 It has to do with the accident and its prevention. It also means freedom from harm or danger caused by accident.

 An unintended and unforeseen event caused by unsafe condition & unsafe act in any given situation, usually resulting to personal injury or property damage.

 a condition of equipment, machinery or surroundings or working environment w/c is prone to harm & danger.

 an unsafe action of persons that are caused by ignorance/neglect (deviation of safety principles).

Why do accidents occur? Causes of Accidents Unsafe Acts/Behavior (88%) Unsafe Conditions (10%) .

inadequate signs and warning system .slippery floor .defective tools/unguarded machine . .layout that creates obstruction -excessive noise .extreme temperature . Ex.Causes of Accidents Unsafe condition – is a hazardous physical condition or circumstance which could directly permit the occurrence of an accident .poor illumination/ventilation .

 TO THE EMPLOYEE: 1) 2) 3) 4) Disability Loss of earning capacity Psychological effects (Mental & Physical) Change in social life  TO THE EMPLOYER: 1) Decreased of productivity or down time 2) Damage to property 3) Lost of company image .

the higher the company’s expenses (insurance premiums. the lower the profit on each product unit sold. compensation). “ The higher a company expenses. The more accidents take place in a facility. Production is higher & quality is better when accident is prevented.”  Accident prevention & efficient production go together. . medical treatment.

 PROVIDES US ECONOMIC STABILITY > conserves our resources > increase productivity & profitability > improve quality  A SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS OF EVERYONE  A LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EMPLOYER .

Indirect Costs • Spoiled Product • Lost Time By: Injured • Unhappy customers fellow Worker • Cleanup Time Supervisor • Schedule Delays • Training New Employees • Overhead Costs • Legal Fees • Increase in Insurance Cost (BUREAU OF WORKING CONDITIONS) . On the average.COST of ACCIDENTS This “iceberg” demonstrates the relationship between direct and indirect costs or accidents. Direct Costs • Medical Costs • Compensation/Indemnity indirect costs exceed direct costs by a 4:1 ratio.

Progress of OSH Legislations in the Philippines 1903. 8. 1933.development of OSH in the Philippines 1908.Employer’s Liability Act was instituted requiring employers to compensate workers who were injured while performing their job 1908 – Bureau of Labor was created.Workmen’s Compensation Act No. in addition to injury or death due to employment 1933 .Bureau of Labor was named Department of Labor on Dec. 3428 was passed providing payment of damages by the employer for illnesses. 1927 . .

696 was approved to include safety in the installation and operation of boilers and pressure vessels.Commonwealth Act No.1936. Known as the First Industrial Safety Law 1945. 104 was passed.Commonwealth Act No.Philippines became a member of ILO 1957 – Bureau of Labor Standards was created.SOPI was organized . 1959. First legislation directly enjoining management to ensure the promotion of OSH in the workplace. 1948.

1974.OSHS was approved.Tripartite consultation was held to amend OSHS Rule 1410 (Construction Safety).PD 442 (LCP) was passed 1975. .Tripartite body was created to study the proposed OSHS 1978. Nat’l Tripartite Committee was created to continue study the improvement of the OSHS 1982 – BLS renamed as BWC 1984.BLS started the program on accreditation of STOs to conduct OSH training. 1977.

First in Southeast Asia 1989. Tripartite Council on OSH in Construction Industry was created.1st Gen.DO 13 was issued. 1999 -ASPPI was organized.OSHC was created pursuant to EO 307.1988. Assembly & Convention of DOLE Accredited Safety Professionals was held .Tripartite consultation workshop held to discuss the amendments of Rule 1030 1998.First major revision of OSHS 1996.

and a living wage. .INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH LEGISLATIONS Phil. Article XIII Section 3 of Phil. . They shall be entitled to security of tenure.. Constitution The state shall afford full protection to labor... A . Const. humane conditions of work.

Book IV. promote employment and human resources development and ensure industrial peace based on social justice. : P.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH LEGISLATIONS Law Phil. 442. A .D. Titles I and II : Labor Code of the Phils. Const. Year Passed : 1974 Implementing Agency: Content: Revised and consolidated labor and social laws to afford full protection to labor. DOLE Title Labor Code.

Labor Code. enforcement of laws. Chartered cities may be allowed to conduct industrial safety inspection of establishments within their respective jurisdictions.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH LEGISLATIONS Phil. policies and programs on OSH. A . Article 162 – The Secretary of labor shall by appropriate order set and enforce mandatory OSH Standards to eliminate or reduce OSH hazards in all workplaces and institute new and update existing programs to ensure safe and healthful working conditions in all place of employment Article 165 .DOLE shall be solely responsible for the administration. Const.

Book IV.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH LEGISLATIONS Phil.D. Law Title : Rules and Regulations : Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) Implementing Art. 442 Labor Code. Const. 162. P. Year Passed : 1978 Relevant Provision/s : Rule 1000 to Rule 1980 OSHS. Implementing Agency: DOLE A . Title I.

Department of Labor and Employment .


the agencies which initially administer the employee’s compensation program in the public and private sector. rationalizing and coordinating the policies on employees compensation programs as well as deciding appealed cases from the GSIS and SSS. .INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ADMINISTATIVE ORGANIZATION FOR OSH DOLE ECC • Employees Compensation Commission • The ECC is responsible for initiating.

INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION FOR OSH DOLE ECC OSHC Occupational Safety and Health Center • Undertakes continuing studies and researches on OSH • Plans. A . develops and implements training programs on OSH Undertakes practical testing for safe use and sets standard specifications of PPEs • Monitor workers’ exposure to hazardous substance and environmental conditions.

– It oversee the implementation of standards through technical supervision of enforcement by the DOLE’s 15 Regional Offices all over the country A .INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION FOR OSH DOLE ECC BWC OSHC • Bureau of Working Conditions – The BWC performs primarily policy and program development and advisory functions in the administration and enforcement of laws relating to working conditions.

RO1 RO2 RO3 RO4 RO5 RO6 RO7 RO15 A . rules and regulations of the DOLE. policies.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION FOR OSH DOLE ECC BWC OSHC • Implements laws. projects. programs. plans.

Legal Basis of the Occupational Safety and Health and Standards Book IV. Dental and Occupational Safety Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Title I – Medical. (OSHS)1978 .

technical safety regulations. general safety and health rules. A . and other measures to eliminate or reduce OSH hazards in the workplace.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH STANDARDS A set of mandatory OSH standards which codifies all safety orders being enforced prior to its promulgation. It contains administrative requirements.

. set and enforce mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Standards to eliminate or reduce occupational safety and health hazards in all workplaces and institute new. Chapter II: Safety and Health Standards: The Secretary of Labor shall.Legal Basis of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards  Article 162. and update existing programs to ensure safe and healthful working conditions in all places of employment. by appropriate orders.

INTRODUCTION TO OSHS LEGAL BASIS OSH Standards: PURPOSE – to protect every working man against the dangers of injury. sickness or death through safe and healthful working conditions. sea and air transportation and safety in Mines. . • SCOPE – shall apply to all places of employment except land.

Occupational Safety & Health Standards Some Rules of the OSHS 1000 General Provisions 1010 1020 1030 1040 1050 Other Safety Rules Registration Training & Accreditation Health & Safety Committee Notification & Keeping of Occupational Illnesses & Injuries 1060 Premises of Establishments 1070 Environmental Control 1080 Personal Protective Equipment .

Occupational Safety & Health Standards Some OSHS Rules 1090 Hazardous Materials 1100 Gas & Electric Welding & Cutting Operations 1120 Hazardous Work Processes 1140 Explosives 1150 Materials Handling & Storage 1160 Boiler 1170 Unfired Pressure Vessels 1180 Internal Combustion Engine* 1220 Elevators & Related Equipment 1230 Identification of Piping System 1240 Power Piping Lines 1410 Construction Safety 1420 Logging 1940 Fire Protection & Control 1950 Pesticides & Fertilizers 1200 Machine Guarding 1210 Electrical Safety 1970 Fees 1980 Authority of LG 1990 Final Provisions 1960 OH Services .

• Labor inspectors also disseminate information.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS HOW DOLE ENFORCE OSH LAWS ? • The OSH laws are enforced and monitored by the ROs through its LSED manned by labor inspectors vested with visitorial and enforcement power under Article 128. advocate and give technical assistance on OSH .

including the location and operation of machinery other than those covered by technical safety inspection. elevators. . conditions of work environment. electrical installation. protection facilities and other safety and health hazards in the workplace. handling. internal combustion engines. General Health and Safety Inspection -refers to inspection of the work environment. lighting.Technical Safety Inspection . ventilation.refers to inspection for the purpose of safety determination of boilers. pressure vessels. storage or work procedures. adequacy of work space. hoisting equipment and other mechanical equipment.

OSH STANDARDS General Provisions (Rule 1000) • Rule 1005: DUTIES OF EMPLOYER • Furnish his workers a place of employment free from hazardous conditions. . • Comply with the requirements of the Standards. • Give complete job safety instruction to all his workers. • Use only approved devices and equipment in his workplace.

• Report any work hazard in the workplace.OSH STANDARDS General Provisions (Rule 1000) • DUTIES OF WORKERS • Cooperate with the employer in carrying out the provisions of the Standards. • Make proper use of all safeguards and safety devices furnished in accordance with the provisions of OSHS for his protection and the protection of others. • Follow all instructions by the employer in compliance with the OSHS provisions .

builds. .OSH STANDARDS General Provisions (Rule 1000) • DUTIES OF OTHER PERSONS • Any person including builders or contractors. innovates or installs devices in establishments or workplaces shall comply with the provision of OSHS rules and all regulations issued by the employer in compliance with the Standards and other issuances of the Secretary. who visits.

opening after previous closing.OSH STANDARDS Rule 1020 .Registration • Every employer shall register his/her business with the Regional Labor Office or authorized representative to provide the DOLE with information as guide in its enforcement activities. ownership. . • free of charge • valid for the lifetime of the establishment except when there is change in name. location.

* Based on Department Order No. shall conduct continuing training programs to increase the supply and competence of personnel qualified to carry out the provision of this Standards. • Employer to appoint a safety officer on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the type of workplace (whether hazardous or non-hazardous) and number of worker in the workplace. 16. series of 2001 .Training and Accreditation of Personnel in OSH • The BWC either directly or through accredited organizations.OSH STANDARDS Rule 1030 .

OSH STANDARDS Rule 1030 . • Explosives factories. series of 2001 . • Large fertilizer stores.Training and Accreditation of Personnel in OSH • Highly Hazardous Establishments – is one where potential hazard within the company may affect the safety and/or health of workers not only within but also persons outside the premises of the workplace. • Works in which chlorine is used in bulk. 16. LPG storage and materials. * Based on Department Order No. Storages and distribution center for toxic/hazardous chemicals. Chemical works and chemical production plants. • • • • Petrochemical works and refineries.

accident investigation or any other related programs .OSH STANDARDS Rule 1030 . supervisors and workers on OSH Investigate accident Coordinate safety training program Conduct safety and health inspection Maintain accident records system Provide assistance to government agencies in the conduct of health and safety inspection.Training and Accreditation of Personnel in OSH • Duties of Safety Officer • • • • • • Advice the employer.

Training and Accreditation of Personnel in OSH • A full-time safety officer must be duly accredited by the BWC. . however.OSH STANDARDS Rule 1030 . The employment of a consultant. ACCREDITATION PROGRAM OF DOLE Note: The employment of a full-time safety officer may not be required if the employer enters into a written contract with a qualified consultant or consulting organization whose duties and responsibilities shall be the duties of a safety practitioner as stated in these Rule. will not excuse the employer from the required training of his supervisors or technical personnel.

40 hour BOSH) . Has completed the prescribed Basic OSH training from DOLE accredited or recognized organizations. (For Nurses .Requirements for Accreditation OSH PRACTITIONER 1.At least 50 hours of Basic Training in Occupational Nursing) (For Physician Basic Occupational Medicine) Training in (For Safety Officer .

Has relevant experience in OSH • Three (3) years experience if applicant is duly licensed by PRC. • Ten (10) years experience if applicant is a college undergraduate. • Four (4) years experience if applicant is a graduate of any 4 or 5 year college course without PRC license.Requirements for Accreditation OSH PRACTITIONER 2. .

Health and Safety Committee  is a group of employees and management that plans and develops polices in all matters pertaining to safety and health in the workplace.OSH STANDARDS RULE 1040 . .

.Health and Safety Committee • Duties: • Plans and develops accident prevention program. • Directs the accident prevention efforts. • Initiates and supervises safety trainings for employees.OSH STANDARDS RULE 1040 . • Provides necessary assistance to government inspecting authorities. • Develops and maintains a disaster contingency plan.

• RULE 1040 . supervisors. must be union members) • Company Physician.Health and Safety Committee – Composition/Involved Persons – CHAIRPERSON : Manager or his authorized representative – MEMBERS: • Department heads. foreman • Workers/s (if unionized.Safety man/Safety Officer . Nurse/First Aider • SECRETARY .

to inform the committee of the reason.OSH STANDARDS RULE 1040 . • Act on recommended measures of health and safety committee and in case of non-adoption. • Report to the enforcing authority the policies adopted and required report requirements.Health and Safety Committee • Duties of employer: • Establishes and adopts in writing administrative policies on safety and health. .

copy furnished the Bureau .Health and Safety Committee OSH RULE REPORT/FORM WHERE TO FILE WHEN TO FILE Rule 1040 Health and Safety Committee Report of Safety Organization – (DOLE/BWC/IP-5) 2 copies.OSH STANDARDS RULE 1040 . to be submitted to concerned RO.At least on quarterly basis Minutes of the Meeting – No form needed .Within one (1) month after the organization .

OSH STANDARDS RULE 1050 . employer shall initially notify the Regional Labor Office within 24 hours. . If Major work accidents results in death or permanent total disability.All work accidents or occupational illnesses. 1054: Keeping of Records . resulting in disabling conditions or dangerous occurrences shall be reported by the employer to the Regional Labor Office.The employer shall maintain and keep an accident or illness record which shall be open at all times for inspection to authorized personnel.01: Notification .Notification & Keeping of Accident and/ or Occupational Illnesses • • • 1053.

OSH STANDARDS RULE 1050 .Notification & Keeping of Accident and/ or Occupational Illnesses • Provides the safety officer means for an objective evaluation of the program • Helps identify high injury rates • Provides information on accident causes which contributes to high injury rates .

OSH STANDARDS RULE 1050 .Notification & Keeping of Accident and/or Occupational Illnesses OSH RULE Rule 1050 Notification and Keeping of Accidents and/or Occupational Illnesses REPORT/FORM Work Accident Illness Report (WAIR) – (DOLE/BWC/IP-6) WHEN TO REPORT -On or before the 20th day of the month following the date of occurrence of the accident -On or before Jan. to be submitted to concerned RO. 20 of the following year Within 24 h ours WHERE TO REPORT 2 copies. copy furnished the Bureau Annual Exposure Data Report (AEDR) (DOLE/BWC/IP-6b) Fatal/major accident .

RULE 1960 - Occupational Health Services

Every employer is required to provide in his workplace medical and dental services, emergency medicines and dental facilities.



Refers to the qualified first aider, nurse dentist or physician, whose services have been engaged by the employer in order to provide occupational health services in the establishment.

No. of workers 1 – 50
51 -99

Hazardous workplace

Non-Hazardous Workplace Where the nature of work

First-aider per shift FA Medicines exposes per shift FA Medicine First-aider workers to :

100 - 199

601 - 2,000 2,001 - above

Dangerous environmental First-aider per shift First-aider hazardous elements,per shift ETR contaminants, ionizing ETR PT OH Nurse 4h/d 6d/w radiation, chemicals, flammable substances First-aider per shift, FT nurse First-aider per shift, PT doctor 4h/d 3d/w PT OH Nurse 4h/day EMC Construction, mining, fire ETR PT dentist 4h/d 3d/w fighting, stevedoring, dock First-aider per shift, FT nurse First-aider per shift, FT nurse work, deep sea fishing, EH mechanized farming ETR PT doctor 4h/d, 6d/w PT doctor 4h/day, 3d/w DC PT dentist PT dentist Dangerous work First-aider per shift, FT nurse First-aider/S, conditions FT nurse EC FT doctor or 2 PT doctors EH PT doctor 4h/d, 6/w Manufacture or handling DC FT dentist PT dentist of explosives, pyrotechnic products FT nurse/S First-aider/S, FT nurse/S First-aider/S, FT doctor + PT doctor/S EH FT doctor PT doctor/S Heavy or+power driven EMC DC FT dentist FT dentist tools and/or machinery DC

OSH STANDARDS • Emergency Hospital – An employer need not put up an emergency hospital or dental clinic if there is a hospital or dental clinic which is not more than five(5) kilometers away in urban areas and 25 minutes travel in rural areas provided contracts are entered into with the said hospital or dental clinic and that the employer provides transportation facilities. • . PHYSICIAN/DENTIST shall be subject to call at any time in other shifts during emergencies.

free of charge. including investigation of work related accidents due to exposure to health hazards – Develop and implement a comprehensive health program for the employees . in addition to providing medical services in cases of emergency. for the proper selection of workers – Conduct free of charge annual physical examination of the workers – Collaborate with safety and technical personnel in the selection and placement of workers.OSH STANDARDS • Health Program – The physician engaged by the employer. must also perform the following: – Conduct pre-employment medical examination.

OSH STANDARDS REQUIRED REPORT UNDER RULE 1960 OSH RULE Rule 1960 Occupational Health Services REPORT/FORM Annual Medical Report .DOLE/BWC/OH-47A AMR WHERE TO FILE WHEN TO REPORT 2 copies submitted to On or before the concerned RO copy last day of March furnished the Bureau of the year following the covered period .

The training course prescribed by the BWC shall be requisite for the appointment of the safety officer in the place of employment – All full-time safety officers must meet the requirement of dulyaccredited Safety Practitioner or Safety Consultants by the Bureau . – Require the employer to appoint a safety officer.INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ACCREDITATION PROGRAM Rule 1030 .Training and Accreditation of Personnel in OSH – Mandates the BWC to conduct training program on OSH directly or through accredited Safety Training Organization.

INTRODUCTION TO OSHS Requirements in the Practice of OSH Completion of the Bureau Prescribed Training Course On OSH conducted by DOLE Accredited Safety Training Organization  BWC Accreditation as OSH practitioner/consultant .

INTRODUCTION TO OSHS ACCREDITATION PROGRAM UPDATE The Bureau has accredited: • • • • 1800 safety practitioners 175 safety consultants 20 Active Safety Training Organization 4 Testing of Construction Heavy Equipment organization .

Every employer shall take steps to train a sufficient number of supervisors or technical personnel in occupational safety and health. of workers 1-250 251-500 501-750 751-1000 Every add’l. 500 or fraction thereof Non-hazardous workplace One(1) part-time safety officer Two(2) part-time safety officers One(1) full-time safety officer Two(2) full-time safety officers One(1) add’l.· Training of Personnel: . No. full-time safety officer .

· Training of Personnel: . 500 or fraction thereof Every add’l. FT safety officer 2 full-time safety officer 2 FT & 1 PT safety officer 1 add’l.Every employer shall take steps to train a sufficient number of supervisors or technical personnel in occupational safety and health. No. 250 or fraction thereof 1 FT & PT safety officer 2 full-time safety officer 1 add’l. FT safety officer . of workers 1-50 51-200 Hazardous 1 part-time safety officer 1 full-time safety officer Highly hazardous 1 full-time safety officer 1 FT & 1 PT safety officer 201-250 251-500 Every add’l.

3. Report to DOLE the organization of HSC & the Safety Policy adopted. Report to DOLE the minutes of meetings of the HSC at least once in every 3 months (quarterly). 2. Organize a Health & Safety Committee.RULE 1040 HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITTEE 1. Establish & adopt in writing administrative policies on safety in conformity with the provision of this Standards. . 4.

OSH Standards: • RULE 1040 . .Health and Safety Committee – is a group of employees and management that plans and develops polices in all matters pertaining to safety and health in the workplace.

Health and Safety Committee • Duties – Plans and develops accident prevention program – Inspects workplace to detect unsafe condition – Reviews reports related to safety and health – Provides necessary assistance to government inspecting authorities – Initiates and supervises safety trainings for employees .INTRODUCTION TO OSHS OSH Standards Rule 1040.

Annual Exposure Data Report must also be reported to DOLE every January on the following year. .RULE 1050 NOTIFY & KEEPING OF RECORDS OF ACCIDENTS & OCCUPATIONAL ILLNESSES 1. Notify DOLE of all work accidents/occupational illnesses resulting in disabling conditions. 3. 2. It shall be reported on the 20th day following the date of occurrence.

& .Medical supplies & equipment. . .Medicines.RULE 1960 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES Establish/Provide Occupational Health Services.Medical facilities Report to DOLE the company Annual Medical Report .Occupational Health Personnel. .

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