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Nick Lemley Bio 110 6358 An Inconvenient Truth Write-Up

An Inconvenient Truth is a film documentary about climate change on a global scale. The film is presented by former Vice President Al Gore who despite being an egotistical maniac actually does quite a good job in presenting the science to the audience. Once you are past the small introduction that is semiautobiographical about Gore you are presented with an almost overwhelming amount of hard evidence about the subject of climate change. The film’s best evidence was shown in regards to The Keeling Curve, the Ice Cores from The Antarctic, and The Temperature Records that date back to 1880. The facts presented in this movie make it very hard to argue for any other theory other than Global Climate Change. The Keeling Curve shows a pattern of steadily increasing amounts of Carbon Dioxide that have been being measured since 1958. This curve proves that Carbon Dioxide levels are indeed rising and will continue rising over the years. The data on the ice cores came from The University of Bern in Switzerland and showed a marked increase in the Carbon Dioxide levels in the ice cores of the Antarctic. Finally the temperature records kept from 1880 until the present showed that the ten hottest years ever measured have been in the last 14 years. All this information compiles and points in one direction, Climate Change. This Movie despite its flaws namely, Al Gore, is quite a good representation of the science behind climate change. It is by no means the defacto know all tell all about the science of climate change as the field is constantly changing just like the climate it is researching but it is a great compilation of information if you don’t want to hunt down the information you are looking for.