapon you CAN block it with a shield. Magestrike Effects that are Magestrikes are swung with a weapon, but count as though a packet had struck you on the location hit. They WILL go through your armor, weapon or shield. Typically called as Magestrike Trap, or 3 Magestrike Fire. By Force Force effects are considered to be physical in nature, for example, a trip by force would be an actual push, whether through the unseen force of a packet or an overbearing weapon. By Force packets affect you if they hit your person. By Gas Gas effects are delivered through many alchemical devices. The vast majority of them are Area of Effect. By Magic Most packets are assumed to be magical in nature, but some must be called as by Magic. By magic packets affect you if they hit you or your equipment. By Poison By Poison effects are delivered through many alchemical devices and natural venoms. By Poison packets affect you if they hit your person. By Weapon This effect is used through a weapon or the packet represents a small dart or throwing star. By Weapon packets affect you if they hit your person. By Spellgun This is a spell delivered by Actionsoft guns, rubber band guns, or other similar devices. If it hits you or anything you are holding you take the spell effect. By Spellbow This is a spell delivered via crossbow bolt. If it hits you or anything you are holding you take the spell effect. By Will These effects are not magical in nature, but affect other characters through your sheer willpower. No Defense Nothing but "No Effect" will stop a "No Defense" attack. It cannot be dodged, parried, resisted, etc. Note that some very powerful creatures are immune to "No Defense!" You can still use weapons to block or real life quickness (where applicable)

to avoid a "No Defense" attack. Packet This is one of the most common methods, a simple birdseed packet thrown at some poor unlucky character. There are several subtypes of packet: Burst, which is a handful of packets thrown at once, Spray, which is three packets thrown in rapid succession, and Storm, which is any number of packets thrown in succession. Physical Any effect delivered "Physical" can be broken after one minute of role playing. The most commonly delivered effects are "Physical Trap", "Physical Paralyze", and "Physical Knockout". Target The character initiating the effect simply points and acknowledges you and states the effect. For example, if you are wearing a green robe, and your name is Boros, then you in the green! or Boros are both acceptable. Weapon Traits If you weapon is made out of a special material, or enchanted with flame or ice, all your special attacks are "By <trait>" and when you swing you must declare that <trait> so people know what they are being hit with. It often matters what the trait is that your weapon is swinging, though it may not always have an effect.


You may only gain Armor Points from one source at a time. Only the one that gives you the most points actually counts. You may only have one Shield effect up at a time. You may only have one Enhancement effect on you at a time. Weapons and other equipment may only have one oil, blade poison, etc. on them at a time. You may have any number of unpleasant/detrimental effects on you at a time, however.

Chapter Two: The World of Atropos

The World

In a world where nothing is black and white, Which side will you choose? Welcome to Atropos, a world of high fantasy and cut throat pirates. The world of Atropos is one of complexities, politics, history and make friend and foe of pirates, zealots, ambassadors, outcasts, and more. The high fantasy world of Atropos is complete with magic, gripping plot, backstabbing, and tough world changing choices. This is a player cooperation game in which you will need to struggle to overcome your differences, and the choices of your individual nations. You will doubtlessly be called upon to settle the differences between neighbors or resolve an uprising in a neighboring town. Whatever it is, your choices as players can have very big impacts on the occurrences in the rest of the world. By taking a part in one tussle you could start a war, or you could just as easily stop one. As inhabitants of Alaestra you are delegates of sorts in an attempt to bring the world together. All eyes are on you, so your decisions will certainly make an impact. Will you be able to do it? Can you brave the harsh elements, nefarious foes, treacherous politics, and fate itself all while resolving the differences between your own friends to save the world? An old man walks toward you, takes a seat, and a sip at some ale, "Aye, so yer seekin' ta go to settle Alaestra is ye? An interestin' idea to say the least. I s'ppose we'll see how this experiment goes when it's all over. Though, if ye can brave the pirates, privateers, and the ocean herself ye jus' might git the chance to brave spiders, ghosts, other things that go bump in the night. If ye cn' do that, I'z think ye can make it. Indeed, ye should be'in able ta survive, thar be more than that, ye needs to be careful which battles you choose to take a part in, seen' as all eyes is on ya's. Not but a half a man has returned from the isle of Alaestra, so it be interestin' what ye will find there. Now remember what yer purpose there be. Yer set in the

middle o' the sea near equal distance from the mainland's. So yer on yer own, 'cept them reporters. Now they'll let the world know what yer up tas' out there. But they'll also let you know what the worlds a doin'. Whatever happens, be sure they'll keep notice. So choose your battles wisely or remove yerself from proper acquaintance so to speak, and be sure ta mind yer friends. The seas a rough 'un and ye don't want to be caught in the middle without a paddle."

A Lesson in History

The current year is 1510. Long long ago there existed a number of great kingdoms, kingdoms that grew to the extents of their lands, from coast to coast. It is rumored that each kingdom was connected through passages under the ground through the lands that are now known as Dagan. The kingdoms though came to a sudden end a long time before our modern history even started. These kingdoms remain now only as ruins and as the names of continents. Stories of them are mere fantasy to most people, the history of them is almost completely forgotten. Of these kingdoms of old, only Dagan remains and even it is rarely heard or seen. Centuries after the fall of these kingdoms, nations began to sprout up across the globe. As time passed they raised and fell in power until there were only a few left. Each of the nations has its own history and little of the national histories is common knowledge. The exact time and founding of each nation is not entirely known, though each has been around for several centuries. There is more history known about several nations areas in the world than others. Historical records only go back to about thousand years ago and even those records can only be found within the nations of Treslin, Jena, Forleste, and rumors say the island nation of Torren has the majority of historical records within their fortresses. The nations up until several hundred years ago were largely isolationists, only really dealing with each other through conflicts with land. Several hundred years ago two things become much more common, the powerful art known as Geomancy and the even more useful technology of sailing. Ships have existed for long before then, but it is remarkably difficult to traverse dangerous waters. As the nations stretched out over the world they encountered lands and people they never saw before. Some nations isolated themselves from the rest of the world, while others started making friends and war. Most of what is known from history are the major events that have been engrained in everyone's memory. One such event happened nearly a century and a half ago when the nation of Ninsk became the nation of Sarov, exactly how their social hierarchy changed is unknown to the common person. The other major event was a war to end all wars, about the year 1390, Lionsdale was at war with the island nation of Raspin. The war lasted only 4 months when the nation of Raspin suddenly vanished off the face of the world, and now only rumors and horror stories of the mages of Lionsdale remain of Raspin's memory. There was an attempt shortly after that to redevelop kingdoms and continental alliances, but such plans to restore order to the world failed. The old royal families still exist in some sense, but their power is negligible at best. Recently though the world has become a bit more stable and peaceful. Sarov's economy has boomed and strengthened the world economy as a result. Even the nation of Torren has started sending out dignitaries. The state of the world seems about as stable as it has ever been. Though with prosperity comes other problems.

The Iron King of Jena died recently during some expedition, and now the nation is divided and shattered. While the practice of slaver is almost all but gone, piracy is currently more common than it has ever been. War is still a lingering thought in many people's minds. Between the nations lies the most sought after island that belongs to no one, as powers and tensions rise a deal was made. To try and share the island amongst all the nations, to determine if the various nations can indeed live together. It is that thought that created the Treaty of Alaestra. Not necessarily a peace treaty but a agreement to send their own to the island of Alaestra to found a town and eventual nation that can serve as a mediary between nations. That is where your story begins.


The geography of the world is composed of large islands which are effectively small continents and islands. A short description of each and which nations hold lands upon those continents is described below. Kieren Kieren is known as the southern continent. The civilizations on it are considered to be among the youngest, though this is debatable. It was only during the past hundred years that Kieren has really started to gain notice as its nations have started becoming more visible on world politics. The nation of Sarov has become the lead economic power in the world, while Jena was, until the recent death of their king, one of the more powerful military nations in the world. The nation of Forleste has recently become a black spot as they are home to a newspaper known as The Morning World. Andad Andad is the eastern continent. The nations in Andad have not been under the best of terms with each other throughout history and the tension has shown itself as the nations there developed. The nations of Tarranoa and Maritow have their lands here. The constant turmoil and hardship in the land has made it home to those seeking a lifestyle of more freedom as well. Southern Andad is rumored to be the location of the nation of Hunter's Cove. Dagan The kingdom of Dagan is the oldest of the current nations. This could be because war rarely touches its lands. Dagan is entirely subterranean. There are few entrances throughout the world to get into the Dagan lands. Very little is known about this kingdom other than the thoughts that they hate those who live on the surface. The Dagan kingdom is also comprised of only Vree. Their current leader is Shah Draskus the Vengeful. Xanthe The continent of Xanthe is home to some of the more isolated nations in the world. The nations in Xanthe are thought to be among the oldest of the nations on the surface, particularly the nation of Treslin whose is the supposed basis for the current dating system. Currently Xanthe contains the lands belonging to Treslin, Lionsdale, and an area of wild semi-uninhabitable land. Alaestra In the middle of the sea, there is an island. For centuries, the nations fought wars for

its resources and strategic location. Recently though, the various Kingdoms signed a pact for future prosperity and peace. In this pact they announce that the Kingdoms will work together in an attempt to build that peace. They formed the town of Alaestra, those that went to settle this town would vow to leave their nationalities and become united Alaestran. The island itself is still sought after, but the town has been declared "neutral" territory. Ruled "equally" by each of the Kingdoms, the nations created an oligarchy consisting of members of each nation. These "leaders" hold command over Alaestra, and ensure that whatever national tensions may arise that the people within Alaestra are united. There has recently been a call for citizens, people to come, work, and live in Alaestra. There is a town in Alaestra that has not been occupied for sometime, and there is a desire to change that. Torren When one speaks of isolationism, it is nearly synonymous with the nation of Torren. Located on a chain of islands surrounded by craggy rocks and reefs, it is nearly impossible to get to by boat. The land itself is shrouded from the ways, hiding it from Geomancers. Little is known of what happens within the city, the only contact people have with the nation is through their ambassadors, their future kings. The only thing known about Torren society is that their princes are obligated to serve as ambassadors for the nation. All deals, treaties, and trading is done directly through the Princes of Torren and their own personal ships. History has shown that Torren avoids direct conflict at seemingly any cost, with one exception: Pirates. Torren is notorious for their stance on piracy. Pirates are hunted relentlessly by their Princes and their ships. The standard procedure for pirates is not a typical one. Torren will destroy the masts, sails, and rudders of the ship, confiscate everything on board, then leave all the pirates alive. They have even been known tend to their wounds in order to keep them alive. It is considered a cruel fate by many to be stuck at sea to die of thirst and hunger, but it is how Torren has been known to regularly deal with such things.

Notable Factions

Below are some political factions that most people within the world of Atropos would be familiar with. Note that these are typically well known because of The Morning World. Most people know little about what happens outside their own nation. The Morning World This is a newspaper run out of Forleste, and delivered seemingly around the globe about once a moon. The newspaper contains pertinent information about the goings on of the world and keeps people in the know of what the nations of the world are up to. Condemned by a large amount of the nations of the world as a subversive attempt by Foreleste to impose their political agendas on the rest of the world, even Forleste itself has denounced the paper. The reporters of The Morning World are scattered throughout the world, and report on things as they see them. The paper claims to be in service of the "people" and since its inception has done as much to damage reputations as it has help them. The intentions of the paper are a mystery. The first issue of The Morning World had the Alaestra agreement on its front page. Describing the intentions of the three Kingdoms to create a "land" which would serve as a starting ground for world unity. Since then, The Morning World has scattered their reporters into every nation of the world, getting their stories out through unknown means. The reporters have a tendency to get some of the toughest stories and infiltrate some of the most obscure places in the world. The man in charge of the paper, Leon Dea, is wanted in several countries for acts of "insurgency" via the

paper. Though for some strange reasons his reporters seem untouchable, and the nations can do little more than complain. The reporters move about, following stories where they see them. They have shown particular interest in pirates and pirate hunters, and the strangest mystery of all, is that they do it all for free. Reporters also sometimes act in place of Lakhesis. Where as the Lakhesis represent the more natural things of the world, uncaring about whom they help and with seemingly no agenda, the Reporters of the Morning World are different. They have a bit more personality and the side effects with attacking one are much less immediate. They are conduits of information and serve the world as such. Similar to the Lakhesis, a Reporter can also be summoned by going up to the NPC building and leaving a note as to the time and place. Reporters, like the Lakhesis, are entirely in game. Most actions requiring an Lakhesis still require a Lakhesis though you will find a few that can also be done with a Reporter, though things like divinations can often find their ways through the strands of fate by means of a Reporter. Reporters can be identified as such by a red arm band(or red glowstick). The Morning World also employs photographers, using strange automatic painting devices, they wander the world taking pictures of things they see. How the photos get back to the paper, is a mystery. The Alaestran Council Consisting of a representative from each nation that signed the Treaty of Alaestra, the Alaestran Council is a group that attempts to maintain order and peace within the fragile tranquility that is Alaestra. They tend not to act directly in affairs unless they decide to claim residence within the town itself, as some may. The Council is sworn to uphold political peace within Alaestra, any Alaestran who betrays their fellow Alaestrans answers to the Council. The killing of Alaestans by Alaestrans is not tolerated by the Council. The Houses of Lionsdale The Houses are groups of politicians within Lionsdale. They remain something of a mystery even to those from within Lionsdale. There are said to be 3 or 4 of them, and are made up of masters of the arcane arts including Geomancy and Fate Spinning. How many of these "masters" reside in each house is unknown though it is thought to be quite a few, nor is it known how they define "master." Despite whatever real magical power they control, it is said they are excellent diplomats. While these diplomats control Lionsdale, it is said they do so indirectly. The Merchant Guild The Merchant Guild are the leaders of the nation of Sarov and indirectly controls the economy of the world. Their currency, the Sol, has been adopted by nearly every nation. The Merchant Guild ensures the proper trade of goods by putting a halt on the illegal trafficking of food, slaves, potions, items, corpses, and other objects deemed disruptive if placed on the marketplace. The Merchant Guild has no official standing army, but deals primarily with freelance soldiers and mercenaries. The Iron Princes of Jena The Iron Princes of Jena are the rulers of the nation of Jena. With no Iron King, it is this group that controls the divided nation. The Iron Princes themselves are heavily divided though and each has their own goals. The Iron Princes are said to be able to form the most powerful army in the world if they were able to function as a whole. The Sailfish Pirates The Sailfish is shrouded in mystery like many pirate boats, as once the mystery is

uncovered their career tends to meet the gallows. The Sailfish are known for their lucky escapes and evasive maneuvers. The ocean itself frequently seems to protect them and no ship has managed to get close enough to board and actually win the fight. Rumors say that they control monsters from the deep to aid them in their "lucky" escapes. Shah Draskus the Vengeful and the crew of the Fate's Arrow More of a boogey-man to most. The leader of Dagan is known more for sounds beneath the earth than being an actual direct threat to most. Parents use his name to scare children into staying in bed, and he has become the "villain" of many children's stories. The most popular of which center on the crew of a ship known as "Fate's Arrow," captained by Captain Louis de la Montaa and his scholarly brother Renaldo. They, with the rest of the crew consisting of the giant of a boatswain Brock Donner, the skillful Fortunato "Tuna" Garibaldi, the runic mage Per Blaufen, and their fate spinner Bario Idraulico, made many adventures deep into the lands of Dagan to battle Shah Draskus' men. Many of the adventures are made up on the spot by parents, but there is said to be some rumors of truth within the original stories. The crew of Fate's Arrow leads a great many of such children stories and not all involve Dagan. The Bloody Roger One the most dangerous group of pirates to ever sail the waters. Knowledge of them comes from rumors and hearsay, though a few have managed to survive their assaults to tell of them. Those that have survived have not done so for more than a moon. Rumors say their Jolly Roger is a blood red skull with bloody swords crossed beneath it. Alaestra Tarranoa Forleste Hunters Cove Jenna






Chapter Three: Clotho

Choose A Region
The first thing to do when creating a character is to choose where you are from. People in Atropos tend to identify themselves with where they are from rather than what race they are. The various kingdoms of the world each contain several regions. Nations are quite diverse, and not everyone from the same region will belong to the same race. There is one common thread- you are all bound to be citizens of the neutral land of Alaestra, the land you have all helped found. Your background means a lot though, as it shows where you lived, what you have lived through, and the culture that raised you. Each region bestows its own benefits. You gain these benefits as long as you have a good costume that contains no anachronisms(such as white sneakers, sunglasses, or blue-jeans). This will be awarded at Check-In. If at any point you fail to maintain this level of costuming, the benefit will be revoked.

Choose A Race

The next thing to do when creating a character is to choose a race. When choosing a race, be sure you are willing to role-play the race well and that you are comfortable with the costume and make up requirements. Some races have more requirements than others, and we want to make sure that you are willing to meet these requirements for the enjoyment of all. If you are not comfortable or willing to meet the costume requirements, then senior staff reserves the right to change your race. Though most races live peacefully, there is still some discrimination in the lands. All races may encounter this at some point or another.

Spend Free Points

Each race has an amount of free points. These points can be used to obtain gifts, or to add to ones life or spirit at a 1:1 ratio. The free points allow a person to customize their character- if you want to play a spell caster Fomori, you may put all 3 of the free points that Fomori get into Spirit, for example. If you did this you would have 4 life and 3 Spirit. Conversely, you might put them all into your characters Life, for a total of 7 life. You may also spend 50 game bucks to get either +1 Life OR +1 Spirit, you may only do this once and the change is permanent.

Choose Gifts/Flaws

This step is completely optional. If you wish you can choose to only have a gift or only have a flaw or neither. Gifts cost free points or skill points to purchase. A gift is some ability or thing about your character that sets them apart from others. You may have as many gifts as you can afford but may only purchase them at character creation.

A flaw is also a choice. Flaws give you more free points to build your character with. However you may only take one flaw.. You can either get up to 2 points from a single, or you can take a single 4 point flaw from one of the three options. Warning to characters with 4 point flaws, do not expect to live through the campaign. You may have more but you simply dont get points for them. Be wary of how you choose your flaws because they will have in game repercussions. Any cheesy role-playing of gifts or flaws will result in them being taken away. Flaws will take with them the points they gave you and gifts will not give you back the points you spent.

Spend Character Points

Every player starts off with 80 character points. Character points are what you use to buy skills and abilities. A character's skills and abilities define what the character can do in game, whether it is wield a sword or cast a bolt of flame. You may purchase as many skills as you have character points to afford. Things that you may spend character points on are described in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Chapter 4 is general skills, while Chapter 5 deals with magic and other supernatural abilities. You can earn extra character points in the following ways: Submitting Character two weeks before event +10 Submitting Character history two weeks before event +10 Submitting a group history with at least three other people +10 Attending an event +5 Helping with cleanup +2 Submitting a PEL within 2 weeks after the game +3 Character points can also be purchased with game bucks at a 4-1 ratio for a total of 20 points per year.

Progressive Costs

Progressive costs cause skills to increase in cost with each purchase. Thus a skill that costs "5 CP +10 Progressive" would cost 5 CP the first time you purchased it and 15 CP (5 CP + 10 CP for progression) the second time you purchased it. If you were to purchase it a third time it would cost 25 CP (5 CP + 10 CP for progression + 10 CP for progression), and the fourth purchase would cost 35 CP! Progressive skills end up being very expensive if you keep purchasing them. Skill costs that are listed as #/#/# (Ex. 10/15/20) are progressive skills that can only be purchased a certain number of times. Each level must be purchased in order of cost.

Player Regions

Every character comes from somewhere, and where they are from generally provides them with gifts and benefits that only people from that region can attain. Some are obvious like Jena who gains several abilities based on things that are generally common knowledge. Others though are not entirely explained or are even hidden as to what those abilities are or where they are from. Gifts that come from Maritow and Forleste, for example, have strings attached to them. Regions can also open up other abilities to you, depending on the region. The world of Atropos is much more of a world of nations than of races, people tend to identify themselves

more with where they are from than what they are. It is important to say that while Regions may go into war with one another, no matter what happens by becoming an Alaestran you are sworn to Alaestra first, and your home second. Forleste Forleste has been known to be the birthplace of the Fate Spinners. It was here that their bloodline started, the history of Forleste is the history of the Fate Spinner. Their leaders have always been Fate Spinners and the majority of Fate Spinners come from this country. Forlestian politics comprise primarily of espionage and backstabbing, to a Forlestian there is no such thing as being unfair. The game of politics is not one you can cheat at, since there are no rules to begin with. Forlestians are typically very open and very well mannered. They treat everyone, in particular their enemies, as if they are the most important thing in the world. Forlestians tend to dress fashionably without being gaudy. They are not the most spiritual of people, but their knowledge of fate strands makes them superstitious when it comes to fortune telling and omens. They take the notions of blessings and curses very seriously, as there are many Forlestian tales of whole families being wiped out because of a curse. Forleste's government consist of a Senate. To get into the senate, requires being voted into it. There is a limit of 50 seats, and 5 senate leaders. The senate leaders are chosen by the senate, and are in for life. For the most part, this is something of a Nobleman's club, though they maintain their power and right to rule by treating those under them well. This is aided by the notion that one never knows how many knives are poised at one's back. Region Benefit: Get the Fate Spinner Gift for free Can use Tarot Cards(or regular playing cards) to divine upon something 3 times per event. (Note: This is not a replacement for divination and does not count as a prerequisite for any fate Spinning skills.) Hunter's Cove Hunter's Cove is large island south of Alaestra. Originally known as a gathering spot for bounty hunters and even slavers, it has since become a safe haven for pirates, and criminals of all sorts. It has also become the area where a lot of those less savory types end up living when they want to get away from being chased by the various people who are generally after them. That is not to say that they are all hunted by someone, there has actually been a more recent boom in their standard civilian population as a result of those born in Hunter's Cove. The strange thing about Hunter's Cove, is that it is also known as one of the safest places to be. Their form of government consists of a group of ex-pirates, bounty hunters, and retired naval officers. This group, known as The Ring, made slavery illegal in Hunter's Cove and enforces a form of peace between all those who go there. Bounties are no good within their borders and they work hard to make sure that everyone has a burial at sea, so that no bounty could be collected. Other regions view Hunter's Cove as something of an enigma. The amount of order they enforce among such a chaotic nature people who live there is something that few nations can truly hope to match. The Ring keeps things stable and safe, while each member's own private alliances ensure that nation is safe from pirates and other nations. The people from Hunter's Cove have become more affiliated with pirates than bounty hunters nowadays, with their style of dress and mannerisms.

Region Benefit: Once per weekend when you are critical, you may call Revive to Self by Luck. You must make up some way that you managed to survive. Let staff know when and where you have used this in your PEL. Jena The nation of Jena is nearly land locked, with but a single small coastline to the ocean. Jena is a country known primarily for their military might and tactical knowledge. Jena is also known as the country without a leader. Currently Jena is divided into 8 territories, each in the control of an Iron Prince. The Iron King was recently killed in a war with the Dagan Nation, that ended in what at first appeared to be a stalemate. Soon though it was discovered that Jena's army was shattered and leaderless, and the country itself was heavily divided. The Iron King had no heirs and no one prepared to replace him, as such the Iron Princes took their forces and each stood in defense of their own territory. Jena is known more for the natural strength of its people, their strength of will and their power to endure. The country is often looked upon as little more than a giant self supporting standing army, though now they have been reduced to become little more than mercenaries. Fighting wars for other countries, for a country whose economy is based on war they have little choice. The people of Jena are typically proud, and honorable. They typical dress consists of what they would wear to battle, and walking down a street in a city of Jena can often feel like you are walking in the middle of a military parade. Brawling and pit fights are their typical means of relaxing, not watching them but participating in them. The more scholarly of Jena frequently play games of strategy and skill to pit their military minds against one another. Region Benefit: Can learn the Feat of Strength Racial Skill (Note: Constructs who are from Jena start with their first purchase of Feat of Strength for free.) Twice per event, you may throw a fist-sized seed packet at a foe, from within an arms length, and call either the "3 Damage" or Knockout effect. A shield, weapon, or hands can block the beanbag. The beanbag must hit the target in the torso. If it does not hit the torso, is blocked, or misses entirely the ability is wasted. Lionsdale An island nation, Lionsdale is well known as a center of magical advancement. Lionsdale was initially founded by a group of scholars seeking to advance their own knowledge of the ways of magic without being so hindered by ethics and morality. The past of Lionsdale has been shrouded in secrecy, even from its own citizens. Some of the most notorious Elementalists, Spiritualists, and Geomancers have come out of Lionsdale. It is said that one of the continents was completely removed from this realm by a large group of Lionsdale Geomancers, and that there are Spiritualists who have made pacts with their Gods. Though both these things are considered mere stories, as there is little evidence of it. The country itself is something of a mess of politics, and in some ways is considered the opposite of Forleste. Lionsdale has four branches of government: The House of Seers, The House of Doors, The House of Mages, and The Royal Navy. There is one more separate seat known simply as The House. The House sits on top of the other four branches and works a mediator and figurehead for Lionsdale, admittedly it is not typically a public figurehead since The House rarely makes an appearance. Getting into a House is a matter of two elements: Blood, and Power. Only the most powerful of Fate Witches may enter the House of Seers, and only the

most powerful Geomancers may enter the House of Doors. The House of Mages is something a bit different, any practitioner of "magic" may be allowed in provided there is an opening, so the rumors say. The Royal Navy is created and maintained by the House of Mages. Lionsdale has escaped the majority of its bad reputation, as it has become a bit more open to the world with its discoveries. The introduction of the Spellgun, for example, to replace the Spellbow was one of Lionsdale's contributions to the world. The people of Lionsdale typically dress in robes and loose clothing, favoring dress that emphasizes their specialties. Region Benefit: The first 3 Magic Skills purchased are at -5 CP. Magic skills can be found in Chapter 5: Magic Skills. Can resist 3 effects delivered by element(Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, Light, Order, and Chaos) per event. Varanids MAY resist elemental effects with this benefit, if they so choose. Maritow A nation that is always on the brink of prosperity. The people who live here are generally considered good natured thieves. While they live under a monarchy the "King" is by no means royal and is often considered little more than a street rat with a crown by other nations. Back before his wife died he was known to be much more friendly, but without a head for finances. He was running the kingdom into the ground until his wife perished from the plague. Now he is no longer running it into the ground, but just letting it fall. The Prince of Maritow vanished several years ago, going off to see the world. He was last seen trying to get back home to his mother's death bed. The people of Maritow will none-the-less defend their king as fanatics. They despise the authority that other kings and ruling bodies hold, and the amount that it is abused. All these people from Maritow are said to have a certain blood within them, that it gives them strength and it is because of that blood that they support their ruling family. Despite everything the people are generally hopeful that their nation will eventually become prosperous. Interesting fact about the people of Maritow, it should also be pointed out, that Constructs constructed in Maritow and M'Pryael born in Maritow bleed from their wounds. It is unknown why this is. Region Benefit: You start each event with a random object, as per the Scrounging Skill. You may still take the Scrounging skill. The Blood of Maritow - You will have a random special power each event given to you by your blood. Sarov The Sarovians are now well known traders throughout the world but this was not always the case. Their are two types of people who live in this country, the Sarovians who pride themselves on their wealth, their charm, and their political power and the Ninsk who were considered spiritual warriors who used the power of animal spirits and nature. The Sarovians have only made their presence known about 70 years ago during a war in which their warriors, the Ninsk, were off fighting and not able to lead the country. When the Ninsk returned the Sarovians rose from their lowly class and became the leaders of the country. In the years since, Sarov has become known as the center of trade in the world. Sarov took control of the market away from Forleste, and has since doubled that power to the point where

their currency is what is used world-wide now. Sarovians tend to dress nicely in brightly colored clothes and wear the most expensive things they can find. They are well known as deal makers and traders. Sarov stays neutral in almost all conflicts, trading with everyone that they can. Sarov is positioned in a strategically advantageous position to allow this. Above anything else, they tend to value riches. The Ninsk dress in the way of woods, in skins, brown and green clothing, and anything to make them look as one with nature as possible. They have a strong link with nature, but not quite like with geomancy. They have a magic all their own and they are most known for their Spiritualists and their communing with nature. Region Benefit: Two times per weekend they may touch a tree and call, "Heal Self." Sarovian: Thrift can be purchased at -15 CP Ninsk: You will receive one permanent pact, similar to that of a spiritualist, with your Spirit Animal. This will be random and you will receive your pact at your first check-in, provided we are notified in advance. Tarranoa When it comes to advancement of knowledge and medical knowledge, Tarranoa is one of the leading nations in the world. The culture of Tarranoa places knowledge, medicine, and faith above all other things. The churches in Tarranoa provide education to everyone who wants it and give medical care to all who need it. Their culture generally provides a lot to their nobles, who are in turn typically considered pompous and arrogant. This pretentious behavior of the nobles often gets the country as a whole in trouble, and is one of the leading causes that has led the country into a war with Tresline. Tarranoa is a theocracy lead by twelve high priests. Tarranoans typically dress in bright colors, frequently dressing in whites and blues. Region Benefit: You may choose any two of the following three benefits at character creation: Medical Knowledge - Three times per event may bestow the "Heal" effect by working on someone for 30 seconds. Faith I for free. A special information skill given to you at your first check in. Treslin Treslin is one of the few completely landlocked areas. Located at the heart of the southern continent it is cut off from the sea. This being the case the inhabitants of Treslin rely heavily on geomancy to get where the wish to go. Treslin is more of a city than a nation. Holding nearly six hundred thousand citizens, there is little nature left to be seen apart from the outskirts. Treslin is a heavily industrialized nation that has torn down the forests around it in place of hewn stone and large buildings. Treslin has also had to learn to expand up rather than out and has thus been on the forefront of modern architecture, constantly pushing its limits. The one thing that Treslin hasn't progressed in is the advancement of culture. Their culture has been relatively the same for several hundred years. They are governed by a relatively strict structured caste system. They also always wear coverings on their heads and the majority, both men and women alike; wear a veil when in public.

Region Benefit: Start with Architecture. Three times per event you may draw upon another person by saying the incant, "I draw upon the strength of your life! Detect Life." You are healed for the amount of life that was detected up to your maximum.


Construct Constructs are walking suits of armor or sometimes even large dolls. They have been used for many purposes throughout the ages. Some have been used as guardians and warriors while others have been used as giant Spirit rods. This, along with the random upgrades available in the world, makes the Construct very adaptable. The biggest difference between Constructs and Homunculi is primarily how they are created and how they have been used. Constructs are made by smiths and sewers with the help of tinkerers. They are also used as guards, both fighter and mage types. Homunculi on the other hand are made with the help of alchemists. They are also used for servants and are created to look like other races rather than a race of their own. Makeup: Doll or Metal appearance. Life: Spirit: Free Points: 1 3 3

Advantages: Extra Hit PointsHit Points are equal to Life doubled, plus any additions. Difficult to destroyA Construct reduced to zero Hit Points does not fall, but rather freezes in place. The only way to destroy them is by inflicting total damage equal to 10 times their basic Hit Points, or by Disintegration. Immune to effects By Poison and By Disease." State "No Effect." Immune to effects To Living although anything To Construct would work. (unless they have the Soulbound gift.) State "No Effect." Immune to Maim and Assassinate. State "No Effect." Note that Sever does effect Constructs. The Mortal effect does 3 damage to a construct instead of their normal effects. Can have their bodies improved by characters with craft skills. Can regenerate all Hit Points 8 times per event by standing still for 5 minutes. (If you are attacked or suffer from any effects then you must start over again.) Can be repaired by a character with the appropriate craft skill. If a construct has the appropriate skill and is functioning and able to move, it may repair itself. May purchase the Soulbound gift. Disadvantages: Double damage from fire (Doll) or lightning (Metal). Double damage from acid Cannot worship gods or benefit from divine blessings unless they have the Soulbound gift Unaffected by Surgery or First Aid.

May not benefit from armor Do not go to the locker when destroyed, they must be rebuilt by a craft of suitable skill. If disintegrated the construct is gone forever.

Note: Constructs are not affected by first aid or surgery but they can be repaired by a craftsman. To do this the craftsman must have one unit of the appropriate material and spend 5 minutes fixing the construct. They may repair themselves if they have the skills to do so and are still able to move. When a construct reaches 0 hit points they freeze. If they are then struck for 10 times their number of hit points again, below 0, then they are destroyed and cannot be repaired except for between events. Racial Skills: Feat of Strength 15 CP +5 Progressive You can use this skill to perform something that would normally be too hard for others to do. You can use this skill to move something that requires a Feat of Strength to move such as a boulder, open a door that is being held shut, or to hold a door shut. It can also be used to move someone at a normal walking pace for any distance or to swing 3 damage once. Any use of this skill such as I rip up this tree is considered bad form and could be cause to take the skill away. This skill may be used once per Refresh for each time purchased. Lightning Pulse 8 CP +5 Progressive Pre-Requisites: Metal Construct May perform either 3 stun by lightning packets or 1 area effect stun by lightning per event. Per purchase. Internal Plating 15 CP Pre-Requisites: Metal Construct Gain 1 extra point of health. This is added after your life statistic is doubled. You can take this skill a maximum of 5 times. Spirit Pulse 8 CP +5 Progressive Pre-Requisites: Cloth Construct May perform either 3 stun by Light packets or 1 area effect stun by Light per event. Per purchase. Spirit Battery 20 CP Pre-Requisites: Cloth Construct Gain 1 extra point of Spirit. You can take this skill a maximum of 5 times. Pneumatic Arms 40 CP Always swing 2 damage when holding a weapon with two hands. Fate-Touched The fate-touched are those who were killed in life and brought back, unlike most undead though they are free willed. Each fate-touched though lives for a single fate, when that purpose is fulfilled they wander the world aimlessly and without direction. The fate-touched are generally human in appearance, but can appear as any of the other races. The primary way for a fate-touched to be born is by a Fate Spinner, exactly how this occurs is generally unknown but it is believed to be a curse placed on both a dead body and some other deserving individual. The curse then supposedly animates the dead body and with their bodies and souls forever touched

by the strands of fate in such a way they neither may rest until they both reach the end of their fate. There are also rumors of other ways of creating a fate-touched, either through magic, or some mad science. Neither way has even been fully substantiated, but it seems feasible. All fate-touched were once living beings, they may or may not even know why they have been brought back. There are some even that are cursed before dying only to become a fate-touched after death. Makeup: Pale Face, Black under eyes, General undead makeup (No masks). Life: Spirit: Free Points: 2 2 3

Advantages: Lesser effects on Maim and Mortal. Maim is 1 point of damage, Mortal is 2. Severs work normally. Not subject to effects to living, though effects to undead work perfectly well. Great Rally Feat is cheaper, 15 gamebucks instead of 25. Disadvantages: May not be healed through magical healing unless it is a Heal Undead. Magical healing, area effect heals and similar effects do damage of the intended amount instead of healing you. Thus a full heal would essentially send you to 0 life, while an area effect revive would send you to critical. Conveniently though, a "Heal to Half" would have no effect on you if you had less than half your health but would otherwise bring you to half health, rounded down. You take double damage from Blessed weapons. Note: The Fate-Touched are not Judged since their souls are bound to mortal world. Instead they come back with an affliction. The more times they are sent to the Locker the more they "break down". The Fate-Touched do have souls and are recognized by the gods. Racial Skills: Drain Health 3 CP + 5 Progressive Can "Drain 1 Health" by packet or by claw per purchase. You gain health drained by this skill. Refreshable. Drain Spirit 3 CP + 3 Progressive Can "Drain 1 Spirit" by packet or by claw per purchase. You gain spirit drained by this skill. Refreshable. Stun 20 CP By looking into the eyes of the target, you may "Stun By Gaze." Eye contact must be met. Requires Refresh. Toughness 15 CP + 5 Progressive Gain 1 extra point of health, for every 2 purchases you also gain one resist per weekend against any physical attack. This stacks with any armor.

Fomori Fomori are a race of statuesque creatures. They are often brave warriors and are thought to be created of stone. This is a common misconception however. They often use their guise in the wild to be thought of as statues to catch their prey off guard. Though in recent times, these beings have become more and more civil. They often dress in clothes that are roughly the same color of their skin as to keep up their statuesque appearance though there are some who will indulge and wear nicer clothes. Make Up: Horns, Grey skin (Stone-like pattern optional), other prosthetics (optional... You may choose to have ear tips, noses, whatever you want.). Life: Spirit: Free Points: 3 0 4

Advantages: May purchase Stealth skills at half price, rounded up. Disadvantage: Slow, may not run. May not use food for BGAs Racial Skills: Statue Guise 25 CP This skill allows a Fomori to freeze in place and remain unnoticed as per the shadowcloak skill. The major difference is that they are still seen. They simply arent recognized as living beings, thought to be mere statues. If someone attacks or tries to interact with you state "Statue Guise". To use this skill the clothes should be somewhat similar to the color of the skin. This skill may be used once per refresh for each time purchased. Stone Lore 5 CP You can read grey stone lore tags. Detect Tuatha 7 CP You can detect Tuatha at will. Statues Touch 20 CP + 10 Progressive Once per weekend per time purchased may deliver the "Paralyze by Earth" effect. This effect must be delivered through claws or a fist packet thrown within arms reach. Claws 20 CP May use two claws, either one long and one short or two medium. This skill counts as Unarmed Fighting for the purpose of pre-requisites. Stone Root 20 CP Allows you to plant your feet and call stoneroot once per refresh. As long as your feet stay planted you call threshold to any base damage swings. Special attacks still work.

Human Humans are by far the most diverse race in the world, able to accomplish anything they wish. They make both excellent fighters and mages. Often Humans are the diplomats between the races for they are the most widely accepted race. Make Up: None Life: Spirit: Free Points: 1 1 5

Advantages: The first weapon skill purchased costs -10 CP (this can include the Hand-tohand combat skill) May purchase Spellgun and Spellbow skills for half price Disadvantage: None Racial Skills: Note: Human racial skills do NOT count as using feats. These skills cannot be renewed under any means. Blather 10 CP +5 CP Progressive To use this skill, you utter a string of nonsense. If someone makes the mistake of replying to you, even by saying what?! you may call Subdue by Will by Discourse against them, as they are stunned by your gibbering. This skill may be used once per weekend per time purchased. Mothers Old Remedy 8 CP +4 CP Progressive You just happen to know just the right remedy for what ails a friendpopping a joint back in place, a quick spell to cure a rare disease, whatever. You can use this skill, after role-playing a quick cure, to call one of the following effects: Heal Half, Purge Poison, Purge Sever or Purge Disease. This skill may be used once per weekend per time purchased. An Encouraging Word 20 CP +10 CP Progressive This skill allows you to inspire a single individual, before or during battle. Allows you to call Heal and Renew to (name of your friend) This cannot be shouted. This may be used once per weekend per time purchased. Strike Hard 16 CP +8 CP Progressive Allows you to use a one handed weapon two handed and swing three Four Damage blows. May be used once per weekend per time purchased. Bladesharp 20 CP +10 CP Progressive By spending ten minutes sharpening and polishing an edged weapon to razor sharpness, you can gain an advantage in one battle. This skill allows you to call Bladebite Two Damage once against each foe you face. You can also give a bladesharped weapon to someone else. This skill may only be used once per weekend per time purchased.

Desperation 16 CP +8 CP Progressive You may use this skill to wield a weapon in a single combat, without having the skills needed to use it. This skill may be used once per weekend per time purchased. MPryael A race of blue skinned people, the M'Pryael are creatures that have been fused with their spirit. Their fused bodies give them great magical power but it comes at a great cost to them. The actual origins of the M'Pryael are unknown, but they have been around since before recorded history. M'Pryael typically hold high places in society and try to live in close knit groups. M'Pryael have the ability to mend the spirit of others and themselves, because of this they rarely travel alone and stay among those they trust. Their race is ancient and has a long history filled more with pride than anything else. The typical M'Pryael is confident, frequently to the point of being arrogant. M'Pryael are good at almost everything they set themselves out to do, from fighting, to spellcasting, to healing. They are most known for their own natural healing ability, with just a short rest and they fully regenerate any of their wounds. Make Up: Blue on all exposed skin. Life: Spirit: Free Points: n/a 5 2

Advantages: If someone detects life on an M'Pryael it will always come back as "0" Restore 1 Spirit or any Spirit restoration will stabilize a critical MPryael. M'Pryael restored in this manner are unconscious for 5 minutes. Refreshing restores all spirit(thus their health) as well as any maimed or severed limbs. All M'Pryael receive Second Sight for free. Disadvantages: They do not have a Life statistic. They only have Spirit, any damage done to them deals damage to their Spirit. Other than this death works the same for M'Pryael as it does other races. Heal, Heal Half, and Heal X have no effect on M'Pryael unless the effect specifically targets M'Pryael. First Aid and Surgery have no effect on them. Faith Healing is a lesser effect. If successful it restores 1 Spirit. By the nature of their bodies, clothing and armor does nothing to protect them. The shock of the blow hits their spirit despite however much armor they may have on. They gain no benefit from wearing armor. Racial Skills: Spirit Bandage 15 CP The M'Pryael ties to spirit allow them to mend the spirit. You may "Restore 1 Spirit" for every 30 seconds you spend tending someone's spirit. A person may only be tended to by one M'Pryael at a time. Lend Spirit 15 CP 1 Spirit You may touch someone and call "Restore 1 spirit."

Spirit Cleanse 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Lend Spirit 1 Spirit You can spend 10 seconds role-playing channeling spirit, to cleanse the target and deliver a "Purify by Spirit" effect by touch. You may even do this to yourself. Siphon Spirit 20 CP 1 Spirit You may "Drain 1 spirit" by packet per use. You gain Spirit drained in this manner. Tuatha Tuatha are an ancient race that tend to be very secretive about there pasts and the history of their people. Thus there is little known about them. They are natural archers and mages, charged with protecting the forests of the world. Many have the peachy colored skin of humans but some may take on the appearances of the areas around them from when they were young, thus a Tuatha from the forests may be green or have leaves in their hair, an Tuatha from a lake region may have a bluish tint to their skin. Make Up: Ear Tips Life: Spirit: Free Points: 1 4 2

Advantages: May purchase Ranged Combat skills for 10 CP less Disadvantage: May not wear heavy armor May not take Dense or Illiterate Flaws Racial Skills: Summon Elemental Orb 5 CP + 5 Progressive You can once per refresh, per time purchased, summon an elemental orb (packet) of either fire, ice, or lightning, and hurl it at the enemy for 1 damage. This skill can be purchased multiple times. Greater Elemental Orb 25 CP As per Elemental Orb but you can summon 2 damage instead. This skill only needs to be purchased once to upgrade all purchases of Summon elemental orb. Tattoo of the Gateway 10 CP You have a tattoo of the mythical gateway that was once believed to be the doorway to the heavens. This tattoo is in the form of an arching gateway with a large keystone at the top. This tattoo must be placed on a spot of visible skin. So long as it is visible it confers the power of the Gateway skill to you. Eyes of the Seer 15 CP You have a tattoo of the third eye on your forehead. You can read any 1 tag. Refreshable

Ink of the Magi 25 CP You have a magical tattoo that allows you to resist one spell that would normally affect you. This tattoo resembles that of a Circle with two squares within it and must be placed on visible skin. Refreshable.

Vree Vree are a race of subterranean people. They tend to dislike many above ground races though they have been known to get along with them for short periods of time, generally returning underground for a few weeks at a time between the moons and for the winter to regain their Sanity. Vree tend to be somewhat insane, though they themselves would never recognize it. They suffer from delusions of extreme grandeur and the urge to inflict torment on other creatures, though none recognize that they are insane. Make Up: White-blue skin, white or silver hair (Optional... All Vree have whitish silver hair, but it is very susceptible to simple easy to make dyes and thus optional). Life: 3 Spirit: 1 Free Points: 3 Advantages: May use the Torment (target) effect 3 times per refresh. +1 life at night Disadvantage: "By Light" effects causes Agony Start game with the Insane flaw, this flaw does not grant any free points. Racial Skills: Stoneroot 20 CP Allows you to plant your feet and call stoneroot once per refresh. As long as you feet stay planted you call threshold to any base damage swings. Special attacks still work. Torture 25 CP Youve taken torture to an art form, taking pleasure in the screams of your victims. Instead of "Torment (target)" you can deliver the "Pain (target)" effect 3 times per refresh. Toughness 15 CP + 5 CP Progressive Gain 1 extra point of health, for every 2 purchases you also gain one Resist per weekend against any physical attack. Stone Lore 5 CP You can read grey stone lore tags.

Delusions of Grandeur 3 CP + 1 CP Progressive You are so far in your insanity that you truly believe it. Each time you purchase this skill you detect as one thing you arent. May be purchased multiple times to detect as multiple things you arent. However for each thing that you choose to detect as, you must believe that you are that thing. Thus if you choose to detect as undead, you must believe you are undead. An example of this would be a Vree who is dirt poor and clad in rags detecting as a noble.


There are two types of Dragonkin: Ieklai and Varanids. Dragonkin are called such because they resemble the dragons of ancient times. The two bloodlines are very different from one another, and they each represent a different part of their dragon ancestors. The Ieklai inherit some of the dragon's natural toughness, where the Varanids inherit the dragon's connection to the elements. The Dragonkin appeared not long after the destruction of the last dragon and the founding of Lionsdale. The rumors say that the final dragons sacrificed themselves in order for their species to avoid extinction, and it is through this sacrifice that the Dragonkin were born. Dragonkin are both feared and hated in many parts of the world, in others they are sought after for experiments and rituals of various kinds. Slavers have also been known to pay good prices their kind. Make Up: Must appear lizard-like with brown or green skin. Ieklai The Ieklai represent the dragon's toughness and their physical capabilities. Their wings, while not entirely functional do function well enough to let them fly for short periods and their bodies are built to be resistant and to heal quickly. These characteristics give them a sense of immortality that other races do not generally get the chance to feel. The Ieklai have a tendency towards mischievous and known for their impulsive behaviors, because of this they have also learned to avoid things that would normally take advantage of this. Ieklai are though, of the two Dragonkin, the more prized by slavers. Their physical capabilities make them good guards as long as you aren't expecting them to stay still. Make Up: In addition to Dragonkin makeup, Ieklai have wings. Life: 3 Spirit: 1 Free Points: 3 Advantages: Can purchase Rapid Healer for 1 point instead of 2, or 15 CP. Stealth Skills cost -5 CP. Disadvantages: Start with the Impulsive flaw, this flaw does not grant any free points. Crafting skills cost an additional 5 CP. Racial Skills: Resistance 5 CP + 10 Progressive Upon purchasing this skill the first time, choose a type of effect (Physical, Fate, Geomancy, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Light, Shadow, Magic, Poison, & Will). You may resist that effect once per refresh, just call "Resist by Blood" when using this skill. With each purchase of the skill, you can "Resist by Blood" an additional time per refresh. Air counts as both Air and Lightning, and water counts as both Water and Ice.

Resistance Training <Type> 10 CP Pre-Requisite: Resistance With each purchase of this skill, your Resistance skill may be used against one addition type of effect (Physical, Fate, Geomancy, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Light, Shadow, Magic, Poison, & Will). Air counts as both Air and Lightning, and water counts as both Water and Ice. This does not effect the number of resists you get, but makes each one more versatile. Chasm Walking 20 CP With wings outspread you can walk across carnivorous grass and chasms at will. Dodge 10 CP + 10 Progressive You gain 1 dodge per refresh per time you take this skill. It can only be used on physical attacks that you saw coming. Thus you cannot dodge a backstab or sneak attack. Evade Trap 15 CP + 10 Progressive Pre-Requisite: Dodge You can dodge a trap that you have set off once per purchase per refresh. Varanids Varanids are the almost the complete opposite of the Ieklai, they are typically calm even in the face of life-threatening danger. Still, this is not because they are immune to it, rather they possess the dragon's mind and their breath. They have the elemental link that the dragons once had. Varanids are the more feared of the Dragonkin, they are looked upon with suspicion for ties to dragons but even more so because of their supposed inheritance of the dragons' true strengths. Still, there are many Varanid heroes in the world and they themselves have no predisposition toward good or evil. Varanids are typically calm and methodical in comparison to the hyper active Ieklai. Make Up: In addition to Dragonkin makeup, Varanids have no wings, but do have makeup requirements associated with racial skills. Life: 1 Spirit: 3 Free Points: 3 Advantages: Information skills cost -5 CP. Start with Courage Gift. This does not cost them any free points or CP. Disadvantages: Unable to resist elemental effects. This includes any effect delivered by the following traits: Fire, Earth, Ice, Water, Air, Lightning, Light, Shadow, Chaos, or Order. Start with Hidden Flaw. This does not give them any free points or CP. Racial Skills: Spit 5 CP + 5 Progressive You gain 3 doses of spit. For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 physical. Refreshable. The makeup requirement changes depending on the elements you can spit:

None: Two clearly visible parallel black lines extending from the each corner of your mouth, down your neck. 1 - 2: The lines reach now extend from the base of your neck to your eyes 3 - 4: The lines reach now extend from the base of your neck to the top of your forehead 5 or more: With each element small black "cracking" lines extend from outside of the two lines over your forehead, cheeks, and neck. Spit Fire 5 CP For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 fire packet. Spit Ice 5 CP For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 ice packet. The lines on your face are blue. Spit Lightning 5 CP For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 lightning packet. The lines on your face are yellow. Spit Poison 5 CP For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 poison packet. Spit Acid 5 CP For 1 dose of spit, you may throw a packet starting from near your mouth for 1 acid packet. Spit Burst 15 CP Instead of throwing a single packet, you may role-play for 20 seconds, use two doses and throw five 1 damage packets of any element you can spit or base physical. Your feet must remain planted while you use these packets. Power Spit 15 CP Allows you to concentrate your spit, to make it more potent. Requires 10 seconds of role-play per dose used. Damage done is of any element you can spit or base physical. 1 Dose = 2 Damage | 2 Dose = 5 Damage


Courage (2 FP or 30 CP) Restriction: Cannot purchase the Coward Flaw You are immune to "by fear" effects. State No Effect when you use this gift, if you do not state No Effect then you should take the effect. Fate Spinner (1 FP or 15 CP) You have the power to see strands of fate and read red Fate tags. Unless you have proper training the strands are impossible to read or follow. You will detect as a Fate Spinner.

Hidden Gift (1) or (15 CP) A hidden gift will manifest itself throughout gameplay. Roll with the Blows (1 FP or 15 CP) You may resist any physical attack, IE: Knockout, sever, maim, mortal, etc 3 times per event. Veteran (1 FP) Restriction: Cannot have the Older Than Dirt gift You are more well rounded, more experienced in your trade. You start the game with 50 more CP. Everything after your first event costs +5 CP. Rapid Healer (2 FP or 30 CP) Restriction: Not available to Constructs Allows a character to Heal, purify, or restore limb to self twice per event. All healing effects are doubled and in the case of the Fate-touched, healing effects do not do damage. A Fate-touched instead takes no effect from any heal effects not to undead, however Heal Undead effects are not doubled. There are rumors of constructs that are able to mimic this gift. Focused (2 FP or 30 CP) Restriction: You cannot purchase the lazy flaw. You are very focused on the task at hand you get an extra free BGA between events. If an action, apart from travel, requires multiple BGAs, you can spend an hour training, reading, or otherwise working on the BGA through the course of the game to reduce the number of BGAs needed by 1, to a minimum of 1. Older than Dirt (2 FP) Restriction: Cannot have the Veteran gift Youre old. Thats it. You may be slightly senile, or simply just old. You start with 100 more CP but all skills that are purchased after the start cost double. You also start with half (rounded up) the total amount of life you would if you were younger. You cannot run very quickly, and must catch your breath after any heavy exertion. Soulbound (2) or (30 CP) Pre-Requisite: Must be a Construct, or Homunculi. Restriction: Cannot purchase the "Sold to Darkness" gift. When you were created you were bound with the soul of another person who had already passed away. Because you have a soul you are accepted in worship by the gods. You can buy the faith skill and you are affected by other things having to do with the gods like any other person would be. You are also subject to effects to living, as it is a soul that decrees one as being alive. Having a soul bound to your body is no easy task and tends to leave some scaring where the seal was formed. You have the marking of a special seal on your skin. Below is the seal that is used to anchor a soul to the body. This must be placed on visible skin or in the case of Constructs somewhere visible on their costuming. Sold to Darkness (1) or (15 CP) Restrictions: Not available to M'Pryael, Homunculi, or Constructs. Cannot buy the "Soulbound" gift. Some people have had some dealings with the darkness. You have sold your soul to the darkness in exchange for a special gift. You have no soul and are not recognized by the gods. You cannot have any faith skills and you dont take any divine effects.

The Special Gift will be chosen for you and added to your character. Staff will make sure you are able to use the gift. Gifts can range anywhere between powerful hidden skills to being able to talk to chickens to other stranger abilities. Homunculus (2) or (30 CP) Restriction: Cannot be M'Pryael, Construct, or Fate-Touched You are a recreated version of a person. You do not detect as "living," instead you detect as both "homunculus" and "construct." Homunculus have long been used as slaves and workhorses for undesireable or difficult jobs. As a result you also get an extra free BGA. You have a red sigil somewhere on exposed skin, often the neck, forehead, or back of the hand. You may purchase the Soulbound gift. If you do not, you have no soul, and thus are not accepted by the gods and no faith related calls will affect you. Once per weekend you may purge sever/maim to yourself. Once per weekend you may perform a feat of strength.


Code of Honor (1 - 2) You have subscribed to a strict code of honor. This is variable depending on how strict you make it. This code must be submitted to staff at least a week in advance to be determined how much its worth. Compulsive Liar (1) Restriction: May not purchase the honesty flaw. You never tell the truth, even when you know you should. Everything you say is, at the least, an exaggeration of the truth, if not an outright lie. Coward (1) Restriction: May not purchase the Courage Gift You are a coward. Youll run and hide under the table before you face more people than you have helping you. You will never engage in combat when it isnt in your favor. If things start to look bad you will do anything to stop it from turning into danger. You wont even enter into a fight unless the odds are 3-1 in your favor. Honesty (1) Restriction: May not purchase the Compulsive Liar Flaw. You can never lie or deceive. If you do lie or attempt deceit then you are bad at it and it's obvious. You can however generalize answers so long as they are not untruthful. Hidden Flaw (1) There is something wrong with you but you dont know yet. This will manifest as the game goes on and staff will let you know what it is later on. Illiterate (1) You cant read or write. You might be able to spell out your name but it is nearly illegible. Impulsive (1) You tend to not think before you do. You should always act on your first impulse.

Insane (1) You are mentally unstable. You tend to do things that are not normal for people. This can be played in a number of ways. You could be extremely emotionally unstable with the slightest thing setting you off, crying randomly for no reason, etc You could be like a Vree and have illusions of grandeur. The possibilities are endless. Lame (1) You have a bad leg. You limp when you walk and can never run or jump. Lazy (1) You would rather do nothing most of the time. You must role-play being lazy. You do not receive your first free BGA. One Arm (1) You received an injury to one of your arms that has never been able to be healed. It simply lies lifeless at your side. Overconfident (1) Restriction: May not purchase the Coward Flaw. Nothing is beyond your capabilities. If you wanted, you could defeat the best swordsman or create better strategies than the best strategist. That monster coming into town is never too difficult for you to defeat. You never have any doubts about your capabilities or potential. Penniless (1) You start with literally nothing. No weapons, no money, nothing. You can however attain such things. Phobia (1 - 2) Youre afraid of something relatively common. Your phobia must be submitted to staff to be approved at least a week in advance of your first game. Trusting (1) You believe anything that is told to you, and you are incapable of detecting lies. If what someone is telling you is in any way plausible, you will believe it. Berserker (2) You cant keep your cool once youve been hit. Once youre blood has been drawn you go into a rage attacking anything, even friends if there are no enemies in sight. If you have only a single Life Point, you will frenzy upon waking up. Bleeder (2) Restriction: Not available to Constructs, or Fate Touched You bleed out quickly. You only have a 60 count before you go critical. Dense (2) You are as dumb as a brick. You cant speak well and must role-play this. You cant purchase the skills that require you to be literate(Research for example) and all knowledge skills cost double. Pacifist (2) For some reason you do not believe that violence is the answer to any problem. There are non-violent ways of dealing with problems and you look for them.

Mindless, non-living entities you can harm although if you can communicate with them, you will look for a non-violent way of dealing with them. In in-game terms, you will flee before engaging to fight, and in the event that you cannot flee, you will surrender. Your beliefs actually make you immune to the Frenzy effect, and other compulsions to harm another being. State Resist when you are hit with the Frenzy effect or are compelled to harm something. Execution and duels are not necessarily considered violence, though sacrifice of life should always be avoided(this includes the person taking the flaw). Squanderer (2) You cant ever keep money. You start every event Penniless. And you spend money as if it grows on trees. Any time you have the chance to spend coin you do.

The Curse, Hunted, and Terrible Past Flaws are not linear in their point scale. You will notice that they are worth (1, 2, 4) in the amount of points. These flaws get substantially worse the more points they are worth. A 4 point flaw is not twice as bad as a 2 point flaw, it is substantially worse than that. Do not expect to live through the entire campaign with a 4 point flaw. Flaws cannot be bought off, though some can be resolved in some cases. In the case of a 4 point flaw however, expect the resolution to result in your character's final death. Curse (1, 2, 4) You have been cursed. How bad the curse is depends on how many points you take. The lowest cost would be an inconvenience at the least and the highest is something too horrible to mention. All curses must be submitted to the staff to be approved at least a week before your first game. Warning! If you have a 4 point Curse you will probably die by the end of the campaign if not much sooner. 1 Point - The curse primarily effects just you in some debilitating and more than likely some fatal way. 2 Point - The curse will lead to a permanent change, is substantially more fatal, and frequently effects those around you. 4 Point - The curse will lead to a substantial permanent change, is greatly debilitating, impossible to ignore, fatal for you and those close to you. Your curse may interfere with BGA's depending on what it is. Hunted (1, 2, 4) You are hunted by something or someone. This must be staff approved. How many points you have depends on how dangerous the group is and how often they come after you. All Hunteds must be submitted to staff to be approved at least a week in advance of your first game. Warning! If you have a 4 point Hunted, you will probably die by the end of the campaign if not much sooner. 1 Point - Hunted is either powerful and opportunistic, or they are not too powerful but determined. The hunted will largely affect only you. A small guild of assassins would be a 1 point hunted. 2 Point - Your hunted ranges from relatively powerful to very powerful, but are quite determined to get to you. The hunted would probably involve town fights and assassination attempts on your character. The attempts could occur anywhere and at any time as well. A large group of slavers, a pirate crew, or wealthy merchant would be considered a 2 point hunted. 4 Point - The person or group hunting you is incredibly powerful with seemingly unlimited resources, and whatever you did to earn their ire makes them almost

fanatical in hunting you down. The hunted would come in a combination of town fights, assassinations, ambushes on modules, and potentially several other areas. Note that you will never be "safe" from a 4 point hunted, they may even interfere with some BGA's. Terrible Past (1, 2, 4) You have a bad history. Something horrible has happened in your past. This must be submitted in writing to the staff at least a week before the first game to be approved. The worse it is the more points you get. Warning! If you have a 4 point Terrible Past, you will probably die by the end of the campaign if not much sooner. 1 Point - Your past comes back to bite you in some minor but substantial way fairly frequently. Be it family connections or obligations, or other past ghosts in your closet. 2 Point - Your past interferes with things on the world scene but may not be openly connected with you. Your past will probably result in a tragic end, though it may be avoidable. It still largely only affects you though it may interfere with some BGAs. 4 Point - Your past will lead to some tragedy that is nearly impossible to avoid and will probably not involve you alone. Your past will cause trouble for those around you, and probably the town. Your past may interfere with some BGAs.

Chapter Four: Skills

Information Skills
Archiving 10 CP You know a good deal about old lore and books and things. You can tell things about books that others cant. Sometimes you can figure out a documents origins, you can usually tell forgeries and things like that. If a book is written in a code or another language you can sometimes learn secrets about how to read it. If the code is simple enough you may be able to read it, though some archivists have come up with many clever tricks to hide what it is they are writing. Can read white Archiving tags. Architecture 10 CP You know a good deal about buildings and other structures. You can read Architecture tags. Research 10 CP You know how to look for the information you want. You can look through books with exceptional ease and can come away with more information when you would otherwise. This skill does require access to books, libraries, or other sources of information. Knowledge (Subject) 15 CP Requires: Research With each purchase you have knowledge of one topic. You are able to research knowledge's you know without having direct access to libraries or tomes, and if you do have access to anything that would aid your research you benefit even more from it. You will receive 1 book per purchase of this skill if purchased at character creation. You will also receive a synopsis of the book to indicate having read or at least looked through it. Scribe 10 CP Scribing allows you to copy books and other documents. You can also copy scrolls and crafting templates. Stone Lore 10 CP You are versed in the knowledge of stone. You may read grey Stone Lore tags. Natures voice 10 CP Nature talks to you. You can talk back but the only thing that would accomplish is making others think youre crazy. You can read green Natures Voice tags. Tracking 10 CP You know how to track an animal or a person. You can read orange Tracking tags. Repartee Skills

Discourse Skills

Persuasion 10 CP After talking to someone for 30 seconds, you can give them a reason to do

something. If they respond to your reason in any way, you state "I compel you to <insert action> by Discourse." You cannot use this skill to persuade someone to do something that is immediately harmful to themselves, such as "Kill yourself" or break an oath, but you could for example ask them to put their weapon down, sit down, or drink some tea. Charmer 10 CP Pre-requisite: Persuasion You can become friends with anyone so long as you get chance to talk to them. Once per refresh, after spending 30 seconds conversing with someone in a friendly manner you may call "Charm by Discourse." Only you need be friendly, the subject need not be. Note: The Charm effect is in no way an enslave effect, it just makes the person more friendly with you than they were. Agitator 10 CP You may attempt to rile someone up. If someone insults, disrespects, OR makes an obvious mistake in front of you, you may respond with an insult, disrespect, OR by pointing out the obvious mistake. If they respond in a way that is NOT an insult OR explanation of why you are mistaken, you may call "Frenzy by Discourse." Note, that two people with this skill can go back and forth for quite a while. Examples of things that could be considered "obvious mistakes": Getting hit with a weapon without delivering a hit yourself after bragging, taking a negative effect(such as a stun or a 1 fire packet), fumbling with their words, getting names confused, tripping, etc. All insults should be IN-GAME only, any use of out of game insults do not work for this skill and could result in it being taken away. It looked like the crew of the Fate's Arrow had failed as Mahr Karsus, one of Shah Draskus' generals, held up a talisman of great power. Their escape seemed impossible, so Captain Louis stepped up to negotiate a final deal, "So General Marcus, what is it you want in order for me to allow my friends freedom?" Catching the obvious disrespectful use of his name the General replied, "You insolent fool! Are you unable to pronounce a simple name properly?" The Captain gave a wry smile, "It appears a fool's name is beyond me!" Burning with anger at the insult, the general threw down the talisman to draw his sword and started charging the crew. Suddenly a blast of flame came from one side to hit the general as Per raised a second spell gun, "Not much of a strategist, bringing a sword to a spellgun fight!" The general turned his anger to Per and started charging again, as Louis made a dash for the talisman. With the talisman in hand, the fight to reach the ground above began once again! Babbler 10 CP Once per refresh, in the course of talking to someone you may spout out some gibberish. If the target responds to the gibberish in any way you may call "Stun by Discourse." Comedian 10 CP Pre-requisite: Babbler Once per refresh, you may tell a joke. If you get a response from the joke, you may call "By Discourse I compel you to laugh uncontrollably for 30 seconds." You may also interrupt someone telling a joke, if you manage to finish the joke you may call the effect on the person whose joke you stole.

Diplomat 10 CP Pre-requisite: Deceit You are well versed in the ways of the tongue. You know when people are trying to get you to do things. Once per refresh per purchase you may resist any effect delivered "By Discourse."

Crafting Skills

Gather components 3 CP + 3 CP Progressive Note: You do not need to spend a BGA to use this skill. You must remind staff BEFORE the event to make sure this skill is used. This skill allows you to find components between games. You can find a single component per purchase of this skill, the component is random but is loosely influenced by your other craft skills. If you have no craft skills you may not know much about the components themselves with just this skill besides their names. Components you are most likely to receive are listed below: Metals Iron Copper Tin Silver Lodestone Gold Cobalt Azurite Phlogiston Gems Ruby Sapphire Emerald Quartz Diamond Black Opal Alexandrite Morganite Cloth Linen Aramid Silk Lurex Wadmal Wool Flax Angora Crin Wood Wood Devouring Ash Nix Willow Marl Oak Heavens Birch Dawn Cedar Umbra Cypress Decorum Knotted Pine Plants Sweet Grass Striga's Kiss Bombay Root Fire Vine Devil's Thorn Ethelred Hellbane Sailors Curse Barbinosa Fruit

Brewing (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Brewing is the art of potion making. By taking different components brewers can make different effects. Some have even learned how to make potions that are so undesirable to drink that they can only be put on a weapon or other things. A brewer will get 3 templates per level for his experience in the field. Below is a sample list of templates, they are not necessarily the ones you will receive. You will receive a component list that describes and gives you additional information about the types of plants. Blade Oils 8 CP Pre-Requisite: Brewing I While brewing allows for the creation of potions and drinks that are generally beneficial, there is another aspect of brewing you have learned. You can turn any potion into an oil to be applied to a weapon, by mixing it and coating a weapon with the potion you may attach the tag to the weapon. Doing this requires 30 seconds of role-play and the brew to be used. The next time that weapon strikes it delivers the

potion via Bladebite and lasts until the effect is either taken or resisted. This allows you to use any poisoned or oil covered weapons without harming yourself. Special Attacks received by Combat Skills(see below) can be delivered "By Poison" if there is no trait already associated with them. Metal smithing (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Metal smiths are known for their ability to make weapons and armor though they have also been known to work on more precise items as well. Everything from tools for crafters to surgical kits to weapons can be made with this skill. You will receive 3 templates for each level purchased. Below is a sample list of templates, they are not necessarily the ones you will receive. You will receive a component list that describes and gives you additional information about the types of metals. Sewing (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Sewing allows a player to create clothes, bags, and other things like that, as well as bandages and things through the use of cloth. You will receive 3 templates per level of sewing you take to represent your experience and skill. Below is a sample list of templates, they are not necessarily the ones you will receive. You will receive a component list that describes and gives you additional information about the types of cloth. Woodworking (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Woodworking is mostly used to make small toys and wooden weapons, though some have used it to create totems of sorts to scare off spirits and the like. You receive 3 templates per level to create different things. Below is a sample list of templates, they are not necessarily the ones you will receive. You will receive a component list that describes and gives you additional information about the types of wood. Engineering (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Engineering is a relatively new craft that has only come about in the last fifty years or so. It has been used to create many new inventions such as crossbows, Automatic Painting Devices and Surgical Kits. They have also been used to create false limbs for those who have unfortunately lost the use of them, though this is extremely complex. It has even been rumored that some engineers have been able to create weapons that explode, launching projectiles, though this has never been proven. You will receive 3 templates for each level you purchase. Below is a sample list of templates, they are not necessarily the ones you will receive. You will receive a component list that describes and gives you additional information about the types of gems. Experiment (I,II,III) 10/10/10 CP This skill allows you to experiment with crafting skills. It allows a player to submit blue prints and diagrams, along with the materials to attempt to create new items. You can attempt as many experiments as you have levels in this skill. After creating the same thing 4 times you will know the template and will be able to create that item normally with the appropriate crafting skill. This skill is used between events but does not require a BGA.

Weapon Skills

Shield 10 CP Purchasing this skill allows a player to use a shield up to 36" in height.

Small weapon 5 CP Purchasing this skill allows a player to use a weapon up to 26" in length. One-handed weapon 10 CP Allows a player to use a single, one-handed weapon between 26" and 42" in length. Two-handed weapon 15 CP Allows a player to use any two-handed weapons up to 72" in length. Two Weapons 10 CP Pre-Requisite: One-Handed Weapon You have practiced and trained using both hands in battle. You are able to wield two one-handed or smaller weapons. This skill costs 5 less if you also have the Florentine skill. Staff/Spear 10 CP This skill allows a player to use staffs and spears up to 72" in length, this does not cover a combination staff and spear. Players who want to create combination two handed weapons should get Two-handed weapon. You must always use two hands when fighting with a staff or spear. Archery 15 CP Purchasing this skill allows a player to use a bow. Arrows are represented by a bird seed packet attached to a 24" ribbon. A player may carry up to 15 arrows at a time. Alternatively you may also attach the ribbon to the bow handle instead and pull it back like you are drawing an arrow. Crossbow 10 CP You have the ability to carry and use a crossbow. You may only carry up to 15 crossbow bolts at a time. Thrown Weapon 10 CP This skill allows a player to throw weapons for base damage. These can be anything from rocks to knives to pies of unknown origin. A player may only carry five throwing weapons on them at a time. Spellguns and Spellbows Any spell that is delivered by Packet can also be delivered via a Spellgun or Spellbow. To use a spell with either of these weapons, you merely cast the spell into the loaded Spellgun or Spellbow. You do not call the effect until you fire, and you may move freely before firing. The charge lasts until the end of the weekend, it is used, OR you cast another spell into it. Spells delivered "By Spellgun" can be delivered either by a Spellgun or Spellbow, however cannot be held like other spells. You must cast then fire immediately and if you move before firing, you lose the effect but still spend the Spirit. Normal Spellguns and Spellbows fired without a spell do 0 Damage. Spellguns and Spellbows may be used with any packet spell that is under an Elementalism school or Wild Magics. Remember, anyone who purchases either the spellgun or spellbow skill can use this weapon, even if someone else casts a spell into it. Purchase of either of these skills gives you the "Elementalist" Trait.

Spellgun 15 CP This grants you the ability to use actionsoft, cap guns, or rubber band guns for spell delivery. Some special spellguns can reduce the Spirit cost of spells, or have other special effects, such as the ability to always shoot for 1 Fire. Note, you can use any spellgun that has been charged by a spell, you do not need to have cast it yourself. Purchasing this reduces the cost for Spellbow by 5 CP. Note: We will also accept single shot NERF guns if they are painted and disguised Very Well. We will be very strict on these to preserve atmosphere. "Renaldo, Per, my sword is not damaging this creature. A little help?" Tuna was cornered as a creature started to become more aggressive. Per yelled back, "You may wish to duck Tuna." Suddenly he lifted his spellgun and fired. The creature was paralyzed, held in place with its own shadow. Renaldo walked up to the creature with his scalpel, and as the scalpel lit up as if on flame, "Science, Tuna. Not everything is solved with swords, the rest is solved with science!" As Renaldo dug into this creature, it suddenly broke free and started thrashing about, "Oh this is quite unexpected!" Another blast of fire came from the back destroying the creature, and Per stood with his spellgun. Blowing away some smoke left by the fireball, "There are problems solved by the arcane, Renaldo." Spellbow 20 CP This grants you ability to use a specially tagged crossbow for spell delivery. Some special crossbows can reduce the Spirit cost of spells, or have other special effects, such as the ability to always shoot for 1 Lightning. Note, you can use any spellgun that has been charged by a spell, you do not need to have cast it yourself. Purchasing this reduces the cost for Spellgun by 5 CP. Spell Bolt Creation 10 CP +5 Progressive Pre-Requisite: Apprentice with one element This allows an elementalist to cast spells directly into ammo used by Spellguns or Spellbows instead of just the loaded weapon. Each purchase of this grants you 3 Craft Points to spend on creating ammo used by Spellguns and Spellbows. Cost of creation of a spell bolt depends on the amount of Spirit the spell costs. For example, a spell that costs 3 Spirit costs 3 Craft Points to use for a spell bolt. Only Elementalism spells can be used for this process. You can craft spell bolts in game, you have your full craft points and it requires 5 minutes per spell bolt. You also gain your craft points between games. You can get more craft points through bgas.

Combat Skills

Sever 15 CP + 5 CP Progressive You have dedicated yourself to the art of the blade. With a bladed weapon you can sever a persons limb from their body. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Shatter 15 CP + 10 CP Progressive With enough force you can shatter a persons equipment with a two handed weapon. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh.

Maim 15 CP + 5 CP Progressive You can deliver the maim effect with a blunt weapon. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Careful Strike 15 CP + 5 CP Progressive, Dedication: 15 CP + 1 DSP You may deliver a 3 damage strike to your opponent once per purchase per refresh. You may dedicate the skill so that if your attack is dodged or misses completely, it does not count as used. If it is blocked, resisted, or parried it is still used. Deadly Strike 25 CP + 10 CP Progressive Using a bladed weapon you can deliver the "Mortal" effect to an opponent. This strike must hit the torso to count. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Trip 10 CP + 5 CP Progressive Using a polearm, staff, or spear to trip an opponent. The strike must hit the legs. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Flee 15 CP Whether you are a great warrior or not you know when to run, and you're good at it. You can run away from battle and Dodge all weapon blows from behind while you remain running. You may use this skill once for each time you purchase it per refresh. Swashbuckling 20 CP Note: Varanids CAN swashbuckle elemental effects. You can use a relatively small object such as a hat, a glove or even a sword to swat away packets. If you can hit it away from you may then state swashbuckle and take no effect from the packet. The packet needs to be completely batted away. If it hits your swashbuckling item then hits part of you that is not a swashbuckling item, you still take the effect. IE: If you use your hat to bat the packet into your sword, it still effects you. Battlethirst 20 CP Some folk throughout the world become so immersed in battle that they refuse to die. When a character with this skill falls to 0 health they can call battlethirst and get back up again at full health. Once the battle is over, or when they fall again, they will go immediately to the critical state. Fencing 15 CP +5 progressive Dedication: 15 CP + 1 DSP Pre-Requisite: One-Handed Weapon Those skilled in the art of fighting with but a single sword. A fencer has a Parry for each purchase of the skill. This skill can be dedicated, giving a fencer that is wearing no more than 2 points of armor and no shield, one parry against each foe they face. If you purchase this skill twice and dedicated it once, you have one parry to use against each foe you face plus an additional parry to use at your leisure. You DO NOT have 2 parries against each foe you face. Florentine 10 CP Pre-Requisite: Fencing You have practiced and trained using a main gauche. You are able to wield a onehanded sword and a dagger no larger than 26 inches and still use all skills that require fencing, even those that require you to only be using a one handed sword.

This skill costs 5 less if you already have the Two Weapons skill. Riposte 20 CP Pre-Requisite: Fencing A properly trained fencer is capable of taking full advantage of an opponent's weakness. When you block a special(Lethal, Sever, Maim, X damage, 1 damage by fire, etc), your next strike against that foe deals 2 damage. The strike must be completely blocked, thus Crushing attacks can not be riposted. Shatter and Disarm attacks are beyond your skill to riposte. Likewise, you must block the strike with your sword, if you just dodge you cannot riposte however you can riposte if you use a Parry effect. This skill can only be used by a fencer who is not using a shield, has 2 or fewer points of armor, and is only fighting with a one handed sword. As Per and Renaldo ran off ahead to escape the underground lairs of the Vree, Tuna held back a band of Dagan soldiers. One of them lunges forward with a deadly blow which is sure to fell Tuna where he stands, although with a quick step to one side Tuna nimbly parries the blow as it glances by his chest and retaliates with a powerful blow of his own. As the fight progresses, Brock and Louis catch up to their rash friend as he nimbly parries another blow and strikes one of the soldiers down. "Well its about time you two showed up, though I think I could have handled it." Brock winds up one of his fists as several more soldiers advance, "You are cursed not to die, that doesn't protect you from being cut to ribbons." "You doubt my skill so much? You hurt me more than the hole in my head, Brock." Disarm 15 CP + 5 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Riposte After being able to parry and riposte, the next most useful skill the fencer has is the ability remove one of his opponents weapons. A skilled fencer is capable of leveraging fights in which they are at a natural disadvantage. A fencer can swing "Disarm" once per purchase per refresh. This skill can only be used by a fencer who is not using a shield, has 2 or fewer points of armor, and is only fighting with a one handed sword. Battle Stance (Weapon) 20 CP -5 Progressive Pre-Requisite: Any Melee Weapon Skill This is a basic battle stance with the specified weapon. This is required for some other skills. Hold a battle stance for 3 seconds and you can swing +1 damage. The swing should come from your stance. You may do this at will, but you must hold your stance for a 3 count. Blocking any blows or taking any effects, including damage, will break this. You may purchase this multiple times for different weapons. After 4 purchases you may use it with any weapon. Flurry of Blows 10 CP +10 Progressive Pre-Requisite: Battle Stance After holding a Battle Stance for 3 seconds, this allows you to call "1 damage, 2 damage, 3 damage" on successive strikes once per battle per purchase. There should be at least 1 second between each swing. Berserk 25 CP This allows you to call Enhance and Frenzy to self once per battle after getting hit with a weapon blow. This lasts for five minutes. Any combat skills requiring

concentration cannot be used while using this. Remember that while frenzied you merely have no way of determining friend from foe, this is not an excuse for unsafe fighting. People who are regularly fighting unsafely with this skill will see it removed and the points will not be returned. Raging Shatter 10 CP + 5 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Berserk While under the Frenzy effect you can deliver a Shatter effect once with a two handed weapon. Fear of Death 20 CP + 5 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Berserk You may instill the fear of death into someone while under the effect of the Frenzy. You can swing one Magestrike Repel by Fear when under the Frenzy effect. You may use this ability once per purchase per refresh. Dramatic Death 3 CP When you fall, people know it. When you fall(drop to 0 or fewer hitpoints, subcome to a Mortal, etc), you may call one final "Disengage" to break up the fight and struggle to move off the battlefield. Footwork 7 CP + 5 CP Progressive Once per refresh per time purchased, you may call a "Disengage." Mental Training 25 CP Note: Varanids cannot resist elemental effects. 1 Spirit You may resist any charm, enslave, compulsion, or fear effect. Magic Shield Training 25 CP Pre-Requisite: Shield Note: Varanids cannot resist elemental effects. 1 Spirit You may resist any single packet attack that hits your shield, except for Shatter, for 1 Spirit. Elemental Swordsmanship <element> 15 + 5 CP Progressive 2 Spirit You focus upon your weapon for 30 seconds, pass your hand over it, and declare, "I imbue my spirit into this blade." Until your next refresh, your blade deals elemental damage so long as you hold it, if you are disarmed, sheath, or drop your weapon the elemental effect ends. When purchasing this skill choose an element: Fire, Lightning, Ice, or Earth. You may purchase this skill multiple times to get other elements. This may not necessarily do more against any particular foe. There are those who are able to imbue with Light, Shadow, Order, or Chaos but they are more difficult to find. Ignore The Bone 10 CP 1 Spirit You may spend 5 seconds forcing a Maimed or Severed limb back into place, and call Purge Maim or Purge Sever. This is NOT a proper way to treat a limb though, and you will pay for it once battle ends. At the end of the battle, any limbs restored in this manner receive the Sever effect. If used out of earshot of combat, the effect

lasts 1 minute. While fighting a Dagan soldier, Brock with a mighty blow shattered both the soldier's legs. "Aye, Captain. This one isn't going anywhere if you want to talk." Suddenly the soldier shoved both limbs into place and got back up to swing a blow so hard as to break even one of the mighty Brock's arms! The soldier gave an insane smile as Vree are known to do, and Brock gave him the same, "Now you made me angry." In lieu of proper treatment, with a grunt Brock shoved his arm back into place and with a mighty blow struck the Dagan soldier down. "Sorry Cap'n, he isn't talking any more. Though I think I could use Renaldo's help, I think I hit him so hard I broke my own arm."

Ranged Combat Skills

Bow Block 15 CP You are proficient enough with a bow to be able to block with it. If you have swashbuckling, you can use your bow for swashbuckling. Well Placed Shot 15 CP 1 Spirit You may fire an arrow, crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon for +1 damage. Trick Shot 20 CP 1 Spirit You may fire an arrow, crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon for the Disarm <weapon> effect. Warrior's Weakness 25 CP 2 Spirit You may fire an arrow, crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon for Root and Torment by Physical effect. Sniper 30 CP 3 Spirit You may fire an arrow, crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon for 5 Damage.

Unarmed Combat Skills

Hand to Hand Combat 15 CP You have become skilled in hand to hand combat. You can use two short claws to represent your fists. You can also use Fist Packets, packets that are thrown at close range(3 to 4 feet) for 1 damage or for your special attacks. Forearm Block 20 CP Pre-Requisite: Hand to Hand Combat You have trained for long strenuous hours. As long as you have some sort of protection on your arms you can block with your forearms. Note a Shatter effect will Sever your arm.

Uppercut 20 CP + 10 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Hand to Hand Combat or Claws This skill allows a player to swing at a players torso and call knockout. This skill only works if you strike the torso. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Stunning Fist 7 CP + 5 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Hand to Hand Combat or Claws You have studied hard and have learned precious pressure points. You may swing and call Stun. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Tiger Strike 10 CP + 5 CP Progressive Pre-Requisite: Hand to Hand Combat or Claws This skill allows a player to swing to maim a limb. It must hit a limb to be successful. You may use this skill once per time you purchase it per refresh. Grab Arrows 10 CP Pre-Requisite: Hand to Hand Combat You have great reflexes. So great that you can catch arrows by the shaft, a feat most would not attempt. You may bat arrows out of the air with your hands. If you catch one then you can immediately throw it at someone.

Stealth Skills

Pick Locks 10 CP A character with this skill is able to pick locks. The lock must actually be picked. Shadowcloak 20 CP 2 Spirit You are skilled at hiding. Typically if you dont want to be seen then you won't be. As long as you have some darker clothes and a hood of some sort over your head you can enter the shadows and hide yourself. If someone comes up to you then you may state "Shadowcloak. Though they cant see you many may become uneasy and wary. Disarm Traps 15 CP You are so experienced in setting traps you are almost an expert at disarming them. You can disarm any traps using the proper tools. If a trap actually goes off then you still take the effect. Waylay 30 CP You have learned how to sneak up on someone and strike a precise blow that has the power to render them incapacitated. This may only be delivered with a blunt weapon and must strike between the shoulder blades. You must state Knockout before you strike. Helmets can negate the knockout effect so dont expect this to work on anyone wearing one. Mahr Karsus stood at the doorway leading toward the surface, "Well, El Capitan, it looks as if your luck has run out! You will not trick me this time, this time you will..." Suddenly a fist came from behind and Mahr Karsus fell to the ground, unconscious. There, ever vigilant fist fighter, Brock, had stayed behind and walked up behind Mahr Karsus.

Louis walked up to Brock and put a hand on his shoulder, "Good work, boatswain. Mind carrying our friend here back to the ship?" Brock smiled, "Sure thing Cap'n. Tuna carry him back to the ship." Alias 8 CP You have a secondary name that you tend to give out instead of your true name. This makes any magics targeting your alias fail and you take No effect from them. Deceit 25 CP You are so skilled at telling lies that even those experienced in finding the truth cant tell if you're lying or not. You may choose whether or not to respond to any "Detect Lie" or "Detect Truth" call, whether they apply to you or not. Backstab (I,II,III) 15\20\25 CP 1 DSP at First Rank As long as you are standing behind someone, facing in the same direction as them, you can strike them for # backstab. The amount of extra damage you do depends on your level. You get +1 damage for each level of Backstab. Level 1 backstab will be 2 damage, 3 for level 2, and 4 for level 3 backstab.

Merchant Skills

Thrift 30 CP You have figured ways of saving yourself money, whether it was simply through sheer stinginess or from diligently cutting corners to save costs. The cost for your BGAs is halved. Trade (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Note: You need to use a BGA to use this skill You have connections in the trade world outside of here. You can trade, buy, or sell, items between events. The prices you will be able to find will fluctuate on circumstances in the world and your level of trade. You may also spend time between events trading in a more general sense, doing this requires an initial investment, and the pay back is based on that investment and your skill with Trading. Evaluate Item (I,II,III) 3\6\9 CP With the use of this skill you can find out how much things will cost. This is particularly useful when dealing with shady traders and when divvying up loot. The higher level of this skill you have the more accurate the prices you guess will be. You will be given a sheet to aid you in evaluating prices based on your skill level. Note that the market shifts and changes. Sailing 20 CP Note: You need to use a BGA to use this skill Besides Geomancy, sailing is the most common form of travel throughout the world. By purchasing this skill you can travel between events, and you can bring up to 4 other people with you for a total of 5, including yourself. In order to travel off of the island you must have either this skill or geomancy. You can also use this skill to hire yourself out for local merchant ships, fishing vessels, and whatnot. There is also a chance that something could happen, as the seas can be unpredictable. Each time you sail something might happen, whether you run your ship into the ground on some island, find the remains of a pirate attack and get some left over treasure, or

get attacked yourself will all be the chance you take for sailing the open sea. With this skill it takes 1 BGA to travel to an island by hiring yourself out. Job Skill <Type> 3 CP This skill give the person a chance for employment in game and possibly between events. You will also get some money between events apart from what you get through between game actions. The amount of money will depend on the local economy and the type of Job Skills you have. Scrounging 10 CP You have a knack for finding things. At the start of every event you will get something that you found. It may be anything from a bolt of cloth, a handful of coins, a magical item, or sometimes a savage beating. Battle scavenger 15 CP You arent afraid to rummage through the dead to find things that could be useful to you, its not like they were going to use it. You will get 5 tags per event per time purchased that you can use to collect materials from the dead. You can choose what you find by searching around the battlefield for 5 minutes after a battle. You can find linen, iron, or wood this way. After you are done just fill in the tags you used with what you found. You can only find basic materials this way.

Medical Skills

Stretcher Bearer 3 CP You are skilled in carrying people off the battlefield. You can carry people at a normal pace as far as you need to get them to a surgeon. You may also "Animate Wounded by Gesture" to symbolize picking them up and carrying them. First Aid 7 CP This skill allows a player to role-play bandaging a player for 1 minute and state Heal One. First Aid II 10 CP Pre-Requisite: First Aid 1 Spirit This skill allows you to role-play bandaging for 1 minute and state either Heal to Half or "Purge Maim." Diagnose 10 CP Diagnose allows a player to find out what the status is for a down player. They may ask either of the following: Diagnose: What is your condition? Stable, Unstable, Critical, or Dead Diagnose: How much time do you have left before changing condition? Diagnose: What kind of wounds are your suffering from? Surgery (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Pre-Requisite: First Aid, Diagnose Surgery allows a person to attempt to revive a person who has gone critical or restore a severed limb by role playing for 3 minutes. The character gets one draw per level of Surgery purchased. A player may also spend an extra 60 seconds to make sure to take extra care and to do an exceptional job in order to remove one

black marble from the pouch. A player may also spend 60 seconds less time, removing one white marble from the pouch. Any number of white marbles may be removed by reducing time but only one black marble may be removed by taking extra time. Surgery cannot take place within direct line of sight of battle. It is simply to distracting. A starting surgery kit contains 2 white marbles and 4 black. After spending the amount of time needed to perform surgery, the subject draws from the surgery bag. A white marble indicates success and a black marble indicates failure, a surgeon only needs a single white marble to succeed. If surgery fails then the Surgery skill cannot revive the person, if the target was not critical before they become critical. Any surgeon can spend 120 seconds to repair a severed limb. Surgery has many other uses as well, such as extracting parasites or foreign objects from within a body. 120 Seconds to Repair a Severed Limb 3 Minutes to perform Surgery May Perform Surgery on someone who is alive to deliver the Full Heal effect. If surgery fails they fall to Critical and surgery may be attempted to revive them.

Field Surgery 20 CP Pre-Requisite: Surgery II, First Aid II 2 Spirit Field surgery allows a skilled surgeon to attempt to bandage someone quickly on the field to try and get them back into the fight. The field surgeon can go up to an unstable or wounded person, spend 30 seconds role-playing tending to their wounds and then have them draw from a surgery bag. If they draw a white marble, the surgeon may deliver the "Heal by Physical" effect, if they draw the black marble the surgeon may deliver the "Heal Half by Physical." If the surgeon is interrupted, they must start their 30 count again. "Renaldo, tend to Brock. If I didn't know any better I think he just took a ship anchor to the head four or five times..." Louis yelled off as he ran a pirate through and threw him off the deck. Renaldo walked up to their boatswain and started tending to his head, "Worry not Captain, tis just a minor scratch... somehow... I will have the Brock ready in no time." Within moments, Brock was back on his feet with a couple stitches, albeit a couple more stabs to chest from Renaldo using him as a shield. Brock's fist started flying, and Renaldo moved onto Bario who was currently unconscious on the deck. Renaldo looked at his bag, he didn't have anything on hand for a fast treatment. Looking back and forth between his scalpel, a handful of gems, and some bandages... he looked over at Bario and shouted out, "SCIENCE!" And shot Bario with his loaded spellgun, fully healing him.

Master Surgeon 25 CP Pre-Requisite: Surgery III You have reached a level of professional surgery where you can supervise other surgeons and those with first aid with great effect. If you spend 15 seconds going over treatment with another Surgeon, you may grant that surgeon one additional draw due to your expert advise. If you spend 15 seconds with someone who has First Aid, you can allow them to freeze the count for as long as they remain working on someone who is critical and reduce the time required for surgery by the amount of time they are stabilizing them up to 3 minutes. If you have the Reconstruction skill, you may pass on your expertise with Undead to those you instruct by spending 15 seconds describing treatment. Physician 15 CP A physician can administer cures that they have learned to attempt to treat an affliction. They may also find the symptoms of the affliction. Reconstruction 10 CP Pre-Requisite: First Aid You are particularly skilled at putting things that are broken or rotting back together. Specifically you are skilled in dealing with the undead, such as the FateTouched but other forms of the undead as well. When delivering Heal or Revive effects through Medical skills such as First Aid or Faith Restoration, you may deliver them to Undead. Such as "Heal 1 to Undead" or "Revive Undead." "Tuna, this is fascinating, it appears that someone ripped out your lung. I can put you back together again but it will take me a little while. Speaking of which, do you need this?" Renaldo holds up a bone that obviously should go somewhere. "Fascinating. Would you mind if I were to poke around to see what else was punctured or missing??" Tuna with a distressed look on his face joked back, "Renaldo, I can't die, I still feel the pain! Now stop poking around and focus!"

Faith Skills

Faith 12 CP + 3 CP Progressive You are a rather devout and true follower of a god/goddess. You may choose one of the gods in the chapter on faith. You will get 3 Karma per level of Faith you take per event. At the beginning of your first event you will receive a packet detailing information that you as a follower would know, including proper prayer techniques. Faith Healing (I,II,III) 10\15\20 CP Pre-Requisite: Faith II You have taken a different path of healing. Rather than physically digging into a person and sewing them up, you have the faith to call upon the aid of your god to heal the ill. You gain one draw for each time purchased. You can also spend an additional 60 seconds in prayer to remove a black marble from the bag. Only one black marble can be removed in this way. By praying for 3 minutes you can attempt to heal a person who has gone critical. After 120 seconds you can heal a severed limb. This skill can be used within the line of sight of combat but it doesnt work on anyone without a soul. Followers of the same god will get an additional draw because they to have the favor or your god/goddess. A starting faith healing kit contains 2 white marbles and 4 black. The effect call when successful is "Revive

by Faith." Faith Healing Circle 25 CP Pre-Requisite: Faith Healing III A Faith Healer can lead a group in prayer in an effort to bestow the "Revive by Faith" effect to someone who is critical with substantially greater chances of success. For each person of Faith who joins in the circle your chances increase by removing a black marble. Thus if 4 people join you in the circle, success is guaranteed. However, this comes at a cost that the prayer must last at LEAST 3 uninterrupted minutes, so you may not remove white marbles to decrease the time. You may do this once per refresh per purchase as it is very tiring on the Faith Healer leading the circle. Faith Restoration 20 CP Pre-Requisite: Faith Healing III 2 Spirit OR 1 Karma Faith Restoration allows a skilled faith healer to attempt to call upon their god in times of great need quickly on the field to try and get them back into the fight. The miracle healer can go up to an unstable or wounded person, spend 30 seconds roleplaying tending to their wounds and then have them draw from their faith healing bag. If they draw a white marble, the faith healer may deliver the "Heal by Faith" effect, if they draw the black marble the surgeon may deliver the "Heal Half by Faith." If the faith healer is interrupted, they must start their 30 count again.

Chapter Five: Magic

Almost all of the fields of magic will give 3 spells per level. These spells will be chosen at random and assigned to your character to keep a certain level of awe and wonder at what other spells might be out there. You will receive 3 spell templates for each level in a particular magic you take. This also applies for Elementalism. Spells can be delivered by several different techniques. Packet, Gesture, Name, and Ward. Packet spells can be in one of three types. Packet A single packet is thrown. Mass Packet A handful of packets are thrown. A person can only be affected by a mass packet once. So if someone casts a spell that deals 1 fire and throws a mass packet, someone who is hit with six packets still only takes 1 damage. Storm A caster can plant their feet and throw as many single packets as they want until they take damage, move their feet, are incapacitated, or use another skill or spell. Gesture Point at the target and give out an identifying phrase, You in the red hat. And then rattle off the effect. Name This type of spell only works if you have the persons name. Someone with an alias is immune to this type of spell. Spellgun/bow These spells may only be delivered through a spellgun. Ward This type of spell is delivered by some sort of ward or sigil. Starting Spells: For each level of a school of magic, including elementalism and fate spinning, the player will choose 1 of the spells for that level from the sample spells provided. The other two will be assigned at random when you purchase the level.

Magic Skills

Alchemy (I,II,III) Varied Spirit 15\20\25 CP Alchemy is the art of making things from other things. Based on the theory of equivalent exchange- alchemists have studied this like a science, honing their abilities for years. Throughout the years many types of materials have become hard to find. It was the alchemists that have been able to turn this around. There are a good amount of materials that can be made from one item into another. Through this art, alchemists have been able to create many effects, like turning ones skin to stone for a time, repairing weapons, or even creating elemental bolts. All alchemists can have a pair of gloves or draw a sigil on each hand to create a bolt of an element for ease during battle. You will get 3 templates per level of Alchemy you take. "Captain, just give me a little more time and we can get out of here," Per yelled back as the rest of the crew fought off some abominations from deep within the earth. Per was frantically drawing in his notebook, cursing every time he made a mistake, his spell guns lay spent on the ground. "Per! I think you may want to be a bit more hasty!" Tuna screamed as he was halfway inside one of the creatures jaws. Brock was busy holding a more humanoid

one down while Renaldo looked around inside of it for something. Suddenly, he finished the sigil in his book. He never thought he'd use that one, so it wasn't prepared still, now it was. "Alright, Captain ready whenever you are." "Now!" The group ran through a door, and as they passed Per slapped the paper onto the ground and focused for a moment. Taking a couple steps back, the creatures ran through the door and instantly fell unconscious upon entering it. Per dusted off his hands, "You really shouldn't sleep on the job, Renaldo I believe it is your turn now." Sample Alchemy Spells: Alchemy I Name: Air Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 1 Lightning packet Name: Body Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Heal 1 by Magic packet

Alchemy II Name: Light II Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Fear by Light to Undead packet Name: Magnetic Circle Spirit Cost: 5 Effect: Allows you to call "Disarm by Magic" to anyone who enters the sigil for the period of one battle, or 15 minutes, whichever is shorter. Name: Repair Item Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Purge Shatter

Alchemy III Name: Spirit III Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Revive M'Pryael by Magic Name: Alchemy Crafting I Spirit Cost: CP of Item Effect: Reduces CP for Item Crafting by 1. You may use this to help other people craft

Name: Reconstruction Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Heal Half to Construct by Touch

Name: Water III Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Bladeturn Trip by Ice

Spiritualist Magic Varied Spirit 35 CP Pre-Requisite: Second Sight This type of magic is derived from the deals that a person has made with spirits. Because of its source many people view this type of magic as unorthodox and some even consider it wrong or evil to exploit a spirit for power. Others however view it as a great honor to the spirits. This type of magic may be slower for advancement because you must find new spirits to make deals with, though in general spirits are attracted to spiritualists. A warning to all those following this path, spirits cannot be harmed by any normal means but some can be quite finicky while others enjoy the thrill of combat even if they cannot be harmed. Beware of the deals you make for many spirits may have conditions that conflict with one another and regaining a spirits trust when a pact has been broken is by no means easy. When starting with this skill you automatically start with a permanent pact with the spirit of your region. These powers and spells will stay with you so long as you keep true to the pact. Each event you may make a pact with the spirit of 1 person and 1 animal. The animal spirits usually reside within totems or statues that one must find. These totems move about as the will of their spirit may want, and may or may not be there from one moon to the next. They often resemble the animal spirit that resides within, but this is not always the case. The spirits of people will often find you, though the trade-off is that a pact with a person's spirit often requires more of the Spiritualist involved.

A pact remains for the duration of 1 event, and it's subsequent BGAs. After this time the pact is nullified to start anew, unless one takes the path to permanency. To make a permanent pact you must spend time between events to please your spirit. After which you will have the option to forgo your pact with that type of spirit for an event in order to stay with the one you spent the BGAs with. How long it will take to make a pact permanent is hard to say. It could be one moon, it could be three. It's at the discretion of the spirit. Once the pact is permanent you may make another pact with a new spirit of that type. Note that creating a deal with a spirit does not cost CP. The following are examples of some of the pacts. Deer - The spirit of a wild deer. Pact: You may never harm a deer, directly or indirectly. Upon harming a deer, this pact will be nullified. 2 Spirit "May the spirit of the Deer let me escape." After saying the incant you may start running, for as long as you run and do not use any abilities, you may call Dodge on anything that strikes you from behind. 1 Spirit You may role-play sniffing the air for 10 seconds, then call "May the spirit of the Deer enhance my nose, Detect Animal by Scent." 1 Spirit "<indicate target> by the spirit of the Deer I am your friend. Calm Deer." 3 Spirit "I instill the spirit of the deer to fill me." You may call "Dodge By Will" on any effect, even one that catches you by surprise. This lasts until used or until you are refreshed. 1 Spirit "I instill the spirit of the Deer to calm to your fears. Area Effect Calm Deer." Pequal - A spirit whose nature is to protect and shield from magic. Pact: You must kill a mage once per moon. 2 Spirit "Pequal's spirit shields me from magic!" You may call Resist on any single effect delivered by packet or spellgun. This lasts until used or until you are refreshed. 1 Spirit "By Pequal's spirit I drain you of energy!" One Drain 1 Spirit packet. 0 Spirit "Pequal gives me insight into your strength." You may Detect Health on a target by Touch. 0 Spirit "Pequal gives me insight into your spirit." You may Detect Spirit on a target by Touch. 3 Spirit "By the might of Pequal I grant myself a protection from spells." As long as your feet remain stationary, you may call "Resist by Pequal" on any spell effects. Physical effects still affect you normally. You may use other skills while you under this protection, but the spell is broken once you take a step so be careful of your facing. The Spirit of Your Home Region. Condition: Varies on Region. Ranges from keeping a secret to visiting your homeland once per moon. Regional spirits are restricted to their regions, so traveling to them

generally requires sailors or geomancers. Some regions are more friendly to outsiders than others, as such there are some regions where forging a pact may be very difficult if you are not of that home region. The powers granted by the region generally reflect the history of that region. Wild Magics (I,II,III) Varied Spirit 15\20\25 CP The art of the wild magics is foreign to most folk. It is a very raw form of magic. The spells tend to have varied effects each time they are cast. Reasons for this vary but most believe it is simply because they are the closest anyone will ever come to true and natural magic. It is said that many odd and powerful effects can be created with wild magics, though many people see it as primitive compared to the art of Alchemy. Wild Magics work slightly different from the others. When you take this skill you will receive marbles of different colors. When you receive the Refresh or Renew effect you must draw from the bag. These marbles will determine what type of damage your spells will do until you receive another Refresh or Renew. Casting is normal though and the spell backlash only occurs when you are casting through Chaos, the Black marble. Note, that you may ONLY draw once you have either refreshed or received the Renew effect, thus if you are unhappy with your draw you must wait 15 minutes or receive a Renew effect. Restore does not initiate a new draw. The effect of the draw is determined by the color of the marble as shown below: Color Red Blue Brown Yellow Cats Eye Green White Black Effect Effect Delivered By Fire Effect Delivered By Water Effect Delivered By Earth Effect Delivered By Lightning Effect Delivered By Will Effect Delivered By Poison Effect Delivered By Fear Effect Delivered By Chaos, Caster suffers Backlash after casting

Sample Wild Magic Spells: Wild Magic I

Name: Chilling Touch Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Maim <Limb> by <Element> Backlash: Maim <Limb> by <Element> to Self Incant: "Nature's force grabs your (indicate limb) to wrench it. " Name: Wild Blast Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 1 <Element> packet Backlash: 1 <Element> to self Incant: "By the might of nature. "

Wild Magic II
Name: Agonizing Gesture Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Pain by <Element> by Gesture Backlash: Knockout by Pain Incant: "(indicate target) magical force wracks your body. " Name: Brambles Spirit Cost: 4 Effect: You may throw up to 3 Trap by <Element> Packets Backlash: Trap and Bind by <Element> to self Incant: "I channel ambient magic to hold my foes. "

Wild Magic III

Name: Devil's Glare Spirit Cost: 5 Effect: Repel by <Element> storm Backlash: Paralyze by Fear Incant: "I channel the fear of nature's horrors. "

Name: Cure Ailments Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Heal by <Element> Backlash: Lethal by <Element> to Self Incant: "Nature's force purges you of wounds. "

Name: Entangling Roots Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Trap by <Element> Backlash: Trap Self by <Element> Incant: "The force of nature holds you. "

Name: Eldritch Shield Spirit Cost: 0 Effect: Shield V. <Element> Backlash: 2 Damage by Magic to self Incant: "I channel nature's power to form a shield. "

Name: Quadriplegic's Cry Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Maim all limbs by <Element> Backlash: Maim all limbs by <Element> to self Incant: "(indicate target) I transform chaotic forces around you into a wave of blades. "

Enchanting 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Any School of Magic 2 Spirit Enchanting is the art of channeling a spell through a melee or thrown weapon. You can cast any spell through your weapon to deliver it that way instead of by a packet, by touch, or by gesture. An enchanter can also spend 2 Spirit when the spell is released from the weapon to make it a magestrike. To make proper use of this ability you must have a weapon of quality (IE: A tagged weapon). A poorly made weapon simply can't handle the flow of magic to be channeled with. It is also possible to store spells within weapons and items, though these items need to be specially made for such a purpose (they need to be specially tagged as such). Dabbling (I,II,III) 5/10/15 CP Varied Spirit Dabbling has only recently been classified as a branch of magic. Dabbling is unique in that there are as of yet no discovered universal laws governing how it works or what it can do. Through the art of combining magics with other material components and experiments dabblers can attempt to make whatever they want. Through trial and error dabbles can be fine tuned to perfection. After the same experiment has produced the same effect 3 times you will learn the effect as a spell. You will get 1 dabble per event for each level of Dabbling you take. Second Sight 15 CP You have been born with or through your own means developed the gift of the second sight. You can see all things ethereal. You can read Second Sight tags and determine other things about the ethereal world. You can also see spirits clearly.


By Purchasing any of the skills below, you detect as an Elementalist. Elementalism is more than just the study of the elements, it is the practice of unleashing and controlling the raw power within each element. In the world there are six elements that consist of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Light, and Shadow. The elements themselves each have two aspects, one of Order and one of Chaos. Through Order one learns precise control of the element, this effects elements differently since some elements need precision to be powerful, while others are dangerous unless they are properly controlled. Chaos generally represents the raw element itself without controls or limits. There are elements that lean toward Chaos and Order naturally. The elements that have a natural leaning toward Chaos are Fire, Water and Light, while the elements that have a natural leaning toward Order are Earth, Air, and Shadow. Elementalism has one severe weakness, the simple spells are entirely within anyone's range of power. The more powerful spells though have a tendency to be either incredibly difficult to control or require so much energy that

normal elementalists are incapable of casting them. To get around this, a group of elementalists and engineers developed a new means of casting using a focus device that the elementalist could channel through. Initially started with modified crossbows, these "Spellbows" were incredibly popular as they allowed for two things: First, they let an elementalist cast substantially more powerful spells that would have normally been impossible to cast. A second unintended effect was that it allowed a mage to cast a spell in preparation. To cast a spell that would root a foe before you actually want to root them. This also allowed a mage to cast a spell into the bow, then hand off the bow to a person trained to use the Spellbow. The Spellbow was primarily used only for a short period of time though before another and more efficient device was created. Spellguns were objects that actually allowed multiple spells to be stored in them at a given time, in addition to allowing an elementalist to spend time crafting small balls of energy that contained specific spells. These balls of energy, could then be used by people who were not elementalists. Spellguns, and Spellbows, are found throughout the world now and regularly used by elementalists. Fire The school of fire is one of what is considered the simpler schools. This is not because it is simple to learn, but because for the most part it is straightforward and easier to grasp than many of the other elements. Fire has two aspects, though as a whole it is difficult to tell them apart. Fire by its very nature is very chaotic and difficult to control, still there are many who have learned to apply Order to it. As with all elements the first step is to learn the basics of the element, to allow you enough control over it so you can direct its chaotic nature. This first step has no leaning towards chaos or order, but is necessary to learn anything beyond that. Once the basics of Fire are learned, you can then start moving to its base aspects. Order in terms of Fire, is about controlling and fine tuning the element in order to burn only what you want to burn. It allows for precision, but in order to get that precision you generally need to tone down your power. Within Chaos, Fire shows its power. For the most part, is burning the target without regard for what gets burned. The most offensive of elements, in its chaos aspect it can be used for little else. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with. Fire (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Lesser Flame Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 1 Fire packet Incant: "I call forth a lesser flame." Name: Boil Blood Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: 1 Fire and Purify by Touch Incant: "With flame I cleanse your blood." Name: Fire shield Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: You may Resist by Fire against any By Fire effect Incant: "Fire shields me!" Call incant AFTER resist.

Fire (Order) 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Fire (Apprentice)

Name: Cauterize Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Stabilize by Fire Incant: "With the order of flame I sear your wounds." Name: Heat Weapon Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Disarm by Fire by Spellgun Incant: "With flame I heat your weapon." Name: Flame's Curse Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Doom by Fire by Gesture Incant: "<indicate target> by Fire I cause your blood to boil."

Fire (Chaos) 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Fire (Apprentice)

Name: Flame's Might Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 2 Fire packet Incant: "By the might of flame!" Name: Incinerate Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: 5 Fire packet Incant: "By the rage of flame!" Name: Engulf Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Area Effect 1 Fire Incant: "May flame engulf the area!"

Air In the school of air, one learns of more than just wind but of the storm that the winds carry. It is in the Chaos aspect of air that this element starts almost blending with the chaos aspect of water. The aspects of air are much more clearly defined and show the largest difference than any of the other elemental aspects. Order is the basis of air, the currents while ever changing follow rules and never do anything without reason. The ability to predict where things are going, where the wind and air will travel to is the basis for this school of elementalism. By controlling the air and the clouds that it carries, an elementalist can do a great many of things. Air is one of the most common elements in the worlds for an elementalist to practice, when sailing is such a common means of transportation, having control of the wind that powers your sails is a great asset. Chaos though shows itself in air as sparks and electricity. A powerful means to an end, electricity is incredibly chaotic and hard to properly control, it is though still much easier to control than fire. Lightning follows its own rules, it is attracted to metal and seeks out the ground for example. Using these rules, those who practice this aspect of Air can still do great things and with a good deal of versatility. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with. Air (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Thunder Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Awaken by Touch. Incant: "With the sound of thunder! <caster must then clap their hands>" Name: Wind's Shield Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Grant a Shield versus Thrown and Missile Weapons by Touch. Incant: "I summon winds to grant a Shield versus Thrown and Missile Weapons." Name: Steal Breath Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Stun by Air packet Incant: "I pull the air from your lungs."

Air (Order) 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Air (Apprentice)

Name: Wind's Protection Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Grants a Return Repel by Air to the caster. Incant: "I summon winds to protect me from my foes." Name: Cyclone Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Bind by Air packet Incant: "I summon a cyclone to restrain you." Name: Levitate Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Chasmwalk. Incant: "I summon forth wind to stop my fall."

Air (Chaos) 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Air (Apprentice)

Name: Arc Name: Power the Body Spirit Cost: 1 Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Disarm by Lightning packet Effect: Stabilize by Lightning by Incant: "I create an arc of Touch lightning to your weapon." Incant: "With the strength of lightning, I stop your death." Name: Sunder Earth Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Purge Earth by Lightning by Touch Incant: "With lightning I burn away earth."

Water The school of water is one of change and unstoppable force. There are many schools of thought concerning this element, as few elementalists denounce the power of water to overcome nearly any obstacle put forward. The weakness of water comes from its reputation. The power to control the vast quantities of water in the world, undrinkable or otherwise is seen as often too much power for a single person to have. The true fear people have of the elementalist who knows how to control this element is well founded. This is the element of life, nearly every being in the world is comprised primarily of this element. The Order aspect of water is seen as slightly less terrifying, as when Order is applied to this element it becomes ice. Even in this form though, ice can do a great many things. It is nearly damaging as fire and substantially more versatile. The elementalist learns to freeze your blood to stop you in your tracks or to completely numb a limb in order to make useless. It is in Chaos that water shows its true danger though. The ability to draw water from a being is considered one of the most nefarious ways to kill someone, and in some areas is considered illegal. The means by which an elementalist draws water from its target is from the blood, literally drying the victims blood while it remains in their veins. It is not entirely accurate, but it is the closest one can imagine it to be. Water though is one of more versatile elements and still, despite this reputation as one of the most dangerous elements, it is widely practiced and often used as a secondary element. It is warned that the drawing of life through water is known to be very addictive, and those practicing this element are warned against it. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with. Water (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Cold Blood Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Purge Frenzy by Ice packet Incant: "I cool the blood in your veins." Name: Gasping Breath Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Stun by Water packet Incant: "With water I choke you." Name: Cold Breeze Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Target must shiver for 5 minutes. Incant: "<Identify Target> I chill your spine and compel you to shiver for 5 minutes."

Water (Order) 15 CP Requires Water (Apprentice)

Name: Freeze Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Paralyze by Ice by Spellgun Incant: "I freeze the water in your blood." Name: Frost Bite Name: Extinguish Spirit Cost: 2 Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Maim by Ice by Spellgun Effect: Purge Fire by Water by Incant: "With the strength of ice, I Touch freeze your <indicate limb>." Incant: "With water I extinguish fire."

Water (Chaos) 15 CP Requires Water (Apprentice)

Name: Rust Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Shatter by Water by Spellgun Incant: "With water I tarnish your <indicate weapon, shield, armor>." Name: Drain Water Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Drain 2 Life by Water packet. You gain the Water Drain affliction if you successfully use this spell. Incant: "I drain water from your body." Name: Drown Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Doom by Water by Spellgun. Incant: "I fill your lungs with water."

Earth The strength of this school is the strength of the ground itself, and its work as a foundation. Earth by its nature is Order, and it is only when that aspect is broken up does it create an aspect of Chaos. Earth is a common element to learn of people who find themselves on land or underground more often than on the seas. Indeed, underground the element holds a whole different meaning. The aspect of Order in earth is represented by rock while Chaos shows itself in dirt and sand. Even in chaos, earth still shows predictability and stability. The aspect of order deals with strengthening the ground around you to summon rock but its more well known spells deal with petrification. Earth is one of the least efficient of the elements to manipulate, but it has a lot more versatile stopping power. The chaos aspect of earth deals with giving life to the earth itself. The ability to have dirt reach up and grab their foes, or effectively bury them where they stand. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with. Earth (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Slow Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Slow by Earth packet Incant: "I soften the ground beneath your feet." Name: Encase Item Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Grant 1 item a Resist Shatter. Incant: "I encase this item in rock. Forsooth, I grant this item a Resist Shatter" Name: Transplant Spirit Cost: 0 Effect: You may pick up, and replant a plant component. Incant: "I summon earth to gather around this plant"

Earth (Order) 15 CP Requires Earth (Apprentice)

Name: Stone Armor Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Stoneroot Incant: "I encase myself in stone, stoneroot." Name: Petrify Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Paralyze by Earth by Spellgun Incant: "I transmute your flesh into stone." Name: Stone Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: This creates a 2 Crushing packet that can be held in your hand. You may walk with this packet but using any other special skills or taking any effects breaks this spell. Incant: "I summon a stone into my hand."

Earth (Chaos) 15 CP Requires Earth (Apprentice)

Name: Living Earth Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Root by Earth packet Incant: "I give life to the earth beneath your feet." Name: Lesser Melting Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 2 Acid packet Incant: "I draw upon earth's might" Name: Feed Plants Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Area Effect Calm Plants Incant: "I use the earth to sooth plants." Note: For this battle, you may cast Grow Plants.

Light Light has the reputation of being an element primarily used for the benefit of all. This is not the case, Light is the harnessed power of the sun at its core. Elementalists have long studied this element and what it can do. The two aspects of Light are not so easily distinguished, at its core though it is chaos. This had elementalists and scholars tricked for years, often believing that it was aligned to order because of how the element behaved. The Order aspect of Light deals typically with restoring order to things, removing chaos from the world... or so this appeared. In truth when it was discovered that Undead were creatures of order, it confused many elementalists. As

it turns out, the order aspect of the element of light in fact disrupts order in things that rely on it just as easily as it can restore order to damaged parts of ones body. Light still though has a good reputation, and despite the strange mysteries that surround this element it is clear the element is needed for its opposite, Shadow, to even exist. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with. Light (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Mending Light Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Stabilize by Light by Touch Incant: "I summon the light within you." Name: Lesser Light Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 1 Damage to Undead packet Incant: "Through light I damage your shadow." Name: Illusion Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: You may call out any effect by packet or spellgun provided you miss. If you hit, call No Effect. Incant: "Through Light..." You may use any incant, so long as it starts with "Through Light..."

Light (Order) 15 CP Requires Light (Apprentice)

Name: Destroy Undead Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Doom to Undead by Light by Spellgun Incant: "Through concentrated light I disperse your shadow!" Name: Healing Light Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Heal by Light by Spellgun Incant: "I create a beam of light to heal your wounds." Name: Lesser Beam Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: 2 Light by packet Incant: "I focus a lesser beam of light."

Light (Chaos) 15 CP Requires Light (Apprentice)

Name: Unconditional Care Spirit Cost: 4 Effect: Area Effect Heal 1 by Light Incant: "Through light I bring harmony." Name: Light Shield Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Shield versus Shadow Incant: "I imbue your spirit with light to grant you a Shield versus Shadow" Name: Turn Undead Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Repel Undead by Light by Packet Incant: "With light I drive back the shadow."

Shadow The element of shadow is the power to give life to darkness. By its nature shadow does not exist without both order and without light. Shadow requires the absence of light to exist and order to maintain its shape. Shadow is power of control, all beings and things in this world are but puppets to the element of shadow. We require shadow in order to sleep, in fact we also require it to move and to see. The first rule one learns when studying this, is that Shadow is not in fact darkness, it is the soul being shown through light and cast onto the ground. A person's very soul is their shadow. It is said that the reason the Vree are insane is because they hide from light and thus hide from their shadow. People who do not know any better often consider this to be an evil magic. It animates the dead and binds their souls to this world. To others though, it is the only way to truly comprehend a persons life. The aspects of shadow are in fact sometimes considered two entirely separate schools. The Order aspect of Shadow is often referred to as Necromancy, while the Chaos aspect of the element is often merely referred to as the true school of Shadow. Shadow is the only element that never saw much use out of spellguns, because of that and its link to spirit, those that practice it refer to it as the one true magic. It is not uncommon to find casters of shadow to travel with lanterns and lights to better control and manipulate their own shadows. Below each skill is listed three sample spells, these are not necessarily the spells you will start with.

Shadow (Apprentice) 10 CP
Name: Shadow's Grasp Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Grants your shadow a Root by Shadow. If someone stands in your shadow you may use this effect upon them. Lasts until used, your shadow can only have one effect on it at any time. Incant: "I give life to my shadow." Name: Shadow Heal Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Heal Undead by Shadow to an undead who is standing in your shadow. Incant: "<indicate target> with the power of my shadow, Heal Undead by Shadow." Name: Shadow Anchor Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Slow by Shadow by Packet Incant: "I summon shadows to this anchor."

Shadow (Order) 15 CP Requires Shadow (Apprentice)

Name: Shadow Puppetry Spirit Cost: 4 Effect: Grants your shadow an Enslave Undead by Shadow. If someone stands in your shadow you may use this effect upon them. Lasts until used, your shadow can only have one effect on it at any time. Incant: "With my shadow, I animate you." Name: Shadow String Spirit Cost: 1 Effect: Disarm by Shadow packet. Incant: "By the power of shadow, I force your hand open." Name: Control The Unmoving Spirit Cost: 0 Effect: Animate Wounded by Gesture, may be used from any distance Incant: "<indicate target> your shadow is my puppet."

Shadow (Chaos) 15 CP Requires Shadow (Apprentice)

Name: Freeze Shadow Spirit Cost: 3 Effect: Grants your shadow a Paralyze by Shadow. If someone stands in your shadow you may use this effect upon them. Lasts until used, your shadow can only have one effect on it at any time. Incant: "With my shadow I hold you in place." Name: Fear Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Fear by Shadow packet. Incant: "Look to the shadows and see fear." Name: Restore Spirit Spirit Cost: 2 Effect: Revive M'Pryael by Shadow by Touch. Incant: "With shadow I mend your spirit."

Fate Spinner Skills

Fate Spinners are the readers of the world, they see the web of fate lines and can read them with proper study to determine various things about people. The practice of Fate Spinning was first seen in the nation of Forleste, the founder of Forleste was a Fate Spinner herself and since then the people of Forleste have been blessed with this gift. They are not the only nation with Fate Spinners though, the blood of the Fate Spinner has traversed many nations. This is a strange magic, in that it isn't a form of magic at all. The power to see these lines is passed through the blood, though seeing the lines is useless without the proper training. Fate Spinners start off using cards, sticks, tea leaves, smokes, bones or other foci to read the lines, with them they can observe the whole web of the world and do so with relative safety. It is easy for a Fate Spinner to become overwhelmed by the web, so many make sure to focus their efforts so that they may actually get something understandable. The name Fate Spinner comes not from the basic skills of reading, but rather the true power that comes with being able to read fate: the ability to weave the web themselves. In time they learn how to control fate, to cause things to happen by twisting and stretching strands, by cutting them outright and creating new ones. By weaving a strand in such a way to curse or bless a person's fate. Fate Spinners are

often looked upon with fear, though there are not very many Fate Spinners who have this level of power, and there are even fewer who can use this power without severe consequences. A warning to Fate Spinners, be cautious when reading the lines of a geomancer. Geomancers generally have so many connections to the world around them, that it is blinding and painful to read from one. Detection (I,II,III) 5\15\25 CP One of the most basic of Fate Spinner abilities is to read fate lines that are right in front of them. To start, only the simplest clearest lines can be read but as the Fate Spinner becomes more proficient at reading these lines they start to be able to learn more and more. Each rank of Detection opens up their possibilities of what they can see. To use a detection a Fate Spinner need only study their target while walking a complete circle around them. Once the circle has been complete, the fate spinner can use any of their detection abilities for every 10 seconds as long as they remain focused on their target. Using any other abilities, taking any effect, or having your attention drawn to someone else breaks the effect and you must complete another circle in order to focus upon their fate lines. This includes backlashes from detecting things however you can continue in normal conversation with your target. You will receive 1 detection per rank, others may be learned in game. Sample detection abilities are shown below and are not necessarily ones you will receive.

As Captain de la Montaa questioned Hastor Gency's reason for being so deep underground, Brock and Bario walked back and forth attempting to intimidate the cursed mentalist into giving something away. "Look Gency, we just need some information. Why are you here?" "I am here to lead you to the land of make believe! To bring you to..." "Captain, he isa dead," Bario suddenly blurted out. Gency looked astonished, "What? I am not dead, I assure you I am alive." "He isa dead Captain. He is nota fate touched, he's a pretending to bea one. He guards this place." The Captain gave a smile, "Well then it looks like you may be able to help us out. We free you, and you lead us to where we want to go?" Detection I Detection II Detection III Name: Detect Insane Name: Detect Lies Restriction: After completing the circle, you may Detect Lies at will until you use any other skill or detection, Note that those with the Deception skill do not need to be truthful when responding to this. Name: Detect Courage

Name: Detect Fate Spinner Name: Detect Homunculi Name: Detect Geomancer Backlash: If the target detects as a geomancer, you suffer the Pain by Geomancy effect. Name: Detect Curse Backlash: If the target detects as having a curse, you suffer the Torment by Fate effect.

Name: Detect Living

Name: Detect Spiritualist

Examine Fate Lines 5/10/15 CP Pre-Requisite: Detection II and Divination You have the ability to try and examine the fate lines around someone in order to decipher some information. Upon purchasing the skill, you may spend 60 seconds studying a person while walking three complete circles around them and in a low voice say, "I examine your fate lines." The information will often not always come immediately, but your inquiry will make its way through the web of fate to you. Each purchase after the first reduces the required time to study by 30 seconds, and reduces the number of circles you must walk around your target by one. Divination 12 CP + 3 CP Progression Pre-Requisite: Fate Spinner Gift A fate spinner may examine the world around them to see things others cannot. Purchasing this skill gives you 3 Divination uses per game, and 3 Divinations per BGA. Each successive purchase gives you 3 more Divination uses per game and 1 more Divination per BGA. Item Reading 10 CP Pre-Requisite: Divination A fate spinner may examine an item to get more information about who owned it, its owner, its history, or other questions that may be answered by reading the lines connected to the item. Requires 1 Divination use. Fate Reading 20 CP Pre-Requisite: Divination Allows a fate spinner to carefully read the lines to learn about anyone they are connected to. The fate spinner can only read people they have personally met. Requires 1 Divination use. Precognition 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Divination Allows a fate spinner to read the lines of the entire area. This can take several minutes and a good deal of walking around. They will receive a portent about things to come. Requires 1 Divination use. Postcognition 15 CP Pre-Requisite: Divination Allows a fate spinner to read the lines of the entire area. This can take several minutes and a good deal of walking around. This can be used to learn about the history of an area. Requires 1 Divination use.

Geomancer Skills

To many Geomancy is the magic of the ways. In truth, it is the magic of the world itself. Geomancers channel nature itself into their magic, drawing from their environment to cast their spells. To open a way for example, a Geomancer draws upon the energy of a gateway. To hurl a ball of fire they must draw upon embers or flame itself, and to draw upon the power of the earth they need to be standing on dirt. The most powerful of Geomancers can draw upon almost anything for their magics. Their "magic" starts to become more of an ability then a school of the arcane. The more advanced Geomancers can form their own paths and even draw energy from the ways themselves. If you purchase 30 pts worth of Geomancer Skills you become a "Geomancer" and detect as such.

Gateway 15 CP You have the ability to draw on the energy of a gateway. While standing within a door or gateway, you may spread out your arms and legs so that your body creates an "X" and call, "I call forth the power of the gateway to open a path that we may traverse." This opens a way, so that the geomancer can guide people to a destination that is too far away to reach by normal means. The safer paths only allow 2 people to travel per geomancer, if you take more then that you risk running into trouble on the way there. This does not include the geomancer himself, nor does it always guarantee safety except on the most common of paths to and from cities. Nicolas Monta held his arms up, "I hope you boys are ready. This is going to be tough. Normally I could just bring you back to your ship, but you are in no ordinary place. You are in Lionsdale, and there are protections that only I can bypass. Your best off closing your eyes for this." Tuna looked a bit curious, "What happens if we open them? I mean, we are just using geomancy right?" "We are using Geomancy. This way though is a bit different, its because of the door I am drawing upon... just don't open your eyes," Monta looked at them with a stern expression on his face. "So what, we'll open ourselves up to possession or some kind of magic or become lost?" Monta gave a wry smile, "No, no, nothing like that. You'll just die." Tree 10 CP You have the ability to draw energy from trees. While standing next to a tree place both hands on the tree and call out, "<indicate target> I call upon the power of the tree to extend its roots to trap my foes. Root by Physical by Gesture." This ability costs 2 Spirit. Earth 10 CP You have the ability to draw energy from the earth. If you are standing on bare dirt, you may place both your hands on the bare dirt and call "<indicate target> I summon forth the power of earth to swallow and crush my foes. 2 Earth by Gesture." This ability costs 1 Spirit. You may not clear an area to make bare dirt, the dirt has to be naturally bare. Rock 10 CP You have the ability to draw energy from rocks. If you are standing near rocks, you may place both hands on the stone and call "I call forth the power of stone to shield and protect me. Stoneroot." This ability uses 2 Spirit. Leaves 10 CP You can pull energy from the leaves you are standing on. If you are standing on leaves, you may place both hands on the ground covered in leaves and call "<indicate target> I call forth the power of the leaf to pull the footing from under you, Trip by Gesture." This ability costs 1 Spirit. Fire 10 CP If you are near a fire pit or some natural light source(one you cannot carry around with you, though a light source carried or placed by a Lachesis works fine), you may place your hands near or over it and call, "<indicate target> I draw from the power of flame to burn and torment. Torment and 2 damage by Fire by Gesture." This

ability costs 1 Spirit.

Chapter Six: Religion

Disclaimer These religions are fake. We made them up. They are not intended to represent or depict real life religions, nor do they imply any mockery of them. This game firmly upholds and respect peoples right to their beliefs. Mockery or insults of peoples real life religion will not be tolerated. With that said we also want to ask that you not participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable. On The Gods The gods are neither Omniscient or Omnipresent. They do not know everything that happens and they are not everywhere at once. Also, They are not all powerful, only vastly powerful. You can lead a perfectly happy life without following any of the gods. When you choose to follow a god you must choose a specific god and one pantheon. Your choice of a pantheon will be either The True Pantheon or the pantheon that your god is listed under. The worship of gods does have some affect on resurrection, though what effect that is depends on which god you follow and how you died. Divine Blessings Anyone who takes the faith skill can use any of the following blessings. Other blessings may exist and must be learned in game. Item Blessing Item Blessing consists of calling upon your god to bless a weapon for a particular battle. This requires the use of 1 or more points of Karma. The blessing should end with I bless this weapon in the name of <Deity>. The person swinging the weapon should then call Blessed <Name of Deity>. Blessing a weapon is only effective in certain situations and against certain creatures. Last Rites This blessing is used for the dead. It is used in hopes that the gods will show favor upon them and send them back. The player may role-play this blessing in whatever way they choose. To perform this blessing the player must use 1 or more points of Karma. The Karma tags should be given to the fallen. This blessing must be bestowed upon the dead before they rise as a shade. The Pantheon The Pantheon was created by those inhabiting the world to honor all of the gods. However, over the years even the Pantheon has been struck by division. The Pantheon split into five groups. The Pantheon of Malocchio, The Church of Harmony, The Pantheon of Pandemonium, The Orthodox Church of Light, and The True Pantheon. The True Pantheon The True Pantheon accepts all of the gods to be true and good. They also believe that all of the gods are necessary to the habitation of the world. There is also rumor that there is a secretive group of monks in the True Pantheon that believe in something older than the gods themselves, but this is only rumor and no credible proof of this order exists has been found.

The Orthodox Church of Light NIMA: Goddess of the Homestead, Family, Hospitality, Healing, Peace, Love, Nature, and Selflessness. Nima is a loving goddess. She is said to have created the arts of healing and the very essence of the trees, water, and earth. Nima is the protector of the home and the family. She is said to rebuke those who leave their families to pursue selfish ideals. Nima is often referred to as the mother goddess because she is thought to have brought the Tuatha into the world. Many wild Tuatha follow her for this reason, they believe that they are her chosen people. Nima is believed to have only one child herself. Nimas holy symbol is a tree. Sins Failing to protect your home. Causing harm to others. Any act of selfishness. Mortal Sins Murder Failing to give/help to those in need. Abilities Nima's Grace Once per battle you may purge a sever or maim. This only works on other people.

Nima's Touch For 2 karma you may heal half. This only works on other people. Nima's Rebuke For 3 Karma you may ward a doorway to Repel anyone who enters

RANGI: Goddess of Magic, Divination, Humor, Knowledge, History, and Warfare. Rangi is known as the eternal child. She is believed to be the child of Nima and Ishen. Rangi enjoys the still moments before a battle. She is also quite fond of harmless jokes. It is said that if there is a fog on the morning before a large battle then Rangi has been out pacing the battlefield. Rangi often uses fireflies as her messengers. It is considered a very good omen to see one. She is also the goddess of knowledge and history. Through her knowledge of the past she can also predict the future. Rangis holy symbol is a book or a firefly. Sins Killing a firefly. Playing malicious jokes or pranks. Mortal Sins Destroying or passively allowing knowledge to be destroyed. Abilities Rangi's insight

Once per refresh you may read any one tag.

Rangi's For 2 Karma you may summon a firefly to carry a message. Messanger For 4 Karma you can fix a damaged book or make a copy of any one Rangi's document (Not book). To use this simply come to ops with the Knowledge document/book and Karma.

WATORI: God of Law, Judgment, Fate, Government, Commerce, and Peace. Watori is the interpreter of law and the keeper of fate. Watori is often looked to for those who wish a good life and a good place in the afterlife. When those who dont follow any of the gods die, it is said that they are judged solely by Watori. There are sects of believers of Watori who even believe that when the followers of other gods die Watori is there to help with the judgment. When Watori judges he opens the book of deeds and peers into it to decide if a person is worthy of being sent back or where they are destined to go when they die. He is also looked to by those who are in want of wealth and those seeking political prowess. Watoris holy symbol is the judges gavel. Sins Causing Unrest among people. Stealing money or other goods. Mortal sins Rebelling against the government. Abilities Watori's Order Watori's Judgement Watori's Prison Once Per Refresh you may throw a packet and call "Calm by Order by Law." For 2 Karma you may call "<Indicate Target> Slay Oathbreaker by voice" For 2 Karma you may call "<Indicate Target> Paralyze Thief by Law."

The Pantheon of Malocchio HET LOT: The one-eyed God of Death, the Afterlife, Fate, Law, and Judgment. Het Lot likes nothing better than to see a place be invaded and pillaged and then gloat over it horribly. Het Lot is said that he could kill someone just by looking at them with his evil eye. Though he usually keeps it closed so as to not kill his followers and trip over dead bodies. The worshipers of Het Lot tend to be of a more malicious intent than the other gods and thus are not trusted. They do not kill without reason however. It is believed that if one were to kill in cold blood Het Lot will open his eye to gaze upon his wretched soul. It is said that Het Lot's High Priests are the shepherds of the dead for they lead the dead into the afterlife, through a variety of means. Het Lots symbol is a single eye. Sins Failing to aid the dead. Mortal Sins Killing anyone in cold blood. Murder without reason Abilities Het Lot's Once per battle you may deliver 3 damage to undead by packet or weapon. Fist Het Lot's Word For 2 karma you may speak with the dead. You may ask up to three yes or no questions to a deceased body. Not all of the dead will have much to say however.

Het Lot's Visage

For 1 Karma you may Repel undead by packet.

JANESH: God of Destruction, Warfare, Magic, Divination, Crafting, and Humor. Janesh is thought to be the brother of Het Lot. Janesh is the god of destruction and killing. He loves to see the destruction of small towns and villages. He sees the life of the world as nothing more than a game for his amusement. He uses his followers as pawns to do his bidding. Janeshs symbol is a circle with a triangle in it. Sins To refuse to kill at least once per moon. Refusing to perform a task given by a priest. Mortal Sins To fall into pacifism Abilities Janesh's Once per battle you may swing a weapon for "Countdown by Poison." The Plight strike must be a clean strike. If you miss it's wasted. You may spend any amount of Karma, up to 3, to draw Janesh's Janseh's symbol on the ground and as long as you remain within the Ward symbol you are considered to have threshold equal to the number of Karma you spent. Janesh's For 2 Karma you may deliver the "<Indicate target> Shatter <Indicate Finger Target> by Faith" INGANNO: God of Mischief, Trickery, Spying, Espionage, Deceit, and Jealousy. Inganno is primarily a god of trickery and mischief. Some say that he is the brother to Sareth. This may be true but Inganno tends to have a slightly more malicious intent in his tricks. While the both of them use their tricks for fun and entertainment, Inganno finds it all the more amusing if someone gets hurt in the process. Inganno is also the god of jealousy. Some say that he is jealous and performs nastier tricks because he wants the respect of the other gods. Ingannos holy symbol is a dagger. Sins Failing to boast about personal accomplishments. Failing to publicly honor Inganno. Mortal Sins Recognizing other gods above him. Abilities Inganno's One per Refresh you may use the Shadowcloak skill free of cost. Cloak For 1 Karma you may set a simple trap in defense of something of yours Inganno's (IE: A box of goods, or the door to your home, etc...). (This is just a Trickery mouse trap with a string attached, Must be safe and approved by staff.) Inganno's For 2 Karma you may call "torment faithful by voice" Jealousy

The Church of Harmony ZAYN: God of Life, Healing, the Sun, and Humor. Zayn is considered to be a god of life. This is primarily because he is thought to have created the sun through a strict and rigorous process. The surface dwellers have believed that the sun was the source of life for centuries. Many of the followers of Zayn believe that the sun is the ultimate cure for most ailments. Many of his followers tend to be physicians and surgeons, for it is Zayn who healed the world of its greatest ailment, darkness. Zayns holy symbol is the sun. Sins Refusing to heal the injured when asked, if it is within your power to do so. Failing to tell a good joke at least once per day. Mortal Sins To find solace in darkness Abilities Zayn's Light Zayn's Warmth Zayn's Laughter

Once per battle you may use the sunbeam effect by packet. You may use the stabilize effect once per battle. After telling a joke you may say "I compel you to laugh uncontrollably for 5 minutes." This costs 3 Karma

KRIG: God of Warfare, Tactics, Strategy, and Divination. Krig is the god of planned warfare and strategy. It is said that whenever the gods go to war it is Krig who draws up the plans. The primary followers of Krig are generals and other military leaders. Many pray to Krig before battle for divine inspiration on the battle field. Krig is often called the Master Strategist because he has never created a battle plan that has failed against the enemy. This is attributed to the fact that he is also a god of divination. It is said that Krig will look into the future to see the outcome of a battle and from that will craft the plans to change the outcome to his own favor. Followers of Krig believe that if one must die, then it is glorious to die in battle. Krig has his own section of the otherworld where his followers can spend their afterlife enjoying eternal bliss in war. Krigs holy symbol is the compass. Sins To raise or desecrate the dead. To knowingly slay a diviner. Mortal Sins To charge recklessly into battle. Abilities Krig's Endurance Krig's Vision Krig's Might

Once per weekend you may use the battlethirst skill. For 2 Karma you may divine on an upcoming battle, even if you are not a diviner. You may swing 2 damage for 1 karma.

ISHEN: God of Life, Death, the Afterlife, Fate, Law and Judgment. Ishen is often depicted as a jolly man carrying a large club. With this club he takes and gives life. It is said that anyone who is hit with the large end of Ishens club will die immediately. However, those who are touched by Ishen with the small end of his club will have their life given back to them. The followers of Ishen tend to be a good mix of professions ranging from Holy warriors to healers. Ishens Holy Symbol is the Scales of Judgment Sins Passing Judgment on others for that is Ishen's domain alone. Failing to properly honor the dead, or the living. Mortal Sins Attempting to interfere with the strands of fate. Abilities Ishen's Wisdom Ishen's Judgement Ishen's Rule

You may "Detect Fatespinner" at will. For 3 Karma you may do "<Indicate Target> 3 damage to fatespinner by gesture." For 1 Karma you may throw a pain packet.

The Pantheon of Pandemonium DEMODARA: Goddess of Magic, Humor, Life, Revelry and Divination. Demodara is the greatest god of divination among them all. It has been passed down through history that Demodara is blind. This however has not slowed her any. She instead sees with the third eye. It is said that Demodara is constantly divining moments into the future to make up for her lack of sight. She is the god that serious practitioners of magic and divination follow. Because of the nature of Demodara she is often referred to as the Oracle. She rarely shows herself to anyone out of the godly realm, however she always has a single avatar who is bestowed the name if the Oracle. This person is the earthly embodiment of Demodara. Even though she is blind she still enjoys to have fun and to laugh. It is said that she often throws parties for the gods and occasionally gives gifts to her followers when she is pleased with them. Demodaras holy symbol is the horn of plenty. Sins Demodara has no sins or mortal sins. It causes too much sorrow to worry about sinning. Abilities Demodara's Eye Demodara's Gift Demodara's Horn

You may add Karma to a divination to improve the detail of information gleaned. For 3 Karma you may Refresh. You may trade in karma for food tags on a 1 for 1 basis.

SARETH: Goddess of Fate, Spying, Trickery, Mischief, Wealth, and Espionage. Sareth is said by her followers to spin the web of fate. At any time she could simply cut the thread that you are dangling from her web by. She is also a trickster often spinning webs of mischief to see what gets caught up in them. Sareth often plays harmless pranks on people and the other gods. These pranks are never intended to harm the person. Those who seek wealth also often follow Sareth. Sareths holy symbol is the spider. Sins To slay a Fatespinner. To get cheated out of your own money. Mortal Sins To pull malicious pranks. Abilities Sareth's For 1 Karma you may call "Evade Trap" to any trap you set off. Nimbleness Sareth's Disguise Sareth's Web For 2 Karma you can compel someone to believe you are something simple such as a guard or a peasant by saying "I compel you to believe I am a (Blank) for 5 minutes by fate." Once per refresh you may choose how to respond to a detect. For example, you could respond to a "Detect Rat" as Here, even if you are not a rat.

MALIK: God of Warfare, Bravado, Recklessness, Death, the Afterlife, and Anarchy. Malik, of all of the deities, is not too Bright. He favors those who are willing to charge head first into battle without fear or a second thought. He is often depicted by a large brute of a man wielding a great hammer. Those who follow Malik pride themselves on their achievements on the battlefield, often taking tokens from fallen foes to show their worth. Among the following of Malik it is said that to be struck down and have a token taken from you is good luck, for it shows that you were a worthy foe and are indeed worthy of remembrance. Maliks holy symbol is the Hammer. Sins: To resort to diplomacy when brute force will do. Showing fear on the battle field. Mortal Sins: Pleading for one's life. Abilities Malik's Strength Malik's Courage Malik's Fortitude

Once per battle you may swing 2 crushing. For 1 Karma you may purge fear. For 3 Karma you may Fully Heal your self.

Chapter Seven: Advancement

Advancement in the world of Atropos primarily takes place between events. Between Game Actions, or BGAs, are used to simulate your character doing something between the events other than just surviving. To perform a BGA you must complete a Post Event Letter, or PEL, within two weeks of the end of an event. The PEL can be in game or out of game. You can write it however you want. To be accepted the PEL should be at least half a page. It should also include what your character did, possibly thoughts your character had, thoughts you as a player had, etc Also no PEL is too long or too detailed. You can also safely divulge personal plots without fear of NPC characters knowing about them. A PEL is a great way to tell the staff what you thought of a particular character or plot and it helps us to plan better to continue to improve the game for your enjoyment. Upon completing a PEL you gain one FREE BGA. Everyone has this BGA as long as they do their PEL. There are many things that can be done with BGAs. You can do anything from learning skills to travel to research and prayer. BGAs are completed in a Post Event Worksheet, or PEW. This should be separate from your PEL. In your PEW mention any skills learned in game(you will not officially get the skill until you complete a PEW), descriptions of your BGAs(no more than a few sentences), and any gamebuck purchases. ONLY Feats can be purchased at check-in! How Many BGAs Can My Character Get? You get one free BGA with submission of a PEL. If you have submitted a PEL you can also get a Free BGA if you have the Focused gift. You may also purchase up to 2 more BGAs with Sols or Gamebucks. They cost 1 Gold Sol or 10 Gamebucks each. If you have the Focused gift you can get up to 4 BGAs, if you do not you may get up to 3 BGAs. This may seem like a lot of BGAs however also note that the world is not always an easy place to navigate and it may require BGAs to travel anywhere outside of Alaestra. Action Requirements Number of BGAs Below is the listed minimum BGA and Skill requirements for sample between game actions. You can if wish spend more than the minimum in an attempt to get more out of it or spend a longer amount of time doing it. Note these are only sample BGAs, do not feel restricted by this list. Action Craft Items Contact Person Determining A Magic Item's Properties Divination Skill Required A Craft Skill None Item Reading Appropriate Fate Spinner Skill # Of BGA's 1 1 1 1

Way Research Improve Skill Learn Skill (Teacher) Pray for Karma Reading a Book Research New Spell Research Subject Teach Skill Teach Spell Decode Message Travel to Region Seek Spirit Copy Book Forge Letter Inflict Curse/Blessing Work Look for random objects Sell or Buy Items Track or Follow Someone Other Actions

Gateway Skill to be improved Pre-Reqs for Skill Faith None Variable Magic Skill Research (Subject) Teaching Teaching Archiving or Cryptography Gateway or Sailing Second Sight and/or Spiritualist Scribe Forgery Appropriate Fate Spinner Skill Job Skill Scrounging or Gather Components Trade Tracking and/or Shadowcloak Variable

1 1 1+ 1 1** 1 1 1 1 1 - 2* 1 - 3* 1 - 3* 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1+

*Skill dependent. The more advanced or restrictive the skill, the quicker you can do it. For example, an Archivist can decode a message with 2 BGA's while someone with the Cryptography skill could decode the message in 1 BGA. **Any number of players may read from the same book for BGAs. Note: Unless it is otherwise stated that more than 1 BGA is required for an action, you might not get any better results by spending 2 or 3. Some actions like learning a skill may help you learn it quicker, or using a job skill may get you more money. Other Actions: Other Actions are possible. You can pretty much do whatever you can think of apart from achieving significant goals or killing enemies. Learning a skill that is in the book does not require a teacher. It is assumed that you learned it from a local or a guard or someone. However, to learn a skill that is not in the book you must find a teacher.

Unspent BGAs are Wasted!



All craft skills give you 4 Crafting Points per level of the skill to use for the duration of the event. Players will also receive the same number of points to spend during their BGA's. In order to craft. Unless specified otherwise a craft takes 5 minutes of appropriate Role Playing for every craft point it takes to make the item. For example, if a Warm Blanket costs 5 Craft Points to make it will take 25 Minutes of role-playing measuring, cutting, and stuffing. Something smaller like a Magnifying Glass, which only costs 2 Craft Points would only take 10 Minutes of hammering, melting, and lens grinding. Once you are done with however long it takes to create your item, you should fill out the crafting sheet and place it, along with the items used to create it into one of the plastic bags provided and put it into the crafting bin. Lakhesis will travel through periodically to check the bin to retrieve any completed crafts and take them to be processed. Once they are done, they will be returned to you in a bag with your name on it. When crafting between events, you will receive the same number of Craft Points to use. You should use 1 BGA per craft skill. Items must be turned in at check in of the next event. Gathering Components You may gather any components you know how to use without consequence. If you are not able to use a particular component then you may still harvest it but it may have some natural defenses. If you get close enough to read a tag attached to a component then you are close enough to set off these defenses. Some components may have several tags on them. This is to represent an item that has enough usable parts for several applications. When you use one of these components, tear off the number of tags you are using and include them with your crafting sheet. Sample Crafting Items Brewing Name Alcohol Insta-Grow Lesser Healing Potion Earl Gray Fire Cider Level Craft Points I I I II II 1 1 1 1 1 Description Purge Pain and Intoxicate by Poison Grants a Root by Physical by Packet Heal Half by Poison Resist the next earth/crushing effect that strikes you Resist the next water/ice effect that strikes you.



2 1

Bestows 1 Additional Spirit and Intoxicate by Poison when consumed Purge Weakness You can take a drink, and then role-play for 5 seconds to "spit" a 1 Fire packet. Note you are not actually spitting but the throw should start in front of the mouth. Can only create a standard pint worth of Dragon Ale, and you may not sip. Grants immunity to Ice damage for the next 5 minutes. Ice effects still work. Call Resist by Poison when defending against X Ice.

Revigoration III Potion

Dragon Ale


Glacier Tea


Metal Smithing Name Reinforce Weapon Level I Craft Points 1 0 1 Description The item gains 1 Resist vs. Shatter, lasts for 1 weekend. You can spend 30 seconds patching up a Metal Construct to perform a "Heal 1 to Construct." Role-play throwing the marbles for a Trip by Gesture effect. Requires 3 minutes to create one set of marbles. You can spend 5 minutes after throwing them, to "reclaim" your marbles. Tools used in Engineering Creates a shield that can Resist Shatter once per weekend. You can create a sword that can swing 2 Fire once per refresh. When swinging 2 Fire, the user receives 1 Fire. Weapon can hold a single spell at a time. Spell must cast into sword with Enchanting skill. Charge lasts until used or one weekend, whichever comes first. Lasts 1 year. Reduces CP cost for Sewing recipes by 1 to minimum of 1. Grants a one handed weapon a 1 Resist Disarm per weekend. Lasts 1 year.

Repair I Construct I Marbles I

Engineering II Tools Steel Shield II

2 3 3 5

Lesser Fire II Sword Enchanter's III Blade

Advanced Sewing Tools


Sword Grip III

Sewing Name Level Craft Points I Pillow Bandage Sew Construct I I I 1 0 2 Description

Creates a pillow. If you sleep for 5 minutes on the pillow, you gain a Renew. The effect only works once. Allows anyone to deliver the "Heal 1" effect. You can spend 30 seconds patching up a Cloth Construct to perform a "Heal 1 to Construct." Creates a tunic/shirt that grants the wearer 1 pt of armor. Does not combine with any other physical armor, but will combine with magical/alchemical protection, avoidance armor or innate armor (i.e. scales). Lasts 1 yr. Creates a cloak (or flowing shirt) that grants the wearer a blade-turn disarm against one weapon strike. Does not work against mage-strikes. 1 Use. You can spend 30 seconds patching up a undead creature to perform a "Heal 1 to Undead" When placed over someone who is unstable or critical, this freezes their count. Lasts 1 yr. Protects you from the knockout effect, but is not as cumbersome a helmet. Prop should be able to fall if you are moving quickly, so no straps to hold it in place. Lasts 1 yr. You can work on a cloth construct OR undead for 30 seconds and deliver the Purge Sever effect.

Ironsilk Tunic II

Cloak of II Entanglement Repair Undead I Warm Blanket II III

0 5

Fancy Hat


Reattach Limb


Woodworking Name Repair Weapon Flaming Arrows Splint Shock Arrows Bow I Level I I I II II Craft Points 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 Description You can repair a shattered wooden weapon. Creates 3 1 Fire Arrows Gives you an automatic success when repairing a sever. Creates 3 Disarm by Lightning arrows Create a bow that fires base damage. Root by Earth Mass Packet Spellstick can hold 3 spells. Once all three spells have been expended, the stick is broken.

Tanglevine II Spellstick III

Poisonous III Arrows Divining Rod III

3 5

Creates 3 Doom by Poison arrows Reduces time for Fate Spinners to use their Detect abilities by 5 seconds. Can be broken to gain 1 Divination use.

Engineering Name Level Craft Points 0 2 Description You can spend 10 seconds warming a Sapphire with your hands for "Trip by Ice by Gesture." You may read 1 tag you normally could not with 30 seconds of study. You can do this once per event. You cannot use multiple magnifying glasses per event. You can Shadowcloak once for up to 1 minute. Tools used for Metal Smithing

Spontaneous I Ice Magnifying Glass Shadow Smoke Metal Smithing Tools I


0 2

Surgical Kit I II Enhance Construct Way Compass Automatic Painting Device II III

2 1 5

Basic Surgery kit, 2 White Marbles, 4 Black Marbles After working on the construct for 3 minutes, you grant Enhancement by Engineering for the next battle. Allows you to find your way back if you are lost in the ways. This allows you to take pictures quickly and easily. This is a disguised camera. You can create a bolt used by a crossbow or a special arrow used by a bow, that when fired delivers the Trap by Physical effect.


2 0

Binding Bolt III

Feats are special abilities that let you do things your characters are normally incapable of doing. Feats are purchased using gamebucks, which can be earned by doing things for the game or helping the MASI camp. You can use a maximum of 3 feats per event. To start you may only be able to purchase the feats listed, though it may be possible to find access to more feats in game. Note: Human racial skills have the same names as feats, when you use a Human racial skill it does not count as a feat. Feats Cost Prerequisites Sunder the Shield 4 Weapon Skill The Twin Threat 3 One Handed weapon Strike Hard 8 Weapon Skill


Smite To Die a Heros Death Bladesharp Victory of the Underdog Battle Thirst Dumb Luck Great Rally Legendary Rally An Encouraging Word. Cheat Death Against the Odds Desperation Turn Magic Unencumbered One More Spell Vigil Drunken Mayhem Duty Above All Mother's Old Remedy Sea Legs Blather Dont you Die on Me

8 25 10 8 10 10 15 30 10 15 8 8 10 8 4 10 8 7 4 10 5 15

Weapon skill

Weapon Skill Swashbuckling Any Magic School Faith

Surgery or Faith Healing

Sunder the Shield Allows you to call "Shatter" on one swing. Smite Allows you to call "Five Crushing" on one blow with a weapon held in two hands. The Twin Threat Allows you to use a second weapon in your off hand, without Two Weapons skill, for one combat. Strike Hard Allows you to use a one handed weapon two handed and swing three "Four Damage" blows. To Die a Heros Death You may only use this feat when you are fairly certain you won't survive, and you want to go out with a bang. Activating this feat means the death of your character is certainyou will die of your wounds when the battle is over. NOTHING will save you after this, and your character is irreversibly dead. As long as this feat is in effect, you cannot be permanently killed by anything short of a Disintegrate. You can be knocked down by damage, but after going Critical you recover in one minute and rise up fully healed. You may spend an amount of Spirit equal to twice your maximum Spirit score. Your Spirit is renewed each time you

recover. You may Purge any effect that does not directly kill you after three seconds of role-playing. Your weapons cannot be stolen. You may get knocked down up to five timesafter that, even you just can't keep going. Bladesharp By spending ten minutes sharpening and polishing an edged weapon to razor sharpness, you can gain an advantage in one battle. This feat allows you to call "Bladebite Two Damage" once against each foe you face. You can also give a bladesharped weapon to someone else. Victory of the Underdog Sometimes the fates favor the outmatched. You may only invoke this feat when engaged in single combat against someone who has manifestly better stats than you do (since you don't actually know the other players stats, this is in your judgment). To use it, you must make some sort of comment about how you expect to win despite the power of your foe. The feat gives you two Parries and two special attacks to use against your opponent as per "Against the Odds" below. Battle Thirst You may use this feat when you are reduced to Zero Hit Points, or take the Lethal, Slay, or Assassinate special effects. You cry "Battle Thirst" and fight on until you take a TOTAL amount of damage equal to twice your ordinary Hit Points. Effects that would ordinarily take you down (Lethal, Slay, Assassinate) only do three Hit Points of damage to you (you should call "Lesser Effect"). However, at the end of the combat you fall down Critical as your wounds catch up with you. You may not be Healed while battle thirsting. Dumb Luck The ultimate in "get out of jail free" cards, Dumb Luck allows you to call "Resist" against ANYTHING. However, you have to invent some excuse as to why it didn't workdue to pure luck. Great Rally Like Rally, this skill requires a good heroic moment to use. Any cheesy use of it is VERY POOR FORM. Allows you to call "Heal townsfolk by Inspiration by Voice." It is also acceptable to use this feat before battle by quietly inspiring others with the strength to fight, making their wounds seem unimportant. One thing to remember is that the HEAL effect doesn't work on people who are already down and Critical. So you want to use this feat BEFORE you are surrounded by a heap of bodies. No more than TWO Great Rallies can be called (by anyone) in a given battle, so if you've already heard two, you can't use the feat. Legendary Rally You'll know when the moment has come for a Legendary Rally. When all the chips are down. When it is "do, or we all die." When the fate of all hangs upon the outcome of a single charge. When the fighting spirit just wells up out of you like a

frothing torrent, and you wish live action role-playing had slow motion and properly heroic music. Allows you to call "Heal, Renew, and Purge Fear to Townsfolk by Inspiration by Voice." No more than ONE Legendary Rally can be called (by anyone) in a given battle, so if you've already heard one, you can't use the feat. An Encouraging Word This feat allows you to inspire a single individual, before or during battle. Allows you to call "Heal and Renew to (name of your friend)" This cannot be shouted. Dont You Die On Me! Every good surgeon hates to lose a patient, and this feat lets you save a life by pure force of will. Good, dramatic role-playing is required. You may use this feat in place of a life tag for patient who doesnt have one. After role-playing you call the "Life" effect. You cannot use this feat more than once on any given individual per season. Cheat Death This feat allows you to cheat death in some way. If you wish, you may use it exactly like a life tag. Sometimes, however, even a life tag isn't enough to save you, but this feat will ALWAYS allow you to somehow cheat the odds. You have to invent some reason as to why you made it, or even why you came back from death. Against the Odds You may only use this feat when outnumbered three to one in combat. It gives you two free special attacks against each foe against you, and allows you to call "Parry" twice to negate any two weapon hits (total, not per foe). You may also call "Disengage" three times during the combat. Desperation You may use this feat to wield a weapon in a single combat, without having the skills needed to use it. Turn Magic Allows you throw a mage's magic back at them. To use it you must successfully strike a spell packet out of the air with your weaponyou may then call "Reflect," turning it back on the person who threw it. Unencumbered Sometimes speed is more important than armor. By divesting yourself of all armor, surplus gear, extra weapons, and other encumbrance, you can move like the wind. You gain the ability to call "Dodge" against two weapon attacks, spell packets, or missiles, OR you can use the "Flee!" skill in place of a Dodge. One More Spell Often a mage runs out of Spirit at just the wrong time! You can use this feat to cast just one more cantrip, regardless of the Spirit cost. However, you must figure out a way you could tap into just a little more magical might. Vigil

By spending 15 minutes to half an hour before a battle in intense prayer and meditation, you can invoke the favor of the divine for your combat. You may bestow the Life effect on one fallen friend in the coming battle. Drunken Mayhem You fight better when well lubricated with strong spirits. Of course no real alcohol is allowed at any MASI event for safety reasons, but role-playing can partly take its place. To activate this feat, you must role-play getting roaring drunk before battle, then stumbling about drunkenly during the battle. You may call "Dodge" to avoid three weapon attacks, spell packets, or missile weapons by stumbling out of the way. Three times you can lurch forward to impale a foe, calling "Lethal." Duty Above All To activate this feat, you must pledge to undertake a specific, limited task, such as guarding something during a battle, carrying a message, taking down a certain foe. Once while performing the task, you can, if needed, reiterate your pledge to inspire yourself. You must loudly state your pledge and call "Heal Self." Mother's Old Remedy You just happen to know just the right remedy for what ails a friend popping a joint back in place, a quick spell to cure a rare disease, whatever. You can use this feat, after role-playing a quick cure, to call one of the following effects: Tend Wounds, Purge Poison, Purge Sever or Purge Disease. Sea Legs When activated, this feat lasts for the entire event, allowing you to call "No Effect" against the Trip effect. Blather To use this feat, you utter a string of nonsense. If someone makes the mistake of replying to you, even by saying "what?!" you may call "Subdue by Will by Discourse" against them, as they are stunned by your gibbering.