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Student Teacher Key Learning Area(s) Grade 5 and 6 (Stage 3) Hayley Cullen PDHPE-Bullying Date 21/3/11 Time 50 minutes

Focus/purpose of Lesson: Creating the awareness of bullying and the bystanders position within the matter

Relevant Syllabus Outcome(s)

IRS3.11 Describes roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships. GDS3.9 Explains and demonstrates strategies for dealing with life changes.

Indicators of Learning
IRS3.11 Analyses the effects of actions that enhance or disrupt relationships, e.g. bullying. Demonstrates acceptable ways of resolving conflict. Models behavior that reflects sensitivity to the needs, rights, feelings of others. GDS3.9 Devises strategies to cope with life changes, e.g. bullying. Identifies some language or actions that may constitute harassment. Suggest ways of developing new skills and competencies, e.g. seeking support.

Assessment Strategies
Students: Are able to share their own experiences with bullying to the class due to having an atmosphere of support and trust. Respects the rights of others to hold different values and attitudes from their own. Made contributions within organising role play activity. Are able to perform their role-play with an appropriate attitude that reflects their character. Are able to apply strategies to different bullying situations to prevent, interrupt or stop mistreatment. Suggests, considers and selects appropriate alternatives when solving incidents of bullying. 1


Links with Previous Learning

Developing on the prior lessons outcomes of GDS3.9 and IRS3.11. Also making connections with enhancing skills, values and attitudes (CO3.3, PSS3.5 and V2)

Sequence of Teaching/Learning Experiences

Activating Prior Knowledge: Remind students about the National Day against Bullying and Violence (lesson should be held close to the date) on the 18th of March. And the focus this year is: Bystander Behaviour! Brainstorm bystander strategies that the students discussed in the prior bullying lesson (Brainstorm on IWB). Play the song, Caught in the Crowd, by Kate Miller Heidke. Have a discussion with the students about the lyrics/images within this film clip, What does this song portray. Body: From watching the film clip, reflect on own (teacher) personal stories to motivate students to have a say about their experiences with bullying. Tell the students, there is no shame or no one will get in trouble through sharing their experiences. Explain to the students that this classroom, is a safe environment and what is said within this lesson will not leave these walls. After students have shared their experiences, reward with a merit card for immediate positive reinforcement. Continue the lesson, by telling those students to keep their experiences in mind while we go through some strategies which will help in their situations.


Resources / Organisation
Website: Students seated at desks/IWB

10 mins

YouTube Clip: Students seated at desks/IWB

30 mins

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Website: IWB/students seated at desks.

What can a bystander do? (Go to website: for a full slideshow of each of the following strategies) The following are strategies you can use to prevent, interrupt, or stop mistreatment Distracting Balancing Supporting Reasoning Getting Help

Students in groups around the room/jar with students names. After discussing strategies, ask students how we might be able to solve their bullying situations through these strategies. From this discussion, students are going to form groups of four at their tables (6 tables of four: however if this is not your situation, have students names within a jar and select their names randomly to form groups of four) Conclusion/Discussion Have students perform their role play, whilst the class has to make an educated guess about what strategy the group portrayed in their bullying skit and whether or not it was the appropriate strategy to use within the situation. 3 40998290

10 mins

Students performing role-play at the front of the class whilst other students are seated quietly at their desks.

Assessment and Evaluation after Teaching Assessment of students learning

Evaluation of your teaching

Links with further learning

Linking with further development of outcomes IRS3.11 and GDS3.9 through learning experiences that involve relationships, communication, families, peers and groups.

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