The Cell Cycle Excel Graphing Instructions 1. Open a new spreadsheet.

On the top lines starting in A1 type you name or names and your lab group number. 2. Starting on A5 type the following terms one after the other going down the column: Stage, Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase and Total. In cell B5 type "# of Cells". In cell C5 type "% of Time".

3. Select "B11" and click on the = sign in the tool bar. Next to the = sign in the white space type in: SUM(B6:B10) The box should tell you that the formula result equals 0. Click OK.

4. Collect and enter your data of the number of cells in each phase from the lab under the column "# of Cells". The program will add each number to the total as you enter it. 5. Click on C6 then on the = sign and type in the blank at the tool bar B6/B11*100 and click OK. This is the formula for a percentage. You should reduce the number of decimal spaces to one using the icon on the tool bar. Repeat the process for C7 to C10 starting with selecting the cell, but in each

formula change the B value to the number of the line you are on. For example click on the next cell (C7) for Prophase then on the = sign. The entry will be the same as it was for C6 except that B6 will be changed to B7, Metaphase will be B8, etc. If you forget to click on the = sign first, the formula will type as a word in the cell. If this happens delete it and start again by selecting the cell then the = sign. 6. Graphing the Data. Select the data table by clicking on A5 and dragging you cursor to C10 highlighting the data. Do not highlight the "Total".

Click on the graph icon in the tool bar for Step 1 of the Chart Wizard. Select "Pie". This is the most appropriate graph form for this data because the cell cycle is a whole. Click on "Next" for Step 2. Don't change anything here and click on "Next" for Step 3. Change the title to " Percent of Time in the Cell Cycle". Click on the "Data Labels" tab at the top. Select "Show Label". (You will probably be printing this in black and white so the colors are not enough to identify the data.) Click "Finished". You may have to click and drag the chart down on the page so that it does not overlap your data table. To preview the printout first click the cursor in an open space on the spreadsheet to deselect the graph. Then click on "File", then "Print Preview" to see if your whole chart is on the page. Click "Close" to return to the spreadsheet. SAVE YOUR WORK!!!! Either print it out or e-mail it to the teacher for grading. You are finished!

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