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1. Find iIc Mr of iIc following.
a. K2CO3
b. ,O3
c. CuSO4.5H2O
d. CoCl2
e. %iCL4
I. cF6
2. C,lcul,ic iIc numlcr of molcs in iIc following.
a. 2g of c,rlon
b. g of c,rlon dioidc
c. 3g of Aluminium Iydroidc
3. C,lcul,ic iIc volumc of iIc following g,scs.
a. 32 g of sulIur dioidc
b. .8 gr,ms of ,mmoni,
4. WI,i is iIc m,ss of 0.5 mol of K2SO4?
S. How m,ny molcs of ,luminium c,rlon,ic, Al2(CO3}3 , ,rc rcscni in 4.68 g of iIc
6. Lc,d oidc is roduccd wIcn lc,d sulIidc is Ic,icd in oygcn.
2PlS + 3O2 2PlO + 2SO2
WI,i m,ss of oygcn would rc,ci c,cily wiiI 95.72 g of PlS?
?. %ii,nium(IV} cIloridc c,n lc convcricd io iii,nium ly rc,ciing ii wiiI ,n cccss of
%iCl4 + 2Mg %i + 2MgCl2
WI,i m,ss of iii,nium could iIcorciic,lly lc oli,incd from 37.98 0
lg of
iii,nium(IV} cIloridc?
S. WI,i volumc of Iydrogcn would lc rcquircd io roducc 8.4 g of cycloIc,nc from
C6H0 + H2 C6H2 Page

9. WI,i volumc of ozonc would lc roduccd ly rc,ciing 0.95 g of fluorinc wiiI cccss
3F2 + 3H2O 6HF + O3
10. A cIcmic,l rc,ciion lciwccn , mci,l c,rlon,ic ,nd ,n ,cid is givcn lclow.
(a) Comlcic iIc l,l,nccd cqu,iion for iIis rc,ciion.
,2CO3 + HCl ______________ + _________________ + ___________________
(b) If 2.65g of iIc c,rlon,ic w,s uscd in , rc,ciion, c,lcul,ic
I. iIc numlcr of molcs of iIc c,rlon,ic uscd
II. m,ss of iIc s,li oli,incd
III. iIc volumc of c,rlond dioidc g,s lilcr,icd in iIis rc,ciion.
11. How m,ny gr,ms of m,gncsium oidc would lc roduccd ly rc,ciing comlcicly
4.0 g of m,gncsium wiiI oygcn?
In iIc rc,ciion of liiIium wiiI w,icr, wI,i m,ss of liiIium would lc rcquircd io
roducc 600cm
of Iydrogcn?
2Li + 2H2O 2LiOH + H2
12. Hydr,zinc, 2H4, is , liquid iI,i I,s lccn uscd ,s , roclci fucl. Ii rc,cis wiiI
oygcn ,s sIown in iIc cqu,iion.
2H4 + O2 2 + 2H2O
C,lcul,ic iIc volumc of oygcn, mc,surcd ,i room icmcr,iurc ,nd rcssurc, nccdcd
io comlcicly comlusi .00 ionnc of Iydr,zinc.
13. Lc,d niir,ic dccomoscs on Ic,iing io form lc,d oidc ,nd iwo g,scs. Comlcic
iIc rc,ciion for iIc ,ciion of Ic,i on lc,d niir,ic
Pl(O3}2 PlO + _______________ + _________________
a. In , rc,ciion, 2.79g of lc,d oidc w,s oli,incd on Ic,iing , ccri,in ,mouni of
lc,d niir,ic. C,lcul,ic iIc m,ss of lc,d niir,ic Ic,icd in iIis rc,ciion.
b. C,lcul,ic iIc 949, volumc of g,scs oli,incd in iIis rc,ciion.