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International Spa City Health resort location Baden-Baden

grand and hospitable hotels. During the 19th century kings. Baden-Baden’s Mediterranean locations – pleasant idleness. Partaking in a treatment at the health resort of Baden-Baden has always meant two things: recuperation for body and soul and a memorable social Located between the foothills of the Nothern Black Forest (Nordschwarzwald) and the Rhine Valley (Rheinebene).Mediterranean Flair Stylish treatments. lets guests and residents enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle of the lively city from early spring to late autumn. Daydreamers and 2 revellers from all over the world get together in street cafés and restaurants. charming and cosmopolitan city. at cultural events or in the casino in the evenings – here you will find variety around the clock. there is hardly any other ideal place: BadenBaden offers a stylish scope for an individual health programme with its healing springs. Simply enjoying life is the main priority. In the sun during the day. pure relaxation. The Kurhaus is Baden-Baden’s social central point. magnificent parks and numerous leisure activities. 3 . entertainment par excellence In order to stay fit and get fit. on the boulevards and at the roulette table. The former “summer capital of Europe” presents itself today as a young. Baden-Baden’s mild climate experience. artists and courtesans were drawn to the glamorous baths with international reputation. Nowhere else can you combine health-benefiting activities and entertainment on such a scale.

Karlsruhe-Scheibenhardt Golf International Soufflenheim-Baden-Baden Soufflenheim/Elsass 5 . And with a hot-air balloon – part of Europe’s largest hot-air balloon fleet – visitors can marvel at the hats of the haute volée.V. And for those who wish to keep fit regardless of the weather. Set in wonderful surroundings the courses are the endeavours of many top architects and they have put the world’s best players to the test.Sport with Excitement Golf.V. from above the thoroughbreds and star jockeys. For both ambitious and aspiring golfers there are seven golf courses in the region for you to choose from. Bad Herrenalb Golf Club Bruchsal e. enjoyment and the best of company. the Grand Week and the Sales & Racing Festival. With a mountain bike you can conquer all terrain from gentle hills to mountainous peaks. Three times a year racing enthusiasts from around the world congregate for the Spring Meeting. Ideal climbing conditions for both beginners and advanced climbers can be found at the nearby “Battert” rock face. Golf Region Baden-Elsass Golfclub Baden-Baden Baden-Baden Baden Hills Golf und Curling Club e. the first balls were teed-off on its fairways in 1901. There are practically no limits to the sporting activities on offer. riding.V. Golf has a longstanding tradition in the region: the Baden-Baden Golf Club is one of Germany’s oldest. there are numerous all-yearround tennis facilities available. Bruchsal 4 Le Kempferhof Golf-Hôtel Plobsheim/Elsass Golfclub Hofgut Scheibenhardt e. Riding on horseback with an experienced riding instructor as a guide will allow you to discover the region’s shady forests. mountain biking Sport in and around Baden-Baden – that stands for fun.V. Rheinmünster-Söllingen/Baden-Airpark Golfclub Bad Herrenalb-Bernbach e. A sporting encounter of the highest calibre and a social high point at the same time are the international horse races.

with its blend of wonderful scenery and sun-blessed vineyards. nature trails and specially designated Nordic walking routes will test your stamina and lead you over rolling. Dolce far niente: Sweet idleness in all corners. mind and soul.away from the daily and career stress and exercise in a healthy manner. Just take a break from everyday life . For all those wanting to recharge their batteries Baden-Baden with Germany’s largest municipal forest provides the perfect terrain. For less strenuous walks a number of short forest trails have also been laid out. All that is left for you to decide is the amount of outdoor activity and the pace. Or one can just enjoy the sweet idleness with all senses among the 300 different types of roses in the “Gönneranlage”. do some power walking. Wellness and relaxation for body. green hills.Power through breaks From relaxation to boundless energy The best medicine is a mix of rest and exercise. Panoramic footpaths. Go for a stroll. For some a stroll to the nearby Cistercian Abbey or a ride with the funicular railway to the summit of the “Merkur” suits their exercise needs. up rocky peaks and through shady forests. Others require more of a sporting challenge: horse riding or climbing on the nearby “Battert” rock. attracts outdoor fans of all ages and is only a stone’s throw away. Baden-Baden. Each tour leads you from the city directly to the countryside – as far as you want – to the next café or high up in the Black Forest. 6 7 . The picturesque “Rebland” vineyard region. there is space for every kind of exercise. jog or go inline skating – under the imposing trees of the famous Lichtentaler Allee.

the classy art and culture mile along the three kilometre long and magnificent park and garden “Lichtentaler Allee”. unfortunately he had little time to admire its magnificent neo-baroque interior. the “Kurhaus” is the hub of Baden-Baden’s social scene. For instance. Furthermore. concerts. However. extravagant theatre performances and thrilling festivals guarantee the finest art and the best entertainment all year round.000 casino visitors a year try their luck at roulette. exciting Small but exquisite: the Baden-Baden Theatre in the Paris Opéra Garnier-style. For those who love high-class events. the beautiful Kurhaus. The stoic call of the croupier “No more bets” became “No more to bet” for Dostojevski. soloists. still has more to offer. Culture and Gaming Artistic treats and glittering festivals Excitment around the clock: from midday until late at night more than 400. The outstanding jewel in the middle of the famous park is the Frieder Burda Museum which was constructed by New York’s star architect Richard Meier. the “Kulturhaus LA8”. 8 9 . The glamour of the Belle Époque combined with architectural avant-garde in the Festspielhaus which was opened in 1998. the State Art Gallery and the City Museum as well as the over 760 year-old Cistercian abbey Lichtenthal Monastery. the State Art Gallery and the Museum of the 19th Century Arts and Technology in the “Kulturhaus LA8”. literary evenings. the cultural offer of Baden-Baden is one that can quite confidently compete with the metropolises of this world: glamorous balls and dance galas. the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is also interesting. Baden-Baden art and culture mile with the “Jewel in the park” Museum Frieder Burda. companies and top rated entertainers. Europe’s second largest opera and concert hall with its 2. jazz and symphony concerts at the highest level. the historical pump room. Red-golden magnificence for the zest for gambling: the Red Saloon in the world’s most beautiful casino. The famous writer and notorious gambler did not have the greatest of luck at Germany’s oldest and the world’s most beautiful casino.Art. unforgettable stage shows. Whether roulette. midnight dinners or lavish balls. which is over 350 years old. poker and black jack.500 seats serves as a stage for world famous orchestras. the neobaroque theatre.

clinics and other facilities directly linked to the thermal source. The Romans named the city Aquae –“Water” or even “The Baths” – and they valued the healing power of the water even then.Fit with Water Healing pleasure with tradition Spa comes from the latin words “sanus per aquam” which means “health through water”. In the world-famous Friedrichsbad. Water fascination – the magic formula for internal and external beauty Modern thermal water and sauna culture can be found under the cupola of the Caracalla-Spa. mineral-rich water is used for both traditional and modern therapies. the Roman-Irish bathing culture can be enjoyed – a combination of hotair. The town’s 12 thermal springs provide fun and recuperation to a selection of hotels. the intensive effect of algae and seawater ingredients is boosted by the mineralrich thermal water. thermal steam and thermal exercise baths located in magnificent surroundings and cupola halls. more than 800. During Thalasso Thermalism. 2. 11 . Baden-Baden’s modern thermal baths featuring almost 1000 square metres of pools. it rushes upwards from the depths of ca. Today the warm.000 meters and brings healing minerals to the surface of the earth due to the heat of the earth’s core. a therapy unique to Baden-Baden.000 litres of thermal water rises here daily at a temperature of up to 68° C. The stimulating effect of the water can also be appreciated in the Caracalla 10 Spa. Since primeval times. Enjoy Baden-Baden’s flair in the outside pools which are accessible all year round or let yourself be pampered at the Friedrichsbad. In BadenBaden.

Like a chart the sole of the foot is divided up to represent each body part and each organ. warm mineral mud made of ground volcanic rock is applied on the body and it has a positive effect on rheumatic disease and metabolic disease. musculoskeletal system and efficiency: relaxed nerves. In contrast. The healing. By using Gain new strength and stamina for everyday life. The body’s pollutants will be absorbed. weakens the body’s own immunity and it inhibits the growth hormone. blood circulation will be stimulated. smooth skin. 12 Fitness and activity Develop and train muscles. The body’s self-healing powers are activated and the body’s energy can once again flow freely. Foot reflex zone massage ”Pars pro toto” is the name of this principle which has its origins in the traditional medicine of the American Indians. cholesterol levels will be lowered and infections will be inhibited. higher resilience. 13 . Baden-Baden’s health centres have developed a multitude of special programmes for the very personal break. Relaxation techniques such as autogenous training or yoga. exercise therapy. everything has to collude and ends in physical fitness and men- tal strength. hectic in everyday life and career – there are many causes of stress and the body reacts promptly. stimulate or steady the function of organs and boost circulation. trained massaging techniques on the various reflex points the therapist can relieve pain. better shape. Fango/Natural fango Fango is Italian for “mud”. Stress consumes energy. balneophysical therapy and conversational therapy have a soothing effect on the body and soul. Natural fango offers the most intensive treatment as used in Baden-Baden since it has a high percentage of mineral nutrients and sulphur. formed muscles.Therapies in Baden-Baden New and traditional treatment concepts Anti-stress programmes Nonstop at work. and attuned to your personal fitness condition with tips and instructions. Trained staff are always available.

rehabilitation Basic and supplementary check-ups Cardiovascular check-up Orthopaedic check-up Handling stress • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DRK Klinik • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get fit Internist diseases The first step begins with the diagnosis. with the right relaxation. the thermogram of the hand of a person suffering from rheumatism. High-tech diagnosis: top left. check-up. Cardiovascular diseases Nutrition and metabolic diseases Diseases of the breathing organs Rheumatic diseases Degenerative diseases of the backbone and joints Consequences of accidents and injuries Orthopaedic illnesses Psychosomatic illnesses Chronic pain • • Therapies (Selection) Medical pools Thermal exercise pools Exercise bath Natural fango Massage Foot reflex zone massage Physiotherapy Remedial gymnastics Balneophysical therapy Medical training therapy Sports therapy • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • methods and recognised alternative remedies will be sensibly combined in this process. Implantology (Tooth) Periodonotology Endodontology Aesthetic dentistry Oral surgery Acupuncture Breathing therapy Qigong • • • • 14 15 . the specialists (medical doctors) can determine weaknesses and devise individual health programmes and therapies accordingly. regaining vitality and quality of life after enduring an illness or an operation. with input from the laboratory and the latest medical instruments and techniques. Get fit Rehabilitation Getting back on one’s feet. Individuals have the option of using the services either as an inpatient or outpatient. therapies and treatments to allow health problems to be recognised at an early stage and for illnesses to be treated successfully. exercise and nutrition programme staying fit can be a pleasurable experience. Baden-Baden’s health centres offer a range of checkups. The clinics in Baden-Baden are amenable to new insights and treatment methods in the field of orthodox and alternative medicine. Following an examination of mind. Cryotherapy Ergotherapy Taiji Qigong Autogenous training Organisational therapy Psychological therapy/counselling Relaxation therapy Nutrition therapy/counselling Electrotherapy • • Brenner´s Medical Spa • • • • • • • • • • The individual diagnosis includes the needs and living conditions of our guests. Regardless of whether it is a basic. check-up Mix business with pleasure and undergo a thorough check-up in stylish surroundings. Specially trained specialists develop the right therapy in rehabilitation measures or follow-up rehabilitation measures.ACURA Kliniken Baden-Baden Klinik Dr. body and soul. Both conventional medical treatment Stay fit Prevention. cardiovascular or executive check-up. Franz Dengler AOK Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof Rehabilitationsklinik Höhenblick Max Grundig Klinik High-tech Healing Stay fit Stadtklinik Prevention.

backbone surgery. organisational and sports therapy .Inflammatory-rheumatic joint disease (arthritis) . In one of the most important specialised hospitals in Germany for rheumatology and internal medicine. Diagnostics . with its own access to the healing thermal springs.Modern immunologic therapy .Inflamatory systemic diseases (collagenosis) . In consultation with doctors of bordering specialist fields.Psychosomatic symptoms . echocardiogram.Somatoform pain disorders .Concentrative exercise therapy .g.Interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy . CAT scan. hand surgery.Thermal exercise pool .ACURA Kliniken Baden-Baden Cooperation clinic and academic teaching hospital of the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg. telephone. orthopaedics.Psychosomatic.Nutrition and social counselling Catering Choice menu (prepared as per the nutrition-physiologic expertise) 16 17 .Endoscopy. special rheumatic surgery including endoprothestics.3 52-666 info@acura-kliniken. joint puncture. laboratory including immunological laboratory. standardised psychological test diagnostics Rheumatology patients with psychosomatic disorders are well taken care of in the rheumatology centre which is located in magnificent place. the specialists have made a point to stop the process of the number one widespread disease.g.Concept of mobilising care .Bone metabolism disorders and diseases (e. Careful anamnesis and physical examination are the fundamental for an individually adapted diagnosis and treatment. dermatology (skin diseases). pulmonary function test. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.: +49(0)72 21 .Electro.Psychosocial adaptation difficulties in internistic. bulimia. magnetic resonance imaging (in cooperation). osteoporosis) The specialised hospital for psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine exists since November 2002.Psychological counselling and therapy . TV and balcony Interdisciplinary consultation (following departments among others) .Multimodal rheumatologic complex treatment .Dance therapy ACURA Kliniken Baden-Baden Rotenbachtalstraße 5. bone density measurement. fibromyalgia) .3 52-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . specialised hospital for internal medicine/rheumatology. Rheumatology indications . Patients with psychological illnesses can be treated here. binge-eating) . with 34 beds available. x-ray. trained specialists. sonography. neurological and orthopaedic-rheumatologic diseases .com www.Physiotherapy . neurology (disorders of the nervous system) Care and counselling .Balneophysical therapy .acura-kliniken. specialised hospital for psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine Idyllically located in the Rotenbachtal and directly near the Caracalla-Spa. Both clinics cooperate closely with the Heidelberg Medical University Clinic which documents multifaceted clinical and academic exchange. Psychosomatic and psychotherapy indications .Eating disorders (anorexia. long term ECG. therapists and psychologists take care of all kinds of rheumatic diseases. ECG.Gerontorheumatology (rheumatology of the elderly) .Anxiety and depressive disorders Located near the Doctors: 20 Psychologists: 6 Therapists: 25 142 beds – rheumatology 34 beds – psychosomatic Single and double-bed rooms with shower & WC. ergo. Focal points of therapy . to restore the patients’ mobility and to improve their quality of life. one finds the Rheumazentrum BadenBaden (Baden-Baden Rheumatism Centre).Interdisciplinary pain therapy and soft tissue rheumatic diseases (e. ACURA Kliniken has its own access to the mineral-rich thermal springs.

Stay fit Prevention. even after surgery (bypass www. mountain bike tours.Combating stress and psychosocial offers Plenty of glass caters for a pleasant wintergarden atmosphere inside the clinic. vascular system and cardiovascular diseases.Group and individual discussions with doctors. cardiac valve replacement.Sports therapy counselling and care . diet assistants and other therapists . water gymnastics and swimming on site or in the corresponding therapeutic baths .Cardiovascular check-up with stress echocardiography .aokklinik-baden-baden.Illnesses of the heart.: +49(0)72 21 . Focal points/indications . walking. Numerous events which even visitors can attend offer an informative and varied programme regarding health. relaxation.Medical check-up and anamnesis . affective and reactive disorders .Sauna. The clinic specialises in in-patient rehabilitation measures and follow-up rehabilitation treatment with focus on cardiology and has the latest medical and therapeutic expertise.Nutrition and metabolic diseases .Cultural programme in Baden-Baden Get fit Rehabilitation Rehabilitation/therapy offers . check-up Active Fitness Check . It offers everything one needs to feel comfortable.Follow-up rehabilitation treatment for all cardiovascular diseases AOK-Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof Fremersbergstraße 115 76530 Baden-Baden Tel. WC.Balneophysical therapy . telephone Food Breakfast buffet. etc. different forms of diet 18 19 . vascular reconstruction) .Physiotherapy and exercise therapy .de Doctors: 8 Therapists: 15 160 beds Single rooms with shower. Gentle movements in the thermal bath promote successful healing. psychologists. about one hundred metres away from Baden-Baden’s city centre.Intensive medical treatment .Psychosomatic. . Korbmattfelsenhof was built a few years ago.36 7-4 67 info@aokklinik-baden-baden.Nutrition therapy .Ergotherapy .36 7-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . functional.Lung and bronchial illnesses . balanced choice menu.AOK-Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof Specialised clinic for internist and psychosomatic rehabilitation Clinic for follow-up rehabilitation (cardiology) Guests and patients are separated from the manicured park by the clinic’s large expanse of glass. jogging.

check-up Cardiovascular check-up .Leisure programme: outings.Anxiety disorders . Besides the medical care. Stay fit Prevention.Overnight stays in single or double rooms (7 nights) .5 therapeutic treatments . Focal points Modern diagnostics Thermal exercise pool Balneophysical therapy Physiotherapy Medical training therapy Psychological therapy Ergo-.Computer-aided gait analysis via measuring platforms .All diseases of the musculoskeletal system . depression. balneophysical therapy. relaxation therapy with progressive muscle relaxation.Resting.Fit for her & for him .Nutrition counselling . pain and stress combatting groups. relaxation therapy.Overnight stays and social programme see cardiovascular check-up . etc.3 51-8 26 info@dengler.Osteoporosis diagnostics (DEXA measurement) . Franz Dengler Clinic for prevention. diet counselling Orthopaedics Orthopaedic pain therapy. foot reflex zone massage.Adjustment disorders. balneophysical therapy.: +49(0)72 21 . Orthopaedics . rehabilitation and follow-up treatment “Health equals quality of life” – the traditional clinic Dr. psychological single and group therapy.Cardiovascular and vascular system illnesses. sports and exercise therapy.Long-time treatment .Osteoporosis therapy . even after surgery . Franz Dengler Kapuzinerstraße 1 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.Chronic pain . autogenous training and breathing relaxation as well as meditation. psychosomatic pain therapy and inner medicine – a team of experienced doctors are available to attend to the guests and patients from all over the world.Klinik Dr.Concomitant diseases of physical illnesses .Laboratory examinations: blood count. . Franz Dengler has made this formula its guiding principle. natural fango. For the focal points of the clinic – orthopaedics.3 51-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . even vegetarian. physiotherapy. fatigue.Inflammatory rheumatic diseases .General internistic diseases 210 beds Single or double rooms with shower or bath. ergotherapy. smoking cessation therapy Established in 1890.Chronic pain syndrome with psychological concomitant factors . It is not by chance that the house combines the expertise of a modern clinic with the ambiance of a hotel.Qigong Yangsheng Get fit Rehabilition Internal medicine Cardiovascular training.Colour doppler echocardiography . stress. health formation and training. Orthopaedic check-up . Klinik Dr. WC. sports therapy Doctors: 10 Therapists: 30 Psychosomatic – pain therapy . kinesio taping Psychosomatic pain therapy Individual discussions. vascular training.dengler. telephone. breakfast and dinner buffet 20 21 .Treatment after joint surgery and neurosurgical operations on the backbone Klinik Dr. just a few minutes on foot from the city centre. Franz Dengler caters for health and wellbeing. TV. autogenous training.Detailed medical check-up . acupuncture. guests can look forward to an active entertainment and leisure programme – in order to sample the newly acquired quality of life immediately. special diet forms. electrotherapy. body fat levels. ergometer training. the stylish building for water applications offers its own access to Baden-Baden’s thermal springs.Nutrition and metabolic diseases .Stress-related concomitant diseases Indications Internal medicine Located directly next to the “Kurhaus”. Taiji Qigong. some with balcony or terrace Food Choice menu. presentations on health.Inflammatory rheumatic and degenerative changes .X-ray check . .Health package .Ultrasound scan of joints Additional programmes among others . ultrasound. liver function tests.Detailed medical check-up of the musculoskeletal system .Sonography . burn-out . swimming.Consequences or accidents and injuries . exercise therapy. long-term ECG . internetconnection and safe. www.

Extended programme (2 to 3 days) . telephone. hotel.High blood pressure . TV.Psychosomatic therapy: treatment of “burn-out syndrome” .Internal primary care . check-up Risk assessment and treatment .Psychosomatic Recertified as per KTQ since 27.Radiology .54-310 info@max-grundig-klinik. not far from BadenBaden on the panoramic road “Schwarzwaldhochstraße”.Cardiology/sports medicine .Gastroenterology/metabolism .54-0 Fax: +49(0)72 26 .05.Cardiovascular .Basic programme (1 to 2 days) .Oncology .Specific radiology and tomography programme (virtual intestine and coronary vessel analytics) Once here. with or without balcony 22 23 .Metabolic syndrome .: +49(0)72 26 .Musculoskeletal system . WC.Clinical. rehabilitation Focal points . suites with bath and/or shower.Rheumatology .de www.Diabetology . even if you have to go back to the depressions of every-day Indications .Follow-up healing process Max Grundig Klinik Schwarzwaldhochstraße 1 77815 Bühl Tel. further experiences await him: A renowned specialist clinic with the ambiance of a first class So that you stay fit. the highest priority is presented by you as a patient or guest.Metabolism and digestion .Prevention . laboratory and technical .Dietetics 87 beds Single and double rooms.Max Grundig Klinik Specialist clinic for internal medicine Mountain air is healthy! The climax is mountain air with view of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). excellently managed and equipped with medical top-efficient technology.Tumours and blood diseases Specific and individual check-ups .Crisis intervention in case of reactions towards stress Get fit Acute medicine. The absolute summit of all elation is found in healing and relaxation by seekers in the Max Grundig Klinik on the Bühlerhöhe. Follow-up treatment Restoration of stability and resilienceafter illness . However. A motivated team of doctors and therapists is concerned about an individually developed integrative healing concept for your health and wellbeing. minibar. Stay fit Prevention.max-grundig-klinik.09 Quality management certified as per EFQM Doctors: 13 Therapists: 6 .Psychotherapy .

Metabolic disorders . orthopaedic and Internistic diseases and after operations The magnificent Art Nouveau building was completely renovated and supplemented by modern structural components. sauna. Constructed in 1905 as a private sanatorium in Art Nouveau style. Stay fit Prevention. orthopaedics and rheumatology The specialist clinic for internal medicine.rehaklinik-hoehenblick. TV and most rooms have a balcony. Doctors. The integral view of the human being forms the basis of diagnosis and individual therapy. rheumatology and orthopaedics Fachklinik Höhenblick. orthopaedics and rheumatology Leopoldstraße 23. today health means the balance of body. WC. gymnastics www. organisational therapy Nutrition counselling Psychology Rehabilitationsklinik Höhenblick Specialist clinic for internal medicine. check-up Cardiovascular check-up Orthopaedic check-up Functional tests Assessment of risk factors Health training Combating stress Get fit Rehabilitation .909-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 .Consequences of accidents and injuries .Cardiovascular diseases 130 beds 122 single-bed rooms and 4 two-bed rooms with shower.909-678 info@rehaklinik-hoehenblick. 24 25 . telephone. Focal points Physiotherapy Balneo-electro-physical therapy Medical training therapy Exercise therapy Natural fango Osteopathic therapy Ergo. With leisure activities. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel. nurses.Follow-up rehabilitation after knee/hip total endoprosthesis . relaxing hikes in the vicinity and pick and drop services with the clinic’s own shuttle bus. diet and vegetarian food) Exercise pools in light-flooded swimming pool promote healing.Inflammatory rheumatic illnesses .Orthopaedic diseases (musculoskeletal system) . offers a wonderful view of the Black Forest. radio. Furthermore. masseurs and psychologists work hand in hand supported by modern medical technology. mind and soul. fitness centre. which is located near the New Castle (Neues Schloss) of Baden-Baden. Rhine and Alsace. an exercise pool. Food: Choice menu (light. the clinic offers many opportunities of making one’s stay as pleasant as possible.Rehabilitationsklinik Höhenblick Specialist clinic for internal medicine.: +49(0)72 21 .de Doctors: 7 Therapists: 17 Indications . physiotherapists.Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and follow-up rehabilitation in case of inflammatory rheumatic.

the Stadtklinik BadenBaden offers acute inpatient treatment in case of emergencies.Clinic for visceral.Prostate cancer check-up .Institute of anaesthesiology and intensive medicine . exclusion of cardiovascular diseases by .Stadtklinik Baden-Baden Partner of the clinical centre Mittelbaden – Central Hospital Idyllically located at the outskirts of the forest.Colonoscopy .Out-patient operation centre . Stadtklinik BadenBaden has excellent specialist in the individual speciality fields.Extended cancer check-up .Clinic for orthopaedic and accident surgery .Evaluation of the medical questionnaire and detailed entrance discussion with the doctor .klinikum-mittelbaden. A synchronised team are available around the clock for the guests and residents of Baden-Baden.: +49(0)72 21 . all the important medical technical large equipment is available.Urology in-patient ward .Neurological clinic .91-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . check-up Basic check-up .Heart and lung x-rays in two levels .stadtklinik@klinikum-mittelbaden.Gynaecological cancer check-up Laboratory tests Overview of the current health condition and determining risk factors Stay fit Prevention. For com- prehensive diagnostics and treatment.Comprehensive internal examination . The hospital cooperates with other health centres in the region.Stress ECG Gastrointestinal/internal organs check-up Exclusion of diseases on organs by .Written final report Cardiovascular pulmonary check-up Evaluation of the functional condition and As a modern health centre.Radiology department .Internal medicine .Detailed final discussion with the doctor . vascular and paediatric surgery . fax and printer.Paediatric department .Ophthalmic in-patient ward Do you want to feel close to your relatives who require care during your stay in BadenBaden? We will help you.Otolaryngology in-patient ward . The fantastic view of the Rhine Valley is free of charge. Stadtklinik Baden-Baden Academic teaching hospital of the University of Heidelberg Balger Straße 50. the Stadtklinik has a broad spectrum of diagnosis and treatment methods. Specialty departments .ECG at rest .Computer ultrasound scan of the thyroid glands .de www. 76532 Baden-Baden Tel. Get in touch with our short-term care department.Gastroscopy . As an academic teaching institution of the University of Heidelberg. diet cuisine breakfast and dinner buffet in the gynaecology clinic 26 27 .de Doctors: 80 Employees: 850 394 beds One-bed room/two-bed room Food: Lunch menu of one’s choice. Modernly furnished room with computer.Computer ultrasound diagnostics of the stomach organs .Gynaecology department .28 00 info.

metatarsus and hindfoot as well as the ankle joint Stay fit Gain quality of life and mobility .Foot surgery with corrective interventions on the forefoot. Hand surgery.Treatment of congenital hand deformity .General surgery orthopaedic intervention .Inpatient and outpatient treatment of acute and chronic pain . highly specialised clinic.Hand joint arthroscopy with arthroscopic surgery Anaesthesia and pain therapy . In the postoperative phase.: +49(0)72 21 .Acupuncture DRK Klinik Baden-Baden Lilienmattstraße 5.DRK Klinik Baden-Baden Clinic for orthopaedics. The recently renovated reception and the bright room make the atmosphere friendly and www.Treatment of arthritic and rheumatic deformities of the hands . some have fax and internet connection Food Choice menu 28 29 .Emergency treatment of serious hand injuries .de Doctors: 25 Therapists: 7 83 beds Comfort 1-bed room. rehabilitation Physiotherapy Exercise therapy Ergotherapy Lymph drainage Cryotherapy Electrotherapy Specialty departments Clinic for orthopaedics and special orthopaedic surgery .Endoprosthetic of the shoulder.Treatment of illnesses of the sinews and nerves . general anaesthesia . knee and hip joint . hand surgery and anaesthetic areas deal with the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.358-229 info@drk-klinikbb. knee and ankle joint . elbow. the wrist bone and the spoke bone .Minimal invasive osteosynthesis procedure .Postoperative pain therapy via local catheter . 25 specialists from the orthopaedic. The highly qualified team of chief physicians guarantees the latest stand of operative therapy and anaesthesiology using minimal invasive and computer-aided operating techniques. patients are taken care of personally.Regional anaesthesia.Minimal invasive and computer-aided operation techniques . WC. rheumatic surgery. Get fit Acute medicine.358-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 .drk-klinik-baden-baden. it is one of the city’s oldest clinics and enjoys the reputation of a small but magnificent. pain therapy The DRK Klinik Baden-Baden lies in the upper part of the city at the foot of the Merkur Mountain. hand surgery. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.Treatment of illnesses and fractures of the hand skeleton. Established in 1905. plastic and reconstructive surgery. each with shower. special orthopaedic surgery.Consultancy about operative methods of treatment Modernity and competence hide behind the soothing private entrance. accompanied and prepared for folowup treatment under instruction of physiotherapists and ergotherapists and well-trained nursing staff.Arthroscopic operations on the shoulder. plastic and reconstruction surgery .Intraoperative re-transfusion of one’s own blood . Patients are individually informed which operative measure could improve their mobility and quality of life. 2-bed room. TV. telephone. 1-bed room.Orthopaedic check-up .Implantation of finger joint prosthesis .

Usage of high-quality medical equipment .brenners. private dentistry practice.Physical analysis and individual training counselling . physio spa and nutrition counselling. veins and hair . rheumatology and naturopathy.Integral medical consultancy by qualified specialists of internal medicine and cardiology . In the relaxed. diagnosis.Balanced menu plan created by our QPNT nutrition experts 30 31 .Cataract surgery including implantation of special lenses .Specialist ophthalmology . 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.Brenner’s Medical Spa Proactive health management in Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa The message “taking pleasure in a healthy life” stands above the wide range of health care offers in the Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa Medical Spa.Nutrition counselling Doctors and therapists Brenner’s Medical Spa has a network of experts for: cardiology. mind and soul) .Physio spa . one can combine business with pleasure.Vitreous humour and retina surgery Nutrition counselling .In-depth nutrition and fitness check .Specialist medical care . Enjoyment and moderation of food.Individually adapted fitness plan . sports medicine and balneology. counselling and care . counselling and supervision at the Brenner’s Medical Spa is based on eight pillars: PREVENT health check- Holistic medicine . Specialist medical care . 100 guest rooms and suites in the Grand Hotel Specialist ophthalmology . physiotherapists.Integral naturopathic diagnostics and therapy . diagnosis.Detoxification therapy .Combination of methods of classic medicine with expertise of naturopathic treatment .Preparation of an individual health concept The combination of prevention. up. fun during exercise.Laser treatment of glaucoma and disorders of the retinal vessels .Botox. medical care.Holistic medicine (body.Holistic medicine . Competent partners are available for examination and modern diagnostics for health promotion and they offer advice about prevention.Naturopathic diagnostics and therapy . Dentistry with focus on implantology and prosthetics.Multifaceted check-up opportunities Aesthetic dentistry Dental hygiene & periodontology Endodontics Paediatric dentistry Implantology & prosthetics Aesthetic dermatology . mental relaxation and a beauty package which pamper the body and soul.PREVENT health check-up . internal medicine. healing and rehabilitation .Therapy for acute and chronic back bone and joint problems Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa Schillerstraße 4/6.Integral health care.3 87 72 information@brenners. holistic medicine. laser therapy.General ophthalmology .com Focal points Combination of prevention.9 00-0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 .Treatment of age-related macula degeneration .Aesthetic dermatology .Laser therapy for markings. specialist ophthalmology. dermatology. Guests who come to the Medical Spa enjoy all the benefits of the luxurious exclusivity at Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa. Also. sports instructors and sports scientists.Private dentistry practice .Comprehensive check-up programme based on classic diagnostics . aesthetic www.Medical concept with comprehensive diagnostics and treatment . Aesthetics. therapy and healthy eating. discreet ambience of a world class Grand Hotel. form the basis of the medical offer. physical and rehabilitative medicine.Veins and spider veins diagnostic and therapy Get and stay fit Health check-up PREVENT .Skin cancer check-up and out-patient operations . filler and mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation .: +49(0)72 21 .

infections.: +49(0)72 21 . The modern production of ointment (left) Besides Baden-Baden. Heel homeopathic drugs are available in over 50 countries around the world.-Reckeweg-Str. 2-4 76532 Baden-Baden Postfach 100349. Employees Baden-Baden: 800 Employees worldwide: 1. This biological way of therapy can be suitable for allergies.300 employees. Heel is the world market leader with 80 million ampoules. Many professional athletes. be it in football. dizziness or disorders of the nerves and sleeping Heel’s credo is to rely on the body’s own biological regulation powers and at the same time to use science as proof of the effectiveness of drugs and for the confirmation of the method. use the potential of homeopathic drugs. Current numbers Heel 2009 Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH Dr. Chile. the company has 10 more international locations with a total of over 1. USA 33 .50 14 80 info@heel. Every fifth German trusts homeopathy (according to a survey carried out by Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach). Heel’s vision “we build the bridge between homeopathy and orthodox medicine” expresses it. Belgium.heel. Homeopathic drugs are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Poland.50 10 0 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . Heel drugs enjoy recognition even in top sports.Heel Homeopathic drugs are becoming more favoured Many patients and doctors today are relying on homeopathic drugs. Spain. The guiding theme of 32 Heel drugs are manufactured in modern facilities. in swimming or winter www. One of the leading manufacturers of homeopathic drugs is Heel. osteoarthritis. the Netherlands. Columbia. The activation of the body’s own regulation for the restoration of the biological equilibrium is the convincing criterion for the Heel’s main building in Baden-Baden. users. 76484 Baden-Baden Tel. In the homeopathic injection drugs segment. South Africa. Canada. Brazil. Heel’s specialities are homeopathic combination drugs where several ingredients are combined in one drug.300 Locations: Germany (Baden-Baden).

3 52-666 info@acura-kliniken.: +49(0)72 21 .: +49(0)72 21 .Bertholdplätze bad Gönneranlage Kath. www.36 7-4 67 info@aokklinik-baden-baden.acura-kliniken. 76532 Baden-Baden Postfach 100349. Franz Dengler Kapuzinerstraße 1.: +49(0)72 21 . Lutherkirche 0 500 m Klosterplatz B 500 towards Kloster Schwarzwaldhochstraße Lichtenthal 34 35 . 15 min. Stourdzakapelle Trinkhalle 2 min.28 00 info. Fax: +49(0)72 21 .com.-SchumannPlatz P 5 3 Hindenburgplatz Post Neues Schloß Sc hlo ßb er gt u nn el Festspielhaus P Rotenbachanlagen 7 1 P 4 Max Grundig Klinik Schwarzwaldhochstraße 1. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.909-0.358-229 info@drk-klinikbb. Fax: +49(0)72 21 . Bernharduskapelle P P Gausplatz Bertholdplatz Christus Kapelle Russ. Fax: +49(0)72 21 P 8 Stadtmuseum P 7 DRK Klinik Baden-Baden Lilienmattstraße 5. BernhardusKirche P P Ebertplatz P 2 AOK-Klinik Korbmattfelsenhof Fremersbergstraße 7-0. www.3 51-8 26 info@dengler.9 Fax: +49(0)72 21 . 2-4. Stadtkirche 6 Stadtklinik Baden-Baden Balger Straße 50.Josef 8 Brenner’s Medical Spa Palais Biron Schillerstraße 4/6. 5 min. www.: +49(0)72 21 .stadtklinik@klinikum-mittelbaden.3 87 72 information@brenners. Fax: +49(0)72 21 . 76530 Baden-Baden Tel. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel. Kirche 2 P 4 approx. 77815 Bühl Tel. Ev.3 51-0.brenners.-Reckeweg-Str.54-310 info@max-grundig-klinik.max-grundig-klinik. www. www. Fax: +49(0)72 21 .klinikum-mittelbaden. 76530 Baden-Baden Stadtwerke Towards Ebersteinburg/Gernsbach R. Kirche St. Fax: +49(0)72 26 . 76532 Baden-Baden Tel. P P Kath.3 52-0. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.50 10 0.: +49(0)72 21 . www.aokklinik-baden-baden. Grab Therme Friedrichsbad P Rö platz Kloster v. Fax: +49(0)72 21 .: +49(0)72 21 .50 14 80 Festplatz P Schloß Solms Rathaus Jesuitenplatz Leopoldsplatz P Fabergé Museum P P Goetheplatz Kurhaus Theater www. Caracalla Hl.dengler. LA8 Kunsthalle Museum Frieder Burda Kongreßhaus Augustaplatz P P Ev. SWR 9 Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH Verfassungsplatz 3 Klinik Dr.: +49(0)72 21 .: +49(0)72 21 .909-678 info@rehaklinik-hoehenblick. 5 Rehabilitationsklinik Höhenblick Leopoldstraße Michaelstunnel P Stadtbibliothek Markt. 76484 Baden-Baden Tel. Bernhardus- 6 P Kirche platz St.Location of the clinics Where to find your service provider in Baden-Baden Werner-DietzJugendherberge Hardbergbad Towards A 5 Basel–Karlsruhe P P Neuapostol. 76530 Baden-Baden Tel.rehaklinik-hoehenblick. Fax: +49(0)72 21 . www. Kirche Ruine Hohenbaden (Altes Schloß) 9 1 ACURA Kliniken Baden-Baden Rotenbachtalstraße 5.heel.: +49(0)72 26 .com SWR approx.