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John Forster
thoughts to me at theparanormalexplorer@gmail. com and let’s see who is agreeable and who disagrees with the fakes being allowed to continue. Hi guys and welcome to the new issue of The Paranormal Explorer. I hope you really enjoy it. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all who have supported and helped in getting this magazine ready for launch as I haven’t been around much this month due to certain things beyond my control. I would like to say a very big thank you to Belle, who is a godsend. On a more serious note, I have noticed that a certain TV show is so desperate to get back on TV that they are asking their fans to get a hold of Sky TV to get them back on the air. What I want to know is how much longer people are going to put up with fakes in the paranormal world, OUR WORLD. Why should we have to put up with money greedy, fake groups, and TV shows that fake the evidence to make money, and the egotistical ranting of idiots that don’t know what they are talking about? This magazine and our radio shows will keep naming and shaming these people and groups. It grates that our love is getting dragged into the gutter by idiots out to take as much money of the unknowing public that they can. What are your thoughts on this? Send your opinions and The Paranormal Explorer 2 On a lighter note, in two weeks our radio program, Hauntedcornwall fm, will have the surviving member of the Lutz family, Christopher Lutz, from the Amityville horror on as a guest. If you have any questions you would like ask, be sure to tune in as it promises to be a fantastic show. I feel it could enlighten a few souls into what really happened at this house. Okay, there is my rant for the time being. I am so proud of the family we have built here and I hope you all enjoy the magazine as much as we do putting it together for you. Please help by spreading it around to all of your friends on Facebook and anywhere else you can think of. The more people who read our magazine the better. We look forward to your feedback so remember to send us your thoughts on how much you love our magazine or any suggestions that you feel would make it better. We want to be the best paranormal magazine in the world! Love and Light, John Editor-in-Chief

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor...
I can’t wait for the next issue.......never had access to a magazine like yours it is amazing.....I knew there were others like me who believes in the paranormal but had no idea how to learn what they know.....I believe that we all hold natural power that can be used if shown the proper way to harness that power. Amber Treece I really have to say my favorite part of your magazine is the Paranormal Education section. As a new investigator with a team here in Wyoming I feel I will be able to learn a lot to bring to the table with the group I work with. Great Job you guys! Joe Elderly I wanted to take the time to write you an e-mail about your magazine. It was packed full of knowledgeable information in all areas of the paranormal! There is a little bit for everyone. It is somewhat of a “One size fits all!” My husband and I took turns fighting over the magazine so we each could read it. He loves paranormal investigation articles, and I prefer the articles about metaphysics, psychics, and the Tarot Card lessons! So instead of paying for 2 different magazines, this one was perfect for both of us to share! Let me know when you decide to print this magazine, that way we can both have a copy to read, and not argue over who was going to read the “Paranormal Explorer” first! LOL. The gifted writers every month keep me excited! Gina You know, I have to admit that when I first saw the article about Satanism I was horrified. Being a Christian, I was upset that you would include something like this in your magazine. But when I started to read the article, out of my own curiosity, I was actually impressed. I totally get it now and feel that this lady made a lot of sense. Honestly I have to say hats off to her for being independent enough to stand up for what she believes and claiming her own power. It made me realize that I could have that same feeling in my own beliefs and I feel I can now have the courage to stand on my own and not expect someone else to tell me how to believe. Thank you Sin! I hope to read more from you. Beverly I really enjoyed reading the article about reincarnation. I never put much thought into who I was in a past life. It’s really made me think. I’d like to see a lot more of this topic since it is really kind of new to me. I look forward to learning more. Terry Do you have something you would like to say about our magazine? Do you like what you see, or see something you dislike? Do you want to see more of something or want us to add a topic? Write in to us and let your voice be heard. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to improve our efforts to make this the best paranormal magazine on the market. Your Paranormal Staff

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The Old Quaker Lane School House
Annapolis, Illinois
Our initial investigation of the Old Quaker Lane School House in Annapolis began June 3, 2002, and we have conducted ongoing investigations at this location since then. We have had very many encounters here and have several witnesses to back up these encounters as well as physical evidence such as photos, videos, and EVP’s. Before sharing some of our experiences, here’s a brief history of the school. The school was in full operation until the year 1944 when it was sold to a local landowner who permanently closed it. The school had instructed children from grades 1 through 8 and had been operated by only one teacher. There was no electricity or heat (other than an old wood stove) until the early 1940s. The building is very small in size and is now being used as a storage area for the landowner. The building was set up like a lot of other schools of this time, with its large woodshed, well pump, boys’ and girls’ outhouses, and a large playing area.

By Todd Bates
the paranormal. Here are just a few of our encounters from this area. In 2002, we instantly fell in love with this little school, and we visited it at least four times a week in the late evening hours. On our first few visits, we only stayed on the outside of the school to let the spirits in the area become familiar with us. We set up the video camera in the west window that focused on the center of the school as well as the teacher’s podium. At first we didn’t speak to the spirits in order to let them “feel us out” and sense that we were not there to harm them. We also took some photos for our records and found them to be quite interesting. After a little wait, we began to speak with them and told them our intentions. For example, we asked if they would mind communicating with us as well as let us photograph them. We stayed on this first investigation about four hours and then left so we could analyze the evidence that we had gathered. Upon viewing the video tape later on, we heard very clear moans that appeared to be coming from a small female child--and then the moans turned into words saying, “Mom.” The child spoke as if she had lost her mother and didn’t know whom to turn to. We also captured the sounds of children singing, “Joy to the World.” Now we knew that there was activity and we just had to go back for more. We returned to the school two nights later bringing our recording equipment with us. We set up the camera once again in the west window to record while we went to the other side of the school to try and capture some EVP. We arrived at the old well pump that was once used as a gravityfed well and set up our equipment. We explained to the spirits once again why were at this location and what we intended to accomplish by communicating with them. We set up the recorder by the old well and just let it record while we went to the other side of the building. We later learned that a man and small child had been killed in this well a very long time ago. The EVP we captured from this area was a very clear, “Help.” I know the word “help,” when it comes to paranormal activity, is all too common, but

Since our first investigation of the school in the late spring/ early summer of 2002, we have compiled many true stories and different forms of evidence of The Paranormal Explorer 6

this EVP sounded as if it came from inside the well. This really enhanced our interest of this location and we began to find more history and background of the area. Our second major investigation was a lot more personal and really got our attention. We still had not gone inside of the area yet because we were waiting for the land owner to clean a few things out of there, so we continued to film at the west side window. While filming the inside of the building, this very bright and perfectly round orb came out from behind some stacked wood. I immediately focused on this ball of light as it slowly traveled right in front of the camcorder. This was recorded in complete darkness, using night vision. This ball of light was recorded for over four minutes. I attempted to communicate with the anomaly, but no response was given and the object disappeared into the ceiling after a few minutes. This was a great breakthrough for us because now we had something trying to contact us. Upon our next visit, we were amazed with the evidence that we captured. This school was a very happy place for many children, and they seem to come back and forth to this area. We have captured EVP’s of children singing, talking, and playing. My wife Kris was videotaping one night at our usual spot wall when all of a sudden she saw two small anomalies inside the building. She assured them that we were not there to harm them and tried to communicate with them. Soon after, we saw the two anomalies fly out of the window right next to her. Then you hear a small child say, “Hey.” A second later another small child says, “Hey, Daddy.” These anomalies and EVP’s were both captured on video. Kris could not hear these voices at the time, but she did hear a commotion in the woods next to her. When she looked over there, she saw a little girl running into the woods. We were amazed with the evidence that was captured that night and had to try to figure out just what was going on. We began investigating the inside on our next hunt. The owner finally cleared it out a bit, and we cleared some more out. The inside was very old and showed its age. The smell of mildew was very heavy, and the ceiling was falling down in certain areas. We covered some of the holes in the floor that were created by age and weather. Most of the windows were broken, but you could still see where the curtains used to hang. The teacher’s platform was still in pretty good shape in its position at the head of the classroom, the chalkboard outline still visible on the wall. There was an old coal/wood stove that had been used for heat and it was in pretty good shape as well. We returned later that evening for our first internal investigation of the little schoolhouse. We entered the darkness of the school, and it was peaceful. We stood inside for a few minutes to let the spirits get used to us. Our hair stood on end; we knew we were not alone. We began with the photo session and captured some great photographs with shots of orbs, strange lights, and portals. We then moved on with the EVP session and commented aloud, “If anyone would like their picture taken, please stand next to Todd.”

We later heard the response from a small child, “Picture me.” We left the recorder running and went outside to get some fresh air. Later, when the evidence was analyzed, we heard another small child say as we left, “They’re gone.” It was great to see that spirits were beginning to interact with us. Conclusion: This location turned out to be very active indeed and will only get better with time. The owner of the school, Mr. Scott Holmes, has now passed away, and I would like to dedicate this story to him and his personal school which he attended as a child. May he rest in peace. In Loving Memory of Scott Oakley Holmes. The Paranormal Explorer 7


The Paranormal Undercover
By Tara Perfetti A Haunting in Alabama
Hello there my friends! This month I want to introduce you to Cory Cooper. Cory wrote in to me with a story of a haunting in the deep south of The United States, in Alabama. I had a chat with Cory and she had quite a story to tell! Her personal experience was full of detail and color, all the way down to the dialect one might expect being spoken in the Southern part of The States! I asked her to fill me in on the background information on how she had come to be in the home she is writing about, and then tell me all about her experience there and how she felt about it. So grab your sweet tea, bless your hearts, get your hot weather gear on and come sit a spell with me as we hear what Cory has to share with us. Cory writes: “Well, my cousin’s husband was transferred from his job in Florida to Alabama. The change was hard on my cousin who was used to big city living. They were able to purchase a good size home that included three lakes on it; to her it was a dream home. My aunt, who was set to retire in a few years, bought a home in the same town. She figured that when she retired she could move to Alabama and be near her daughter and granddaughter. The home that she purchased had a good foundation but the entire inside needed work. She offered my husband and me an opportunity to live in the home for almost no rent at all, if we would just fix it up here and there and keep up with the yard. I had been let go of my job in Florida because of lack of The Paranormal Explorer 8

business and my husband was tired of driving a cab. My cousin offered me work at her antique store; and there was a community college nearby where my husband could finish his associate’s degree. At the time, it sounded like the perfect plan. I could help my aunt out by repairing the house and my cousin would have family nearby so she wouldn’t feel so all alone in rural Alabama. Before the move, I wanted to check out this house that my aunt had bought in person. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When we pulled up to the house I fell in love with it. The house sat a good distance back from the road and was situated on a curve in the road. There was a huge rose bush outside and nice trees and bushes. When I started to walk toward the front door, however, I got a really cold feeling. It was odd because it was a very warm day outside. I stopped where I stood and looked at my aunt and said “something

really bad happened here didn’t it?” She said “Corabelle, nothing bad happened here. It is your imagination again, now come on inside and stop being silly.” As we walked into the house I was looking around. I was thinking in my head OK I need to get floor for the living room. In the kitchen I thought to myself OK needs new cabinets and a faucet for the sink, and then something really strange happened. I swore I heard someone say “whatcha doin’ in my house”. It sounded like Mammy in the movie Gone with The

Wind. I looked quickly around, called out to my aunt and asked “Is there anyone else in this house?’ She responded with “Course there isn’t anyone else here, what has gotten into you?” Ever since I was little I had been joked by my family for my “feelings” so I knew it better just to make something up. “It is just so quite here, not used to it, messes with your head a bit” with a joking smile on my face. My aunt shook her head and laughed “well get used to it Corabelle.” Two months later my husband, dog and I moved into the house in Alabama. I had told him about what I had felt and he said “I believe you, why would you make it up?” As we moved into the house, I swear I heard ‘humphs’ and ‘sighs’ like someone didn’t approve of my furniture or something. This really annoyed me but I just said out loud “this is my house now, deal with it sister.” A little bit later, as we were still moving things in, I heard a very real scream outside. I went running out into the back yard. There was an elderly black woman, in her house robe and curlers, holding out her broom and shouting “get dog, get”. I seriously wanted to burst out laughing; it looked like a scene in a movie and not reality. I called out to the woman “It is OK, she is a good dog; she won’t hurt you”. The lady responded “humph ifs a yous said sos missus.” Not wanting to be further rude, I went over and introduced myself. “My name is Cory and I am your new neighbor”. She just shook her head at me in disbelief and started laughing. I didn’t know what was so funny so I said “I am sorry but what is so funny?” She stopped laughing and said “Ms. Eugine be rolling in her grave she knew some white people bez movinz into da house, oh loardy lord.” She then went further to say “I am sorry child would you like to come in have some to drink?” Of course I accepted. This lady was the ‘token’ old school country woman; how could I turn her down? I cut right to the chase, “Is the house I am living in haunted?” The woman just nodded her head and said, “All these new people moving into town some these old ghost getting stirred up.” At the time I didn’t quite know what she meant by that. She went on to tell me the history of the house I was moving into. This is EVERY person who believes in the paranormal dream; someone who knows exactly what all happened in a place that is haunted. -This is not word for word what the woman told me (l am trying to leave out names as to not ‘stir’ things up. I will explain more later.) She began her story, “Wez here iz from another time. Not too longz ago whites and blacks were never to associate with one another. Especially here in Alabama, my grandkids don’t preciate whatz they got and the peoplez who had to die to give it to them. Now, Ms. Eugine is the perfect example of someone who wanted change. Her husband and her owned a little cotton farm on the outskirts of town. Now back in my day, us coloreds didn’t usually own land, especially no cotton land. He got into an accident and became paralyzed. They sold the farm and back in ‘72 took the money from the sale of the farm and they built the very house you live in now. You may have noticed that not even a block away there are the nice fancy houses, then you have these average homes, then further down the road people be living in shacks. That because where your house sits now was the start of colored town. I used to work at the Black House up the road from here. It looks like a sad version of its once grand self. Anyways, they built that house and were damn tootin’ gonna prove that they were not some dirty colors. Ms. Eugine comes in here like a whip. She kept a nice yard with them nice rose bushes. She taught a lot of the coloreds in the shacks how to read and was very involved with the church. That little house you live in is a good place but some bad things happened there. First of all, her poor brother died right there on the front walkway; heart attack. They had just gotten back from church, it was a sad day everyone loved that man. Then not even a week later, her husband died in his sleep in the bedroom. That house knows death and believes me it doesn’t forget. Ms. Eugine died in the home as well, in the kitchen. Now that woman took great pride in that house. It was the only something she ever had in the world, and even though bad things happened there, mind you it is full of better memories. You want to get her ghost really stirred up, don’t love that house. I do believe she would come back from the grave and getcha!” I was shocked! The sidewalk was where I stopped When I first went to view the house and froze! This was too cool. This means I really did feel something and it was not my imagination. Little did I know at the time that, even though my house was blessed, the rest of the town, well the ghosts, were stirred up, just as the old woman predicted (more about that in another tale). Time went on and my husband and I took good care of the house. One day when I was painting I swear I could feel Ms. Eugine there behind me smiling she The Paranormal Explorer 9

Haunting in Alabama Continued: liked it. The more we did the less I felt anger from her. One day I was out working in the yard and some ladies pulled up. “How much you want for them old rose bushes? I can have my grandson digum up for you, they will kill your pipes” I stood up and shook my head “No ma’am, Ms. Eugine have my neck if I sold her prize rose bushes”. The old white ladies in the car, their faces turned white, just nodded and drove off. As I went in to get some water I swear I heard Ms. Eugine say, “You love this house much as I did. You take realz good care of it.” It was sad in a way I never ‘felt’ Ms. Eugine after that. I dunno if she decided to move on, or if I just gave her some peace for a bit. come aware of this fact, assuming we believe we are being haunted, we need to decide whether we are going to make these very surroundings our own in every way, or try to please these spirits and attempt to keep what they may have created. Hard choice to make! I can debate both sides of this, as well as see the possibility for a lot of compromising and working both angles. Whatever your choice may be, if you believe there is a spirit attached to the home you are trying to make during your time here on earth, at the very least have respect for the fact they are people just like you and me and attached to it for a reason. Try to understand how you would feel at that point and address it from the view point you would like to have given to you should that be your spirit (you give what you get, treat others as you want to be treated, etc) because one day it very well might be! If you have any input, questions, disagreements, agreements or anything else in regards to this story, please write in and tell us!

Now this reporter will tell you that I personally cannot verify this to be factual via research. As most of you Paranormal Investigators already know, when it comes to private properties it is very hard to pull off that kind of verification, and very rare that one can. With that said, I do believe what Cory has shared with us. It would appear to me that her initial ‘cold’ feeling was right on for a spot where a life had ended. Additionally, because she had been speaking of changing a home that a soul such as Ms. Eugine’s could be attached to, it is also understandable that Ms. Eugine would be upset with the thought of a person changing what she spent a lifetime creating! What I have taken from this story is this: we need to be in-tune to our surroundings and remember there have been many here before us. Once we have beThe Paranormal Explorer 10

Would you like to see your own personal paranormal story published? Well, we can’t publish it if you don’t write and tell us about it! You can send all submissions to: Here is wishing all of you much peace, happiness, and hoping that we can all keep an open mind and an open heart! I can’t wait to hear from ALL of YOU! Tara


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The Ghosts of Lunacy
By Pamela S. K. Glasner
of the driver’s side window frame. It was a mistake. The force of the previous day’s impact slammed through me as though I’d been hit by a large, solid, moving object. I couldn’t breathe. I wrenched my arm back as though I’d been burned, and stood there rubbing my palm. I couldn’t take my eyes off the car, though I’m sure it’s because at that point I was trying to figure out what had just happened to me. I had no way of knowing it at the time, of course, but that incident, thirty-six years ago, became the first in a long chain of events which would eventually lead to the creation of The Lodestarre, my series of historical novels which, among other things, examines the treatment and mistreatment of the mentally ill over the course of about 350 years. But in the short term, what I did was go back to the hallowed halls of my college, gather together my closest confidants, and recount the events of the previous day. Mistake number two. My earliest awareness of my acute sensitivity and susceptibility to the world around me occurred in my twenty-first year. The oil crisis, which had begun in October of 1973, was in full swing, and I was putting myself through college by working odd jobs here and there — this time in a gas station. The relevance of that is only that being there put me in the right place at the right time. One of my fellow workers had been in a severe auto accident and I stood by and watched as what was left of his mangled car was towed in and stowed behind the building. I couldn’t say why then, and I’m not even certain I can definitively say why now, but I had to get closer. So after it was gently set into its parking space and everyone else had gone about their business, I walked over to it — slowly, as if approaching an animal whose reaction to my presence I was unsure of. I leaned forward ever so slightly, I think to get a closer look, and I placed my palm on the ragged surface The Paranormal Explorer 12 Nothing like that had ever happened to me before, at least, none that I could recall at the time. I have since identified numerous occurrences, before and since, which fit into the same category (loosely and, IMHO, derogatorily labeled paranormal), but it would be decades before I’d find a way to weave those events into my consciousness and see them as something positive. Meanwhile, never having thought of myself as especially unique or extraordinary in any way, I figured this sort of thing must happen to everyone, at one time or another, so I shared the experience with my friends. I learned three very important lessons that day: first, the rest of the world does not experience phenomena like this on a regular basis; second, even if they do, the majority of people most certainly do not publicly admit it; and third, being different may look good on paper, it may sound terrific when motivational speakers are trying to sell something, but make no mistake, it has its drawbacks — drawbacks which, based on the research I did for my books,

trace their beginnings at least as far back as the birth of mental heath care practices, and I’m certain, even farther than that. You’d have to have spent your entire life under a rock somewhere to be unaware of society’s unfortunate but long-standing, inglorious tradition of treating people who are “different” as damaged goods. Other than the very young and the very old, the most vulnerable people in society are the mentally ill — or those who are deemed to be. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? After all, with a documented history of mental illness, even in face of the most deplorable abuse, who’s going to listen? And in our world, like it or not, if you have no voice, you have no power. In the 1300’s, when institutions for housing (and what passed for ‘treating’) the mentally ill were first established, the patients (vituperatively referred to, back then, as lunatics, maniacs, and idiots) endured the most abominable abuse and barely-describable horrors. and pitiless, it’s hard for me to imagine that one human being could actually do the things I read about to another human being.

Inmates were chained in their cells, mostly naked, barely fed, sometime starved, and when they were taken out for “treatment”, they endured tortures such as beatings, brandings, holes being bored into their skulls to release the demons within, having flaming pitch applied to their scalps, being temporarily drowned, being purged at both ends by having copious amount of water forced into them orally and anally, the “Bath of Surprise,” during which the unsuspecting, blindfolded lunatic would be suddenly dropped through a trapdoor into a tub of ice water in an attempt to shock the insanity away, and the “whirling chair” which would spin the lunatic into unconsciousness in an attempt to rearrange the contents of the brain. The stench inside the walls of those hell-holes was said to be nearly unbearable, but there were many who bore it once per week, on Visitor’s Day when, for a penny, the general public could enter the place with stones and sticks so they could ogle and tease and poke the lunatics, much as ill-mannered children might have done to caged animals in a zoo. And, if you were so inclined, you could pay a little extra and demand to have two or more lunatics copulate in your presence, for your viewing pleasure.

The common belief was that the lunatics could not experience humiliation and could not feel pain or hunger or extreme changes in temperature, but in fact craved those sensations because somewhere in the deep recesses of their fevered brains they understood that torture was their only hope for regaining their sanity. In effect, they were said to crave torture. And so they were subjected to treatment so brutal

The Paranormal Explorer 13

Lunacy Continued: The standard party line for all these atrocities was that lunatics were little more than feral animals who were devoid of reason and had to be beaten, dominated and subdued in order to begin rebuilding their shattered psyches. Regardless of which torture the particular circumstance called for, there was always a medical rationalization to justify the abuse. “Last week I was tied into a whirling chair,” wrote Gilbert Bond in 1647, “a device which is suspended in midair by a long pole and spun rapidly ‘round and ‘round. I tried with every ounce of the self-control I once possessed to pretend I was elsewhere, that this was not happening to me. I swore I’d not beg them to stop as I always do, but in the end, I succumbed. I oftimes think I might endure the lice and the pain and the vomit and the excrement and the isolation if only I could find a way passed the humiliation.” Except when extermination or subjugation was the intended goal (think: Inquisition, Nazis, and slavery), never was any segment of society so deliberately and with such callousness and malicious forethought, treated so abominably. And this continued, essentially unchecked, for 600 years. Now, before anyone decides to jump down my virtual throat, here’s a little tidbit for you: as recently as 1981 — that’s just thirty years ago — twenty-seven states in the US were actively forcing surgical sterilization on Americans who were thought to be mentally ill. And keep in mind: there is not now, nor has there ever been, a definitive test to establish the presence of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. It is literally the doctor’s best guess, based on the information available and accepted medical norms at the time. To make matters worse, though the governors of a few of those states have apologized, they claim there’s no need to even consider compensation because the victims are mostly dead and, of course, there wouldn’t be any offspring to compensate. They actually said that, using the tragic results of their abuse as a means to evade responsibility. Adding insult to injury, if you somehow manage to actually connect with a human being who might attempt to logically answer your questions regarding their states’ role in this travesty, they will tell you that, though the laws permitting such abominations remained on their books much later than 1981, they were “rarely, if ever, used.” Well, pardon me if I sound curt, but however you want to sugar-coat that, unless I

The name Gilbert Bond is fictitious, a character out of my Finding Emmaus book, one my Lodestarre series, but both he and his story are firmly rooted in reality. Mr. Bond is a compilation of “…the countless tortured souls who fell victim to the standard medical practices …” of his day, behind the walls of what came to be known as asylums. Not surprisingly, the mortality rate in some of those institutions was said to have been, at times, as high as 50%. The Paranormal Explorer 14

am greatly mistaken, and I don’t believe I am, “rarely, if ever” means they still did it! So, after all that, if there are ghosts who still linger near the decomposing remains of these institutions, or in the places where the buildings once stood, is it any wonder?? The truth was that anyone could find themselves locked away in an asylum, particularly if they were of limited means, had no political clout, and — if they were female — unwilling, Heaven forbid, to be completely subservient and compliant. Today, though we no longer operate under the misguided belief that patients (the psychiatric community began trading the word “lunatic” for “patient” right around the year 1700), actually want to be subjected to physical pain and mental anguish, we still cause immeasurable harm. We may treat by different methods, but we are still human, we are still uncomfortable with things — and people — that are different, and we would still rather label someone mentally ill than explore the possibility that in this world there are phenomena which we simply cannot explain away with science — or what passes for science. Ever since I wrote Finding Emmaus, people have asked me if I truly believe in Empathy. Not the kind of Empathy where one feels pity or compassion or sympathy for another, but the kind I wrote about in my book: the ability to experience the emotions of another as though those emotions were your own — and perhaps even the ability to communicate with ghosts — spirits — as some of my Empaths can. I was always a bit concerned about how to respond. It felt as though I was being asked, “Do you believe Harry Potter can fly?” But I’ve had time to reflect and time to experience and I’ve decided it’s time to come out of the closet. So, — my answer? A resounding, “Why not?” After all, I pray — and my prayers are answered all the time. What’s the difference? God provides, the Universe provides, our own innate or unknown abilities provide — the world is full of wonders that we haven’t even begun to discover. I honestly believe that there is SO much about the human mind that we have yet to truly comprehend. Sometimes it’s just easier to point fingers and yell “Abomination! Lunatic!” rather than risk feeling fear or trepidation or discomfort of any sort by looking at alternatives — particularly when those alternatives are outside our normal range of experiences. But in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t really all that long ago that flat maps used to have beautiful and frightening graphics along their outer edges proclaiming “… and here be dragons.” And yet here I sit, one of the several billion living on the far side of where those dragons were supposed to be. My 54-year-old sister-in-law had been blind all her life and then in December of 2009 she was the recipient of experimental surgery. She called me eight months later to tell me that, for the first time in her life she watched a helicopter land, and then two months after that to tell me she’d seen the fireworks at Disneyland. She couldn’t identify all the colors, but she knew enough to pick out red and yellow. Outside of a miracle handed down directly from God, would anyone have believed such a thing possible when Jefferson was our president? We didn’t even have cardiac surgery until the twentieth century. Isn’t it, therefore, the very height of arrogance to categorically state that this is it, this is the human condition, there are no more discoveries to be made, no more frontiers to explore, no more miracles to be had? Where do you think humans will be ten years from now, a hundred years from now? And what do you think we’ll be capable of doing? One thing I am absolutely certain of: there is no such thing as no such thing.
Pamela S. K. Glasner is a published author, social advocate, historian and film maker. She has a popular blog on the Huffington Post and, to date, two of her works (Finding Emmaus and The Calicoon) are being produced as feature-length films. Her websites are, www., and, as well as her YouTube page, Ms. Glasner lives in rural Connecticut, USA, and is presently

working on the balance of The Lodestarre Series, as well as several other new projects. The Paranormal Explorer 15

Residential Investigations
By Todd Bates
It starts with a phone call, e-mail, Instant Message, or word of mouth generally. Someone asks you a ‘hypothetical’ question, contacts you terrified, or they take the ‘business only’ approach. There are a number of ways for this to happen, but when it does, you as an investigator are intrigued immediately. Some accounts may sound preposterous, some may give you chills, and maybe even some have a natural explanation that jumps up waving a red flag in your mind. The reason behind an approach to investigate can be null at times. Your job is not to tell a potential client they are wrong from the get go. Instead, you should be considering the risks. Would it be safe for you and your group to enter this situation? Are you qualified to handle this situation, or should you contact or refer them to someone with more experience in the area they seem to need? Are all parties involved willing to have a paranormal team intrude? And sadly, sometimes, it needs to be asked (in your own mind or within your group) if the person contacting you is sane. After asking these questions and answering them in a light that shows safety for all, you can then sit down with you team and decide whether or not you will investigate. If a personal issue arises with a team member, address it. Sometimes, for one reason or another, a team member might not feel safe going to a destination. Respect this decision for the good of your team. If all is well for the rest of your team, then you plan your approach, contact the appropriate authority (generally the person who contacted you) and set a date to investigate that fits both your team’s and the client’s schedules. Several aspects should be covered prior to the investigation. You should explain to the client the number of people you will be bringing to their home (depending on size and normally no more then 5) and your intentions. They need to realize you will be in their home for a long period (possibly overnight) and that they should conduct themselves as they normally would if you were not there. This is important and may be hard for the client to do because of all your equipment and procedures. That is why it The Paranormal Explorer 16

Paranormal Education

needs to be explained to them before the investigation. They will want to observe your every move and will constantly be asking, “Did you get anything yet?” Expecting this in advance may help you. As long as the homeowners are there, your work will more than likely be interrupted from time to time during the investigation. You need to stress to them that they must try to act as if you were not there at all unless you would call on them for assistance, after all they are the ones being haunted not you. If they break their normal routines, you may miss certain paranormal events that take place. Once you arrive at the location you will need to conduct a standard walkthrough of the area and use some of the research you have gathered to locate some of the “hot spots” to concentrate on. Most groups out there do not have that much equipment and this is why it is easier to start from the bottom of the residence and work your way up (if one story, then from the front to the back). You should concentrate on an area and if no activity is noted then you simply move on to the next area. You will want to take EMF and temperature readings and note any changes from room to room. Look for a 10 to 15 degree drop or increase in temperature or EMF readings from a steady 2 to 7 miligauss. After you have conducted your site readings then you need to review your notes as to where the differences took place and try to concentrate on these areas. The next step would be to set up whatever equipment your group uses. Place your video monitoring

Paranormal Education
equipment (if applicable, though this is strongly recommended) to where it can cover most of these areas. If you do not have that much monitoring equipment then simply send a group of two people to that area and have them sit and monitor any changes in activity. Most of what we do consists of waiting and this can be a very long process. This is why you need to keep in contact with your group members to keep interest strong. Be sure to rotate your members to different areas as this can be very long and sometimes monotonous work. Once you have your cameras and monitoring devices (motion detectors) in place then simply sit back and wait. Be sure to document any activity that you may witness. Observe the clients and how they are reacting and have them tell you immediately if they witness any strange activity. After monitoring for an extended period you will need to conduct a few sessions. I like to start with recording sessions and then go to photos, but this is my preference. You can conduct more than one recording session at a time and throughout the residence. If this is a two-story home then be sure to have a team located upstairs to cover that area. Advise all of the team members (two-way radios work excellent) that you will be conducting a recording session and that everyone should be as quiet as possible. If you wish, you could have your team upstairs conduct a recording session as well, but ONLY if their voice will not travel enough to interfere with your recording. You can also use two different methods of recording. I have had group members downstairs conducting a question and answer method of recording and the group upstairs conduct a stationary method of recording. * Your group leader will decide what the best methods are for the situation. In a few of the recording sessions, you need to involve the client or homeowner by allowing them to ask a few questions. Entities may not answer you but just may speak to them. During most of these investigations the homeowner is looking for some kind of closure or explanation as to why they are being haunted and the answer may or may not be what they want to hear. As part of your responsibility, you should warn them of this prior to the recording session. After you have conducted a few 5-minute recording sessions, you should then process them as soon as possible. I like to process mine on location just in case the spirits are trying to communicate and may require further attention. If you fail to make communication on your first session then try again. They either may not want to speak at that time or simply may not be there at all. If you believe, as I do, that they can travel then this may be the reason. I feel that spirits or “interactive entities” can come and go as they please. Whereas ‘residual’ activity is simply there and you have to be there at the right time to capture them on film or recording. The homeowner needs to know if this is a residual or interactive haunting. If it is residual then they simply have to learn to live around it. If it is interactive then there may be a way they can live together in the residence and develop some kind of respect for each other. After your investigation is complete, do not tell the client (at that time) if you feel the house may or may not be haunted or contain spirit activity. You need to regroup, gather and process all evidence before a decision is warranted. Be sure to give your client copies of all evidence you obtain and even explain to them how they can communicate with the spirits inside of their home. They may just get some great evidence on their own. The clients need to be educated, just as we have, on the basics of living with a haunting or spirit. You will find that many clients soon become members of your organization. I have met some great individuals this way and they have been great to work with. Be sure to tell the client that if you feel it is necessary, you will return for further investigations. Do not just take your evidence and run. You need to keep in contact with the client, especially after an investigation. Some clients experience a larger amount of activity after an investigation has been conducted due to us ‘interfering’ with the normal routine and flow of the residence. We have let the spirits know that we have been attempting communication with them and now they simply have to wait until we return to communicate any further. This is why I feel the homeowner should be educated as they can continue what we have started. After all processes of an investigation are complete, the homeowner should feel more comfortable with the situation. In the rare instances of physical harm be sure not to assume the spirit is malevolent. Your job is to help your client (not make them more scared). Find someone who can help them if you don’t know how to. Don’t take on more than you feel comfortable with. A lot of groups in the paranormal community like to work together. There is help out there, if only you look for it. The Paranormal Explorer 17

Paranormal Education

Money, Money, Money...
Are some paranormal groups in this for the scamming?
By Scott Haire
You know there are some days where you think of some topic that has irritated you for some time and one day it just has to be brought to the light of day, today sitting at my laptop it’s happened, my friends. This is a subject not new to this field as many of my colleges and I have ranted about it on many occasions asking ourselves if the practice is morally right or wrong. The topic of my little rant, my friend’s, is the practice of charging for services rendered in a paranormal investigation. One day I learned of a paranormal organization whose name I will not divulge because I don’t want give them the satisfaction of hits on their website are charging $1800 US Dollars or more for their services. In addition, they are claiming that they can eliminate the presence of the paranormal completely from a location. I then saw that they DO NOT come out to the location to see if paranormal activity is present initially, apparently they have a psychic perform a distance reading of the location for a small fee of something like $500 US Dollars. Now I am like any red blooded person out there who looks for a way to make a little extra coin and I’m not against that what so ever, but I look at this example and think about it and I must admit the little man in my head says, “ARE YOU #@&%^$ KIDDING ME!!!!!!!” Now there are certain groups out there that I have talked to who have said that if a location they are requested to investigate is a great distance from their hometown, they may ask the client for something for travel expenses, that mainly being gas mileage. I don’t have a problem with that kind of reimbursement when I think about it; I have had clients who feel the obligation to reimburse us something for The Paranormal Explorer 18 our time and effort in a case. Clients have helped my staff in many ways from keeping us fed and caffeinated to, in some cases, donating items to help us further our research in this field. But in my opinion there has to come a point in where a line has to be drawn in the sand, and I do believe that on this issue this is where the line has to be drawn. We as researchers and investigators come across many weird things the longer we are in this field. We have many personal experiences that amaze us and we catch audio and video footage that can make the hair on the back of our necks stand straight on end. There are many examples we can show people and much we are able to say about the topic, but one thing in the whole process we cannot do, at least to this point in paranormal research, is prove without doubt the existence of the paranormal scientifically. Skeptics, who I believe have their role in the paranormal as they keep us honest, can take anything we present and raise doubt to its authenticity; whatever we do and however we present it. And what’s the reason for this you say? It’s this, whatever we discover and present to people does not have the measure of the scientific method in proving its weight. I’m sorry if I make people angry by stating that, but it is true. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer in the paranormal and the unexplainable, but I believe in order to be a good investigator you need to be a healthy skeptic as well when encountering something on the paranormal trail. So with that said, we go back to the individuals I talked about at the beginning (and the many like them) and we ask them this question. How do you

Paranormal Education
will go to world’s end to make sure you fully understand what is going on in the environment around you. If you want to donate something we always appreciate it, but they never look for something in return for what they do. If they are making guarantee’s to you to get rid of the activity, be skeptical of this statement, I’m not saying that there are not certain things some individuals in the field can do to attempt to smother the activity, but there is nothing out there that is fool-proof. As I said before, if we can’t fully understand something that some say doesn’t exist how is it some can make guarantee’s that they can eliminate it. I hope that in the process of writing this I didn’t turn anybody off from asking a paranormal team for help. There are many good genuine people out there that are not just for fame and money, but to help answer the same questions for themselves that you have when you ask for their help. Unfortunately with the good there always comes the bad, and they hope that there is a way to take advantage of a situation and the weak. As with everything, with some research and asking questions you can be sure that your encounters with the dead and the living who look for them is a good one for all.

charge fees and state you can eliminate something when, as of this day, no one person can prove without a doubt it exists? I’m not out to attack any one group’s ideas or their process but charging high fees is something most people in the field I know say sounds like a way to scam money out of scared individuals desperate for answers that no one else has been able to present to them. As investigators we have a moral and ethical responsibility when investigating to be honest in the information we provide, and that can include even the information we don’t really agree with as well. In giving a client every idea and option we have it gives them a very important thing that they desperately are looking for, understanding and peace of mind. My opinion to anyone out there, who may be interested in having a paranormal group investigate a location, private or public, is stay away from sites and groups who state that there is a charge for their services. There are many very good organizations and investigators out there whose services are free and

Scott is the director of the Central Connecticut Paranormal Society (CCPS) in the United States, if you have any comments or question for him you can leave an e-mail at

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Science Proves Paranormal Reality
Paranormal, meaning “outside the norm,” is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena that cannot be explained by current scientific knowledge. By definition modern science is witness to the paranormal every day in the field of quantum physics. Quantum physics, also known as quantum mechanics, is the study of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic scale in an attempt to understand and describe nature at the infinitesimal level. The word quantum is derived from the word quantity. A quantum is the absolute minimum amount of energy carried by a physical entity. The term was coined by Max Planck, the German physicist who is regarded as the founder of the quantum theory, and originates from the observation that some physical quantities can be changed only by distinct amounts, rather than continuously or by an arbitrary amount. An example is the photon which is a single quantum of light. The subatomic level of the photon is where the paranormal aspect of reality emerges. Here is why a photon exists as both a particle and a wave; in fact all fundamental particles of matter, the stuff everything is made of, have this dual particle-like and wave-like behavior. This dual nature of matter is hard to believe but wave-particle duality is a provable fact. In the physics laboratory there is an experiment which shows the paranormal phenomena of wave-particle duality, the Double Slit Screen Experiment. In the double slit experiment an apparatus fires a The Paranormal Explorer 20 stream of photons, subatomic particles, electrons or atoms at a screen, like a beam of light projected from a movie projector towards the screen in a movie theater. Placed between the screen and the projector is a barrier. The barrier contains a pair of closely spaced parallel slits. Each slit can be closed or opened independently. The concentration of the stream of particles is reduced until only one particle passes the slits at a fixed time. Thus each particle then meets the slits, passes through and registers on the screen. Or each particle hits the barrier and is absorbed. Even if the stream is well aimed and calibrated, it is impossible to predict where a particle will land on the screen or on the barrier. The screen is very receptive. Whenever a particle manages to pass through the slits in the barrier it eventually leaves a tiny spot on the screen. You would think each particle must pass through one slit or the other in order to reach the screen.

By Chris Schweitzer

Paranormal Education
Yet the bewildering thing is that if you close down one of the slits more particles reach places on the screen than if you leave both slits open. There is truly no way to understand this fact if you think the stream is composed of single miniscule particles. How does a solitary particle know if you have two slits or only one slit open? Since each particle seemingly has a choice of which slit to pass through, each should have twice the chance of reaching any point on the screen. With both slits open, the particles should reach any point on the screen with greater occurrence, with two slits open, twice as many particles should have reached the screen. As soon as you close one of the slits, thus denying the particles any choice, they somehow reach places on the screen that they never reach when both slits are open. How can we explain this inexplicable behavior? Why do the particles avoid certain areas of the screen when both slits are open? Nothing explains the bizarre behavior demonstrated by a particle when it is given two choices, two opportunities, to make a fact. Somehow the two opportunities, the two possibilities, actually influence one another. They interfere with each other. How can this be? The particles are constrained so that no particle ever meets the slits in the company of another particle, each passes through alone. No two particles can collide as they go through, yet an interference pattern appears on the screen. Suppose that instead of a particle passing through the slits, it was a wave. Waves don’t act like particles. A wave could pass through both slits at the same time. A wave can split into two waves, one passing through each slit. This occurs all the time when an ocean wave comes to two openings such as the spaces between three parallel piers. The two waves would then travel separate paths and reach the screen. The waves would be traveling along different paths to reach the screen, and then the waves could interfere with each other. Waves are made of rolling peaks and valleys. If the area on the screen where the waves hit is a peak of one of the waves and a valley of another, the waves would cancel each other out. That would explain why there were no spots on certain areas of the screen when both slits were open. When you close one of the slits the wave would not be broken into two parts and the wave would hit the screen after going through the single open slit.


Images © Jordgette Using a wave description solves the problem. Quantum physics was, at the beginning, called wave mechanics, because a wave description solved the problems that arose whenever a subatomic object was confronted with two or more possibilities. The possibilities always interfered with each other as if the object was a wave. So it was concluded that subatomic matter was actually composed of waves. There were no particles, after all. But that is not correct either. The waves do not land everywhere on the screen, like a wave crashing on a beach. Instead, when the waves arrive at the screen they somehow “crash” in a series of point like spots. A real wave washes up on the beach in many places at the same time. And in particle-scattering experi The Paranormal Explorer 21

Paranormal Education
Science Continued: ments involving subatomic and atomic particles, the results are the same. The ultimate outcome is always that a particle leaves a spot somewhere on the screen, but travels through space as a wave. This behavior of particles is called wave-particle duality. Giving it a name doesn’t solve the problem. There remains a mystery. The enigma persists even today, we don’t know why or how subatomic matter acts this way. We do know that quantum physics work. With it we can explain much of what was formerly unexplainable. In spite of its vast practical success at predicting the behavior of lasers, microchips and transistors, to mention just a few, quantum theory is still so opposite to common sense that, even after nearly 100 years since its origin, most experts cannot reach an agreement on what to make of it. In the beginning physicists assumed that the wave was not real, it was a simply a wave of possibilities. This wave is called the quantum wave function or probability wave and when the wave begins to function like a particle it is called the wave function collapse. In the double slit experiment, there was only one particle approaching the slit, and the wave represented the possibilities that the particle had. With one slit open, the probability was changed from the condition where both slits were open. The double slits did create a curious problem that in some way these probabilities have an effect on each other, the particle passing through the slits had to pass through both at the same moment; it was simpler to reason that the wave wasn’t actually real and that only a single particle was there. This was and still remains an enigma. This is where the idea of parallel universes came to be considered as a way to explain this enigmatic mystery. In 1957, a graduate student at Princeton University, Hugh Everett, came up with the somewhat extraordinary notion that we must take quantum mechanics at face value. If two possibilities can interfere with each other, then those alternatives must both exist simultaneously. If possibilities can affect each other, then in some way these possibilities must really exist someplace, but where? Evidently, the wave of possibilities was composed of The Paranormal Explorer 22 particles with each particle existing in another parallel world. By there being parallel worlds, only one particle would exist in any one world. This would rationalize why only a single spot was found after the particle passed through the two slits. No one could know exactly where that spot would be located, but it would be found somewhere. In the double split experiment, only two worlds are necessary. In one world, a particle went through one slit. In the other world, the particle went through the other slit. These two parallel worlds would exist side by side, fully separate from each other until the particle reached the screen. Then the two worlds would overlap or merge. Why would the worlds merge after splitting apart? The reason was the requirement for matter to remain stable. The existence of parallel universes is the only way in which the interference can be explained and still having only one particle. The universe could be continually splitting and merging every time that anything interacted with anything else. Each split was essential to produce the wave behavior and each merge was essential to produce the particle. In this interpretation, the wave represents not possibilities but realities, an infinite number of them. The wave is composed of particles in parallel universes. When the particle hits the slits, the world, actually the whole universe, containing it splits into two, unobservable but equally real worlds. It is in each of these worlds that a particle goes through one slit. When the particle strikes the screen the worlds merge, establishing a single world once again. Although this implication leads to a bizarre view of reality, it may be the most satisfying answer yet conceived that solves the enigma of wave-particle duality. If a particle changes into a wave and back into a particle or it is the proof of the existence of parallel universes, wave-particle duality by definition is paranormal, a phenomena that cannot be explained by current scientific knowledge.
Chris Schweitzer is a quantum physics researcher, and the founder of the Anthropic Research Group in Miami Florida, USA. Schweitzer is a moderator at and has been featured on numerous radio shows as an expert on Parallel Universe Theory and is the author of the soon to be published book, PARALLEL REALITY.

Paranormal Education

*High Priestess of Stones* Reiki Master * Crystal Reiki Master * Atlantean Reiki Master Intuitive Counselor * Channel * Empowerment Coach Ordained Spiritual - Psychic - Interfaith Minister * Priestess of the Olde Religion * * Transformational Speaker * * Professional Psychic * * Teacher *
Allison is a popular Radio/Television Personality throughout the nation and hosts two radio shows *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl and The Voice of Empowerment with co-host Mystic Mandy on CBS Radio.
The Paranormal Explorer 23

Paranormal Education

It All Starts With A “K.I.S.S.”
Why keeping it simple when starting out will make you a more accomplished investigator in the end. By Scott Haire
In recent years the paranormal field has had a flood of interested people come into it and try their luck at finding what goes bump in the night. They look at all the shows on television and the fancy equipment and spend hundreds of dollars on something similar, and then they go out to the local cemetery and start snapping shots and recording the air hoping to catch the big one so to speak. Then when they get home they look over all of the footage and they are amazed to find orbs, whispers and mists, and get all excited only to bring it to an individual who has some experience and are told its bugs, breathing, or water vapor from their breath. Demoralized, they never go back to it again having wasted a lot of their own resources on high priced equipment they may never use again. When starting in this field it is enticing to go out and find all the gadgets and gear like you see on television shows to go find paranormal activity, but let me tell you how a “K.I.S.S.” could make your future in this field a little brighter and the equipment a little less overwhelming. In the Central Connecticut Paranormal Society “CCPS” the group I cofounded, I get asked by new researchers in training and other individuals looking to get in the field what is the best way to get in and what should I get for equipment. The simple answer I give them involves an old saying that I believe true in many ways when starting something new, it’s called the “K.I.S.S.” method or “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Now I’m not calling anyone stupid out there mind you, but saying it to yourself you can get the idea why you say stupid, that and I still haven’t figured out a better word yet for the last “S”. When starting out one of the best things you can do is find a reputable person or group to go on investigations with, it helps when you have someone there to ask questions to who has the experience to answer them for you completely. The Paranormal Explorer 24 Also, if you find yourself in a bigger situation, that group or individual will be able to help you out of it and will be able to assist you to understand and comprehend what you just experienced. When dealing with the gear and gadget’s of the trade there is one piece of equipment that is best for a new researcher, that piece of equipment is a notebook and pen. Yes I know you are reading this going “WHAAAAAT!!!!” But hear me out first before flipping to a new article, knowing how and what to document as far as feelings and experiences is the first major step in becoming an above average investigator. Your notes and documented experiences will help you when researching locations and finding personal histories of former occupants which is vital in my opinion in trying to help a client understand why activity is occurring. I believe as well that documentation helps hone your ability to stay calm under duress when activity occurs. Writing about your experiences in a journal or just in your notes will help you understand what has happened to you and also may bring to light later on why the activity is occurring. As you become more comfortable and know that this field is something you want to invest more time into, my advice is start with one piece of equipment and learn how to use it backwards and forwards instead of buying multiple things at once. Also learn how the gear can be implemented in an investigation, in most cases the equipment we use was not intended for use in researching the paranormal. My advice is start with a voice recorder (either analog tape or digital) or a still camera. These are, in my opinion, the two pieces of equipment you will first see or hear evidence with. If it’s a recorder you choose first learn the position of its buttons as you will be in some cases working in the dark. Record

Paranormal Education

sample sounds, as you will see that the most simple sounds live may sound like something paranormal played back. Also, one big piece of advice I can give you is get into the habit of ‘tagging,’ if someone burps, say someone burped so you know later when you review the recording that’s what that sound was so you don’t spend valuable time trying to determine its something else. If it’s a camera you choose, you also want to take the time to learn all of its functions and abilities, Take sample photos in daytime and nighttime conditions, and in a variety of weather to be able to identify what raindrops, snowflakes and bugs look like in your pictures. In most cases these objects can have certain characteristics that will differ greatly from a true orb anomaly. When you learn everything that you can about a single piece of equipment then look at adding to it, and remember the more gear you get, the more you will be responsible for in an investigation. It is very easy to find yourself equipment and look like a paranormal researcher, but much more difficult to actually be a good one. With a little time and keeping your initial work methods in the field simple, you will find the paranormal trail a much easier one to follow. Remember it only takes a little “K.I.S.S.” to start your journey in the right direction.
Scott is the director of the Central Connecticut Paranormal Society (CCPS) located in Connecticut (USA), if you have any comments or questions send them to me at

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Why are orbs such a controversial subject? If we decided to call them something else would that make them less controversial? Lets’ start by asking what orbs are and see what we can come up with, without having an argument. This is my story: What are orbs? Are they real or just particles? One could do a Google search and you will find many examples of what orbs are. So let’s take a look at some common examples that come from the scientific community, camera companies, skeptics and others; orbs are dust or moisture or even pollen. When orbs first appeared in photographs people wondered what they were. Sure in the early stages of the digital cameras the manufacturers had to respond suggesting they were particles, and photographers followed the same path. I read up on some studies done on orbs by other groups and skeptics, and what they had to say about the particles theory just didn’t convince me. On a short term study one can only collect so much data. If you did a long term study, you find things different and very interesting. I got busy doing my own research to see what is truth and false as I got these huge orange bubbles on the day of my father’s funeral, and lots of orbs after that. I had never seen orbs and didn’t know anything about them as I have never seen them in my photos before and that was almost 7 years ago. On my journey of finding what orbs are, I began taking lots of photos in all weather conditions.

You can capture real orbs in any condition as our atmosphere conditions have no effect on them whatsoever. Orbs can travel against wind, which I found amazing during an experiment in 30km/hr winds and by using a 50d canon with external flash of capturing 3 frames in 1/2 second. This proved well on my intentions and sure enough the particle (orb) traveled against the wind. This is one example but let’s get to the truth. Many people claim during rain it is moisture orbs that are captured. Ok, makes sense, but how come over a long period of study that isn’t so? Under a large golf umbrella I have taken 1000’s of photos and at times I captured orbs, and then other times I captured nothing but the rain drops or small white specks. So what is going on here? I can tell you this will have to do with the cycle periods. During the active cycles I could capture orbs, and the quiet period I’ll capture the drops and specks. Is this making sense to you? This goes with snow conditions as well. So I am convinced that orbs do exist. They were sometimes there, and sometimes not, and the many

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Paranormal Education
colors that were available were amazing, all different sizes and other strange objects. Orbs also appeared in ectoplasm, or orbplasm (a name I created because ectoplasm doesn’t fit the description). I had no idea what these orbs consisted of except what I read on the internet. So my younger brother and I got the video camera out that has night shot and were capturing moving objects; some even blinked, and passed through solid man-made objects and into and out of a dog’s head. We saw them zigzag, move up and down, doing uturns, and traveling against wind. Yes, this sounded and looked so crazy, like science-fiction, but here it was, reality. We even got poked and touched, and felt something like spider webs under the chin. When what felt like a hand was placed on my shoulder, I thought that was enough. My brother and I had a small meeting and discussed what we were going to do. We talked about all the strange things that had happened; the knocking sounds and touching. We decided that whatever happens; happens. Let’s go find out what is going on. We both believed it may have something to do with our father. We decided to put a red iridescent lamp in the security lighting so the yard would light up in red. The reason for this was since we couldn’t see what the camera did we thought this would help us see them also. At first it wasn’t working out for us but we continued. It wasn’t long before my brother was seeing these objects floating around. I thought that’s insane because I can’t see them. After a few weeks, I began seeing these objects, too. It was unreal. We both chased the same objects and pointed out where they were, it was funny. Today I see them even stronger than ever, even during the day at times. In photographs, the best shots rest on capturing orbs behind a solid object and that can be very rare as I have found out and managed to do it on very few occasions. That post was 8-10 ft away from the camera. How far away that orb was from the post is another matter and the farther away, the larger the size it would have to be. That post is at least 4 inches across, and look at that orb, that will give you an idea and they get bigger yet. Let’s get onto finding out more about orbs. I went out and bought a 35mm Canon Sure Shot 115u camera since a photography friend said I won’t get them on 35mm. I wanted to see for myself. I did about 20 rolls of film just to make my point (at my expense, lol) and sure enough I got orbs and even ectoplasm on film. I took these photos and the film strips to my friend and explained what happened. He was in disbelief. He even checked the film strips and the objects were there. On film the ectoplasm and orbs do not show high in detail. But it was the point that was important there. Next was an interesting experiment to find out if orbs were flat or round. In the videos the orbs appeared round, and in photos they appeared flat with an outer ring. So what is the easiest way to create an orb if it in fact was round? Well the one thing that came to mind was soap (sunlight) and make bubbles. That is what I did on several occasions and what I found was that the bubbles did have a ring close to the edge; that was the curvature of the object as the camera does not see in 3D. After several shootings I got the same results. I also want to add that the The Paranormal Explorer 27

Paranormal Education
Orbs Continued: bubbles did cast a shadow, whereas orbs. I have not seen one yet however; in videos I have captured orbs that cast a reflection in the mirror many times. There were the spectrum colors seen in a soap bubble but no features. So where do the orbs get their features? Well next was trying to create features in the bubble. I proceeded to heat the soap in a small pot on the stove until it was hot to touch and liquefied so no water had to be added, and made bubbles. I shot away with my camera and found the bubbles had no features. They were cloudy inside but no images like the real orbs. One bubble even popped as I captured it letting out the heat. It created a mini ectoplasm and you can see the small pieces of debris around it after it popped. The range that I took the photo was about 3 feet away and the size of the ectoplasm (this had no resemblance to real ectoplasm) was relatively small. That is heat inside the bubble on a cool night, and on a cool night like that one I’ve had ectoplasm huge in size. I decided to take this a step further and bought some food coloring. Sounds crazy? No not at all because it did show me something important. I tried all the colors, some I had to water down as the bubbles wouldn’t produce well with food color. I went through all of the colors and yes, I got bubbles with colors but not as colorful and bright as orbs, but it was good enough at the time. I did this for several weeks and I discovered I had attracted orbs. You can see in the photograph they were different in appearance and they came in different colors. But one time blew me away! I was doing the yellow color and found that was a hard color orb to find. I did loads of bubbles and photographed them, took a break for at least a minute or so then decided (why? Something made me have an urge) I took a photo with no blown bubbles and got a bunch of yellow orbs in a formation. Wow, that stunned me as how in the world would that happen? That question stuck in my mind for a while. Now I know why there were yellow orbs. That is when I realized they can see us for sure and respond. After that I had a feeling they can interact and respond, which of course will take me onto a different journey of... communication.

Ectoplasm and orbs in background (2 heated bubbles closer)

In next month’s issue I will share our experience with the Speed Test. The Paranormal Explorer 28

Paranormal Education

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Occult By SIN Jones
a figure of death which strikes the bell to indicate the top of the hour. This serves as a reminder of the passing hours, and a reminder of your mortality. As each hour, minute, second, day, month, or year passes you are closer to death. It reminds us to live each day, as if the next will never come. Memento Mori’s are important visual reminders to ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘seize the day’. Memento Mori’s are often seen as funerary art. Cemetery head stones may feature memorial art such as skeletons, skulls or angels of death. In Medieval Europe, tombs were often topped with an image of the deceased’s decaying corpse rather than the living body. This reminds any person that gazes upon it: this could be you, so live your life to the fullest. With the advent of photography, Memento Mori photography was popular in 19th century, and a minor foot-note in today’s memorials. Photographing the dead was common, and displayed in the home among family photos. It was not uncommon for family members to call in a photographer, as loved ones took ill, in the event the illness took its toll. As a result, many photographers would advertise their specialty in post-mortem photography. These photographs surface from time to time in antique shops, and have become a hobby to many collectors. The haunting images, taunt the viewer into remembering their own mortality. Many consider the fascination with death morbid, but it’s quite the contrary; you can love your life so much that you engage in an intimate romance with death.

Memento Mori Keepsake Box Made by SIN My July Issue article was a brief introduction into the Satanism of SIN JONES. It may have sparked some questions such as What is Memento Moritum, and how does one practice it? Memento Mori refers to a wide range of mediums in art with the purpose of reminding the viewer of their own eventual demise. Memento Mori may be the theme or an entire piece, or it may be a minor element, such as a skull hidden in the corner of a painting. Memento Mori is Latin meaning: “Remember your own mortality” or “Remember you are a mortal”. Memento Mori is also thought to convey: “Eat, Drink, Make Merry...for tomorrow you may die.” In European Christian Art, the popular message was the vanity of earth, glory and pleasure. Still paintings in this genre were called ‘Vanitas’, and included some form of Memento Mori such as skulls, a timepiece, snuffed candles, flowers, soured fruit, insects, etc., subtly hidden within the beauty of the still art piece. Anything which conveys the passage of time can be a Memento Mori. Another popular phrase you may find is ‘Tempus Fugit’ which means ‘time flies.’ You may have seen clocks which have a grim reaper or The Paranormal Explorer 30

I’m often asked, ‘how does one practice death?’ It’s to the contrary; it is through death that you practice life, and living. The constant reminders serve to trigger your senses so that not a minute of your life is wasted, things are not put off, and you keep your eye on your goals and aspirations. I spend a great deal of time creating environments suitable for me to prosper. My home among them. Every room in my house has a Memento Mori and created personally by me to incorporate symbolism as psychological triggers. We have a tendency to be mechanical in the day in - day out routines of living. Something has to disrupt patterns of behavior, and I found Memento Mori as an effective psychological anchor. Memento Moritum is a daily practice; it is directly tied to my philosophical modality of Satanism; to live my life. It is an active and progressive practice which shapes my view of the world and the potential I have to shape it. SIN JONES

Altar features ashes of SIN’s father and photographs of deceased loved ones

Memento Mori Shrine

Memento Mori Doll Made by SIN JONES The Paranormal Explorer 31


Witchcraft in Today’s World
By Magister
So you want to be a Witch? In my previous articles, I have tried to explain what makes a Witch by showing the ancient places of Power that exist today as full of energy as the day they were constructed with blood, sweat, and tears, hope, faith, and a belief that something greater drove man to congregate in high places and also underground. Anyone can walk into a local pagan supply store armed with a healthy bank balance and come out sometime later possessing a shiny new chrome plated Athame and Boline, probably with a fixed Pentagram on it, a Wand of many crystals, a Robe, Scrying (Black Mirror or Crystal Ball) Tool, Chalice and Pentacle plate, cords by the yard, a Sword to make King Arthur envious, and numerous books on “The Craft”. I think not. The Ways of Old, by needs must, required Tools that were available and to hand, yet “hidden” in plain view, which is the best place to hide something, as long-standing Witches will know all too well. There is not enough space in a short article to cover all the points of the true Craft, especially over 3 pages ,but let us look at what was, now is, and what may be yet to come… The “ Athame, “ a black handled blade of the Witch. Once, everyone had to own a knife simply to eat, an ornate one would have been the domain of the rich, as today – nothing changes, and carrying one was no big deal.

Comparison, Obsidian mirror, Crystal ball, Glass fishing float for scrying Despite the wannabe witch being capable of purchasing all tools at one fell swoop, does this constitute the instant change from a past life person, with no Magickal abilities, to new Witch? The Paranormal Explorer 32

My finished Athame from a Roman Gladius, circa estimated AD 200

In the home, the Pentacle plate that held the Bread as offering to the Old Gods (the concept conveniently hi –jacked by the Christians), would have most probably been a wooden bread board, common, and upon which the knife marks from cutting bread, could well have encompassed the Pentagram symbol, for one would not have cut it bold as today’s freedom of Religion allows. The Chalice, goblet of the Witch, holder of the Wine – can we really believe that this would have been an ornate, silver, or inlaid item? Again, the domain of the rich, perhaps possibly, but to the common folk, the “Paganus, or Pagan” of the fields and countryside, a clay, or even wooden cup, would have by needs must have been the true Chalice. Ironically, similar to the thought behind the Grail of Christ – a workman Carpenters vessel suited for purpose. The “Staff “or Wand, usually Ash, often carved with a Phallic head, and around a forearm span from elbow to fingertip, became a part of the Besom, the witches notorious broomstick, its tip thrust into a Birch twig clutch of twigs, and bound with a Willow bark strapping, producing the sweeping tool of the goodwife in her cottage, yet quickly dissembled to produce Wand when needed. The Distaff –or Stang, the forked walking stick of the Witch, long enough to support weight, and also strong enough to act as a weapon of defense if threatened, Staff fighting, a martial art now in its own right. Travelers around the countryside would have used one on their journey without suspicion, yet, thrust into the ground, and at its foot, the travelers “lantern” thus formed the Altar of many Old ways Traditional workings, the Stang garlanded by greenery, or flower chains, dependent upon the time of the Year Wheels change.

My Spirit staff completed and ready for Lacquering

Chalice and Pentacle plate

A centre point for the Witches belt, the “Cilingulum”, with its 9 foot length, looped on end, allowed a Sacred Circle to be drawn, anywhere, anytime, by using its length and an Athame to scratch out a perfect Circle. The “Cords” of the Craft – used to measure the Witches height, and girth, conveniently the tie pieces to any carried items of the traveler in a sack upon their back. All this romantic vision of the Witch, travelling to a Sabbat with members of the Coven to a far flung, The Paranormal Explorer 33

The” Boline,“ curved blade of the Witch, used for cutting and carving, gathering of Herbs, etc, - does this not sound like the Countryman’s Sickle to you? Easily hidden in plain view.

Witchcraft Continued: Moonlit stone Circle is certainly, in most cases, Myth alone. Witches rarely practiced in a Coven – most worked alone for fear of the “Inquisitors” behind locked doors where jealous and vindictive neighbours could not level accusation for workings they neither understood, or cared for. One of my Ancestors, however, did work in Coven, a practice seemingly unique to Scotland in the middle ages – and paid the price in 1591 after being found guilty of over 50 counts of Witchcraft, being one of the Berwick Witches, tried and condemned by King James himself. Safety may have been overridden at times by need of company, and possibly 2 or 3, at most, folk “of the Craft,” “Cunning men,” and “ Wise women,” Sons or daughters of the Witch also may have met at times to share information, or continue a belief that was ancient even then, let alone today. The “Solitary” of today learning Hedge witchery and the secrets of Herbalism probably assimilates to what a great many “Witches” burned on the pyres, or hung on the Rope, were in reality healers if asked, creating charms, having reverence for their immediate environment and world, and courage to worship Gods that were not imposed upon them as a form of control by the local Clergy on the orders of the Pope. We should also remember that most folk could neither read nor write at these times, that was the domain of the rich and educated, and even their numbers were strictly controlled by the Church, lest their grip on power were weakened by reason or educational observation. A good book to refer to (if you can acquire it), is the “Witches Bible” by Janet and Stewart Farrar where much can be learned by the querant of the Craft. Meetings held at homes where knowledge was shared verbally, and learned by rote was the commoner’s way, and that of the Witches, as was that of those who were Druid. The Tools of their Craft were made by themselves out of need and necessity for no pagan supply shops The Paranormal Explorer 34 existed then! The modern age has brought education – and with that the ability to observe and question long established “control” doctrines imposed upon the communities as a whole, the baptism of the Infant into the doctrine before it could have free thought, imperative to continue the control into the next generation is proof of this. The Internet has brought forward opportunities to disclose, collate, meet, speak, and thus begin to understand the Craft as no other time in history, but it’s possible hidden sting in the tail of illumination could be this – that as we” log on” and our viewing history is recorded, somewhere, by someone, (remember the Mormons record of all those living), thus, those of us who are Witch and accept that in its entirety – along with those querants and curious, could have exposed themselves to the very persecution that those who went before experienced – IF the laws on Witchcraft are ever reinstated, or the Church establishes a new stranglehold on the Community and effectively restores its control. Whilst we live in the age of freedom of expression regarding religion, we are more fortunate than many of our Ancestors who paid with their lives for their belief and the need to practice what they believed to be right for them, and true, so let us embrace that which is available – if that is what you believe is your Pathway for future times, and seek out the knowledge where it is given –or available, and use it wisely, for the greater good of all, rather than the base needs of the individual. Beware the wise Witch, and the curious, for the Craft does not come cheaply despite having the ability, and right, to enter a store armed with a healthy bank balance to purchase the tools of the Witch. It does not make you one when you walk out of the door with your new purchases. Many blessings to all, Magister


My Remote Viewing Experiment
By Joanne Moloney

Several months ago, Magister and I decided the time was right to try some remote was fairly spur of the moment, but the timing was perfect. Our minds seemed in tune, and relaxed, and so it began. Ideally, a ritual cleansing bath would have been done, but not this first attempt. At about 7:20 pm, I lit a single white pillar candle and moved my son’s desk out of the way so as to make space to sit cross legged comfortably. I knew I would have no distractions, and no one would be calling to my home. Phones turned off, I was finally settled and relaxed. At 7:30 pm, the agreed time to start with Magister, I started my breathing techniques which helped my mind relax and switch off from this dimension, but tune into a different dimension. Time passed. Cleo, my familiar, lay purring in my lap, and then she too went silent, all was calm. My eyes were closed, yet from the darkness emerged the first image, a photograph in Magister’s home, not in the room he was sitting, but a room off it. The door to this room was open, and the photograph was of Stonehenge, but with the profile of a man and his shoulder. I could not make out who it was, but I saw it anyway. Moving my mind back to the room Magister was sitting in, I could sense another life form there. It had to be his dog. I did not see that image, I just sensed it. Also, I saw two paintings over a fireplace of either sunset or dawn. Then the images stopped. I opened my eyes, gathered my thoughts for a sec-

ond or two, stood up, turned on the light, and saw it was bang on 8:00 pm, the time we had agreed to end the viewing! I blew the candle out, then wrote what I had seen and felt to Magister, and awaited his mail to see what he had seen. Magister’s mail arrived and I was gobsmacked!!! He had smelt the perfume I was wearing, knew I had to move a table of some sort as to sit in the center of the room, and also noted that there was a ‘wonky’ leg to a coffee table. At this point, I was eager to read the next mail to see if what I had seen was any way as good or as clear as what Magister had seen. Then it arrived. Amazed, I read. I had seen a photo in his kitchen of Stonehenge, with a friend of Magister in it, profile shoulder view. His dog was in the room, and also there were two paintings over the fire place of sunrises in Stonehenge that were painted by Magister!!! This was an amazing experience, one which will be repeated, and a gift was realized that I was unaware I had. How odd to see so much, and yet live in a different country. I felt a rush of adrenalin for a while after; well the rest of the evening!! A feeling no drug or alcohol can mimic, a natural high!! The Paranormal Explorer 35


The Green Flame of Illumination By Heath


The green flame of illumination can be a complex thing to explain and describe its phenomenal influences it has in effect on others on the path to understanding. The Green Flame of Illumination is to that point where you reach enlightenment or in the case, the Black Throne. Also the Green Flame is a purifying flame. It purifies humanity and the human dross. It is the Will of the magician; the higher Will. It is that state which you have realized your animalistic and primal nature and transformed it into something more than just an animal. The green flame of illumination is none other than the phrase “Green is the color of Will.” Green in traditional usages, such as fertility, prosperity, love, healing, life, the earth, the animals, plants, etc. This is the emanation of what it means in the Master of this world. Satan has been described “god of this world” and only then Satan became as Belial, the worldly Master without the laws of another but following his own Law, and that is “Love is the law; Love under Will” which means that the impulse of Will is love. Why is that so? Well let’s see if it was HATE you would The Paranormal Explorer 36

not be able to achieve anything, therefore you would not be able to have a Will. To fuel this Will, you need to love yourself first and foremost because the “Love under Will” needs love. Your Will is love of the Divine (your Higher Self ), or if you would like to put it this way, the love I am speaking of is not “love and light” but rather the love of the Self, love of living life, the love of being able to create. The same type of love that made Lucifer fall from heaven, and as they say, his greatest sin was Pride which included the love of the Self and Life. So applying the color green here is conception to what Green really means. In one of the Legends, Lucifer had a crown of jewels, the most notable and the most important was the Emerald. It goes on to say that Lucifer gave it to mankind so that they would have knowledge of the Self or ignite the Divine Spark. This emerald is probably the same as is spoken as the “Emerald Kingdom.” So the experience of pride (not arrogance) and a healthy respect for the environment is a way to recognize the Self as long you do not get lost in that Pride and forget who you are or what your purpose was. Some examples of the Green Flame of Illumination are here but not limited to: The movie- “Green Lantern” (the philosophies or perspectives it portrays) Venger Satanis- creator and head of the Cult of Cthulhu Me- I was driven by the Will to create my own group without any outside influences to do it, yet the philosophy in the group is much like CoC. Hp Lovecraft- creator and was aware of the Weird Tales and the direction it pulled him in, the things in his mind, or the things trying to contact him had a message to give out in the form of the Weird Tales. Anton LeVay- successful with Satanism and its philosophies also point to the Green Flame of Illumination. Creators of Christianity, Judaism and Islam; the only

thing is they tend to misuse and abuse their power, and I am talking about the esoteric type of Christianity, Islamic and Judaic kind. Not all of them are like this, but a lot of them are from personal experiences. Atheists and their bringing about atheism according to their Will. Ancient civilizations were already aware of this as well. Green was the color of health, healing, regeneration, renewal, growth, etc. In Egypt, for example, and we also have the Green Man. The Green Flame is lit within certain individuals who do their True Will. In the coming Age of Aquarius, the water-bearer is about knowledge, wisdom, freedom, independence, and communication. Communication with the Higher Self is where the Green Flame dwells. As we approach the Age of Aquarius the stars align so the gateways open even for us to commune with our Higher Self. The higher self is much like the concept of Chaos. “It” is actually a definition of action, course of study, and a non-lineal way of looking at the subjective universe. Everything can be changed, altered and willed to become something else. This is the same for those known as “I” and our potential of growth. That is why there is the phrase “Know Thyself” and by that to KNOW is more than just knowing derstand that beliefs are basically in a pattern of thought in an individual, and each experience of that individual that is religious fuels that belief into his/her subconscious and becomes euphoric about it, which is heightened senses to move past the five senses and mundane barriers. It is hard to explain because it is an experience and no words can really describe it. Anyway that person’s Will directs him/herself to these experiences and if he/ she was going to do mediations to commune with their higher self, their Higher Self would probably be Christian-like because of the subconscious influences. So if your Will changes into having different beliefs and actions, then your Higher Self is subject to change as well, which is why I termed it, “Chaos.” Nothing is to stay the same. The Green Flame of Illumination has no morals, nor does Chaos, it is BEYOND that! The Green Flame of Illumination is also beyond religion, or should I say there are so many examples out there that describe it. You could be a Christian and have the Green Flame. You could be a Buddhist and have the Green Flame. You could be a Satanist and have the Green Flame, or an atheist, pagan, hermetic, Muslim, or whatever. The Green Flame of Illumination is a state of being Awake; the idea for any of us to willfully, knowingly, and with full awareness use these belief systems or any system that you personally favor. So perhaps maybe if people would understand that this is a state of being then there is no need to fight over who is right or wrong! Fighting over who is right or wrong is nothing more than a function of an unbalanced and unfulfilled ego and leads to unproductive action and undesirable results that result in pain, fear, or depression. However though there is nothing wrong with a good constructive debate to help one to question them self and grow beyond what they know and actually think for oneself. I even go through this myself, and I am not afraid to be wrong, including this article I have written. Basically the idea is to question oneself, “Are you doing your True Will?” Or are you influenced by the outside world, whether it’s a person, a food, an emotion, or a thought? How in control are you of your machine and your reality and the experiences within?

your strength and weaknesses, but also to know you are not your wants, desires, thoughts, emotions and a host of number of things that make up the human personality. The Great Old Ones are chaotic by nature and there, all of them have the Green Flame of Illumination. So naturally since the Old Ones are beyond the void which is described as Chaos, would explain a lot. Now I want to direct this to how it is applied in religious exorcisms and beliefs. One needs to un-

The Paranormal Explorer 37


20th Century Education For Native American Indians in Residential Schools
By Derrick Whiteskycloud

“I want to get rid of the Indian problem. I do not think as a matter of fact, that the country ought to continuously protect a class of people who are able to stand alone… Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic and there is no Indian question, and no Indian Department, that is the whole object of this Bill.” Dr. Duncan Campbell Scott - 1920 Scott made his mark in Canadian history as the head of the Department of Indian Affairs from 1913 to 1932, a department he had served since joining the federal civil service in 1879. Even before Confederation, the Canadian government adopted a policy of assimilation (actually, it was the continuation of a policy that British colonial officials had pursued since 1713). The long term goal was to bring the Native peoples from their ‘savage and unproductive state’ and force (English style) civilization upon them, thus making Canada a homogeneous society in the Anglo-Saxon and Christian tradition. In 1920, under Scott’s direction, it became mandatory for all native children between the ages of seven and fifteen to attend one of Canada’s Residential Schools. The Paranormal Explorer 38

Shubenacadie Indian Residential School

Quoted from We Were Not the Savages By Daniel N. Paul: “In 1936 a fifteen-year-old girl from the nearby Shubenacadie Reserve refused to return to the school and gave the following statement to the agent and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: “I have been going to Indian school for the past five years.... Before my holidays this year I was employed in the kitchen for eleven weeks.... In the eleven weeks ... I spent a total of two weeks in school. The Sister has beaten me many times over the head and pulled my hair and struck me on the back of the neck with a ruler, and at times grabbed a hold of me and beat me on the back with her fists. I have also been ordered to stand on the outside of the windows with a rope around my waist to clean windows on the fourth floor with a little girl holding the rope. When I told the Sister I was afraid to go out the window she scolded me and made me clean the window and threatened to beat me if I did not do it. This is being done to other children. After we get a beating we are asked what we got the beating for and if we tell them we do not know we get another beating. The Sisters always tell us not to tell our parents about getting a beating.” Although available on paper, education, a vital tool to provide First Nations citizens with the ability to appreciate and modernize their ancient cultures, was all but denied until recent times. This unwritten requirement of White society: “You may have an education, but only if you agree to assimilate and accept the eventual extinction of your culture.” Plus, the racism encountered by students attending White schools made an education practically unattainable. In spite of these impediments, through the efforts of private organizations and churches, by 1867 some First Nations Peoples were able to read and write. However, after Confederation, even in the knowledge that the vast majority of Natives were illiterate, the government made no real effort to provide education until the passage of the Indian Act in 1876. Then, it was made unattractive by the provision that automatically enfranchised a Band member who graduated from university. Assimilation was the motivating factor behind these laws. To hurry assimilation along, during the first six decades of the twentieth century, First Nations tongues came under attack across the country. In Nova Scotia, Mi’kmaq children were forbidden to speak

their language at schools and discouraged to do so in many other public places. Administrators at the Shubenacadie residential school informed Mi’kmaq and Maliseet children upon enrolment that it was a cardinal offense to speak their own languages. If caught, retribution was swift. The same rule was followed and strictly enforced by bureaucrats administering schools and other public institutions in First Nations communities across Canada. But nowhere was it pursued with the same dogged determination as on mainland Nova Scotia. This was not unusual because from the time the British took over in 1713 the Mi’kmaq of peninsular Nova Scotia had always been singled out for special hatred. Despite the determined effort made by White society to eradicate the Mi’kmaq language, it is still alive and healthy today throughout most of Cape Breton, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island; and surprisingly, almost half of the Mi’kmaq on mainland Nova Scotia can still converse in their mother tongue-another example of the Mi’kmaq’s dauntless spirit. In 1892, trying to come up with a way to educate Maliseet and Mi’kmaq children, the Department toyed with the idea of building a residential school farm in Nova Scotia. However, probably because education was not much of a priority in the Department’s estimation, the decision to actually build such a school in Canada’s Maritime Provinces was not made until 1927. It was opened off-Reserve in the village of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, in 1930. The Paranormal Explorer 39

Education Continued: The teaching staff was recruited according to the section of the Indian Act that mandated that teachers be of the same faith as the children they were teaching. As most of the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet were Catholic, the teachers were Roman Catholic nuns and the principal a priest. The curriculum was the same as that prescribed by the Nova Scotia Department of Education for the provincial school system except for the courses in religion and in how to be ashamed of being an Indian. Children were taught about all the advantages of White life and all the evils of First Nations’ isolation, language and culture. Besides delivering second-rate education, these institutions were also used by Indian Affairs for many other purposes, enforcement, punishment and terrorism, to name a few. Because of their “wards of the Crown” status, no possibility for legal redress was available to Registered Indians victimized at these facilities. So, when reading the following material, please bear in mind that the fights waged by parents and other relatives in trying to access and protect their children incarcerated in the Shubenacadie Indian Residential School were taken on without access to the laws that protected White Canadians from being victimized by the heavy hand of the state. Thus, many suffered greatly. Historical Relations Between the Indian Nations and Britain The True story When the French first arrived in the New World, they came as plunderers and slave traders! They saw this new country as a rich source of revenue for their monarchs through the fur trade and slavery of First Nations peoples. (Many of the early explorers paid their crew with captured First Nations slaves!). Soon afterwards, the British came for the same reasons and they too engaged in slavery as well as acts of exploitation of the First Nations because they quickly realized that these First Nations peoples were far too compassionate to resist exploitation of their land and resources. When the various First Nations finally resisted his onslaught, their numbers in the Americas had been reduced from over 100 million, to less than 12 million, through slavery, epidemics, diseases, and outright slaughter, yet, they proved to be a worthy adversary in war, and quickly began to turn the tide The Paranormal Explorer 40 in battle until the French and British decided it was best to have them as allies instead of enemies, so several efforts by both sides were initiated to win them-over. One of the most successful tactics was the signing of convenient treaties of peace and friendship which were often ignored once the military might was established from which resistance by the First Nations was futile. However, since treaties can only be signed by two sovereign nations, it holds that, under international law, it takes the cooperation by both signing parties to nullify or ratify/change these treaties (something that has yet to be done.) In the USA, the solution to this treaty issue was simple: Slaughter their source of food (the buffalo on the plains) and they would die of starvation, or kill them outright through “justified “ massacres in the name of colonization. Either one worked because the end result was “dead Indians” could never contest their treaty rights, so we had millions of “Indians” slaughtered in the name of exploration and exploitation. In Canada, due to the small population and greater land mass, this was not always possible, so, another plan was devised to prevent First Nations peoples from accessing their inherent treaty (and human) rights! This process involved the use of Church and State to impose a drastic systematic process of genocide through assimilation, where there was the death of an established culture and its people with minimal bloodshed. This process began right after the great expulsion of the Acadians ( late 1700’s ) where the British had accessed military might over the First Nations population, and had first categorized them into three groups : Tribal Indians (living in bands) Free Indians (living as nomads) and Civilized Indians (servants to white masters in the urban sectors!) To eliminate the nomads, they merely over-harvested the Oceans and Woodland until it was impossible for them to survive, forcing them to join these settled bands or tribes, or join the urban Indians. They then allotted very specific land areas to the tribal Indians (the basis of the current reserve system) and here they used the Church to help rob them of their culture (language, spirituality and lifestyles), creating a robotic sub human who was dependant on the government for everything needed to survive. (Their children were taken to Christian enclaves where they were abused and robbed of

their identity as a people). Then they created a stereotype of the reserve Indian that portrayed them as violent, lazy, alcoholic, drug abusers, prone to family violence, which made it next to impossible for any of them to join mainstream society. (They were outcasts in their own land.) There was a problem with the Urban Indians however! They sometimes had access to education and this was dangerous because with education came the realization of their stolen treaty and human rights, so, the government started to sweeten the pot for reserve Indians in hopes of luring these urban Indians back to the life of dependency and control! They started to offer more housing, job training, and other incentives for the reserve Indians, although they knew that if they paid a good salary to their leaders control over the rest of the band was possible, and eventually they financially supported national Indian groups over which they enjoyed control through high salaries to its leadership . Currently there are several “ National Indian Groups “ whose leaders receive between $80,000 to $130,000 a year from the federal government, but none specifically represent the real needs of the Urban (offreserve) Indians, although, the Urban Indians (First Nations Peoples) make-up 60 to 70% of the Indian Population in Canada today . When you look at the true history of the Indians in Canada, you see human rights infractions that, if carried out toward citizens of any 3rd world countries, would result in military action by the United Nations toward their governments, but because Canada is one of the select few who do whatever they chose without retaliation or even condemnation from the UN the assimilation goes on ! The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was the beginning of an ongoing effort to eliminate the entire aboriginal population from their lands titles, titles to resources and rights as a people. The very process was outright genocidal in nature from day one, has changed methodology over the centuries, although it still remains in effect today throughout Canada! This process was not accomplished entirely without military conflict, but the conflict in Canada was minimal compared to the costly wars of racial extermination that were fought in the USA. In the USA, the greater population of foreign invaders allowed for their genocidal policies to be more military in nature, whereas, in Canada, due to the smaller numbers and greater land mass, the genocide was more of a political process of assimilation. Through the Canadian residential school system, the Christian churches along with state authorities, the Judiciary, doctors and the police implemented a policy of genocide against the native population. NOTE: It is important that the public need to know the truth of our past of the First Nations, Métis & Inuit people. We are not angry with the people, it’s our government. The public needs to know our side of the story. These are kept secret in the government vaults and brushed under the rug. We are always called the FORGOTTEN PEOPLE. My name is Derrick Whiteskycloud. A few years ago in 2008 I was asked to be part of a group of people to go to the Truth & Reconciliation Gathering for Residential School Survivors. As one of the non- native society (White people) it was believed everyone went to school and got an education with no questions asked. This was totally different for the Native American Indian People. All the children like cattle were gathered up to go to residential schools. But they were not allowed to go home and were also segregated from each other; Boys only and girls only. Boys had Catholic Priests and girls had Nuns. They were not allowed to communicate with each other and it was against the law to speak your Native tongue. If you did you were beaten, whipped, or tortured. I had met many men with physical scars all over their back and legs, beaten with sticks and whips, similar to the cat of nine tails. If a child took courage and complained he would be bastardized by the priest. He would get 4 boys to hold each arm and leg and the priest would say he’s getting the devil out of him. Another way to remove the child’s strength was to remove his hair braids. It represented his spiritual power, strength, respect and manhood. I know it can be disheartening to read some of these stories, but these are true facts. This was done to the Native people for 150 plus years. In 1982 we were allowed to celebrate and practice our traditions legally. It wasn’t long ago that the government had used the Native children as military experiment like animals. If that child didn’t want to be part of it, they would put a needle into the child and it would stop the heart. They were taken back behind the church and buried in unmarked graves. There were many witnesses that watched. The Paranormal Explorer 41

Education Continued: If they became more violent they would be thrown alive into the church furnaces. The church would tell the parents that they ran away. Most of the time, the children would spend at least 1 to 12 years at residential schools. If they went home to visit their parents and told them what had happened, the church would wait for their revenge after they returned. I have seen many scars and heard vicarious trauma and many stories because I was one of the Elders who held Indian Residential School Healing Circles at the Vancouver Friendship Centre. What is “vicarious trauma” which is also sometimes called Secondary Traumatic Stress? Hearing directly from the victims of trauma, seeing physical suffering and encountering a family’s hopelessness can touch the professional as strongly as having had the first hand experience. Thus, vicarious trauma has been defined as “the emotions and behaviors resulting from the knowledge of the traumatizing events of others, and the painful and disruptive impact this may have upon the helper” It is disturbing to the soul that mankind can be so cruel and wanting to wipe out the proud nation as the FIRST NATIONS, METIS and INUIT PEOPLE. Our government apologized for what we went through, but I feel that wasn’t enough. I think the public needs to be educated about the REAL NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We were never the drunks or drug users in the streets at the beginning. Our government put us there to sweep us under the rug, hoping it would go away. We have been working still, hard and slowly, each day helping our brothers and sisters of the lands who were here first. A quote from BUFFY ST. MARIE : “When Columbus landed in America...we discovered him.” He was the first to begin segregation and later we were known as the SAVAGES or the RED SKINS. The red skins identified us by black robes or priests when they landed on the shores of NEW FOUNDLAND in Canada. They saw red ocra (clay) on their bodies used as an identity or tribal ceremony; that is how we were related to the color of the devil. It is nice to see the non native people become attracted to our culture and practice our ways. Sometimes it is difficult to see a non-native teach our culture because it was the government that took these practices away from us. You will hear or see our people become very upset NOT wanting the White Nation to learn. They would say GO LEARN YOUR The Paranormal Explorer 42 OWN RELIGION! LEAVE OURS ALONE! For it is the fear that it will be taken away from them again... their own way of life. In our hearts we all have a little First Nations Culture in us and the Powwow Drums make our heart beat to dance. No matter what nation you are. We never walked with a religion; it was just a way of life and respect to all living things. That’s where all the religions became fearful of us because we had nothing to tie us down with and we were a free people. We were educated by the land, water, fire, air. The animals spoke to us by their habits; when to hunt and when not to hunt. When your heart soars to be free, your spirit will fly even through dream time. That’s what the churches were very afraid of; our SPIRIT and OUR PEOPLE. So they chose to conquer us and experiment and take things away from us to see if we could survive. Guess what? We kept most of our languages and ceremonies hidden until it was time. GOD -CREATOR has ways to teach our ways and ceremonies again because our ancestors sing to us in dreams, tell us stories, and how to awaken and learn to forgive our fellow man. It will take time each day for every First Nation Family to forgive and learn how to heal from the struggles set before them. THE BODY CAN HEAL ...BUT THE MEMORIES ARE GOING TO TAKE A LONG TIME TO FORGIVE.

I was given permission to share this story written by Daniel N. Paul. He is from my Grandmothers territory. I thank him and may the Great Spirit walk with you all and blessings on your Red Road. Derrick Whiteskycloud Psychic Medium


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Your Soul’s Plan
By Robert Schwartz
May 7, 2003. I remember that day well, because it was the day on which my life changed, the day that launched me on the path to writing the book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. I was 40 at the time, working as a self-employed marketing and communications consultant and feeling profoundly unfulfilled with my life. I often had the feeling that if I were to fall off the face of the Earth, none of my clients would notice. They would simply plug someone else into my role and continue along. Yet, at the same time I had a feeling that there was a higher purpose to my life. I just didn’t know what it was. And so, in my search for that higher calling, I did something on that fateful day in 2003 that I had never done before: I had a session with a psychic medium. The medium introduced me to the concept of spirit guides – highly evolved, nonphysical beings with whom we plan our lives before birth and who then guide us through our lives after we incarnate. Through the medium, I was able to speak with my guides. They told me that I myself had planned many of my greatest challenges in life - and that I had done so before I was born. I might have dismissed this as some sort of elaborate fantasy, except that my guides knew literally everything about me. They knew not only what I had done in life, but also what I had thought and felt; Private thoughts and feelings that I had never shared with anyone. For example, five years earlier I had been going through a very difficult time in my personal life. One day, alone in the privacy of my home, and silently in my mind, I said a prayer to God. I said, “God, I can’t get through this alone. Please send help.” I had completely forgotten about this prayer, but my guides The Paranormal Explorer 44

knew about it, and they reminded me of it. They added, “Your prayer was answered,” by which they meant that additional nonphysical guidance had been sent. I was astounded. As you can imagine, when certain beings know literally everything about you, they have a great deal of credibility. So I was listening in rapt attention when they went on to tell me why I had planned some of my greatest challenges. In the days and weeks after the session with the medium, this information was constantly on my mind. It allowed me to review the course of my life and, for the first time in many instances, see a deeper purpose to the seemingly bad things that had happened. For me, this was deeply healing. I realized I was on to a concept that could bring similar healing to other people. I started to think about writing a book about it. At the same time, I began to have metaphysical experiences of my own. I would like to tell you about one in particular that profoundly informed my research and forever altered the way I look at the world.

One day, I was working in my home office and decided to take a break and go for a walk. As I was meandering down the sidewalk, I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of overwhelming unconditional love for every person I saw. I remember this experience with crystal clarity. The first person I saw was a cab driver sitting behind the wheel of his cab, waiting for a fare to come along. I looked at this man – a complete stranger to me – and felt nothing but pure, unconditional love for him. Then I noticed a barbershop on the corner. I looked through the window and saw a barber cutting someone’s hair. Again, I felt overwhelming love for these people who I did not know and had never seen before. Then I noticed a young mother pushing an infant in a stroller down the sidewalk. Once more I felt the same unconditional love for these people. Everywhere I looked, every time I saw a person, I felt tremendous love flowing over me and through me. Though I had never heard or read of an experience like this, I knew immediately and intuitively what was happening: I was in enhanced communion with my own soul. It was as though my soul were saying to me, “This love is who you really are. This is your true nature.” I believe that my soul gifted me with this experience because when I went on to research and write Your Soul’s Plan, every pre-birth blueprint I examined was based on unconditional love. This was true even when the souls were scripting a “negative” role for someone to play. Had I not had that experience of myself as unconditional love, I would have found exactly the same results in my research. But I think there would always have been a little voice at the back of my head saying, “How do you know any of this is true?” Well, I know it’s true because I experienced it myself. And so I can state to you with absolute confidence and certainty that I believe that we as souls are made quite literally from the energy of unconditional love. In order to research people’s pre-birth plans, I collaborated with four very gifted mediums and channels, including one who is able to hear the conversations people had before they were born with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones. I put these conversations verbatim into the book. The people I interviewed had planned such challenges as physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. Why do we plan before birth to experience challenges? I found four primary reasons. First, challenges allow us to balance karma from past lives. Karma is sometimes conceptualized as “cosmic debt,” but I think of it more as unbalanced energy. Let’s say, for example, that in a past life one person was physically ill and another person was the caretaker. When these two people transition back into spirit and have their life review, they will have a sense of unbalanced energy. One way to create balance would be to switch roles. The one who was ill now plans to be the caretaker, while the one who was the caretaker now plans to experience illness. What makes these life blueprints so challenging is that once in body, neither soul will remember the pre-birth plan. Second, we plan challenges in order to heal. For example, Penelope, the deaf woman in my book’s chapter on deafness and blindness, planned to be born completely deaf because in a past life she had heard the gunshots that killed her mother. She was a small child when the murder occurred. She was traumatized by her mother’s death and went on to commit suicide later in that incarnation. In this lifetime, she sought to focus on self-healing and wanted to make sure that her healing would not be hindered by a similar trauma. In her pre-birth planning session, her spirit guide asks, “My dear . . . would you prefer to be born deaf so that no sound will ever remind you of those sounds again?” Penelope replies, “Yes, that is what I want and what I wish to do.” Third, we plan challenges to be of service to others. In the chapter on physical illness, I write about Jon, a homosexual man who planned to have AIDS so that he could teach tolerance to humanity. In his prebirth planning session, we heard Jon conferring with the soul of the future loves who would – at his request – transmit the virus to him. The future lover says, “There is an issue larger than all of the personal benefit of contracting this illness. We can teach our elders, honor them, and provide them with a valu The Paranormal Explorer 45

Your Soul’s Plan Continued: able opportunity to experience, learn, and grow.” Jon, therefore, is not someone to be judged or scorned, but rather someone we may thank for having the raw courage to plan such a bold mission in service to others. Lastly, life challenges allow us to know ourselves as love. By this I mean not simply that we are loving, although certainly that is true, but that we are quite literally made of the energy of love. In our nonphysical Home, we experience no contrast to ourselves and therefore cannot fully understand our nature as love. On Earth, in a realm of duality and stark contrast, we often encounter a lack of love. As we choose in the face of such experiences to give and receive love freely and unconditionally, we remember who we really are. incubator side, waiting for him to slip out of body and into that state of consciousness where the spirit or astral body is released. They knew it was going to happen quickly. “My spirit guide wants us to start with the chessboard, the planning board. It’s a chart on which the steps of growth and development are plotted through one’s life, so that the soul has a visual reference. This board is like a flow chart. A flow chart is a question. If the answer is yes, you take one path. If the answer is no, you take a different path. “When this accident happened to Bob in the incubator . . . the phrase I’m hearing is ‘back to the drawing board.’ Bob and two of his spirit guides got together and went back into the room with the planning board to diagram the alternate path that would be taken to still achieve the soul’s goals for this lifetime. “They’re showing me the instant he [Bob] found himself back in spirit in the planning place…..very disoriented by this rapid and huge change and surprised to find himself there. He did not realize what was happening to the infant body. He recognizes his guides, trusts them implicitly, and is totally willing to be guided. “I’m hearing one of the two guides, who is speaking for both of them, telling Bob that there has been a mishap in a procedure and that Bob’s brain has received too much oxygen. Bob appears to be in a state of shock about this—quiet, eyes wide, pupils dilated, numb and glum. Spirit guide: The nurse involved in the operation of the tubes attached to your crib, where your physical body is even now, has made an error and has allowed too much of the elemental oxygen to flow through. This has elevated the oxygen levels in your brain, and damage is occurring. “I see them showing Bob his eyes, the baby’s eyes. Bob’s spirit, while attached to the baby’s body, is out of the body. As they speak to him through telepathic thought, his mind’s eye sees those eyes. They show him the damage and how the eyes will look as he proceeds through childhood and into adulthood. Spirit Guide: There is no damage to the brain; it is

Bob’s Story
So often, when something “bad” happens to us, it appears to be purposeless suffering. But what if our most difficult experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose – purpose that we ourselves planned before we were born? Could it be that we choose our life’s circumstances, relationships, and events? In my research for my book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, I found that the answer to this question is a definite yes. Working with four of the most gifted mediums and channels in the country, including one who is able both to see and to hear our pre-birth planning sessions, I’ve examined the pre-birth plans of dozens of people. These people planned such challenges as physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. Courageously, they planned these challenges for purposes of spiritual growth. Of the many people with whom I’ve spoken, there was only one who did not plan his challenge before birth. Yet, like everyone else, he did choose it. In Bob’s case, he made his choice shortly after birth, when an accident occurred in the hospital. The following comes directly from Bob’s session with the medium (Staci): “The [spirit] guides were immediately by Bob’s The Paranormal Explorer 46

to the eyes. There is an increase in your intelligence. Though it is a minor increase, it will serve you well. You now have the option to reevaluate your plan for your life to see if these changes will serve your purposes. If you so desire, you may withdraw from this body, return to us, reevaluate a new host family, and draw up new plans. “Bob fires off a lot of questions rapidly to his guides. He asks about his ability to walk. He wants to be reassured that his body will still be able to function as he expects. They assure him that it will. Then he asks: Bob: What about my work? Spirit Guide: This will be accomplished. Bob: Will this handicap impede my evolutionary process in this lifetime? Second Spirit Guide: Let’s see. “Between the guides and Bob, in the middle of the air, is the planning board for his old life on the bottom, a transitional planning board above that, and above that the board for Bob’s life as it will be after this change. These boards are like a hologram—filmy in appearance, not solid. Their thoughts create these boards and draw lines on them. Lines represent the process of growth. “A diagram forms. There are little branches along the way. Some of them are houses. For example, the home his family occupies at the time of his birth, the home they move to, and the places he occupies in adulthood, even college, are mapped out on this board. It all happens very quickly. “With their thoughts, they move elements from one board to another. The first thing they take from the original planning board to the transitional board is his mother. Spirit Guide: Let’s begin with your mother. She will remain in this life with you and will continue to be your mother. Bob: That’s good. “Bob looks reassured. He takes a deep breath and The Paranormal Explorer 47 lets out a sigh [of relief ]. Spirit Guide: Your father . . . “They move him from the original board to the middle board. Spirit Guide: He will still be with you. “Very quickly other elements are moved—family pets, relatives, things like that. They all go to the transitional board. As the guides move these elements to the transitional board, they also appear on the top board. Spirit Guide: These elements are unchanging and will remain a steady influence, focus, and force in your life. But your teachers will change. This school [points to a school element on the lower board] is no longer relevant because of your condition. You will now be going to this school [points to a school element that suddenly appears on the transitional board]. This school will serve your needs best and will give you the guidance you need to live in the world under these conditions. Next, let’s take your friends. As Bob’s session with Staci continued, we heard he and his spirit guides do a great deal more planning regarding many different aspects of his life. In the end, Bob decided to accept the additional life challenge of blindness rather than return to spirit to plan a new life. I believe that an awareness of how we plan our life challenges can completely change the way we view them. Wisdom may be acquired in a more conscious manner; negative feelings are replaced by acceptance, forgiveness, peace, and gratitude. Ultimately, regardless of our challenges, we deepen our appreciation of life as a soul-expanding, evolutionary process.
Robert Schwartz is the author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. A free PDF with a large sample of the book is available on Mr. Schwartz’s web site at The book may be ordered on that web site and on Amazon.


Dogma Results in Dogmatism?
Over the last few months I have come to the conclusion that my rational, skeptical self is far more open to change and challenge than many of those who have self-declared ‘open minded’ spiritual and mystical views. I guess that this should not be that much of a surprise really as the whole basis of skepticism and scientific inquiry is about ‘questioning,’ or ‘challenging’ and not merely ‘accepting’ because we are told that is the case’! My recent Educational Blog, about the problem of ‘teaching facts’ was driven by the need to promote healthy debate and rounded discussions of ideas. My radio program ‘The Real Twilight Zone’ aims to open a weekly debate of the ‘unusual’ and of course the radio show ‘Haunted Cornwall FM’ presents yet another space for discussion. However it does seem to me that ‘believers’ are perhaps more ‘closed’ than ‘skeptics’ with attitudes, values and beliefs that are often presented as being ‘beyond question’. In a recent Psychology Journal (Current Psychology) there is an article by Jesse M. Crosby, Scott C. Bates and Michael P. Twohig entitled “Examination of the Relationship between Perfectionism and Religiosity as Mediated by Psychological Inflexibility.” In essence there seems to be a link between psychological inflexibility and resistance to change and, what could be called, adherence to strict religious The Paranormal Explorer 48 systems, the need for perfection (and hence procrastination) and the ability to challenge beliefs. Now I know that Psychology has been defined as “the science of telling you things you already know using words you don’t understand” (unknown source) - and so the common sense nature of the points being made are obvious. However, and here is the question for you to consider - how open are you to the idea of change, the possibility that what you believe is the result of dogma or cultural indoctrination, the need to really consider your own opinions from different perspectives? Let’s return for a short moment to the possible oxymoron that could be Rational Mysticism. Individual, human experience is just that, an individual’s experience of the world. We all experience the world in very different ways; our sense organs, our mind’s ability to take that sensory information and create understanding and meaning, the way we ‘code’ that experience and turn it into something which has relevance to us and the people we communicate with. In a Facebook comment I wrote... “Noam Chomsky, and others, might go as far to say that until we have words for a ‘thing’ then that ‘thing’

is not perceivable (yes - I know I’m paraphrasing and generalising a lot there). Our inner reality is, perhaps, three times removed from the reality that exists ‘out there’. In order to see, hear, feel, smell or taste something the ‘original thing’ needs to be (1) received by our senses (2) processed by our sensory apparatus and then (3) ‘understood’ by our minds/brains. In steps (1) and (2) there can be loss of information.... In step three we make ‘sense’ of our senses by (a) looking for things we have already experienced that match what we are sensing (b) making associations and (c) if the sensation is profound enough and we have NO internal reference for it, we create new meanings. Steps (a) and (b) are far more likely than (c). Our minds are happier with what we know and understand (our personal truths or beliefs which are based directly upon our experiences - personal interpretations of reality). NOW when we try to share our ‘internal representations’ of the world outside we use language - words - words which are of course labels for experience. My words and your words may or may not mean the same thing. In every sensory situation and the understanding of that situation we... DELETE some of the sensory information OR deeper personal meaning. GENERALISE some the information OR deeper personal meaning. DISTORT the reality of what we have sensed or what we are explaining. For example: When asked the question ‘Where do you live?’ You will select how much information you need to give in order to answer that question. What you leave out (delete) or generalise about will depend upon what your understanding of the questioners need is AND what you are willing to share. So you might answer... CORNWALL or... REDRUTH, CORNWALL or.... Spook Cottage, Devils Advocate Lane, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 , South West England, England, Great Britain, Europe, The Northern Hemisphere, The World, Planet Earth, The Solar System, The Left Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe... or GPS 3 65 W 116 60 E When we talk we talk in ‘shorthand’ so that conversations become meaningful and timely. To answer the “Where do you live question” you make both conscious and unconscious choices. I’m really interested in the unconscious choices we make when processing sensory information at the very beginning of our perceptual understanding of any event. All of this was in response to a comment about ‘experience’ and ‘language’ and really hints at a philosophical approach known as relative constructivism. As Kozbrnski said “The map is not the territory” - we create internal representations of external realities which are limited and perhaps limiting. We understand each other because there are certain ‘constructs’ (ideas, concepts, perceptions) that we share. There is a ‘consensus reality’. The more abstract the concept we’re trying to ‘internalise’ and/or ‘share’ the more possibility there is for mis-understanding. Concepts like love, trust, respect, God and even home are open to personal and cultural definitions which may or may not be part of a general ‘consensus’ view. OK, this post is going somewhere I promise. Person A and Person B have a common experience. It is intense, emotional and very real. BUT both people may assign different and equally valid interpretations of that same experience. When they talk about the experience they automatically use personal language, a language based upon their personal, cultural and emotional associations. The more they talk the less they will recall of the initial experience and the more the meaning they are co-creating will replace the initial ‘sensory event’. In many cases this will lead to confabulation. Person A and Person B are NOT lying or creating something that did not happen, but are unconsciously selecting the bits of the total experience which best fits their personal truths (beliefs and presuppositions). They are deleting some of the initial sensory experience and creating The Paranormal Explorer 49

Dogma Continued: new meanings. This does not invalidate the personal relevance of that shared moment but it does mean that it may not be a reliable report of what actually happened. Hence the need for two approaches... The rational mind sets out to investigate, question, challenge and offer other meanings. It recognises when a sensory event is labelled as an ‘entity’,’energy’, a ‘spook’, a ‘UFO’. It knows that each of these labels lead to other conclusions, other association; other realities. The rational mind recognises what it ‘believes’ and ‘knows’ and deliberately works to look for other explanations - to falsify, test, challenge any presuppositions it holds. IF we are ‘investigating’ then we strive to be emotionally neutral; to question; to explore. If possible we set up very formal ways of collecting and collating information because we know that relying on personal (subjective) observations and anecdotes can lead to conclusions before all avenues have been explored. NOW none of this is important if, and when we want to be ‘in the moment’, freely relating to our sensory experience and enjoying the personal meanings we are drawing from it. Mystical experiences are profound, personal and can be ‘transformational’ in that they may open up new ways of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and relating. They ARE not necessarily the things we need to apply strict rationality to. They are the things we accept as containing some personal learning - some personal meaning. We cannot be rational about them whilst they are happening as they are deeply emotional and when they are over we often do not wish to ‘take anything away’ by ‘over analysing them.’ We can consider other ideas and possibilities in time, once the initial impact of the experience has subsided, but perhaps choose not to because we are happy with where we have ‘arrived.’ So here is the thing... Mystical experiences are important. They can be seen as metaphors or personal realities and we can learn about ourselves from The Paranormal Explorer 50 them. The path of the mystic is a path of self-learning and self-discovery. If we are setting out to investigate something then we rely on our rational minds to explore, learn and discover what is part of a consensus reality. We want to know ‘how we know what we know; how we see what we see; how we hear what we hear, feel what we feel, and think what we think AND how that relates to what can be known about the world. Both rational and mystical ways of ‘perceiving’ have ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’ and perhaps we need both ways of being in order to be balanced, creative and personally productive - it is probable that we can be entirely one or the other and still be balanced, creative and personally productive. The point is that they are two different ways of relating to the world and I think that both are valid and both are important. If all we want is the ‘experience’ and the opportunity to take from it what we want then perhaps there is no need to investigate it. We can be ‘psyche explorers’ and leave it at that. If we want to look beyond the metaphor, the personally driven perspective, then we need to engage in critical and creative thinking. In the paranormal world many (perhaps not all) of the groups which purport to ‘investigate’ are actually ‘collecting experiences’ - they want to support their personal truths (beliefs) by finding the evidence to prove that they are ‘right.’ Investigations are rigorous affairs with hypotheses, protocols and clear methodologies designed to eliminate confabulation, perception bias and personal presuppositions. By no means should we dismiss the value and importance of the personal mystical/transformational experience and perhaps we should simply accept such for what it is - a personal reality, a personal truth, a personal revelation which either confirms or transforms pre-existing hopes, dreams, wishes, beliefs, and behaviours; something which meets the emotional, mental, spiritual, and personal needs of the individual in that moment.

Healing Around the World
A warm welcome to all readers who have joined our Worldwide Healing Circle. We still do not have a name for this weekly circle and welcome your suggestions. You are invited to join in at 8pm UK time, (3:00 pm EST), every Tuesday. Whether you are in a circle or meditating alone this meditation can enhance your practise. I would also welcome your experiences of meditating within this setting so please mail me elainefesseyagonyaunt@ To become a healer it is important to maintain a clear and healthy aura. Life regularly presents us with obstacles and difficulties. Our reactions to these stresses and strains are stored in the auric field and can clog up the free flow of energy into our physical body. Some blocked energies are left over from the past, a past life, or simply accumulated on a day to day basis. By using this colour breathing meditation we may energise and cleanse our Auras. This in turn helps to widen the channel that connects us with our spiritual guides and allows their gentle guidance into our lives. Colour Breathing Meditation To begin, make sure you are in quiet surroundings. Switch off the phone, TV, or radio. Prepare seven small pieces of paper and colour one of each with red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo and violet. Light a candle. Close your eyes; take several deep breaths and relax. Keep the palms of your hands open and facing upwards.


With Elaine F essey
Visualise a golden egg shell of protection all around you. Ground yourself by visualising roots growing from the soles of your feet into the earth. Open your eyes and look at the red coloured paper. Feel the redness of the red. Breathe in the colour red, breathe it out, breathe it in again and as you breathe out let it fill all seven layers of your aura until it is gloriously red. Now repeat this with the colour orange. Now repeat with yellow, Now repeat with green, Now repeat with blue, Now repeat with indigo, Now finish with violet. Wriggle your fingers and toes and bring yourself back into the room. Eat and drink something light. Don’t forget to blow out the candle! Enjoy this energising meditation as often as you wish. You will soon feel the benefits! Until next month, Elaine The Paranormal Explorer 51


Psychic Guidance vs. Religious Beliefs

By Charene Henderson
What is astounding about this issue is that many who are loyal to their religious beliefs fail to realize that one of the greatest teachers that walked the earth encompassed all of these gifts and much more. Who is this great teacher I refer to, none other than Ascended Master, Jesus. He was not the first, but one of the most powerful psychic, clairvoyant, mediums that visited our planet. At this moment in your reading I’m sure many right now may be a little taken back by what I’ve just stated. However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Don’t take my word for it; research it for yourself. There are many exploits and teachings of Jesus where you’ll find the gifts of clairvoyance, psychosis, and mediumship, along with many more additional spiritual gifts he possessed. If it were not so, why then would he state that the many miracles he performed we would do and much more? So, what am I saying? Where is all this going? Well, think on this for a moment. Maybe people are just stuck on titles and labels. If I were to present myself to the world as a prophet, many people would automatically view me as being affiliated with some type of religious structure. However, if I present myself to the world as a clairvoyant/medium, I am then observed differently, outside of the religious arena. No one associates me to a religious structure under the title of a clairvoyant medium, and those who hold grounded beliefs in a religious sect may, in fear or thru self-limiting beliefs, receive me as someone who doesn’t operate in divine origin. It is amazing how we restrict ourselves through labeling. We seem to operate under this system this way no matter what type of lifestyle we live. For instance, when we go into a store to buy a specific product, if the product is not labeled with a familiar name-brand for many people it is automatically

I am a full-fledged psychic medium/clairvoyant. Whew, it only took me to the age of 21 to acknowledge this to myself and 10 years later to the public. While I’m at it, I may as well fess up to several other spiritual abilities and get those off my self-conscious shelf as well. Many people withdraw from the idea of receiving spiritual answers from psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums. In my experience as a psychic medium/ clairvoyant I have experienced firsthand the reason for this reluctance. A huge amount of these fears have to do with one’s belief system. A majority of the western world hold religious beliefs that teach against this avenue of spiritual communication, regarding it as sinful or evil. Because of such teachings, many are restricted and are unable to receive answers to pressing questions that are not easily deemed from traditional religious practices. The Paranormal Explorer 52

considered not as good a quality as the name-brand product. It has been my experience that many of the products that I have purchase without name-brand are actually better than the product that is a namebrand, however, there are some no-name-brands that are not of good quality. Yes, there is an opposite side to every venture in life. Our job is to open ourselves to our divine guides and allow them to lead us toward the enlightenment of each of our experiences. If that means seeking out the answers in unfamiliar avenues, so be it, to do so assures you positive results. You’ll have gained more enlightenment than before from going outside the box to experience something new. Allow me to clear up any misconceptions you may have at this point in your reading, I am not stating that psychic guidance is better or lesser than anyone’s religious beliefs. However, I would like to point out that the spiritual realm does not have just one point of contact. We live in a big world, physically and spiritually, and there are many divine ways of reaching out to spiritual guides for answers to some of our most pressing questions in life. If you are not receiving the answers you seek from one resource, seek the one that you feel will be more beneficial to you. To judge anything solely on the merits of it going against tradition places a restriction on oneself and hinders growth on any level. Our Divine Creator never intended that we live our lives in a box, seeking only what we determine to be the ideal or realistically sound route to our divine awakening. In order to increase spiritual growth it is best to reach out to many different resource streams to find the answers one seeks. If you can wrap your mind around this concept then you are truly on the right road to enlightenment. Know that our creator, Almighty Source, has provided multiple ways in which we may experience growth in Divine Spirit!
Ms. Charene Henderson is the Executive Director of Rescue Rangers OPES. She is a Metaphysis, Reiki I and a Sacred Triad healer, a Spiritual Inspirational speaker and Life-coach. Charene is a psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and strong empathic medium. She holds a MS in Human Resource Management and a BA in Business Administration Management. Charene utilizes her public speaking skills presenting personal empowerment seminars founded on metaphysical concepts and scientific facts, and teaches beginners guided meditation classes. In addition to her many spiritual abilities, she possesses the gift of dream interpretation, performs spiritual house cleansings, and hosts holistic and metaphysical shows.

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The Paranormal Explorer 53


Reincarnation, The Secrets of Past Lives
By Mike Voyce
As we look at our own lives, the lives of others around us, in fact, all human life we’ve ever come across, heard about, or read about, what we see is the effect. Not the cause, not the meaning, and possibly not what is most important. Let me explain. If you attend a concert by a really good musician or entertainer, it may be well done but is it good by the performer’s standards? Were they better or worse last week; are they going off in a new direction; is the performance stale by the standard you have come to expect? This may not be too important for you as a member of the audience, trust me, it’s vitally important for the performer. When we look at the single life of anyone, even our own life, what we see is out of context. How did that person do in previous lives? What is the baggage of unfinished business they bring with them? Are they learning and evolving, or stagnating in a mess of past cares and wrongs? All too often we can’t answer these questions about ourselves, let alone anyone else. Given all this, it’s quite remarkable the Western religions seem to have turned their backs on the critical information of how and at what level people come into this World, what they bring with them, and what they might be expected to achieve in this life. This The Paranormal Explorer 54 is the information I hope Paranormal Explorers will help to uncover. In the July issue I gave an invitation to you, each and every reader, to bring forward your experience of past-lives, consultations you may have had or just unusual impressions, anything you are willing to share or would like explained, anything to add to the growing knowledge we now have about Reincarnation. That offer is still open. Being a paranormal explorer is exciting and constantly uncovers new pieces of the puzzle. Let me give you an example: a guest of the radio show, ‘Reincarnation, the Secrets of Past Lives’, shared a little of her past-life experience as a Cathar in Southern France of the 1200s. I thought I should learn more about this romantic and tragic religious sect who opposed the Catholic Church. What I found was the work of Arthur Guirdham, in particular his book ‘The Great Heresy: The History and Beliefs of the Cathars.’ Dr.Guirdham was a modern psychiatrist in the English West Country, he found he had a number of patients who had shared similar past-life experiences as Cathars and he was able to uncover quite some information. Who knows, he might have uncovered the key to explain the continuing legend of the Cathars’ lost treasure.


It wasn’t treasure which interested Dr. Guirdham, he was concerned with the persecution and burning to death of these people, their beliefs which allowed them to endure it, and the effect it had on them – now. There is some evidence that some impediments, even some physical disabilities, have been influenced, maybe even brought on by traumatic past-life experiences. This is more commonly true of marks on our bodies, as if the subconscious mind were carrying the scars of what happened to us in the past. The radio show guest talked about present-day marks on her body, which she believed to be the symbol of having been burned to death in a past life. What effects have past lives had on you? Many people suffer from phobias, quite often about fire, or water. Are these memories of being burned to death or drowning? Maybe irrational fears are not that irrational after all. Interestingly, it can be when someone recalls the painful death which ended a past life, the associated fear which affects them in this life, goes away. It’s as if the subconscious mind, that knows everything that has ever happened to us, has been saying, “This is something important, you should pay attention.” When we do pay attention the fear message can go away. It is not for nothing that some of the best paranormal explorers of Reincarna-

tion have been psychiatrists and hypnotherapists, like Dr. Guirdham. Is it ‘off-putting’ that lives end, sometimes unpleasantly, in death? What is reported is that it needn’t be. What really affects people badly is the unknown. Once knowledge, even uncomfortable knowledge, is brought forward, fear vanishes with the uncertainty. As we throw light on what was hidden in blackness, fear of the dark recedes. Mike Voyce

The Paranormal Explorer 55


Eyes of the Soul Belle


In October of 1998 I was given a wonderful gift. It was my birthday and my friend and mentor, Diane Terranova was hosting a past life artist at her spiritual center in Rochester, New York. Diane insisted that I come and meet her friend, J. Lee Hall. As a birthday gift, J. Lee was to do a past life drawing for me. I was excited and intrigued to see who she would bring through from my previous lifetimes. I sat with J. Lee in a small room adorned as her temporary studio. I noticed a large easel with a dark blue canvas attached to it and trays of chalk in a rainbow of colors placed to her left on a small table. J. Lee explained to me before she began that past life portraits are more than just a method of discovery of who one had been in a previous lifetime. It was much more than that. By learning of their story, it is a process in which we can access an understanding of any blockages or issues that have a root in that existence thereby assisting in realizing how they affect an individual in this lifetime. This process is to bring The Paranormal Explorer 56

about a focus on healing the soul of any traumatic events as one works on their spiritual growth. It made perfect sense to me. I have made some pretty ridiculous choices in my life so the idea of learning more about who I was and why sounded good to me. I wanted to work on my spiritual growth to find a sense of peace and happiness that I felt had been missing within me. Perhaps this would assist me with some answers and guidance toward my goal. J. Lee instructed me to sit quietly, then turned her back to me in her chair, picked up a piece of white chalk and began scribbling; drawing circles and waves all over that beautiful blue background canvas. I remember thinking to myself, “What in the world is she doing? This doesn’t make any sense at all!” But I heard my guide speak to me as he whispered, “Patience!” J. Lee then stopped what she was doing, picked up a camera and took a picture of her scribbled masterpiece. Silently she worked as she began to pick up various colored chalks from their trays and applied a bit of color here and there within those white scribbles. I noticed that she would often stop and tip her head as if she were listening to someone speak. Then she would pick up another color of chalk and fill in a bit more of the scribble. As I watched, I was amazed to see many faces begin to formulate within the scribbles; some large, some small. It was interesting to watch her work. There was no rhyme or reason to how she applied the color. She seemed to skip around all over that canvas filling in a bit of color, listening to the mysterious voice that spoke to her, changing color again and filling in some more. Gradually facial images began to jump out at me from the canvas born within the scribbles, while other faces I had noticed before faded away behind the colors of chalk. It was so eerie looking at those faces. It felt as if I already knew each and every one of them. And those eyes! There was something very familiar with their eyes. I felt a chill run through my

very soul as I gazed upon their faces. As tears began to well up in my eyes I could not wait to hear their story. It took J. Lee about an hour and a half to complete her work on the canvas. Eight faces were staring at me through the colored chalk, all seeming to have a story of their own; all representing a lifetime of lessons and experience that helped to formulate the soul I had become. J. Lee snapped another photograph of her finished art, then took out a tape recorder, inserted a cassette tape, turned to face me as she began to record, telling the story of each face as they stared at me from a dimension of their own day and time. would travel from camp to camp delivering messages to the soldiers to aid in their battle strategy; or to share information about their families back home. In addition, there is an image of a horse emerging from the left side of Jeanine’s head with the word ‘Faith.’ J. Lee Hall explained, “The horse is symbolic of a natural gift. Let’s say there is someone who likes to sing. When they sing, they sound okay. Then there is another who wants to sing, so they take singing lessons and when they sing, they sound pretty good. And then, there is a third who loves to sing and when they sing, they have the voice of angels; without ever having a lesson or voice training. That is the energy of the horse!” The horse represents her psychic gifts. Ok’sha is from Indonesia. He was a poor man who made his meek living as a magician, the yellow symbol at his third eye again symbolizing his psychic abilities. Although he was poor, he was very happy and always smiling. He did not want for material wealth and was content with what he had in life. Mechia is dated 339 BC. Mechia was one of the lovers of Alexander the Great. Upon his untimely death in the year of 323 BC, Mechia was devastated as she was truly in love with Alexander. Her image seems to appear frail and near death because in her mourning over his death, she chose to starve herself to death feeling she would be unable to live without him.

Umani is from Big Island, Hawaii in 1779. He was a peaceful man, enjoying his life in harmony, when a stranger and his crew sailed to the Island from England. At first this stranger was welcomed, however, several days later, a dispute erupted and a battle ensued. Umani, along with several of his fellow men, fought against the English intruders resulting in the death of Captain James Cook. Jeanine is from the year 1613 in Germany. The yellow marking at her ‘third eye’ denotes her psychic abilities, which explains why the words, ‘Jeanine’s Dreams’ are representative of her life. During the German 30 year war Jeanine

The Paranormal Explorer 57

Clark Madison is dated 1941. His story tells of his love for the young woman who holds his heart. Clark worked as a Pharmacist and fell in love with a beautiful woman. When the woman became pregnant Clark wanted to marry her. Yet, she told him the child belonged to another man; a man who made more money than Clark. Clark was brokenhearted. In his devastation, he joined the military and was killed in WWII.

David and Desarie were from Montgomery, Alabama. Desarie was a slave and David, his face born in the image of a cornucopia with the words “The Harvest,” was her master’s son. David’s energy appears in the drawing, not as a life I had lived, but to tell the story of forbidden love. David fell in love with Desarie, and she with him. But, because of their differences; he a wealthy plantation owner’s son and she, a black female slave, their love for one another would not set well within the community, and much less with master. When the he learned of their courtship he immediately took matters into his own hands. He offered Desarie her freedom and agreed to set her up with a sewing business in New Orleans if she would leave, ending their relationship. Feeling as though she really didn’t have a choice, she reluctantly accepted his offer leaving in the late hours of the night never to be heard from again. David was heartbroken. How could she do this to him without an explanation, or a goodbye? Several years later David’s father succumbed to an illness and passed away leaving David to run the plantation. He learned of his father’s ‘deal’ he had made with Desarie and set off to New Orleans to find his lost love. He did eventually locate her and professed his love, asking her to marry him. She refused. Although she loved David dearly she knew that their union would never be accepted; besides, she had to protect him, the one she loved with all of her heart. She wanted David to meet the one person she truly loved, and hoped he would understand why she could not marry him. Desarie introduced the two of them; stunned, David stared down into the eyes of his own son. The Paranormal Explorer 58

And finally, we have Tenera, an Atlantean Conduit, with the words “Position Changed.” Tenera, along with others like her, lived within the Temple of Atlantis and many would come to her for healing and guidance along their path. Tenera had the ‘gift’ which is symbolized by the crystal above her third eye. During the fall of Atlantis Tenera was escorted by boat under heavy guard, known as the ‘protectors,’ to the great land of Egypt where she lived the remainder of her life. J. Lee Hall expressed the importance of understanding why these particular lifetimes came through and how they play a viable role in this lifetime. Each life, she stated, represents a period of my life. Umani represented my youth as a child and fighting to be heard and understood. This made sense to me

being the second of six children. My older sister had her place as the first born. The next two after me were my younger sister and brother who were special needs children and required a lot of my mother’s time and attention. Then there came the baby girl, and 7 years later, the last born, a son. Everyone seemed to have their place in the family and I always felt ‘overlooked.’ I feel that this was why I became an over-achiever in an effort to be noticed. Jeanine represented my teenage years when my psychic gifts became more predominant in my life. As much as I tried to make them go away so I could be normal, they remained strong in my energy. It was then that I realized this is who I am and I should just embrace it. I soon began doing ‘readings’ for my friends to help them out with their problems. Ok’Sha represented my young adult years, living carefree and happy. I didn’t care about status, or name brands, or being wealthy aspiring to land that big job that accompanied the big paycheck. I was a simple person enjoying the simple life. Mechia represented my divorce from my first husband. I fell into a state of depression after being deceived by my husband when I learned of his ‘other’ son who had been born just six months after my own son. It was at this time of my life that borne the feeling of distrust for love. David and Desarie represented my mid-life timeframe. I had a best friend, Gary, who I would lean on and share my troubles regarding my boyfriend. He was a kind man, quiet and gentle, who had never been married. It was during this time in my life that this past life drawing had been done. When I saw David’s face I felt a shock of familiarity. I felt as though I was staring into Gary’s face! It felt very strange, but made sense that we would have shared a previous lifetime together. Then one day, as I was waiting to be seated at a restaurant, I noticed Gary sitting in the dining room with a woman. For some reason I was so upset to see him with that woman. I even caught myself and thought, ‘What is wrong with you? He’s your friend and you should be happy for him.’ Still, when we were seated just two tables away from him, I stuck my nose in the air ignoring his greeting as we walked past him. A couple of minute’s later Gary joined me at my table, and then it hit me; I was in love with Gary! It became obvious that he felt the same for me as he remained at my table, forgetting about the female ‘friend’ who had accompanied him

to dinner. Clarke represented my life during this same timeframe as I had a difficult time trusting the emotion of love. It was hard for me to open up and show affection, fearful of rejection and deception. But, Gary was patient and true to his feelings. Gradually, I allowed the trust to open up within me and one year later, we were married, proving the harvest that ‘David’ had promised. Tenera came forward to show me that my psychic abilities were real and that it was time to step out into the world as a psychic medium, rather than the closet psychic I had been. Her message of ‘position changed’ represented my decision to stop trying to fit into the mold that others expected of me, but to follow my truth and fulfill my desire to teach and help others. In lieu of the friction I have received in my career choice; I am finally doing what I love. All of these life experiences have played an important role in the evolution of my life during this lifetime. I have healed some karmic issues that I came in with, and learned to embrace the inner beauty of my soul by drawing upon these past experiences as well as those I have gained during this lifetime thus far. I have finally married the love of my life, and I now understand the fulfillment of living my truth and following in the steps of the contract I created when I came into this lifetime. J. Lee stated that as I continue to grow along this life path some of the faces on the canvas will fade, while others will come forward through the chalk. Remember all the faces I saw through the scribbles? I can actually see new faces beginning to ‘bleed’ through the chalk on the canvas. In continuing to work with my past life experiences I know that I am following the plan of uniting the dimensions that represent all of who I am, and will come to be. The Paranormal Explorer 59


Share Your Stories of Angel Encounters
When I was a little girl, about 7 years old, I had an angel experience I will never forget. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. There was an angel in my mom’s bedroom! Her whole body was illuminated with the most beautiful light I had ever seen. The light was a color I could not even begin to describe. It was white, and My mom had been pretty sick and bedridden for yet it wasn’t completely white. It seemed to glisten several days with the Asian flu. It had been going with all the colors of the world. She was wearing a around in our community and many people actually bluish colored robe type dress and her hair was a died from it. My mom couldn’t even get out of bed, golden blonde. I believe she was the most beautishe was so ill. I remember one night she had diarrhea ful image I had ever seen. The angel was standing so bad that she had fallen asleep in the bathroom next to my mother’s bed. She was leaning over my sitting on the toilet. I felt so bad for her and didn’t mom and placed a kiss her on her forehead. know what to do since I was just a kid. I was so enthralled with what I was seeing I couldn’t My mother was a single parent taking care of my even speak. Somehow, I just knew that I shouldn’t brother and me all by herself. My brother wanted her interrupt them. So I returned to my room and went to go to the hospital to see a doctor but she refused back to bed. I remember feeling comforted that my because then, who would take care of us if they mother was going to be just fine. ended up admitting her. We knew we would be okay because my brother was 10 years older than me and The next morning when I awoke, my mother was at 17 years old he could take care of us. But, my mom in the kitchen fixing breakfast for us. This was the kept saying she would be okay and it would pass first time in four days that mom was out of bed. The before long. Still, I was really worried about her since color was back in her face and she smiled and said, she didn’t seem to be getting any better. “Are you hungry?” I nodded and asked her if she was feeling better. She said she was feeling much Then one night I had to get up to go to the bathbetter and stated that she was starving. I guess she room. My bedroom was right across the hall from was since she hadn’t eaten in several days. my mother’s room. When I walked out into the hallway I could see a very bright light coming out As we sat down to eat I asked, “Mommy, do you of my mom’s room. At first, I didn’t think much of it believe in angels?” She replied that indeed she did. because I was more focused on going to potty. When Then I told her about what I had seen the night I came out of the bathroom that light was still there. before. She was amazed. She said, “Well, no wonder I could hear this faint crackling noise also coming I feel so much better today!” from her room. Curious as to what this light was, I peeked into her room and saw my mom sleeping in She went on to explain that there are many difher bed. And then I saw what was causing the light ferent types of angels, each of whom have special shining in my mother’s room. jobs that they tend to. My mom said that her angel The Paranormal Explorer 60

Angelic Experiences

must have been a healing angel that came to take away the illness that she had. She said, “The angels must have known that I needed to be better so I could take care of you and your brother, so they came and gave me a special blessing of good health.” I thought to myself, ‘well, whatever that angel did sure must have worked!’ I was so happy to have mom back to her old self again. It’s been 17 years since the day I saw the angel in my mother’s bedroom and I have never forgotten it. It has influenced my life in that I know that there are higher beings around us that reach out to help us whenever we need it. I think most importantly is just having the first hand knowledge that angels really do exist. And they certainly must know about my mother. In my opinion, my mom is a very special woman. She has spent her whole life helping other people and bringing healing into their lives. I wonder if she is what they call a ‘human’ angel because she sure seems to be an angel to me. I’m certainly proud to have her as my mother. Jessica Thompson


Do you have an Angelic experience you would like to share with our readers? We would like to hear from you. Submit your story to us at:

My mom, Rev. Belle Salisbury, Psychic Medium

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Therapy Thoughts
Life coaching began in California during the early 1990’s. An accountant named Thomas Leonard found that clients seeking financial advice were revealing a need for further direction. Eventually he set up The International Coach Federation in Houston, Texas. Emerging in Britain in the late 1990’s various new titles arose such as “Life Laundry” and “Lifestyle Guru.” Life coaching is different to mentoring, is not instructional and does not provide answers. Each individual has their own perspective. Dealing with the whole person, coaching is ideal in a holistic healing setting. In order to achieve results all areas of life are examined before spiritual advancement may proceed. Career, family, personal relationships, health and spirituality must be balanced. Take a moment to evaluate how many hours you spend on each. Jot them down; it will be obvious which areas need attention. Perhaps you spend long hours at work returning home too exhausted for family or friends? Maybe you are so spiritual it’s hard to relate to other people? The Paranormal Explorer 62 Although expressing a need for change, some clients get stuck in outdated thinking patterns. To ease past these obstacles rapport, trust, and honesty have to be established. Conventional life coaching is not undertaken with people who are depressed or mentally unstable. However, for the purpose of clearing emotional blocks that are hindering spiritual growth, coaching exercises are ideal. Problems arising from difficult life situations commonly cause self limiting beliefs, fear, or a negative self image. The ultimate goal is to complete a pre-chosen life lesson, make sense of it and move on. Once this is achieved the possibilities for spiritual advancement are amazing. Traditional life coaching is firmly rooted in the here and now. Spiritual coaching delves as far back as past life. Unlearned lessons are carried forward until their meaning is grasped; everyone involved forgiven and unconditional love flows. Healing deeply embedded emotional pain takes courage and commitment. Clients often have strong feelings of resentment, anger or fear as their accepted beliefs are challenged, So how does a session begin? Once rapport has

been established a tool box is created using visualisation techniques. Remember a time when you were successful, bright and optimistic. Capture this feeling by pressing the thumb and first finger of your right hand together. This Neuro Linguistic Programming exercise will always bring back the good feeling when repeated. Read any books by Paul Mckenna for more tips like this. Now think of all the things you love doing. Maybe a soak in a candle lit bubble bath is your treat? Whatever you’re personal preference, put them all into your tool box. When healing kicks in and emotions run high take something out and indulge yourself. Fear will always hamper progress. Remember, fear is just another feeling, a perception of a situation. Otherwise we would all be afraid of the same things! Try using this acronym, False Expectations Appearing Real. Now visualise a magic wand. This has the power to ignore reality and dispel fear. What would you wish for if you knew failure and hurt no longer existed? Removing fear and self limiting beliefs connects you to what you really want, not what you’re putting up with. Write down your fears. Are they realistic? Imagine someone you care about has written this list. What advice would you give them? How many are unrealistic now? Feel your fears and recognise the power contained in them. The seed for growth is there. Finally pencil in a weekly meeting with yourself and evaluate your progress. In next month’s issue the topic for Therapy Thoughts will be Self limiting beliefs, what are they and how may we change them. Until then remember to be kind to yourself and others. Elaine.

Join John Forster and Medium Garry each Thursday from 4-6 pm, EST as they host an open debate on anything paranormal. They will debate topics ranging from Cryptozoology to Religious beliefs and everything inbetween. Callers are welcome to call in with their opinions and join in the debate.

No Topic is tabu with us; share what is on your mind!

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Pho to graph Rea din gs
My name is Kristen Leona and I can read photographs. A lot of people are not familiar with photo readings. While I study the photos (actual or digital) I pick up psychic information from them. This can be things from the past, things that may happen in the future, behaviors, relationship issues, possible health concerns, etc. I’ve had people ask questions and I am able to answer them from reading the photos. On occasion, I have been able to connect to someone who has passed through their photos. I hope this explains my photograph readings in a little more detail. This reading was requested by Beth Taggart and the photo that was chosen is of her parents. Questions were asked and will be addressed at the end of these notes. My Reading: Momma was a funny and easy going woman. She loved her family and kids, and had a fondness for dogs. She enjoyed being outside especially for family barbecue’s and such. She loved her chaotic mess. She loves Beth so much (I’m tearing up) and wants her to do well and be proud of herself. She was/is such a loving and caring woman and easy to talk to. She has such a good and open heart. I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell Beth, her response: She’s still with her in heart and mind. She’s so proud of her and she turned out to be a great momma. She is proud of her kids, especially those boys for serving their country. Daddy was a big smoker and sometimes liked to drink. He was a good man and was totally in love with his wife and family. He worked a lot and wasn’t always available, yet wishes he had been. When I The Paranormal Explorer 64

asked if he had anything to say to Beth: He said, “Girl, you done good.” Questions What do they think of their grandkids? They are very proud - Nia is so smart and growing up fast and they are so proud of the boys for serving their country. Are they at peace? Yes, and they are together again. Does Dad know what his second wife did? Closed subject - none of my business and does not want to talk about it. Is Jimmy with them? He comes and goes. Response from Beth Taggart: Wow girl, this is so right on for both of them! Momma did love her chaotic mess and described it as that all the time! With 11 of us there was always something keeping her on her toes lol...Though Daddy wasn’t around much we knew he loved us by the little things he did. I think I always sensed that he regretted not having enough time with us when we were all younger. I can’t wait to tell my kids about what they feel for them! And knowing that they know I finally got it right makes me feel amazing! I have always felt her and dad close to me and they are often in my dreams when times are troubled, or I am in a lot of pain, but it is nice to know they are at peace and still come to be with me! To know they are together again makes my heart all warm and happy, as that is all they ever wanted. Growing up watching their love for each other was amazing. As far as his second wife, Daddy was a very private man and he wouldn’t have discussed that with anyone outside of our family....I love you and thank you so much for all your help! Would you like to have a photograph reading featured in our magazine? Send your photographs and request to me at: theparanormalexplorer@gmail. com along with any questions you would like to have answered. Visit my facebook page: kristen.leona The Paranormal Explorer 65

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Working With Your Dreams
When we go to sleep at night, our consciousness leaves the body and travels into other realms/dimensions where we are able to view the past, present, or future; we can visit departed relatives, or meet with our spiritual teachers for further learning, and even offer teachings ourselves. However, for the most part, our dreams are messages from our Higher Self providing guidance to our daily life situations. They often present themselves in three steps: they give a time reference for the problem, they will show how the problem is manifesting itself now in your present situation and what is surrounding it, and they will present the solution or how to learn from it and move beyond the problem that is limiting you. Most teaching dreams will follow this format. Once we understand the situations we experience in life are of our own creation then we can begin to ask why we chose the lesson. We can ask, ‘What is this teaching me?’ Or ‘What is the positive lesson?’ We learn to stop blaming others for our misfortunes or unhappiness and realize no one can limit our lives. We cannot change others but we can change ourselves and move beyond these situations. Every relationship and every experience is nothing more than an opportunity to grow through our limitations. During our dream time, all characters within the dream are an aspect of self, meaning we are the writer, the director and the actor playing out our life situations at the time of the dream. Dreams are given symbolically because often times we can misunderstand the spoken word. In addition, our guides and teachers usually do not speak to us in the human language, as this is not their mode of communication within the higher realms. So our dreams will contain symbols which are not to be taken literally many times, but should cause us to explore their meaning in order to make sense to our current situation. The purpose of your dreams is to know yourself and The Paranormal Explorer 66 to see your lessons in life as positive opportunities to learn and grow through your life experiences. We chose to come to this earth to experience life using our own free will. The answers we seek lie within us. During our lifetime, we have angels and spirit guides who assist us during our life lessons, but they will never make decisions for us. They will, however, lead us to enlightenment so that we can make our own wise choices. Our dreams are just one method of showing our true inner feelings surrounding a situation. Once we can learn to understand the symbols given during our dream time, we can then begin to work with those symbols to obtain the message within the dream to assist us in our day-to-day life. In this column I will work with your dreams, pointing out the symbols and their meaning, to help you understand the message your dream is bringing to you. These symbols are a guide for you and it is up to you to choose what to do with their message. Last month, I asked our readers to submit their dreams for analysis in this column. I was amazed at the response. If you would like to submit a dream to us to help you find meaning to its message, you can send them to Please keep in mind, the time frame in which you had the dream has purpose at the time of the dream and may not always apply to you today. I look forward to assisting you in finding clarity in the message your dreams are bringing to you. May your dreams always be sweet dreams! Belle Salisbury

Tammy’s Dream: I had the most creepy dream and I’m not sure what to make of it. I sure hope you can help me to understand what it all means. I had this dream two weeks ago. I was inside my apartment, sitting in the living room to be exact, when I noticed a roach crawling on the wall. As a normal reaction I ran away from it. I am so scared of bugs! I ran into the kitchen where I saw even more of the roaches. They began crawling out everywhere. I remember feeling so disgusted, so I started trying to step on them to kill them. Then they began crawling all over me! I woke after that feeling so dirty that I had to go take a shower just to get the feeling of those bugs off of my body. I know you have said that our dreams have meaning of things that are going on around us, but what would roaches have to do with me? Please help! Belle’s Response: Hi Tammy and thank you for sharing your dream with me. When we are working with our dreams, we must first pick out the most significant symbols and understand what they mean to us. Although the symbols in your dream are your symbols, and up to you to interpret, I can give you a guideline as to what I feel this dream is addressing. It is indeed up to you to determine if my interpretation is accurate, or if you feel it could be saying something else by a different definition. With that said, let’s look at your symbols and see what we can figure out. Apartment: This represents you; any building or home is a symbolic representation of self, and how you feel about a situation. Livingroom: This is usually the place where we relax or interact with others. But remember, this is still symbolic of the inner self. Kitchen: This is usually the room of nurturing, where we cook, and generally gather around the table to talk or plan with family or friends. Roaches: This is symbolic of the little things that are The Paranormal Explorer 67 bugging, or annoying you. Now, let’s put all this together and see if it makes sense for you. You are, or were two weeks ago, dealing with a situation that was starting to get under your skin. This is demonstrated by seeing the one bug in the livingroom. Often we tend to let things go, ignoring them or hoping they will work themselves out. And at times, we may be fearful of speaking out for fear of upsetting someone. By keeping quiet about the situation, it has allowed it to really begin to ‘bug’ you, to the point that it has started to get under your skin. This is demonstrated by your having moved to the kitchen and feeling overwhelmed by all of the roaches there. In your dream you stated that you felt so disgusted that you started trying to step on them to kill them. This is showing that you have finally reached your limit in the situation and have begun to take action, thus stepping on them to kill them, meaning you decided to address the situation and speak out or take some action. The lesson here is to avoid letting things go that do not resonate with your energy. Ignoring these type of situations can cause an infestation of bad feelings and therefore create blockages in your free flow of energy and positive feelings about yourself. Addressing situations when they occur will allow you to ‘nip it in the bud’ and possibly avoid a disruption in an otherwise good relationship. You will feel better about yourself for speaking your truth and will allow for nurturing discussions leading to an amicable solution that is good for all concerned. I hope that this has helped you to better understand your dream and the lesson it brings to you. I feel that the bugs were introduced in the dream as a method of getting your attention about the situation and its need to be addressed. The shower was a good idea as this helps to cleanse the energy so that you could have a fresh perspective around the situation and how to solve it.


The Faulknerphotographic deck Tarot The modern black and white
Rhiannon Faulkner was widowed at the age of 36 and is mother to five young children. Her late husband Dave is pictured on many of the images on the deck, as are her children. She donates 10% of all profits to cancer charities and is in the process of setting up a sanctuary in Devon UK to offer support to other families in the same situation. You can see her teach how to read the tarot on Youtube on The Faulkner Tarot Deck Channel.

This month let’s talk about one of the suits in the tarot. There are four of them. Cups; which refer to Love and Emotions, Wands; which talk about work, Swords; which mean problems and troubles and finally Pentacles; which refer to money and health. These suits are known as the minor arcana. A lot of readers say it’s unnecessary to use them in a reading as the major arcana can give an accurate prediction by itself. But I absolutely love the detail and accuracy that the minor arcana cards can give me. Seeing as it is summer time, let’s start with love and have a detailed look at the Cups suit. The Ace is the first card in each suit and then we have 2 – 10. Together, they tell a story, which I think makes it a lot easier to understand why one of these cards is in a reading.

The Paranormal Explorer 68


All Aces are new beginnings. The Ace of Cups is a new chapter in your life regarding love. This card indicates a new romance – the meeting of your future partner. There is an exciting gushy feeling that comes with this card! We all love love, let’s be honest – the rose indicating to us that this could be true love.

The 2 Cups is the card that we all search for in life. This is the soul mate card, the one that tells us that this is a good partnership and a long term commitment. The picture shows us a mature couple, indicating that they have made it through the rough and the smooth of life and survived together. This card says that we have now taken the Ace of cups initial meeting one step further and committed to a relationship with this new person. Look closely and see how they are holding onto each other for support and fit each other’s contours beautifully.

The 3 Cups is celebration time. It is party time! We have now committed one step further and made it official to the world. This could mean an engagement, moving into together or even marriage. We are blissfully happy at this stage and can see no wrong with our new partner at all. This card often means news of a baby too, especially when directly next to a birth card.

The Paranormal Explorer 69

The four of cups shows us a slightly different story. Here our couple look rather fed up, sitting with their backs to each other and look to me as if they have had a lovers tiff. So what’s gone wrong? Has reality kicked in? Has she got fed up with realising that he doesn’t put the toilet seat down after he has used it? Has he realised that she doesn’t bother to dress up any more? She doesn’t wear make-up as often as she did in the early days, she used to make an effort, yet now here she is wearing green wellie boots??? The meaning of this card is being fed up, but the gypsy meaning for this one is an offer of an affair – so be careful! If you don’t want to lose what you have – start making an effort.

The five of cups shows us a picture of our lady thinking about walking away. But it’s crucial to see that she hasn’t actually gone. She has yet to decide. Things are going wrong for our couple – lack of communication is now making one of them feel unloved, unwanted. This card indicates that this relationship is one sided. There is still a way of making it work – but both parties need to cooperate.

The six of cups shows our lady looking at happy memories on the wall. She is thinking back to the good old days – back when the relationship was wonderful, new and fresh. This card says that things can get better – there is hope for the future with this one. However, it is also the card of depression for me. Be aware how upset someone can be, if this card appears in their reading.

The Paranormal Explorer 70


The seven of cups is all about choices and is known as the card of confusion. A simple question mark sums it up for us in a reading. What do you want to happen in this relationship? Do you want to make it work? Do you want to give it all up? Pleasant surprises can come with this card and a happy ending is possible if both parties work at it. But what will they decide?

The eight of cups is a sad card. Now we have the man deciding to give up. He seems to be marching out that door at a rate of knots. He has had enough and has packed his bags and is leaving. The room looks empty indicating that there is not much left to work on. But wait! Things can be sorted, if only the woman would stop him, promising him one more chance! The message with this card is a miserable situation but do NOT give up just yet. Totally unrelated to the main meaning for this card, the gypsy meaning for this card is quite simply blonde woman. This can be a helpful piece of information when trying to describe someone you are reading about in the cards!!!

The nine of cups in the Faulkner tarot deck is a picture of a newborn baby. A dream come true for this couple. (The gypsy meaning for this card is birth of a child) Does this mean that they have resolved their problems? Well, it looks like things are much better for them in this journey of love! This card is the wish card in the minor arcana – it says your dreams are real and there is definitely a cause for celebration finally. It tells me they have worked through their problems, they did not give up at the eight of cups stage and we are nearly at our happy ending!

The Paranormal Explorer 71


The ten of cups is my wedding photo. This was one of the happiest days of my life, when I married Dave Faulkner. The meaning for this card is a happy ending – complete happiness in a marriage and complete and utter contentment. Our couple have made it through everything and they are finally celebrating.

Do we stay at the 10 of cups? I think not, instead, I think we repeat this cycle as shown in this suit over and over again during our relationships with people in life. We go back to the Ace of cups card – a new chapter, and work our way through the ups and downs together and hopefully ending up each time at the 10. I hope this has explained the suit of cups to you in an easy and simple way. I have a new 2 hour DVD released this month – in both UK and US formats. It teaches you how to read these cards for yourself. The DVD is available through my website and also at and

If you have any questions related to reading the tarot, or suggestions as to what you would like to see in this column next month, please contact Rhiannon at The Paranormal Explorer 72


Spotlight on...
Elaine Fessey

I have been working as a psychic counsellor and holistic therapist for seventeen years. Previous to this I was working in medical research. I left my well paid high powered job to begin training as a therapist in 1994. No one could understand why I would do this but I was following what I now understand to be spiritual guidance. This guidance has served me well ever since. It has moved me away from my family home town and to a totally new area where we knew no one in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. I was made to start my business again from scratch, my children had to make new friends and all of us were thrown in at the deep end. I trusted my guide’s decision to move us out of our comfort zone and we have all thrived and grown spiritually because of this. I never question their decisions now as I know it will work out for the best in the end.

studying flower remedies, dream therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. I have attended numerous spiritual development workshops and completed two years training with The Healing Trust. I have run a spiritual development circle for five years and many who attended have gone on to become psychics and healers themselves. I am passionate about my work and helping others to become the best they possibly can be. I currently write a monthly column and answering problems as agony aunt and also a column called Therapy thoughts for The Paranormal Explorer magazine. You can join my Facebook page, POSITIVE HORIZONS to learn more about me and receive updates about my work. Alternately you may e-mail me at:

I am committed to learning my craft and continually add on new therapies to the list of accomplishments so far. To date I am qualified as a reflexologist, aroma- I would love to hear from you. therapist, counsellor and psychotherapist, life coach and stress management consultant. I am currently Elaine Fessey

The Paranormal Explorer 73


Agony Aunt
particularly on your right hand side. Because of the location of this blockage in your aura I suspect this is a past life trauma that has carried forward into this lifetime. You have a strong link with animals, horses in particular. Follow my monthly meditations to help clear any blocked energy in your aura and re-open the third eye. Visualise the block dissolving in a brilliant white light. Write down your dreams and visions. (Remember that Belle Salisbury can help interpret your dreams.) The key to you becoming a healer is within this lesson and as it clears, should be more obvious to you. Much love, Elaine Katie’s response: Ms Fessey, I’m not sure about the connection with horses. I’ve never experimented with past lives although it’s very interesting to me. It’s funny you should say that I have a blockage around my head, neck, and shoulders because in the past few days especially I have had a stiff neck and headaches! I will definitely try your suggestion. I am hopeful of regaining my abilities. Thanks again and blessed be! Katie Message from Tommy: Dear Agony Aunt, I have been in a rut and have been unable to find a job for a while. Financially things are horrible. I was wondering if you could tell me will my finances improve and will I find a job? Thanks in advance, Tommy Elaine’s response: Hello Tommy, You have a fine mind and a keen sense of fun. This will always keep you focused on the positive side of life. Work wise you have not been looking in the right

A warm welcome to the August problem page, from your very own agony aunt, Elaine Fessey! This month I have been contacted by three special readers who have entrusted me with their problems. Don’t forget to contact me with your own problems. As always I promise to do my very best for you. From Katy: When I was younger (13/14) I was very open. I had a psychic gift. As I got older events in my life that sometimes made me upset and afraid caused me to block it out for my own peace of mind. I inadvertently predicted a few things that weren’t so good. Nothing overly drastic but it made me worry. Now that I’m in my twenties I would really like to reopen my third eye and find my gift again. I understand I may not be able to, but now that I’m more mature I think it could be easier for me to accept it and hopefully help me grow. I hope you can give me some tips. I’ve tried a few simple spells to open myself but I just get weird dreams. Thanks a bunch, Katie Elaine’s answer: Dear Katie, The past events you mentioned have played a part in closing down your psychic ability. Before resuming your development the negative energy stored from these events has to be cleansed from your aura. The blockage is around your head, neck and shoulder area, The Paranormal Explorer 74

areas. You are trying to please others rather than assuming your true vocation as a care giver or counselor. These professions may not be seen as macho by others involved in your life so they have been repressed. Try to balance your work, family, relationships, health and spirituality. There are exercises to follow in this month’s Therapy Thoughts article on life coaching. You are trying to force an issue before you have truly cleared out the emotional blocks in your aura that are obstacles to your progress. Use my monthly meditations to heal these issues. Then new areas of work will open up to you. The rut you describe relates to outdated thinking. Does your family have high expectations of you in the workplace? As you begin to clear, new energy comes into the areas of work and wealth for you. Much love, Elaine Message from Lisa: Dear Agony Aunt, Hi, my name is Lisa. I saw your name on Ms Belle Salisbury’s Facebook page. She said you were good at helping with problems. I’ve had a problem for some time but I’m not sure it even exists. Thank you! Lisa. Elaine’s reply: Dear Lisa, You have many more experiences to come in life but your fear of opening up is holding you back. Your life has not been easy and your plans are on hold. Give yourself a break from anxiety and relax. Let your energies flow by using my colour breathing meditation. This will help your body to relax and your mind to become quiet. As the healing sweeps through your aura the emotional cleansing will remove old worries and make room for exciting new prospects. Much love, Elaine Do you have a problem you would like to share with Agony Aunt? Submit your inquiry to me at: My spirit guide and I are at your service, ready and waiting!

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The Herbal Corner
I am a big fan of herbs and natural products that produce healthier benefits. I also use herbs for their metaphysical properties. In this month’s column I want to focus on the foods we feed our pets. You are what you eat and the same applies to your furbabies, the pets that have become part of the family. Have you ever wondered what ingredients are used in your store-bought pet foods? Many of the brand name pet foods on the market today contain mostly agricultural waste products. What exactly does that mean? I did a bit of research and found that this waste includes animal parts, bones, and even hooves and feathers. Since we really do not have a set standard for the quality of the waste used, it can also include diseased animal parts. Pet foods are also filled with chemical additives like artificial colors and flavors to make it taste and look better. Then it is baked at a very high temperature which actually destroys much of the vitamins and minerals that were there. Then it is bagged or placed in cans and sold as pet food, and we serve this concoction to our pets and expect it to be delicious. In all fairness to the dog food companies, all dog foods are baked at high temperatures, even the premium brands, as it is the only way it can be made. Further information I found in my research is when looking for a good quality dog food for your pet, avoid these harmful preservatives: • BHT, buylated hydroxytoluene --thought by some scientists to be a cause of liver damage • BHA: butylated hydroxyanisole-- a known carcinogen • Propylene glycol--preservative--known to cause illness in dogs • EQ ethoxyquin --found to cause liver tumors in newborn mice And, we wonder why so many dogs have cancer! (You might want to watch out for it in your own food too.) Also, Look out for “animal byproducts”, which can be anything ‘left over’ from processing; •hooves •bones The Paranormal Explorer 76

•animal carcasses and other things deemed unfit for human consumption, including diseased parts. Read the ingredients labels when selecting your pet’s food. You want to make sure that meat is the first ingredient. Ingredient labels will list their ingredients in order of largest amounts to the smallest amounts by weight. Look for meats, fruits and vegetables and natural preservatives. Animal protein meal is okay, but it should say what animal it came from such as chicken meal, not “animal meal.” Also consider adding raw or cooked foods and vegetables to your pet’s diet. Real food is good for your pet! After learning about the ingredients used in making dog food I decided to experiment with making homemade dog treats and dog food for my little fur baby. Herbs can be quite valuable when used in your dog’s food. For example: •Oregano can heal bacterial infections. •Mint freshens up the dreaded dog breath, and can also be soothing to the stomach and nervous system. It can also help to alleviate nausea. •Rosemary also soothes the stomach. •Parsley helps to soothe inflamed joints, including the relief of arthritis pain. •Lavender calms and soothes an anxious puppy. •Garlic supports the immune system and helps to prevent fleas. You can mix and match your herbs in a variety of combinations to fit your pet’s needs. I found some amazing recipes and will share a few of them here for you to try with your own pet. Parmesan Herb Treats Ingredients: 1 package of Dry Yeast 1 cup Cracked Wheat 1/2 cup Rye Flour 1 cup Wheat Flour 2 teaspoons Minced Garlic 1 teaspoon Oregano 1/2 cup Powdered Milk 1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese 2 tablespoons Olive Oil 1/2 cup Warm Water 1/2 cup Rice Flour 2 tablespoons Parsley 2 cups Chicken Broth (low sodium or homemade)

For the Glaze: 1 Egg 1 Tablespoon Milk Directions: In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in water. Add broth, oil, cheese, dry milk, and herbs. Gradually blend in the flours and cracked wheat. Add enough wheat flour to form stiff dough. Transfer to a floured surface and knead until smooth. Shape the dough into a ball and roll to 1/2 inch thick. Cut out treats in desired shapes using a cookie cutter. Place on ungreased baking sheets about 1/4 inches apart. Bake at 325F for 45 min. Remove from oven. In a small bowl, whisk together the egg and milk for the glaze. Brush the biscuits with glaze, turn and brush other side. Bake for another 30 minutes. Fido’s Favorite Treat Ingredients: 1 cup rolled oats 1/3 cup margarine or butter 1 cup boiling water 3/4 cup cornmeal 1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons chicken or beef instant bouillon 1/2 cup milk 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 egg, beaten 2 cups white or wheat flour Directions: Preheat oven to 325F. Grease cookie sheets. In large bowl combine rolled oats, margarine and water; let stand for 10 minutes. Stir in cornmeal, sugar, bouillon, milk, cheese, and egg. Mix well. Add flour 1 cup at a time, mixing well after each addition to form stiff dough. On floured surface, knead in remaining flour until dough is smooth and no longer sticky, 3 to 4 minutes. Roll or pat out dough to 1/2 inch thickness; cut with cookie cutter. Place 1 inch apart on cookie sheets. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely. Store loosely covered. Makes 3 1/2 dozen large biscuits. The Paranormal Explorer 77 Vegetarian Dog Biscuits Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups flour 3/4 cup dry milk powder 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 teaspoons brown sugar 2 vegetable bouillon cubes; dissolved in 3/4 cup boiling water 1/2 cup carrots (optional) 1 egg Directions: Preheat oven to 300F. Mix all ingredients into a ball and roll out to about 1/4” thick. Cut with bone-shaped cookie cutter, or strips, or a cutter shape of your own choice. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. If you have a “special needs” pet with allergies, kidney problems, joint difficulties, etc., you should know that wheat and corn allergies are fairly common among dogs due to the large amounts of filler used in many brands. This means you may want to avoid brands with cornmeal, especially if you think your pet could be allergic. Making homemade dog treats is a fun project to do with your children or grandchildren. Imagine the great feeling you will have when your dog devours the special homemade biscuits and treats that you have personally baked for them. Just the smell of the treats cooking will have your dog waiting by the oven anxious for them to finish.


Horoscope Columnist Jeanne Douglas August 2011
Mar 20 - Apr 19


Life is destined to calm down a little, after quite a considerable ‘hectic’ phase. This may surprise or disorientate you. However, be assured that this really is necessary being as you could do with the peace and quiet. But don’t get too upset when certain folk move out of your life. You also need to consolidate your current position, hard-won over the last year or so! Look out for a brand new work opportunity – if you’re ready for it – and this will be mentally challenging as well as stimulating.
Apr 20 - May 20

May 21 - Jun 20


Aug 23 - Sept 22


This is a major ‘sort out’ period for you Gemini! And you know that you have to push really hard in order to ‘make it happen’. Yes, this has been an exacting time and you’re wondering how on earth you’re managing to keep going. But, over the next month or so, your efforts will start paying off. Work, in particular, is going to get both interesting and enjoyable; others will be on the same level and understand just where you are coming from. This includes a romantic admirer! Life is good.
Jun 22 - Jul 22

Fresh discussions as regards practical problems see results – at long last! This will please you greatly and a partner is happy too. This not only gives you a certain ‘edge’ but also opens the door in new directions over the coming months. This is most timely and muchneeded for it seems that you’ve been stuck in a rut for quite some time. But now that a work project is ending, you do have the time to focus on new opportunities. Though whilst it’s still all ‘up in the air’ you’ll feel rather ungrounded.
Sept 23 - Oct 22




Your career is in the spotlight as a project nears completion. This will free you up in the immediate future and any remaining work will involve much more freedom of thought and expression. And as greater creativity flows in, others will be astounded and your success is further assured. Never resting for a second, you spur yourself on, working just as hard as ever and expanding your horizons at every given opportunity. This leads to meeting a few new faces on the same wavelength. Home is your haven. The Paranormal Explorer 78

There’s an idea brewing deep inside you and – over the next month – you will start to manifest it. This is exciting indeed and you won’t be afraid if this challenges the ‘status quo.’ For you’re willing to stand up for what you truly think and feel this month and others will find you formidable! And though they may stand back, you really do have to push hard at this point as you’re most likely to get your own way. This applies more so than at any other time this year. One day, they’ll all understand.

Social and personal commitments lessen and others, basically, ‘get off your case’! This puts you into an interesting situation, with more time and the wherewithal to pursue wishes and what-ifs. The only connections that you’re likely to keep and develop are those relating to creative people and situations. This is all – also – rather fun. Time spent with a loved one really helps, especially because they are really supportive. Most of all, they bring you an element of luck to get ahead.

Oct 23 - Nov 21


July 22 - August 22

This is an excellent time of year for you! With your energies running high and romance ‘on the agenda’, you really couldn’t be happier. Also, your practicality comes to the fore and you’ll find that you can overcome any long-term problems quite effectively
Dec 21 - Jan 19

now. A new way to earn money is particularly inspiring, even though it will tax your intellect. Going for it will sort out your career aspirations, which have been rather lack-lustre for quite some time now. An old partnership moves on. PISCES



Feb 18 - Mar19

With domestic issues lightening, your home becomes more of a haven, filled with creativity and expression. With your friends gathering around you, life takes on a more nebulous feel and is much less exacting – and exhausting! Look out for a new face or two who help shed light on your situation; this will be particularly appreciated. And with a partner who is rather hard to currently pin down, you’ll have more than enough time on your hands to pursue a new path in your career, which you’ll love!
Nov 22 - Dec 20

You know that it’s ‘back to the drawing board’ when it comes to making a little cash. For the old methods are fast running out of steam. Try to remember that it’ll be the creative and expressive ideas which get results. Rather disappointed, you’ll get no help from your excellent social contacts – yet you are still destined to go places, so don’t let this disturb you. You have learnt the know-how from others over the last year or so, and this will hold you in good stead. True love also inspires you…
Jan20 - Feb17

Just as you thought that you were moving forwards, in grand expressive style, things crop up to throw you back into a quiet retreat – where you can perfect your dreams and ideas. You also need to abandon some old ones! So this is a time of change and moving on. What is most surprising is that a new romantic liaison is set to go places. At last, it does seem as if you have met someone who is in the same groove. This is unique in itself and this time you won’t hesitate to take the bait.



With your practical ‘power’ slipping away from you, you take comfort in the current changes to your daily – and work – routine. These are probably also longoverdue, especially being as work has been rather uninspiring just lately. Expect all that to change now, and a whole new way of looking at things unfolds. This will all be inspired by an improvement in your romantic situation and a loved one helps you to fight for what you want. They can see that you’ve got ‘just what it takes’!

As doors firmly shut on what you thought was your true direction in life, others certainly open! In particular, your creative and artistic flair returns to ‘show you the way’ and this will involve returning to old dreams. Finally, you realise that you knew all along just what you had to do and what was the correct choice for you. And although life has made little sense just recently, new friendly contacts as well as a romantic partner not only shed light on your situation but lead the way forwards. The Paranormal Explorer 79

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The Evolution of Radio
By Stephen Wren
The earliest elements of radio energy were nothing more than impulses across conductors and electromagnetic fields in laboratory experiments carried out by such famous inventors as Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison in the late 19th century. They were just a few of several communication pioneers that discovered these “sparks” of energy could be transformed into messages through such simple devices as wires, coils, and vacuum tubes. These communication signals would later evolve into conversations across wireless telegraph devices and eventually into the receivers as we know them today. Since its evolution, radio has served as an integral part of society, communicating with us the local news, politics, weather, and sports. From early on it has kept us entertained with comedic acts like the 3 Stooges and Laurel and Hardy (1930’s), and has covered every genre of music imaginable, from the early country music of the 1950’s, to the grinding hip hop and rock of the 1990’s. It has kept us clutching the edge of our seats and weeping during such historical events as the Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy assassinations and has relayed minuteby-minute details during horrifying emergencies like the Hindenburg disaster and 9-11. Radio has played roles of both the villain and the benefactor in our modern culture. In 1938, an adaptation of Orson Welles’s The War of the Worlds aired, shocking and startling listeners. This publicly broadcasted hoax had many believing an actual meteorite crashed into a farm and New York was under attack by aliens. In many respects it created a mass hysteria, making thousands call into their local police stations and causing others to seek out medical treatment as a result of the shock factor involved. But radio has also served well in producing weather warning systems, saving countless numbers of lives, The Paranormal Explorer 80 and at the close of World War II radio was diligent in getting across the message, “The boys are coming home!”, roiling up the nation in welcoming back our nation’s heroes from their heroic achievements abroad. The War of the Worlds airing sparked a whole new industry of radio with its “thrill and chill” concept. New radio ideas and personalities emerged, such as the unforgettable Wolfman Jack in the 60’s—a master DJ who enthralled the nation with his rock ‘n’ roll coverage, rhythm and blues music, and his primeval, howling voice. Years later, the well-known, talk-radio show Coast to Coast AM with the iconic Art Bell emerged, covering everything from the metaphysical to the supernatural. With the advent of the internet, popular talk-radio shows and networks have also surfaced and have proven valuable in showcasing such topics as spirituality, psychics, UFO’s, ghosts, and cryptozoology. Some of the more notable ones have been HV Talk Radio, (, and Darkness Radio (, and Sky City Radio, ( just to name a few. Some of these and similar-type stations have even evolved into full-blown networks, hosting an array of shows that have appealed greatly with listening audiences seeking cryptic, esoteric, and the like programming. Stephen Wren and R. Gary Patterson are the hosts of Pop Odyssey Radio,, featuring the Myths and Mysteries of Pop Culture such as the mystery around the deaths of Buddy Holly, John Lennon, and more; as well as celebrity psychics Christian Dion, Belle Salisbury, and Annette Martin.

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