Eviction of OccupyNS Report

written by A Truth Soldier http://atruthsoldier.wordpress.com http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com November 4th 2011
So as you all may know by now. The OccupyNS movement insiders have accepted the eviction notice for November 8th 2011 from the Halifax City Hall property known as the Grand Parade. The Occupiers told me that they had the full support of the war Vets to stay and occupy the Grand Parade during the Vet ceremonies for the war Vets agree that they like the occupiers have and are believed to be fighting for the same thing. Which is for democracy. But the Corporate media is making it appear to the general public as if the tent occupiers are insensitive to the Vets, which is very false news. It is known that in all previous years the Vet ceremonies never used the grass area of the Grand Parade. The tents would not be in the way of ceremonies. This is easily proven as there was just a few days ago ceremonies held there for the fallen peace officers. The tenters were welcomed to stay and it proves that the tents were not a problem. So here is my take on the eviction. The Occupyers were never told that they would be permitted to return to the Grand Parade after the Vet ceremonies were over. Which is the excuse given why the occupiers had to leave. So for those of you who have read my previous article entitled, Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event. You now have some understanding as to how fake the OccupyNS movement is that which mysteriously was permitted to Occupy the Halifax City Hall property. I also would like to mention that until the day that Occupiers appeared at the Grand Parade. No one in Halifax had any idea that this was going to happen. No one in the city had ever talked about the idea. The whole event is staged by what we activists call the shadow government which are just new world order corporations. Ask yourselves this. What do you think would happen if a bunch of no income homeless drifters asked the Mayor for permission to set up a hang out tent community on the City Hall grounds. And think what would happen if they the tenters also had told the Mayor that they would then conduct protests against the government and corrupt corporate leaders of society.. I assure you the Mayor would think you are all nuts and would call the police.. Oh and in case you do not know. I will also be writing articles about the busker fest,Tour de finance protest parade, staged faked corporate media interviews, and the Unions naievly supporting this event. Just a note. I am the only independent media to cover these events. I have video taped and uploaded most of the amazing speeches that occured at the Grand Parade. Please go to this site to view the complete speeches. http://www.youtube.com/folkphotographer About the eviction. The Occupiers were told that the Mayor had given them permission to move the Occupy to the baseball diamond

This is called Victoria Park. . The occupiers insiders saboteurs would easily do this by conducting some of their very loud ‘Mic Checks” or would start playing loud drum circles. So here is some thoughts to consider. This does not make any sense as they are only supposed to be evicted for four days from the Grand Parade. The area is very accustomed to noisy drunk fights and disturbances. I asure you that the occupiers would not be permitted to stay there more then one night before the police would evict them. Then you need to realze that this park is located in a very busy downtown street. The Mayor also offered to provide transportation for the occupiers to move. I told the tenters that they should not move to Victoria Park. The Commons has several baseball diamonds. What would they do if the weather turned on them and it rained or snowed during the time they were supposed to move. They do this to try and disturb the occupiers sleep. Located at Halifax busiest street called Spring Garden Road. This park has no fencing to offer security control for the Occupiers. Baseball diamond eight is conveniently located across the street from the huge military property called the Amories that could easily be used for mass detention of portesters. But no mention of doing the same for them to return. Then another two days to dismantle and two more days to reset up back at the Grand Parade. Or the saboteurs would just engage in fights or other disturbances as they have already been doing late at night at the Grand Parade. There are no residences in the area. The police would just say that they have received numerous noise and disturbance complaints. I spoke seperately with the tenters and told them I was very concerned that they would be seriously hurt by the police if they were to be evicted from Victoria Park. Unlike the Grand Parade which is located in a commercially zoned downtown area littered with liquor dispenssing places. So after the occupiers relocated they would soon discover that the corporate media would attack the protesters by making them the occupiers appear to be nothing but a bunch of noisy partying hoodlums.number eight located at the huge park called The Commons. The one that was offered is the furthest one from the busy traffic area where the protesters would be close to stores and get high visibility. The Commons is also impossible to camp at in winter as it gets flooded with the melting snow and slush that occurs most days as winter here often has warm days. So the General assembly of the occupyns decided to instead move to a small strip of park land across the street from The Halifax Public Gardens. It will take the occupiers two days to pack up and move and then two days to set up their community again. So that you readers understand. Halifax downtown has almost no open lots or park areas that protestors could occupy. We are due to start getting snows any day now. I also mentioned to the Occupiers that they should consider. Both sides of the park are lined with retail and high end expensive condominium buildings. Also note that the Halifax police headquaters is just down the road too. This narrow park has a small narrow pathway running the lenght of it and has sidewalks and roads one each side of this strip of park. I made it very clear to the occupiers that if this were to happen they would get no sympathetic support from the people of Halifax.

. But if they were to be evicted from the Victoria park. They would now just be looked at as just vagrants. The organizers just consoled me and made it appear that I hade a good idea in doing our own reporting to counter the lies of Corporate media. It appears to me that the only people who contribute speeches and the like are not ocupiers at all.. I offered my expertise to the organizers media of OccupyNS to do video reports of Vets who were in support of the Occupiers staying at the Grand Parade. The people would not come to show their support. I cautioned the tenters that the second they leave the Grand Parade that they would loose all the peoples support and they would loose their rights and protections under the Canadian constitution that allows them to protest on the peoples property where the laws and enacted. An organizer told me that they had considered my views and were going to move to the Commons instead.. . But again the organizers made sure that no one would be able to report the truth to the general public.It is really funny that the protesters would give up their protest because of media lies. But I have no verifications of this being true. They mostly just mill around and look very bored. you will find them at either of my sites listed above and at other locations on the internet. Stay tuned for more of my reports. Also that the organizers do not even live in a tent and are never there at night. The occupiers would no longer be considered to be legal protestors as they would loose that legal standing the second they stopped occupying the Grand Parade....I would like to make a note here that my observations of the tenters is that most of them never participate in any political activities. I'm sorry :( Daniel J Towsey Will I can see why one would giggle. comments Eros Vox Tropik Well I liked the bit about the vets being in support of Occupy but the rest of the conspiracy stuff has me giggling a bit. I told the tent occupiers that if they choose to stay and fight the eviction the general public would come to their aid and show their support. So the other day as I departed from the OccupyNS at the Grand Parade.

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