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Oracle Applications

Release 11i
Documentation List

Release 11i Documentation Titles (11.5.8) Part Number PDF File

Technology Documentation
Product Update Notes
Oracle Applications Product Update Notes A90364-01 r115pun.pdf
Installing Oracle Applications B10245-01 r1158ins.pdf
Maintaining Oracle Applications Documentation Set B10261-01 NA
Oracle Applications AD Procedures Guide B10248-01 11iadproc.pdf
Oracle Applications AD Utilities Reference Guide B10247-01 11iadutil.pdf
Oracle Applications Concepts B10277_01 11iconcepts.pdf
Upgrade Assistant Spreadsheet NA upgasst.xls
Upgrading Oracle Applications B10246-01 r1158ug.pdf
Oracle Applications Release 10.7 with Enterprise Edition Release 8.1.7 NA iop107817.html
Oracle Applications Release 11.0 with Enterprise Edition Release 8.1.7 NA iop110817.html
Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 3 (8.1.7) NA iop11i817.html
Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1) NA iop11i901.html
Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2.0) NA iop11i920.html
Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications A81174-02 115multorg.pdf
Multiple Reporting Currencies in Oracle Applications A80825-03 115mrc.pdf
Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide A75393-03 115flexug.pdf
Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide A96154-02 115saug.pdf
Oracle Applications User's Guide A75394-04 115oaug.pdf
Oracle Applications Developer's Guide A75545-03 115devg.pdf
Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms-Based Products A75395-01 115uistan.pdf
Oracle Alert User's Guide A75398-02 115alrug.pdf
Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard User Guide A81178-01 115azug.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Web Applications Implementation Manual A75399-03 115icxig.pdf
Oracle Workflow Guide A95265-04 115wfug.pdf
Oracle XML Gateway User's Guide A90250-03 115ecxug.pdf
ERP Documentation
Applications Desktop Integrator User's Guide A88712-01 71adiug.pdf
Integrating Oracle Receivables with Taxware Sales/Use Tax System Implementation Guide A80835-02 115artaxw.pdf
Integrating Oracle Receivables with Vertex Quantum Implementation Guide A80834-02 115arvert.pdf
Oracle Assets User Guide A81359-02 115faug.pdf
Oracle Cash Management User Guide A80839-01 115ceug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Enabled Assets Concepts and Procedures A83647-01 cua115ug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Enabled Projects Concepts and Procedures A83646-01 ipa115ug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Implementation Guide A83615-01 ipa115ig.pdf
Oracle Financials Open Interface Reference A81179-01 115finoig.pdf
Oracle Financials RXi Reports Administration Tool User Guide A81232-02 115finrxi.pdf
Oracle General Ledger User Guide A80826-04 115glug.pdf
Oracle Internet Expenses Implementation and Administration Guide A80831-03 115oieig.pdf
Oracle iReceivables Implementation Guide A97625-01 115oirig.pdf
Oracle Payables User Guide A81180-03 115apug.pdf
Oracle Property Manager User Guide A80837-03 115pnug.pdf
Oracle Receivables Tax Manual A80828-01 115artax.pdf
Oracle Receivables User Guide A80838-02 115arug.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Time Implementation Guide A85269-01 115sstig.pdf
Oracle Trading Community Architecture API User Notes B10106-01 115hzapi.pdf
Oracle Trading Community Architecture Data Quality Management User Guide A97626-01 115hzdqm.pdf
Oracle Trading Community Architecture Third Party Data Integration User Guide A97628-02 115hztpdi.pdf
Oracle Treasury User Guide A81325-02 115xtrug.pdf
Financials & Sales Analyzers
Integrating Oracle Financial Analyzer with Oracle General Ledger A86564-01 ofaintg.pdf
Oracle Financial Analyzer Application Programming Interface Structure and Supporting Meta Data Guide A86119-01 ofaapi.pdf
Oracle Financial Analyzer Installation and Upgrade Guide A96137-01 ofains.pdf
Oracle Financial Analyzer User's Guide A96138-01 ofaug.pdf
Oracle Sales Analyzer Administrator's Guide A96145-01 osaadm.pdf
Oracle Sales Analyzer Installation and Upgrade Guide A96143-01 osains.pdf
Oracle Sales Analyzer User's Guide A96144-01 osaug.pdf
Financial Services
Oracle Budgeting & Planning Reference Guide A82945-01 pbr115ug.pdf
Oracle Financial Data Manager Administration Guide A82944-01 fem115ug.pdf
Oracle Financial Data Manager Balance & Control Reference Guide A82947-01 fe1115ug.pdf
Oracle Financial Data Manager Data Dictionary A82946-02 fem115ig.pdf
Oracle Financial Data Manager Rate Manager Reference Guide A80990-01 rm1115ug.pdf
Oracle Financial Data Manager Reporting Administration Guide A80993-02 fe2115ug.pdf
Oracle Financial Services Installation and Configuration Guide A80992-01 fe1115ig.pdf
Oracle Performance Analyzer Reference Guide A80987-02 pft115ug.pdf
Oracle Risk Manager Reference Guide A80989-01 rmg115ug.pdf
Oracle Transfer Pricing Online Reference Guide A87365-01 ft115ug.pdf
Oracle Transfer Pricing Reference Guide A80991-01 ftp115ug.pdf
Oracle Project Resource Management Implementation and Administration Guide B10049-01 pjr115ig.pdf
Oracle Projects User Guide A82837-01 115paug.pdf

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Oracle Applications
Release 11i
Documentation List
Product Lifecycle Management
Oracle Product Development Exchange Setup Guide A88862_01 pdx62im.pdf
Public Sector
Oracle Grants Accounting User's Guide A85357-02 115gmsug.pdf
Oracle Grants Proposal User's Guide A85295-02 115igwug.pdf
Oracle Labor Distribution User's Guide A85309-02 115pspug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Advanced Features User's Guide A86613-01 115psaug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Applications Product Update Notes A87380-01 115pspun.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Budgeting User's Guide A85366-01 115psbug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) User's Guide B10025-01 115igiug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector General Ledger User's Guide A75079-02 115psglug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Payables User's Guide A75080-02 115psapug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Purchasing User's Guide A75084-02 115pspoug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Receivables User's Guide A75081-02 115psarug.pdf
Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User's Guide A86658-01 115fvug.pdf
University Systems
Oracle Financial Aid User's Guide A97709-01 igf115ug.pdf
Oracle Student System User's Guide A97698-01 NA
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 1 A97699-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 2 A97700-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 3 A97701-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 4 A97702-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 5 A97703-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 6 A97704-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 7 A97705-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 8 A97706-01 na
Oracle Student System User's Guide, Volume 9 A97707-01 na
Oracle Student System for the United Kingdom User's Guide A95938-01 na
Maintenance Management
Oracle Enterprise Asset Management User's Guide A95930-02 115eamug.pdf
Discrete Manufacturing
Oracle Bills of Material User's Guide A75087-04 115bomug.pdf
Oracle Capacity User's Guide A75085-01 115crpug.pdf
Oracle Copy Inventory Organization Implementation Guide A95116-01 115cioig.pdf
Oracle Cost Management User's Guide A75088-02 115cstug.pdf
Oracle e-Commerce Gateway Implementation Manual A75164-03 115eccim.pdf
Oracle e-Commerce Gateway User's Guide A75089-02 115eccug.pdf
Oracle Engineering User's Guide A75090-02 115engug.pdf
Oracle Inventory User's Guide A83507-05 115invug.pdf
Oracle Manufacturing APIs and Open Interfaces Manual A95955-02 115mfgapi.pdf
Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling User's Guide A77021-05 115wpsug.pdf
Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning User's Guide A82941-02 115mrpug.pdf
Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications User's Guide A86726_02 115mscaug.pdf
Oracle Movement Statistics User's Guide A96103-04 115mvstatug.pdf
Oracle Project Contracts Implementation Guide A92111-01 115okeig.pdf
Oracle Project Contracts User's Guide A88867-01 115okeug.pdf
Oracle Quality User's Guide A75098-04 115qaug.pdf
Oracle Shop Floor Management User's Guide A83717-03 115wsmug.pdf
Oracle Work in Process User's Guide A83598-02 115wipug.pdf
Flow Manufacturing
Oracle Flow Manufacturing Implementation Manual A69397-01 115flmim.pdf
Oracle Flow Manufacturing User's Guide A69396-03 115flmug.pdf
Process Manufacturing
Oracle Process Manufacturing Accounting Setup User's Guide A77487-03 115gmfasug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing and Oracle Financials Integration User's Guide A77486-06 115gmfintug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Capacity Planning User's Guide A96513-01 115gmpcrug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Cost Management API User's Guide A95270-01 115gmfcmapiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Cost Management User's Guide A77485-06 115gmfcmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Formula API User's Guide A87318-01 115gmdfmapi.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Implementation Guide A87440-03 115gmasaig.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Integration with Advanced Planning and Scheduling User's Guide A81002-04 115gmpapsug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory API User's Guide A82921-03 115gmiinvapi.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory Management User's Guide A77228-09 115gmiicug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Manufacturing Accounting Controller User's Guide A77484-06 115gmfmcug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing MPS/MRP and Forecasting User's Guide A81329-04 115gmpmrug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing New Product Development User's Guide A92170-03 115gmdpdug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Order Fulfillment User's Guide A80897-06 115gmlopug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Physical Inventory User's Guide A77229-05 115gmipiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution API User's Guide A97388-01 115gmepeapiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution User's Guide A97685-01 115gmepeug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Product Development Formula API User's Guide A97652-01 115gmdfmapiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Product Development Recipe API User's Guide A97387-01 115gmdrpapiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Purchase Management User's Guide A77465-06 115gmlpoug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Quality Management User's Guide A77220-05 115gmdqcug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management User's Guide A81210-06 115grrmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing System Administration User's Guide A77212-06 115gmasaug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Using Oracle Order Management with Process Inventory A86733-04 115gmlomug.pdf
Project Manufacturing
Oracle Project Manufacturing Implementation Manual A75094-03 115pjmig.pdf file renamed
Oracle Project Manufacturing User's Guide A75095-02 115pjmug.pdf

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Oracle Applications
Release 11i
Documentation List
Order Management and Logistics
Oracle Configuration Interface Object (CIO) Developer's Guide A87532-04 115czciodg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Custom Web Deployment Guide A87530-04 115czcwdg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Developer User's Guide A87529-04 115czdug.pdf
Oracle Configurator Implementation Guide A87531-04 115czimpg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Installation Guide A85421-06 115czinstg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Performance Guide A95986-01 115czpg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Release Notes A73283-12 115czrn.pdf
Order Management
Oracle Advanced Pricing Implementation Manual A95419-02 115qpim.pdf
Oracle Advanced Pricing User's Guide A90830_03 115qpug.pdf
Oracle Configure To Order Implementation Manual A90459_03 115ctoim.pdf
Oracle Order Management Suite APIs and Open Interfaces Manual A88868_03 115omapi.pdf
Oracle Order Management Suite Implementation Manual A95861_01 115omim.pdf
Oracle Order Management Users Guide A88765_03 115ontug.pdf
Oracle Shipping Execution User's Guide A77030_04 115wshug.pdf
Using Oracle Workflow in Oracle Order Management A96689-01 115omwf.pdf
Release Management
Oracle Automotive Trading Partner Toolkit User's Guide A88870_01 115veaug.pdf
Oracle Release Management Implementation Manual A90139_02 115rlmim.pdf
Oracle Release Management User's Guide A88850_02 115rlmug.pdf
Warehouse Management
Oracle Warehouse Management Implementation Guide A90844-02 115wmsig.pdf
Oracle Warehouse Management User's Guide A86607_04 115wmsug.pdf
Internet Procurement
Oracle Exchange and Oracle Sourcing System Operator Implementation Guide A95870-02 pom622ig.pdf
Oracle Exchange Installation/Upgrade Guide, Release 6.2.0 A90281-02 pom620install_02.pdf
Oracle Exchange XML Transaction Delivery Guide for Marketplace Exchange A92191-02 pom62txnguide.pdf
Oracle Internet Supplier Portal Implementation Guide A95884-01 pos1156imp.pdf
Oracle iProcurement and Oracle Exchange Punchout Guide A92190-02 icx115punchout.pdf
Oracle iProcurement Implementation Guide A85361-03 115ipig.pdf
Oracle iProcurement Installation Guide A85343-02 IPinstall_02.pdf
Oracle Purchasing 11i XML Transaction Delivery Setup Guide A96668-02 po115txn.pdf
Oracle Purchasing User's Guide A82913-03 po115ug.pdf
Oracle Sourcing Implementation and Administration Guide A97394-02 pon115ig.pdf
Oracle Supplier Scheduling User's Guide A75100-01 115chvug.pdf
Oracle Supply Chain Hub Setup Guide, Release 6.2 A88858-01 sch62ig.pdf
Supply Chain Planning
Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling Implementation and User's Guide B10144-01 115mscug.pdf
Oracle Demand Planning Installation and Configuration Guide A97372-01 115msdig.pdf
Oracle Demand Planning User's Guide A97371-01 115msdug.pdf
Strategic Enterprise Management
Oracle ABM Analyzer User Guide A90840-02 abma115.pdf
Oracle Activity-Based Management Installation Guide A90867-03 abm115ig.pdf
Oracle Activity-Based Management User Guide A85332-02 abm115ug.pdf
Oracle Strategic Enterprise Management Exchange User Guide A90836-01 semx115.pdf
Configuring, Reporting and System Administration in Oracle HRMS A95418_01 115hradm.pdf
Implementing Oracle HRMS A73313-02 115hrmsig.pdf
Implementing Oracle HRMS (Canada) A95904_01 115hrcaig.pdf
Implementing Oracle HRMS (US) A75314-02 115hrusig.pdf
Implementing Oracle Self-Service Human Resources 4.0 A97212_01 115sshrig.pdf
Implementing Oracle Time Management (US) A77087-01 115hxtusig.pdf
Implementing Oracle Training Administration A95285-01 115otaig.pdf
Implementing Oracle US Federal HRMS A77137-01 115hrfdig.pdf
Using Application Data Exchange A73298-02 115adeug.pdf
Using Oracle FastFormula A73295-04 115ffug.pdf
Using Oracle SSP/SMP A73294-01 115sspug.pdf
Using Oracle Time Management (US) A77086-01 115hxtusug.pdf
Using Oracle Training Administration A73297-03 115otaug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for the United Kingdom A77152-02 NA
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS (UK) A73293-02 115hrbukug.pdf
Managing Your Workforce Using Oracle HRMS (UK) A73290-02 115hrmukug.pdf
Running Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (UK) A73291-03 115payukug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (UK) A73289-02 115hrfukug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for Canada A77150-01 NA
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS (Canada) B10013-01 115hrtccaug.pdf
Managing Your Workforce Using Oracle HRMS (Canada) A73321-02 115hrmcaug.pdf
Managing Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (Canada) A95908_01 115paycaug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (Canada) A77147-02 115hrfcaug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for Federal A77149-01 NA
Customizing, Reporting, and System Administration in Oracle US Federal HRMS A77148-01 115hrcfdug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle US Federal HRMS A77083-01 115hrbfdug.pdf
Managing People Using Oracle US Federal HRMS A77140-01 115hrmfdug.pdf
Using Oracle US Federal HRMS - The Fundamentals A77138-01 115hrffdug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for the United States A77153-01 NA
Customizing, Reporting, and System Administration in Oracle HRMS (US) A73296-01 115hrcusug.pdf
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS (US) B10012-01 115hrtcusug.pdf
Managing Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (US) A77084-02 115payusug.pdf
Managing Your Workforce Using Oracle HRMS (US) A73314-02 115hrmusug.pdf

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Oracle Applications
Release 11i
Documentation List
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (US) A73315-02 115hrfusug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for New Zealand A95256-01 NA
Managing Your Workforce Using Oracle HRMS (NZ) A95238-01 115hrmnzug.pdf
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS (NZ) A95251_01 115hrb2nzug.pdf
Running Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (NZ) A95250_02 115paynzug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (NZ) A95237-01 115hrfnzug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for Australia A95257-01 NA
Managing Your Workforce Using Oracle HRMS (AU) A95239-01 115hrmauug.pdf
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS (AU) A95254_01 115hrb2auug.pdf
Running Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (AU) A95253_02 115payauug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (AU) A95240-01 115hrfauug.pdf
Global Financials
Euro as Functional Currency for Oracle Applications A88865-02 115efc.pdf
Oracle Applications Global Accounting Engine User Guide A81235-02 115finax.pdf
Oracle Euro Business Support Implementation Guide A88840-02 115ebsig.pdf
Oracle Financials Country-Specific Installation Supplement A81233-02 115finins.pdf
Oracle Financials Common Country Features User Guide A81238-02 115finccf.pdf
Oracle Financials for Argentina User Guide A81221-03 115finarg.pdf
Oracle Financials for Australia User Guide A81220-02 115finausl.pdf
Oracle Financials for Austria User Guide A81328-02 115finaus.pdf
Oracle Financials for Belgium User Guide A81219-01 115finbel.pdf
Oracle Financials for Brazil User Guide A81218-01 115finbra.pdf
Oracle Financials for Canada User Guide A81225-02 115fincan.pdf
Oracle Financials for Chile User Guide A81224-02 115finche.pdf
Oracle Financials for Colombia User Guide A81222-03 115fincol.pdf
Oracle Financials for the Czech Republic User Guide A81223-02 115fincze.pdf
Oracle Financials for Denmark User Guide A81230-02 115finden.pdf
Oracle Financials for Finland User Guide A81229-02 115finfin.pdf
Oracle Financials for France User Guide A81228-02 115finfra.pdf
Oracle Financials for Germany User Guide A81231-02 115finger.pdf
Oracle Financials for Greece User Guide A81227-01 115fingre.pdf
Oracle Financials for Hungary User Guide A81226-02 115finhun.pdf
Oracle Financials for Italy User Guide A81255-03 115finita.pdf
Oracle Financials for Japan User Guide A81256-03 115finjpn.pdf
Oracle Financials for Korea User Guide A81257-03 115finkor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Mexico User Guide A81258-03 115finmex.pdf
Oracle Financials for the Netherlands User Guide A81259-02 115finnet.pdf
Oracle Financials for Norway User Guide A81260-03 115finnor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Poland User Guide A81261-01 115finpol.pdf
Oracle Financials for Portugal User Guide A81262-02 115finpor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Singapore User Guide A81263-02 115finsin.pdf
Oracle Financials for Spain User Guide A81264-02 115finspn.pdf
Oracle Financials for Sweden User Guide A81265-01 115finswe.pdf
Oracle Financials for Switzerland User Guide A81266-02 115finswi.pdf
Oracle Financials for Taiwan User Guide A81237-02 115fintai.pdf
Oracle Financials for Thailand User Guide A81236-01 115fintha.pdf
Oracle Financials for Turkey User Guide A81234-02 115fintur.pdf
CRM Documentation
Marketing Applications
Oracle Fulfillment Services Implementation Guide A97621-01 amf115ig.pdf
Oracle Fulfillment Services Users Guide A97622-01 amf115ug.pdf
Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Concepts and Procedures A90137-01 amv115ug.pdf
Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Implementation Guide A87480-02 amv115ig.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online API Reference Guide A97384-02 ams115api.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online Implementation Guide A97618-01 ams115ig.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online User Guide A97712-02 ams115ug.pdf
Oracle Partners Online Implementation Guide A97619-01 pv115ig.pdf
Oracle Partners Online Users Guide A97620-01 pv115ug.pdf
Sales Applications
Oracle Collections Implementation Guide B10081-01 iex115ig.pdf
Oracle Collections User Guide B10080-01 iex115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Sales/Laptop Concepts and Procedures A95947-02 asl115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Sales/Laptop Implementation Guide A95948-01 asl115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Sales/Palm Devices Concepts and Procedures A95223-02 asp115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Sales/Palm Devices Implementation Guide A95423-01 asp115ig.pdf
Oracle Incentive Compensation Implementation Guide B10001-01 cn115ig.pdf
Oracle Incentive Compensation User Guide B10103-01 cn115ug.pdf
Oracle iStore API Reference Guide A95199-02 ibe115api.pdf
Oracle iPayment Concepts and Procedures A95477-02 iby115ug.pdf
Oracle iPayment Implementation Guide A95478-02 iby115ig.pdf
Oracle iStore Implementation Guide B10009-01 ibe115ig.pdf
Oracle iStore User Guide B10010-01 ibe115ug.pdf
Oracle Order Capture API Reference Manual A96677-02 aso115api.pdf
Oracle Quoting Implementation Guide B10073-01 qot115ig.pdf
Oracle Quoting User Guide B10074-01 qot115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales Intelligence Implementation Guide B10099-01 bil115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales Intelligence User Guide B10098-01 bil115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales Offline User Guide B10091-01 asx115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales Online Implementation Guide A97666-01 asf115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales Online User Guide A97665-01 asf115ug.pdf

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Oracle Applications
Release 11i
Documentation List
Oracle TeleSales Implementation Guide B10078-01 ast115ig.pdf
Oracle TeleSales User Guide B10079-01 ast115ug.pdf
Contracts Applications
Oracle Contracts Core Implementation Guide B10084-01 115okcig.pdf
Oracle Contracts Core User Guide B10083-01 115okcug.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Rights API Reference Guide A95209-01 okr115api.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Rights Concepts and Procedures A90445-02 okr115ug.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Rights Implementation Guide A95280-01 okr115ig.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Service API Reference Guide A95222-01 oks115api.pdf
Oracle Contracts Intelligence Concepts and Procedures A95174-02 oki115ug.pdf
Oracle Lease Management Implementation Guide B10039-01 okl115ig.pdf
Oracle Lease Management User's Guide B10038-01 okl115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales Contracts Concepts and Procedures B10085-01 115okoug.pdf
Oracle Service Contracts Concepts and Procedures B10370-01 115oksug.pdf
Service Applications
Oracle Advanced Service Online User's Guide A97640-01 115ahlug.pdf
Oracle Customer Care Implementation Guide A97649-01 115cscig.pdf
Oracle Customer Care User Guide A97650-01 115cscug.pdf
Oracle Depot Repair Implementation Guide A87337-01 csd115ig.pdf
Oracle Depot Repair User Guide A97641-01 115csdug.pdf
Oracle Enterprise Install Base Concepts and Procedures B10165_01 cse115ug.pdf
Oracle Enterprise Install Base Implementation Guide B10166_01 cse115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Service Concepts and Procedures B10208-01 csf115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Service Implementation Guide A95287-01 csf115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Service/Wireless Concepts and Procedures A95216-01 csw115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Service/Wireless Implementation Guide B10228-01 csw115ig.pdf
Oracle Install Base API Reference Guide A95421-01 csi115api.pdf
Oracle Install Base Concepts and Procedures B10164_01 csi115ug.pdf
Oracle Install Base Implementation Guide B10167_02 csi115ig.pdf
Oracle iSupport Concepts and Procedures A95862-01 ibu115ug.pdf
Oracle iSupport Implementation Guide A95469-01 ibu115ig.pdf
Oracle Knowledge Management Implementation Guide A96664-01 cskb1158ig.pdf
Oracle Knowledge Management User Guide A96665-02 cskb1158ug.pdf
Oracle Mobile Field Service Implementation and Administration Guide for Field Service/Laptop A97696-01 115cslig.pdf
Oracle Mobile Field Service Implementation and Administration Guide for Field Service/Palm A97697-01 115csmig.pdf
Oracle Mobile Field Service User Guide for Field Service/Laptop B10088-01 115cslug.pdf
Oracle Mobile Field Service User Guide for Field Service/Palm Devices B10090-01 115csmug.pdf
Oracle Scheduler Concepts and Procedures B10209-01 csr115ug.pdf
Oracle Scheduler Implementation Guide A95290-01 csr115ig.pdf
Oracle Service Concepts and Procedures A92139-01 cs115ug.pdf
Oracle Service Implementation Guide A92138-03 cs115ig.pdf
Oracle Service Intelligence Concepts and Procedures A95403-02 biv115ug.pdf
Oracle Service Intelligence Implementation Guide A95416-02 biv115ig.pdf
Oracle Spares Management Concepts and Procedures A95414-02 csp115ug.pdf
Oracle Spares Management Implementation Guide A95415-02 csp115ig.pdf
Oracle Support Implementation Guide A97655-01 115cssig.pdf
Oracle Support User Guide A97654-01 115cssug.pdf
Interaction Center Applications
Oracle Advanced Inbound Implementation Guide B10175-01 cct115ig.pdf
Oracle Advanced Outbound Implementation Guide B10176-01 iec115ig.pdf
Oracle eMail Center Implementation Guide B10179-01 iem115ig.pdf
Oracle eMail Center User Guide B10184-01 iem115ug.pdf
Oracle Interaction Blending Implementation Guide B10182-01 ieb115ig.pdf
Oracle Interaction Center Intelligence Implementation Guide B10178-01 bix115ig.pdf
Oracle Interaction Center Intelligence User Guide B10185-01 bix115ug.pdf
Oracle Interaction Center Server Manager Implementation Guide B10181-02 ieo115ig.pdf
Oracle Scripting Developer's Guide B10057-01 ies115dg.pdf
Oracle Scripting Implementation Guide B10180-01 ies115ig.pdf
Oracle Scripting User Guide B10207-01 ies115ug.pdf
Oracle Telephony Adapter SDK Developers Reference Guide A97207-01 cct115dg.pdf
Oracle Universal Work Queue Implementation Guide B10177-02 ieu115ig.pdf
Oracle Universal Work Queue User Guide B10183-01 ieu115ug.pdf
Communications and Utilities Applications
Oracle Citizen Interaction Center Concepts and Procedures A92140-01 cug115ug.pdf
Oracle Citizen Interaction Center Implementation Guide A92144-01 cug115ig.pdf
Oracle Number Portability Concepts and Procedures A95962-01 xnp115ug.pdf
Oracle Number Portability Implementation Guide A96162-01 xnp115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales for Communications Concepts and Procedures A92137-01 xnc115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales for Communications Implementation Guide A92136-02 xnc115ig.pdf
Oracle Service for Communications Concepts and Procedures A87422-02 xns115ug.pdf
Oracle Service for Communications Implementation Guide A86286-01 xns115ig.pdf
Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager Concepts and Procedures A95890-01 xdp115ug.pdf
Oracle Service Fulfillment Manager Implementation Guide A95889-01 xdp115ig.pdf
CRM Tools and Technology
Oracle CRM Application Foundation API Reference Guide A90092-05 jta115api.pdf
Oracle CRM Application Foundation Implementation Guide A97631-01 jta115ig.pdf
Oracle CRM Application Foundation User Guide A97632-01 jta115ug.pdf
Oracle CRM System Administrator Console Concepts and Procedures A97637-01 jtt115ug.pdf
Oracle CRM Technology Foundation Implementation Guide A90497-01 jtt115ig.pdf
Oracle Customer Intelligence Concepts and Procedures A95927-01 bic115ug.pdf
Oracle Customer Intelligence Implementation Guide A96693-02 bic115ig.pdf

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Oracle Applications
Release 11i
Documentation List
Oracle Customers Online Concepts and Procedures A96178-02 imc115ug.pdf
Oracle Customers Online Implementation Guide A96193-02 imc115ig.pdf
Oracle Hosting Manager Implementation Guide A95107-01 ahm115ig.pdf
Oracle iMeeting Implementation and Setup Guide A95117-01 imt115ig.pdf
Oracle Mobile Application Foundation Implementation and Administration Guide A97695-01 115jtmig.pdf
Oracle Setup Online Concepts and Procedures A95279-01 jts115ug.pdf
Not Available as eTRM
Oracle Marketplace Exchange Technical Reference Manual, Release 6.2 A88844-01 pom62trm.pdf
Oracle Supply Chain Hub Technical Reference Manual, Release 6.2 A88857-01 sch62trm.pdf
Oracle Transportation Technical Reference Manual, Release 6.2 A88860-01 fte62trm.pdf
Oracle Activity Management Gateway Technical Reference Manual A83510-02 amgtrm.pdf
Oracle Product Development Exchange Technical Reference Manual A88861_01 pdxtrm.pdf
Oracle Financial Services Technical Reference Manual A87511-01 fe115trm.pdf

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