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E-37/6 GTB Nagar, Kareli, Distt. - Allahabad State – Uttar Pradesh E-mail – Contact - +966-536956623 Objectives
Challenging and rewarding position in the field of telecommunication which contains a forward moving where my education and talent can be utilized and expanded.

Professional Profile
 Having a 6.3 year experience in telecom projects, encompassing installation, testing and commissioning of

electronic and telecommunication equipments.

 Presently working as a Project Manager in MICE Arabia Group, on Ericsson Riyadh project.  Network experience in GSM projects.  Excellent communication with effective leadership skills and strong analytical, problem solving & organizational


Position: Project Manager. Period : June 2011 to till now. Location- Riyadh KSA. Project- STC Job Profile :- Doing PMR of STC and Mobily RBS sites.

1. PREVIOUS EMPLOYER: Synergy Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Position: Assistant Project Manager (APM) Period : Feb 2010 to May 2011 Location- Allahabad U.P. Project- BSNL Job Profile :- Providing installation Integration status reports regularly to project Management Reporting to project management of foreseeable problems/ all deviations from the original planning, Make sure site Implementation is done properly by subcontractor. Review rollout and technical competence of partners and suppliers. Rollout support training to partners.

Telecom implementation

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Providing installation & Integration status reports regularly to project management Reporting to project management of foreseeable problems/ all deviations from the original planning i. e. extra works, delays, cancellations, etc Make sure site Implementation is done properly by sub-contractor. Report to P.M. Work with ZPM to review rollout and technical competence of partners and suppliers. If needed support rollout training for partners. Regular contact with the counterparts (service suppliers/ Customers) to discuss planning Definition of site-specific documentation, share of responsibilities and site acceptance process Implement Project Quality Plan and quality module for site work Support project for site equipment delivery completeness and timescales according to Nokia processes Support with any problem solving for implementation issues on site. Support for integration & commissioning of BTS site to BTS Engineer. Support for E1 dropping KLM mapping through NMS. Make sure site quality assessment is done according to project quality process and reporting requirements Acts on changes in Project requirements or specifications

3. .I & Network availability. 2x2-34+2 Commissioning new sites using RBS Series with different configurations like 2+2+2. Assurance of media availability for the new BTS site.T in coordination with project team & daily tracker update of cluster activity Job Responsibilities                 Integration of new BTS sites. 5 Looking after all the CF faults and TRX fault of all sites. Installation and Testing of BTS & Microwave sites.6+6+6 etc. Handling Call Drops. 8 HOP Up gradation from 4x2 to 16 x2 & from 1+0 to 1+1 in Live sites.• • • Cooperate with network planning. PREVIOUS ORGANISATION: . maintain the K. Job profile: Completely responsible for Integration. Ltd. Ericsson India Pvt. Job Responsibilities 1 2 3 4 To achieve monthly rollout target. Monitor alarms and statistics coming from the network Installation & Define of TMA. SA and CW in project to ensure site implementation activities are in line with other service lines in project Checking the site specific documentation and providing all needed documentation to the partners to enable them to perform the job Collecting site quality checklist from service suppliers and ensuring that the quality tool is updated 2. Position: Engineer FM Period : June 2005 to May 2008 Job Profile: Control the outage in cluster. Coordinating with the field technicians and Engineers to resolve any network degrading faults generated at BTS sites and Installation teams. reduce hardware alarm & conduct the A. Diversity & VSWR faults. ML-E) Monitoring and rectification of CF and TRX faults Commissioning of Microwave equipment's for PCM links with 1+0 and 1+1 Commissioning of Microwave Modem Unit like 4x2. 10 Instalation of BTS and Microwave (Transmission) . Testing and commissioning of microwave links. 9 Recommend timely actions and solutions to customer service requests. 34+2. 6 Measurement of VSWR. Installation & Monitoring the 1+1 protection activity. Installation and Testing of BTS & Microwave sites. Implementation & maintenance of Ericsson RBS2000 series BTS Implementation. up gradation and hop tuning Implementation & maintenance Ericsson PDH radios of different capacities (Hi-Cap. 4+4+4.. Ltd. 7 Communication of faults and a solution to the customer. Migration of sites from one bsc to new one as per plan . Quality audit of the sites. . Completely responsible for Integration. PREVIOUS EMPLOYER : Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt. Position: Project Engineer TI (UP West) Period: June 2008 to Feb 2010. Up gradation of BTS sites for better network performance.P. Maintenance of 2 bsc with pdh and sdh equipments. Monitoring & handling all microwave activities like microwave changeover. testing of VSWR using Site Master.

Also. integrity and ethically correct work practices. Result : First division (66. Done Configuration and commissioning of MINI-LINK Traffic node 2P.Axx . Implemented High-cap as ring topology and chain topology.2005 Result : First division (72. Institute : IERT Allahabad Board : Board of technical education U. Done Configuration and commissioning of MINI-LINK High-Cap (STM-1). 6P. Kareli Allahabad.42%). Bachelor of Engineering : Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering.86%). Male Single Indian English . Hindi Declaration . Haroon Permanent Address : E-37/6 GTB Nagar. University : Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University. while taking care of quality in all the endeavors with innovation and creativity shall be my topmost priority. 6P. Software Up gradation Traffic node 2P. community and colleagues. Professional Qualifications Diploma (3Years) in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Responsible for Quality Assurance for BTS and Microwave Sites. U.              Implemented Traffic node as ring topology using 1+1SNCP protection ( Sub Network Control Protocol ) Monitoring the Ring protection activity. Mohd. Alarm monitoring and fault analysis. GSM Tools Familiar With   Site master. Shariq Haroon Father Name : Mr. Monitoring of alarms in BSC. Anritsu Digital Millimeter Value Addition I would focus on Quality and Ease in system requirements. I will render my best to enhance the competence of the company by honesty. Personal Details Name : Mohd.Bird.P. Used AXX With MINI-LINK High-Cap dropping for E1's at various sites. Up-gradation of PDH Hop. Further more I have a penchant for hard work and leadership. respecting and empowering people. India. Implemented Traffic node as chain topology.P. Coordinating with Vendor and other Operators regarding site issues. Up-gradation of Traffic node from LTU 16x2(Electrical) to LTU 155E/o (Optical. 211016 E-Mail Address : Gender : Marital status : Nationality : Languages known : shariq_iert@yahoo. Institute : Aligarh College of Engineering and Management. Year : 2002 .

I hereby declare that all the information provided by me in this application is factual and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place : Date : / / Mohd. Shariq .