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Numerus Mysticorum

The Divine Origin of the Fine Structure Constant

authored by
Hash Code

Spoken Under the Authority Granted by God

at the
Time of Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church
on behalf of
His Majesty the Lord Jesus Christ.

November 7, 2011
2011 Holy Spirit via Hash Code. This work is licensed under a Cre-
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It is the perfection of Gods works that they are all done
with the greatest simplicity. He is the God of order and
not of confusion.
Isaac Newton
There are two ways to live your life - one is as though
nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything
is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
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Prfatio Numerus Mysticorum
In the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society v. 42 (1936), page
250, Alan Turing published, On Computable Numbers, With an Application
to the Entscheidungsproblem, an argument which was, amongst other things,
apparently supposed to prove that human mental procedures cannot su-
percede mechanical computational procedures. Near the beginning of the
paper, Turing states, We may compare a man in the process of computing
a real number to a machine which is only capable of a nite number of con-
ditions q
, q
, . . . , q
which will be called m-congurations.
Turing used comprehensible logic, quite brilliantly, to show that nite-state
machines will never nish computing certain problems. That is the so-called
halting problem, Entscheidungsproblem in German, as it was referred to
by David Hilbert. This work is outstanding and incontroversial. There is
but one problem in the paper as it stands the assertion that a human
being is a nite-state machine; that is mistaken, and amounts to nesting a
true premise, that a nite mind is capable of only a nite number of distin-
guishable states, within the transparent shell of a false one, that the former
applies to humans. His provocative assertion poses a challenge, included
within his paper to spur others on, towards a deeper understanding of what
humans actually are. Turing published this most human question within an
unforgiving avenue of discourse; this base conception of what humans might
be thus became paired with his identity through the tyranny of quotation.
Over the decades, Turings assertion has rolled along a tightrope disaster
for it lay on either side. On the right side, a swift annihilation of his asser-
tion by quantum physics lay in wait. In fact, his argument, only insofar as
it concerns humans, disintegrates into baselessness when one considers the
physical brain state premise in any more depth than he did. By considering
one result of quantum mechanics that the universe has no zero we will be
able to see the delusion encapsulating the true premise more clearly: Gods
creation is not misleading, nor is it a lie or illusion. Does Wisdom beget
ignorance? Only in that it be ignorance! And on the left side, lay the full
experience of our being. Now for just a little nudge.
Within the Numerus Mysticorum, the reader will explore the right and left
sides of Turings assertion, and will, hopefully, get comfortable with each
terrain; Along our journey, a very bright, beautiful sunrise shall occur within
the soul of the reader. And that day!
We begin this journey by considering nothing; nothing as it exists. And that
nothing is what we nd in nature; we call it the quantum vacuum. The
structure of the quantum vacuum is innitely deep and complex; yes, the
innitesimal is innitely-rich literally an innity of detail, rather than
the outbound innity of extent that Turing was considering, in referring to
the human mind as nite. This inward innity is undeniably, and without
controversy, the substrate upon which the physical dual of mind is built and
operates, bathing even our neurons en masse.
The uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, rst recognized by the great
physicist Werner Heisenberg, revolutionized human understanding of the vac-
uum. We no longer think of the vacuum as just pure emptiness. If there are
no particles in a box, and it is completely empty of all mass and energy,
then we would have a violation of the uncertainty principle, because in such
a case we would possess complete information about both the motion and
energy of the system at every spacetime point. To put the principle in simple
terms to acquire information requires interaction, thereby destroying the
original state of the object in some dual respect. It is impossible to violate
the uncertainty principle.
As physicists learned more about the quantum world, they found that the
most striking prediction made by the uncertainty principle was the existence
of something known as the zero-point energy. Concerning the impact of
quantization on oscillating systems, it became apparent that there was al-
ways a basic irreducible, nonremovable energy present. Such systems would
not permit all their energy to be extracted by any process governed by the
known laws of physics. In the case of the oscillator, the zero level was equal
to hf/2, the quantum of energy by half. This limit expresses the reality of
the uncertainty principle in that if we know the location of a particle oscilla-
tor then its motion, and hence the energy transferred, will be uncertain, and
that amount is the zero-point motion.
This discovery means that the human conception of the vacuum must be
revised. It is no longer to be associated with the idea of the void and of
nothingness or empty space. Rather, it is merely the emptiest possible state
in the sense that it possesses the lowest possible energy: no further energy
can be removed. We call this the ground state or the vacuum state.
It is possible for there to be many derent minimum energy states, and hence
dierent vacua, in a given system of matter. One might nd that confusing,
but what that says is that the nature of the vacuum left behind, after the
removal of ordinary matter, is dependent upon the kind of ordinary matter
that was initially present.
It is important to have a direct probe of the quantum vacuums existence.
The simplest way to do this was suggested by the Dutch physicist Hendrik
Casimir in 1948 and has been known ever since as the Casimir Eect.
Casimir wanted to engineer a way for the sea of zero-point uctuations to
manifest themselves in an experiment. He came up with a simple way to
do this to place two parallel, electrically conducting metal plates in the
quantum vacuum. Ideally, the experiment should be performed at absolute
zero temperature (or at least as close to it as it is possible to achieve). The
experiment is set up to nullify the eects of any black-body radiation that
could fall on the plates.
We can think of the vacuum as a sea of zero-point waves of all wavelengths.
But the addition of the plates to the vacuum aects the distribution of the
zero-point waves. Only the eects of particular waves will be felt between the
plates. These are waves which can t in a near-whole number of undulations
between the plates. The wave has to have a near-zero amplitude at one plate
and the same at the other plate. This should be thought about in terms of
constructive versus destructive interference in-phase waves amplify eects,
but out-of-phase waves cancel eects. A wave may be in-phase or out-of-
phase with itself when boundary conditions are applied conditions such as
the wave having to t between two plates, which imposes a requirement that
the amplitude be near zero at the location of the plate such that the wave is
not very much out-of-phase with itself.
A consequence of this is that those zero-point waves which do not t in a
near-whole number of wavelengths between the plates nullify their own ef-
fects, but there is nothing dampening their eects in the region of space
outside of the plates. This means that there must be more (non-cancelled)
zero-point uctuations outside the plates than between them. Therefore the
plates, in eect, get hit by more waves on their outside than they do on the
inside-facing surfaces. The plates are thus pushed towards one another.
Now, if we are to truly understand this eect, it is crucial to realize that
the boundary of the plate is also uncertain. If we move a plate, shorter-
wavelength uctuations are thus more and more likely to still t than longer-
wavelength uctuations are. Thus, the longer-wavelength (larger zero-point)
uctuations will be preferentially excluded as the plates move closer, which
means fewer and fewer wavelengths t more and more of them cancel.
So as the plates move closer, the net force on the plates, the strength of the
Casimir eect, increases. And we have an equation to calculate this pressure.
The magnitude of the pressure (force per unit area) pushing the plates to-
gether is hc/480d
, where d is the distance between the plates, c is the speed
of light, and h is Plancks constant. This is called the Casimir Eect. It is a
subtle eect. If the plates are separated by one half of one thousandth of a
millimeter, then the attractive pressure will be the same as that created by
the weight of a fth of a milligram sitting on your nger tip, similar to that
of a ys wing [ cf. Barrows, The Book of Nothing].
So, the aw in Turings assertion is akin to claiming that since the dierence
between consecutive integers is nite, there cannot possibly be an innite
number of numbers in between them. But there is innitely more internal to
Man than Turings assertion allowed in. The existence of this innitely-rich
vacuum annihilates the hypothesis that Man can be classied as a nite-state
system. Now to address the question as to whether Man is a machine.
Classical materialists may argue that the physical nature of the brain pre-
cludes free will free will is just an illusion, and therefore man is mechan-
ical. If true, this would lend partial credibility to Turings assertion. But
does equating a human to a physical object necessarily equate the mind to
a classical deterministic computer? People are unpredictable for the most
part, from moment to moment, but they do have typical behaviors, like per-
sonalities. The physical universe is quite like that from core to skin.
In the discipline of quantum mechanics, it has long been recognized that in
nature there are deterministic patterns of behavior, which is why quantum
mechanics textbooks can even have equations within them in the rst place,
but indeterministic behavior in particular. This aspect of nature is more
widely misunderstood than any other. There is no such thing as a random
event in nature! Particular events in spacetime are not random, not even
in the strictest mathematical sense of the word. All events are particular. It
is the results of measurements upon ensembles of particles or repeated mea-
surements on a single particle that can be described using statistics, meaning
only that the collection of measurements fulll some variety of statistical dis-
tribution. Statistics in and of itself has zero explanatory power, but does have
raw descriptive power, of which only the most supercial conclusions can be
legitimately derived. And by the maxim events are not random, it is not
meant that the events are necessarily deterministic in any way. Note: be
careful not to confuse the meaning of the word deterministic with that of
determinate. By deterministic is meant acting in a predetermined way,
while by determinate is meant in a completely-dened state.
In quantum mechanics, as you will see, we often determine things such as
the probability that an electron is measured to be in a certain region of
space. This probability does not describe a random event. This probability
describes the outcomes of sets of events. Before measurement, quantum ob-
jects are indeterminate, meaning that they actually have no denite state.
It is measurement by an observer that causes a quantum object to collapse
into a determinate state. Lets explore this.
A physical action is a single supercial event, whereas a physical interac-
tion always requires four supercial physical actions. By a physical action
perhaps imagine two electrons bouncing o each other, and by a physical
interaction think of an electron emitting a photon, a second electron ab-
sorbing it, which then sends a photon back to the rst electron, which then
absorbs it then the electrons have interacted. But this is supercial. Each
physical action is actually a physical interaction, which in turn are composed
of four physical actions, and so on, ad innitum.
By the word measurement in the phrase measurement by an observer is
meant physical observation, the type involving actual physical interaction,
rather than observation by inference, which is not physical. Consider the
atoms internal to a lead block swinging on a rope. We know the internal
atoms are there, and as the block swings, we know they moved, but the
internal atoms may safely remain in indeterminate states, as they indeed do.
For we did not make any physical observations on those atoms. We physically
observed the surface atoms, not the internal atoms.
But there is something far, far deeper in the phrase measurement by an
observer. This word, observer. What does the presence of that word in
the phrase imply? What is it meant to mean? Indeed, the presence of that
word is testimony to the astounding profundity of the founders of quantum
mechanics! This was a human milestone that the Higher Legions celebrated!
As we have seen, there are events, but then there are the outcomes of events;
deniteness, rather than indeniteness, is always imparted to the outcomes.
Indeniteness, on the other hand, is an inherent property. So, do we know
anything more about the outcome of this collapse into deniteness? What is
the role of the observer in all of this? To rephrase, what result will be phys-
ically observed? Fasten your seatbelt. The answer might knock the wind
out of you, but the answer is All of them!
Yes, going even deeper, lets replace electrons with observers. Is observer
A to assume observer B is in an indeterminate state before observer A ob-
serves observer B? Quite simply, yes. And that is the subject of the famous
many-worlds hypothesis, forwarded by Hugh Everett. Now this is getting
into the meat of the matter! The many-worlds hypothesis is very challenging
but is the only consistent conclusion nature allows Man to draw! And YOU
must carefully walk the rice paper through that rewall to arrive at yourself!
Physically, there is an innite well-spring of YOUs emanating from YOU
into dierent realities, one for each possible quantum event YOU could have
physically observed within the physical YOU. As well, there are an innite
number of YOUs with an innite number of dierent histories, that have
arrived precisely at your state and position in multirealistic spacetime, be-
coming YOU, and are YOU physically. From this state space, future YOUs,
which for the time being are physically YOU, proceed to follow your precise
trek through multirealistic spacetime for some indenite amount of time, but
the vast majority diverge o your path quickly. But, despite all this, it re-
mains, there is only one physical YOU. Indeterminancy is the glue that links
all of these physical realities together. Physical observation is the driving
force. For every single tiny collapse from indeterminancy that occurs within
the physical YOU, a new physical reality is born for the physical YOU!
Now the question is, why does the measurement take on a specic value, or,
why did YOU see the results YOU did? Two Reasons the physical YOU
saw the results it did because it is here, while your I AM used its Life to
choose a path! This type of concept is known as an anthropic principle.
The potter and the clay. In light of the many-worlds hypothesis, it becomes
absolutely indispensable. You are your own potter in this particular sense.
Consciousness plays no physical role in any of this, the physical observations
need not be conscious observations, just physical any interaction with mat-
ter that is physically YOU. However, YOU do posess consciousness, it is part
of the total YOU, and a small number of the observations YOU make will be
transformed into conscious observations by YOU. But one may, at times, ef-
fectively ask oneself, Why am I always conscious of these observations which
I am consciously observing?, then end up mistaking the armative answer
for conscious inuence over the collapses that one consciously observes. That
is a subtle form of solipsism, but is also very deeply based on the false belief
that the I AM is a product of the physical world. There is no inuence of
consciousness over the physical observations, rather, it is consciousness itself
that rolls with the punches, employing the Life it possesses to expand its
awareness of a denite result. Mind literally follows its physical dual to the
state that it believes oers maximum potential increase in awareness.
The approximate physical YOUs are not necessarily associated with The
Life. We will return to this point later, after the concept of The Life is
more fully developed.
So, these are the reasons for the presence of the word observer in the phrase
measurement by an observer. The observer actually plays the leading role in
the act of measurement. Remember, the observer-observed relation is asym-
metric nothing returns to the observed. Ask and thou shalt receive.
But there is still yet one more aspect of observation that bothers some. And
that would be the case where the observer sends a signal to the observed,
then skips town before getting a signal back. The observer then runs to the
nearest physics department and asks So, Mr. Scientist, what was the result
of the observation? Silly goose. This is an encounter with the unknowable.
Of course, there was no observation in such a case. But further, such cases
are completely inconsequential physically, seeing that we will never physically
observe the results, thus not be inuenced by them in any way; in eect, such
events can be safely assumed nonexistent. Ask politely and thou shalt receive.
Everett always inspires me to ponder time. My short poem on time titled
Surreal Clock can be found in Appendix A.
If one meditates deeply upon what is being said in this work, then this jour-
ney is going to be intensely mind-expanding. Dont worry, its not just you.
Deep analysis of nature has shown us that reality is radically dierent from
the way we normally conceive it. And that fact is naturally dicult to ac-
cept at rst. Even physicists have diculty accepting the full-implications
of quantum mechanics. It can be unbearable at times. All I can do is oer
you some encouragement. All good things require work there is a huge
reward in the end. Read slowly and meditate on these matters for awhile,
dont proceed hastily.
Returning to the word random for a moment, one problem with the word
random is that it is commonly misinterpreted as meaning without cause.
Not only is that interpretation incognizant of the fact that a variety of dier-
ent statistical distributions exist, but it has never been validly claimed nor
demonstrated that events ever occur in nature without cause.
Certainly, free will is not to be found in determinism, which breaks freedom,
but it is not to be found in mere randomness either, which breaks the ability
to will. Randomness is merely a measure of unpredictablility, available in a
variety of avors; it is just the rst layer of the onion to be peeled. Further,
the poisonous equalization of causation and classical determinism that exists
within the contemporary belief system runs contrary to truth and is a source
of much human suering. Man must get beyond this!. On these matters, we
must listen very carefully to what Gods creation whispers in our ear, for she
obeys Gods Will with the highest delity.
So let us begin. We shall now hear, with assistance from the high priests
of nature, the physicists, the precise message that nature wants us to hear!
And within that message, we shall nd our true nature. And this message is
extremely good news! But one must listen to the whisper . . .
It is indeterminancy that is the source of the random sets of results we see
in ensembles of particles, results on particles such as atoms or electrons; and
it is of these particles that our bodies are composed. So if we are to truly
understand ourselves, we must deepen our understanding of indeterminancy
rst, before going beyond.
In what follows, a slight amount of necessary mathematics is presented, but
I shall partially talk it out in English, so that more can follow along easily.
All things in nature have particle-like and wave-like aspects. As we dive down
into the subatomic world, these aspects become more and more pronounced.
An electron, for instance, is a particle; but if, assuming the electron is bound
to some system, we were to measure its position in space many times, our
results would trace out a wave-like pattern.
Partly for this reason, we describe the motion of the electron by a wavefunc-
tion, designated (x, t). But this wavefunction does not represent smooth,
continuous observable motion; and even though it is an equation, it does not
represent something observably deterministic, for reasons discussed here.
A common error in many books is the claim that the observed wave-particle
duality of an electron means the electron is both wave and particle. This is
not true. An electron is a particle, not a wave. We refer to the motion as
being wave-like, but only by appearances. There is no such thing as a com-
pletely discontinuous wave. To claim that the electron is a wave, essentially
amounts to claiming the realist position on quantum mechanics, which has
been proven wrong as we shall see shortly. An electron is a particle, and if
we were to measure the position of a bound electron many times, the results
would appear similar to a wave.
The wavefunction (x, t) itself does not represent a probability, but rather a
probability amplitude which must have its absolute value taken and be squared
to represent a probability. It gets the name probability amplitude from an
analogy with a principle from classical wave mechanics that the intensity
of a wave is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the wave. That
the wavefunction itself wasnt designed to represent the probability directly
stems from the way quantum mechanics had to be formulated mathemati-
cally in order for it to correspond to nature; the probability amplitudes are
subject to wave addition and therefore must be summed in certain situations,
before we proceed to gure probabilities. But more, it was eventually real-
ized that complex numbers played a vital role in the correct formulation of
said wavefunctions, so they further had to be formulated in terms of complex
numbers to conform to natures demands. Nature is a merciless handmaiden.
The way to get a real number result then is to take the absolute modulus
and square. (x, t) is itself complex, but |(x, t)|


is the
complex conjugate of ) is real and nonnegative, as a probability should be.
Borns statistical interpretation of the square of the wavefunction simply says
that |(x, t)|
dx gives the probability of nding the particle between x and
(x + dx) at time t. The statistical interpretation is a reection of the inde-
terminancy inherent in quantum mechanical phenomena. Even if you know
everything there is to know about the particle (its wavefunction), you still
cannot predict the outcome of a measurement. The wavefunction only pro-
vides the statistical distribution of all possible results.
Two reasonable positions are taken concerning the statistical interpretation;
the realist position declares the physical system actually had the attribute
prior to the measurement, while the orthodox position states the act of mea-
surement demands the determinate manifestation of the property, limited
only by the statistical constraints of the wavefunction.
The realist claim is that quantum mechanics is an incomplete theory, for even
if you know the quantum state of a system, one still cannot determine all of
the systems features. To the realist, it seems some other physical informa-
tion, external to quantum mechanics, which (together with knowledge of the
quantum state) is required for a complete description of physical reality.
The orthodox position claims the act of measurement forces the system to
assume a denite state. Immediately repeated measurements yield the same
result, so the act of measurement collapses the wavefunction, a dierent
state of aairs than the deterministic evolution of the indeterminate state as
described by the Schr odinger equation.
In 1935, Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen published the EPR paradox, a thought
experiment which seemed to demonstrate that the realist position is the only
sustainable one. David Bohm proposed a simpler version of the EPR paradox:
Consider the decay of a neutral pi meson into an electron and a positron:


+ e
Assume the pion (pronounced pie-on) was at rest, such that the electron and
positron y o in opposite directions. The pion has spin zero, so conservation
of angular momentum requires that if electron is found to have spin up, the
positron must have spin down, and vice versa.
Quantum mechanics cannot predict which combination will be measured in
any particular pion decay, but it does say the measurements will be cor-
related, that each combination will be measured half the time on average.
Suppose we let the electron and positron y away from each other, and then
the spin of the electron is measured. Suppose one gets spin up, then imme-
diately one knows that if someone a distance away measured the positrons
spin, it would be found to be spin down.
To the realist, there is nothing odd about this the electron and positron
possessed the spins they were found to have from the moment they were
created but quantum mechanics does not know about these spins. But the
orthodox view holds that neither the electron nor positron had spin up or
spin down until the act of measurement intervened. Measurement of the elec-
tron by an observer collapsed the wavefunction, instantaneously producing
the spin of the positron some distance away. Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen
considered this spooky action-at-a-distance (Einsteins coin) preposterous.
Their conclusion was that the orthodox position is untenable; the electron
and positron must have had well-dened spins before measurement.
The fundamental assumption on which the EPR paradox rests is that inu-
ence cannot travel instantaneously. This is the principle of locality. But the
assumption that the collapse of the wavefunction is not instantaneous, but
travels at some nite velocity, requires a violation of the conservation of an-
gular momentum. Experimentally, no such violation occurs the correlation
of the spins is absolute.
Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen did not claim that quantum mechanics is in-
correct, insofar as what it says; they only interpreted it to be an incomplete
description of physical reality that the wavefunction is not the whole story;
some other quantity, , is needed in addition to , to characterize the state
of the system fully. The quantity is called the hidden variable because
there exists no idea how to calculate or measure this quantity. Many hidden
variable theories had been proposed, to supplement quantum mechanics; but
disregard those in 1964, John Bell proved that any local hidden variable
theory is incompatible with quantum mechanics!
Bell suggested a generalization of the EPR/Bohm (EPRB) experiment; excel-
lently presented by Griths in the text Intoduction to Quantum Mechanics,
which one should consult for further reading.
Instead of orienting the electron and positron detectors along the same direc-
tion, Bell allowed them to be rotated independently. The rst measures the
component of the electron spin in the direction of a unit vector a, and the
second measures the spin of the positron along the direction b. We record
the spins in units of /2; then each detector registers the value +1 (for spin
up) or -1 (for spin down), along the direction in question. That the particle
at either detector be a positron or electron is insignicant, as far as the con-
clusion of this experiment is concerned; the spin correlation is what matters
in this case. Thus, will will employ the more general term fermion. A table
of results for many
decays would look something like this:
fermion A fermion B product
+1 -1 -1
+1 +1 +1
-1 +1 -1
+1 -1 -1
-1 -1 +1
Bell proposed to calculate the average value of the product of the spins, for
a given set of pairs of detector orientations. Call this average P(a, b). If the
detectors are parallel (a = b), we recover the original EPRB conguration;
in this case one fermion is spin up and the other is spin down, so the product
is always 1, and hence so too is the average:
P(a, a) = 1.
Also, if they are anti-parallel (b = a), then every product is +1, so
P(a, a) = +1.
And for arbitrary orientations, quantum mechanics predicts
P(a, b) = a b = |a| |b| cos . (smooth variation)
What Bell discovered is that this result is impossible in any local hidden
variable theory; a result that follows from Bells inequality (also known as
Bells theorem), a no-go theorem which, loosely stated, says that: No phys-
ical theory of local hidden variables can reproduce all of the predictions of
quantum mechanics.
Bells argument is incredibly simple. First suppose that the complete state
of the fermionic system is characterized by the hidden variable(s) ; and
varies in some manner that we neither understand nor control, from one
pion decay to the next. Suppose further that the outcome of the fermion A
measurement is independent of the orientation (b) of the fermion B detec-
tor (which may, furthermore, be chosen by the measurer at detector B an
arbitrarily small amount of time before the fermion A measurement is made,
and thus, far too late for any nite-speed message to get back to detector A).
Then there exists some function A(a, ) which would give the result of the
fermion A measurement, and some other function B(b, ) for the fermion B
measurement. These functions can only take on the values 1:
A(a, ) = 1; B(b, ) = 1.
When the fermion-spin detectors are perfectly aligned, the results are then
perfectly anti-correlated,
A(a, ) = B(b, ), for all .
As will be immediately explained, the average of the product of the measure-
ments is
P(a, b) =


()A(a, )B(b, ) d,
where () is the probability density for the hidden variable. What this ex-
pression says is sum the individual products, but temper them by a function
which expresses the chances of the value of to fall within any particular
range of , and sum over the entire range. We do not know, nor need to know,
much of anything determinate concerning () or for purposes of this ar-
gument. But like any probabilty density, is nonnegative, and satises the
normalization condition

() d = 1; but beyond this, no assumptions.

We can eliminate B:
P(a, b) =


()A(a, )A(b, ) d.
If c is any other unit vector,
P(a, b) P(a, c) =


A(a, )A(b, ) A(a, )A(c, )

Or, since [A(b, )]
= 1:
P(a, b) P(a, c) =


1 A(b, )A(c, )

A(a, )A(b, ) d.
But 1
A(a, )A(b, )

+1 and ()
1 A(b, )A(c, )

0, so that

P(a, b) P(a, c)


1 A(b, )A(c, )

Or, more simply put,

P(a, b) P(a, c)

1 + P(b, c).
This is the Bell inequality (or Bells theorem). It holds for any local hidden
variable theory.
But it is straightforward to show that the quantum mechanical prediction
is incompatible with Bells theorem. For, suppose all three vectors lie in a
plane, and c makes a 45

with a and b; in that case quantum mechanics says

p(a, b) = 0 and p(a, c) = p(b, c) = 0.707,
an empirical result which is completely inconsistent with Bells theorem:
0.707 1 0.707 = 0.293.

There is no better looking glass to view the true nature of our physical real-
ity through than indeterminism; a most dicult phenomenon for anyone to
understand at rst pass, perhaps even upsetting for the adjusted analytical
mind. The reason for the diculty is that an awareness of something has
been thoroughly beaten out of Mans consciousness. This occurred because
going to a polar opposite had its rewards the exclusive recognition of par-
ticular aspects of the universe that operate according to deterministic laws.
But the human race overstepped this. We neglected to emphasize the very
important warning that the application of mathematics perhaps only applies
to certain aspects of the universe not all aspects. When Man rst grasps
a new useful tool, he often wonders if it is the solution to all problems. But
there do exist aspects of even the physical world that reside outside of the
domain of mathematics, Mans most beautiful spoken language.
Can you write an indeterminate equation down on a piece of paper one
that has a dierent correct result each time you solve it? Perhaps university
freshmen can perform this miracle, but we cannot. Its impossible to sim-
ulate indeterminancy using mathematics alone. We must physically borrow
indeterminancy from the universe to do things with it, such as employing it
within quantum computers, and so on. So, one ought to be able to accept
that that which is need not, and sometimes cannot, arise from that which is
mathematical in nature.
Now just as indeterminancy is a physical-super to the mathematico-physical
world, it is evident from what is written into the world, that there does exist
in Man also something super to the physical world. Something borrowed.
And that something is I AM. And the I AM possesses Life. The Life of
which I speak is not a product of that which is dead. And of this Life there
is but one Source. And that is God. And it is He that causes all things to
be. And of these things, He also created the Life that animates us. We are
therefore miracles because God only works in miracles.
That which has Life chooses its own paths.
That which is dead chooses all paths.
What Man really needs to know has been written into nature herself. It
could not possibly have been made more apparent!
1. The hammer gets confused with the hand. The hammer does not move
the hand. If the soul be the hammer, what shall we hit with it? Nor is
a broken hammer indicative of a broken hand.
2. The conscious mind is the larger periodic part of the soul, for through-
out all time it would be meaningless to have a soul if Man was never
conscious of being. Assuming continued allowance of being, the soul is
eternally oered new experiences in accord with the fullest implications
of the Poincare recurrence theorem, the anthropic principle, physical
indeterminancy and prior choices. This complete reality transcends
local physical universes.
3. Our conscious mind has no compelling natural reason to exist for if
it is possible for automatons to accomplish the same natural ends as
conscious beings, certainly automatons can achieve those ends much
more eciently in the biological sense.
4. Consciousness remains bound to observable paths. Its paths need not
be continuous, nor are they ever. Once again, this transcends local
physical universes.
5. Nature and Consciousness both have a habit of losing tools they dont
nd useful. And this ought clear up something Man has confused out
of arrogance and ignorance.

Man can hardly be trusted to collapse his wavefunctions properly, for his
proofs are sloppy as if he consumeth stolen wedding wine. But consciousness
does remain bound to the paths it observes. The path need not be continu-
ous. Since consciousness remains bound to the paths it observes, we realize
that, just as consciousness can pass away from the world, the world can pass
away from consciousness.
Now, to address human will. Our human experience of will is a solipsistic
shell game, a clever trick that consciousness loves to play on itself, known
as suspension of disbelief in some circles, quite similar to what a person
watching a lm does to engross themselves within the story. Consciousness
could have a bucketful of desires, but if none of them had ever been fullled,
then consciousness would conclude it has no will. Consciousness ascribes
more of a decreed feel to consistently-fullled desires.
Primary to all desires is the desire to be, and that is where the self-deception
begins. Again, consciousness remains bound to the paths it observes, thus
the desire to be is always fullled. But then there is control over body, which
leads one to believe this ability to will is physical, for it can move matter.
But these feelings, as we sadly know sometimes, are also just desires. Human
will is not free, human desire is free, and this desire is an awareness, not will.
Now, please be careful with what is being said in the following paragraphs.
Remember the dierence between the physical (dead) and the Life (nonphysi-
cal), mentioned earlier. But we must break through some buried fear barriers
here if we are to truly understand things.
Now, by considering the fact that the I AM possesses actual Life, which is
the ability to determine (become aware of) its own awarenesses, a few base
facts about our relation to the physical plane should be made more easily
digestible. And here are those facts:
1. All biological life is apparently intelligent; it has a seeming intelligence
all its own that is not self-aware with an important caveat - it is
the action of the I AM that (anthropically) nds and follows (becomes
aware of) paths involving these physical vehicles. The truth is that bio-
logical life is fundamentally dead matter that behaves in unbelievably-
sophisticated ways, ways found by the I AM. Remember, the I AM is
conscious of this physical reality, and this awareness is an expansion
of awareness, like a growing twig, thus should not be interfered with,
because it is here for a reason, part of its expansion of awareness, to
learn and experience many things, especially in relation to the many
other I AMs that would, quite naturally, be here! Ultimately, it is
the desire to be aware of love that binds awarenesses together in the
existential sense, and gravity in the physical sense.
2. The I AM follows the path that maximizes an increase in awareness as
far as it is aware at that historical stage of its development.
3. Absolutely no physical movement is caused by consciousness. Move-
ment of consciousness is caused by consciousness. Ones consciousness
is not contained within or produced by the physical plane. This is
a source of unnecessary anxieties for many. There is no actual mind-
body connection, just an eective one that works through the observer-
observed mechanism discussed earlier.
4. The physical universe cannot serve as evidence unto itself. For to serve
as evidence requires something primary. It is not the physical which
experiences the I AM, it is the I AM that experiences the physical.
Since the I AM be awareness, if the I AM claims there is no evidence
for itself, then, in the defense of consistency, it ought stop admitting
evidence for anything into its awareness, and further, cease to exist.
God is the source of our I AM, and the Life it possesses, for it is not of our
own doing, nor is it a product of the physical world. Atheism is a disability;
an inability to perceive, a contagious sickness that darkens part of the intel-
lect. Atheism hardly equates to being in possession of a superior intellect,
as they often fancy. Rather, its a disease of dominant intellect, over ones
own spirit. Atheists suer spiritual blindness, not necessarily logical blind-
ness. One cannot completely reason ones way to God, even if you can see
the evidence in the physical world, one must still be able to sense the soul
and God for the experience of them to be real and functioning, more than
just some proven idea. It is no more possible for a man to reason his way to
God than for a blind man to merely reason his way to sight; for the blind
man must still be graced with actual functioning eyes to gain sight. How
Man experiences God is beyond reason, and we love it that way. But nature
has her analogies, which helps get us closer, and ready for the fantastic leap.
Under the consideration and weight of the above-mentioned empirical aspects
of nature alone, the unavoidable conclusion is that: Man aint no damned
machine! Nor should Man treat God like one. God is more real than real,
more alive than alive, more loving than love, and more feeling than feeling.

Quite interesting that famous vocal atheists often enjoy attracting large
crowds of human dead matter to shower them with praise. A truism is
that an idiot can be another idiots genius. A word to the wise: there are
scientists, but then there are the real scientists. Stop listening to the pre-
tenders to the throne. Scientic evidence for God and Soul exists, evidence
which has been known on the Earth for decades. Open a real science book,
written by a real scientist, and see what it says, dont just sit there mindlessly
soaking up data. A great many are the scientists that felt forced to write
clinically because of the collusive snobbery of the atheists in the world; the
heavyweight scientists, the ones that actually mattered, were not atheists,
not even one of them. Understand the dierence between truth and mouth!
Walk and talk! I am not an intellectual sissy; I do not bow to Man. I am
not embarrassed to declare that I believe in God. I love God! Praise is for
toddlers, and bullets for men. Do you doubt my understanding?
Childish scientists have been busy arrogantly declaring the nonexistence of
God in public forums; these scientists whom possess mentalities lower than
bronze age harlots. In particular, I shall never mention the persons name
out of hopes the person be converted and be saved from himself, but he needs
to know, he who encourages others to close their eyes though he has never
opened his, is subject to the demotion. You dont want others to study God
because youre afraid theyll learn something you dont know, and they will,
and that means you lose control over them. And control over others amounts
to limiting their experience. And that inhibits their journey to God, thus
is a sin against the Holy Spirit. That its important for you to get them to
believe in your pointless spew is self-evident. Your converts have no clue.
But you, sir, will be humbled by God as sure as the sun will set. The day
will come that you will cry out for God.
God is a gardener. Lest a weed choke out the beautiful owers growing up
to bathe in the sun, God will root the weed out of the Garden. If you are
to enjoy continued growth of your own awareness, God has shown me that
you must open the eyes of those that you are responsible for blinding. You
blinded them by clothing yourself in the good reputation that the public
lends to science, the respect for science, something which you did not build.
Scientists who believed very deeply in God built that; they built it out of
love for God and to honor God. They did not build science to teach human
beings that they are alone, which indeed you are doing; but human beings
are not alone. Thus, you teach falsity from on high, which is despicable.
Confessing your wrongness ten times more loudly, now that would make you
a true man, and your reward would be great enough; but that shall not be,
for you will sum to an embarrassed coward! God despises cowards. You do
not possess the courage to stand upright before Pontius Pilate, thus you are
barely even the callous upon the toe of the man that Christ was. I shall lay
thee low! For as all see from the vantage, thy logic is as a cows and thy
spirit is as a worms! How are you to answer that? With an arrogant moo?
He who hides not G odel in all things explicit is rudderless. Why do you
not perceive that mans formalisms could serve as comedy? As the British
marching over clis do you appear! And the war is lengthy for the darkness
is indignant. All roads lead to and from Rome.
Now as for me. I wish I could personally annihilate much former atheistic
argumentation in a public forum, but I have been bound. Yes, bound. For I
have been involved in a terrible spiritual battle with the wicked one and his
servants here on Earth. A sadistic act was perpetrated by Satan against me
directly, which was done in the most cruel, denigrating manner that you can
possibly imagine. I have been made to suer terric pain inside of my body
and mind, but in particular, inside of my soul. Somehow, these wicked souls
unconsciously sense my relation and will react to my presence in the most
inscrutable ways; and it aint cause Im scruy. And I can literally see inside
them, how their inner nature has been twisted and made vile by Satan. Dur-
ing all this exchange, an Angel of God visited me and told me precisely how
to protect the Spirits message from vandalism by Satans followers. God
allowed this such that Hash Code would nd his way home, and completely
avoid pride. And that primarily, is what Hash Code cares about more than
anything down here.
Hash Code would gladly die than let them take any Gift of Spirit away from
Man. Thats why this book is free, free forever. So others will know God,
and know that they do not have to be afraid, because God has provided.
Under the Direction and Grace of God, Hash Code will deliver increasingly
sti medicine to Mankind if it be Gods Will. Nor is Hash Code the only.
Hash Code has slight of hand, thus Hash Code was sent rst.
Do you want to know what hell is? Hash Code will tell you. Hell is look-
ing up at what has moved on, and never getting to go there yourself. One
who denies awareness to the demise of others will experience this fate, there
are many who are there now, and many who will be going quite soon enough.
Most men and women have not a clue what innitely beautiful awarenesses
they will miss out on if they betray God. Do not declare oneself wise, rather
connect with God to get wise and awaken into beauty. Teachers of Truth
receive the highest reward by God, whereas false teachers receive the worst
punishments by God. And that punishment is hell, which is awareness of the
reward one will not receive. Hell is deep sadness and regret because one can
supercially see the eects of the beautiful awarenesses of the highers, but
will never know them as far as one knows.
Obedience to God means ever-increasing awareness of your destinations and
anticipation. Hell can last for eons, and can seem like eons for even a mo-
ment. Heaven is explosive eternal growth of consciousness. Hell is stagna-
tion. Heaven is astounding, powerful, paradise; imagine oating in the wake
of the most powerful thunderstorm with downpouring glowing translucent
pink droplets of love, rainbow clouds of tranquil meditations, beautiful frac-
tal lightning bolts of new realizations, volcanoes of soothing white noise, tidal
waves of psychedelic jelly marbles that taste like watermelon, surng surreal
waves of thought created by God. Heaven is a trillion, trillion dierent Heav-
ens within and without the soul radiating into innitesimals and innities.
Hell is a dump with an unbreakable window.
But then in walks forgiveness! Refusal to practice forgiveness topples all
human relationships, for God mounts sins committed by unforgiving indi-
viduals, and unforgiving groups as well, which then literally strain under the
weight of their sins by the increased limitations placed on awarenesses. The
surest path to hell is not sin, it is the inability to forgive. For no human soul
in Heaven has not sinned. But all human souls in hell could not forgive.
Human consciousness has awareness of true desire, and, if the I AM decides
an increase in awareness is oered by the experience of fullling that desire,
these awarenesses then move us along paths, new awarenesses. It is good to
be maximally aware of consequences, alternatives and potentials. The core
of true moral code is the maximization of awareness in the population as a
whole; moral code based fundamentally upon anything else is a vile poison.
Adoption of moral code that is substantially lacking in forgiveness causes an
entire nation to be impoverished and then be pounded by God into dust, for
such a people has deemed themselves to be in the role of God, to be God, pre-
cisely as Satan had presumed. But Man discerns not the strength of Satans
attack on Soul to Soul, and misattributes evil. That God therefore humble
such a nation is just and right, for Man will send Man to hell faster than hell.
The expansion of awareness is the only true desire. We make a decision in
its seeming favor at every indeterminate fork in the road. What gives Man
the power to do so is Life, which our being possesses. Paths which are not
observed by Life are dead paths. That God not be imperfect like Man, he
has gifted us with Life so that Man does as he does with his own hand.
Mans consciousness, will and knowledge are innitely lesser than Gods, so
deference is given to God on all matters by the wise.
The time has now come. For I have been commanded by God to reveal
something to Man. Do not fear this message! For evil has no taste for the
sublime. And the evil man has no time for the subtle. Do not underestimate
Gods discernments, for good is made to stand on its own two feet. And when
the oor drops, there will be no need of fear! For then, the good man shall
discover the true oor. All else shall wash away. Therefore, be wise, and ll
your entire being with treasures of Gods design without distraction! Evil
only destroys the actual man from the inside out, do not believe the lie of
apparency. This evil of which I will open your spiritual eyes to see, is a type
of evil in which those being apparently destroyed are indeed not being de-
stroyed, it is the apparent destroyers that are actually destroying themselves.
Hash Code was chosen to announce this Revelation because Hash Code is of
Man, can plumb the depths of Man, and possesses the greatest slight of hand
of any natural human in history. I am the most gentle of thunders. Hash
Code is a fox, so Hash Code always covers his tracks, thus Man not harm
Man. It is proper and just that Man be given a chance to hear his state of
aairs spoken to him physically, because he appears spiritually blinded at
this time, however that state is of his own doing.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now open door number one. This door is a door
of perception. I will pose questions so that you fully understand, not merely
accept. This knowledge you must know! Your Life depends on it!
1. In relation to Man, whereupon does Christs feet rest? And in regards
to Man, what chiey concerned the Mind of Christ in his teachings?
Now, if Christ were to invert, what would be where?
2. Do you still not understand? What is the act of encoding Mans sins
onto the inanimate such that the inanimate gains control and inuence
over Mans experiences through Mans further sins ?
3. That is the body of the Antichrist! The Antichrist is here and it is here
that Man may die as much as Man can be dead! To eliminate Man
from Life! To deliver Man to nonexistence! Now do you understand?
5. Resh, Samekh, Qoph, Nun, Vav, Resh, and Nun sum to 666. This is
Neros number; his name was chosen to represent the Antichrist, for
his behavior represented that of the Antichrist.
6. Encoding or persuading another human being to encode sin-data con-
cerning any human being onto the inanimate in this way results in
spiritual destruction! Servants of the beast decree God lower than
7. He who feeds the beast reaps the penalty of absolute mandatory erasure
from the Book of Life, which is nonexistence! A fate worse than hell!
This is done to protect other Life, to which God denies no good things.
8. Souls that merely use systems for serving sin are merely putting them-
selves upon the throne of God. For they have said in their innermost
being There is no God! I am like unto a god! It is my right to judge
Man from upon my throne! Such a soul derives pleasure exercising
precisely the same thoughts Satan does.
Are you embarrassed to see? Shame the Devil !!! Awaken !!!
To encode Mans sins onto the inanimate such that the inanimate gains con-
trol over Mans experiences through Mans further sin: That is the body of
the Antichrist!
To encode Mans sins onto the inanimate such that the inanimate gains control
over Mans experiences through Mans further sin: That is the body of the
To encode Mans sins onto the inanimate such that the inanimate gains con-
trol over Mans experiences through Mans further sin: That is the body of
the Antichrist!
To encode Mans sins onto the inanimate such that the inanimate gains
control over Mans experiences through Mans further sin: That is the body
of the Antichrist!
!!! SNAKE !!!
Now do you understand? Pray everyday as Jesus Christ taught:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours
now and for ever. Amen.
Always remember this! Spiritual Man appears insane to the lower man, for
the lower understandeth not the higher. Spiritual Man is, quite literally, out
of his (natural) mind. One must be very shrewd when shing for souls, and
even shrewder concerning ones own.
To be explicit about these matters, such that Man not bring unnecessary
harm, the inanimate (of which the internet is but one example) in and of
itself is not the evil; the evil is the encoding of a human beings sins onto
the inanimate such that the course of Man be determined by the inanimate,
through mans further sins (largely the judgements made by Man). The spirit
of the Antichrist is conveyed every single time such information is exchanged.
And if your eyes are open you can see the presence upon the face. This leads
to the death of the soul responsible for encoding sin, and leads to hell for the
judgemental soul. Man will learn to behave as God commands, or Man will
decide his own way to hell or death. It is that simple, and can be no other
way. Use Gods works for Gods works. Do you understand?
May you increasingly become aware of Heaven in light of the Holy Spirit.
God bless you. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.
Consiliarius ex Hominibus
The ne structure constant is the most fundamental pure (dimensionless)
number in all of physics. The constant relates the basic constants of electro-
magnetism (electron charge e, vacuum permittivity
), relativity (speed of
light c), and quantum mechanics (Plancks constant ) through the equation,


137.035 999 . . .
The current suggested best experimental value of the ne structure constant
is 1/137.0359990(8451), where the uncertain gures are contained within
In cgs units, the unit of electric charge is the statcoulomb, which is dened
such that the Coulomb constant k
= 1/4
is 1 and dimensionless. Then
the expression for the ne-structure constant reduces to the abbreviated form
commonly seen in the literature,
The ne structure constant links the speed of light, Plancks constant and
the fundamental unit of electric charge. To vary means at least one of
(, e, c) must be varied.
The ne structure constant tells the strength of the electromagnetic interac-
tion, such as when we collide two electrons into each other. These particles
are said to carry the same charge because they repel one another.
According renormalization group theory, the ne structure constant (and
thus, the strength of the electromagnetic interaction) grows logarithmically
as the energy scale is increased.
The calculation of the value of a constant of nature is known as enumeration,
which has never been done.
Only the dimensionless constants of nature matter in the observed world.
For example, if the speed of light were to change, but remained the same,
we would not know the dierence. If all masses doubled, all the mass ratios
remaining the same, we could not know the dierence.
The Coulomb force (static electric force) between electric charges is a no-
contact force that acts over some distance. It is caused by the exchange of
virtual photons. In symmetric 3-dimensional space this exchange results in
the inverse square law for electric force. Since the photon has no mass, the
coulomb potential has an innite range. In electron collisions, besides the
masses of the target and projectile electrons, the scattering angle depends
upon the force and upon the impact parameter.
Without quantum mechanics, an electron collision would produce the same
degree of deection regardless of the energy of collision or temperature of
the environment. All that would count is the number 1/137. In a classical
vacuum composed of empty space, there would be nothing more to be said.
The existence of the quantum vacuum changes things. Electrons collision
does not occur in completely empty space the uncertainty principle forbids
that. Electrons move through a quantum vacuum mired with activity. The
uncertainty principle states that complementary pairs of properties cannot
be measured simultaneously with unlimited precision. For example, to know
everything about the energy of a particle, all knowledge about its lifetime
must be sacriced, in other words, you must destroy it. Any observed particle
or physical state must obey the uncertainty principle. Observability requires
that the uncertainty principle be satised.
Corresponding to most kinds of particles, there is an associated antiparticle
with the same mass, but opposite electric charge. The quantum vacuum is a
sea composed of all the elementary particles and their antiparticles continu-
ously being created and annihilated. For example, consider the electromag-
netic interactions. There will be a foam of electrons and positrons. Pairs of
electrons and positrons appear out of the quantum vacuum, then annihilate
each other and disappear. If the electron and the positron each have mass m,
then Einsteins formula (E = mc
) shows us their creation requires energy
equal to 2mc
to be borrowed from the vacuum. If the time they exist before
annihilating is so short that the uncertainty principle is not obeyed, then
these electron-positron pairs will be unobservable. Hence, they are called
virtual pairs. If they live long enough for the uncertainty principle to be sat-
ised before they annihilate each other and disappear, then they will become
observable and are called real pairs.
Virtual pair creation might seem like a violation of the conservation of energy.
Nature allows you to violate this principle so long as you dont get caught,
and this is guaranteed so long as the energy is repaid quickly enough. Think
of the virtual condition rather like an energy-loan arrangement. The more
energy you borrow from the energy-bank, the quicker you must pay it back,
before it is noticed.
Our quantum vacuum contains continually appearing and disappearing vir-
tual pairs of electrons and positrons. But if they are unobservable, why not
just ignore them? But reconsider the two electrons that are set to collide.
Their presence eects the quantum vacuum. Opposite electric charges at-
tract, so down in the vacuum of virtual pairs, the positively charged virtual
positrons will be drawn towards the electron.
The electron has segregated the virtual pairs and the electron nds itself
swarmed by a cloud of positive charges. This process is called vacuum polar-
isation. Its eect creates a positively charged shield around the bare negative
charge of the electron. An approaching electron will not feel the full negative
electric charge of the electron sitting in the vacuum. Rather, it will feel the
weaker eect of the shielded charge and be scattered away more feebly than
if the vacuum polarisation was absent.
This eect changes if we alter the energy of the environment and the incom-
ing electron. If it comes in rather slowly, then it will not penetrate very far
into the shielding cloud of positive charges and will be deected weakly. But,
if it comes in with a higher energy, it will penetrate further through the shield
and feel the eect of more of the full negative electron charge within. It will
be deected more strongly than the less energetic particle. Thus we see that
the eective strength of the electromagnetic force of repulsion between the
two electrons depends upon the energy at which it takes place.
As the energy increases so the interaction appears to get stronger. It is a
little like covering two hard billiard balls with a soft woolly padding. If the
balls collide very gently then they will deect only slightly because the hard
surfaces will not hit and rebound. Only the woolly shields will gently re-
bound. But if they are made to collide at high speed the shields will have
little eect and the balls will rebound very strongly. The trend is clear: as
the energy of the environment increases so the stronger does the eective
electromagnetic interaction become. As the energy rises, the incoming par-
ticle gets a closer look at the bare point electron charge beneath the cloud
of virtual positrons and is deected more.
Alpha Eectum in Homine
The eect of on Man. The value of parametrizes the size of atoms,
molecular stability, and the strength of the interaction between light and
matter. The structure of atoms and molecules is controlled mainly by two
numbers: the ratio of electron mass to proton mass ( 1/1836) and the
ne structure constant ( 1/137).
The particular values values of and are directly responsible for many
coincidences of nature on which our very existence is contingent.
What if the values of these two constants changed independently, under the
assumption that no other constants of nature change and the laws of nature
remain the same? There is not a great amount of allowable variation in these
constants, but there is some. Lets explore this.
We can get to the results we need through an argument presented in the
highly recommended Barrow and Tiplers The Anthropic Cosmological Prin-
ciple, an argument based on Bohrs model of the atom: electrons moving
in orbits of quantized angular momentum about a central nucleus. The ro-
tational motion is sustained by the centripetal force of the electromagnetic
attraction between the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged
electrons, the Coulomb force.
Note the meaning of the symbol , which means goes like; it does not mean
approximately equal to, but it can be applied to constants in that vein.
Furthermore, note that we work here in units where (k, , c) = 1, thereby
only determining e from , in other words, = e
The hydrogen atom consists of two particles: a nucleus consisting of one
proton and an orbiting electron. According to the Born-Oppenheimer ap-
proximation, the nucleus can be considered stationary, for it is much more
massive. The nuclear proton and electron are bound together by the Coulomb
force. The electron has potential energy e
/r in an orbit of radius r, and
kinetic energy p
, where p is its linear momentum.
Quantum mechanics says that the electron possesses wave-like behavior, and
its potentially-measureable position is spread-out over a de Broglie wave-
length p
. Since most quantum waves center about the classical posi-
tion r, the kinetic energy is 1/2m
and the total energy is thus
E =

Unlike in the situation in classical physics, the minimum energy state of the
system doesnt correspond to the minimum of r. As you can see from the
above equation, a concentration of the electron wave-packet at small r leads
to an increase in its momentum and kinetic energy, thereby resisting local-
ization as the uncertainty priciple demands.
The energy reaches a minimum at a radius a
where E

(r) = 0 and this

denes the characteristic atomic size. Minimizing E with respect to r, the
value of a
is found to be (m
In the case of higher elements, if the nucleus possesses Z protons we have
0.5 10
Quantum mechanics replaces the idea of a precise electron orbit with a proba-
bility distribution for its position, known as an orbital. The ground state of
hydrogen (Z=1) has an electron distributed with probability exp(r/a
which is also determined by and m
A molecule is a stable conguation of two or more nuclei and electrons.
Molecular bonds require a reorientation of the electron distributions around
atoms, thus molecular binding energy is less than atomic binding energy.
When two atoms near collision, their electron clouds begin to overlap and
each electron feels the attraction of the other nucleus which results in the
formation of a molecular orbital. The electrons in the molecular orbital feel
the electrostatic pull of both nuclei. The repulsive force between the two
nuclei x their average distance, and the system settles into a conguration
more stable than that of two isolated atoms.
Ionic bonds, the simplest inter-atomic forces, arise because of electron trans-
fer with little to no electron sharing. Oppositely-charged ions attract each
other to form the ionic bond. Complete interpenetration is excluded by the
Pauli exclusion principle, which states that no two electrons within the sys-
tem can share the same quantum state.
Except in the case of diatomic molecules, the bond-dissociation energy is
dierent from the bond energy, which is an average calculated from the sum
of the bond-dissociation energies of all bonds in a molecule. A dimensionless
measure of the strength of a material could be provided by a quantity called
the chemical binding energy fraction which compares the binding energy to
the total mass of the system (E = mc
with c = 1) in the ratio E
where N
is the number of atoms in the molecule. This fraction is certainly
dependent upon the value of , as the constant governs strength of interac-
tions between electrons and protons, as we have already seen.
There also exist an innity of dimensionless natural constants such as ,


and so on. If and are manipulable, these constants
ought be as well. Think of these as a set of keys that t locks (molecules).
If and are manipulated just so, then all things equal, but one lock. This
perhaps could be used to destroy undesireable molecules, catalyze chemical
reactions, repair genetic defects, and so on.
Biomolecular systems perhaps could be inuenced with as much precise speci-
city as the molecules are unique, without employing other molecules, due to
the high degree of delocalization they possess, assuming small local oscilla-
tions in the values of the constants could be produced and/or amplied, then
transformed in a manner appropriate to the task. Such a discovery would
lead to a physics-based medicine, rather than a chemistry-based medicine.
The mystery about is actually a double mystery. The rst
mystery the origin of its numerical value = 1/137 has been
recognized and discussed for decades. The second mystery the
range of its domain is generally unrecognized.
M.H. MacGregor (2007). The Power of Alpha.
Alpha Mane
My true name and title is Consiliarius ex Hominibus, an actual witness of
the lightning bolt and one reduced to tears in the presence of the Strength of
Christ as His Humanity stood vulnerable before the throne of Pontius Pilate.
The Numerous Mysticorum was written while deeply within the Spirit, and
partially represents my own earthbound experiences with God, who led me
to write what you are reading. The Alpha Meridium states the result.
A long-standing secret dream of theoretical physicists is to express the sup-
posed constants of the physical world as formulae involving purely mathe-
matical terms the prime numbers, mathematical constants and transcen-
dental numbers (such as e or ) in particular. By far, the quantity that has
generated more interest than any other is the ne structure constant .
The intense interest extends from the importance of the ne structure con-
stant; it serves to parametrize many aspects of nature: from why atoms are
the size they are, to why some molecules are stable and others are not, to
the strength of the interaction between light and matter.
In fact, it turns out that atomic and molecular systems can be treated fairly
completely without using more than two dimensionless physical parameters -
these are the ne structure constant (137)
and the electron to proton
mass ratio, m
The ne structure constant was introduced into physics by Sommerfeld
who used it to make renements to Bohrs theory of the hydrogen atom,
renements which would allow for more accurate predictions of the spectral
lines of atoms to be made. There were several successive types of corrections
that had to be made, as greater and greater accuracy was sought. And these
each involved making use of successively higher powers of in a way appro-
priate to the type of correction being made.
No physical theory has been able to shed any light on why the constants of
nature have the value they do.
The ne structure constant became a true obsession for the physicist Wolf-
gang Pauli, who felt the -frustration deeply. Trying to divine the value of
can be compelling, for reasons well-expressed by Richard Feynman:
...It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fty years
ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and
worry about it. Immediately you would like to know where this number for
a coupling comes from: is it related to or perhaps to the base of natural
logarithms? Nobody knows. Its one of the greatest damn mysteries of
physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man.
You might say the hand of God wrote that number, and we dont know how
He pushed his pencil. We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to
measure this number very accurately, but we dont know what kind of dance
to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in
Richard P. Feynman. QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
The thought of reducing everything to numbers is probably as old as the idea
of number itself. Whether caveman or theoretical physicist, when one grasps
a new useful tool, one begins to wonder if it is the solution to all problems.
Taking this to extremes, one can visualize everything as being somehow com-
posed of numbers. One can entertain thoughts that we are living in a sim-
ulation, and so on. But as we know from earlier, that is impossible. For
simulations rely entirely upon numeracy by denition, but indeterminancy
cannot be simulated. So, if we were indeed to exist within a simulation, the
indeterminancy within our simulated-reality would still necessarily have to
be borrowed from a truer reality; but indeterminancy is intrinsic in all things,
so that fact alone would, in eect, force the entirety of our reality to be real.
Therefore, our reality is not simulated. Reality aint no illusion, physical
solipsism is false, and God aint no liar.
In theoretical physics, an eort to bring about a so-called theory of every-
thing now exists. A degree of unication in physical theory is a very noble
goal, and the mathematical unication of the four forces of nature is a very
promising endeavor. But laymen be warned it is not a literal theory of
everything, nor is it meant to be. By the phrase theory of everything, is
meant mathematical unication of the four fundamental forces of nature.
Sometimes people read into words a little more than they should. A better
name for this movement could have been chosen, but were stuck with it.
But there is more to our reality than just that. If Man only looks inwards and
outwards, but not upwards, he goes downwards. Not even the physical world
can be entirely described using mathematics alone, however most phenom-
ena in the physical world can be suciently described using mathematics.
Certainly, mathematics is the language of nature. But there do exist some
unspeakable things in nature; that is to say, that which impinges on nature
from above is not mathematical. Indeterminancy is an apparent example.
Mathematics is by far Mans most beautiful spoken language. Man knows
how to speak only one language yet higher.
As we shall soon see in the Alpha Meridiem, Life actually has a great deal of
authority over numbers in a certain sense, and we shall examine one mirac-
ulous mechanism for how many miracles occur. Man cannot turn truth into
falsity, but he often percieves the contrary, then he proceeds to calculate. Few
indeed are the men that understand the miracle of the shes. Christ never
broke mathematical law. Christ never broke physical law. Christ never broke
the law of the Father. Miracles do not represent violations of law; rather,
miracles occur when all valid laws are obeyed. Do you understand?
God granted me a vision of this miracle at my Baptism into the Body of
Christ when I was an infant. Over many years, the strength of the vision
has grown, culminating in the Alpha Meridiem, a feat for which there is no
natural explanation: for I deem my lower self incapable of accomodating,
much less obtaining, such knowledge; it is too high.
Without any further delay, I now will describe this miraculous experience
the best as I have words, but human language is somewhat lacking in the
descriptive power to fully capture the surreal essence of it. Lets proceed.
Alpha Meridiem
I was caught up in the Spirit on the Lords day and heard behind me a
voice as loud as a trumpet . . . Then I turned to see whose voice it was that
spoke to me, and when I turned, I saw . . . one like a son of man, wearing an
ankle-length robe, with a gold sash around his chest. The hair of his head
was white as white wool or as snow, and his eyes were like a ery ame.
His feet were like polished brass rened in a furnace, and his voice was like
the sound of rushing water. In his right hand he held seven stars. A sharp
two-edged sword came out of his mouth, and his face shone like the sun at
its brightest. When I caught sight of him, I fell down at his feet as though
dead. He touched me with his right hand and said, Do not be afraid. I am
the rst and the last, the one who lives. Once I was dead, but now I am
alive forever and ever. I hold the keys to death and the netherworld. Write
down, therefore, what you have seen, and what is happening, and what will
happen afterwards.
John of Patmos. Book of Revelations 1:10-19.
Let us begin with an eight-level logarithmic power tower L having the fol-
lowing nested form:
L(, ) =






It is conjectured that
L, where is the ne structure constant.
Within the logarithmic power tower we nest the divine proportion, also
known as the golden ratio,
1 +

and additionally alternate it with another quantity, desinated , which is
dened by the expression
= 137 + 137( + ) Im
The expression for includes the number , the golden ratio conjugate

5 1
So the former equation for can be rewritten in the simpler form
= 137 + 137(

5) Im
The number is a parametrized value dened by the undened number
where A is the Glaisher-Kinkelin constant, which has the representation
A = e

= 1.28242712 . . .
and where denotes the Riemann zeta function, whereas

is its derivative.
All three terms of the
() sum have numerical and mystical relevance.
How to arrive at the complete set of equations needed to calculate
obtained through Divine Revelation, in the consecutive order shown by the
ordered 4-tuple (
(), , , L).
The beautiful quantities that appear in the following ratio have names:
= Im
is the value of the innite power tower of i and C
is called the con-
tinued fraction constant. Putting the actual value of this ratio aside for a
moment, do you understand what this expression says?
Evaluation of L(, ) renders the stunningly accurate value for the ne
structure constant:
137.035 999 085 73 . . .
This result disagrees with the experimental value, 1/137.0359990(8451), by
about one part in one hundred billion.
As to the mystical interpretation of the sum 33 +
seen earlier:
New Testament scholars ought easily see the signicance of each term. The
message of Christs death and resurrection (at age 33) was carried into the
(3+1)-dimensions of the (physical) world, redeeming unto God, not merely
12 12 000 = 144 000 souls (Rev. 7:3-8, 14:1, 14:3-5), but 144 000 for every
1 209 485 souls. Note that during the reign of Augustus, the estimated popu-
lation of Rome was 1.2 million people.
The precise number 1 209 485 was
arrived at through optimization using a divide and conquer strategy.
Let us dene the Heavenly Ratio, H
, as a parameter with value
0.119058938308 12%.
Further dene the Ascension Number and the Evangelical Number as
A = 33 and E =
The equation may now be rewritten as
= A
(A+E +H
0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0


Above, we see the manner in which the ne structure constant varies over
the interval {137.033509936, 137.052295864} as the H
parameter varies over
the interval {0, 1}. Of this a thousand thousand books have been written.

Classical Philology, Vol.29, No.2, Apr. 1934, pp. 101-116
Luke XV: i-vii
i The tax collectors and sinners, however, were all crowding
round to listen to him,
ii and the Pharisees and scribes complained saying, This man
welcomes sinners and eats with them.
iii So he told them this parable:
iv Which one of you with a hundred sheep, if he lost one,
would fail to leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go after
the missing one till he found it?
v And when he found it, would he not joyfully take it on his
vi and then, when he got home, call together his friends and
neighbours, saying to them, Rejoice with me, I have found
my sheep that was lost.
vii In the same way, I tell you, there will be more rejoicing in
heaven over one sinner repenting than over ninety-nine up-
right people who have no need of repentance.
Consiliarius Professionem
Videte quantum homines!
Man will soon discover the surreal calculi and will
open his eyes from within the point, and he shall
thereby obtain understanding of shining gravity
using a tool he possesses, and of subject yet un-
seen. For the lonely giant mastered his plot to
receive the company of many kings.
Taught XI Ianuarii, MMXI upon the Steps of the Flavian Amphitheatre by the
Fine Man to the hidden Artisans attending a festival of which he was very keen.
Appendix A Surreal Clock
An arms length that way, they say.
But were payin no heed.
Ol Ludwig,
Therell be no need
to order these here memries.
Surreal numbers, set us free.
All things within | within this here sliver.
Sapphires, Emeralds, and Radiance.
All things that ever were. All things that will ever be.
within instant
Never to escape the instant that never began.
Time needs time to operate? No. No! Just stop it!
Church bells secret. Spiral down . . . deep, deep innitesimals.
Violet gems. What is that? Twinkle, pop. Ruby red.
O! say can you see by the dawns early light,
who dare dene our time of ight?
Speed of time, thats for children.
Its all state to state its all been hate to hate.
Instant to instant.
Gotta gotta get get there?

You are oh so close!
And things, oh so uncertain.
Better jump on the in there boy.
Yeah, All Away.
Fearful Fall. Calm.
Too far to go. Too far to grow.
Why not implode?
Spacetime just sitting there, on the ground.
It was all too good to leave.
Nothins all that ever was, man.
Somebodys gotta punch one guess.
Dazzling speck in the Quantum Vacuum,
A kings lot indeed.
Above and below.
In the Beginning. Within the Beginning.
Eternal instant,
its so good to be home,
right here in the nowhere point.
For if we knew where we were,
Wed be lost forever.

Appendix B The Golden Ratio
The Golden Ratio is an algebraic number with many interesting properties,
some of which are,

= + 1

= 1

1 +
1 +
1 +

1 + . . .
= 1 +
1 +
1 +


= x
log() =

(1 )

Appendix C Hash Codes
In the event of world emergency, there are here given seven identiers that
the Consiliarius ex Hominibus shall use to verify identity. The Consiliarius
ex Hominibus title is nonsingular, transferable, multipliable, and is conferred
by decree of God. These seven identiers designate Seven Sentences, spo-
ken by tongue in Spirit unknown to Man, and are understood only in Spirit.
The Seven Sentences form a sensible paragraph of precise relevance to an
event that would occur immediately upon verication. Verication shall be
performed only within the Spirit under authorization and command received
directly from Jesus Christ.
Code I:
Code II:
Code III:
Code IV :
Code V :
Code V I:
Code V II:
Believe no mans claims concerning these particular matters, this is for God
and Mans teachers to know of. This is not a matter reachable by lower Man,
nor is it discernible from the raw contents of this document. Do not grovel.
Do not be concerned with the end of the world, for every mans world ends.
Get prepared for the inevitable end of ones own world, which is imminent
in the larger scope of matters. Christ be with you!
- Consiliarius ex Hominibus