Tourism Minister NajibBalala’s Speech during the function to mark the ISO Certification of the Mombasa Technical Training

College. MTTC , Friday 28 th October 2011 Introduction The Principal – MTTI, Mr. Bashir Mursal, Deputy Principal Joshua Munywoki , Board of Governors , Government Representatives, Principles from other institutions, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning . I take this opportunity to welcome all of you to Mombasa Technical Training Institute and also to this very important function of marking the institution’s milestone. This institute I am told will soon change its name to the Kenya Coast Polytechnic. ISO Certification, what does it mean to the Institute? As we celebrate the Institution’s ISO certification, we need to ask ourselves, what does being ISO certified mean to the well being of this institution, the students and the entire staff? I have attended many functions, institutions getting ISO Certified, but what do they do after the ceremony? The ISO certification remains just that- a name and details that the institution is. I want the Mombasa Technical Training Institute to be different. ISO certification means you now meet the required international standards in as far as training and institution’s programmes are concerned. I want you to embrace the certification and know that it requires you to do a lot in terms of enhancing capacities of

staff, improved training and curriculum and embracing new technologies in the changing world. Courses Offered & contribution in tourism Ladies and gentlemen, as the Minister for Tourism, I acknowledge the fact that this institute offers several courses that contribute towards the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry in the Country. The courses range from Tourism management, Food and Beverages, supplies management, Tour guiding among others. I want to say that these courses contribute greatly towards the tourism industry. Many hotels in this city and all over the country get their staff from this institute and several other tourism and hospitality Colleges in the country. The tourism industry on the other hand plays a key role in the economic development of the country. Today, tourism is considered as a major economic vehicle for promoting the socio-economic development. Ladies and gentlemen, the role that tourism play in this country cannot be over emphasized more than the government’s step in enlisting it in the economic blue print that is Vision 2030. This, ladies and gentlemen gives us a big responsibility of ensuring that the quality of training that we offer in the institute is enough to guarantee our students jobs both locally and Internationally. We have a role to play and contribute towards the attainment of the millennium Development Goals and also vision 2030. With the changing technology and dynamic world, I appeal to the institute’s management to consider offering other supportive courses to the training fraternity to enhance their capacity to offer quality services to the institute. We need to produce quality products to the market that can compete in this dynamic tourism world.

Security and Tourism Ladies and Gentlemen, the country, now more than ever before is calling for your patriotism. The nation is currently grappling with the problem of Insecurity along our boarders. I want to assure you that the government is in full control of the country’s security. I want to also assure tourists that Kenya is safe and that that all tourist sites are secured. In this regard, I wish to ask countries that have issued travel advisories against Kenya to consider reviewing them and support Kenya’s action on the alshabaab as its only meant to restore peace and stability not only in Kenya but in the region. Conclusion Ladies and gentlemen, as I conclude, I wish to state here that we have a beautiful city. We may not know but Mombasa is one of the richest counties that this country has. A high percentage of tourism products in this country are found in the coast. From our beaches, our resorts in Lamu and, south and North Coasts, all portray the beauty that is the Kenyan Coast. I want to ask you to be proactive, contribute towards the city’s cleanliness and let’s make Mombasa a better place for us all to live. NB. Finish by pledging to return to the institute in the near future to see progress and what they shall have done with the new title of ISO certification.      

      Thank You.


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