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March 19,2010 Ann Condon

Business strategy driving innovation & growth of profitable environmental solutions
Our 80+ eco products & services significantly improve:

Environmental performance

Operating performance

2/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

Intensifying innovation focus

Smart Grid Solutions

Distributed Renewables

Low Cost Water Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Carbon Management

In our Labs

With our VC partners

3/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

GE wind growth and investment
~5x Growth

GE since 2002
Technology investment … ~$800MM

GE GW Growth


 NPI/year 5x

 GE U.S. assembly 3x

 Key suppliers 3x  Industry employment

0 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08

GE Shipment CAGR ~50% … 15 Points > Industry Installs
4/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

Policy Matters: US Example
[2] MM Jobs Competitiveness
Transformed Power Infrastructure
• • • • Clean Energy Standard TOU pricing mandate Loan guarantees PTC / ITC • • • •

MM Jobs Competitiveness
Improved Energy End-Use Efficiency Key Policies

Energy Energy Independence Independence
Accelerated Innovation

Abundant Resources Supporting Growth

Clean Energy Standard • Industrial reuse standards State & utility EE funds Tax credits for EE mfg • Water ITC Aviation efficiency std

• Clean Energy Deployment Administration • Applied R&D

The key policies are at the National Level & Sub-National Level
5/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

Engagement Program
COP15-Dec 11th Monte Atwell-UNFCC Panel WBCSD Business Day Bright Green - Dec 12th Sec Gary Locke - Opening Breakfast/Tour US Ambassadors Reception COP15 & Bright Green – Dec 13th Visit by John Holdren Science Advisor to Obama Cogen Event/Reception (IEA/COGEN Europe) GE Press Briefing Influencers Dinner: ‘‘Post Copenhagen” Leadership COP 15 – Dec 14th GE/ICC Dinner

Secretary Gary Locke, DOC USA, US Ambassador to Denmark, Steve Fludder & Ann COP 15 – Dec 15th Bright Green - Dec 12th Condon at GE’s Stand

Google Call to Action Major Economies Business Forum

Secretary Gary Locke, DOC USA, US Ambassador to Denmark, Steve Fludder & Ann Condon at GE’s Stand Bright Green - Dec 12th

Need Global Mechanisms to link National Policies & Avoid Trade Conflicts
6/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

Climate Negotiations Continue
Some Direction, But Many unresolved issues
LCA AWG Continues:

• Developing Country challenges to IP rights?
• Market based approaches? • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)?

• New institutions for finance, technology and adaptation?
Kyoto Protocol AWG Continues: • Base year for targets? Duration of next commitment period? • Direction on CDM? Allowing (or not) CCS & Nuclear? • Addition of new gases and global warming factors? • Aviation and Shipping?

Issues will be critical to Business

7/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

Future for the UNFCCC
After • 2 weeks • 6 Formal meetings • 40,000 registered delegates • 110 Heads of State • Several hundred side events • Major exhibitions General frustration:

• Danish hosts and UNFCCC:

Encouraged NGO presence—mostly excluded in week 2


No ability to control states that continually bogged down the process
Venue for Adaptation? Unclear future for Mitigation
8/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010


Thank you!

9/ GE Business & Climate / 3/23/2010

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