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(Formerly Indian Lac Research Institute)

(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

Namkum, Ranchi - 834 010

Ph: 226'1 156, EPBAX: 2260117, Fl\X: 0651-2260202, E-mail: iinro@itri.ernet. ISO-9001 Quality Evaluation Laboratoay for Lac and Lac Based Products

Closing Date for sale of tender

1.12.2011( upto 04.30 pml

Tender Notice- 0212011

Closing date for receipt oftender

2.12.2011(up to 11.00 am)

Opening Date ofTender

2.12.2011 {At 12.00 noon)

On behalf of Secreta ry ICAR, New Delhi, The Director ltNRG, Namkum, Ranchi invites sealed

tender/quotation from the reputed manufactuaers and their authorized dealers/agencies having

valid sales tax/registration from industry departmen! TAN No and other credentials for the

following equipments/items/services.

1. Automatic

Weather Station- 1i Color Sorter - 1 & Drug Dissolution Tester-l

Services on iob contract basis (ARC)

2. Hiring of Security


The detailed specifications of the items & sewices along with terms & conditions of the tender are

available in tender documents as well as on rhe institute website i.e (http://itri.erneLin). The

quotations for equipment nay be submitted along with 2.5 Vo of the quoted mte of each items aDd

2,5Vo ofannual late for security seri'ices as EMD and Dernand Draft for Rs,25O/- as tender fee

for each item, when the document is downloaded ftom website. Th tender documents can atso be

obtained from the purchase section on payment of Rs. 250/- in form of cash/ demand draft in

- favour of "ICAR Unlt lINRc" payable at Ranchi on any r.orking day up to 1.12.2011, 4.30 pm. Tedder without EMD & Tender Fee wlll be reiected.

2. There will be two bid system for all as High Value. The technical bids of these items/services will be opened on 2.12.2011at 12.00 noon in presence ofthe bidder or his authorizd representatives and

financial bids of only technically responsive ofiers will be opened later on which will be itrformed to

the coDcern firm by

fax or email or phone.

3. This offi€e shall not be responsible for any postal delay. lncomplete tender in any respect without cost

of tender paper EMD, pdnted original literature/drawing/users list, unsigned tender documents,

received after due date & time, will be reiected and no €orrespondence in this regard will be




Director, IINRG reserves the right to reject any or "11 tender(s) without assigning any reasons


5. Ifthe quoting value of any equipment less than Rs. Onelakh EMD notrequired. Further exempuon

mayalsobe given for non submission of EMD as per rules on submission of valid certificates.

6. Tendermay be submitted in original onty (One copy) notinduplicate and inthe envelope ltem No. &

name of equipment must be written. Clearly in bold letters.

Administrative Ofhcer



All the senson shall have traceability to National Institute of Standards

and Technology


(NIST), USA or equivalent Intemational accreditation standards. The sensor specifications

recording each of the above weather variables are given below;

l. Air Temperature

a) Range: - 40'C to + 60"C

b) Accuracy: !0.2 'C or better (with radiation shield)

c) Resolution: + 0.1 'C


Sensor Tlpe: Resistance / Thermistor


Response Time: 10 second or better


Relative Humidi8


Range: 0 to 100% RH


Accuracy: t 2% or better


Resolution: 1%


Sensor Type: Capacitive / Solid-state


Response Time: 10 second or better


Sol.r Radiation


Range: 0 to - 1 500 Wm2


Operating Temperature: - lo"C to - 60t


Resolution: 5 w/m'


Accuracy: l5 7oW/mz

- 4- Rainfall

a) Range: 0 to 500 mm per hour

b) Accltracy. !2Yo

c) Resoltltion:0.25 rnm

d) Sensor Tlpe: Tipping bucket rain gaug€ or other suitable sensor

5. Wind Sped

a) Range (op€ration): 0 to 50 m/sec or 0 to 180 km/hr

b) Accumcy: 1t0.5 m/s or better

c) Resolution: 0. I n/s or 0.36 km/hr



Threshold: 0.2 rn/sec

Sensor Type: Ultrasonic

6. Witrd Direction




Range: 0 to 3590


t5" or better

Resolution: l'

d) S€nsor Type: Ultasonic

7. Evapotranspiratio[ Software

a) Units: mm./hr

b) Equation: Penman-Montieth

c) Crop factor User adjustable


The data Iogger shall automatically collect the observations iiom attached sensors,

prccess the same, store them

into its memory as per the ple program and data shall be hansmitted

through GSM / CPRS communication to the receiving unit setup at CRIDA, Hyderabad. The

numb€r of analog/digitaysol

channels in the data logger must be 15 or more. The data logger

should perform the following tasks;

Memory capacity to retain at least one year's data of all the parameters. Data shall be available even ifthe power supply to the system has failed (RAM Backup) for six months.

The storcd data shall b€ retrievable via serial port to a pclaptop or any other compact and commercialiy available solid-state memory device.

The system shall allow the remote access via cornmrmication unit from the base station to

know the status of sensom and check log files thrcugh a softwa.e solution as required and shall

have selectable options.

The system shall have a weather-proofhousing and a suitable tower of galvanized iron / non-rusting hust resistant material.

Pow€r Supply

a) Battery: Single 12 V chargeable maintenance-free bafiery -

power consumption by GSM / CPRS modem and



lithium 12V battery of-5 AH capacity or other suitable one.

25 AH capacity or higher to

accessori€s. Back-up battery:

b) Charge controller: tntemal or Extemal

c) Solar panel: Rated capacity 20W, Open circuit voltage: 21 V, Short circuit current 2.4 A.


Overall requirements for compatibility to a GSM /CPRS cellular network may be ensured

by the tenderer. Complete end-to-end solution shall be the responsjbility of the tenderr. The

tenderer ha6 to identify a cSM Fovider who is offering GPRS service and willing to give special

servic€ b€cause of the nature of rcquirement and public utility of the data tlansfer. They ca.n

negotiate with the seryice provider for a seryer management for this specialized task.

Storage: Should have adequate memory to store the peiodical data,,received frorn AWS daia logger and transfer. It should also contain configumtion information about details ofthe GSM / GPRS Communication Unit.

Datr Compr€ssion: Data stored in the memory should b in a compressed fomat for maximum emciency.

D{ta Recording: Should support recording inlerval as low as 1 sec and it should be user

selectable. The storage details have to be communicated to the server and an interface should be

provided to manage the storage space ofcommunication Lmit from the server.

Data tnnsmission through GPRS

The system should be able to send the collected and stored weather data to th data server

tbmugh GPRS in a comprcssed format. Th data transmission

inte al should be configurable

newly configured interval.


over the air and any new tmnsmissions should happen as per the

Menever there is a break in the tmnsmission due to the signal coverage, the sysiem should

rcpeatedly and send the data back to the server ensuring zero data loss. Any failu.e in GPRS data

transmission to the himary IP should automatically attempt data transfer to the Secondary

During a signal loss condition, the system should keep trying for the transmission and restune the tmnsmission once the GPRS network is available.


Stations data should be accessible to the IINRG, Narnkum, Ranchi.


. An appropriate area will be provided for AWS insrallation. The AWS should be


with galvanized iron (Gl) fence supported by G1 angles erected using rquired cement concrete. The structural specification to b followed by the tenderer like mesh size and

thickness should be explicitly declared in the bid for ascertain;ng the strength of the


The layout and dmwings along with Technical Bid

related to the installation and all civil works should be appended

A lightning anester also need to be provided for all AWS lmits. Earthing pit shall be laid

out as per Govemment standards,

Fencing and mast should be painted with good quality white paint_

5. Color sorter


basd cotour sortin! r

son,^s B,a,ns.nd orhe, iq"*o, *,*n,n


that shou'd o'


r,rofva.ious,ize\ tike narrrra,



should have a ftat chute wrth


densitv ere.tih




chould have a.ourd 20 to l0

rnroughput t00 kBlhr or mor

numbe., ofChdnqets

Sonin8 accuracygg % or more

The product shoutd be ofreputed make.

Auotation should be

,njra'a,ion olhe

ns,.uhe",;;;;:;;;j;:"";:'.;lii:5;"j1;i1; ""d *"'' *

atohe with !rodL,

fo, one year alt". rhe drtF o. in<rat,dL,o" and dero_sFdtion


un s'te watrl-ty at rea{



8. Drug Dissolution tester

7 test natons+ l additionatunstified

vessetfor reference medium

Housing made from naintess steetand vesset made

ofchemicat resistant mateial

Standard 5tlrrers, StirrinS adapters and dksotution vessel

E6sy visibility andwobbte free during operation


and resutated paddte speed ranse 10- 250 rpm

Built ill healer or direct

vessel heaflng wjth tempeEtur€ controlrange 5"_5S "C with

tolerance oflO.2 oC or better

Pre-heating time in each vessel15-30 minutes Dissolution Cell ranBer 5, 10 mt

targe,LcD display for

fulltnform.iion on spindte 5peed,

etapsed me

and temperature

AutoSpindle Controtwith

tu auromation, rntegrarion with Spcct.ophotomet;, co"nectiviry

compulerwirh rontigurrtior o,

J.Zch., 6M cache, Genuine Wrndows 7 p.orersionat

x l060),,e, ,:rrrn, OOr,

5,OrOr, iOOir_'



and UV dissolution sotrwarp Drug dissolution anatysis sofrware with


i/-820eM turbo boor up to

64bil,_22".rull HD Anri ghre LED Drsprry (1920

5ATA-7200RPM Hard Drive,lGB ODR3 nvidia video c".a, reX OVO*7_nWaorUf"

capability with

blu ray disk rader, 1XVA UpS, UsB brr" "*trn_*, ,, r"Vf*ij""i

. Color laser printer for printing ofdata





Standard accessories and certified calibratio11 kit

Fkm should provjde onsite wafiantyfor at teast one

Firm should Cive Fu demonstration during insta ation

Firm should provide fre service forat teast 3 year