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Janco: Construction 3

Dada 2 Zurich December 1917 Tristan Tzara Note 2 on Art. H. Arp

The summit sings what is spoken of in the depths. Nature is organized in her totality, the rigging of great ships pointing up towards the convergence of sunrays, by principles which rank crystals and insects in hierarchy like the branches of a tree. In nature all things have this imperceptible clarity of organization, united in kinship, bound together like children of lunar light, the axis of a wheel infinitely turning, its freedom, its ultimate, absolute existence, bound to these innumerable laws of progression. My sister is root, flower, stone. The organism is complete in the voiceless intelligence of the veins of plants and insects and their appearance. Man is filthy, he slays animals, plants, his brothers, he quarrels, he is clever, he talks too much, he is incapable of expressing his thoughts. But the artist is a creator: he knows how to work the organic form. He makes decisions. He improves men. He tends the garden of the mind, watches over it.

The purity of an idea makes me happy, to see beyond the horizon which stretches out tending the new plant life of distant lands; blossoms of ice. The vertical: in solemn contemplation before the infinite sensing the depth of a moment before the animal in us. H. Arp symmetry midnight meeting flower where bird and summit are embraced by the halo of the sun and the hop vine climbs the flower becomes crystal or scarab, magnet or star the wish to lead a simple life

If we can live the miracle we will have reached the heights where our blood will join the order of archangels, medicine for stargazing, reader - a belief clearly held in simple hearts -wisdom and knowledge.