Empathic return When you pick up or absorb pain from others There are quite a few things you

can learn to do to deal with this. You can learn to refuse pain sent by others you can learn to observe it rather t han feel it. You can learn to shield from it or to filter out negatives includi ng pain.. You can through the process of meditation and study and working with your high s elf and Guiding Angel and Chi to raise your vibration to a place where you are not susceptible to" invasion" you can remove pain you have accidentally accepte d. ****You can send it into the Earth for transformation.**** You can learn how t o work with healing energies to help alleviate others suffering without taking it upon yourself. Most people from whom the empath is feeling pain are not sen ding it out deliberately. In fact in many and maybe most cases it is actually the empath who is in effect reaching out and taking it on. Some taking on of pai n is often a temporary part of the process of learning compassion and mercy fo r others. When you raise your level of spiritual development you can understand others suffering without suffering from it yourself. Rather than returning pain to those who may be unaware of your experience of it . Attend to the many ways of preventing yourself from taking it on. You can pre vent absorbtionp while maintaining your awareness and compassionate humanity. M ost "senders" are unaware of projecting. They would be greatly troubled to kno w that they were causing pain to others. Another danger of "returning" pain is that Empaths often amplify pain and may send back rather more than they receiv ed. The decision to "send back" pain requires several elements of discernment A nd judgment. Are you certain that you have identified the true source of the p ain? Would you want to be treated in this way? Do you agree to accept any of yo ur pain that is sent back to you? Rather than sending it back I would suggest y ou rid yourself of it learn not to take it on and further that you bless and sen d a prayer or hope or energetic offering of spiritual healing energy that the one who's pain you felt be healed, blessed and comforted. You will encounter the advice to return pain to the sender My experience is tha t while this is common advice it is ultimately not the best way to deal with it and not a good cause in the long run. I also lived much of my life with severe and disabling pain. The same long term effort to acquire skills to deal with an excess of empathy also have virtually eliminated the chronic pain I lived w ith for years. Sending pain back to others may indeed not harm them. I do thin k that it can harm the sender. I felt called upon to share some of my decades of experience in this area. Peggy Jentoft

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