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n10 - November 2011



Bangkok is in turmoil. The amount of rainfall this year has tripled, causing an unprecedented flood of 1/3 of the country. For me, it is something new. It took a few weeks before I realized the seriousness of the situation. The water (more than one billion cubic meter) came down from North to South of Thailand challenging the dams in place. Many efforts have been made to preserve Bangkok, the capital, from the flood but ultimately it has become inevitable. I have rarely seen so much movement around me. Efforts have been made to protect properties: houses, cars, etc; barriers of sandbags and cement walls have been put in place for protection. For Debbie and I, as well as all others, it was the racing time from store to store, day after day, to store food and water to be able to face the flood situation. It is interesting to see how each of us reacts to the unknown: most of our discussions revolve around the coming flood: when will we be flooded? How long will that last on? Should we be evacuated or stay home? Arm, one of our church member, decided to build a small boat in case it is the only means of transport during the flood. For me, it is an adventure It made me ponder on the power of God over His creation. We see Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:25Yes, God is the Master of the waves. The situation in Bangkok is an opportunity for us to talk about God to people, encouraging them to put their trust in Him. Sometimes we are desperate; faced with the limited capacity of people to respond to God but our part is to communicate faithfully, week after week, the good news of the Gospel. CAN WE SKIP THE WATER? Of course, Im not talking about the flood but of the water we need daily to survive. Debbie and I spent several days going in shopping centers and supermarkets in search of bottled water everywhere but the response was the same: we have no water (thank God we still have a few in stock with us, but it decreases very quickly and we may soon find ourselves without water). This prompted me to think of the water of life that God offers us. There are soo many passages in the Bible who encourages us to drink this water; Isaiah 55:1, John 4:14, Revelation 21:6 I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to whom who thirsts and 22:17 and let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely. No need to run after that water, it is free. The water of the Word of God is here to quench our spiritual thirst and it is pure, rich in minerals and will fill us with strength to face the life. If we miss it, our spiritual life will take a hit. Thank you Lord for the abundant water that is at our disposal. SWEET FELLOWSHIP WITH THE BODY OF CHRIST Often, after Sunday worship, we gather in the Fellowship hall, the location adjacent too our church location, to eat and spend time together. Last Sunday, while we were under flood threat, I was very encouraged to see around me people fill with joy, peace and assurance. Despite the situation, the life of God continued to overflow from the Body of Christ here. Nobody really wanted to go home, there was a sweet communion. Some were talking quietly while others are organized into groups of raps sessions. How comforting to know that God controls all things, that he holds our lives in His hands and that each of our hairs are numbered. Matthew 10:30. Please, pray that the hearts are open to the Gospel; pray for spiritual support for those affected by the flood.
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