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Confucianism Says Script Starring: Shelita, Hamza, Harneet, Apila, & Olivia SCENE 1: (INTRODUCTION) (Hamza stands outside until

given queue to enter) SHELITA: Today we have a fun filled show for you guys but first, MEET JAMES! (Applause, Hamza walks in) HAMZA: Hey everyone, I am your host James Dean. Today is National Confucius Day! A day where we honor and celebrate the great teachings of the Confucian way of life. Today we have plenty of guests of the Confucianism religion that will be educating us about this early religion. Today we have a new segment called “Confucius Says” (clap, clap, yaaaay) First off we have Ling ChangChang, who is a priestess. She will be talking about the Confucian religion. (clap, clap, woohoo) HAMZA: So, Ling ChangChang, tell us about confucianism. SHELITA LING CHANGCHANG: Good afternoon everyone, my name is Ling ChangChang and today I would like to tell you guys a little about my religion. Confucianism is a way way of life. HAMZA: So what is Confucianism based on?

it was a pleasure having you on the show. HAMZA: What were they? SHELITA: They were… • Father/son • Ruler/citizen • Husband/wife • Older brother/younger brother • Friend/friend They also believed in ancestor veneration. HAMZA: Alright well. and where did it originate? . and Hsin. Lin. (clap. Confucianism is based on the values and social code of the Chinese HAMZA: What are some of the key beliefs? SHELITA: Well Confucianists believe in wisdom and virtue. They believe in 5 different virtues which are Jen.SHELITA: Basically there was this great philosopher named Confucius who strongly believed in doing good things and living his life with virtuousness. Horray!) Welcome to the show Howard! APILA: Thanks for having me! HAMZA: Who was the founder of Confucianism. clap. They believe in mutual respect. Yi. Our next guest is a famous archeologist named Howard Johnson who will talk about the origin And founder of Confucianism. Chih. Confucius had many followers. They had 5 different relationships that they valued.

Wedding day is my favorite part. There were basically 3main founder of the Confucianism. Details would be given for Dowry. Our next guest is an event planner. Mencius made Confucianism more popular through is teachings. because she plans the best events in North America. Confucius was the main founder. Mencius. HAMZA: Explain to us about what weddings are like in Confucianism. yaaaaaaay!) Welcome Ms. Some of the events that I specialize in though are weddings and birthdays. I do a variety of different events. HARNEET: Hey. The bride would serve the grooms parents as they reciprocate. There would be a procession in both families’ homes. Confucius. . Allison Brown! (Clap. clap. Then after a while there would be a beautiful engagement. I also do funerals. The couples exchange any sort of birth information. So pay close attention. It is also tradition to have a big breakfast gathering with both families. Please welcome our next guest Ms. HAMZA: Thanks for that information. He was very humble. And. HARNEET: Weddings are so much fun! Every wedding starts with a proposal. and Hsun Tzu. He would people that he was merely a transmitter and everything he said had been said before.APILA: Confucianism originated in China back in the fifth Century. So tell us a little but about some of the events you specialize in. Brown. There would be a ceremony follows by a reception. Hsun Tzu gave Confucianism clarity by writing 32 essays. the grooms parents would give a matched dowry of gifts to which the brides side gave. He studied the Ancient ways of great Yellow emperor and taught others to live a virtuous life. It was nice having you on the show.

and twelfth month mothers family provides everything HAMZA: Thank you for coming. forty ninth day after the burial • so is the first and third anniversaries after the persons death HAMZA: Wow… Well thank you for that information. ninth. Now tell us what births are like HARNEET: Birth and Conception • spirit of fetus (T'ai-shen) protects the mother from harm at birth • after birth placenta is disposed of and mother is given one month to rest and recover • for the fist month. fourth month. But now tell us about what funerals are like. (looks at audience) Each of you will e given a business card with Allison’s contact information… Before we bring this segmemt to an end is there any members of the audience that would like to share more information about Confucianism? (Olivia raises her hand) Oh hey there! Come on down  . HARNEET: In funerals the dead body is washed and placed into a coffin with food and objects that were significant to the deceased • family of dead wear coarse material clothing • mourners bring incense and money to offset the cost of the funeral • priest performs the burial rituals while leading the coffin to the grave • family members carry a willow branch while following • willow branch represents the soul of the deceased • place the branch on an alter at home to • represents the presence of the soul of the deceased • a ceremonial worship is held on the seventh.HAMZA: That sound like a lot of fun.

• The cultures most strongly influenced by Confucianism include those of China.Whats you name? OLIVIA: Hey everyone. my name is Leigh Ling Shangh and I just wanted to talk about Some of the key symbols and some interesting facts! HAMZA: Oh that’s fantastic! So tell us about some symbols. An ideogram for water is often used to represent Confucianism. OLIVIA: There are 3 main symbols of Confucianism. It represents the source of life in Chinese philosophy. So are you guys ready for a . The yin-yang symbol of Taoism is also sometimes used as a symbol for Confucianism. Japan. • There are no Confucian deities and no teachings about the afterlife like other religions • Confucius left no writings Hamza: Thanks for that insightful information. • During his own lifetime Confucius’ teachings were not widely accepted. • In the Confucian society. A second symbol is used to represent Confucianism which means righteousness in your own life and in your relationships with others. women were to hold a lower position than men. Singapore. Unbalance can lead to confusion and disarray. Korea. and Vietnam. Tell us about some interesting facts. OLIVIA: • Confucius’ real name is Kong Qiu • Confucius lost his dad at the age of three • He wanted to be an advisor to a great leader. • Marriage takes place in six stages • Relatives of the deceased cry out aloud to inform their neighbors of the death. Taiwan. Well this segment has come to an end. HAMZA: Oh that’s very intriguing. It symbolizes balance in nature between opposing forces.

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