The Lees

Be patient in tribulation
The Apostle Paul experienced first hand great tribulation in his life and then advised the church in Rome to “be patient in tribulation.” God had shown him many times during his missionary journeys that the reality of living in this world as a Christian is marked by many trials and tribulations. But more than that, he had learned that the Christian life is marked even more by grace, by joy, and by a heavenly constancy that bends but will not yield to the hardships of this life. Paul was making every effort to transfer this spirit given understanding to the followers of Christ throughout the world. Having at one time persecuted the church, he was now the persecuted. As such he could write with sincerity to the Roman church that there was and is indeed nothing that can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. As many of you are aware, the powers of darkness in Mexico are exerting themselves through narcotrafficking in such a severe way it is impacting the day to day lives of many including even the team in Monterrey. However, the Lees see this time of tribulation in Mexico in the same light as our leadership team in Monterrey does; as an opportunity. The people of Mexico are at the point of despair. They have looked far and wide to other institutions and other people in an vain attempt to find deliverance, and yet the suffering only


Spring 2011
grows. Who will rescue them from that wretched place of sin? Praise be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Now is the time for the church to be in the streets, and in the communities proclaiming the only true and lasting hope, the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Christ alone is where their redemption will be found Now more than ever, Tricia and I are committed to the call to go to Monterrey and to assist our friends in this much needed gospel endeavor. Pray for us that God will grant to us and our team the ability to be patient in the midst of such great tribulation. Peace & Grace, Michael

The beginning of 2011 has been a terrible time for Monterrey regarding violent crimes. Last year drug related violence was occurring mostly outside the city and in a few areas among the poorer sections of the city. However, over the last several months, the violence has been increasing in the very areas where we are planting churches, such as West Cumbres, Apodaca, San Nicolas, and the south end of Monterrey. Last year we were able to avoid the difficult areas, but now the difficulties are happening in our ministry areas. As a result of these concerns, and this may be the most difficult decision we have made in the last 10 years in our ministry in Northern Mexico, we are sorry to communicate to you that we are canceling all the short term teams for 2011. In spite of the fact that many of you will not be coming this year, we would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for being our partners and ask you to pray for us as we endeavor to share the healing balm of the gospel of Jesus Christ across northern Mexico.

Summer teams cancelled

Pray for the safety of the team. the current Director of ITEM. But more than that pray thatGod will see fit to use our team to bring people out of this darkness and despair into his marvelous light. After that our plan is to head in the general direction of México while visiting some of our supporting churches along the way before we actually cross the border and head once and for all for Monterrey. Our goal is to be in Monterrey the beginning of June. the Academic Dean. Pray for the weeks ahead as we prepare to say our goodbyes.Prayer Requests “Acknowledge your faults to one another. In Christ. It will be difficult. will be leaving Monterrey very soon to return to the  or 904-502-4713 .222-5733 (vonage) Michael: re4merz@gmail. NoMex Vision Trip Info The next Vision Trip is scheduled for October 7. Virginia in order to visit our families one more time before leaving for México. it is our habit to pray for our friends or our churches every evening at the supper table. but starts them again in the Tricia: mercgivr@gmail.9.” James 5:16 1. we have spent the last several weeks in the States getting our children settled into their new living arrangements while we are making final preparations to move to Monterrey. For more information contact Al Couch at Alcouch11@gmail. Pray for our www. This is the area where we will focus on finding a house. Over the next couple of weeks we will be visiting churches in Tennessee and the upstate of South Carolina in hopes of partnering with additional churches or individuals who share a common concern for the people and the ministry of reconciliation in México. Mic hael & Tricia Lee MTW Missionaries to México MTW #14461 Donations Address Mission to the World PO Box 116284 Atlanta. Our 3 children will remain in the US.866. and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition. This will be quite a change for us as a family. Pray for our children. The reason for this is that Caleb Dunn. Graduation day at the Spanish Language Institute The Road Ahead In our last newsletter. Though we can both speak and understand a great deal of what is being spoken. Tricia has been experiencing joint pain associated with post-menopause. Both the office and the institute are located here as are two of our church plants. it will take several more years in México before we can say we are truly fluent in Spanish. the power and influence of evil is on the increase. I will likely take on some administrative duties to help out Jorge Aleman. Please write us when you can and let us know how we can pray for you. Michael & Tricia Lee 2. Moreover. Though the safety of most is not immediately threatened. Thank you for helping make this happen. and pray for one another.373. Pray for God’s protection of each one and that their hearts will desire to made more into the image of Christ. in spite of the great challenges that lie ahead for México in her battle against narco-trafficking. There is only one lasting solution to the México's difficulties. Additionally. It looks like our arrival could not have come at a better (more providential) time. Pray for Tricia. This is good news for me as it will allow me time to work on my spanish language skills so that I can be better prepared to teach in spanish. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much if it be fervent. Most of the missionaries currently live the Cumbres area of Monterrey. Typically the Institute (ITEM) where I will be teaching does not hold classes over the summer. I must share with you how truly excited Tricia and I are to finally have the opportunity to be a part of this team and its God-given call to minister in word and in deed to a people who are greatly distressed.bethelpresbyterian. 3. that you may be healed. In the midst of all of this we also found time to travel to Tidewater. we shared how after 5 months things were going with our language training. Since leaving Costa Rica at the end of April.6133 Send correspondence to: 1137 Crossland Rd Clover. GA 30368 For e-donations call: 1. South Carolina 29710 803. but one God has given us much peace about. In the end we spent a total of 14 months in Costa Rica and over 900 hours in the classroom at the Spanish Language Institute with Tricia and I both graduating on high notes. Once in Monterrey we will search for a place we can call home. we have been visiting a number of churches in an effort to shore up a deficiency in our support account. Pray that God will heal her of the pain or give her the grace to endure it.

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