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Connecticut Chief of Staff It is a pleasure to correspond this message to you.

I would like to thank you for your leaving as Chief of Staff of the Malloy Administration. Congratulations! Not often do people have the courage to walk away from such a position. Without doubt your task was one of extreme difficulty as I research your job description. With that stated, I would like to say thank you. I don‟t know if you noticed, but October 29th is my birthday and God had giving me such a beautiful present. I was hoping for more like thirty inches of snow. But hey, let God will be done, not mine. When you confront such evil and wickedness as I have been made to endure during the past 18 years, it is priceless when God answers prayer. The snow was beautiful, wasn„t it? Historic people are saying. They won‟t listen. Please inform your boss that the cows he is so worried about don‟t amount to one soul in heaven over man. Let him know if God will is such, they will not even have cud for chew. I pray the winter is warm so the insects will be many next year. I pray the farms not to yield, may we all “Occupy”, the day is coming. I did send the people you deal with on a day to day basis some correspondence notifying them that a couple hundred people will be camping out on the lawn in Hartford. I also notified them of the inclement weather. However, they are who they are. Egypt‟s Ramses preferred not to listen as well when he was asked to free Moses. It is the same God, no matter your belief. May God bless you sir. I have nothing more against you, as the harvest is ripe and I have only the strength to bind those that I will, and lose those that I will. For those among you, they will not be as fortunate as you to „see‟. Separate yourself from those that do evil. Let them know more people are coming. More bad weather is coming. More suffering is coming. The more the people are made to suffer, the worst it will be for Staff. He will govern Dung. He already does, he just doesn„t know it yet. The next prayer has to do with those whom continue to cause my suffering, now their families will suffer, like Ramses. Is Happy Valley Pennsylvania, really happy? Don‟t ask your staff……Chief. The Catholic Church and The Jewish contingent at Penn State are doing the same thing there. The crimes happened over 17 years ago and they by strength in numbers covered it up, like Connecticut. Your governor represents the Catholic Church and his second in charge those Jews that choose to disobey God. I explain this more in my work the AntiVote. As I see the Penn State crimes, the criminal pathology is the same, with those in power having the same make up as the current staff in Hartford. It is not that they are not obedient to God that is of concern. The fact that they are not obedient to their own LAWS is the crisis. It is not possible to serve God and obey his laws, when the very laws written by man are not obeyed. They are the lawless, the reprobated minded. Understand? God has blessed you to be free from these people, don‟t blow it. May you be free in deed.