Technology and its effects on environment

Many of the items use today are a result of technology. our cell phone, microwave oven, washing machine, and plastic cup are all the result of scientific discoveries combined with engineering that have allow people to invent products that have improved the way people live. Technological advances have improved our health, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, how we travel, and how we communicate with one another. There are a few drawbacks to some aspects of technology (such as pollution) but overall technology has greatly improved many aspects of living for most people. The word technology comes from the Greek words techne which means “craft” and logy which means “scientific study of.” So technology means the “scientific study of craft.” Craft in this case, means any method or invention that allow humans to control or adapt to their environment.

The purposeful application of information in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services, and in the organization of human activities. Technology is generally divided into five categories (1) Tangible: blueprints, models, operating manuals, prototypes. (2) Intangible: consultancy, problem-solving, and training methods. (3) High: entirely or almost entirely automated and intelligent technology that manipulates ever finer matter and ever powerful forces. (4) Intermediate: semiautomated partially intelligent technology that manipulates refined matter and medium level forces. (5) Low: labor-intensive technology that manipulates only coarse or gross matter and weaker forces. 1. The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in industry: "computer technology"; "recycling technologies". 2. Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge.

technology is the application of math. it refers to the state of the respective field's knowledge and tools. as a result. the telephone. The meaning of "technology" has been subject of continuous discussion. People's use of technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. at its basis. which. As a cultural activity. that country provides an appropriate setting in which to examine the debate on technology. created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value.[1] Ursula Franklin.MEANING Technology is a broad concept that deals with the usage and knowledge of tools and crafts. Accordingly. "State-of-the-art technology" refers to the high technology available to humanity in any field. Recent technological developments. in turn.[8] Bernard Stiegler. although several technological advances predate the two concepts. both material and immaterial. the way we do things around here". In human society. and the arts for the benefit of life as it is known. The word "technology" can also be used to refer to a collection of techniques. 1. it is "practice. Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture. processes. . nature and gender. tools and raw materials. Dictionaries and scholars have offered a variety of definitions. or satisfy wants. have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to interact on a global scale.[11] Additionally. technology predates both science and engineering. it includes technical methods. it is a consequence of science and engineering."[9] Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities. The reader is asked to relate the selected views herein included to his or her own notion of technology and progress as they both relate to the also controversial terms of culture. ranging from primary sources to scholarly and critical works and literary renderings. became an integral part of American national and cultural identity. In this context. and how it affects the ability to control and adapt to the environment. has helped spawn new subcultures. in her 1989 "Real World of Technology" lecture. which has lessened barriers to human interaction and. The history of the United States began with the advent of the industrial revolution. such as "medical technology" or "space technology". The prehistorical discovery of the ability to control fire increased the available sources of food and the invention of the wheel helped humans in travelling in and controlling their environment. each of which formalize some aspects of technological endeavor. in Technics and Time. defines technology in two ways: as "the pursuit of life by means other than life". the rise of cyberculture has. the development of weapons of ever-increasing destructive power has progressed throughout history. to solve problems. fulfill needs. rather than technology as a whole. the development of the Internet and the computer. gave another definition of the concept. In this usage. and the Internet. techniques. technology can also help facilitate political oppression and war via tools such as guns.[7] The term is often used to imply a specific field of technology. and as "organized inorganic matter. A modern example is the rise of communication technology. including the printing press. However.[12] Not all technology enhances culture in a creative way. it is the current state of humanity's knowledge of how to combine resources to produce desired products. not all technology has been used for peaceful purposes. When combined with another term. ideology. is intended to furnish elements for that discussion. This selection of readings. from clubs to nuclear weapons. science. skills. The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers a definition of the term: "the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area" and "a capability given by the practical application of knowledge". or to refer to high technology or just consumer electronics.

7 and 12 billion tons of topsoil are lost annually from soil erosion.26 billion by the year 2016. Tools and machines need not be material. It is a far-reaching term that may include simple tools. infrastructural development. The final outcomes of this are air refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. which adversely affects the natural resources and environment. mineral. Water shortages. Environmental issues in India include various natural hazards. climate change. increasing individual consumption. habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity. and salinity. sand. forest. virtual technology. forests. loss of resilience in ecosystems. global warming. The existence or the absence of favorable natural resources can facilitate or retard the process of socio-economic development. such as a space station or particle accelerator.4% of world's total area has greatly increased the pressure on its natural resources. deforestation. such as computer software and business methods. It is also estimated that between 4. distribution and these changes raise a number of important questions of cause and effect.[2] India having 18% of the world's population on 2. rocks etc. fall under this definition of technology EFFECTS The rapid growing population and economic development is leading to a number of environmental issues in India because of the uncontrolled growth of urbanization and industrialization. poor agricultural practices. The projected population indicates that India will be the first most populous country in the world and China will be ranking second in the year 2050. industrialization. resource depletion (water.822 cubic meters. and the destruction of forests. public health. The uprising population and the environmental deterioration face the challenge of sustainable development. air and water pollution afflicts many areas Major issues One of the primary causes of environmental degradation in a country could be attributed to rapid growth of population. livelihood security for the degradation. and overexploitation of groundwater is problematic in the states . Population growth and economic development are contributing to many serious environmental calamities in India. From 1947 to 2002. particularly cyclones and annual monsoon floods. Changing consumption pattern has led to rising demand for energy. loss of biodiversity. and resource maldistribution have led to substantial human transformation of India’s natural environment. soil exhaustion and erosion. such as a crowbar or wooden spoon. These include heavy pressure on land. waterlogging. environmental degradation. Major environmental issues are forest and agricultural degradation of land. water scarcity and water pollution.[1] It is estimated that the country’s population will increase to about 1. population growth. expansion and massive intensification of agriculture. composition.deaths (mortality) and human migration (migration) and immigration (population moving into a country produces higher population) produce changes in population size. An estimated 60% of cultivated land suffers from soil erosion. The three basic demographic factors of births (natality). or more complex machines.). average annual per capita water availability declined by almost 70% to 1.

particularly on the Narmada River. calcium. Nearly half of the country’s forest cover is found in the state of Madhya Pradesh (20. Hindon Vahini is strongly opposing of water pollution activities. and only 8 have full wastewater treatment facilities (WHO 1992). and declining intervals of drought recurrence in many areas. Punjab.of Haryana. for example. The Indian Agricultural Research Institute of Parvati has estimated that a 3 °C rise in temperature will result in a 15 to 20% loss in annual wheat yields.[7] Punjab is today another hotbed of pollution. revealed that in villages along the Nullah. phosphate. combined with increasing industrial and motor vehicle pollution output. a rivulet which run through Malwa region of Punjab. is today an important case point in the recent studies.34% of India’s geographic area (637000 km²). which suggest this as another Bhopal in making. and after passing through highly populated Ludhiana district. bathing. is heavily polluted . just 209 have partial treatment facilities. which flows through the city of Mumbai. ammonia. while the tap water has high concentration of lead. Pollution Water pollution Out of India's 3. highly polluted and groundwater of this city has colored and poisoned by industrial effluents. a tributary of the Indus river.119 towns and cities. magnesium. and Uttar Pradesh. mercury. shifting precipitation patterns. chloride. nickel and cadmium.7%) and the seven states of the northeast (25. Open defecation is widespread even in urban areas of India. The ground water also contains nickel and selenium. fluoride.[3] 114 cities dump untreated sewage and partially cremated bodies directly into the Ganges River. India. These are substantial problems for a nation with such a large population depending on the productivity of primary resources and whose economic growth relies heavily on industrial growth. before draining into Sutlej River. the latter is experiencing net forest loss.[5][6] Water resources have not therefore been linked to either domestic or international violent conflict as was previously anticipated by some observers. Possible exceptions include some communal violence related to distribution of water from the Kaveri River and political tensions surrounding actual and potential population displacements by dam projects. Buddha Nullah. Plus the water had high concentration of COD and BOD (chemical and biochemical oxygen demand). the untreated water is used for drinking. and washing.[4] Downstream. chromium. beta-endosulphan and heptachlor pesticide were more than permissible limit (MPL) in ground and tap waters. Forest area covers 18. Forest cover is declining because of harvesting for fuel wood and the expansion of agricultural land.7%). The Mithi River. which flows through the city of Ghaziabad. This situation is typical of many rivers in India as well as other developing countries.[9] The Hindon River. arsenic and chlorpyrifos pesticide. These trends.[8] A joint study by PGIMER and Punjab Pollution Control Board in 2008. have led to atmospheric temperature increases. Civil conflicts involving natural resources—most notably forests and arable land—have occurred in eastern and northeastern states.

excluding the trains.0% of flowering plant species.Air pollution Air pollution is high in Indian cities.[23] In recent decades. The air pollution in the big cities is rising to such an extent that it is now 2. Road dust due to vehicles also contributing up to 33% of air pollution[12] In cities like Bangalore. in response. One of the biggest causes of air pollution in India is from the transport system. hosts significant biodiversity. was substantially expanded. After a court ruling all transport in the area was shut down shortly followed by the closure of all industrial factories in the area. further federal protections were promulgated in the 1980s.3 higher than the amount recommended by WHO (world health organization Conservation India.2% of reptilian. Of course the biggest problems are in the big cities where there are huge concentrations of these vehicles. Electric rickshaws are being designed and will be subsidised by the government but the supposed ban on the cycle rikshaws in Delhi will require a huge increase on the reliance of other methods of transport. the government appears to have noticed this massive problem and the associated health risks for its people and is slowly but surely taking steps.[13] India has emission standard of Bharat Stage IV (Euro IV) for vehicles since 2005.6% of all mammalian.[14] Hundreds of millions of old diesel engines are continuously burning away diesel which has anything between 150 to 190 times[15] the amount of sulphur out European diesel has. In 1972. On the positive side. first established in 1935. human encroachment has posed a threat to India's wildlife. 12. lying within the Indomalaya ecozone. The first of which was in 2001 when it ruled that its entire public transport system. and 6. India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger to safeguard crucial habitat. It also appeared that the excessive pollution was having an adverse effect on the Taj Mahal. around 50% of children suffer from asthma.6% of avian. Indian cities are polluted by vehicles and industry emissions. the system of national parks and protected areas. be converted from diesel to compressed gas (CPG). mainly those with engines. Along with over . it is home to 7. 6.

no matter where you live or what you do in your daily life. Social networking has become such a big deal today that there are always new people to meet and talk to. and it doesn’t really matter how far apart you are – you can still be connected. One of the main advantages of technology is staying in touch with people. There are all kinds of ways that you can use technology to bring you joy. It is one of the reasons why we should be thankful for technology. then came out the cellular phones. Now. and people of all ages and other groups can enjoy what technology has to offer no matter whether they use it for business or they just play around with it in their personal lives. It’s much better to learn how to use it. There are many advantages.  Communication Our means of communication has greatly improved in the dawn of the modern technology. 25 wetlands are registered under the Ramsar Convention.colonies and complexes. You can talk to people all over the country and all over the world when technology is involved. Take advantage of all that technology can give to you. and prosperity. so you don’t want to let that happen. Technology is also being used to save lives. four of which are part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. As the population in India is quite high it requires residence to live in for this builders destroy the greenery to make way for making buildings. India now hosts 14 biosphere reserves. so you can move your life forward and make sure that you enjoy technology as much as possible. so you can have more fun in your personal life and potentially see more increase in your professional life. as well. [Drought in India] [Global warming in India] [Fauna of India] [Environmental policy of the Government of India] [Asian brown cloud] [Ministry of Environment and Forests (India)|Ministry of Environment and Forests] ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY There are all kinds of great reasons to use technology. which we can take with us wherever we go.500 wildlife sanctuaries.  Health . The telephone is a very helpful mean tool for us to talk with people from remote places. we are given the privilege to use computers and the internet that has such a wide variety of easy communication offers. happiness. When you don’t use it right it can actually be harmful. so don’t be shy about getting involved with it. so it’s very important that you don’t forget about them. Make sure that you show the people you care about how to use technology. and medicine is advancing a lot so that people can lead better lives. Don’t underestimate how powerful technology can be and what a great ally it can become if you use it correctly. We now have so many hi-tech gadgets that we use for everyday communicating with people from all over the world. so they can stay involved in your life and share in your joys and your sorrows.

most people would credit first the invention of fire to the caveman. and will unquestionably continue until such day that humans are no longer part of the world. vantage for people who wants to start the job soon so that they can get the paymeThe light bulb. We can choose whether we want to live a longer life. While each has been improved upon over the years. letters and books and then relayed to information seekers today. This is what the modern machines contribute to our society. Every generation has seen further advancement in this area. If asked the question. to the creation of boats and vehicles using the wheel. Our ways of living has also been improved potentially. It is difficult to pinpoint the most important technological advances. to clothing. and there are certain methods for that  Production The production has also been increased. Now. as the Book of Genesis in the Bible depicts how Adam was formed from it in the passage “for dust thou art. each taking steps that appear magnanimous at the time but small in retrospect as each led to yet a larger one. Even man is from earthly beginnings. From fire. if one wants to work with modern equipments. the cause of the creation of all other elements. there have been a lot of people who lost their jobs because man power has been replaced by machines. But still. he cannot start work at hand because he has to undergo extreme training. we can create materials in just minutes with multiple productions at a time. Perhaps it is because fire has had such an impact on our lives throughout history. We forge ahead with better ideas. it is impossible to think of life without these luxuries. Industry brought machines to produce clothing. historic details could not have been recorded in manuscripts. or maybe simply because in those prehistoric days. there were only elements to be considered. earth and air were likely the rulers of the world in the early days. and the processing of natural raw elements into materials that would benefit many processes in life. Lengthening our lives is very easy these days. It began as soon as humans arrived on earth. the telephone and electricity certainly must be counted as some of the greatest advancements that prove the advantages of technology.There have been lots of advantages with technology when it comes to health. only to be replaced by keyboards and electronic devices. when power outages are experienced due to weather or overuse. to the development of dish and cookware. for what greater advance in civilization has been made other than that of the creation of man? From the moment humans entered the picture. . and unto dust shalt thou return”. to the wheel. if not for the writing implements of long ago. many operations come to a complete standstill and people are at a loss until the power is returned. Technology is responsible for the information provided here. we could go to weaponry. It can be a disadThere can be no doubt that civilization has been enhanced through the advantages of technology. and then better homes. Farming brought innovative tools and equipment that improved working the land manually. create essential parts to other help other machines work. to building homes. we have made continuous strives to improve our lot. Also. since there are so many arenas in which they have been made. water. better methods and better improvements. Our lives will never be the same again after the breakthroughs of many medicines and other discoveries. Fire. Simple things such as paper and pencil emerged from sticks scratching in the dust. That seemingly simple act has to be the ultimate beginning of technology. Indeed.

lead to all sorts of other circumstances. This is dangerous because we now live in a society where there are no real privacy laws. It is unlikely that early man would have been able to visualize that someday their descendants would be traveling in a space exploration vehicle.All advances haven’t begun as material objects. if given the opportunity. This leads to socially stressful military concepts like mutually assured destruction. we should use the modern technology in the good ways and find the effective solutions to the bad result. or perhaps something more subtle which can destroy the ozone or warm the planet. ges of technology. . The duck and cover drills accompany other lifestyle aspects of an advanced technological society. . Recently a number of people in the UK have taken people to court because their mobile phones have been intercepted for voicemail messages and SMS text messages.The increasing oppression of technologically advanced societies over those which are not. it is harmful when put in the wrong hands. telephones and computers are dependent upon string equations and data links. such as video games and internet access could have possible social . Scammers also live on the internet and.New forms of entertainment. ranging from extortion to withdrawing money.New forms of danger existing as a consequence of innovative forms of technology. unforeseen genetic mutations as the result of genetic engineering. Other examples include mobile phone tapping. You can be monitored online now for any such activity and the theme of Big Brother is really apparent. than at any other point in history or primitive pre-history. Consider the contributions that the thought processes of Diophantus. DISADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY There are several disadvantages to modern technology. people can gain access to your bank account details which may. to make our world prosperous. . seen or viewed by the wrong people. . Often. and form the beginnings as well as continuations of most information and communication discoveries. which may lead to paedophilia. Without mathematical and scientific equations. . new types of nuclear reactors. in this most technologically advanced age.Sweatshops and harsher forms of slavery are more likely to be found in technologically advanced societies. Sir Isaac Newton and others have made. and more are certain to be on the horizon. although modern technology brings us some goods benefits. will try and scam you out of a lot of money through their devious schemes -Technology makes life more complex. in turn. it also gives a lot of bad results. Radio transmission. There is a tremendous amount of distasteful material.nt. yet they certainly set the world in motion toward that goal through their efforts to improve their world by realizing the advanta To conclude. television. which can be shown.The increase in transportation technology has brought stressful traffic congestion in some areas. Although it is a source of almost any material you can wish for. but rather as ideas. So. Many amazing strides in technology have been made since the beginning of civilization.Potentially devestating nuclear weapons become more powerful and proliferation is made evermore easy with communication and transportation advancements. .More people are starving (in total numbers and per-capita). such as indecent under age material. we would not have many of the advantages of technology that we do. . relative to primitive societies.Technicism . for example. Let us take the internet.

television companies encourage us to watch as much TV as possible. in This High Tech Age". Various learning disabilites can be dealt with appropriatly with the use of technology.Creates new diseases and disorders such as obesity. 2. As a result many people lost their job. Bad for eye watching if over look for long time -no physical stock.people will lose their jobs to machines that will do the work for them . As wonderful as technology is thought to be. laziness and a loss of personality. this can lead to an inactive lifestyle and people are becoming overweight and unhealthy. "Teaching Children. Because many companies have adopted automatic machines so that they can improve their production with accuracy. Everyday. This second part of the equation. she describes how important it is for the teacher to be expierenced and effective in using technology to meet the educational needs for each individual student (9). then lost of friendly and face to face communication chance. instead of doing everyday tasks people tend to watch television or play video games.effects on areas such as academic performance. but a shortcoming. at times. Unfortunately. Owner need to pay one time only while maid get paid for every month. Furthermore. including LD's. Partridge goes on to conclude that certain provisions should be implemented along with the technology such as: 1. You are not talking about a historical trend here. Including LD's. However machines and robots look inexpensive and good to use but. sometimes it can fall short of expections and not reach its full potential. As we found that in technology sector. it is up to the individual what they do with this extra time.machines and robots are too complex for most people to us. it will not be effective in the classroom (10).] Though technology plays an integral part in helping learning disabled children so does the teacher who incorporates the technology into the classroom. Have adequate funding such as grants or donors to ensure proper equipment so planning will be effective. -computer virus and bug -privacy and stolen copy right -make part of people over concentrate on computering. have unique learning styles and unless the technology is customized to fit the individual. Let’s find out more. You don't want to put this sentence in the passive voice. when any technical problem occurs in machine or robot. Similarly house maids are loosing their job because robotic machines are doing their job. there are many advantages and disadvantages. [Sentence is not very precise. it took much time to fix it and also it can be expensive. technology sector is affecting us and there are several advantages and disadvantages of it. Partridge also discusses the importance of recognizing that all students. . This historical trend does not go unnoticed in the area of teaching learning disabled children. . This is equally true for technologies to assist learning disabled children. Every one knows that technology is very helpful but it has some disadvantages too. In Susan Partridge's paper. even then people can’t imagine their life without technology including me. is problematic. easy buy fake product and cheating by people .

causes boredom and makes that simple things get so difficult for example in solving mathematics problems. Although the individual chapters of this essay may appear to be diverse both in their attributions of cause and their policy recommendations. and interpersonal relationships. The effect of these technologies will likely influence our society at its very roots. The issues raised by the introduction of Internet technologies into society include problems of morals. statecraft. If there is not enough money to fund technology how can it be available to the learning disabled student? This brings up a whole other [another] set of issues involving social and economic concerns. the technology has made the man so dependable that when he is far from it. Nowadays the world is having a scientific revolution and a technology development. rights. logistics. and this facts have been so fast that they are getting a new kind of man called the light man. This kind of man is superficial that he forgets the work on his hands. Therefore. reading and practicing some sports. It is a vicious cycle controlled by the amount of funding available. How can we be sure that every school district in every state has the same access opportunities to technology? The answer is we can't.this is not bad but only for a certain time because they can do more interesting thins such as playing a game. This major drawback can have serious ramifications for the learning disabled student. If these provisions are not met then the effectiveness of technology will greatly decrease (12-13). they all share a common conclusion: the recognition that the interface between Internet technology and society is a complex and multifarious boundary. schools who do not have the funds to invest in technology are significantly disadvantaged and as a result the learning disabled students in those schools are also at a disadvantage. social utility. like some light products had gotten fashionable. some people has the main necessity to have a calculator without using their reasoning. putting into play issues related to many of the deeply constitutive social traits that have previously gone undisturbed in the course of other seemingly paradigmatic technological shifts. it has made that people gets more interested in staying all day at their computer . influencing individuals and society on personal. structural. Teachers should become empowered and parents should become supportive. ethics. Teachers should have proper training and by supplied with individualized help if needed. Not all teachers are trained and equipped with computer skills nor have the ability to adapt their curriculum and teaching techniques to properly involve technology in an interactive manner. 4. and global levels. . as well as the willingness to conduct continuing research and to implement complex and flexible social responses based on this research. Even though technology breaks the discrimination barrier between learning disabled students and non-disabled students it simultaneously erects one between students of different social and economic classes. Navigating this boundary requires observation from diverse perspectives.3. Conclusion The effects of the Internet cut across all social spheres. Another issue raised by Partrigde is the availability of funds. this kind of man is a result of the new age. It has made that many people gets on conformism and forgets the essential things of the life.

age. MUDs can also benefit our offline lives by promoting a higher level of social interaction and acting as a means of therapy for people who have weak social skills. More average computer users should also be included in the creation process so that they can have input into the configuration of their machines. computer manufacturers should attempt to improve human-computer interactions by making computers ergonomically sound or by selling ergonomically configured products at more reasonable prices. perhaps even contradictory. Because of MUDs and other virtual communities. The literature on video game violence was further analyzed specifically with regard to gender. This data thus appears to support "social learning" theory. education. and online friends become a person's only acquaintances. Gender neutral design with regard to the themes and colours of both hardware and software should be adopted to avoid recreating the gender stereotypes traditionally driven into children. perhaps an even richer understanding of this identity. appears to have no appreciable effect.MUDs MUDs represent the highest level of immersion into the virtual world as they entirely envelop users in a virtual environment. with policies that encourage MUD usage in moderation. and yet humans are often ignored in manufacturing computing components. Machine Alienation The computer user should one be the most important factor in the creation of a computer. Problems arise when online life begins to become substitute for offline life. and class. these studies primarily focus on the possible short-term effects. but perhaps this is the natural progression of society. however. If used properly. the evidence suggests that females are more affected by video game violence than males. Another specific issue related to design is gender stereotyping. Finally. and do not reliably support conclusions about the long-term effects of these games. although many studies examine the effects of violent video games and aggression. Age. Social Skills Research evidence on the Internet's effects on social skills can support a number of different. the uncertainty of these findings logically . will also demonstrate that it is too much to ask to describe a person's identity in terms of only a single external character. computer use is often physically uncomfortable because of inadequate ergonomic design. There also seems to have been little conclusive research done on the impact of video game violence specifically with regard to the players' level of education and socioeconomic standing. or even no measurable effect at all on social skills (perhaps for the reason that the Internet's transformative effect is so powerful that we will be left without a basis its effects). this type of obsessive identity-sapping MUD abuse can be avoided. For example. Consequently. However. spurred by the development of MUDs. our notions of identity are becoming more malleable. Violence in Video Games Observational studies have shown that children become temporarily more aggressive after either playing or observing violent video games. With respect to gender. This data alternatively suggests that the Internet might have negative or beneficial effects. As a complex understanding of the richness of human identity demonstrates that it is impossible to describe a person in a single word. Clearly. possibilities.

Education Since the incorporation of the Internet as a pedagogical device into our systems of education is a recent phenomenon. as the accountability and bias of the diverse information offered by the Internet must always be questioned. and promoting works of artistic excellence in the public sphere. making it impossible for the general public to seize upon and recognize new works of high literary value. it may also lead to isolation and a narrowing of the job market. Women have had to devise special strategies to overcome many of the barriers they face when dealing not only with the Internet. Telework Although telework will likely benefit women. women will not only begin to make the online environment friendlier for themselves. that education will change significantly as a consequence. Training is especially critical. whatever changes are adopted as a result of the introduction of this technology. but also with computers in general. At the same time. Consequently. telework can become a viable complement to the traditional working environment. Clearly. and we must avoid the trap of inadvertently contributing to an increase in future illiteracy by focussing too heavily on new Internet literacy skills to the detriment of traditional literacy. though. It can be stated with confidence. By continuing their struggle to revise and adapt the environment of the Internet to their needs and reference frames. It is hoped that through proper implementation. However. and single parents. This problem could be addressed through government programs aimed at funding. Gender The Internet is indeed a hostile environment for women due to environmental factors beginning in early childhood. traditional critical thinking and basic reading skills must still be key areas of concentration in instruction. Internet Literacy The development of Internet literacy in our children will require and investment in both instructional training for teacher and new facilities. the best approach will likely be to employ a hybrid strategy that mixes technologically mediated and traditional pedagogical techniques. recognizing. they will also succeed in contributing positive ideas and perspectives currently lacking in today's male-dominated online world. instructors should not abandon the face-to-face communication between students and educators that seems to be imperative to education. . telework is a complex social phenomenon that will likely have numerous and multifarious effects. its potential impacts are still being assessed. Another issue related to literacy and the Internet is that the ease of publication allowed by the Internet may result in a deluge of mediocre writing.points to policies that minimize the potential risks to social skills that might be posed by the Internet. disabled persons.

and the parents to become more aware of what the Internet has to offer will it easier to supervise a child's online exposure at home. depending on the situation. different states have different strategic reasons for preferring more or less restrictive policies on the movement of technology. A joint effort by the government. other thinkers who are concerned with the individual's right to privacy argue that state regulation is necessary to restrict the collection and trade of personal information. On a more theoretical level. . allowing the Internet to be a useful and safe medium for all of its users. Technology Exports While the state no longer has absolute control over the flow of information technology. the media.. some argue that a less restrictive global regime on information and technology transfer must be implemented to meet the ideals of freedom and democracy.Censorship Given that the protection of children is the primary motivation for censorship and that all attempts at the global control of explicit material will inevitably meet with major logistic and ethical problems. the most appropriate policies regarding the control of such material appear to be those that facilitate control at the level of the private household. These rich countries will maintain the division between themselves and the poorer countries through the strategic use of export policies. Introducing effective tools that allow parents the ability to monitor and control the content viewed by their children and encouraging attentiveness on the part of parents are likely the best methods of stopping explicit materials from reaching minors. the more affluent nations still have a great deal of impact on its movement. However.

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