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September 13 th , 2011


Mr. Tom Brett, President of the Board of Directors of Chaparral Pointe called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


The Secretary reported to the Chairman that a quorum of persons entitled to vote at the meeting appeared to be present by virtue that:

41 Units were represented by the personal appearance thereof 6 Units were represented by proxy A total of 47 Units were represented. Quorum is 29 units.


Chairman: This formal notice of the Annual General meeting of Chaparral Pointe was mailed to each Unit Owner on the 17 th day of August, 2011 in compliance with the requirement of and the time specified in the By-Laws of the Corporation:



CORPORATION NO. 0815307 WILL BE HELD AT : Chaparral Pointe Chaparral Pointe in the Friendship Room


September 13 th , 2011


7 pm

Today’s meeting will be held in accordance with the agenda included in the formal notice.

- 2 -


Moved by Unit 202, Seconded by Unit 114 that the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting be adopted as circulated. Motion carried, one against.


Copy of the Report of officers and committees were handed out to the guests. Sue Berglund went over a few items which were also in her report.

Exercise your thermostat once a week. Be careful with common property

  • Q. 203 According to the 2009-10 report we seem to be underfunded in our reserve fund.

  • A. Sue reported that this report was just a projection by the company that did our reserve fund study. According to them we are under so this year we’ve increased what we are putting in our Reserve fund to try to bring it up because we have extra cash at this time.

  • Q. 114 When do we get an interim year to date copy of the financials?

  • A. Carol reminded residents that you can get a copy of the statements from Condominium First at any time.

  • Q. 331 Are the Condo Fees collected regulated by the Provincial Government?

  • A. Sue explained that they are not but they do suggest what we should put in our Reserve Fund. It is mandatory and we cannot operate without one. A study is done every 5years to make sure we are on track.

  • Q. 114 I understood that Board members cannot be paid, when I was going through the financials, under supplies and stationary, there is an expenditure of $1100 can this be explained?

  • A. Tom explained that Dee was on the payroll for a short time as a building manager, this only lasted 2 months and then the Board was made aware that they could not pay a Board member so we cancelled the position although Dee chose to carry on with several of the duties that had been assigned to him while on staff with Condominium First.


UPON MOTION DULY MADE BY Sue Berglund AND SECONDED BY Unit 308, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED THAT the appointment of Auditors be left to the discretion of the incoming Board of Directors. All in favour motion carried

Doug Van Eden read the following statement:

There are a number of parties responsible for ensuring the enjoyment of our condominium home. Condominium First, as our contract property management firm, manages the day-to-day operation and maintenance of our building and property. Your volunteer Board of Directors gives direction to Condominium First as what our property management expectations are. In summary, managers manage and directors direct. Then, there are you, the owners and residents who can decide who serves on the Board; that is, if there are sufficient candidates to make a vote necessary. If there are not sufficient board candidates for a vote, you get what you get! As owners, you are responsible for selecting those who will best represent you in ensuring your condominium community is run as you would wish. So, please consider serving on the board, nominating others who you would like to represent you, and, most importantly, voting for those you would like to have participate on the board to represent the collective interests of all residents. Thank you.

ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS The By-Law which states that at each Annual General Meeting of the Corporation, all the members of the Board retire from office and the Corporation elects a new Board. A retiring member of the Board shall be eligible for re-election. The By-Law also states that the Board will be made up of no less than 5 members and no more than 9.

Board resigns. As a Board member you need to deal with lots of emails, meetings once a month. Direction given to Carol during the day and residents do contact Carol also with their concerns.


305 - Who can be on the Board just owners or renters?

  • A. Tom - Yes anyone can volunteer although we do need more owners than renters.



Claudette Coderre (327) Sue Berglund (324) Doug van Eden (308) Graham Wade (114)

Unit 109

Tom Brett (309) Brenda McKill (244)

Unit 311

UPON MOTION DULY MADE BY Gae Stevenson and seconded by 308 IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED THAT NOMINATIONS CEASE. Having only 6 people that volunteered all members are now appointed to the Board.


  • Q. 114 Last year it was recommended that we have more get-togethers it is difficult not

knowing what is going on so could we start having informal meetings maybe every 3 or 4 months. If we had these meetings it would benefit all involved.

  • A. Claudette suggested putting it on the agenda for the first Board meeting. Graham said that he is joining to try and open up the communication with the Board and residents.


Q. question

A. answer

C. comment

  • Q. Regarding owners being allowed to rent their vacant stall to other residents. I


asked last year if the Board would consider changing this rule so I would like to ask the new Board to revisit their ruling and if we can also advertise on the website. An email

was submitted to Carol with this request.

  • A. Carol explained that making a motion at this time is not possible; this calls for a change in the bylaw. Tom mentioned that the Board agreed that we did not want be to have to deal with trying to locate who parks in which stall when we have issues such as oil leaks. Letters have already been sent to incorrect resident and we do not want this to reoccur.

  • Q. 338

Can you read us the bylaw 58 e that pertains to the parking stall

  • A. Claudette read the bylaw

Q. 338 – Can you read us the bylaw 58 e that pertains to the parking
  • Q. 305 - Are you allowed to trade

  • A. Tom - No- those are titled properties although we are aware that some people have, it is important that you let Condo First know so that we have accurate data. At this time, could we just see a show of hands to see how many would be for us revisiting the changes to this bylaw? Show of hands (informal) 31 people in favour to rent the stalls.

  • C. 203 It should be clear that it has to be rented to someone in the building. They would be more responsible and would take ownership.

  • Q. 202 - Are we waiting for another year before this gets changed.

  • A. Carol explained that we still have to go through the process to get 75 % of owners to vote for the bylaw changes. We could send a letter out and ask for a special resolution but this would take time and cost money too.

  • Q. 202 - Can this 75 % be change this to 51 %

  • A. Carol - no it’s a government rule.

  • Q. 205 How do we know that no outsiders are renting?

  • A. This would have to be reported to Condo First

  • Q. 323

Can the restriction on advertising on website be changed at this time?

  • A. Tom said we would have to wait until the bylaws are changed,

  • Q. Is there a spot that the owners can be made aware of what changes are planned for


the bylaws?

  • A. Carol said that this is now in the hands of the lawyer and once they have given us their suggestion we will send out a copy to all owners. At this time we do not have a draft copy available.

  • Q. 228

Can we revisit the front door key entrance this is very difficult for handicap

people as we have many problems with the key access.

  • A. Carol will get us a quote on changing it to a Fob or something different than what we have now.

Dee mentioned that we did get a quote when we looked at changing the keys and the cost was approximately $10,000 and the key system we got was $3,000. We

thought that by selling the extra keys we could build up a fund that would help us cover the cost of a Fob system should we go to that. The new Board will revisit this issue.

  • C. 109 Came home at 11:30 pm and could not get her key out

  • Q. 202

Is there another way that we can put notices up without putting them on the doors,

it looks very tacky.

  • A. Tom - we’ve been approached by people that tell us they were not aware of things so this is why we put them on the doors and other areas in the building so no one can miss a notice.

  • C. Movers should not be allowed to come in if they did not book their move


  • Q. Real bad noticeable stains on the 3 rd floor carpet can we spot remove between


cleaning. It is very embarrassing when you have guests.

  • A. Sue - we did have them come and do spot cleaning with industrial cleaners and those spots do not come out. We have a piece of carpet left and we will look at possibly patching the carpet but if this makes it look just as bad we will let it be for now.

  • Q. When they replace the carpet or paint the walls will it be the same or different


  • A. No decision yet

  • C. In newsletter put the cost to replace and maybe it will be an incentive for people


to be more careful

  • Q. 303

Replacing the carpet and painting every three years will be costly, will this make

our Condo fees go up.

  • A. Sue - Condo fees should not go up, this is why we want a 3 year plan in our budget Gae - we have good renters and poor owners, visa versa, and people should be accountable for their errors. Point of View fixed the cracks in the walls and POV may not paint so we will have to do it.

  • C. 114 It looks like you are aiming every 3 years so this could possibly be done every 5 to 10 years. Buy better quality and it will last longer.

  • Q. 116

Weeds outside of the fence who is responsible

  • A. 114 - If you read the city bylaws this is a bike pass and we are responsible for it so if we look at hiring a new landscaper we should put this in the quote.



The Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.