Communication Skills – MMS 1 2011

Name : Clarence Dantis Roll No: 610


judicious. Clarity in communication has following features: 5. It should convey all facts required by the audience. Correct communication has following features 2 . Completeness .Correctness in communication implies that there are no grammatical errors in communication.Courtesy in message implies the message should show the sender’s expression as well as should respect the receiver. background.Consideration implies “stepping into the shoes of others”. Make an attempt to envisage your audience. Concrete message has following features: 6. Ensure that the selfrespect of the audience is maintained and their emotions are not at harm.Identifying Strengths and weakness’s using the 7’C’s of Effective Communication as determinants 1. reflective and enthusiastic. Concreteness . Conciseness is a necessity for effective communication. Consideration . Concreteness strengthens the confidence. Features of considerate communication are as follows: 4.Conciseness means wordiness.e.Concrete communication implies being particular and clear rather than fuzzy and general. Clarity .The communication must be complete. the audience’s view points. Modify your words in message to suit the audience’s needs while making your message complete. education level. Conciseness . Effective communication must take the audience into consideration. their requirements. Correctness . i. etc. The sender of the message should be sincerely polite. Courtesy . A complete communication has following features: 2. mind-set.e. emotions as well as problems. rather than trying to achieve too much at once. The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver’s mind set and convey the message accordingly. i.Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific message or goal at a time. Concise communication has following features: 3. Courteous message has following features: 7. communicating what you want to convey in least possible words without forgoing the other C’s of communication.

Strengths and Weaknesses using 7 C’s as Determinants Strengths Completeness Conciseness Correctness Courtesy Correcteness Weakness Consideration Clarity Identifying Strengths and weakness’s using Oral Presentation as a determinant To identify Strengths and weakness I have looked at the following aspects and how well do i the following Pre Presentation tasks 1. Create visual aids Strengths Determine the purpose Analyze the audience Select main ideas Research the topic Creating visual Aids Organizing the data Research the topic Weakness Kinds of Oral presentations 3 . entertain) 2. Research the topic 5. Organize the data and write the draft 6. Select the main ideas 4. Analyze the audience and the occasion 3. persuade. Determine the purpose (to instruct.

Strengths Reading Memorization Extemporaneous Weakness Impromptu Oral Delivery The following are the key parameters for a successful oral delivery      Pitch Rate Volume Vocal Quality Pronunciation Strengths Weakness 4 . Extemporaneous Most preferred by audiences and speakers. and enables to move at ease. this method allows the speaker to use notes.  Reading A typical example would be news readers or a politician’s speech  Memorization Few speakers’ use it as it is difficult to memorize an whole topic. memorizing of pointers can be done  Impromptu Impromptu speech is delivered when you are called to speak when you least expect it . It allows more eye contact with the audience. permits to establish rapport.

straight and unbending posture symbolizes confidence and helps connect and create rapport with the audience. and suggests respect and goodwill. Posture is important because the outward appearance mirrors the inner mood. Movement also helps in getting rid of nervousness and is also a good way to suggest transitions from one topic to another. head.Volume Pronunciation Rate Pitch Vocal Quality Non-Verbal Delivery 1. 3. 2. Gestures At a simplistic level any movement of the hands. Facial Expressions You must not only feel but show interest in your ideas. shoulders are termed gestures. Movement Taking few steps during presentations helps to hold attention as does any moving object. It includes eye contact. Posture An erect. At a micro level there is an entire science of the body movements called kinesics of which gestures are a part. 4. Appearance 5 . It creates a favourable impression of you as a speaker. arms. 5. A smile suggests that the topic interests you. Eye contact adds a sense of directness with the audience.

Appearance can hold the audiences attention or put them off. or entertain? Work even harder and master powerpoint. the core concepts on which the presentation should be based on? 6 . I always keep in mind the audience and use words that can be easily grasped depending on the intellectual capacity of the audience Good at preparing PowerPoint presentations and also can show all the facts and figures by means of graphs with the help of excel I always have a habit of making a draft which helps me to get ideas to build upon In the coming 6-9 months I will take the following steps to reinforce my strengths    Keep the purpose in mind : Do I need to inform. You must dress according to the company’s culture. Strengths Posture Appearance Gestures Weakness Movement Facial Expressions After Analyzing my Strengths and weaknesses based on the above parameters. which is essential to suceed Select the core ideas. Pre –Presentation Preparation Reasons      I think and people have often suggested that I do a good job in researching the topic in depth Given a topic I have always tried to search for a central idea and always make 1 slide each for a particular idea Whenever I deliver a presentation . persuade. I have reached to a conclusion that my Strength is 1.

though I feel I do a good job at researching I still feel I can improve by reading books and not only relying on internet information      Work hard on verifying information that is to be presented and not just take it blindly After understanding the importance of rehearsals I shall rehearse by giving a mock presentation to my friends or in front of the mirror Try and include pointer’s in the slides that would prompt me to speak on a certain issue in case I forget Prepare a list of questions that can be asked to me during the presentation and prepare comprehensive answers to them Prepare questions to ask the audience to build rapport After Analyzing my Strengths and weaknesses based on the above parameters. movement can draw attention Gestures sometimes gesture more than required Facial expressions I think I should smile at the audience often In the coming 6-9 months I will take the following steps to turn my weakness’s to strengths  7 To improve the pitch I shall use the various exercises available on the internet . Research on the Topic thoroughly. I have reached to a conclusion that my Weakness is  Oral Delivery Reasons       Pitch I think I can do better if I intonate efficiently while speaking which will making my presentations more effective Rate I have been given feedbacks sometimes that I am too fast or sometimes too slow Volume is low because I feel conscious in front of the audience in the beginning but once I feel comfortable I go loud and loose consistency Movement I am often stuck to my place when I present.

8 .     Being conscious about the rate of speech and including proper breaks will improve the rate of speech Intonating wherever required will make the presentation more effective Rehearse many times to build confidence which will solve the volume problem Make it a point to move about while delivering a presentation which can grab attention Include a right mix of facial movements and gestures Communication Auditing Techniques    Recording my own voice and check for improvements. Rehearsing in front of the mirror will help improve my body language and will make me understand wether my gestures are appropriate which will help build confidence Creating a communications improvement team in college which will provide feedbacks on the presentations done in college from time to time. This will also help me to understand my grammatical errors and give an understanding or my pitch volume etc.

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