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2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Mal McLaren Award Craig Kachline 440.785.


VICE PRESIDENT Sean McHugh, CGCS 440.232.7247
IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Charles (Chuck) E. Hayes 330.832.5699 CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR Communication/Benevolent Michelle L. Frazier-Feher, CGCS 216.469.9287 TRUSTEES Golf & Tournament/ Website Jason Bennett 330.725.9996 Program & Education Social/Government Relations Scott Brickley 330.725.2829 Secretary Membership Strategic Planning Mark Figurella 330.562.1691

As my term as president comes to an end I want to thank all of our dedicated Board members for their service and help in keeping with tradition and making our association better every year. I believe we have made some great improvements over the last few years and I know this will continue in the future. I hope every one of you feel the same way, and pass on the message to our peers that we only grow stronger as a group.

Please join us November 9th, at Lake Forest Country Club for our annual meeting. We are keeping with this year’s theme and offering a great meeting at a great price. At this meeting we will be recapping a great year, introducing our first two Hall of Fame inductees, and giving away our scholarships. Hopefully the weather will co-operate, for once this year, and we will also get to play a great course! Look for some great off-season education opportunities this year. Coming soon we have an education workshop featuring Brian Dodge, Monday November 28 th. Please try to attend the annual OTF meeting in December and take advantage of the many things offered there. Also don’t forget about our major fundraiser of the year, our annual Reverse Raffle Saturday, March 24th, 2012 at Raintree. It has been a pleasure, Thank You all.

Treasurer Membership Tobin (Toby) Lane 330.332.9095
Program & Education Brent Palich 440.285.8304

Craig Kachline, NOGCSA President

Social Eric Snodgrass 330.477.5111
ASSISTANT GCS RELATIONS Dave Willmott 330-239-2383 INDUTRIAL RELATIONS Scholarship & Research Morgan Timberlake 330.353.0816 & Ryan Miller 440.796.7990 Mission Statement Promoting the profession of the golf course superintendent through education, camaraderie and cooperation among fellow members in Northern Ohio since 1923

Schedule of Events Superintendent’s Korner GCSAA News OTF News Dobie Inducted in NOGA Hall of Fame Brick Named NOGA Player of the Year On The Road With the USGA By the Board Two New Programs at Golf Classic CMAA & NOGCSA Education Seminar Advertiser Directory

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November 9, 2011 Annual Meeting Lake Forest Country Club Host: Tom Bolon Time: 10:30 Cost: $30 meeting & Lunch $55 meeting, lunch & golf Points: 0.1 service points

OTF Conference & Show December 5 – 8, 2011 Columbus Convention Center

February 29 - March 1, 2012 Golf Industry Show Las Vegas, Nevada

November 28, 2011 Education Meeting The Country Club Host: NOGCSA & CCMA Time: 9:00 AM Cost: $65 Points: 0.6 education points

March 24, 2012 REVERSE RAFFLE Raintree Country Club Time: 6:00 P.M. Cost: $65/person August 11, 2012 Family Picnic Clay’s Park


Autumn Rust
Rust is usually associated with slow-growing turfgrass. It is especially severe on drought stressed sites and compacted soils where perennial ryegrass or bluegrass is growing slowly. Rust, a fungal disease (Puccinia spp.) of turfgrass, has been noted on samples arriving at the Ohio State University C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic. The disease has also been seen on turfgrass lawns and sport fields in the central Ohio area. Rust can affect all common turfgrasses used in the United States. In Ohio it is most common on Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. Rust usually affects turfgrass in the late summer and fall. Rust is usually associated with slow-growing turfgrass. It is especially severe on drought stressed sites and compacted soils where perennial ryegrass or bluegrass is growing slowly and the disease is damaging leaf tissue faster then new leaf blades are being produced. Rust causes the turfgrass to take on a generally yellow to orange appearance, and symptoms are more evident when the weather is dry. The rust-colored tiny spores of the fungus rub off easily onto shoes, lawn mowers; pet's, fingers, and clothes etc. and can be a nuisance. This occurs because the fungus causes the epidermis of the leaf to rupture and release enormous amounts of spores which are orange/yellow/rusty in color. If the disease has been a problem in the past most likely it will reoccur year after year. Newly seeded juvenile stands of perennial ryegrass (less than a year old) often have the disease more severely than mature established turfgrass lawns and spots fields. Management Strategies: Prevention of the disease is important to be successful in control.

• Use blends of more resistant turfgrass cultivars. The National Turf Evaluation Program NTEP has free information on turfgrass cultivar quality & disease tolerance.
• Provide adequate water and fertilizer to keep the grass growing.

• Core aerate the site to improve water and fertilizer use by the plant reduce soil compaction and improve growth and health. • Apply a preventative fungicide. Research at OSU has suggested that the sterol inhibitors and strobilurins show good to excellent efficacy (e.g. Bayleton, Eagle, Banner, Heritage, and Insignia are some produces to consider). The key is to apply preventative or at the on set of the disease. If a fungicide is applied once the disease is severe often results are disappointing.
Reprinted from the: OSU Buckeye Turf Program Website


GCSAA webcasts now free for members Beginning today, there's even more value to GCSAA membership as the association's webcasts are now free of charge. Members will have free access with no limitations on quantity to both live and on demand events. Nonmembers will continue to be charged $60 for access to live and on demand webcasts.
Contact Gregg Schaner at 614-878-6746 or to learn more.

"Education is at the core of what GCSAA provides to its members and the golf course management industry," GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans said. "Being able to provide free webcasts to members is a win-win for them and their facilities. There is no doubt the challenging economic times of the past few years has limited some of our members in participating in continuing education activities. This will help to relieve some of that pain.“
Webcasts offer great flexibility to participants in that they provide short, deliberate bites of education; direct access to subject matter experts without the time and cost of travel; and 24/7/365 access.

New topics planned for this fall include: Nov. 3: Increase Your Value -- Effective Communications & Your Blog Nov. 9: Algae Management on Putting Greens Nov. 29: Turning Up the Turf Quality on Tees Dec. 6: Weed Control on the Edge Dec. 15: Dollars & Sense of Foliar Fertilization Dec. 20: Ten Amendments to Better Soil Dec. 21: Critical Eye for the Turfgrass Guy


Dayton, Ohio (October 24, 2011) –Over 50 hours of ODA credits will be available to attendees of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Conference and Show, including an hour of CORE each day. Credits will be available in seven categories during the event taking place December 5-8, 2011 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Several industry leaders will be on hand to discuss the latest topics, trends and issues impacting turfgrass professionals. Tracks include Golf, Sports Schools and Municipalities, Business Management, Pest Management and Technology among others. Beyond the horticultural practices, participants will learn to become more efficient and profitable through effective planning and business management. Classes will touch upon doing more with less, improving your customer service, utilizing social media and preparing yourself for the future.
In addition to ODA credit, recertification credit will be available for those licensed in Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, New York and Kentucky (other states pending). GCSAA credit will also be available for golf course superintendents. For a complete listing of education and available credits, visit


The ninth class of the NOGA Hall of Fame was inducted on Friday, October 14 at Acacia Country Club. The 2011 inductees have a combined 177 years of experience that includes all facets of the basic and essential responsibilities linked to the game of golf. You name it...these three inductees have done it - champion golfer, superintendent/general manager, service to turfgrass management, caddy/golf professional/locker room manager and lifetime amateur. These gentlemen share NOGA's mission of "Promoting Golf and Preserving the Traditions and Integrity of the Game.”

RAY BEALLO - One of the top amateur golfers in northeast Ohio in the 1960s and 1970s, Beallo was a longtime member at Sharon Golf Club. He still shares the single -round tournament scoring record by firing a 6-under 65 at Hawthorne Valley Country Club en route to winning the 1971 Northeast Ohio Amateur Championship. Beallo also won several NOGA and Cleveland District Golf Association tournaments during his outstanding career, earning him CDGA Player of the Year honors in 1971 and 1972. Continued on page 8


FRANK DOBIE - Few people have made a greater impact on the turfgrass industry than Dobie. He has been a superintendent in northeast Ohio for more than 50 years - the last 47 years as superintendent and general manager at the Sharon Golf Club. In 1988 the Northern Ohio Golf Course Superintendents Association awarded him the Mal McLaren Award - the most prestigious award presented by the organization for contributions to the game. Last year Dobie was given the Col. John Morley Distinguished Service Award by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

PAUL LAZORAN - Very few people can say they spent 59 years working at one place - Lazoran is one of that rare breed. "Paulie", as he is called by his countless friends, started his career as a caddie at Firestone Country Club at age 9. Throughout his career he caddied for many great players like Gary Player, Al Geiberger and Dave Stockton during the old World Series of Golf and CBS Golf Classic at Firestone. He spent most of his years as the locker room manager at Firestone and counts as his friends some golfers that you may have heard of - Player, Nicklaus, Palmer, Price and Mickelson just to name a few.


STEVEN AND BRICK EARN NOGA PLAYER OF THE YEAR HONORS The Northern Ohio Golf Association is pleased to announce that Brad Steven (Quail Hollow) and Norton Brick (Oberlin) are the 2011 NOGA Players of the Year. Steven earned has first NOGA Player of the Year title after finishing in the top 10 in three of the past four years, including fourth the past two seasons. Following a victory in the season-opening Stroke Play Championship, he finished third in the 72-hole Northeast Ohio Amateur. He also led his Quail Hollow Country Club team to its second Interclub Team Match Play title in the past three years.
In his first year as a member of Oberlin Golf Club, Brick was a model of consistency on his way to capturing his first NOGA Senior Player of Year award. Brick won the POY title in the last event of the season by overtaking his Four-Ball partner and NOGA Hall of Famer Larry Nagy with a second-place finish in the Seniors West Championship at Oberlin. He posted three victories (Four-Ball, Four-Ball Match Play and Seniors East) and two runner-up finishes (Northeast Ohio Amateur and Seniors West).


By R.A. (Bob) Brame, Director, North Central Region November 2, 2011 The Green Section staff recently returned from a staff meeting where we discussed a broad range of agronomic and administrative topics, both formally and after-hours. The meeting also included thanking Jim Snow for his 35 years of dedication to the USGA Green Section, including his 21 years of leadership as the National Director; Jim will retire at the end of the year. Congratulation was extended to Kimberly Erusha, who will be our managing director upon Jim’s retirement. It was a great time of remembering about where we’ve come and looking forward to the days ahead. In the final analysis, your Green Section agronomist is part of a national team that is focused on serving the game of golf. While the world in which we live often encourages self focus and a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude, the USGA Green Section is a team, and there is no ‘i’ in team.

October 2011. The USGA Green Section staff. Spending time together, on a regular cycle, strengthens the bonds that makes for a winning team.

merge our individual personalities and experiences to produce a stronger team. Playing the game along the way helps keep agronomics and course maintenance in perspective.
While considering the fact that there is no ‘i’ in team, it also must be acknowledged that no one is indispensible, which serves to accentuate the greater focus – the team. How about you --- are you part of a team or are you operating on the premise of, ‘if I want it done right I need to do it myself.’ The superintendent can’t do it alone. Clearly, every team needs a leader, but the input of others is essential. To superintendents - are you playing the game regularly to keep agronomics and maintenance in proper perspective? To committee or board members - the objective is to represent those who appointed or elected you. Do you know what your constituents want, or, are you running on personal preferences rather than taking time to make sure what the majority want? More energy is required to serve the greater interest of the team, but it’s an investment that will serve those who follow. Call or email anytime; we’re always available. Source: Bob Brame, or 859-3563272

Staff meetings provide a bonding that maximizes our commitment to each other and the organization. When you subscribe to our Turf Advisory Service, or interact with the Green Section in any way, you receive the full backing of our entire staff. Questions posed to individuals on our staff are commonly circulated to all for wider and more in-depth input that is then passed back to the person making the initial inquiry. Past and current research also is factored in and merged with decades of combined experience. No individual on our staff could ever have the impact that our combined efforts bring to the table. Gathering together serves to

Reprinted from the USGA website


Ellsworth Meadows Golf Course

August 10, 2011

President Kachline called the Board of Trustees of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America meeting to order at 2:14 P.M.

Roll Call: Bennett, Brickley, Feher, Figurella, Hayes, Kachline, Lane, Miller, Snodgrass, Timberlake, Willmott present. McHugh, Palich Absent
Industrial Representative Timberlake moved to except the minutes from the July 20th regular meeting. Past President and Trustee Hayes seconded. Motion passed.

Program and Education: Chapter Administrator Feher reported that the Clambake is set for Ridgetop Golf Course. The price will be between $60-65. Past president Hayes reported that Tom Bolon from Lake Forest needs to get back to us about hosting the Annual Meeting. President Kachline was going to look into reserving a room at the Holiday Inn for October 11 or 18 for a free educational meeting for our members. Possible speakers would be Beau Brooks and Keith Smith. Editorial: No report Golf & Tournament: Trustee Bennett reported that everything went well at Sable Creek. He will be working on putting the team together for the Ohio Rider Cup. Membership & Welcoming: No Report.

Budget and Finance: Chapter Administrator Feher reported that there is currently $5,963.44 in the checking account, $31,498.93 in the money market, $23,370.06 in the Scholarship & Research account and $246.35 in the PayPal account. The Profit & Loss statement shows a net income of $19,806.78 through August 9, 2011.

continued on Page 12


Social: Chapter Administrator Feher reported that we have the tickets for Clay’s Park and that currently we have 35 adults and 11 kids. Tina Figurella will purchase the presents for the kids. There was also discussion about doing a winter event such as bringing back the night at the races. Strategic Planning: No Report Historical & Benevolent: Mike Ossof passed away. Public Relations: Trustee Brickley reported that we are now a partner with Green Care with Troops. Camp Cheerful is on August 27 they have requested a mix with no clover this year. Participants will arrive at 10 AM. Industrial Relations: No Report.

Government Relations: No Report. Website: Past President Hayes reported that Kregg Kish should have everything ready within the next couple of weeks.
Old Business: Hall of Fame – President Kachline spoke to Bill Prest. Trustee Bennett moved to that we move forward with the establishment of a Northern Ohio GCSA Hall of Fame. Trustee Figurella seconded. Motion Passed. The deadline to get a set on nominations to the Board is October 1. New Business: Chapter Administrator Feher presented the following members for reinstatement: Scott Polidoro Shady Hollow Country Club C

Assistant Relations: No report.

Jared Dilbone Werkamp Enterprises
Employment Relations: Jason Bennett is looking for a Mechanic.


Mal McLaren Award: No Report. Scholarship and Research: The Committee announced to the board that Megan Tadge is the winner of the 2011 Legacy Scholarship. We will call Charlie and see when Megan or Charlie would like to accept the award. The Reverse Raffle has been scheduled for March 24th this year because of the GIS show being moved to so late in February.

Motion was made by Past President and Trustee Hayes to accept the above as members. Industrial Affiliate Miller seconded. Motion passed The next meeting is scheduled Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 2:00 P.M at Ellsworth Meadows.
President Kachline adjourned the meeting at 3:16 PM.



We are excited to announce 2 new programs at the 2012 GCSAA National Championship & Golf Classic that are specifically designed to generate greater chapter involvement and, more importantly, put some money in your chapter’s pocket! The Chapter Team Competition has been reformatted and is bigger and better in 2012! Whether competing in the National Championship or the Golf Classic, members can also opt into the Chapter Team Competition to see which GCSAA-affiliated chapter holds the best golfers. A gross and net winner will be crowned with 75% of the entry fees being paid back to the winning chapters. For example, in 2011 there were 55 teams in the competition. That would equate to a total purse of $4,125 – or $2,062.50 each to the winning net and gross team. Of course, as the number of teams increase so does the purse, so form your team strategically and take some money home to your chapter!

may have more than one team in the competition, but a competitor may not participate on more than one chapter team. Refer to the attached entry form for additional rules and regulations. In addition, thanks to support from our sponsor, The Toro Company, we are excited to announce the new “Chapter Payback Program”. The rules are simple. You will earn $200 for every registered competitor that is a member of your chapter and has not participated in the last two or more tournaments. That’s all there is to it! There are no limitations on the number of competitors a chapter can recruit or how the chapter can use the funds.

The entry fee is $20 per person. You can register your team anytime between now and the close of registration on Friday, Feb. 24 in Palm Springs. Each chapter team may have five competitors with the best four scores counting toward the total. All team members must belong to the chapter they are representing. Only one team member may be a superintendent/golf professional, and only one team member may be a GCSAA affiliate member. A chapter

As you can see, there are some significant dollars on the table for chapters who have strong participation in Palm Springs. Form your chapter teams now, recruit those “new” attendees and watch your chapter’s bank account grow! A mailing will be sent to all chapter presidents and executives with this information. Please keep an eye out for it! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions at or 800/472-7878 ext. 4400. We look forward to seeing you in Palm Springs!



0.6 CEU’s


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