STONE HOUSE HOSPITAL The Financial Proposal is to be bound as one stand alone document in A4 size. Please note that all text not highlighted in grey forms part of the template and must not be deleted. The order of the template headings, sub headings and bullet points must not be altered. You are, however, permitted to change the font, size and colour and reposition the headings to fit around your text and tables. No more marks will be given to volume. Information submitted outside the template will not be considered.



Contents Page Conditional Bid For Site on attached Proforma Overage (planning and revenue based with worked examples) Clawback Section 106 allowances Financial Information - Identity of the Contracting Party - Further Financial Information - Details of Bank Facilities Available




Please provide a contents page detailing all headings and sub headings of your submission with clearly annotated page numbers. 3. CONDITIONAL BID Please provide your conditional bid (if appropriate) with any conditions with the information shown above 4. OVERAGE • Revenue Overage

Proposals for revenue overage should be based on a percentage of sales revenue in excess of a GDV threshold for private residential units. • Planning Overage

Proposals for planning overage should be based on a price per unit for each additional private unit in excess of the submitted scheme. For both the planning and revenue based overage, clear, worked examples should be provided with the submission. It is intended that the worked examples are incorporated within the legal documentation. If in calculating the revenue overage, any deductions are to be made from the actual sales figure achieved (the “gross sales value”), then developers should include with their submissions a schedule of deductions they would be looking to make to arrive at a “Net sales figure” per sq ft/m that would be used in the revenue overage formula. Indexation of construction costs and sales prices will not be acceptable. 5. CLAWBACK In respect of any undeveloped ‘amenity’ or ‘parkland’ or buildings in community use, clawback provisions will apply. Please confirm you will accept English Partnerships’ standard clawback provisions:

6. SECTION 106 Current Section 106 requirements associated with the Draft Development Framework are set out in the Tender Pack. Please provide itemised budget allowances for S106 contributions.

7. FINANCIAL INFORMATION 7.1 Contracting Party Details of the identity of the company you intend English Partnerships to contract with. Details of any proposed guarantors for the obligations of the contracting company.

7.2 Further Financial Information Please provide a copy of draft financial statements/management accounts/interim results (as applicable) covering the period between the date for which information has been provided at Stage 1 and the latest available date. Please also provide details of any events occurring since the date of the latest audited financial statements which have had a material impact on the understanding of bidders' financial status, or confirmation there are none. This should include, but should not be limited to: change of ownership/control, corporate re-financing, substantial acquisitions or disposals, potentially significant litigation or threatened litigation, and (if part of a wider corporate group) circumstances having a material impact on the understanding of the financial position of the group as a whole. 7.3 Details of Bank Funding Facilities Available Highlighting the maximum funding requirement and details of bank facilities available and headroom within these facilities at the latest available date.

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