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“Fashion is not
something that Autumn / Winter 2007

exists in dresses Contents

only. Fashion is Letter from the Editor . 1

in the sky, in the

Lovely in Lace . 2

street, fashion has to

Seven Sins . 5

do with ideas, the

Seven Underwear Looks . 6

We (heart) Jarmilla Jaros . 8

way we live, what is Society Style: Lily Allen . 12

Ban the Beige . 13

Trend Femme . 14

Coco Chanel Fight Like a Butterfly . 15

Behind The Scenes . 23

Next Issue:
When you see us next, we’ll be
Where Lingerie is Headed . 31

Voyager . 32

looking into beauty from all A Close Shave . 32

angles. Natural, plastic, enhanced, Trend Homme . 33
pierced, waxed, tips for looking
better, tips for feeling better, we Best Foot Forward . 34
could go on. Frankly, it’s going
to be an issue dedicated to Emo & Indie . 34
knocking them dead the Seventh Influencing Fashion Trends . 35
Sin way.
Keeping it Brief . 36

We’d Love to See it Made... . 37

The hardest part of putting Seventh Sin together is
the amazing level of work put forward to us (anyone
can contribute, and we invite you to), and this issue was
no different. Putting together an issue dedicated to the
appreciation of lingerie, and in turn the human figure, saw us
receive countless photo submissions ranging from the sensual
to the erotic. Unfortunately for a free magazine, no matter how
high-brow, space is limited so a lot of the submissions never
made it to print.

But don’t feel like you’re missing out.

The online edition of this issue (available at

is a special edition; it contains more photos and a number of other
features, and we encourage you to log on and check it out. You’ll
find a dead sexy editorial on lingerie that we didn’t have room for, an
extended edition of our ‘Fight like a Butterfly’ centrefold (page 7), and
a number of extra features. If that isn’t enough to tempt you online,
then perhaps the thought of winning three sets of underwear from Hey
Sister (page 22) or clothing from the Stella McCartney capsule for Target
(back cover) might be enough to do it.

We hope you enjoy us in the flesh (pun fully intended) and online too.

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Melbou 1
lovely in lace Interview with Shiori Pike by
Jennifer Reynolds

Seeing the Shiori collection all lined up

is like walking into a candy store - you
just want to try it all. A young girl with
a cheeky smile is not who you would
expect to find behind this lush self-titled
lingerie label. Specializing in sexy French
knickers, demi bras and camisoles in a
gorgeous rainbow of the sweetest colours,
this is truly the label for girls who want to feel

Learning everything from her mum - a former

dressmaker - Shiori Pike was fed up with the lack
of high quality underwear at a reasonable
price. “Most Australian designers use harsh
fabrics and I have sensitive skin; I had to buy quite
expensive, very soft or natural fibres. Then if its cut was wrong
it would dig in and irritate.” The obvious choice was to start
making her own. Starting at local Melbourne markets, she gained
valuable customer feedback before going on to approach stores. As
a result she creates three piece sets instead of two with bra, French
knickers, and G-string as per customer demand.

Working with exclusive European laces and silks she selects the softest,
most delightful fabrics to snuggle next to your skin. Still involved in every
piece, Shiori hand makes each item ensuring quality of finish. “Depending
on how intricate it is, it can take a few hours with beading and hand
embroidering” to finish a garment.

In future we can expect to see a shift towards vintage. Shiori tells us “…a lot
more covered and sexier, 1950’s glamour pin up girls, silk, lots of lace trims, a more
European influence, a lot classier... We’re also going to see more of the torsolette
which is a girly little number shorter than a corset but longer than a bra.”

You can check out her work at Smitten Kitten in Melbourne or at Miishu in Port
Melbourne. Be warned; the colours might make you hungry.

Shiori’s website will be online in March at

4 Runway photos by David White

1. Balconette bra by Sabi

2. Chastity bra and g-string by Pleasure
3. Necklace by Portmans
4. Racey Lacey balconette bra by Sabi
3 visit:
5. Triangle bra and briefs by Cosabella
6. Pave Heart Necklace by Ella Blaeu
7. Vintage style pumps by Kitty
Croquet visit:


ie U


6 Ca
cateur Tie Bra
Agent Provo

Lace T

re State Br

We Y
Jarmila Jaros
of Jarmila Lingerie
Interview by Jennifer Reynolds
Born in West Bohemia in the Czech Republic designer Jarmila Jaros has lived a life as
colourful as her animal print lingerie. Growing up with a dressmaker in the family she was
surrounded by the magic of cloth where seasonal trips to the fabric shops in a nearby
town were special occasions.

Even as a girl making her own dresses and bikinis the emphasis was always on quality
fabrics andthe perfect fit. Migrating to Melbourne in 1986 she now runs a boutique label
with made to measurepieces for the discerning customer, specalising in luscious styles in
corsetry and velvet suitablefor the boudoir.

JR: When did you start designing? JR: What is your favorite part of designing?
JJ: As teenager. JJ: The whole creation of the garment and
particularly the end result.
JR: Where did you learn?
JJ: I received a Diploma of Clothing and JR: What fabrics do you work with?
Footwear at the Box Hill Institute of TAFE. JJ: Lace, satin, chiffon, stretch tulle, velvet

JR: What inspired you to specialise in JR: What do you most love about your job?
lingerie? JJ: Creative side.
JJ: After working for 10 years for a Melbourne
lingerie Company, learning and developing JR:What should someone do to become a
my skills in this area I recognized this to be an lingerie designer?
advantage to specialize in this field. JJ: Follow your dream.

JR: What direction do you see lingerie Jarmila Lingerie is available by phoning 0413
taking in the future? 319 212.
JJ: I think there will be more transparent outer
clothing revealing sexy underwear, interesting
fabric and custom styling.

Runway photos by David White 11
Society Style : Lily Allen
Part street, part punk, and a lot of Photo courtesy of Neil Meads. See the rest of
Chelsea best describes Lily Allen’s the series at
style. Others term it girly punk (for
girly she is), or ‘couture meets chav’. In
May the songstress will be releasing
a fashion capsule and as it’s unlikely
to ever reach Australia, here are some
pointers as to dressing like her while
avoiding looking like a parody!

Key Elements
50s prom-style dresses – bold
colours or patterns, but keep it girly. Keep in Mind
Brightly coloured makeup – bright
Pumps or trainers – for some
sparkly eye shadows and differing
street cred wear trainers, but if
shades of lipstick.
you’re making a night of it quality
pumps are easy to find. Fringed hair – cut straight and
styled a million ways.
Big and bold jewellery – gold
preferably, but not so much that Her attitude – sorry, but this isn’t
you’ll look bling. something you can’t replicate
without spending a few years living
in London LDN.
wardrobe with colour and you’ll feel better in
no time.”

The solution is simple – go out and buy a

coloured bra to match your dress or top! The
fact of the matter is, strappy clothing is here
to stay so embrace it and colour-code your
underwear instead. Say for example you are
wearing a fiery red dress or singlet, why not
funk it up a little with the Lucky Dip range
from Hey Sister!?
Sick and tired of wearing beige or ‘skin
The Lucky Dip contour bra is available in a
coloured’ bras in order to disguise bra straps?
funky grey marle colour, with floral splashes of
No doubt the answer is yes, but there is an
yellow and red. Famous for everyday comfort,
alternative – embrace colour!
the bra also offers a flattering rounded
shape to keep your cleavage looking good!
With the increasing trend of colourful dresses
Complementing the bra is the matching
and strappy singlets, a problem faced by
thong or bikini brief, with a cute little front
many girls is choosing the right bra to wear.
ruffle. What’s more, when you arrive home
Most opt for the beige option in an attempt to
from a day or night out, you can curl up in
blend bra with skin tone, or they choose the
Lucky Dip’s bright red PJ bottoms and comfy
ever-so-horrible clear plastic straps – and let’s
camisole, which matches the underwear set
be honest, everyone can see those and it isn’t
you have been wearing!

a good look!
There’s also a growing trend for camisoles not
Author of My Girlosophy, Anthea Paul,
only to be worn to bed, but also to be worn as
believes; “A variety of colour in your life can
weekend wear. And why wouldn’t you when
make you feel more vibrant. Let’s face it,
they are so versatile, chic and downright
wearing shades of beige and brown can often
make you feel, well, a little beige! Jazz up your

Thanks to Hey Sister, we’re

giving away three sets of
gorgeous undies. Simply
competitions and tell us why you
think beige should be banned
and which colour should be in!

For Hey Sister! stockists please check out www., or call 1800 338 235. Competition
terms and conditions can be found at
RRP for Lucky Dip range in
Grey Marle/Cherry
Pyjama Pants: $29.95
Camisole: $24.95
With the cooler weather will footwear department.
come heavier fabrics, darker Invest in:
colours and cosier knits.
Draw your inspiration from SMOCKS
the 40s for tailored wear A definitely staple this year,
and the 60s for pretty, free- they can be dark, wintery
flowing smocks and shifts colours or bright 60s prints.
in knit fabrics. Platforms Particularly flattering on tall,
and boots remain big in the straight figures, or for curvier

bodies simply cinch in smocks. Go for heather starlet styling.

the waist with a belt. greys, charcoal, black, or
hunting colours like forest
WOOLEN SOCKS green or tan.
Pair knit tights or CLASSIC TAILORING
scrunchable Take your cues from the
above-the-knee socks 1940s with sharp
with mini-dresses and tailoring and classic


Everyone, girl or guy, needs a Carried over from 2006, this
classic trench to cover up trend has continued to
with in the cooler parts of popularise. It’s being seen
2007. on everyone from Christina
Aguilera to Jessica Stam.

Velvet zip hoodie
By Russell Athletic
contact: 03 9533 6171

Ceylon Bra
By Cosabella
contact: 02 8399 3599

Chastity Bra & G-string
by Pleasure State
contact: 02 9004 8077

model’s own

Dolce Vita Bra & Briefs
by Pleasure State
contact: 02 9004 8077

Circle Ring
by Ella Bleau

Brazilian Bra
by Kayser
contact: 03 9533 6171

Brazilian Bra & Short
by Kayser
contact: 03 9533 6171

Credits: Fight like a butterfly

Emma Phillips, 0411 203 471
Jennifer Reynolds, 0413 387 081
Make Up Artist
Jessica Seacombe, 0421 969 969
Hair Stylist
Adam K, 0417 571 649
Photographers Assistants
Hannah & Will
Stylists Assistant

White lace Bra

By Sabi
contact: 03 9421 1566

Aura panties
By Pleasure State
contact: 02 9004 8077

Water bottle
By Rebel Sport
contact: 02 8866 6500

1920’s Style Brooch

stylist’s Own

30 15
There’s no doubt that the history of lingerie
has been a long, very interesting and at
times very painful one. Thankfully, the days

of body-crushing corsets are long over – but
that doesn’t mean things are getting less
interesting in the lingerie world. So looking

to the future, where is lingerie headed? We
caught up with Kay Cohen, Founder and
Creative Director of Pleasure State lingerie

and posed her the question.

“Lingerie is something that really challenges

your talent as a designer. It requires the true
interpretation of design ethics, products have
to both fit well and be comfortable, also they
have to be beautiful, no surprises that we refer

(and we
to this business as ‘intimate apparel’. Going
forward, lingerie trends will demand more and
more of technical improvements which will

bring benefits to fit and comfort – and expect
to see more innovative and advanced thinking
in this area. The demand for artistic styling

mean the
is greater than ever. Lingerie is experiencing
its greatest moments of creativity. At long

last lingerie is a very key player in the fashion
industry and lingerie will continue to push
its way ‘out’, with exciting innerwear styling
making its appearance as outerwear.”

And where does Pleasure State fit into all

of this? “Pleasure State has in a very short
space of time become a world leader in this
aspect. Pleasure State will continue its drive to
produce more and more fashion lingerie with
figure improving qualities that is so fantastic
you will want to wear it to be seen.”

For the full interview with Kay Cohen, visit

Looking for clothes that combine smart styles and classic
cuts as well as the comfort and functionality an active
lifestyle requires? The Autumn / Winter 2007 collection
by Voyager, which has just hit the shelves of Myer, is
rich in colour and texture – perfect for stocking up
on wardrobe essentials.

Designed specifically to suit both indoor and

outdoor activities, the range includes classic
trench-coats, stylish knits, and tailored jackets.
The best part is that you won’t have to empty
your pockets – with prices ranging from
$29.95 for active wear to $189.95 for a

Proving that one-upmanship can advance the cause of men’s shaving, Gillette have finally
released their five bladed razor, ‘Fusion’, in Australia. Frankly the idea of putting 5 razors (4 to
shave with, 1 for the finer places) within slicing distance of our face didn’t really thrill us – but
that’s not to say we weren’t pleasantly surprised.

Like Gillette’s past work, this shaver really is one of the best out there and you’re going to have
to try a barber if you’re after something a little closer to the grain. Available as you’d expect
a shaver to be, or in a smirk-inducing vibrating edition, you may just find yourself tempted
enough to buy one.

Winter is around the the Duffel coat, DUFFEL COAT OR PEA COAT
corner and after a the trench coat is Similar in styling you’ll
long hot summer making a massive want one or both in your
there are some key come-back in wardrobe. Key colours are
Winter looks you’ll 2007. Look for charcoal and navy, and you’ll
want to invest in. slim fits, even if want the hem to sit below
they’re double- your arse.
TRENCH COAT breasted.
Standing out from

HATS also have the stigma of being

In case you missed it in our old men’s clothing. Look
last issue, invest in hats. Baker out for the belted
boy, pork pie, Castro, fedora variety as cardigans for
are all styles you’re going to the young.
want to get your hands on.
BELTED CARDIGANS Only buy if they’re leather,
Cardigans are big, but they and go well above the ankle.

They should end on the until Spring or Summer.

calf or below the knee, and
should be in a brown or Want an insight into other
black. key looks of 2007? Take a look
at our last issue, available on
Metallics. Massive on foreign
catwalks, these won’t be a
staple feature in Australia

Best Foot Forward
Men’s footwear in 2007 is all about unique and
innovative textures and styles. Vein Wear shoes
are definitely setting the scene with intricate
broguing, flora-embossed leathers, and patent
calf leathers creeping into their new collection.

Vein Wear’s deconstructed luxury

slippers in colours like aqua or burnt orange,
and canvas long bootsin khaki, brown and black
will give an edge to any outfit.

Collaborations with designers Morrissey and

Leopold at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion
Festival are helping to put Vein Wear firmly
on the map. Visit for


From what used to be Goth and Punk Rock come
by Stephanie Braukamper
By Stephanie Braukämper

new musical sub-cultures of the naughties

– Emo and Indie. Often confused as being the
same thing, most people are unaware of the
differences between the two. Let’s explore.

Emo stems from Punk Rock dealing with the

singer’s feelings; hence it’s short for ‘emotional’.
If you haven’t seen people walking around the
street in a tight tee, even tighter skinny black
jeans, old school chucks, and hair angled to cover
most of their face, then you have probably been
living under a rock. Emos take their cues from AFI,
Funeral for a Friend, Hawthorne Heights, and 30 Seconds
to Mars.

Indie, or ‘the anti-emo’ sees people take their lead from

independent underground music. You can bet that if someone is
wearing straight leg jeans, vests, baggy tees, cardies they are
taking their cues from The Kooks, Wolfmother, Muse, and
The Arctic Monkeys.

Photo by Morgan Sutherland

Influencing Fashion Trends
Want to know what’s hot, right now?
New lingerie from Lascivious
posted by Tania
style spy ( is a unique ‘trend-
more info>>
spotting community’ that can tell you just that.

The premise behind style spy is an amazingly

simple one: add an item, it gets voted up
or down – the hottest items rise to the top discuss(8)
keeping members in the know about the
latest trends and hottest fashion finds.
Foley Shirred Corset Dress
style spy is refreshingly simple. Unlike
posted by KiKi
traditional media, the content revolves
more info>>
around the views of consumers, who bring all
kinds of things into the mix. From celebrity
outfits to cool new gadgets; from funky
custom-made tees to designer couture. In a
world where fashion styles are converging, discuss(11)
style spy is a way to bring it all together.

M elb o u r n e’s f u n k i e s t m o b i l e b a r s e r v i ce
Mobile bar and beverage catering for all private parties, celebrations & corporate events

Unique beverage packages

Exclusive cocktail parties Phone: 03 9578 2298
Nightclub on wheels events Email:

www.liquidin f u s i o n . co m . a u
Photo courtesy of di Mola Photo

Looking through our underwear issue you’ll That’s the trouble with men’s underwear,
see some of the most exquisite lingerie whether you’re wearing it or enjoying it,
ever designed. Of course, it’s all modelled it all seems to be the same. So here’s our
by ravishing women. And while we’re sure request to you from this issue – what is
the photos will appeal to both sexes, we perfect underwear for men? Do Calvin
just couldn’t manage to balance it out. So Klein elastics still do it for you? Should
here is our some-what meagre attempt to guys be wearing something more out
rectify that situation. If you’re somewhat there? Or should we really be keeping it
disappointed, we apologise. But this page simple with plain cotton briefs and the odd
features men’s underwear, which has designer label? Let us know your thoughts
changed little in the past 20 years. We find –
that disappointing too.
We’d loveto see it made..

my eyes are up here

Having taken you through the Lingerie Issue, it’s fitting that this tee is what we
want made this month. If you’ve seen it somewhere or you’re a designer who
has made it drop us a line ( for a mention on Seventh
Sin’s website.

We hasten to add we want this tee to be made for the boys, we’re after irony
not factuality.

Full competition details at Stella McCartney and Target. Competition closes April 1.
Stella McCartney, Target, and the capsule are both copyright and trademarked to their respective owners. Neither are associated with
Fashionising, and no relationship is implied.
Accompanying photo not from the Stella McCartney range for Target, and is the work of Flickr user eschipul.