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A Mini Project


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The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late 19th century as the country industrialized and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. Students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or can select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-fourth of their studies in this subject. For thousands of professionals looking for updates in the Masters of Business Administration programs or MBA programs you come to the right place. This site will help you update your knowledge about the MBA programs. We have launched this website in response to the requests of our career professionals who always wanted to read more about the programs on the internet. For many reasons many of our professionals are also updating their level of education and they find the MBA programs as the most basic tool to climb up the corporate ladder and enjoy more rewarding careers in the future. The MBA programs help our professionals widen their horizons to become more competitive in todays fast-changing world where more advance educational knowledge and expertise really matters. On this site we will touch about the many MBA related programs, updates on the activities of the Executive MBA, the many online programs offered by various top MBA schools worldwide. We guarantee our professionals of the updated news and information about the MBA education, careers and more. Here are more in depth reasons why professionals longed to update and increase their level of education to become more competitive in their field of specialization. Improved career With the MBA programs many professionals are given the chance to improve their career path. They become more respectable in the industry because people who knew their current educational MBA background would always admire it. In many occasions they are always looked up as an expert in the profession given the MBA degree they have pursued and finished.

Become more competitive When professionals finish their MBA degrees, they become more competitive in their field of expertise. This means they have greater advantage than those who only finish bachelors degree. They have the edge when they apply for positions. Increase income potential MBA graduates have good chances of enjoying more rewarding careers because they can ask for higher compensation than they regularly receive. MBA professionals who work in colleges and universities have greater chances of promotion from their present jobs prior to finishing their MBA program.

MBA Program Types

There are types of MBA Program you can select which you think best fit your qualifications and your interests. This is important as when you are interested on the program you can do a lot of things to make this works much better for you. You have many good plans and intentions in your mind because you are so excited with the programs you have selected. In the contrary, if you dont like the program because you dont have enough interest you would only feel it very boring and your learning capacity is lesser. As a result you cannot do a lot of things to make your plans work. Here are types of MBA programs you can consider. You should take a closer look at the following programs so that you can select the best suited for your interests and qualifications. Try to rate how the program can best work for you.

MBA in Accounting The programs focus on developing skills on basic financial management for the effective formulation of programs for private businesess, public agencies including non-profit groups. It addresses advance techniques on costings, theory in accounting, corporate taxation issues, budgeting, human resources management, strategic planning, conflict management, among other things related to accounting. MBA in Finance Includes strategic planning in accurate and effective core curriculum relevant to the global marketplace. It also deals with good and

sound financial management where people ned to understand how good finances work for everyone.

MBA in Marketing Discipline and professional managers would always go for MBA in Marketing. The study deals on the many strategies available in the marketing industry as well as learning how to effectively management a business and group of people in the corporate world. With this kind of degree you can also learn the many facets of excellent marketing strategies that work well with lots of marketing professionals. MBA in Knowldge and Learning Management This program deals with knowledge on learning management in relation to the global marketplace. Professionals with this kind of expertise designs plans and programs that meet peoples interests. Others The are other MBA programs you should also consider and these include: Criminal Justice, Consulting, e_Business, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Executive, General Management, Global Management, Health Care, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources, Information Systems, Industrial Management, Media, Non-Profit Government, Organizational, Project Management, Real Estate, etc.

The methodology adopted in this study is a questionnaire about attitude of men and women towards managements education. Around twenty five sample are given this questionnaires to rate the opinion of men and women towards management course of Srivani college of engineering. The questions posted to the samples are name, branch, age, sex area, college. 1. Name: 2. Branch: 3. Age: 4. Sex : Male ( ) Female ( ) 5. Area: Rural ( ) Urban ( ) 6. Collage: 7. Why did you prefer a career in management? a) Because I want a decent job. b) Because your parents decided it. c) For a bright carrier. d) To go abroad. 8. Listed below are attributes to what extent does you posses? a) Confidence. b) Determination. c) Ambition The reason behind posing 7th and 8th questions their preference and possessions. 9. What are your strong and weak points?

10. In what areas do you have proficiency? The reason for asking 9th and 10th question is to know their strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. 11. What are your other preferences? a) Size of the organization b) Type of job c) Sector of organization 12. Which one you chook among the following a) Administration b) Finance c) Marketing d) Human resources 13. How do you visualize after five years? The reason behind posing 11th ,12th,13th questions to their interests and how they shape out their future with their preference and skills.

We have collected the data from 25 students of MBA from SRIVANI college of engineering in which 15 are male and 10 are female.


25 20 15 10 5 0 Male Female

According to the area which from they are coming are from rural areas the majority of the population is coming its about 15 and from the urban areas 10 members are coming.if we plot a chart we can see like this.


40% Rural area Urban area 60%

We got the answers from the 25 students for why did they joined in the Master of Business Administration 9 of them gave that because they want a decent job and 7 of them gave that because their parents decided and 8 of them taken this branch for a bright feature and the remaing 1 person have taken for to go abroad. If we plot a graph we can see like this.

Prefernce to Join in MBA

Because I want a decent job For bright feature Because your parents decided To go abroad

4% 32% 36%


In 25 of the students which we have collected the data are interested to do specialization are 4 students in the administrative,5 are in fianace,13 are in marketing and 3 are in human resources. If we plot a chart we can see like this.

12% 16% Administration Finance Marketing Human resource

20% 52%

Finally outcome of the project is that management education acts as a guidance note for the people working in business environment. The course helps each and every student who wants to achieve an eminent position in any field of MBA like Administration, Marketing, Finance, Human resource.