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. These information can be used in two ways 1. 01. Seeking necessary Information : All relevant data and facts are collected from internal and external sources such as Availability of supplies.. SUBSCRIBE Your Ad Here POPULAR POSTS Factors influencing consumer behaviour Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by or there are four factors. The alternative which appears to be most feasible and conducive to the accomplishment of company’s that there may be special emphasis on their planned solutions. finance of disposal... NON PROBABILITY SAMPLING What is good sample? Explain considerations validi. is selecting the final plan of action as strategy. article is really good. Personal Factor . Planning process :Steps in planning Categories: Policies And Procedures. The seven C’s Effective Communication After planning steps in communicating the message have been complete we have to consider specific writing principles to help us choose right.. Selecting the alternative or Course of action. Impossible or highly difficult propositions are left out . Problems consequences of each alternative course of action in terms of its pros and cons (eg Cost. To take help them in premising assumption. Social Factor 03. After established the goals or objective and taking other related steps . Trends Projection Method Trend projection method is a classical method of business forecasting. What do we measure when we measure? What are major sources of measurement error? Illus. At the outset the internal and external environment is a..mbanotesworld. Principles Of Management The process of planning involves the following steps Analysing relevant government policy etc then such collected information and factors are is necessary that planing is based upon carefully considered assumption and predictions NOTES IN THE ARCHIVES Identifying the alternative course of action.. Cultural Factor 02.... ► 2011 ► 2010 ► 2009 ▼ 2008 ► December 2008 ► October 2008 ► September 2008 ► August 2008 ► July 2008 ► June 2008 ► May 2008 ► April 2008 ► March 2008 ▼ February 2008 Discuss in detail the steps in sampling design. feasible alternative programs or course of action are searched out .MBA Notes World http://www. At the outset the internal and external environment is analyzed in order to identify company ... Share this article : Like 4 Send 0 Posted at 9:39 AM Recommend this on Google 14 COMM EN TS : Aarohi said.. Reliability & Validity Types of Reliability Types of Validity Foundation Of Scientific Research Deductive And Inductive Research Exploratory Research Descriptive Research Causal Research Ex Post Facto Evaluation Nominal Scale Ordinal Scale Interval Scale Open-Ended versus Closed Ended Questions Historical Development of Management Evaluating the alternatives. To make necessary modifications in objective and goals 2. Establishing objectives or goals in the light of the environmental scanning (study)clear or probable opportunities that can be availed are identified in order to avail them objectives or goals are clearly defined in specific terms along with priorities in all the key areas of operations major problems associated with such objectives are also identified and defined .. Planning process :Steps in planning The process of planning involves the following steps Analysing environment .. Establishing the planing premises In order to develop consistent and coordinate plans .n helped me a lot in my assignment.s strengths and weaknesses (in internal environment)and opportunities and threats (existing in the external environment) this is also known as SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats ) analysis .. physical and human recourses of the company . 15 february 2009 7:38 pm Muhammad said.. risks etc) are assessed and then relative importance of each of them is found out by looking at their overall individual strengths and limitations especially in the light of present objective and the environment of the company..Planning process :Steps in planning . 2 of 4 10/20/2011 7:06 PM . This method is essentially concerned with the study of movement of va. are sold to the same. Product Mix & Product Line Product Line A product line is a group of products that are closely related because they function in a similar manner..... benefits.

.... 20 november 2010 9:20 pm Major Contribution to Management Henri Fayol General Principles Of Management Function of Management Key Management Skills Vertical Dimension : Hierarchical Levels Function of Management Management Skills Management Skills Managerial Roles Promoting Innovation: The Entrepreneurial Role Horizontal Dimension : Responsibility Areas Planning Nature or characteristics of planning Planning process :Steps in planning Preparing the Derivative plans Advantages benefits of Planning ► January 2008 ► 2007 ► 2006 ► 2005 ► 2004 3 of 4 10/20/2011 7:06 PM 18 march 2010 1:27 pm eswaran said.. plzzz am waiting 4 ur response... 5 may 2010 3:55 pm Lucky said... hey friends can any one of you let me know what is mean by " Planning premises...plz can u help me in several topics regarding principles of management..i am concerning koontz book but its too difficult.. Its really very nice and easy to understand.Planning process :Steps in planning . i like 18 february 2010 11:12 am Romulus salam. Nice one 26 march 2010 2:44 pm eswaran said... can u send me a sample plan?(based on the steps given)... 7 september 2009 3:22 pm sarah Hoping for your good response. I am a mir from sudan can u help me in making an assignment on how the planning process is carried out...' i am preparing my assignments --desarajuravi07@gmail.. 13 october 2010 12:09 pm mohd nash said.mail : aboamar_411@yahoo.. My e mail id is fawwad06@gmail... I am fawwad from Pakistan. E.romulusrk@yahoow. Thanks and Regards 26 june 2009 1:29 am karthi said.... please tell me what is "DEVELOPING DERIVATIVE PLAN" my e-mail id is luckysiddiqui_reloded@yahoo. 15 november 2010 2:54 pm pranjit 29 august 2010 5:50 pm Ravi this is a good article..thanks 28 september 2009 7:37 pm sweet_yra said..MBA Notes World http://www. its good...ur notes are very easy to understand..mbanotesworld.. Nice one 26 march 2010 2:46 pm aboamar id is sarahafridi2009@gmail. any example situation to implement steps of planning. could you pliz help me with some notices on how to improve on sales revenue. AArohi can u help me in making an assignment on application of steps in planning.

and do not have any affiliation or compensation.. 20 november 2010 9:21 pm PO S T A COMM EN T Comment as: L IN KS TO T HI S PO ST Create a Link Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) DISCLAIMER No warranty is made as to the accuracy of the information contained in these notes. 945675 Master 杏子 Vuth-Extreme Jed Zhenard Raza Ed Facebook social plugin Disclosure I occasionally make recommendations and post links for which I get compensation. They are notes taken from a live class and as such inaccuracies are possible. This site. Template Design by Herdiansyah Hamzah | Published by Borneo Templates | Powered by Blogger. Some endorsements are obtained through compensation. pranjit said... nor any parties mentioned.Planning process :Steps in planning .. such as free review copies. These recommendations are based first and foremost on their merit.mbanotesworld. For More Information see Disclosure Policy © Copyright 2010-2011 MBA Notes World All Rights Reserved. Some links are direct. Please consult professional legal advisors when making any business or legal decision..MBA Notes World its really good. Most affiliate links are added incidentally or subsequently. Home Older Post Find us on Facebook Visitors MBANotesworld Join the conversation Like 183 people like MBANotesworld. 4 of 4 10/20/2011 7:06 PM . will not accept any responsibilities or liability for actions taken based upon these

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