Scope of Mobile Services in Indore City with Special Reference to Vodafone
At Essar-Vodafone India Submitted in the partial fulfillment of requirement for the award to Degree of Master of Business Administration

Submitted to: Prof. Suyash Jhawar

Submitted by: Navneet Kumar



This project is an outcome of six weeks mandatory summer training, which I have to undergo for the partial fulfillment of the MBA program. I wish to put on record my sincere gratitude to the following person without whose support the completion of this project would not have been possible. With immense pleasure I am to present this project on “Scope of Mobile Services in Indore City with Special Reference to Vodafone”. At the very outset, I would like to express my profound sense of gratitude to the authorities of Vodafone Telecom Company. Specially Jasdeep Bhatia (Area manager Indore) stand for providing me opportunities to access the record on the basis of which this project report stands.

I express my special thanks to Prof. Suyash Jhawar (Project Guider) for guidance & encouragement in project maintenance.



This is to certify that the report titled, “Scope of Mobile Services in Indore City with Special Reference to Vodafone”. submitted by Mr. Navneet Kumar, for the work done by him during the summer internship at Vodafone Ltd Company from 1st June to 30th July under my supervision

Faculty Guide Prof. Suyash Jhawar PIMR, INDORE


I hereby declare that the project report entitled “A Study on scope of mobile services in Indore city with special reference to Vodafone” which is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the course leading to the award of the in VODAFONE INDORE is the result of the project carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of JASDEEP BHATIA in INDORE. I further declared that I or any other person has not previously submitted this project report to any other institution/university for any other degree/ diploma or any other person. It is certified that this project has been prepared and submitted under my guidance.



I respected am extremely happy to present the report before my is “A Study the teacher. In this project I have done the survey of indore in telecom area.PREFACE The summer training project work has an objective to make management student familiar with real life business situation and give an opportunity to the student to understand the theoretical concept of marketing in practical way. The competition is growing day by day some other telecom services his situation to touch competitions and entry of foreign companies in India promoted me to do the work on the sales promotion market. 5 . is a biggest telecom company of entire world. The project report entitled to me on scope of mobile services in Indore city with special reference to Vodafone” As the Vodafone Ltd.

No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Contents Introduction Company profile Objective of study Research Methodology Data Analysis Conclusion Recommendation Questionnaire Bibliography 7 8 20 30 47 52 53 54 58 6 .TABLE OF CONTENTS S.

\ 7 .

with a significant presence in Europe. Inc. COMPANY PROFILE 3. HISTORY Vodafone over the years Vodafone was formed in 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. The Group's mobile subsidiaries operate under the brand name 'Vodafone'. the Group has also entered into arrangements with network operators in countries where the Group does not hold an equity stake. At 30 June 2008. The Connection. The Company had a total market capitalisation of approximately £79 billion at 30 June 2008.1. excluding paging customers. (‘Air Touch’). Following its merger with AirTouch Communications. at which time it changed its name to Vodafone Group Plc. INTRODUCTION 2. Its registered office is Vodafone House. the company 8 . based on the registered customers of mobile telecommunications Ventures in which it had ownership interests at that date. approximately 20% of the company's capital was offered to the public in October 1988. It was fully emerged from Racal Electronics Plc and became an independent company in September 1991. associated undertakings and investments. England. Then known as Racal Telecom Limited. PRODUCT PROFILE About Vodafone Vodafone Group Plc is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company. In the United States the Group's associated undertaking operates as Verizon Wireless. Asia Pacific and the United States through the Company's subsidiary undertakings. the Group and its partner networks co-operate in the development and marketing of global services under dual brand logos. Berkshire.Vodafone Group Plc is a public limited company incorporated in England under registered number 1833679. the Group had 269 million customers. Africa. joint ventures. the Middle East. RG14 2FN. Under the terms of these Partner Network Agreements. calculated on a proportionate basis in accordance with the Company's percentage interest in these ventures The Company's ordinary shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Company's American Depositary Shares ('ADSs') are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Newbury. During the last two financial years.

With Google. (February) Vodafone signs a series of ground-breaking agreements which will lead to the mobilizing of the internet.changed its name to Vodafone AirTouch Plc on 29 June 1999 and. (February)Vodafone agrees to buy a controlling interest in Hutchison Essar Limited. following approval by the shareholders in General Meeting. Vodafone announces it is to offer the new eBay mobile Service to customers. (August) The number of Vodafone live! customers with 3G reached 10 million in March Vodafone announces an exclusive partnership to offer Vodafone customers a My Space experience via their mobile phones. (February). Vodafone agrees to acquire Tele2 Italia SpA and Tele2 Telecommunication Services SLU from Tele2 AB Group. Vodafone’s partner in Kenya announces the launch of M-PESA. (May) Safaricom. a leading operator in the fast growing Indian mobile market. (October)Vodafone announces completion of the acquisition of Hutch Essar from Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited. ‘Make the most of now’ global marketing campaign launched. organized by year: 2010 Vodafone acquires a 70% stake in Ghana Telecom for $900 million (July)Vodafone launches the M-Paisa mobile money transfer service on Afghanistan's Roshan. Launch of mobile TV capability and Vodafone Radio DJ. Afghanistan is added to the Vodafone footprint.3G broadband through HSDPA launched offering faster than 3G speeds. Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri (Turkey) in May 2006. reverted to its former name. Vodafone Group Plc. Sir John Bond succeeds Lord MacLaurin as Chairman. Japan business sold to Soft Bank. With MySpace. which offers a personalized. on 28 July 2000. an innovative new mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete simple financial transactions by mobile phone. (February) 2009 A consortium led by Vodafone Group is awarded the second mobile phone license in Qatar (December). You Tube agrees to offer Vodafone customers specially rendered You Tube pages on their mobile phones.Vodafone reaches 200 million customers (January) 2008 Sale of 25% stake in Switzerland's Swisscom (December)Sale of 25% stake in Belgium's Proximus. (February) Vodafone announces agreements with both Microsoft and Yahoo! to bring seamless Instant Messaging (IM) services to the mobile which can be accessed from both the PC and mobile handsets. 9 . We acquired Telsim Mobil. Vodafone announces its intention to develop a location-based version of Google Maps for With eBay. interactive radio service streamed to 3G phones and PCs.Key milestones in the development of Vodafone can be found in the following sections.

a voice roaming price plan that provides customers with greater price clarity when using mobile voice services abroad 2006 We launched our first 3G service in Europe with Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS data card. We have 14 Partner Networks with new agreements in Cyprus. a new business proposition. with plans to contribute £20 million to community programmes. Vodafone live! with 3G launched in 13 markets (November). we announce the launch of Vodafone live!.c. France. laptops or PDAs over GPRS. First global communications campaign launched in August. a new consumer proposition. 2005 At the GSM Association Awards Ceremony in Cannes. Wireless Application or Service and Best Television or Broadcast Commercial for its global consumer service. Hong Kong and Luxembourg. Arun Sarin succeeds Sir Christopher Gent as Chief Executive. the Sharp GX10. Italy and Germany. we won the mobile industry's most prestigious awards in two categories. a faster and more efficient way to communicate using text messages via SMS or WAP. Launch of Vodafone Simply. 2003 We acquire Ireland's leading mobile communications company. In October. (Czech Republic) (May). Vodafone and China Mobile (Hong Kong) ltd (CHMK) sign a 'strategic alliance agreement'. Verizon Wireless and Vodafone co-operate on laptop e-mail. calendar and other business specific applications whilst on the move. Vodafone live! Our premium handset for Vodafone live!. (Romania) and Oskar Mobile a. Vodafone Remote Access is launched as part of Mobile Office. Customers are able to seamlessly access services such as corporate e-mail. cinema. print. The Vodafone Group Foundation is launched. Vodafone live! attracts 1 million customers in its first six months. guided by the Group Social Investment Policy. and Mobile Office. The service gives business customers an easy way to connect to their corporate LAN to access e-mail.A. a new easy -to-use service for customers who want to use voice and text services with minimum complexity (May). The trial enables customers to purchase physical and digital goods using their mobile phone. online and outdoor media. won the Best Wireless Handset Award for the Sharp Corporation. Introduction of Vodafone Passport. Eircell.2007 We completed the acquisition of MobiFon S. In November. The campaign features TV. Best Consumer. We launch the first commercial European GPRS roaming service. intranet and personalized information on their mobile phones. each version asking the 10 . internet and corporate applications access for the US and Europe. 2004 We trial our global mobile payment system in the UK. The Group completes the acquisition of a 25% stake in Swisscom Mobile. We introduce instant messaging to our networks.

marketing and advertising international roaming products and services to international travelers and corporate customers. 2002 On 4 February.question. The transaction almost doubles the size of the Vodafone Group. terms are agreed with the Supervisory Board of Mannesmann by which Mannesmann would become a part of the Vodafone community. First Vodafone Partner Agreement with TDC Mobil A/S. We make the word's first 3G roaming call (between Spain and Japan). 11 . The agreement to acquire Mannesmann AG receives European Commission clearance on 12 April 2000. The agreement is the first of its kind in the mobile industry and means Vodafone and TDC Mobil will cooperate in developing. the combination of Vodafone AirTouch's and Bell Atlantic's US cellular. 'How are you?'. Denmark's leading mobile operator. PCS and paging assets. Verizon Wireless is launched in May.

Organization Structure 12 .

Passion for our People Outstanding people working together make Vodafone exceptionally We seek to attract. We believe in empowerment and personal accountability. successful. As nice as a crystal ball would be.backed up by the best customer experience in the business. we're happy with everyone sharing our ambition.Vision Considering how far things have come in just 20 years. Passion for Results We are action-oriented and driven by a desire to be the best. Mission To enrich our customer's lives through the unique power of mobile communication Passion for Customers Our customers have chosen to trust us. anticipating their needs and delivering customers. which means millions of customers using our data services every day. We enjoy what we do. 13 . develop. and our Vodafone at home fixed broadband service. you'll appreciate that predicting the future is never easy in our business. We are committed to be the best in all we do. In return. We believe in the power of our teams. we must strive to anticipate and understand their needs and delight them with our service. more fulfilled and more connected. Our journey has already begun. with things like Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband. And our targets are big. reward and retain outstanding individuals. That way we're far more likely to achieve it. We see our future in outstanding data services and products . We value our customers above everything else and aspire to make their lives richer. We must always listen and respond to each of our We will strive to delight our customers.

A spirit of partnership and mutual respect is critical in all our activities. We will be a force for good in the world.We all play our part in delivering results. 14 . flexibility and efficiency in all we do. We seek speed. Passion for the World Around Us We will help people of the world to have fuller lives – both through the services we provide and through the impact we have on the world around us. We recognize the responsibilities that accompany the growth we have achieved.

15 .

2. To study the impact of attribute like price tariff on sales. To find out the degree of market potentiality of Vodafone. 3. To study the present and future needs of Vodafone services in Indore city.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The following are the main objectives of this survey: 1. 16 .

17 .

The schedule consisted of question related to:18 . Initially the topic of work upon was decided and basing on which certain imitative to minimize the gap between planning and achievement was taken. Finally a questionnaire was framed in such a fashion focusing certain most important points. Research Instrument : A schedule was prepared and used for collection the primary data. Finally assessing the exact living standard of the people in a particular city / town / village.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Preliminary preparation leads to reach closer to the successful achievement of the target. Data Surface : Primary Data. Research Approach : A survey of telecom and non telecom outlet. Total no. Availability of various telecom and non telecom outlet. (e) (f) Availability of basic amenities in a particular city / town / village. of customer. (a) (b) (c) (d) Large no. Quality of coverage for existing outlet. of existing telecommunication user and their level of satisfaction.

(Primary data). Availability of various towers in the particular area. Availability of various accessories of Present condition of existing telecommunication system. Sample Size: 500 Structured questionnaire help in collection data. Secondary data were collected by the internet (www. Comparison to other telecom with special reference to Vodafone. 19 .(a) (b) (c) (d) Usage of telecommunication connection and their coverage connectivity.vodafone. Objective Schedule: To gather the full detail to arrive at the present and accurate living standard.

20 .

GSM capture lager market share in Indore.For Telecom Outlets Are you selling Sim card? Yes 72% No 28% 28% No yes 72% The scope of the GSM services in the Indore is higher than GDMA. The Vodafone must focused on GSM. The people like to use GSM services. 21 .GSM services more convenient than the GDMA because easy to shift from one services to other this is not possible in GDMA.

The result also helps to find out the cost related problem of the customer. They always try to gain more profit whenever they pay money. 22 .Which type of SIM services offer by you? Pre Paid 80 % both 20 % Post paid 0% 20% 0% Pre Paid Post Paid Both 80% The customer are always cost conscious.

23 .Recharge vouchers are available to sell at your outlet? Yes 68% No 32% 32% Yes No 68% Jitna paisa. The above chart depicts that due to the frequency of need at most of the outlet. The results also help Vodafone to know that recharge coupons are equally important to look upon this fact. recharge coupons or vouchers are available for sell. Utna Recharge! On the basis of the fact most of the people prefer recharge vouchers which is most convenient way to connect with anyone at any time.

Paper recharge is more convenient than the Electronic Recharge voucher.Which kind of recharge vouchers sell mostly ? Paper Recharge 45 % Electronic Recharge 30% Both 25 % 25% 45% Paper Recharge Electronic Recharge Both 30% Everyone like comfortable life. they shift toward the better condition. This result find out the need of customer with respect to Vodafone 24 .

there is requirement of aware mobile services.How many Network available at your outlet ? Two 10 % Four 35 % Six 25 % All available 30 % 10% 30% Two Four 35% Six All available 25% The above result shows that the not all the outlet sell all type of recharge vouchers. 25 . It mean the telecom outlet having interested to sell recharge vouchers.

This is main fact which demand the customer. If Vodafone provide the better services & scheme demand will be increase 26 .What’s the consumer need and demand at you outlet ? Better service 25 % Better scheme 35 % Both of them 40 % 25% 40% Better service Better scheme Both of them 35% Better scheme & services needed by everyone that create a positive impact in the mind of the customer.

27 .Do you have any problem with any service provider ? Yes 39 % No 61% 39% No Yes 61% Most of the people unhappy with current service provider. By focused on this Vodafone create demand in the market for their product. They want better services provider.

28 .Would you like to prefer those service provider who provide better service and attractive margin ? Yes 90 % No 10 % 10% Yes No 90% Vodafone must provided attractive margin to the seller of Vodafone services because most of people like to sell products that have attractive margin.

29 . This result help to find out the problem related to customer satisfaction.Are you satisfy with the current Vodafone plans and service ? Yes 35 % No 25 % Can’t say 40 % 40% 35% Yes No Can’t say 25% The customer having mixed reaction toward this. The majority of the customer not able to express their view regarding this question. Customer satisfaction is more important for every mobile services provider.

The above result show need of aware of Vodafone services. Because money like everyone.For Non Telecom outlets Do you sell Sim & Recharge? Yes 70% No 30% 30% Yes No 70% Majority of the non telecom outlet prefer sell SIM card. 30 .

Do you know the attractive margins & schemes? Yes 59% No 41% 41% 59% Yes No Attractive margins & schemes always play a seller to sell the SIM card. Those have major margin different the seller give first priority to that. 31 . Above result help to solve out the problem regarding margins.

32 . seller like to sell that. If customer want perches SIM card. People generally visit near shop for the SIM card or recharge.Is there any demand of Sim & Recharge? Yes 60% No 30% Upto some extant 10% 10% 30% No Yes Up to some extant 60% Majority of the people have demand of SIM & recharge.

If the demand of Vodafone SIM card & recharge increase than the sell of Vodafone also increases.Would you like to sell Sim & Recharge when your customer demands? Yes 90% No 10% 10% Yes No 90% On the demand of the customer the outlet holder like to sell SIM & recharge the major is major factor for this. 33 .

34 .

Although it was not an easy task collecting information in the competitive market of telecom services. there activity customer satisfaction and prove all the best of other telecom. • Many activity of Vodafone cellular as tariff plan. • It is clear from the analysis Vodafone cellular is much better than other telecom due to the survey of Indore according to the customer of Indore living standard of high people and lower people. But taking up the challenge itself was very interesting. 35 . It was a wonderful experience for the researcher of working on the topic selected by me. • By the survey I have found that there are many telecom company but and many competitors in market but no any one defeat the Vodafone cellular.CONCLUSION With this the researcher come to the conclusion part of the research report. Recharge.

36 .

Reliance idea & TATA has also launched his telecommunication service so. like BSNL.RECOMMENDATIONS Vodafone cellular is the growing and big competitive industries. Airtel. Vodafone is a big and stable company so they have to improve themselves as a good telecom service provider. Vodafone has to face many competition in the market in the case of sales promotion activities in telecom with special reference to vodafone cellular. today in telecommunication sector there are many company. 37 . Vodafone has improve the tower in the Rural area also I want to recommended to Vodafone cellular to established there tower as fast as they can do so. so.

38 .

QUESTIONNAIRE OBJECTIVE : . Are you sell recharge voucher’s ? YES NO Q4. How many Network available at your outlet ? TWO FOUR SIX ALL AVAILABLE 39 . Which kind of recharge vouchers sell mostly ? PAPER RECHARGE ELECTRONIC RECHERGE BOTH Q5.Viability and Presence of telecom product in telecom & non telecom outlets with reference to Indore city. Which type of sim service Provided ? PRE PAID POST PAID BOTH Q3. Are you selling Sim card? YES NO Q2. Name of the owner…………………………………………………………… Shop Name………………………………………………………… Address……………………………………………………… Contact no.……………………………………………………… For Telecom Outlets Q1.

Do you have any problem with any service provider ? YES NO Q9.Q6. Are you satisfied with the current Vodafone plans and service? YES NO CAN’T SAY 40 . Would you like to prefer those service provider who provide better service and attractive margin ? YES NO Q10. Which Network you prefer to sell ? VODAFONE AIRTEL TATA BSNL IDEA RELIANCE Q7. What’s the consumer need and demand at you outlet ? BETTER SERCIVE BETTER SCHEME BOTH OF THEM Q8.

Do you know the attractive margins & schemes? A. Yes B. No. Yes B. Would you like to sell Sim & Recharge when your customer demands? A. Financial Problem C. Yes B. Yes B. C. 41 . Does you existing loyal customers have use of mobile? A. Upto some extant 5. 2. Other reason 3. Unavailability of Service B. No.For Non Telecom outlets 1. 4. Unawareness of Schemes D. No. No. Is there any demand of Sim & Recharge? A. Yes B. Do you sell Sim & Recharge? A. Why don’t you sell recharge to your existing customer? A. No 6.

42 .

R. News paper Internet : Times Of India. Ltd. C.BIBLIOGRAPHY Philip Kotler : Principle of marketing practice Hall of India Pvt. : www. Kothari : Research methodology vishwa prakashan New 43 .

vodafone. : www. 44 . Kothari : Research methodology vishwa prakashan New Delhi.BIBLIOGRAPHY Philip Kotler : Principle of marketing practice Hall of India Pvt. News paper Internet : Times Of India. C.R.

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