Returns to investment in ICTs for Education

Scope note for literature review
• • • • • • Focus on economic and socio-economic impacts (probably limit to impacts on economic growth and on health) Focus on two key areas: (i) outcomes of quality of education and efficiency of its delivery; (ii) use of technology to improve performance management Focus on teacher centric approaches Scope is K12: primary and secondary schooling (not higher/vocational) Class based approaches Impact on quality level of education delivered as an intermediary step to other impacts

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Test hypotheses document Linkage of education to growth Impact of education on health Impact of ICT on education Development perspectives on range of issues to be covered

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Becta studies key The non-technical limits to investment (development theory perspectives), deliverability of services by government etc Laptops, connectivity without content Only if relates to class based use Not major concern but good to have figures on returns to investment

Examples of stupid investments Research from ? on usage of maths education ? Distance education Role of school principles in implementing policies Radio/television

Schoolnet? South Africa: including study on multimedia. Canada.Impact factors Quicker to cover curriculum Wider spread of control Reduced preparation time for teachers Improved service management (in-school productivity) Presentation of literature survey Examples of using scorecards Abstract style As way of presenting model results to actual decision makers Include a separate database field for "gold nuggets" of analytical data Sources to investigate: • • • • • • • • • • Infodev: doing series of training events Unesco: series of events. including private sector consultations (Microsoft in July in South Africa Singapore: an early investor US Dept of education: What Works website: http://www.000 schools Turkey / Malaysia: Siemens building content Philippines (Nokia) Europe. Japan.ed. Asian Tigers? . Jordan (but too early for impact).

which research papers on ICT4E underpin their policies .htm Eldis would provide: • • RA support (doc selection plus abstract) Research Assistant to produce abstracts Microsoft.htm . preferably by finding out from governments (of developed or developing countries) who are leaders in Synthesis of issues: this would be in one of the established Eldis formats. either as "Key Issues Pages" or as a "Dossier" Examples: Key issues pages: • http://www.Returns to investment from the use of ICTs for education The aim is to provide an initial baseline survey of worldwide documents on the issue of return to investments in ICT for education which could be used as a resource for the collaborative study of Returns to Investment from the use of ICTs for Eduation (Learnometer) team (involving several organisations including • http://www.eldis. This would involve: • use of existing summaries from Eldis and (possibly) other IDS services • identifying other important relevant research GeSCI and A T Kearney) and as a product for public consultation on the Eldis website. producing summaries of papers we have identified as important but which are not yet summarized by IDS • providing advice on how to structure the knowledge resources of the study for web presentation • write some brief text summarizing issues and guiding readers through the documents • use of Eldis channels as a means of communicating the results of the survey The emphasis will be on documents which are online and available free Abstract style: see examples of Eldis-style abstracts linked to from the page at http://www.htm (simpler version) Dossiers: • http://www. We could also discuss how to bring out elements of the document which are significant for RoI modeling.htm • http://www.

• • • • Web page production and hosting on Eldis website of baseline survey results (in Key Issue page or dossier formats.this will be discussed over the next two months as Learnometer research requirements and resourcing are clarified . The Eldis survey or a link to it may be placed on the Learnometer website or those of the various partners in the study It is possible that further IDS work may be commissioned as part of the Learnometer study after the initial survey is complete . Eldis may in due course post or refer to the outputs on the Eldis website. see below for examples) Dissemination of results through Eldis channels Request for more documents through Eldis channels Supply copy of abstracts/synthesis for parallel hosting on Learnometer sites (if required) The Learnometer team would provide: • • • • • Advice on subject Initial documents Advice on sources for additional materials Short synthesis of results of survey Final quality check Timetable: work to be completed by May 1 Cost (to be met from Eldis's existing budget): • • RA subject specialist: education focus and abstracter / writer (9 days at £ 223 = £2007 Supervision from the Eldis programme manager (Learnometer team’s costs to be met from their own budget) The Learnometer team will acknowledge Eldis s a knowledge partner and will make available the high level outputs of the study to Eldis.

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