Two thousand and twothree


the challenge is growing

The Irk Valley Project continues to breath life into the landscape

but there is still lots more to do. ..There are lots of good things going on..

Quite literally.. and many have been involved in a wide range of events co-ordinated both through the Project and the Manchester Leisure Parks Warden Service.Tweedle Hill Tip is now Tweedle Common.The Irk Valley logo is prominent. There are lots of good things going on. and hopefully we will be seeing many more examples of these as the Project progresses.These have been placed to bring identity. Many Irk Valley sites now have highly visible and good quality signage at their entrances. the signs are good.. Moston Brook Amenity Landfill site is now Moston Vale. uniformity and continuity across the Valley. I think you’ll agree!! This year has seen more innovative change and community involvement across the Valley. giving open spaces an identity and giving local communities a sense of place and a sense of pride. More pleasant and more welcoming. Cllr Paul Murphy Chair Irk Valley Steering Group Cllr Joanne Green Deputy Chair Irk Valley Steering Group . Its all part of the long term regeneration of the landscape. but there is still lots more to do. Some old areas now have new names. Lots of people have shown more than a passing interest.

.What a Difference. such a lot of flowers!! . So little seed.

From semi-formal wildflower borders to large scale meadow creation schemes local people were out in force to make a difference on their own particular open spaces. So little seed. for at least three months!!! Community Groups from Moston. British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and Community Service Volunteers worked with the Project and Red Rose Forest to achieve a fantastic flush of colour across the Irk Valley in Summer.The areas that were chosen were significantly different in type... rotivating. Wildflowers Work!! By using creative conservation techniques to brighten up Irk valley sites.The hard work of soil preparation.The Waiting Game You need a little patience with wildflower seed. such a lot of flowers!! A fantastic achievement all round. the Project looked towards using wildflowers to create eyecatching entrances.. where on bigger sites perennial species were sowed.. . Cornfield annuals were used at many site entrances. Blackley and Collyhurst as well as volunteers from Manchester Social Services. Crosslee tenants and residents association and Friends of Blackley Forest played a part in helping Blackley win the National Britain in Bloom Urban Community Award at the Royal Horticultural Society Awards Dinner in Aberdeen.. raking and mowing is over and now it’s a question of waiting. Hard Work Rewarded What a Difference. The work of the Blackley Initiatives Group tenants and residents association.

. It has been a pleasure to see it develop.A lot of people have put a lot of hard work in to the area and it shows.

. the Common is an important area of natural green space. Working with local residents.” Andy Edwards. Immediately adjacent to Plant Hill High School. A new orchard area has been planted. Manchester City Council and the Red Rose Forest Green Tips officer. access points were identified and improved with appropriate fencing and stiles used on other Irk Valley sites. the Irk valley project helped tidy up two neglected access points. but with a new identity.Sites in Focus Tweedle Common is a former landfill site running along the Northern edge of the Irk Valley. Cllr Ken Barnes says “We’ve made a good start.. The network of paths are used to access the excellent Boggart Hole Clough Park. with bramble encroaching onto the kerbside driving pedestrians dangerously close to the road itself. Working with local people and Groudwork Manchester. Its been a tremendous effort all round and we can now look towards establishing long term management on site. In the past it has suffered from vandalism and burned out cars. The Woods have become overgrown. Red Rose Forest Green Tips Officer says “A lot of people have put a lot of hard work in to the area and it shows. If you go down to the Woods today. Harpurhey Woods forms a two Hectare green edge along Harpurhey Road. Burned out cars have become a thing of the past. putting in good stile access. but the scheme has already made a real difference. There were serious amounts of fly tipping along the woodland edge. and also the North Manchester High School for Girls. It has been a pleasure to see it develop. a wildflower meadow sown and seating installed. Further work will be needed. and the relatively flat landscape has good access making it for ideal for walking. The wide areas of grassland and woodland copses are great for wildlife. and the dense nature of the trees meant that walking from Rochdale Road to Waterloo Street was not particularly safe or welcoming..” Shackliffe Green. . running directly behind the Baytree renewal area and nearby school. rubbish clearance and vegetation removal has meant that the aspect along Harpurhey road is much lighter and better. signs and fencing and more are planned for next year. Moston This area of undisturbed scrubland has suffered a lot in terms of illegal motorcycling and flytipping. A two week period of specialist woodland management. the Common has a new sense of purpose.

Dave Barlow Irk Valley Project Officer • • • • • Learn new skills and make a difference. Irk Valley events have been highlighted in lots of local newspaper articles and GMR radio did a five show focus on walking in the Irk Valley from the city centre to Heaton Park. Useful numbers: British Trust for Conservation Volunteers 0161 608 0498 CSV GO! Manchester 0161 833 0245 Manchester Leisure Park Wardens 0161 795 2650 designed and produced by cellcreative limited 01942 681648 .The Irk Valley Project facilitates a number of volunteer days with the BTCV throughout the year. usually midweek. and I proudly attended the Award ceremony in Aberdeen as hardworking Blackley resident Ivy Worswick and Bob Cain from Manchester City Council lifted the trophy! Irk Valley on the Web We now have an interactive website Blackley won the Urban Community category in Britain in Bloom. Activities include: Pond Creation Boardwalk Building Fencing. We also work with the Manchester Leisure Parks Warden Service and CSV Go Manchester who run weekend events in the Irk Valley. Help us to make it work. Path and Step work Cleanups Bulb planting and seed sowing The project goes from strength to strength.The website is constantly being updated. so you'll never be on your own on an Irk Valley event.irkvalley... we work with many different volunteer groups. and slowly but surely we are realising the potential of open space in North Manchester. so get on line!! Get Stuck In!! Volunteering in the Irk Valley couldn't be where you can check out up date site information.. with lots of people and organisations showing an interest and getting involved across North Manchester. Join in!! The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers also provide certificated courses for a range of tasks. The Project even got a slot on prime time national television.Read All about it!! What a year!! The Project is really growing. and will soon feature state of the art panoramic views and landscapes. A BBC film crew spent a day filming with local groups in the Irk Valley. news and views on particular schemes.

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