: SENIOR DRAUGHTING OFFICER Office of the Divisional Engineer Highways (C&M) Dharmapuri


To The Divisional Engineer Highways (C&M) Dharmapuri -705.

l/We do here by tender and if this Tender be accepted undertake to execute the following work viz


132/6 - 133/8 OF DHARMAPURI


drawings and described in the specifications attached with the bid documents with such variations by way of alterations or, additions to and omissions from the said works and methods of payment as are provided for in the conditions of contract at -----------------------% (--------------------------------------------------Percent ) above / below estimate rates indicated in Schedule -A.

I/we hereby agree that when works are executed by way of alterations of, addition or omissions and or any new items not contemplated in the bid document rates for these items derived as laid down in clause 110-04 Of S.S.R.B. I/we here by distinctly and expressly declare and acknowledge that before the submission of my/our Tender, l/We have carefully followed the instructions in the Tender notice and have read standard specifications for the roads and bridges and preliminary specifications to standard specification for the roads and bridges, the specifications for the roads and bridge works of Ministry of Surface Transport and that l/We have made such examination of the contract documents and of the plans, specifications and quantities and of the locations where the said work is to be done and such investigation of the work required to be done and regard to the materials required to be furnished as to enable me/us to thoroughly understand the intention of the same and the requirement ,covenants ,agreements, stipulations and .restrictions contained in the contract and in the said plans and specifications and distinctly agree that l/We will not here after make any claim or demand upon the Government of Tamil nadu based upon or arising out of any alleged misunderstanding or misconception or mistake on my/our part of the said requirement, covenants, agreements, stipulations and restrictions and conditions in executing the work. l/We shall keep the rate of progress of work as stipulated in the tender notice.


I/we, being a registered contractor of the Highways Department enclose the certificate of Income Tax verification and Sales Tax Clearance Certificate valid for the current year. I / we, enclose herewith a Chalan No --------------------------------------------------------- dated:-------------------payment of sum of Rupees For the -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------as

earnest money remitted at-------------------------------------------------------Treasury under revenue deposit .If my/our tender is accepted, the earnest money may be retained by the Department as security deposit for the due fulfillment of the contract by transferring the same to the credit of the Divisional Engineer Highways (C&M) Dharmapuri Division .If upon intimation being given to me/us by the Superintending Engineer (Highways) Salem of acceptance of my/our tender, fail to attend the said office on the date fixed therein, or if I /We fail to make further security deposit as may be intimated and enter in to the required agreement, then I/we agree to the foliature of the earnest money not as a penalty but in payment of liquidated damages sustained as a result of such failure. Address to which intimation Notice is to be sent. I/we fully understand that the written agreement to be entered into between melees and the Government shall be the foundation of the rights of both the parties and contract shall not be deemed to be complete until the agreement has first been signed by me/us and then by the proper officer authorized to enter into contract on behalf of Government. I/we professionally qualified and my lour qualifications are given below:


I /We also agree for the deduction of the sums indicated in the special conditions.I/we will employ the following technical staff for super vision of the work and will see that one of them is always present at works site personally checking all items of works and paying extra attention to such works which require special attention(e.g. if I/Me fail to employ the technical assistants. NAME OF THE MEMBERS OF TECHNICAL STAFF PROPOSED TO BE EMPLOYED QUALIFICATION SIGNATURE OF THE CONTRACTOR Station Date : : DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS ( C&M) DHARMAPURI .)Reinforced concrete work etc.

The tenderers shall accept the corrections with out any question whatsoever.M (Office clock) on 30.The name of the tenderer and the name of the work shall be noted on the cover. it shall be signed with the co-partner ship name.00 P. For and on behalf of the Governor of Tamil Nadu . The tenderers or their authorized agents are expected to be present at the time of opening of tenders The tender receiving officer will be opening each tender and initial all corrections in the presence of the tenderers. The tenderers who have registered in the Highways Deportment under category 2nd Class and above are eligible to tender for this work as already notified in the tender notice. 7.2011. 5. it shall be signed by duly authorized officer who shall produce with his tender satisfactory evidence in support of his authorization .11. Contractor . on the same day (ie) on 30.TENDER NOTICE 1. If the tenderer is made by an individual. sealed tenders on percentage basis at estimate rates or above estimate rates or below estimate rates will be received by the Divisional Engineer(H) (C&M) Dharmapuri at his office upto 3. 3. Tenders must be submitted in sealed covers and should be addressed to the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri . it shall be designed with the full name and his address shall be given . The tender should be in the prescribed form obtainable from the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri (H) (C&M) Division Upto 25. to furnish evidence of its corporate existence. The tenders will be opened by the Divisional Engineer (H) (C&M) at his office at 3.11. 6.15 P.2011 on all working days during the office hours.11. If the tender is made by a corporation. by a member of the firm who shall also shall sign his own name and the names and addresses of each member of the firm shall be given.M as per the office clock.2011 for the work of IMPROVEMENTS TO KM 132/6 .129) 2. 4.133/8 OF DHARMAPURI STATE HIGHWAYS ROAD (OLD NATIONAL HIGHWAYS -7 (SHU.such tendering corporation may be required before the contract is executed.If it is made by a firm.

D in the shape of bank guarantee issued by approved and scheduled banks will be accepted. 8.M.3 In case of proprietor or partnership firm it will be necessary to produce the certificate for the proprietor or proprietors and for each of the partners as the case may be. However a Xerox copy of the certificates shall be furnished 8.1 All tender received without certificate of Sales Tax Clearance are liable to be rejected. Each tenderer must pay as Earnest Money Deposit a sum of Rs. 9.D will not be accepted in the shape of bank guarantee Tender with EMD in the shape of bank guarantee shall be rejected. (3) Indra Vikas Patras which have not matured for payment along with a covering letter giving numbers of those patras and also noting the name of tenderer in the back side of patras and enclosed with his tender.5 9.34000 (Rupees Thirty four thousand only) In any form of a security such as (1) National Savings Certificate pledged in favour of Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division and not in favour of Governor etc.M.3 Tenders not accompanied with the notified earnest money deposit in the acceptable form shall be rejected.50 lakhs): 9.50 lakhs): 9. (2) Demand Draft from nationalized scheduled bank in favour of the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division.1 Each tenderer must send a certificate of Income Tax verification from the appropriate Income Tax Authority in the form prescribed there for.4 If the tenderer is a registered contractor in the deportment and if certificate for the current year had already produced during the calendar years in which the tender is made .it will be sufficient if the particulars regarding the previous occasion in which the certificate was produced are given.2. (for works with a value up to Rs. (for works with a value of above Rs. Contractor .8.. 8. This certificate shall have validity for one year from the date of issue for all tenders submitted during the period. 8.2 The E.1 The E.2 Each tenderer must also send a certificate of Sales Tax Verification issued during current year from the appropriate Authority.

The Earnest Money Deposit will not be received in cash or currency notes or cheques or bank guarantee or prize bonds or IPOS or Bank Drafts from nonscheduled bank. The successful tenderer should replace the E. The tenders who furnish Earnest Money Deposit in the shape of Indra Vikas Patras should note their name in the back side of the Indra Vikas Patras and also they should enclose a letter along with their tender noting the Registration Number of the Indra Vikas Patras enclosed with the tender. duly pledged in favor of the Divisional Engineer. Contractor . (furnished in modes other than bank guarantee wherever provided for)in the form of small savings scrip/deposits accounts etc. This refund will be authorized by the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division. sign an agreement in the proper departmental form for the due fulfillment of the contract.1 The successful tenderer will be notified by a letter sent by registered post to the address shown on his tender that his tender has been accepted.the tender will be summarily rejected . 62000 (Rupees Sixty two thousand only) or such other sums as will be intimated to him shall be furnished in the shape of small savings scripts. post office savings not pledged in favor of the Divisional Engineer (H) (C&M) Dharmapuri Division are enclosed with pledged form signed by the contractor without actually pledging .M.If the National Savings Scrips. 10. (4) Kisan Vikas Patras duly pledged in favor of Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division subject to the condition that the short term securities obtained shall be kept valid for reasonable tenure till decision of tender is finalized .The Earnest Money Deposit will be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderers on application after the decision on the tender is taken or at the expiration of 120 days from the date of tender whichever is earlier. The tenderer shall attend the office of the Superintending Engineer/Divisional Engineer on the date fixed by written information to him. It will be dealt with as provided in the tender. postal scrips. A further security deposit of Rs.D.4 Earnest Money Deposit will be retained in the case of successful tenderer and will not carry any interest.9. He shall forthwith upon intimation being given to him by the Superintending Engineer /Divisional Engineer of acceptance of his tender.

The preliminary specifications to the Standard specifications for Roads and Bridges construction shall form an inseparable condition of the contract in all agreements entered in to by the contractor for execution of work for the Tamil Nadu Highways Deportment. is directed to the requirements of materials under the clause "Materials and the Workmanship "in the preliminary specifications.2 The written agreement to be entered in to. between the contractor and Government shall be the foundation of all rights of both the parties and the contract shall not deemed to be complete until the agreement has first has been signed by the contractor and then by the proper officer authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu. not as a penalty but in payment of liquidated damages sustained as a result of such failure. or Bureau of Indian Standard and Indian Road Congress shall be used in the work and the Tenderer shall quote his tender percentage accordingly. It shall not be necessary to append these Standard specifications and codes with the bid documents and they shall be deemed to be inseparable pat of bid document and agrc3m8nt to be entered into. 10.This security deposit together with the Earnest Money Deposit and the amount withheld according to the clause110 of the Standard specification to SSRB shall be retained as security for the due fulfillment of this contract.1 of the tender notice shall be forfeited. The tenderer shall examine closely the SSRB. Materials conforming to the British Standard Specification. 11. If. National Building Code as amended from time to time shall apply. 13. upon intimation bring given to the successful Tenderer by the Superintending Engineer(H) Salem Circle/Divisional Engineer (H)Dharmapuri Division on acceptance of his tender. 12. The tenderer's attention. For items of works in buildings and structure not structure by the specifications relevant items from Tamil Nadu Building Practice. MOST and TNSP and also the Standard preliminary specifications to SSRB contained there in before submitting his tender which shall be for finished work in site. the tenderer fails to make the further security deposit and or additional security deposit and to enter into the referred agreement. He shall also carefully study the drawings and descriptive specification and supplementing Schedule -A and all documents which. 14. Contractor . form part of the agreement to be entered in to by the accepted tenderer. it will be considered as just cause for the annulment of the award of contract and the said earnest money referred in clause 9.

Kilns etc. Carriage. Contractor . 16 The Government will not however. 7. 15. Particulars of payments. He should also inspect the quarries and other sources of materials and satisfy himself about the name of quarries. Construction plants..1 18.2. Test inspection and rejection of defective materials of work. It shall be definitely understood that the Government does not accept any responsibility for the correctness of completeness of quantities in the schedule and that this schedule of quantity is liable to alterations. additions at the discretion of the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division or as set forth tender percentage. A schedule of quantities with estimate rates accompanies the tender document.15. and extra lead or for any other reasons in case the contractor is found later on to have misjudged the quality or quantity of materials available . The tender should closely peruse all the specification clauses which govern the rates for which he is tendering. 5. where from certain materials are to be obtained as given in the descriptive specification sheet. 17. Accidents. 17. tools etc. Delays. 8.. Water and lighting.2. omissions. after acceptance of the tender .3. with reference to the departmental estimate rates indicated in Schedule-A. 6. In every case the materials must comply with the relevant Standard specifications.Attention of the contractor is directed to the Standard Preliminary specification regarding payment of Seignior age. 4. Every tenderer is expected before quoting his tender percentage to inspect the site of the proposed work. Samples of materials as called for in the Standard specifications or in the tender notice or as required by the Divisional Engineer (H) in any case shall be submitted for the Divisional Engineer's approval before the supply to the site of work is begun. Clearing up during progress and for delivery.1. The tenderers particular attention is (drawn to the sections and clauses in the Standard Preliminary specifications dealing with: 1. The best class of materials to be obtained from quarries and other sources designated shall be used on work.

The date of commencement of this programme will be the date on which the site(premises)is handed over to the must be clearly understood that tenders must be fully in order and according to instructions. 20. No alteration which is made by the tenderer in the tender or the condition of contract. The tenderer shall quote in the tenders the over all percentage with reference to the estimate value at which he will undertake to do the whole work subject to the condition of contract. Contractor . PROGRAMME FOR COMPLETION OF WORK: SI. initialing dating and rewriting. 24. The time fixed for completion of the entire work shall be 90 days. The Divisional Engineer (Highways) or other competent authority reserves the right to reject any tender or all the tenders without assigning any reasons therefore. The attention to the tenderers is dawn to the contract requirements as to the time of commencement of work.19. Over writings or conversions of figures. the tender will become invalid. No part of the contract shall be sublet without written permission of the Divisional Engineer (H) nor shall transfer be made. If any further information is required the Divisional Engineer (H) Dharmapuri Division will furnish such information but . Tenders not submitted in proper form or with in due time will be rejected. 21. The tender percentage shall be written legibly and free from erasures.No Period( cumulative from the date of handing over the site) Milestone fixed for completion Separate Sheet Enclosed 22. corrections where unavoidable should be made by crossing out. Lump sum amount for items not called for shall not be included in the tender. the drawing .specifications or quantities accompanying the same will be recognized if any such alterations are made. 23. The rate of progress and the dates for completion of the whole work and the several activities shall be as indicated below.

Skilled c. Organization 1. a. 2. 26. 32. contribution to labour welfare fund others if any which he has to pay to the Government and other bodies as the concerned laws would require. The levels furnished in the plan are based upon the investigation done by the deportment . during actual execution.Unskilled. The tenderer shall also submit the detailed working drawings with Sequence of construction required for each stage of work regarding foundation. 3.IF there are any change in levels. 28. 29. Methods that will be accepted to speed up the work for the entire completion with in the prescribed time. fees. 27. Equipment Transport for materials Lorries concrete mixers etc. 31. insurance. The traffic will be allowed in the diversion road during execution if necessary and for which separate payment will not be made.Technical. No foreign exchange would be released by the Government for the purchase of plant and machinery for the work. The percentage should be based on the controlled prices under the provision of clause 6 of the hoardings and profiteering Preventive Ordinance 1943 as amended from time to time and similar principle in regard to labour and supervision in the constructions. will render himself liable to be debarred as the accepting authority may decide.25. The tenderer shall submit list of machineries required the source and availability. Contractor . The tenderer must submit a detailed specification of materials and the tests to be conducted to ensure the quality of materials proposed to be used in the construction. b. tools. 30. water levels etc. substructure and superstructures. The contractor's quoted tender percentage shall be inclusive of all taxes duties. A statement giving brief particulars of equipment's and resources that will be but at the disposal in respect of the following classifications should accompany the tender. the contractors are bound to accept them and they are not eligible for any extra claim for such change in levels etc. The tenderer submitting the quotation which the tender accepting authority considers excessive or indicate of insufficient knowledge of current prices or definite attempt at profiteering.

2 The contractor should make his own arrangements to form and maintain the diversion or approach road for the conveyance of materials to the work spot at his cost and the deportment will not make any payment for this item. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . This should be the responsibility of the contractor. 33.32. THE TENDERER SHOULD QUOTE THEIR TENDER PERCENTAGE BOTH IN WORDS AND FIGURES CLEARLY IN THE TENDER FORM ON LY. 34. 32. The validity of tender should be for 90 days from the date of Tender.1 The contractor should make traffic barricading providing danger lights and other such arrangements for the safety of the traffic during execution at his cost.

or as may be ordered time to time by the Divisional Engineer and the cost calculated by measurement or weight at the respective prices.but they are subject to alteration s .deductions or addition as provided for in the conditions of this contract and do not necessarily show the actual quantities of work to be done.The quoted rate shall be for carrying out the item as per standards and specifications described in the relevant MOST specification . Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . The quantities here in given are there upon which the estimate cost of the work is based . The units rates indicated will be modified after applying the tender percentage either above or below estimate rate and shall govern payment for extras or deductions for omissions according to the conditions of the contract.omissions . The description given in schedule -A are to indicate the item of work only and need not to be constructed as full specification .SCHEDULE 'A' SCHEDULE OF RATES AND APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES 1. 2.The rates quoted are for works in situ and complete in every respect. when in places and finished according to the drawing.The contractor shall take no advantage of any apparent error or omission in the schedule-A description. 3. as set forth in the preliminary specifications of the standards specifications for roads and bridges with the MOST specifications of this contract. with out any additional charge for any necessary or contingent work connected here with . It is to be expressly under stood that the measured work is to be taken net (not with standing any custom or practice to the contrary) according to the actual quantities.


NO. 2nd Month : Providing and laying Dense Bituminous Macadam should be completed. Chennai 132/6 – 133/8 270. 80/100 3 Bitumen emulsion Manali.00 Bitumen 60/70. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . All works should be completed in all respects.129) 1st Month : Preliminary works and advance patches using 45 mm IRC should be completed.DESCRIPTIVE SPECIFICATIONS Sl. Providing and laying tack coat over existing BT surface using 2.00 RATE OF PROGRESS Name of Work : IMPROVEMENTS TO KM 132/6 . No Lead in KM Description of materials Name of Quarry Reach in KM 1 All size of IRC & ISS Metal Quarry at KM 16/8 of Nallampalli – Papparapatti (Via) Indur Ganapatti road CMP Site at KM 133/2 of 132/6 – 133/8 Dharmapuri State Highways road ( Old National Highways road -7) Average lead 132/6 – 133/8 18.00 Kgs / 10 M 2 should be completed. 3rd Month : Providing and laying bituminous Concrete should be completed supply and filling gritty gravel for making up berms should be completed. Tack coat over DBM surface using 2.00 2 Gravel 5.133/8 OF DHARMAPURI STATE HIGHWAYS ROAD (OLD NATIONAL HIGHWAYS -7 (SHU. Chennai 132/6 – 133/8 319.00 Irunkattukottai.50 Kg / 10 M2 should be completed.

fuel stations and many cinema and marriage halls are located on either side of the this road. two TNSTC bus depots. 132/6-133/8 the surface is worn out in many places. This road is maintained by Dharmapuri Highways Sub Division of Dharmapuri (H) Division.No. 50.Ms.10. Importance and Necessity: Proposed stretches are passing through built up area and all the incoming and outgoing vehicles to Dharmapuri town use only this road. TNSTC regional office. hotels and lodges.SPECIFICATION REPORT TO THE ACCOMPANY THE ESTIMATE FOR THE WORK OF “IMPROVEMENTS TO KM 132/6-133/8 OF DHARMAPURI STATE HIGHWAYS (OLD NH-7) (SHU-129) Estimate Amount: Rs. 132/300-148/150. marketing centers. .00 Lakhs under Comprehensive Road Infrastructure Development Programme 2011-12 scheme vide Go. Many patches.85 KM . pot holes and sunken portions are developed in this stretch and affect the smooth flow of traffic. fourteen commercial banks.00 Lakhs Name of Work : Improvements to Km 132/6-133/8 of Dharmapuri State Highways (Old NH-7) Scheme and Authority: Administrative sanction for this work has been accorded for Rs. The total length of the road is 15. Details of Last Renewal: The stretch from Km 132/6-133/8 was last renewed during 2005-06 under Special Repairs.50. 24.2011. automobile show rooms and workshops. government and private schools. many Private hospitals and nursing homes. Many central and state government offices. Need for Improvements In the proposed stretch from Km. Medical college and Medical college Hospital. Therefore it is necessary to improve this stretch to restore free flow of traffic. This road starts at Km. 119 Highways and Minor Ports (HN2) Department Dated Location and Classification: Dharmapuri State Highways is a State Highways .

At KM 132/6-133/8 Stretch Existing Lane width 10. RW/NH 33044/10/2000 – SGR Dt. ruts. formation of ruts.00 TRAFFIC CENSUS Census Point 137/2 Stretches Influenced 132/6-133/8 Year of census 2010-11 Commercial vehicle per day 3450 Period of census Peak PCU 50804 FOR IMPROVEMENTS PORTION DESIGN The wearing course of the existing Bt surface is Bituminous Concrete and therefore it is proposed to provide 40 mm BC with 50 mm DBM as the surface is distressed with sunken portions. As the Crust Thickness is more than 300 mm and the roughness Index Value (RI) value of the existing riding surface is more than 3500 mm / Km. 50 mm DBM (Equivalent to 75 mm BM) and BC are proposed vide MORTH guidelines for improvements to riding quality vide circular No. From the above Condition the following provisions are made for the improvement of Riding Surface.09. As the percentage of cracks is between 10% and 20% and existing pavement thickness is above 300 mm. cracks and patches to improve the riding quality of surface. mm / Km. The existing riding surface has the roughness index (RI) Value 7300 mm. cracks are less then 10% and undulation is around 7300 mm/km. .00 Gravel WBM Bituminous Surface Soil type Formation Width 132/6-133/8 0.The existing riding surface shows distressed sign such as raveling.00.15 0.2002. The existing carriage way was renewed during 2005-06 Existing condition of the road : The wearing course of the existing BT surface is BM & SBC.00M. In view of the above said reasons it is necessary to renew the surface with the provision of 50mm DBM for 210m & 40mm BC for entire stretches as per the guidelines. cracks. The existing riding surface crust thickness is 375mm. 26. The existing carriageway has a width of 10. Also vehicle operating cost becomes very high.15 75 mm Gravelly soil 18. and formation width is 18. So the road users felt uncomfortable journey in this stretches. deep pot holes & stray patches etc.

DBM for 60cm has been provided.3. 3. For easing DBM portion on either side of the road. Provisions Following Provisions are made in this estimate. Then DBM is provided for damaged portion of 210m and BC will be provided for the entire width and length of the road. IN Km 135/4-138/4 of three stretchers is improved with DBM & BC of 50mm & 40mm thick of the same road. Rates: Current schedule of rates for PWD and Highways Department for the Year 2011-12 has been adopted for preparing the Estimate.PROPOSAL FOR IMPROVEMENTS It is proposed to make up the damaged portions and port holes are rectified with advance patches. Hence DBM is provided in damaged portion is BC to provided for entire portion (stretch). 4.2 of MORT & H I revision 1978 Providing Bituminous Concrete of 40mm thick using 60/70 grade bitumen as per Cl. 1.507 of MORT & H IV revision Providing tack coat over DBM surface using 2 Kg of emulsion bitumen as per 502.2 of MORT & H I revision 1978 Providing Dense Bituminous Macadam 50mm thick using 60/70 grade bitumen as per cl.3. Supply and filling of Gritty Gravel with an average 1Km lead Strech Km 132/6-133//8 Binder DBM 50mm (210m) Wearing course BC 40mm Contractor Divisional Engineer Highways (C&M) Dharmapuri . The entire roads lies in the centre of the town and the gravel is to be conveyed from minimum lead of 5 Km only Sl. 2.No 1. Providing Advance patches work for making up the undulation in existing BT surface Providing tack coat using 2. 5.5 Kg of emulsion bitumen as per 502. 6.508 of MORT&H IV revision. The gritty gravel has been provided on both sides from 5 km lead because the entire road runs through block cotton soil area and fertile land.

Failure to furnish the additional security as mentioned above which executing agreement shall entail cancellation of award of contract and forefeiture of E.SPECIAL CONDITIONS On evaluation of the tender if it is found that the over all quoted amount of the Tender under Consideration is less by 5 to 15% of the Estimated Amount the contractor should pay an additional security of 2% of the estimated Value if the Tender discount is more than 15% the contractor should pay an additional security at 50% of the difference between the quoted amount and estimated amount.M. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI .D.

all expenses connected there with shall also be borne by the contractor. The sub base material should be tested for its suitability in accordance with C. All the contemplated in the tender or for the work to be carried out as per MORTH – IV revision. The tenderer final amount included expensed towards the above said mix formula and no fluctuation or variation from the quoted rate is admissible for doing this item of works as per job mix formula. insurance and any incidental service extra. The work should be carried over as per SSRB and MORT&H and other specification issued from time to time by the higher authorities.R. 3.S at their cost and to do the work based on the test results as given by the Highways research station as directed by the Engineer in charge. Specifications only for semi dense Bituminous concrete the work has to be done as per clause 508 of MORTH specification and the said the specification require necessary mix design based on the quality of materials proposed by the contractor to be used for the work. 2. The contractor should afford necessary facilities to the departmental Officer to Conduct necessary test at the site during execution. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . hire charges for all tools and plants etc. Therefore necessary job mix formula is to be obtained by the contractor from the competent authority of Highways research Station / Indian Institute of Technology / Regional Laborites / Government Engineering colleges / Aided Engineering Colleges / Research institutions. 4. 7. The Contractor is bound to get the job mix formula from H. 5.L 401 of MORTH revision – IV from Highways Research Station or any other reputed institute and get it approved by the component authority before executed by the contractor at his cost. If there is any change in material or composition no extra will be paid. Quality control should be maintained during execution of work at every stage. Payment of duties and taxes leviable. labour charges. The quoted percentage implies and inclusive of the rates for all item including cost and conveyance of all materials. The contractor has to get the design mix approved to give designated CBR without any extra cost. 6.SPECIAL CONDITIONS 1.

Attention of the contractor is directed to the standard preliminary specification regarding payment seighnorage tools etc. For the works Executive Engineer PWD and MDSS wherever occurring this agreement should be read s Divisional Engineer. The contractor should take risk insurance at their cost against losses due to un presented flood and other acts of God (G.CONDITIONS 1. Highways and SSRB respectively 5.O.O.2010) Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . Such permission shall carry with it the forfeiture of a sum money as penalty..09.No.1978) 3. Income tax will be recovered from the contractors bill as per rates in force 4. Not with standing the failure of the contractor to comply with the notice served on him under PS 109. the Engineer shall permit the contractor to proceed with the work in conformity with the contract.281 Highways & Minor ports Department (HF-1) Dated : 13.Ms.620/PWD/ Dated : 22.07.Ms.No.05 (a) herein. 2. Calculated at 5 % of shortfall of that particular mile stone (G.

The special condition included in the tender document as per the instruction of THE DIRECTOR GENERAL.SPECIAL CONDITION FOR CALIBRATION CENTRAL MIX PLANT “Before commencing the item of bituminous work.4684/DG/Quality control/2011-4/ Dated : 07. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . which are using in site during the progress of Bituminous work and furnish the same of the quality control unit officials for record the fact in the Register maintained in the work site for confirmation ”.2011. CHENNAI in Memo No. etc.04. the contractor should obtain the “CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE ” regarding the quality and outturn capacity of the CMP unit from a reputed company for the good status of CMP (Calibration of Central Mix plant) unit and other plants like paver. HIGHWAYS.

1. the special conditions comprise of two parts viz. Ministry of surface transport (Road Wing) and shall be deemed to be bound into this document and becomes part and parcel of the agreement. the construction and completion of the works shall conform to mound engineering practice and in case of any dispute arising out of the interpretation of the above.1) technical specification and II ) Commercial conditions. is specifications and SSRB in the order. where even these are silent. the decision of the Engineer – in 0 charge shall be final and binding on the contractor. Contractor . Part II Supplementary specifications Part II shall comprise various substitute. These shall be deemed to be bound to this document and becomes part and Part I General Specifications Part I shall comprise the “ Specifications for road Bridge works “ IV Revision 1995 and the corrigendum publish at New Delhi by Indian Road Congress on behalf of Government of India. fourth revision .2001 and the corrigendum published at new by Indian Roads congress on behalf of Government of India Ministry of road Transport and Highways and shall be deemed to be bound in to this document and becomes part and parcel of the agreement. in the absence of any definite provisions on any particulars issue in the aforesaid specification. to S. modified and additional clauses to the “ specifications for road and Bridge Works “ referred in Part I (to cover aspects of the particular works not covered by the same ) and accordingly the said specification so amended shall form part of the contract. reference may be to the latest IRC codes of Practice.SPECIAL CONDITION OF CONTRACT The special conditions here in under shall have the meaning and indent out lined in clause 107 – 05 of P.S.R.S.B the contractors quoted rate shall be inclusive of all the elements and costs required to comply with them. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION General The entire works as described in scope of work ( “ General conditions of contracts “ ) shall be done in accordance with the specifications for the road bridge works.

2. 305.A substitute clauses as indicated by the suffix “S” is an amendment of a clause in part I General specification and supersedes the whole of the clause . 2211. 2901 to 2905 2908 to 2911.2.2. 1716. modified and additional clause may conflict or be inconsistent wit the any of the provisions of part 1 General Specifications under reference.5.2. ‘ Drawing’. 1802.3.4.3. New clauses 1818.1. 1009. ‘ Provisional sum ‘ used in the above mentioned specification shall be deemed to have the same meaning as understood from the definition of these terms in and as included in the General condition of contract. reference may be made to the latest IRC codes of practice. 1012. the decision of the Engineer in – charge shall be final and binding on the contractor.S. 1010.2. words like ‘ Contract ‘.3.8. 1714. 304. 1009.7. and modified and additional clause shall always prevail.. SUPPLEMENTARY SPECIFICATIONS FOR STRUCTURES The following list shows the clauses of part -1 which are either which substituted or modified or added Substituted clauses Modified clauses 112.1.5 (a) 2005. 2600. 112.5. 112.2. 112. 2912 Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . 120. 1716. the substitute. 112. 305.2.said specification.1. 2005. 1802.1. 1006. Specifications and SSRB. In the absence of any definite provisions on any particulars issue in the afore . then any reference to the superseded clauses shall be deemed to refer to the substitute clauses. ‘ Site ‘. In so far as any substitute.3.3.1. the construction and completion of the works shall conform to sound engineering practice and in case of any dispute arising out of the interpretation of the above. in that order where in even these are silent.6. 1712. ‘ Works ‘ .2. 1507.7.3. 109. These shall be deemed to be bound to this document and becomes part and parcel of the agreement. 112. 1809. ‘ Contractor ‘. 2501. 1209. I. 1710. 2005. 1807. 2602 (c) Added clauses 103.

CONTRACTOR . 2. this department will not responsible in any way for the same. The copy of the risk insurance policy should be produced to the Engineer-in-charge.. The contractor should allow the departmental Engineers and also their subordinates and to tender necessary assistance at Central Mixing Plant site for carrying out their legitimate duties at any time 9. 8. 3. and other related expenses in respect of Central Mixing Plant site should be borns by the Contractor himself and no separate rates will paid for.. Necessary arrangements should be provided by the contractor to conduct necessary quality control test for the materials to be used on the work at contractors expenses and the rate quoted are inclusive of all such expenses etc. The Power consumption charge and land taxes etc. 6. Traffic Rules and Regulations should be strictly and adhered while transporting the mixer to the work spot by the Contractor and his employee. The Central Hot Mix Plant site should be located within the radius of workable distance from the work site. 10. The Central Mixing Plant site should not be change until all the works are completed. 4. No foreign exchange will be made available to the contractor for the purchase of Tools and Plant for the work. If any unforeseen incidental charges in respect of Central Mixing Plant site or to his materials. 7. Necessary cautionary board and sign board should be displayed by the Contractor at the appropriate places in respect of Central Mixing Plant site and also at worksite. Necessary risk insurance should be taken up by the contractors for his expenses before commencement of work. 5.SPECIAL CONDITION FOR CENTRAL MIXING PLANT SITE 1. The Central Hot Mix Plant (20 /30 TPH & above ) and its accessories Including paver finisher should satisfy as laid in MORTH specification for road bridge work (Fourth Revision). 11.

The tenders shall produce satisfactory eceidence regarding the ownership of the of the Central Mixing Plant and Paver Finisher and furnish copies of purchase documents along with their tender. 2. The Bituminous Macadam and semi dense concrete work is to be Executed using Central Mixing Plant. The tender inviting authority reserves the right to assess the capacity of the tenderer and also past performance and reject the tender. 3. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . The tenders of the Contractors who are having own Central Mixing Plant and Paver Finisher alone will be considered. if otherwise not satisfactory. The tender of such of those tenderes who do not posses Central Mixing Plant and Paver Finisher and who do not produced necessary documents evidence in support there of will not be considered and shall be summarily rejected. 4.SPECIAL CONDITION FOR WORKS INVOLVING CENTRAL MIXING PLANT AND PAVER FINISHER 1. 5. Paver Finisher Vibratory Road Roller confirming to the MORTH specifications for road and bridge works (IV-Revision) with all added and corrigenda thereto.

SPECIAL CONDITION FOR WET MIX MACADAM The Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) work should be executed with the Tools and Plants as specified in the MORTH specification Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI .

handing and storage charges and other requisites as contained in clause 1033 – 04 OR Ps to SSRB II. bitumen emulsion conveyance.5 The quoted rate shall be inclusive of cost of steel and cement conveyance . the same will be rejected without any claim for damages whatever 1. before acceptance and certified 3.4 All the requisite tests to ensure quality of bitumen have to be carried out. 1.3 steel conforming to standards and specifications shall be procured. for major like formation of road including metalling ands black topping.2 The contract has to procure the bitumen of appropriate grade and emulsion as per specification required for the items of work as per standard specification and use it on the work II. if the materials are found to be sub standard or not conforming to the prescribed test standards.2 1.1 The bitumen and bitumen emulsion required for use in the work not be supplied by the department.1 Steel and cement will not be supplied by the department.3 The quoted rate shall be inclusive of cost of bitumen. This contractors have to procure the same and use it on the work.COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS 1. II. The contractor shall be responsible to make good and remedy at his own coat and defect which may develop or may be noticed and intimation of which has been sent to the contractor by a letter sent by hand delivery if by registered post before the expiry of period of 36 (Thirty Six) Months hereinafter referred to as defects liability period ) from the completion of whole of the work.4 The contractors have to produce the test Certificate conforming to is and other accepted codes and standards on support of the quality procured. The cement should be procured in lot of from the authorized Dealers and should not be purchased locally in placement. 1. Contractor . handling and storage charges and other requisites as contained in clause 103 – 04 Or Ps to SSRB II.

2 In case of works like resurfacing of the existing roads and block topping.1 At the time of making final payment for Major works like formation of road including metalling and block topping 2 ½ % of the total value of work done shall be retained by the department. Department allow extra special tract percentage.4. by or other means at the risk and expenses of the contractor 4. in case.3 In the event of contractor failing to rectify the defect or damages within the period specified by the Engineer – in – charge in his notice aforesaid. when the departmental tolls and plants are hired to the contractor in places of work where the standard schedule of rates of public works. the contractor shall insure in the joint name of the Government and the contractor against all loss or damage from whatever cause (other than the expected risks) for which he is responsible under the terms of contracts and in such a manner that the Government and the contractor are covered during the period of constriction of the works and defects liability period for Contractor . the hire charges will be enhanced by the corresponding extra percentage and recovered from the contractor 6. the Engineer – in – charge may rectify or remove and re – execute the work and / or remove and replace with other materials or articles complained of s the case may be. 4. Without limiting his obligations and responsibilities under the contract. 4.4. This amount will be refunded to the contractors on the expiry of the TWO YEARS reckoned from the date of completion of work provided that the contractor execute an indemnity bond for a further period of THREE YEARS indemnifying the Government against any loss or expenditure incurred to rectify any defect noticed due to faculty workmanship by the contractor of substandard materials used by the contractor. 4.2 In case of works like resurfacing of the existing roads and block topping the amount will be refunded to the contractor on the expiry of six months from the date of completion of work. 5.5 Making final payment shall not discharge or release the contractor from his responsibilities and liabilities under the contract.4. the defect liability period shall be 6 (six) months.

he must employ technical men to meet the norms besides himself.5. 8. he shall see that one of the technically qualified men is always present at the site of work while the work is in progress personally checking all the items of works and paying extra attention to such work as may demand special attention. Any amount due from the contractor which has failed to remit after the notice from the Engineer shall be caused to be recovered under Tamil Nadu Revenue Recovery Act as if it was an area of land revenue. the tenderer is professionally qualified.25. (ie) bituminous courses RC etc.10. 10. The materials. One B.i). One B. constructional plants and other things 7.00 Lakhs upto Rs.00 lakhs (or) not less than one retired Sub – Divisional Officer / Assistant Executive Engineer (or) Assistant Divisional Engineer. The tenderers should state in clear terms whether they are professionally qualified or whether the under take to employ technical assistants required by the department as specified in the schedule below for the work. The tenderer who are themselves not professionally qualified shall undertake to employ qualified Technical men at their cost to look after the work according to the scale included below. In the case of selected tenderer is professionally qualified or has undertaken to employ technically qualified personnel under him.00 Lakhs Officer plus One diploma holder in Civil Engineering or two Diploma holders in civil Engineering with three and five years experience respectively Contractor . incase.E Civil Engineering with three years experience (or) One Retired Sub – Divisional Above Rs.E Civil (or) equivalent Degree holder with three years experience in civil Engineering Above Rs. ii) The works and temporary works to the full value of such works executed from time to time.00 Lakhs :upto Rs. constructional plant and other things brought to site by the contractor to the full value of such materials.

in absence due to valid reasons and if during such period ion the opinion of the Divisional Engineer (H) the employment of Technical Assistants is not required for the due fulfillment of the contract. penalty shall be Levied during the period of such non employment of the technical men. the contractor who is professionally qualified is not in a position to remain always at the site of work for checking of all the items of work and paying extra attention to such works as may demand extra special attention (ie) bituminous courses.E. 9.E Civil (or) equivalent degree with three years experience (or)not less than One retired Sub – Divisional Officer and one more B. Two B.per month for Diploma holder and rs..50. 5000/. It will not be incumbent on the par to the contractor to employ technical Assistant / Assistants when the work is kept. 25. reinforced concrete work etc. Income Tax at 2 % of the bill amount will be recovered from all interim bills and final bill of the contractor or such rates which the government may be notification fix from time to time. (Civil) or equivalent degree holder with three years experience not less than tow retired sub – Above Rs.00 Lakhs engineering or two retired Junior Engineer.10000/.One B.per month for degree holder be levied in case of default on the part of the contractor is following norms mentioned above.E (Civil) or equivalent degree holder. Notes : In case. (ALTERNATIVE) One B. If the tenderer fails to employ technical men as indicated above for the works.00 Lakhs Divisional Officer / A.E plus four Diploma holders in Civil Engineering or Four retired Engineers.50. Contractor Junior .E Civil (or) equivalent Degree holder with three years experience (or) not less than one retired Sub – Divisional Officer / Assistant Executive Engineer plus two diploma holders in civil Above Rs.00 Lakhs upto Rs. he should employ the technically qualified men (as) prescribed foe the work.E. A Penalty of Rs.

In the event of the work being transferred to any other Division or Circle.00 Lakhs (Rupees two Lakhs only) the same will be settled by filing a Civil suit before a civil court having jurisdiction for decision. to the loss incurred by the Telecom Department for the said damage.B the contractor has to resolve a property such as wires. If there is any chance in the materials in higher side no extra amount will be paid. 17. damaged during execution at his expense within 48 Hours from the notice given in writing and the Engineer any proceed as may be deemed necessary protecting the interests of the Department. VAT Tax 4% of the bill amount will be recovered from all interim bills final of the contractor or such rates which the Government may by notification fix from time to time.2. The Contractor will have to pay penalty to the Telecom Department if damaged is caused by hi. If the contractor engage child labour the work contract assigned to him shall be black listed for 3 years. water pipes. 11.00 (Rupees two Lakhs only) the dispute shall be referred foe arbitration to a sole Arbitrator. Recovery at 0. PROTECTION AND RESTORATION OF PROPERTY As per clause 108 – 08 of PS to S. The Divisional Engineer or Superintending Engineer who will be in charge of the Division or Circle having jurisdiction over the work shall be competent to exercise all the powers and pervillages reserved in favour of the Government. 13. 16. meters and accessories conducts.30 % of the estimated value of the contract will be made from the contractors bill or at such rates. the mix has to be got designed from H.S. The arbitration proceedings will be Governed by arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. 12.R. The Superintending Engineer (NH) Thiruunelveli Circle or his successor in his office shall be the Arbitrator for this purpose. 15. 14. etc. if any the claims monetary value is less than Rs. In case of any dispute of difference between the parties to the contractor either during the progress or after the completion of work or after the determination abandonment of the contract or any matter arising there under and if the claims value exceeds Rs. Contractor . 2.S (or) any other reputed institution at contarctor`s cost and approved by the competent authority before proceeding with the work.R. Gravel aggregate or quarry fines. The Government may be notification fix from time to time towards TamilNadu Manual workers welfare reference to the Tamil Nadu Manual workers ( Regulation of employment and condition of work) Act 1962. the mix ratio sand. SAND GRAVEL MIX WORK For the involves sand Gravel Mix..10. The Contractor should engage child labour (Below the age of 16 years ) in the execution of works. cables.

No. fire. 742/TD/dated 27.O. earth quakes. cyclone. The Government will nor be responsible for such losses and the Government is not liable to pay any compensation towards such losses sustained by the contractor.1978 and amendment issued in G. the work shall be in good condition and in conformity in every respect with the requirements of the contract and instructions pf Engineer.CONDITIONS FOR CLAIMS OF CONTRACTOR ON ACCOUNT OF LOSSES DUE TO UNPRECEDENTED FLOODS AND OTHER ACTS OF GOD The contractor should arrange to insure the work as risk insurance of their cost against any losses due to damage of nature calamities like unprecedented floods.06/1983) Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . (G.7. From commencement to completion and upto the expiry of observation period.Ms.Ms. volcanic eruption and other convulsion of nature. 620/TD/ dated 27.O.No. lighting. the work shall be under the charge and care of the contractor and the contractor shall be take full responsibility for the care thereof and taking precautions to prevent loss or damage and shall be liable for any damage or loss that may happen to the works or any part including the departmental tools and plant thereof from any cause whatsoever and shall at his own cost repair and make good the same so that at completion any expiry of observation period.

latrines and urinals in accessible places and the accommodation separately for each of them shall be on the following scale or on the scale directed by the Divisional Engineer in any particular case. DRINKING WATER A. A. Where the No.SCHEDULE . The trap door shall be kept locked and opened duly for inspection and cleaning which shall be done at least once a month.Bathing and washings should not be allowed nearby any drinking water well. C. If women are employed separately.Except in work site provided. there shall be maintained at an accessible place first aid appliances and medicines including adequate supply of sterilized dressing and sterilized cotton wool. Contractor . 2. FIRST AID At the work site. LATRINES AND URINALS There shall be provided within the promises of every work site . of persons employed does not Exceed 50 Where the No.S. The contractor's special attention is invited to clause 108-11 of the P.AII such wells shall be entirely closed and provided with a trap door which shall be dust and water proof. Rules for the provisions of health and sanitary arrangements for workers. D. The appliances shall be kept in good order. E.D Applicable to all cases of works other than those relating to roads. of persons employed exceeds 50 but does not exceed 100. B. They shall be placed under the charge if responsible person who shall be readily available during working hours. Every water supply storage shall be at a distance of not less than Sum from any latrine drain or other sources of pollutants Where water as to be drawn from an existing well. WASHING AND BATHING PLACES Adequate washing and bathing places shall be provided separately for men and women . 1.Such places shall be kept clean and well drained .B and he is requested to provide at his own expenses the following to the satisfaction of Divisional Engineer. latrine and urinals screened from those for man shall be provided on the same scales . 3. which is within such proximity of any latrine drain or other sources of pollutants . channels and canals where a minimum of fifty workers are employed. Where drinking water is obtained from intermittent public water each work site shall be provided with storage tank where such drinking water shall be stored. Water of good quality fit for drinking purposes shall be provided for the workers on the scale of not less than 3 gallons per head per day. 4.R.The well shall be properly chlorinated before water is drawn from it for drinking .S to S. A reliable pump shall be fitted to each inner well. For every additional hundred 3 seats 3 seats 2 seats B. C.

CREACHES At every work site at which 50 or more women workers are ordinarily employed there shall be provide two huts of suitable size for the use of children under the age of five years belonging to each women (one hut shall be used for infants. Thatched roof Mud floors and walls Planks spread over the mud floor and covered with matting.A floor area of about 6'x5' for two person shall be provided. games and play and the other as their be room). The shed shall be on a standard not lass than cheap shelter type to live in which the workers in the locality are accustomed . 6. SHEDS FOR WORKERS The contractor shall provide at his own expenses sheds for hosing the workers. 1. On completion of the work the contractor should dismantle the temporary hut and remove the same at his cost and no labour or huts allowed to continue Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . 7.with water flushed latrines connected with a water borne sewage system all latrines shall be provided with receptacle on dry earth system which shall be cleaned at least four times daily and at least twice during working hours and kept in a strictly sanitary condition. 5. the excreta from the latrines shall be disposed off at the contractor's expenses in out work pits approved by the local public health authority. CANTEENS A cooked food canteen on moderate scale shall be provided for the benefit of workers if it is considered expedient. SHELTERS DURING REST At the work site there shall be provided free of cost two suitable sheds one for meals and other for rest for the use of workers. 3. 2. The contractor shall also employ adequate number of scavengers and conservancy staff to keep the latrines and urinals in a clean condition. 8. The sheds are to be in a row with 5' clear space between sheds and 50' clear space between rows if conditions permit. The workers camp shall be laid but in units of 400 persons each unit of area clear space of 40' on each side. The use of the huts shall be restricted to children their attendants and mother of the children.The huts shall not be constructed on a standard not lower than the following.

and the same should be dropped in the tender box kept in the office of Special Chief Engineer (H) / Divisional Engineer (H) before the date and time stipulated in the tender document. the tenderer is liable to be prosecuted as per the law or banned from doing business with Highways Department. After award of work an agreement will be drawn up. Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . 6. Tender documents are to be down loaded form and printout is to be taken of A4 size paper and details are to be entered by the tenderer at the various locations in the document. 8. 7. the latter shall prevail and will be bindingon the tenderer. his full earnest money deposit will be forfeited. In addition. Tenderers are free do download tender document at their own risk and cost. for the purpose of perusal as well as for using the same as tender document for submitting the offer. 3. I / We here by accept the above instructions and I / We will furnish a declaration for the above with the Tender document. Master copy of the tender document is available in the office of Divisional Engineer (H) concerned. 4. submission of tender downloaded from the Internet etc. Any clarifications required and any further details or drawings required for this work please contact Concerned Divisional Engineers (H). The Highways will not be responsible for any postal delays/delay in downloading of tender document from the internet. The earnest money deposit required for this work as stipulated in the tender document also to be submitted separately. In case. It is advisable that the down loaded tender document to be printed through laser printer only. any discrepancy between the tender document downloaded from the internet and the master copy. 5.INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS REGARDING TENDER FORMS DOWNLOADED FROM INTERNET 1. tender notice no and date. It is the responsibility of the tenderer to check and correction or any modifications published subsequently in Website and the Tenderer shall take a printout of the Corrigendum (if any) and sign the same and should attach to the main tender document. This tender document (in full) downloaded along with the various documents required be submitted as per the tender conditions in a sealed cover duly subscribing with the name of the work. No claim on this amount will be entertained. The agreement will be prepared based on the master copy available in the above mentioned office and not based on the tender document submitted by the tenderer. Tender documents unaccompanied by the published corrigendum will be liable for rejection. Tenderer’s are advised to downloaded tender documents well in advance and submit the tender before the stipulated time. If any change / deletion is made by the Tenderer and the same is detected at any stage even after the award of the tender. Submission of Xerox or photocopy of tender document is prohibited. 2. and I / We have not tampered / modified the tender forms in any manner. If the same is found to be tampered/modified I / We understand that my / our tender will be summarily rejected and full earnest money deposit will be forfeited and I / We am / are liable to be banned from doing business with Highways Department and / or prosecuted b) An extract of performance Pass Book of the Contractor should be attached along with thee-Tender. List of all works carried out should be furnished without any omission.Declaration a) I / We have download the tender form the internet site http://tender. A certificate should be furnished along with the Tender as stated below. “Certified that all works taken up by the Contractor in all the wings of this Department are furnished along with Tender correctly without any omission” Contractor DIVISIONAL ENGINEER HIGHWAYS (C&M) DHARMAPURI . In case.

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