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Hold! Till the tidal upraise is over & you shall always be the winner. Part- 2.

Last words as mentioned under Part-1 The difference between intelligent and wise comes out of a very thin line that matters as diverse as two solar galaxies apart. It is not necessary that the intelligent shall succeed at all times whereas it is for sure that the wise ones shall always end up with more harmony and inner growth... Continued When any concept borne with multiple layers needs its easy explanation to others then the illustration of an Onion suits the best. If you give a deep glance upon an Onion; you shall find that the entire existence of this under root is merely layering there is no gross substance in an onion. What all appears as the gross in an Onion is nothing else but a multi layering cohesively enjoined with each other to an extent that it appears as a one hard vegetable.

What we sight in the above photographs is the same multilayered in another photograph though a cross section depicts the multilayered nature of an Onion. But the true fact about the constitution of an Onion still evades the common sight on an account that what appears in this photograph is the apparent aspect of thick layering whereas the fact is well known to all of us and that is that every single thick peel of the Onion is

constituted by highly perspicacious peels that enjoin to raise one thick peel. It is essential to deeply understand about the layering of an onion it is essential on one basic count that unless you understand it at your depth the complexity of a human ego shall remain evasive to us And unless we truly understand the complexity of our Ego; any and all of our resolves that act as step towards winning over each battle in this life shall become tainted and malefic resulting undesirable conclusions. The difference between understanding our ego in its thick gross terms is dispensing it with the same justice as we generally do while looking towards an Onion as shown in a picture shown above. Though I am not a botanist that could understand the difference of an onion peel right at its outer crust as compared with the innermost peel but one thing goes beyond any dispute in its regard and that is; go on peeling off its (Onion) layers and the ultimate conclude you shall draw at its end is Nothing one peel after another is actually making way for a basic truth and that is nothingness. The apparent hard gross appearance of an Onion actually comes out of the same nothingness. Although an Onion when related to understand our Ego helps the comprehension to a great extent yet the dimension of the subtler worlds from this physical world vary to a great extent. The same goes with the Onion and Ego. The multilayered Ego of any being contains the record of one propensities gathered during several previous births therefore every single perspicacious peel is distinct to the remaining peel of its constitution. This deep understanding mandates for new formatting within the students of inner growth so that a different perceptory window is attributed to it and necessary alteration comes into its place. Today we have introduced you with some new comprehension about the complex subject of our Ego that in general confined to a sign of merely inflated self. In the next article we shall go down to the aspects of an Ego where one can experiment

alteration and experience a change in ones life that leads to more harmony and betterment.