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The purpose of TIlE AMERicAN SOVi ET WALk is to draw attention to the need to end the arms race before It ends
us. and to provide a posit ive model for the resolution of internati onal and cross cultural confli ct.
As cit izens. we cannot enact the legislation that will end the arms race. but we can hel p to create a climate In which
such legislation is increasingly likely. We walk as Americans and Soviets. together. to demonstrate that people from
different cultures. nations. Ideologies and generations can live and worlk together for common goals and on the com-
mon ground of our shared humanity. By walking. tal king and llstenlnq to each ot her in diverse groups focused on
our shared concerns. we gain insight and perspecti ve into how our confl icts began. and how they might be resolved.
We use walking first. as a met aphor for what we bel ieve needs to happen:
personal and physical involvement
slowing down
comparing our actions to thei r objectives
taking the time to understand each other
and carefuliy planning. together. our next move.
But walking together as citizen diplomats is more than just a metaphor-It is also a process and a grounding. the
very act of which leads to the resolutions and understondings we seek .
We be lieve that the arms race can be reversed. and that this is most likely to take place in the cont ext of a dramatic
improvement of relations between the United Sta tes and the Soviet Union. We also be lieve that this change can be
encouraged through significant civilian . cultural and trade excha nges; and that these will create a climate in which
act ion can be taken to end the moral. economic. and suicidal illogi c of the arms race. If we are right. the walk we
are developing will playa role In the evolution of civi lized relati ons between our two nations.
Short term planning
and unrestrained/ unfocused tech nology
have provided us with 60.000 nuclear bombs-the equivalent explosive power of over a million Hlroshimas wai ti ng
to happen, or an equal allocation of over 4 TONS of TNT for every man. woman, and child on the face of the earth.
Still. we spend our most precious resources building 6 mo re nuclear bombs each da y. and putting them on ever faster
and mo re accurate, automatic. long distance, hair trigger. computer gUided delivery systems.
There must be a better way to go about ad dressing legi timate security and defense concerns than threaten ing to
blow up our gl ob al home if we. or they, don't get things "our way: '
It is time for a change.
We propose -
the pursuit of diplomacy In place of rhetoric and hollow promi ses.
of reductions instead of technological fixes.
and of cooperation as an alternative to confrontation.
Surely if the worldwide resources we now use to project fear and propagate war were instead wisely applied towards
serving humanity we would have less to fight about. less to be in want of , and less reason to be afraid.
We must be custodians and prot ect ors of all life on this earth if there is to be any human future.
We need to start now.
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