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to __________________________ hospital ob-gyn-nbn staff:

re: new born {name of child}. per {name of doctor}

instructions following birth:

as requested by {doctor's name} we are expressing our wishes in writing concerning

the treatment of our baby, {newborn's name} once born. we trust that our wishes
will be carried out by all staff members.

we would like the mother, {mother's name} to hold and allow the baby to breastfeed
immediately after birth to bond with the parent first before any outside
personnel. when the baby and the parents {parents' first names & last name} are
comfortable, the staff may take the baby to the warmer, check the child and put on
the id tags on the ankle.

when getting the footprints, please use very little ink and do not scrub over
zealously to remove what little ink should be left. we wish to never have the baby
out of the sight of one or both parents.

we prefer that the baby is bathed and measured in the labor/delivery room. if this
is absolutely impossible, one of the parents will escort the baby to the nursery.

under no circumstances is the baby to receive the antibiotic drops in the eyes and
under no circumstances is the baby to receive the vitamin k shot. {doctor's name}
assured me this would not be a problem and it could be noted in the child�s chart
and posted in the nursery.

1. no antibiotic drops. the mother does not have any sexually transmitted diseases
or active infection in the birth canal and is therefore unlikely to infect the
eyes of the newborn.

2. no vitamin k to the newborn: the baby is at little risk for cerebral

hemorrhage. the mother is a {diet of mother, e.g. vegetarian who consistently eats
large quantities of dark leafy green vegetables and fruit and vegetable
nutritional supplements}, therefore unlikely that mother or child is vitamin k

under no circumstances is the baby to be given the hep b or the hep a shot. we
will discuss vaccination with {doctor's name}.

under no circumstances is the baby to be given the pku test. there is no family
history to warrant the test.

we would like the baby to be brought to the post-partum room as soon as possible
and we anticipate a rooming in situation. if the baby for any reason has to have
blood drawn, we want full numbing of the skin before breaking skin with a needle.

we appreciate your cooperation and understanding and thank you for your help in
delivering and caring for our baby�s optimal health.


father's name_____________________________________________

mother's name_____________________________________________

cc: doctor's name

i am on the staff at _________________ hospital and have received a copy of this:


please print name:__________________________