OGR for Unit 2: Space project

First of all I got H. Ridder Haggar‘s book „She“. The book mostly tells story about Ayesha, she – who – must – must – be – beyond, or shortly called ‘She’, who is 2000 years old queen, who rules lost ancient African city. I was given of two chapters from the book: “The Temple of Truth” and “ The Spirit of Life” I chose three scenes to visualize from these two chapters. The first one is the view of the ruin city, which lies in the mountains. Basically I decided use columns, which were described in detail. These columns have shape of women, which also reminds palm trees. I decided to use them because columns were mentioned quite a few times, what made an impression as really important and repetitive thing in this city. So, the second scene I chose is from the pages 320-321 of the book. This is the night scene, when Ayesha and travelers went to the ruins. The view is basically seen from one of the characters eyes. He sees big statue of the Truth, which has angelic features, lightened up by the silver light of the moon. I chose the scene, because it looked quite dramatic and impressive. Furthermore, as the third scene I decided to choose rocky chamber, which is described in pages 338 – 339. I wanted to try to draw not just a city view but also the inside of the caves. So I started my research looking at the pictures of the Egyptian ruins on the internet. In the book is clearly stated that all ruins reminds Egyptian architecture. After doing some research on the book as itself, as discovered that north of the Africa is described in the book.

These are my influence maps I made for all of the three scenes:

Next, I went to Rochester’s Cathedral, its’ garden and near Rochester’s castle to take some pictures, ehich were quite helpful for understanding the space and giving some ideas for my thumbnails.

So , after I started to sketch some quick thumbnails in my sketchbook and on Adobe Photoshop. Some work I did you can see below.

These are my first attempts to make digital thumbnails

So after realizing they are too flat, what does not give 3 dimensional impression of the pictures. I decided to improve them. Soo below you can see some development of my thumbnails.

In these pictures it is clearer that it is 3 dimensional, however I was still not happy about them. Something was missing; I wanted to make them more dramatic. And again to give them even more 3 dimensional impression. So below you can see some quick sketches from my sketchbook and some digital ones.

I was quite glad with my improved thumbnails, but however the ground did not look correct it went up. So I made some thumbnails with corrected view of the ground.

So I decided to draw some quick sketches of columns designs.

So the last but not least, I want to improve the design of columns and ruins. As well as I did not make thumbnails for one of the scenes. I will improve environment such as plants, details and of course lightening.

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