Dear State Committee Members


We write to you today enthusiastically endorsing and supporting Frank L. McNamara as the next Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Appointed to the Justice Department by President Ronald Reagan, Frank McNamara believes in the Reagan philosophy of smaller government and greater individual responsibility. Frank witnessed first-hand the Gipper's unequaled ability to attract Democrats and Independents/Unenrolled to the GOP banner. As an advocate for a unified Republican Party, Frank adopts the former President's unifying 11th Commandment, at the same time answering Reagan's historic call: "If not us, who? If not now, when?" After spending time with Frank, we have come away impressed by his personal character, excited by his expansive political agenda, and struck by his ability to articulate his practical vision. He has a keen understanding of the importance of fielding strong legislative candidates as a means of developing an experienced Republican "farm team" for the future. Frank knows this requires a grassroots strategy of empowering town committees, enlisting volunteers, and encouraging candidates at all levels across the Commonwealth. Frank has witnessed the critical importance of building the GOP farm team on a national scale. In 1982, Republican activists convinced him to run for Congress as part of Reagan's firstterm "Stay The Course" agenda. Frank was given the unenviable task of challenging Tip O'Neill in the Speaker's Cambridge-centered Congressional District. Even though the youthful Republican attorney campaigned energetically, the election results were foreordained; Ronald Reagan's ideas were no more welcome in the Harvard Square of the 1980s than they are today. That campaign gave Frank a unique vantage point from which to learn political lessons from the two great rivals of the era: Reagan and O'Neill. A long-time believer in Reagan's conservative philosophy, Frank also came to appreciate O'Neill's grassroots "all politics is local" strategy. That's why Frank wants to build the Republican Party at the community level and to develop an ongoing structure that assists candidates "up and down the ballot." He envisions a bright future for our state party by investing in our farm team and working with new candidates "from the ground up." Winning consistently at the state level depends upon building consistently at the local level. That's why we pledge to work in our districts with the incoming party Chairman. Building a stronger GOP is an overriding priority that we all share. We point to the candidates for Chairman with pride and respect, knowing that we will all be unified and ready to work together, once the current time of choosing our next party leader has been completed. Frank McNamara is fully committed to the hard work that must be done by our next party Chairman. Together, we can build a vigorous, united party - a party that is "All-In" when it comes to the essential everyday jobs of fund-raising, field organizing, message delivery, and candidate recruitment.

We are fully committed to supporting Frank McNamara for Republican Party Chairman. We know Frank will make an extraordinary leader, a leader who consolidates and adds to the gains that GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour and the state committee achieved locally since 2010. And, by the way, we know a little about the significance of those grassroots victories, many of us are members of that “freshmen farm team.” Please join us and Frank McNamara in building the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. Sincerely,

Rep. Paul Adams

Rep. Marc Lombardo

Rep. Peter Durant

Rep. Jim Lyons

Rep. Geoff Diehl

Rep. Shaunna O’Connell

Rep. Kevin Kuros

Rep. Keiko Orrall

Rep. Steven Levy Rep. Dan Webster Rep. Nicholas A. Boldyga