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A Family Holiday by monkeyjoe3 © Chapter 1 “It’s a fantastic idea, Beth, they’ll love it!

” My younger sister had just explained her idea of taking our parents away for a holiday in the sun to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and as usual with her, I thought it was a great suggestion. Although she was only twenty-three, Beth had always been the star child in our family, the one who worked hard and really achieved – she’d got a good job straight from university and could probably afford to treat the folks like this, but the nice thing about her was that she was generous with her money too, she genuinely wanted to treat them. And if I was going to be included as well – even better! I was the polar opposite of Beth, three years older but nowhere near her in terms of a career ladder – whilst she’d always tried and won I’d rarely bothered trying at anything in life, academically, professionally or in terms of relationships. But I was okay with that, and the two of us got along just fine, even if our paths didn’t often cross these days. “Are you going to invite Ann, too?” Ann was our older sister, three years my senior.

“Well, yes, of course,” Beth replied, “but I don’t know if she’ll be able to come. She’ll have to get someone to look after Jamie and I don’t see John wanting to do that after the past few months.” We both had to feel for Ann – she’d been a cross between Beth and me in that she’d always tried hard in life, but never seemed to get anywhere. Married at twenty to a man the rest of the family instantly disliked, she had recently and finally freed herself in a messy divorce, but was left struggling to juggle an underpaid job with looking after her seven year old son. “Have you talked to mum and dad about it yet, Beth?” “No, and I don’t want you talking to them either! Leave it with me because I want it to be a big surprise for them. I’m going to tell them they’re going away, but not that we’re joining them or where we’re going or any of that. I’ll organise everything.” I knew when to back off gracefully, Beth usually got her way and if I was being honest with myself she’d do a far better job than I would with this sort of thing. “I’m going to bring Paul along,” she continued, “is there anyone, you know, special, that you’d like to

come as your guest?” Beth and Paul had got engaged a couple of months ago – he was a hot shot doing a job I didn’t understand somewhere in the city, but a decent guy if the couple of brief meetings I’d had with him were anything to go by. I was thinking about Becky. I’d been seeing her for a couple of months now, but I wasn’t really sure if it was going anywhere. The plan was for the family holiday to happen in September, and it was June now – I couldn’t be sure if we’d still be a couple in three months. “No,” I said, “nobody special. It should be a family thing anyway, really, and Paul’s about to become family.” Over the next couple of months I got regular updates from Beth, who was revelling as ever in her role of chief organiser. We were going to Tenerife, close enough that the flight wouldn’t tire the older members of the party out, but far enough to guarantee plenty of sunshine. The apartment was booked, and our parents knew they were being treated but not how. Ann was trying to arrange her affairs and come, but couldn’t be sure if she could, but Beth had booked a place for her anyway. And my relationship with Becky was as up and down as ever, at times fantastic and at times almost nonexistent. I’d told her I was going away with my

family, and she was okay about not coming too – I was confident I’d made the right choice not to bring her. As far as I was concerned, it would be a nice break in the sunshine, no pressures. The week just couldn’t arrive soon enough. Chapter 2 “Oh, Beth, it’s fabulous!” my mum enthused, and she was right. The apartment was huge, it’s white stone walls contrasting perfectly with the clear blue sky, the wooden floor cool under foot. The kitchen had all the conveniences of modern life, and the bedrooms were bright and airy. Balconies overlooked the town and sea, and an exterior staircase led up to a roof terrace, which featured a small swimming pool and a bubbling hot tub. It must have cost Beth a fortune. “Glad you managed to come now?” I grinned at Ann as our parents looked around the kitchen. She smiled back at me, although I knew from talking to her on the plane that she was tired and a little worried about Jamie, who she’d left with her exmother in law for the week. I’d wondered how Ann would deal with being away from the kid, but thought that if she could relax a little then she’d really enjoy

There were three bedrooms – my parents obviously had the biggest. “Mum and dad look so happy. and I’d been quite happy with either option. and she appeared distracted and unable to concentrate. but the last year had hurt her badly by the looks of it. but looked older than her years. don’t they?” Ann observed. and Ann shrugged her acceptance of the weeks living arrangements. she looked like she needed it.the break. sitting on her bed amongst strewn clothes. I decided then that I’d try my best to ensure she had a good break. I’d remembered her as a vivacious woman in her mid twenties. worn down by the world. though. probably makes them feel young again!” . Ann was tall and slim.” “Yeah.” I agreed. but on closer inspection the sofa didn’t fold out into a bed after all. she could have done with a haircut. “I’m really pleased for them. There were two big beds in the third bedroom. We started to unpack our bags. “they like having us lot around too. Her eyes were dulled. Beth had asked me if I minded sharing with Ann or taking the sofa in the lounge. especially as it looked like we were going to have to share a room together. Beth and Paul the second.

” her voice trailed off. It’ll be fun. but…” “Not easy!” she interrupted. you know. but hopefully things will be getting better now the divorce is out of the way. it’s near on impossible! I can’t just forget all about John. let your hair down a bit. I’m not asking you to forget about it. sis. I just think that this break will be good for you as well as mum and dad. “I know. “I’m not sure you realise quite what it’s like to be a single mother. beautiful – enjoy the sunshine. and above all else. and all that. isn’t it?” . I know. sharing a room with my brother. The place is great. you’re still young. being bossed around by my baby sister!” but she was smiling whilst she said this. you’ll see!” “Bloody hell. Come on. Holiday with parents. We all know you’ve been having a tough time recently. and I’m really grateful to Beth for sorting it all out. “Of course I’m going to enjoy it. relax.She laughed. I know it’s not going to be easy. with Jamie too…. I feel like I’m a child again. A change is as good as a rest. “Reckon I could do with feeling young again too!” “Well I think you need to relax.

and as she looked upwards I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. “See you upstairs in a minute!” The pool was lovely and cool. She reached round to pull her hair away from her face. wearing a black one piece swimming suit and carrying a large beach towel. and anyway. I greeted her with a wave. I turned my back on Ann. following my lead by jumping into the pool. Kicking my shoes off. I thought. I dived straight in and swum four or five lengths quickly. I gave a cheery smile. and the pool looked so inviting. covered in water up to my neck. “race you to the swimming pool!” I was hot after the flight and taxi ride from the airport. that’s nice!” she exclaimed. before stopping to sit on the steps leading down to it. and she smiled back at me. Her breasts. always covered in sensible . shrugged my shirt off and sat down on the bed. I thought for a second that I should go into the bathroom to change into my swimming shorts. we were going to have to share for the week so we might as well be relaxed about it. but I figured that as I was facing away from my sister she wouldn’t see me naked. Turning round to face Ann. “Oh. I slipped off my jeans and boxers.“Not bad at all. and stood up to pull on my shorts. swimming up to me and standing in front of me to shake the water from her hair.” I said. I could live with this for a week. Ann was the next person out to the pool.

In the end we decided on doing very little that night – we were all tired after the flight. I thought to myself. and we all got into discussing the available entertainment in the area. every inch the perfect match. Her and Paul made for a good looking couple. she petite and pretty. were firm and rounded. he lean and fit. watching the sunset over the bay. Our parents looked on approvingly as they splashed about in the pool. and we were shortly joined by our parents to make a very happy gathering. and we chilled out on the terrace eating and drinking. “What are we going to do on our first night. pressing hard against the fabric of her swim suit. and wanted to save some exploring time for later in the week. and her bright yellow bikini contrasted with her brown skin beautifully. Christ. Very nice indeed. and the chill of the water had caused her nipples to swell. I shouldn’t be ogling my sister’s tits! Beth and Paul strolled up to the pool too. then?” dad asked. Beth had clearly been in the tanning salon.motherly sweaters before. The evening was still warm. before coming back to reality with a bump as Ann sat beside me. relaxing . Paul and I walked down into the town and bought some food and wine. and I had a pleasant buzz from the wine. This was going to be a great.

glancing over her shoulder and beckoning him to follow. and followed quickly.” she teased as she flounced off down the stairs. but judging by her smile she wasn’t tired. Mum and dad were the first to start yawning. you’re not even thirty yet. Ann.” “Oh. “Come on. Ann broke the silence after a couple of minutes. shrugged his shoulders as if resigned to his fate. “Did you mean what you said earlier?” “When?” I replied. Paul. He grinned at Ann and me. Ann. “Christ. I don’t think so. yeah. Just because you’ve had a bad experience doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have to stick with that…where you are in life at the moment…you . you’re nowhere near past it. “When you said I was still young and beautiful. take me to bed. wasn’t it?” “No. of course!” “But I guess that was just my baby brother trying to cheer me up.week. and went off to bed at around nine. Beth wasn’t far behind them.” I said.

” I was rambling a bit. Ann. even if you are a bit drunk. I think you’re very desirable. you must be fed up hearing my problems. I realised. I probably wouldn’t have said what I then said. bending forward and giving me a hug. when you don’t hide behind your hair. they only see me as a mother now. couldn’t help but admire your tits earlier and your body’s in great shape.” . “Ann. She was blushing. I’ve embarrassed you now. too much wine. “I just want to feel desired again. Thank you. I’m sorry to go on about it. Ann was looking straight at me. and I held eye contact for as long as I could.” I started.” If I hadn’t had as much to drink. I tailed off. sorry. I could see that even in the half light. and I love your eyes. that was a lovely thing to say.know. But Ann continued. You’ve still got that cute smile sometimes. I don’t think anyone’s looked at me as a woman for years. “That’s nonsense. you silly boy. or if I hadn’t been so relaxed. “Don’t be sorry. but she interrupted by standing up and coming over to my chair.” Aware I’d gone over the top.

“Well I’m pleased you like them!” She sat down next to me.” she came back with. “Don’t know if I should be telling my sister all about my sex life!” I joked. Ann showed a genuine interest. it does you good to talk about stuff. it’s just that they were. what you’re saying is that the sex is good but when it’s over you can’t be bothered to do more for the relationship. And I didn’t mean that I was staring at you earlier. haven’t really caught up for ages. go on. “Don’t be daft. “Does that mean I don’t care about Becky enough?” I wondered. . yeah?” I had to agree. I heard you were seeing a girl – why didn’t you bring her along?” I told her about my up and down relationship with Becky. in my face!” She was laughing now. “No. “So tell me all about your life.I hugged her back. it’s interesting. basically. and I found the discussion getting more and more detailed – I’d never really talked about this kind of thing with anyone before. kind of. so it’s about as close as I get! And if I’m ever going to have another relationship I guess I need a few dating tips! So. “I don’t have a sex life at the moment.

I thought I was supposed to be the one cheering you up. she too had taken off her tshirt. and laughed as she threw it at me. I guess it’s Thursday night back in England. and she’s probably watching TV with her flatmate. discussing what to do at the weekend. probably not. “I’m going to bed. Anyway. Not too exciting!” “Whereas you are sitting under a warm. “Still think they’re desirable?” she asked.“Well maybe. Last one downstairs has to turn the light out!” She was always going to win that race. “Do you wonder what she’s doing now?” “Not really. drinking wine with a single woman you’ve already described as beautiful! Do you think she’s wondering about you?” I was laughing with her now. “No. By the time I got downstairs she was in the bathroom. waiting for her to come out so I could go to the toilet. starlit sky.” Ann replied. not the other way around!” “Come on. so I took my shirt off and sat on my bed. Her bra was a .” she said. When she walked into the room.

and I hoped Ann hadn’t noticed as we’d hugged. She was a desirable woman.creamy white colour. It was nice to feel her bare skin on mine. she grabbed hold of my arm and turned me towards her. you know. but again had that moment of doubt about whether it was appropriate . “But I really do need to go now!” I broke off the hug. “Thank. as she rested her head on my chest. “But I need the loo now.” I said. I was slightly disturbed to realise that I had an erection.” She reached out to hug me. As I did. please!” and stood up to walk past her. and I heard Ann getting comfortable under the sheets.” she said. you big tease. but she was also my sister! I pulled myself together and brushed my teeth. The light was off when I went back into the bedroom. Of course I still thought they were desirable! “Yes. and I pulled our bodies closer. and went through to the bathroom. Joe. sis. “Anytime. I lowered my head and kissed her gently on the forehead. obviously built to push up her breasts. I sat on the edge of my bed and slid my jeans off. “it does mean a lot to me. I always sleep naked.” I said.

Had there been a noise. but only about six o’clock. the bed comfortably firm. feeling a tingle deep in my balls.” I agreed. I’ll have those fabulous tits on my mind all night!” Ann’s wicked giggle was the last thing I remember as I drifted off to a deep sleep. Chapter 3 It was just about light when I woke. I was tired. gently. “thought you might like the moment. . “So much nicer to be naked under these crisp cotton sheets. and I suddenly remembered that Ann was in the room too.” said Ann. and closed my eyes as my head hit the pillow. or was it just a throbbing erection that had woken me? I reached down a grasped my thick cock. “What’s that?” I asked. It was cool and crisp. too. “but how am I supposed to sleep now.” Something landed on the pillow next to my head. “My bra. But not for long – I slipped my boxers off and quickly threw the sheet over me. “Hey. eh?” “Oh yes. The sheet was pushed to one side.” she said.

edging the sheet further down to reveal her pussy.faster and faster I pumped my cock. I rolled onto my side so I could look at Ann and rub myself at the same time. Fucking hell. and my cock twitched in my hand as I stared at her chest – her tits were fantastic. still stroking my sensitive penis as the hardness shrunk away. enjoying the sensation. Jesus. . I was wanking over my sister. and slippery as I flicked a finger over the top of it. she’d be horrified. I must have been having a glorious dream. her slippery slit. I pulled the sheet back over my body. I hadn’t been kidding myself.I glanced over to her bed. I lay back. but she was sleeping soundly. The tip of my penis was wet with the precum. breathing heavily. hope I hadn’t woken her up. closed my eyes and tried to get back to sleep. God I was horny. slowly. imagining licking her puffy nipples. desire in her heavy breathing…. spurting a string of creamy spunk onto the sheet and onto my stomach. and began a slow. a triangle of fine hairs. and all of a sudden I was coming. though. Her sheet had been kicked down in the night. lying on her back and breathing evenly. I stroked my hard cock up and down a couple of times. rhythmic motion. her legs parting at the touch of my finger tips.

facing away from me. if anything her stretching out was pulling the sheet further down. aware that my erection was making a return. Her arse was as good as her tits.” I sat up. “Can I have my bra back now?” I’d forgotten about that. “Breakfast on the terrace in ten minutes. I breathed out hard. “I’m not going to be able to get up otherwise!” Ann simply threw off the sheet. yes. “You?” “Mmm. think so. too. because the next thing I knew there was a light knock at the door and my mum was calling. “Morning.” she smiled across at me. “Sleep well?” She made no move to cover her body with the sheet. Looking over her shoulder. you hussy!” I joked. very comfortable. Lots of nice dreams. swung her legs over the far side of the bed and stood up. and walked the couple of steps into the bathroom. bloody hell. it was still on my pillow. who would have . Ann had just woken up too. “Yeah. yawned and stretched. I threw it back with a chuckle. she winked at me. “Cover yourself up. you two.” I said.I must have managed to.” she grinned.

and turned to go out to the living room. and. went to join the rest of the family. seeming not to notice the bulge in my shorts. I thought. smooth curves merging into her hips and down to her thighs. and threw these on too. My erection had subsided enough for me to go out now. I just had to stare at her arse. had to get up! Grudgingly I stood up. She picked out a short skirt and a t-shirt to go over the suit. No. Ann came back into the room. I stumbled into the bathroom and doused my face in cold water. then!” she said brightly. I couldn’t help myself. as casually as I could. Making up her mind. Everyone had very quickly got into the holiday way of life. and stood facing the wardrobe. Breakfast was as relaxed as the previous nights dinner. Paul was describing some of the activities available down in the town – we’d had a .thought it! I reached down to my hard cock again. Shaking my head. She seemed to take an age to stand upright again. she picked a dark blue one-piece swimming costume out. still with her back to me. “Breakfast. so I found a long t-shirt and. and she wriggled her arms into the straps of the suit before turning round towards me. It was round and full. as we discussed what to do later. bent down to step into it. pulling on my swimming shorts. no.

and smiled at me. the big mountain in the middle of the island.” she said. “You can’t go around giving me a hard-on with our parents around! What if they saw us?” “Ooh. and pushed her foot further down. “You’re just as bad as me! You shouldn’t have been gawping at my .” Ann piped up. Of course. so it’s not “don’t do it. God she was such a tease! I looked sternly at her. and said she was going off for a swim. “I’d like to go up to Teide. I had to wait a couple of minutes for my erection to go down before joining her! “You are a very naughty girl!” I whispered to her. and Beth claimed that she wouldn’t be able to breathe up there. Stretching out her leg. as if disappointed. and Paul told her about a tour company that was advertising day trips.” is it?” she laughed at me.quick scout around on our way back from the supermarket yesterday afternoon – and there were several boat trips. and then a little higher. She pouted. as we splashed about in the pool. Mum and dad were more interested in sitting by the pool and catching some sunshine. she rubbed her foot against my calf under the table. “Cool.” it’s “don’t let anyone see. so I said that I’d go along with Ann if she wanted.

I poured a little oil into my hand and drizzled a little more directly onto her back. I walked over to her. should you? Well if you can tease me with your words. She was lying face down on one of the big loungers. I was enjoying every minute of our little game. Perching on the edge of the sun bed. “Joe. and my sister certainly seemed a lot brighter and happier today. I sat further down the bed and reached over to massage the backs of her legs. gently but firmly massaging her shoulders and down her arms. too?” Pouring a little more oil. before returning to the middle of her back. even though I knew it was a dangerous one to play. I moved my slippery hands down again. that’s nice.body. Nothing wrong with a bid of holiday escapism.” she murmured. “Can you do my legs. I thought. and I was sitting reading a book. and picked up the bottle of oil from her side. I quickly placed my hands on her back. I can tease you too!” I couldn’t argue. and as my hands moved up from calves to thighs. would you put some suntan oil on my back. She shifted a little on the bed. her legs parted just a little. please?” Ann called to me a little later. She gasped as the cold oil touched her hot skin. then . “Mmm.

She shuddered slightly – had I gone too far? But the next time my hand moved between her legs she closed them tightly around it. keeping my fingers there. which served excellent seafood washed down with cold white wine. for just a couple of seconds. and found an Italian restaurant right on the beach.up. as we all unwound from the stresses of our everyday lives. Ann was careful not to get too close to me. She was breathing deeply and evenly. I chanced a little more contact. My hands moved further up too. Joe. “don’t think I’ll burn now for a bit. while Ann. my finger trailing lightly over her swim suit. I needed to cool off! The rest of the day passed slowly. “Thank you. Beth and Paul disappeared to bed. and got up to dive straight into the pool. we all walked down into the town for some food. and I didn’t push it at all. Beth. each time noting her thighs moving further apart. Paul and I read books and jumped in the pool when it got too hot. Back at the apartment. Mum and dad seemed to sleep most of the time. whilst . down the crack of her arse and smoothly over her pussy. I squeezed her arse cheek firmly once. loving my attention.” Looking carefully over at the rest of the family.” she whispered. and I found my thumbs spreading her arse out a little with each push. Later in the evening.

” I said. fixed a nightcap for the rest of us. Missing Jamie a bit. How’s it going with you then?” “Okay. I wasn’t asleep. When I slipped into the bedroom. think so. good company. took off all my clothes and walked back to the bed. It was a bit of a surprise when Ann spoke: “Hey. you.” There was something in her voice telling me she wasn’t telling the whole truth. don’t . “It’s been a nice evening. I assumed Ann was asleep. I guess. Ann.” I said.” “Oh. quietly easing myself under the sheet. I went to the bathroom.” She sniffed. “you sound a bit unhappy.” “You didn’t. Annie. I’m doing okay. Perhaps our game was over. But yeah. Ann said she was going to bed. I didn’t mean to wake you up. Ann. and I sat on the terrace sipping a small whiskey with my dad. “You sure. Was she crying? “Hey. Not sure what I’m doing here really. cool. good food. You alright?” “Yeah.

You’ll be able to put everything into perspective when you get home. I moved so I was facing the same way as her and put my arm . “It’ll be okay. and I squeezed her gently. “A proper hug.cry. I slid my legs over the edge of the bed. “Give us a hug. “You’re just so bloody reasonable sometimes!” she smiled. Reaching up. “I’m sure Jamie’s cool. but Ann was pulling me up towards her. down to her neck. and kissed her gently on the top of her head. sitting upright in bed.” She was crying.” she demanded. honest! Relax and enjoy your week. I could have stayed kneeling beside her bed for ages.” Ann wriggled her arms free and placed them around my neck and shoulders. but for now don’t think about it too much. it’s great to get away from things for a while.” I eased my arm under her head. and you should be using this time for yourself. I ended up half sitting and half lying on the edge of the bed. rolling over more so she had her back to me now. he’s being well looked after. My right arm slid down her back over the sheet. I stroked her hair back from her face. and knelt down beside her bed. and Ann rolled onto her back and pulled me down next to her.” I said.

I moved away from her slightly. I stretched my arm as far as it would go.around her side. “Sleep well. sis. Chapter 4 I woke up with a start. sleep well. . and that although there was a sheet separating us my penis would be pressing into her back if I moved an inch or two. and drifted gently off to sleep. My penis throbbed – had I been dreaming again? I still had an arm around Ann’s side.” She was nearly asleep. She wriggled slightly against me. “You sleep well.” she whispered. although the sheet was separating us too. palm resting flat on her stomach. Where was I? Who was this with me? What time was it? It was still pitch black outside. My arm travelled down the outline of her leg. trailing my fingers back up her leg. She was definitely naked too. her breathing slow and regular. I breathed in the scent of her hair.” I kissed the back of her head. I moved my arm slowly down to rest on her hip. adjusting my position slightly so that my cock wouldn’t bump her too much. tired too but all too aware that I was naked. and I just about made out the time on the fluorescent digital clock on the table. Think I will like this. “That’s better. 3:38. I couldn’t feel any knickers.

over her hip and up her side, to where I could feel the swell of her breast. Slowly, almost dreamily, I stroked down and under her breasts, cupping one gently in my hand, and then down onto her stomach again. My sister sighed. Oh god, was she awake? My hand froze on her flat belly, and I listened carefully to Ann’s breathing. Same as normal, slow and regular, she was still asleep. I breathed out, a sigh of relief, and my hand continued its slow exploration of her body. I traced the same pattern as before, down her leg, up again and up to her breast, gently stroking and back down to her stomach. The next cycle I varied slightly, rather than over her hip on the way back up I trailed my hand lightly over her buttocks, running a finger over her crack, before carrying on up her side. I felt so horny, this delicate, teasing stroking was fantastic. The next cycle I lightly rubbed the front of her breast – her nipples were tight and erect as I brushed over them. I hoped my sister was having a beautiful, sexy dream, which is what I felt I was in the middle of. Trailing my hand down her front, I reached round further than before to stroke over her pussy and down the front of her legs this time. Up I went again, a little firmer over her arse now,

and brushing my cock too. I was nearly coming, this was one of the most erotic feelings I’d ever had. My fingertip traced slow circles around her nipples, one after the other, and then up further for the first time, gently across her neck and then back down her side. This time I grasped my penis firmly, and pulled on it a couple of times, edging myself closer to the inevitable eruption, but not yet – I wanted this to last as long as possible. I rubbed the small of Ann’s back, and pushed my hand down onto her arse, one finger exploring around her tight hole, and then further down. Were her legs further apart than before? They had to have been, I hadn’t been able to brush across her cunt the last time. I ran my hand back up her front, and across her tits. Her breathing was deeper now – had I woken her? I didn’t think so, but I wasn’t sure I cared any more, I needed to touch her, needed the physical relief. My hand slid back down her front, and I pulled her leg back towards me, pushing my cock into her arse crack. I reached round and put my hand straight over the mound of her pussy, feeling the rough hairs, and held myself against her as my cock twitched, once, twice, spitting it’s seed into the sheet that was all that separated us. Oh that felt good! I eased my hand away from her pussy, and my sticky cock away from her arse. How was her

breathing? Yes, normal, I was sure I hadn’t woken her. My beautiful sister. I slowly turned onto my back, exhaling as I recovered from my orgasm. It just felt right to be in bed with her, although I had to wonder what she would have thought had she been awake. Was I using her body, abusing her even? I guess I was, but we had both got into this game together, and it felt good to play it. I had to be careful, though. She’d find the evidence on the sheet later, so I had to play it a bit cool, pretend I’d just had an erotic dream if she asked. The thought played on my mind as I drifted back to sleep. Chapter 5 Ann woke me in the morning with a gentle kiss on my cheek. “Hey, sleepy,” she whispered. “You should probably get into your bed just in case anybody comes in.” It was a fair point, and I slid reluctantly away from her warm body. A few minutes later mum knocked on the door, and called us for breakfast once more. “Did you sleep well?” Ann asked me as she got up and went to the bathroom. “Mmm, yes, it was nice and warm cuddling you,” I said, and got up to put my swimming shorts on. “I had a really naughty dream,” Ann said as she

came back into the room. “You were holding me and stroking my body, getting me very turned on. Oh, you were a very naughty boy in my dream!” I laughed. “Well that would be bad, wouldn’t it. A nice hug, you asked for, and that’s it. You are my sister, after all!” “Well it was only a dream, wasn’t it? Can’t help what you dream about.” She was looking at me hard now. Did she know? Was it a dream she’d been having? I looked away. “Hey,” she said, “don’t be embarrassed, it was lovely. Very erotic, just being separated by that thin sheet.” Oh shit! “Ah, sis, I’m sorry. I thought you were asleep, I just woke up and felt so horny, and you felt so nice against me, and, I guess I got carried away. Look, I’m sorry.” She walked up to where I was sitting on the edge of my bed, leaned over and kissed me, lightly, on the lips. “No embarrassment, no saying sorry. I loved it, your touch was so gentle, so caring. Haven’t felt like that in a long time. I wanted to let you know I was awake, but I just couldn’t, I didn’t want it to stop. So

and. Paul visibly brightened at this idea. then?” my dad asked as we ate our toast and drunk orange juice under the clear blue sky. I looked over at Paul – it was pretty clear that he didn’t fancy shopping at all. so I suggested that we could go down to the beach and try out some of the activities down there.” I felt so guilty. beaming a huge smile at me. The girls went off to get changed. eh?” Another kiss. tonight?” she said. but Ann was buoyant. Beth. Ann was the first to reply. “Come on. after giving Ann a few minutes I went to pick up a towel and my beach shoes. Ann was sitting on her bed. “I think I’m going to go into town and have a look around the shops. Might buy myself some clothes. Mum’ll be wondering where we’ve got to. jet skis being my favourite. breakfast. and it was settled. I stood up and followed her out onto the terrace. do you fancy coming?” Beth said that she’d love to. “What’s everyone up to today. wearing a short light blue dress. and combing her hair. looking up at me as I walked into the saying sorry. . “Would you like to take me out to dinner.

Chapter 6 Beth was sitting on my bed. bright and funny. yeah. and sat up. “I think it’s really nice that you told Ann you . great.” I blinked a couple of times. and I went straight to the cool of the bedroom. Paul and I had a cool morning.I was slightly taken aback. and we decided to go for a bite to eat and a beer in one of the seafront bars before heading back up to the apartment for a siesta.” “Excellent!” she said. shaking my arm gently to wake me. “Er. “Come on Joe. flashing me her biggest grin. that’d be nice. I hear you’ve got a hot date this evening. generous. messing about at the beach. “Being taken out by a handsome young man – I can’t wait!” She squeezed my arm and gave me a peck on the cheek as she left the room to go and find Beth. and was sound asleep in minutes. The time passed quickly. and I found him to be just like my younger sister. but this was the first time we’d spent together without Beth around. sis. I’d always got on reasonably with him. yeah. lay down. confident. The girls hadn’t returned from their shopping trip by the time we got back.

6. She could do with cheering up. I turned round to greet Ann. sorry.” “Oh. “Ann’s bought a new dress and had a haircut. so I’ll leave you to it and see you later. Beth.42. and had a shave. not sure. and just had to stand and stare – she looked fantastic! Her long. but it’ll be good for her to have a nice meal and a bottle of wine too. brushed my teeth and was up on the terrace with a beer in fifteen minutes.” I quickly jumped in the shower. light brown hair was now short and blonde. God. Hopefully a bit of retail therapy earlier has helped. I got some lovely tops – there’s more shops in this place than in London!” Her enthusiasm had woken me from my slumber. excellent!” she smiled.” Beth replied.” I mumbled. yes. It was about ten minutes later when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.were taking her out to dinner. “Ann’s in my room. Where are you going to take her?” I looked over to the clock. I selected a pair of faded blue jeans and my favourite white t-shirt. I think. and she . “So I guess I should be getting ready then. “Did you have a good shopping expedition then?” “Yes. had I been asleep that long? “Er.

” “Okay. sis. none of this “sis” business tonight. Her eyes were shining brightly as she strolled over to where I was standing. I need a bit of practise at this sort of thing for when I get back home again. “Do you have anywhere in mind for dinner?” “Well I noticed a nice looking seafood restaurant near the beach earlier. I formally offered Ann my arm. I couldn’t ever remember her wearing makeup before.” I wondered about what the rules were for the evening. anyway!” “Yeah. .” It all sounded great to me. and her face had a beautiful glow.was wearing a figure hugging dark blue dress which came down to just above her knees. “I want you to treat me like we’re on a proper date. Is that alright? But thanks for the compliment. sure. a couple who’ve only met a few times before.” she said. and I thought you might like to take me for a drink in that bar just further along from the jet skis before that. and she placed her arm through mine as we left the apartment to cries of “Have a nice time” and “Don’t be too late” from the others. “you look beautiful. but she’d obviously been borrowing from Beth. “Wow!” was all I could manage. Ann.

I mean. Does it make a difference to how people see me. “I want to look good and I haven’t always bothered in the past. anyway. now there’s no way anyone would treat you as a mother as opposed to as a sexy woman.We walked slowly into town in silence. Ann. and settled at a table on the terrace. and I hope you know it too!” “I feel different to normal. and the dress really shows it off. Joe. her eyes especially were something else – there was a sparkle there in the candlelight which I’d never noticed before. you know. “I love your new haircut. “I’m glad you like it. I’m very proud to take you out to dinner tonight.” I swear she was blushing a little. sexier. enjoying the peaceful early evening and the last of the sunset. really suits you. You know what I’ve said before about your body. makes you look younger. Less worn down. She did look beautiful. do you think?” “Well I guess so. I think the haircut is more modern. And I think that’s a lot to do with self-esteem. And you’ve really helped . maybe younger. gentle waves lapping rolling up within a few feet of us.” she said quietly. And that dress – it looks fabulous on you. You’re gorgeous.

and you start to think it’s never going to happen again. The bay was tranquil at this time of night. some I suppose.” Our drinks arrived. I suppose. It’s easy to get into a rut. “Is that what you say to all the girls?” “Well.” Ann broke the silence.” which made Ann laugh out loud. really. the first stars starting to shine and reflect off the black sea. a very simple meal of fresh seafood served on another terrace overlooking the sea. and when you do it’s tough to get out of it again. But only the ones I like!” Dinner was really good. The highlight was probably when a young Spanish guy came in selling roses – he stood by the table and asked me if I’d like one “for your beautiful wife. and we sipped in a comfortable silence. You’re a beautiful person as well as having a beautiful body!” It was a corny line but I think I got away with it – Ann was by telling me that you like the way I look. “I think I need to be loved. “I haven’t been with a man for over two years now. do you see?” “Yes. So thank you. The rose . you deserve all the happiness in the world. But I don’t ever want to think of you being unhappy.

” I bent to kiss her on the lips.” But I could tell she was secretly pleased. but she pushed me away laughing. “you can come in in ten minutes. “Ah. it’s just a sales line. It had been a lovely evening. no. bet he says that to everyone. “Boys. and stretched my feet out to squeeze her leg between mine. and I went to open our bedroom door too. I pushed my lips a little harder against hers.” with a smile.” “Rubbish.” And then. and asked if I’d like one “for your beautiful girlfriend.” Ann stopped me. “he obviously thought we were the perfect couple. boys. Good night.” I said.” she smiled. almost as an afterthought. She smiled sweetly at me across the table. “always after one thing. “There.” I was left . and presented it to her with a gentle kiss on the cheek. and she kissed me back gently. When we got back to the apartment everyone else was in bed. trying to open her mouth with mine. Of course I bought one. “We’re on an early date. so you should just give me a goodnight kiss and leave me at my door. But I’m not the sort of girl to put out on a first date.seller apologised.

her soft breath even on my neck and her hand totally relaxed across my stomach. Chapter 7 “Morning. that’s all. I softly opened the door and slid into the room. and eventually must have drifted off again. and although I was still half asleep I could feel my erection growing. After the previous night I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or not. Her tits were pressing on my back. I got into bed and lay down. After the required ten minutes. listening for my sister’s breathing. and it wasn’t long before I was dozing off. sexy boy. placing an arm across my chest and lightly kissing my shoulder. . How was I supposed to get back to sleep now? But somehow she seemed to have managed to. Quietly undressing. “don’t wake up.standing there as she closed the door gently on me. but she was certainly peaceful. I didn’t dare to try and wake her or touch her. “Shhh. I was woken in the night by the sound of my bedsheet being pulled down and Ann getting into bed next to me.” she whispered.” She was whispering in my ear.” She snuggled up to my back. Just needed a hug. I turned onto my side to face towards her. which was in total darkness.

her body gloriously bare. “Uh. “See you in the pool in a minute!” she called. smaller even than Beth’s yellow costume. “Come on.and it was a lovely way to wake up. She bent to slip on the bikini briefs.” she said. Ann just laughed at my predicament. no touching!” she teased. I reached out to stroke her behind.” Ann was up out of bed and rummaging in the cupboard. They really were brief. Again it really was brief. very nice indeed!” I complimented. very nice. her tits swinging freely as she stepped into them. moving away from me and putting the top on. just two triangles to cover her nipples but not the whole of her beautiful tits. “So. uh. just a thin string across her arse. I . She came up with a bikini and sat back down on the bed next to me. “hope you like it as well. I want a swim before breakfast. “But see what you’ve done now?” My erection was making the sheet look like a tent. what do you think?” “Oh yes. I was staring at my sister’s pussy through the thin material – I could see a few fine hairs poking out from under the crotch. She turned round and the view from the back was even better. and walked out. and an eye-catching red colour. “I bought this yesterday too.” She stood up in front of me.

It was our parents bedroom. I shouldn’t be seeing this!” I joked quietly. which . “Oh god. but perhaps a cool swimming pool would be a better way to calm my overexcited body down – I grabbed my shorts and made for the terrace. though.” I had to look.thought about wanking off again. “Come and look!” I crept up the stairs to the little slit window she was standing next to. they’ve changed around. She reached round behind her and grasped his thick penis in her hand. and peered in. “Shhh. but they’re our parents!” “I think it’s great that they still do it. and what I saw caused me to take a step backwards – dad was kneeling behind mum. “Don’t you think it’s exciting to watch other people having sex.” she whispered. though. she warned as I started up them. and fucking her in the doggy position. and gradually moved back so she could place it at the entrance to her cunt. I guess. “Yeah. There’s hope for me yet! Look. Ann. was paying rapt attention. and she was in the process of throwing a leg over him. Ann was at the top of the stairs. Dad had moved underneath mum.

” Ann whispered. where we could see his tongue licking out in anticipation. and again starting a rhythmic bobbing up and down. My finger slipped between her legs. encouraging me. Dad’s cock was easing into her hole. and mum threw her head back as she felt the full length inside her. cuddling up closely on top of the bed clothes. and she pressed back into my hand. I reached out my hand and held it lightly on my sister’s arse. Suddenly mum stopped. and the rhythm increased in pace. whilst she stared through the window at our naked parents. sucking it in deeply. It wasn’t long before she lifted off and we saw dad shoot a great torrent of spunk into her open mouth and face as she milked his prick dry.looked sticky and wet to me. she’s coming. and then turned to face him. Ann and I could clearly see dad’s cock sliding in and out. Mum slid off Dad’s long prick. and I saw her arse quivering as she shook slightly with the power of her orgasm. and again changed position. She didn’t move away this time. Mum bent to take his cock in her mouth. and grazed lightly across her . before starting a rhythmic up and down motion. “She’s coming. little by little. and I started gently rubbing from her lower back down to the tops of her thighs. wet and slippery now. this time straddling his head and placing her pussy down onto his mouth.

Beth was in a jovial mood. though. I quickly followed. get you in your new bikini!” Beth smiled. “you’re up early!” Ann stood up in the shallow pool. I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t heard Beth about to come up the stairs we were standing on. Her cunt lips were puffy and wet.” but didn’t move away at all. edging my finger under the thin strip of material that was her new bikini. and after a few minutes determined swimming I could just about face the family as they gradually all congregated on the terrace. “You’ll have all the boys on the beach after you!” Little did she know! But the cool water was having the required effect on my penis. and I followed as quickly as the erection in my shorts would allow. reaching the top of the stairs to see Ann leaping into the pool. feeling a small damp patch. “Morning. how’s you?” “Ooh. Ann suddenly broke away from me and fled to the terrace. slippery under my touch. stop. Joe. and I pressed a little harder. She groaned lightly – “oh.cunt. little sis. I had a slight difficulty looking mum and dad in the eye. no. “Morning you two!” she called. Was it just that I was jealous .

that they were getting more sex than I was? God. and I had to admit that it would be a tough call between my two sisters as to which one looked the best. Ann was very happy to strip off down to her tiny bikini once on the beach. giving glimpses of bare breasts and arse but all the while being perfectly respectable. but Ann was catching up. and her yellow bikini suited her beautifully. Whilst I’d never considered myself to be the worst looking bloke in the world. having done a bit of pre-holiday tanning. and her newly blonde hair looked fantastic when contrasted with the deep red of her costume. this game with Ann was driving me mad. Beth’s tits were smaller than Ann’s. Beth was darker skinned. perhaps I could go off jet skiing to take my mind off Ann’s body! I waited upstairs while she gathered some clothes together and the rest of the family got ready. I now realised that my sisters had got most of whatever beauty genes we had in our . but perfectly formed. I was quite content with that. I was seriously thinking that I wanted to fuck my sister – what was going on? It was going to be a beach day – mum and dad especially wanted to go down there as they’d spent most of their time around the apartment so far and wanted to explore.

“I’m not surprised. but she quickly covered up again and dived beneath the calm surface of the water. where she lay on her back on a I’ve just been wolfwhistled at!” That made me laugh. and Ann sat up and pulled it into place again. looking straight at me as I walked up the beach to join her. pulled up her top to reveal those perfect. hot but not uncomfortably so and the cooling sea always beckoning. and swam back to the beach. and grabbed her round the waist. with her back to the beach. erect nipples. “Only once?” I asked. full tits and large. jumped on my back and said. legs wide apart. Ann looked like she was enjoying herself – at one point she swam up to me as I was cooling off. massaging them fiercely.” Ann smirked at me. She managed to break away again. I reached out to stroke them. Beautiful! . you look very glamorous. It was a beautiful day. I could see the thin film of material covering her cunt had slipped to one side. appearing again a few yards away. God she was such a tease! I swam after her. both of us laughing as we struggled. my hard cock pressing into her back as I held her tits. I ran down to the sea to escape my thoughts. and. “Guess what. sis.

and went off to bed at about eight o’clock. and I sat and drunk a cold beer with Paul as the stars started to come out. Ann went down when I returned to the terrace. sis?” I enquired. washing the salt from my body and hair. Mum and dad were shattered. and by the time we got back to the apartment everyone appeared really tired. “What’s up. almost making me jump when I stepped back from the fridge. so I wandered down to the kitchen just for myself. but Beth and then Ann came back upstairs after their showers. shining . I finished my beer. and Ann was only half way through hers. and stood under the warm water for several minutes. noting her eyes. and asked if anybody else wanted one.” she suggested. before drifting into our various rooms for showers. I won the toss of a coin with Ann for first use of our room. Beth and Paul both declined. We’d grabbed a few easy to heat up things for dinner.Chapter 8 We all spent most of the day around the beach. and we all relaxed with a drink together. “Let’s take these into the bedroom. Ann followed me downstairs. and sat around the pool eating in near silence.

no. She put a finger to her lips to indicate that I had to be quiet. but you and me were always up later than them so they couldn’t! So. What do you think?” I smiled at her. not usually. “Ann. And you’re not to know. But I like . “Well I thought that we could go and spy on them – I don’t know about you but I found it curiously erotic watching mum and dad this morning. okay.with mischief. either.” I said. I said we’d leave them to it tonight!” I shook my head in wonder. she said. and ushered me into our room. and I think we could tiptoe up those stairs and see what was going on without them noticing. “so are we supposed to be playing cards. “I was talking to Beth earlier.” “Okay. “Is that what you girls talk about when you’re alone. she wanted me to make some other excuse. eh?” “Well. basically. or something?” Ann giggled. you’re truly wicked. and she told me that she really wanted to do it with Paul in the hot tub.

you for it!” “I saw you looking at Beth on the beach this morning. Beth and Paul had their . “I have two very beautiful. I stopped behind her. Its enough to drive me mad!” We quietly opened the door and crept into the lounge. as Ann pouted at me. shielded from the terrace by a low wall. who walk around with very little on all day. All the lights were off. do you think she’s more beautiful than me. We were perfectly positioned. and we walked over to the bottom of the stairs. beckoning me to do likewise. As I’d done earlier that morning. and followed her into the open air.” she said. then?” “Oh god. “You first. a couple of pot plants between us and the hot tub. very sexy sisters. Slowly she raised her head above the wall. don’t make me answer that!” I cried. we carefully went up. but the door up to the terrace was slightly opened. I reached up and put my hand on Ann’s arse – like the morning she made no move to stop me. One stair at a time.” I ushered Ann upstairs. Ann crouched down four or five steps from the top. “So. glancing into the window of our parents room and finding it dark and quiet.

then backing away and kissing his chest. she stood up in front of him. whose mouth was slightly open as she stared intently at the scene in front of her. teasingly. Beth bent over and kissed Paul’s lips. Smiling. her hand at the back of his neck. and she reached up to touch her tits. He still had his shorts on. slowly circling the edges before lightly brushing over the nipples. eyes closed as her tongue explored Paul’s. her tits were as fantastic as I’d imagined them to be. plastered against her forehead – they’d presumably been for a cool swim before entering the tub. but we could see his erection protruding from the top of them. and were kissing deeply – I could see my younger sister’s face. and Beth knew what to do about that – she knelt down . and slowly. come here. and she showed them off by swaying gently to some imaginary music. Her hair was wet. baby. We were close enough to see them rise up to her fingertips and see the pleasure in her face – I glanced at Ann. nipples. pulling their mouths together. sitting in the tub. We overheard Paul murmuring – “come here.backs to us. reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her bikini top. Beth eased off the kiss and pulled back from her fiancée. and down to his stomach. Unclothed. pulling him into an upright position and holding him tightly against her. though.” Beth was in no hurry.

put his fingers inside the material round her hips and pulled them down. and I could see her dark pink clitoris protruding from the lighter coloured lips of her cunt. look up into Paul’s face and suck it deep into her mouth. Paul bent his head to lick between her legs. I didn’t want to break her concentration or make any noise. “No.slowly in front of him. Running his hands down her front. which parted magically to allow him access. His penis was a good size. and I found it intensely erotic to watch my sister take it in her hand. I want you inside me.” . Paul was pulling Beth to her feet in the pool. I almost let out a small gasp as I caught sight of her pussy for the first time – it was totally hairless. My hand reached out to touch Ann’s arse again. her came to her skimpy bikini bottoms. and now he knelt in front of her. and Beth licked her lips in anticipation as her stepped out of his clothes. which she seemed fine with. “I can’t come yet. Beth screwing up her face with the pleasure he was giving her.” she whispered to him. so she stood as naked as he was. holding it there. not yet. He leant his head back and groaned lightly into the night air as she withdrew her mouth from his cock and sucked it in again. His cock sprang forward. thick and long. just gently. reached round Paul’s waist and pulled his shorts down.

My sister stepped over to him. and with a quick glance to look at Beth’s fantastic body one final time. and they held still together for a moment. so abandoned to her pleasure. Paul was still thrusting into her. kissed him hard on the lips as he reached for her pussy. beautifully. I’m gonna come!” and held her eyes tightly shut as she bucked up and down on him. and knelt on his lap. smiling. I slowly crept back to our bedroom. and backed over to the side of the tub. “fuck me. Ann turned to me and pointed for me to go back downstairs. and it was only seconds later that we saw him bury his head into her shoulder. sucking it almost brutally hard. They shuffled into position slowly. “Oh. Paul. oh god I’m coming. sitting down and beckoning her forward. her wonderful tits bouncing in front of him before he reached out his mouth and caught one between his teeth. yeah. They held each other tightly and only broke after a minute to kiss deeply. oh yeah. allowing him to place his cock between her legs. and shudder as he too reached his orgasm. before Beth sighed loudly. I squeezed on Ann’s arse and she glanced at me. presumably as his cock found its way into her hot hole. baby. oh yeah!” Beth gasped. Beth was humping up and down on Paul now. It was fantastic to see her so turned on.Paul stood up. Ann .

Ann?” I asked.following. We collapsed on our own beds. “but I just like the thought of seeing someone else getting off. “would you like to get off. “Well not really. sometimes. I find it really erotic. make yourself come.” Ann agreed with me.” she replied. “Yeah. I felt you do it a couple of . for me?” “What? How do you mean?” “Well. but really erotic too.” I said. Frustrating. that baby sister of ours!” I joked. “She’s a saucy minx. curious now. too. bursting to say something after so long in silence. I want to see you masturbate. and a sexy one.” she continued. but I was starting to think I agreed with her. you know. I just wanted to walk over there and join right in!” “So have you watched other people before then. “They looked like they enjoyed that!” “I’m quite getting into this voyeur thing. you know?” I didn’t before. “Joe. “Don’t think I’d seen anyone fucking before today and now I’ve seen two other couples!” “Oh yeah.

” I said. running my hands over my chest. My hard penis lay onto my stomach. and Ann licked her lips provocatively. and lay back on my bed.nights ago. I reached down and grasped my cock firmly in one hand. twitching slightly. leant forward for a closer inspection. just a little at first. after a tiny pause. “You’ve still got too many clothes on. I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. revealing her arse to me gradually. Ann too undid a couple of shirt buttons and threw off her top. she turned back to me and sat down on the bed again. and she nodded her agreement before standing up. she nodded. perched on the edge of her bed. I lifted my hips and pulled my shorts down. revealing the fact that she hadn’t been wearing a bra that evening. Naked. not really sure how she’d react but pleased when. . moving it up and down slowly. “Well I will if you will!” I smiled across at her.” she whispered to me. Ann. bending over as her clothes reached her knees. and finally stepping out of them altogether. “Get undressed then. taking my boxers with them. I want to see it now!” I was so horny I almost didn’t know what to do. Looking straight into her eyes. turning her back to me and pulling her skirt down.

that’s beautiful. Your cock’s beautiful.” “I want to.“Is that better?” she asked.” I was close to doing just that. spreading her legs apart and reaching down to her hairy pussy. Joe. I love the way you look at my body. yeah. let go. though. Ann leant her head . who was gently rubbing a nipple with one hand and around the tops of her thighs with the other. keep stroking it baby. and it’s good looking at you too. “come for me. “Yeah. I’ve been wanting to all day!” I reached down with my other hand and gently squeezed my balls. using her fingers to part her lips and show me her protruding clitoris.” I said. “I want to see you come too. “I want to see you come. increasing the pace of my cock stroking. everyone else in this house is getting some and I’m not. sis. make yourself come.” Ann asked. looking at Ann. I need it like you. I need to come so much. makes me horny and I haven’t felt like this for ages.” “I’m going to. I’m all slippery and wet.

“Oh. ecstasy and agony close partners. three. they’re all yours.” Ann breathed. I really want to suck on your tits. and slowly kept stroking my cock. four spurts of creamy sperm into the air and back onto my stomach. She was biting her bottom lip. between her legs. her clitoris a blur under three fingers held tightly together.” She was rubbing herself hard now. reached out a hand and caressed . “Annie. I looked up into her eyes. holding my cock at right angles to my body and still for that wonderful moment when you can feel the spunk rushing from your balls but before it leaves your cock. nipples hard.” she breathed. Joe.back a little and I could see her fingertip exploring her sticky cunt. “Oh. that was beautiful. and her tits were thrust forwards. The scent of her wet cunt was intoxicating. and I stood up and knelt before her. milking the last few drops from it. I rolled onto my side to watch more closely. I need to come too. and her arse was bucking back and forth as she frantically frigged herself. Ann. her left hand grasping the bedclothes to support her position. “I’m so hot. yeah. “Oh. I’m gonna come. Her feet were splayed on the floor. that’s so good!” I erupted.” “Come on.” I gasped.

poking my tongue out and touching gently onto her enlarged clitoris. keeping my nose on her button whilst my tongue explored her hot hole. slowly. Keeping up the . feet still on the floor. and lay my head onto her belly while she stroked my hair. slowly. before bending my head to her chest and taking a nipple gently between my lips. shuddering. Her hands were on my head now. “Joe. “Oh god that was good!” I bent my head forward and kissed her stomach lightly. and felt her legs squeezing my ears. more. Rolling it over my tongue. and I continued just licking around the edges of her pussy. I heard her low groan of pleasure. pulling my face into her. She lay back on the bed. and reached out to rub her other nipple. oh god. and I couldn’t resist moving my head down and pushing it between her legs. and felt her start to respond to my tongue.” but didn’t make any move to stop me. and her torso rocked forwards against my head. Ann moaned gently.” she cried. Joe. pushing her cunt forward to meet it and make my light touches harder. I could feel her juices on my tongue and chin. “no. Her movements slowed and I relaxed my hold on her nipple. My sister’s cunt was inches away from my face. I licked up and down. yes.her face. wanting me to tongue her harder. her cunt exposed before me. allowing her to ease back and free her tits.

and I put my head up from between her legs.” . remembering that my hard sucking on that had helped her come a few minutes earlier. My cock was hard again. I can’t. and we kissed again. no. laying between her legs. my chin covered in her juices. I rolled off her so we were side by side. “That felt so good. more gently now. tongues exploring each others mouths. and I shifted position slightly so the tip was touching on her pussy. her hips bucking. my stomach sticky with my come now against hers. Ann thrust herself against me. She pulled me up towards her. It feels so good. you’re my brother! Just kiss me. and I placed my lips directly over her clitoris and sucked hard on it. but I can’t fuck you. Calming down. but I was disappointed anyway. I eased myself up. We kissed deeply for the first time. “I don’t think I’ve ever come twice so quickly before. as she held my head tight into her.pressure on her cunt with my tongue.” she repeated. She broke off the kiss.” I knew she was right. the pressure on my ears eased as she relaxed her leg muscles. I reached up and fondled her breast with my left hand. and felt the trembling of her legs as confirmation that she was close again. “Joe.

but it just feels right. the way you feel. and I took a moment to look over her still sleeping form. gorgeous. “Well I feel a lot better now anyway. I kissed her neck. “Morning. and I reached down to throw a sheet over us. the gentle curve from her waist to her hip full of erotic possibilities. I eased myself over to her. Her warmth felt beautiful as she lay her head on my chest. and moved my hand up to touch her breasts. I fell asleep with my beautiful. She woke slowly. Chapter 9 Sunlight streaming through the window woke me in the morning. “how you doing?” . “I know we shouldn’t be doing this. The way you taste!” Ann laughed. you know? I love the way you look. I was jealous of everyone else but not now!” She snuggled into my arms.“Felt pretty good to me too. my hard penis nudging towards the crack of her arse and my arm reaching over her hips to stroke her stomach. sexy. stretching and turning over onto her back. breathing her in. naked sister cuddled up to me. Ann had rolled over in the night and had her back to me now. Her body was fantastic.” I whispered.” I said. God I was tired. and I closed my eyes.

I find you so attractive. to where her legs were parting. you know. You?” “Yeah. I slipped my finger onto her clitoris. kissing her hard now. You okay about last night? I mean. it was good….” she said. I’m okay about last night. and pushed her pussy against my finger.” “Yeah. and she responded by reaching out her free hand and stroking it across my balls and up my cock. “It felt fantastic. and she threw her arms around my neck to pull me closer. We’re away for a week. but I know it can’t go on. you make me really horny. good. okay I think. She squeezed her legs tightly around my . What do you think?” I bent to kiss her lips. Ann grasped my penis. My hand reached down. making it slippery between my fingers. across her belly and hips.“Mmm. Her cunt was getting wetter by the second. but. which I eased into her cunt up to the second knuckle. waiting for my touch. moving her hand up and down over it quickly two or three times. across her groin and pubic hair. and I feel very sexy around you. and I think we can play this game whilst we’re away. and I touched my fingertip into it and spread some of the juices across her clit.

gasping as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. fuck. wriggling up to me again. Oh. Wriggling free from almost underneath me. turning her attention back to my straining cock. and I thought she was close to coming. jesus. yeah. “Can . and I wriggled my finger inside her. Ann. it felt fantastic. and I felt my balls bubble up and my spunk shoot out into her waiting mouth. My sister legs were shuddering around my hand now. She just kept on sucking. one hand still on my softening cock. and she broke off our kiss. Using two fingers to make a circle tight around the base. that felt nice!” she said. taking most of the length into her mouth all at once.hand. We kissed. “Oh. holding my palm against her clitoris and trying to make circular movements around it. “Oh. I’m gonna come any second. that’s amazing!” she exclaimed.” I warned her. she bobbed her head up and down. and placed her lips over the red end of my penis. her lips so tight. and I could taste the spunk on her lips. “Mmm. When she started to move her fingers up and down around the base in time with the movement of her mouth it very soon became too much for me. she kissed my chest and plunged straight down towards my groin. The speed she was stroking my cock increased.

I got up too. okay!” We could hear movement from outside the room as everyone else was getting up. reading books and swimming when we got too hot. It was another beautiful sunny day. slipping on a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. We all lazed around the pool for the morning. I volunteered to oil Ann’s back for her. jumping out of bed and heading to the bathroom.” I said. and by sitting on the edge of her sun-bed I could touch her without being seen by the others. clear blue skies and a gentle breeze stopping it from being oppressively hot. suppose so. throwing the sheet off. I moved past her to go to the toilet. While massaging oil into her back with one hand. “We talked about that. Only whilst we’re on holiday!” “Okay. I rubbed . “Guess we’d better go and join them outside?” “Yeah.” She laughed. squeezing her arse as she passed. As Ann finished in the bathroom and came wake me up like that every morning?” I laughed. “although it’s kind of nice here. By the time I got back into the bedroom she was upstairs with the rest of the family.

I had to turn and face the sink until my erection had subsided. it would have looked strange otherwise. walked straight over to me and put her hands down the front of my shorts. too. She got me back when I went downstairs to make some sandwiches for lunch though. reading and swimming too. Beth spoke up at . Ann looked at me hard. I only had a couple of minutes. because Beth came through the door moments later. We spent most of the afternoon dozing. all very relaxed. Slipping my finger away. I’d just got a load of food from the fridge and had laid it out on the table when Ann came down to the kitchen. My penis instantly became alive.between her legs with the other. Joe. you tease!” I smiled sweetly at her and jumped in the pool. and she simply stood up.” she said for the benefit of anyone else looking. “Thanks. Just in time. I stood upright. but I rubbed it hard for a few seconds. “you bastard. under her breath. and then. I groaned as she slipped her tongue around the glans and sucked deeply. smiled at me and walked off. just to tease her. and she grasped it tightly. my finger wet and oily slipping under the material of her bikini and finding her cunt. massaging it until it was fully erect before bending over and taking the tip in her mouth.

She could easily have passed for the same age as Beth. “What do you think. Chapter 10 “So. She had a pale blue shirt on. the buttons undone just enough to encourage you to look at her perfect tits. what do you think?” Ann asked. “Yeah. Ann. maybe having a few beers and going to a club. My younger sister came out into the lounge too. I looked her up and down approvingly. Our parents were quite happy to be left on their own for the evening. She looked wonderful.” she said. which I think she must have borrowed from Beth because I hadn’t seen them before. emerging from Beth’s bedroom on the stroke of eight o’clock. we were thinking of going out into town later.around three o’clock. Can’t really come all this way without going clubbing can we? Do you fancy coming too? Not sure it’s mum and dad’s cup of tea though!” I looked at Ann. and I nodded my agreement. She was wearing a short black skirt and high heeled sandals. so it was settled. sounds cool. and her hair had been slightly spiked for the night. why not. then?” she asked of Paul and . Her legs looked tanned and toned. “Joe.

and it was good fun to go out with Beth and Paul – my parents were great. and she was wearing long black boots with heels making her as tall as Ann. and as short as Ann’s. but with no parents to impress the truth came out! He was on . Paul wolf-whistled in appreciation. I learnt about Paul’s proposal to Beth – the way they had told it at the family gathering to announce their engagement. but I’m going to be proud to escort these two beautiful young ladies into town tonight. “Joe’s right. “they don’t scrub up badly when they put their minds to it!” Beth hit him playfully on the arm. just kidding!” he said. Paul had very romantically gone down on one knee in front of a big group of their friends. “Sorry. you both look great tonight. and she’d done her hair in a loose ponytail.” “Yep. they’ll all be chatting you up!” We went for a couple of drinks by the seafront first of all. but they’re not really into partying in bars and clubs. Her skirt was red.” he agreed. Her tight red t-shirt showed off her breasts perfectly. “Don’t know about you mate. sorry. She so it was cool to go out with people of the same generation. I glanced at him. Going to have to watch out for all those other dodgy blokes in discos though. was looking pretty good.

to a huge round of applause from their friends. “Well not by shagging some dodgy lad I’ve met in a club anyway. so you . “Although you did say you were getting into this voyeurism thing. “ I don’t think so. “knew I wouldn’t get anybody as good as her again. Beth and Paul went to get more drinks. “Don’t want to disturb my sleep – ha!” I grinned. but when he thought about it. but only because he was too drunk to stand. I wouldn’t want to bring anyone back to the apartment – might disturb Joe’s beauty sleep!” We all laughed and the awkwardness was over. and she’d said that she’d forgive him if he proposed to her. We glanced nervously at each other. Paul had agreed.” she retorted. “I’m not really one for holiday romances.” Ann said. he’d asked for knee. Beth had been angry with him. and besides. so why not?” There was a slightly awkward moment when Beth asked Ann and I if we were going to be chatting anybody up later in the evening. but apparently had forgotten about it until the morning. and Ann and I smiled to one another. when Beth had asked him where he was going to get the ring from! Paul said that he was a bit taken aback.

“Maybe. and would have leant over to kiss her if our companions hadn’t returned with the drinks at that moment. I guess it was quite comical to look at. laughing. I’m not much of a dancer. four of five guys moved in. so I propped myself up at the bar and watched whilst the others hit the floor. so you might be chatting someone up later then!” I said. honestly!” he joked. and he strolled back to the bar to join me. and the throbbing bass sounded good. I really wanted her now. “but only till Beth and Paul go home!” She laughed saucily. “Girls. “couple of drinks inside them and they’ll flirt with anybody!” It certainly looked that way – my sisters had their arms in the air and were throwing themselves around with the music. Paul was almost crowded out. As soon as Beth and Ann started to dance. creating a circle around them.” Ann replied. I could see one guy with his arm around Ann’s waist. yelling something in her ear.” “Ooh.never know…. We had quite a few more drinks before moving on to a club a little further down the beach. and felt a momentary pang of jealousy as she smiled at him. My head was buzzing by the time we got inside. The two of them .

” Beth was obviously struggling. Might have to take her home.” said Paul. not able to speak at the moment. “looks like she’s had a few too many. “Yeah. the kiss taking over. and moved forward to kiss his lips. pulling her towards him. Ann glanced up at him. He responded by reaching his hand from her waist to her arse. They had virtually stopped moving with the music now. Beth walked. no problem.” Paul half carried Beth out. and they were touching foreheads. back to join us. or whether I should rush over and break them up – in the end I did neither. “Shit.” I replied. As I looked. “You get her home and make sure she’s okay. My sister made up my mind for me after a few minutes. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased for Ann. though – they parted and exchanged a few words. “Are you going to be alright with Ann?” he asked. wedged into a corner so she didn’t fall over. Ann had her arms round her partners neck. before he went off towards the toilets and she . simply sitting and watching. sure. I turned back to the dancefloor. or rather staggered. giving me a wave over his shoulder as he left.moved slightly away from the scrum. dancing face to face now.

“Who’s the mystery man then?” I asked with a smile. I didn’t want him because I want you!” She stopped in the street and faced me. you make me so horny. and you got off on watching me with someone else. “What’s up. I want you inside me. sucking. yes.” “Ann. But I didn’t really want him. but . Surprised. you turn me on so much too. reaching to take my hand before standing on her toes and kissing me on the lips. take me away from this place. and then it started to get complicated. and the only way I could get rid of him was to tell him that you were my boyfriend. “Joe. Annie. I think he assumed we were some kinky couple. quick!” she replied. Please. Not just kissing. and we walked quickly away down the beach. glancing over her shoulder. I don’t know! Doesn’t matter anyway. you looked like you were having fun out there?” “Well. I ushered her outside.walked back to me. “Come on. I want to feel your cock. rubbing. I need to. I want to make love to you. I guess. and – oh god. I love you.

and I wanted her. The booming sound of the bars was fading as we walked further away from the town. I really need to get fucked. “Take it off. There was no resistance in me now. pausing after each button to stroke her’re my sister! We shouldn’t be doing this!” “I know. of course I know. sexy woman. I’m aching inside. But it’s an escape. She put her arms around my neck. that’s all it is. was cool underfoot. and we kissed deeply. and stood in front of me. you’ve got to do this!” She took me by the arm and led me down onto the beach. years! We’ve only got two more days – don’t make me stop now. Joe. and her glorious tits were finally on view. I undid her shirt from the bottom up. Ann stopped as we reached a row of sunbeds laid out on the beach.” I told her. too hot to walk on in the day. The black sand. and she . The last button came undone. passionately. and we both slipped our shoes off. Her nipples were hard through her lacy bra. christ. her shirt rode up on her hips and I felt her bare skin. My hands were on her waist. Come on. this holiday. I was alone on the beach with a beautiful. and I’m enjoying myself for the first time in. I reached to stroke them as she threw her shirt off onto the sand. and her breathing was heavy now.

she wasn’t kidding when she said she was aching inside.complied. a groan of pleasure my reward. yes!” her voice was wavering as I continued to thrust my finger in and out of her. I bent to take a nipple in my mouth. I could feel the dampness through her knickers. Her legs shifted apart quickly. and I pushed my finger firmly against her pussy. She motioned me forward. “Oh god. her hips were bucking and her legs trembling. Ann was gasping for breath into my shoulder as I slipped a finger into her hot cunt. and pulled her knickers down and off. I found her wet hole. don’t ever stop!” I didn’t want to. and quickly undid my jeans. the bra joining the shirt on the beach. I’m coming. oh god. Ann sat on the edge of a sunbed. and I stepped in front of her. and rubbed her clitoris back and forth. over her skirt and up her thighs. and my hand travelled down her stomach. I pushed one finger between her spasming lips. Ann didn’t seem to mind what it was at that point. Her hands found my waist and pulled my jeans and boxer . Pushing my finger under the material. round and round. “Oh god that’s so good. but my cock was straining so hard against my trousers that it was getting uncomfortable. feeling them tighten around it and wanting it to be my cock fucking her rather than my finger. I extracted my fingers from her knickers.

this is so good.” I said. freeing my hard penis. aware that I was near to shooting my load. I pushed a little harder. and leant forward to kiss her lips. bringing my cock up to brush against her thigh. “Annie. I felt the tip of my penis on her wet cunt lips. Her hands reached around my back to pull me as deep as possible. but I wanna fuck you. and I closed my eyes. I knelt on the bed between her legs. her lips sliding back to accommodate me as her cunt got used to being filled. “Are you sure?” I said. and I attempted to be slow and gentle with my movements. Her beautiful cunt felt wonderful around me. Ann lovingly licked the tip of my cock.shorts down. Adjusting my position. but I think Ann . smiling. pulling her skirt up. and pushed forward slightly so the tip was just inside her. and she groaned as I leant more weight onto her and touched her clitoris with this different angle. I was fucking my sister. and then wrapped her lips around the head. which she took in her hands as I stepped out of my clothes. and little by little. She reached between my legs to gently massage my heavy balls. holding her head against me as she sucked harder. and she nodded her assent. Annie. already slippery with pre-cum. tight and yet soft. babe. and eased herself back on the bed. She looked up at me.

I need to come.” she ordered. Ann.” I grinned back into the night sky. feeling the rising in my balls. higher on her tits and neck. it’s unbelievable!” . and I increased the pace of my movements. Joe. kissing her lips and falling to her side as we both regained our composure. and a third. come on me. “That felt wonderful.” she said. I collapsed forward too. “Come on my tits.” she urged me. harder.just needed to get fucked.” I pulled my cock from her cunt. and landed on her stomach. stroking myself.” I said. and managed to take my cock into her mouth. “Yeah. just as the first gush of spunk rushed from me. “Oh yes. My sister looked up at me. not inside me. splashing onto her belly. slurping down the last few drops before collapsing onto her back on the bed again.” she smiled at me. “Oh. “You’re so fucking sexy. and knelt forward over her. pulling hard on one nipple and gasping with the pleasure and the pain. fantastic. “Come on. She left one hand behind me but moved the other to her tits. A second spurt. “Come on my tits. She leaned forward.

” she whispered. My erection was bumping on her arse. There were no lights on when we got back to the top of the hill. of course. and rolled onto her side to kiss me as I put an arm round her. and I wasted no time in taking my clothes off and joining her under the sheet. straddling my body as we continued to kiss. “Come here. She was naked. but I want you to make love to me.” We sat up. She pushed her leg over mine. and I got a couple of glasses of water from the fridge. which I put in my pocket. and she reached round to grasp it in her hand. and we moved into the apartment silently. quickly. and rolled me onto my back. shuffling herself back to meet it and easing the tip into her cunt lips. and Ann threw her shirt on. . I pulled on my trousers.She leant up on one elbow to look at me. This might be a good place for a quick fuck. but there was nobody else to be seen. you feel good. “Mmm.” she urged me. I want you inside me again. “Take me back and lets do it again in a comfortable bed. looking around a little guiltily to see if we’d been spotted. and I put the water down and bent to kiss her. She was in bed when I got back. laughing sexily as she handed me her underwear. and we walked on up the beach and towards home. Ann went to the bathroom in our bedroom.

She leant forward over me. but she quickly slipped off me and bent her head to take me in her mouth again. and I eased my finger just gently into her arse. which contracted around it tightly. and got ready to unleash my load into her hot cunt. Ann’s slippery cunt was sliding up and down my cock. where I could kiss her lips and bend to suck those beautiful tits. and I reached up for her tits. I reached my hand round her arse. shaking as she tried to rub her clitoris as hard as she could against me.” she gasped quietly. and leaving my finger tip against her arsehole. She pulled my head into her chest. “Oh fuck. She bucked up and down on my cock. yes. and the full length of my cock buried itself in her. yeah. I’m coming again. I felt so close to her. swallowing most of my come and letting some roll . sis.” I warned her. “Oh I moved my hips up to push my cock into her. “Oh. oh yes!” I was close too. running a finger down the crack as she shivered in anticipation. Only just in time – my cock spurted again and she took it all in. and squeezed my neck tightly as I thrust into her. rubbing her hard nipples. before sitting upright too. her chest sticky with my spunk. “I’m going to come.” she cried into my shoulder. She sat upright on me.

” I stroked her back as her breathing deepened and she slept. I don’t want to get pregnant. I don’t really like condoms. I want you to come inside me. “are you going to take me sightseeing today then?” . lets wait a couple of days and then it’ll be safe. “Get some condoms if you want.” I felt awful – I hadn’t given that a thought. “Morning. sexy. I’m not on the pill. I wasn’t far behind her. panting. She lay back onto my chest. so I hadn’t taken it that extra step further to talk about contraception. but you can’t. “It’s okay. I’m sorry.out the corner of her mouth and onto her chin.” She looked up at me. no problems.” she whispered to me. it’s okay. “Joe. you can’t. I love fucking you even without that at the moment. and I’d been too drunk and too horny to think about it now we were fucking. Annie.” I said. as she lay on me. I should have thought. “Oh. You’re fantastic. I just never considered that our game would end up with us fucking. Chapter 11 Ann woke me up in the morning with a kiss on my forehead.

feeling my hard penis on her stomach. sounds good. I think I probably do.” We kissed again.” I said.” I broke away from her . and I turned round quickly to see Ann joining me under the jets of water. and then a cable car to near the top. It gave me quite a start to feel a hand on my back. “I’d just better jump in the shower first. washing away the slight hint of hangover at the back of my eyes. but before my erection could lead me further astray I broke it off. “You are insatiable!” I jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. “Are you all nice and clean now?” she asked.” I replied. She stepped towards me. and I closed my eyes to let it fall into my face.We’d talked about going to Mount Teide. The warm water felt good. arms outstretched to reach round my neck. waking up slowly. “do you need a bit of a wash down?” “Yes. “Yeah. Ann’s hand fell to my waist and she pulled me closer to her. “Pretty much. The water ran down our chests between us as we kissed. in a little girl voice. which involved getting a coach from town halfway up the mountain. “Shower!” I laughed. and we embraced.

and down to her arse. She stood in front of me. palms down on the tiled wall. hair wet under the shower.embrace. she thrust back at me as hard as she . nipples hard to my touch. although I couldn’t move much whilst doing so. “Turn around. up her thighs and across her bush. I cupped her arse cheek in my hand. covered in soap. pressed up against the wall. wet not only from the shower now. Reaching round in front of her and stroking her stomach. standing on tiptoes and reaching round to pull her belly back towards me. I moved closer behind her and placed my cock between her arse cheeks. I reached down and grasped my penis. slipping a finger between her legs and rubbing her fiery cunt. running my soapy hands over her legs. forcing her legs apart more as I rubbed the tip on her cunt hole. I could just about reach round her and rub my finger on her clitoris. I dropped to one knee. over her front. facing the shower wall as I ran my hands over her back now. Ann’s hands were above her head. I pushed into her as far as I could. feeling her bend slightly to rub herself on me. before shoving it into her. Standing like this. My sister groaned. and I gently ran my hands. and she complied. not roughly but not gently either. and held myself there.” I instructed. and picked up a bar of soap. Her legs edged apart. Her tits were standing proud.

We stood under the water. you know. wearing a knee length skirt and walking boots. Ann was looking as good as ever. and we were in plenty of time to catch the rest of the coach party. Oh.could whilst I kept as still as I could. and I felt her body tense and shake as she reached her orgasm. and then we’ve got a coach to catch. I moved my hand away from her clitoris to enable me to thrust into her more easily.” she cried above the sound of the rushing water. I wanted to come inside her so much. and held onto her hips as my cock pushed its way into her cunt. Sex with you feels so good it’s untrue!” She smiled at me. “You’re not so bad yourself. Now come on. regaining our breath for a couple of minutes. keep rubbing there. and . “Oh. you are fantastic. Your turn to make breakfast. “Ann.” Reluctantly I stepped out of the shower and dried myself. She came out to breakfast shortly after me. get out the shower. whilst she washed her hair. yeah. The walk down into town only took ten minutes. pulling my cock from her and spraying my load onto her lower back and arse cheeks. but I knew I couldn’t – I grunted as I neared coming.

my wrist had been at a bad angle. nice and quiet so all these people don’t hear. I rubbed it lightly. and. just above the knee. I shifted position slightly. stuck a finger onto her clitoris.” my mouth was close to her ear. and that was enough to get her juices going – I dropped a finger down to her cunt to make it wet and slippery.” I whispered in her ear. guess what?” she asked me as we sat down on the coach. and I rested my hand on her leg. she picked up the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to show me. turned on by how close we were to several other people. let me rub your pussy. “Makes me feel ever so naughty!” The coach started up. “I want to rub you till you come. with a quick glance around the coach to check we weren’t being observed. “I accidentally forgot to put any knickers on this morning!” Sitting in the window seat. “Annie. “Hey. legs squeezing round my hand. edging it up a little at a time until I my fingers sat between her thighs. Ann. I want you to come. “Your tight cunt is squeezing my finger. in a circle. feels like you’re close to coming. I love it when you’re all wet for me. unless you want them to hear that is. and bought it back to her button.” She was trembling. I continued speaking quietly into her ear. and she parted her legs just a little. “Oh yeah. right here on the bus. Do you want them all to know I’m .her low cut white t-shirt.

” The rest of the journey was interesting for the dramatic scenery. I slowly withdrew my hand from underneath her skirt. Oh god. I want everyone else to see us fuck. I want to straddle you and fuck you on the bus seat.” she whispered. shuddering.rubbing your cunt? Does it turn you on to do it in front of all these people?” “Yes. At the top there was a restaurant. as we wound our way up into the mountainous interior of the island. it turns me on. and bought it up to her face. and it was a bit of a shock to find a large car park where the cable car station was – it had been a long time since we’d seen much sign of humans at the side of the road. We all crowded onto a cable car. “My fingers are going to smell of your pussy all day now. “and I’m going to be turned on all day by it. We strode out confidently. and a wide path led up to the summit of Teide. “yes.” I said. It was an almost lunar landscape. which swayed slowly up the mountainside. I’m gonna come. aware that there . just keep rubbing me. oh yes!” I could feel the extra wetness on my hand as she came. biting her lip to keep quiet.

was less air up here but taking it quite easy.” she said. having to try to find all the places you can go for a snog!” The cable car was crowded too. The sky was a brilliant blue. I feel like I’m about fifteen again. “Do you think they’ll have anywhere we can sneak off so you can ravish my body?” Ann asked as we walked into the heated room. but in the end had to admit defeat and walk slowly back down to the restaurant for a hot drink. it’s beautiful!” Ann cried. and came back to report to me. and made it to the tip of the mountain in less than ten minutes. sunlight sparkling off it. as we surveyed the scene below us. The sea was in the distance. and a few wispy clouds clung to the mountain below. Ann went to the toilet when she finished her drink. I shrugged. It was beautiful. but it was also quite cold. the wind blowing fiercely. and the darker patches of forest to the north contrasted with the arid landscape around the volcanic mountain. “There’s too many people about. but that was to our . but kept my eyes open as we drunk warming chocolate. God. “Oh. We stayed up there for as long as we could. savouring the scene. “can’t really sneak into the toilets.

whether it made me a bad person to want my sister so much. Ann fell asleep against me on the coach back. and I loved the way her legs parted to allow me access to her pussy. and to all of us for making it special for them. Beth and Paul had cooked dinner. She was getting used to this. “You are a naughty boy!” she whispered. but I managed to make her come again by the time we got to the bottom. when I could get to fuck her next. but most of all. I lifted her skirt and squeezed her cheek. . Chapter 12 It was our last night.advantage. to toast my parent’s anniversary. Hemmed into a corner. I wondered if I was the only one in the car to sense the smell of sex in the air. reading my mind. The cable car ride was only five minutes or so. wondering about whether our game could continue. I sat there. We decided to go for a couple of drinks at our favourite bar after eating. and mum and dad were talking about how grateful they were to Beth for organising the holiday. sliding my finger between her legs. She twisted her head to look at me. the flight home was the following lunchtime. Ann looked out of the window as I leant in behind her and left my hand resting on her arse.

and brought them down her sides again. although the other two decided to call it a night. Paul. The wine was flowing well. Beth.” she said. the end of a holiday was tinged with melancholy. she flicked the button to turn on the bubbles. and stood in front of me. I suggested another drink on the terrace. although all the lights were out when we got back. bringing a couple of glasses of wine upstairs to Ann. Ann and I stayed for another bottle of wine. “Just what do you have in mind?” “Step this way. Ann raised her arms above her head. eyes glinting mischievously again. when my dad thought it was time they strolled back to the apartment. “Just me and you left then. and even my mum was a little bit tipsy by about half past ten. and the hot tub!” she replied.As is always the case. “Just me and you. but weren’t too far behind them. I smiled back at her. but everyone said they had enjoyed the break. even if I was a little confused as to what it would mean to me when we all got back to Britain. sis. then reached up to undo a . and Ann agreed. leave your clothes!” Bending down. “bring your wine. I knew I had.” I said.

almost but not quite able to lick her own nipple.” she said. and her tongue . she knelt in front of me to pull them right off. Oh. She glanced up at me. Ann took the wine glasses from my hands. Still with her back to me. and then tugged at the buttons on my jeans until they came loose. She pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. Pushing her tits together. “I think I’d better put that right.couple of buttons of her shirt. she undid the clasp of her bra. Ann reached up and pulled my boxer shorts down too. kicking it off and leaving her just in her underwear.” Her lips slipped around the tip of my cock. bending to kiss my chest. “You’ve made me come twice today without me making you come. and put them carefully by the side of the hot tub. and I let out an involuntary moan as she took me into her mouth. I stepped towards her. my cock springing free – she grasped it firmly. she bent her head. Pushing them down. and let it fall to the floor in front of her. her lips were firm yet soft around me. and pulled her shirt up over her head. before she turned back to face me. and I stepped out of them. then came to me again. was it nice? I never wanted it to stop. insistently working on my shaft. “Is that nice?” and went back to her work. She turned her back to me and slowly eased her skirt down over her hips. exposing her lacy bra. She kicked her shoes off.

and kissed her stomach. I pushed my face into her belly. I closed my eyes. Ann put her arm over my shoulder. and kissed.was licking all over inside her mouth. “That felt fantastic. and pulled them slowly down her legs.” I said. my legs shaking hard as I emptied my balls into her mouth. She laid her head to one side and I kissed down her cheek to her neck. warning her that I was going to come. underneath it and to the side of her breast. but there was no way I was going to last long. She eased the pressure of her sucking. stroking her back and crushing her tits into my chest. the faint smell of her pussy in my nostrils. trying to hold back and enjoy this as long as I could. before moving round to the front of her chest and taking a nipple gently between my teeth. making the moment of orgasm almost too much to bear. feeling her shiver of anticipation as my fingers found the waistband of her knickers.” I hugged her close to me. and I kissed along it. I held her head. I’d been horny all day and this was going to be the release. She kicked her . gently. We broke apart. lazily. “probably the best blow job I’ve ever had. looking up at me as if to gain my approval. Now it was my turn to kneel in front of her. and I reached out my arms to help her to her feet. and she intensified her sucking. in no hurry – we had all the time we wanted. and I ran my hands down her sides.

which came in a rush.knickers off. She bent to stroke it. and moaned lustily as I filled her completely. pleased that my erection hadn’t stayed away long. she eased herself straight down onto me. “Oh Joe. relaxing and getting used to the water temperature. and shuffled more upright to place her cunt lips around the tip.” she groaned. grinding her pelvis against mine. I could feel my balls bubbling again. It was big enough that we could both lie down in it. Her legs shook around mine. and indicated that I should stand. Ann stood up and I sat on the seat at the side of the tub. Kissing her deeply. Ann straddled my legs and sat down on me. her head banging onto my shoulder with the force of it. and I reached out with my lips to grab and suckle a nipple to help her towards her climax. my cock pressing on her stomach now. timing my thrusts with hers. I pulled her body close to mine. which we did.” . She was so wet. As we’d seen Beth do a couple of nights before. and we stepped together over to the hot tub. I’m gonna come again. that’s wonderful. “Annie. and I gradually got the rhythm together. She slowly started a rhythmic motion with her hips. you’d better get off me. The speed increased imperceptibly. starting her motion again. before she rolled over into my arms.

“Good night.” . “Come on. tiredness enveloping my eyes. We shook in unison as her cervix contracted around my penis. Ann went to the bathroom. and quickly towelled ourselves dry.” she whispered.” she said. regaining my breath. “sleep tight. “That’s so much nicer than you having to pull out. hard. I was half asleep by the time Ann slipped under the bed sheet. kissed my lips and lay her head on my chest.” she said. and picking up our clothes. it was what I wanted to feel but hadn’t dared to expect.” she said. and she stepped back and off me. “so much nicer.” My penis was shrinking now.“No. baby brother. “it’s our last night. we stepped quietly through the apartment to our room. so take me to bed and hug me.” We stepped out of the tub.” This was too much. I leant my head back on the wall. drawing the last drops from it. on the lips. I have to. and I lay on my bed. My balls contracted and I felt my cock bursting as I filled her cunt with my sperm. floating away to the other side of the tub. She bent to kiss me. “I want to feel you come inside me now.

and eased her over a little more so she was completely face down. and reached over her arm to stroke her stomach. Ann whimpered gently as I ran my fingers between her legs. so she was nearly face down now. I rolled over on my side. pressed against the small of her back. sleeping peacefully. noting how heavy her breathing was becoming. parting her thighs for me. My first thought on waking was a dull. I was sure she was awake now. and only then did my mind return to Ann. who was lying with her back to me. not helped by my slightly nagging hangover. I used my knee to bend her right leg. My sister stirred slightly. I reached out and ran my hand down her side. depressed one. pushed my right leg between hers. from her shoulder down her arm. and it wasn’t all over yet. but didn’t wake up. I gently stroked around her cunt lips. my cock hard now. and down the outside of her thigh. and rubbed down her back and over her arse crack. I knelt over her. I shuffled my body close behind her. the end of the holiday. but she didn’t say anything or move . I smiled inwardly – the holiday had been great.Chapter 13 Day seven. and bent to kiss the back of her neck. over her hand and onto her hip.

tasting her arousal. there was nothing else in the world. and felt her tense against it. circular motion with my hips. stroking my erection. I cupped my hand and slid it up to her pussy. and pushed my cock in as far as it would go. Easing her thighs apart further. Fucking her from behind felt wonderful. Reaching down. licking her pussy. and knelt up.other than where I put her – she seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. and lowered my body so that my cock was against her arse cheeks. which Ann met with thrusts of her own. I moved back down the bed to allow me space to kiss the tops of her thighs. her thighs trembling. and I noticed her hand was clasped . I slipped it in. I rubbed my thick cock on her cunt lips. my hand on her arse until my mouth wanted to kiss there. My tongue moved between her legs. Ann bucked hard against me. I gave a bigger thrust. and Ann lifted her hips a little to let me rub her hard little clitoris. and gradually started concentrating my attentions onto her arse. and heard Ann almost growl with anticipation. My kisses went down her back. I bent to kiss the back of her neck again. I lifted my head. turning us both on with the frustration. and then started a slow. repeating this move a few times. and then out again. I felt lost. Finally. I pushed my penis between them. Ann’s hips rising from the bed to encourage me deeper. I held us in that position for a few seconds. just a little.

Ann and I wandered round the duty free shop and picked out a couple of bottles to take back with us. but there’s loads of people about. once. and I held my cock still and deep inside her as I emptied my load into her womb. it looked like I had no choice! Ann led me up some stairs.tightly around the bedpost as she shook underneath me. We were met by a bus to take us to the airport. My balls contracted. “I’ve been having a hard job controlling myself. which opened up into the ladies on one side and the gents on the other. Waiting for the plane. you know.” Ann gave me that wicked smile.” she said. She went straight for the ladies. “You don’t have to. . and towards the toilets. and the journey passed uneventfully. “Oh. Including our parents!” “Come with me. leading me by the hand. yeah. sorry. twice.” she nudged me in the ribs.” I said. “Keep your hands off me. There was one door. I put the bottle back on the shelf and followed. I see. “What? Don’t have to what?” I was confused.

and pushed her legs apart to rub her cunt. come with me.” she gasped as I reached behind her and placed a finger tip on her arsehole. I’m so close. She pushed me into one of the cubicles. already so wet and willing. oh yes I’m coming. I sat on the toilet seat. We slowed our movements gradually. and encouraged her to straddle me. come with me. Ann took me in her mouth. we haven’t got much time. and she reached for my cock. rubbing her pussy against my cock before lifting herself up and impaling herself on me. Bending down in front of me.” she urged. “I wanna make you come in me again. “Oh yes!” she cried as my full length buried itself into her.” I was – closing my eyes and shaking with the exertion as my penis squirted into her again.hustling me inside and looking around to make sure we hadn’t been seen. and locked the door behind us. “I want you inside me again.” she commanded. Joe. I reached my hand under her skirt. and kissed on the lips. “Come on. “Fuck me. . “Oh jesus. pushing my jeans and shorts down below my knees. pulling it from my boxers. Joe. hard. feeling my dried spunk on her thighs. sucking until I was fully erect and then standing up.” I undid my jeans. She started humping up and down on me. turning to me with a smile. She didn’t need much encouraging! Ann lifted her skirt up and threw her leg over mine.

although it hadn’t been worrying me too much I had to admit I was pleased! “We still friends?” she asked. “I love the feeling of it running down my legs. my cream oozing from between the lips. got my period. as we got back to where everyone else was seated. and. “Come on. ever the organiser.” she said. and when we got back to our parents. they’ve just called our flight. “Hey. We didn’t even have a seat together on the plane home. Ann listened at the door to make sure there was no one else around.” she said. Ann eased herself away from my shrinking prick and stood in front of me.” said Beth. I think I’ll love my sister as long . She phoned me four or five days later. I. wanting to be with her son. and we ran out of the toilets. Of course we were. showing me her pussy.” Epilogue I haven’t slept with my sister since that holiday. Ann drove off quickly. We had to rejoin the rest of them – our flight was in half an hour. “Wondered where you’d got to.Parting. we laughed at ourselves – as bad as horny teenagers sneaking away from the parents for illicit sex. er.

as I live. . I’ll certainly always remember our family holiday together.

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