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Celebrating a Decade of Growth & Service

A letter from

the President

I can’t even begin to tell you all the feelings I’ve had as I think about the journey of Genesis World Mission over the past ten years. Humbling. Nerve-wracking. Downright frustrating. But above all—exciting!! When God plants a seed of a vision in our hearts or minds, we have no idea what will actually come of it. But I can confidently say nothing would have come of it if I had kept it to myself or tried to do it all on my own. Nothing has been more fun than to see all the different communities we work in to rally around the need for health care for those who can’t otherwise obtain it—including themselves! From far-flung villages in Kenya to our own backyards in Garden City and Canyon County, it has been the selfless acts of people like you that have made this work possible. Thanks for being on the journey with us. Dr. Karl Watts Founder/President

Garden city community Clinic
James is a 26 year old laborer who lost his job and has been on unemployment for some time. He is also a Type I Diabetic. ―It was hard enough before to afford my insulin with a good job, but it is impossible on unemployment benefits when it costs more than $200 a month!‖ He ended up in the ER with a blood sugar of at least 750 – a ―normal‖ level is considered below 100 - and almost died. He learned about the clinic through his sister’s foster care mother. After being treated by Nurse Practitioner Laney Nash, James’ insulin prescription was modified and he also received medication for his heartburn. ―Lane was really nice and took time to talk with me about my diabetes. She asked if we could change the insulin I was on and we talked about benefits of the different medications.‖ After a dental filling fell out, James had tried to put it back in himself. Now he’s received a new filling in the dental clinic and his pain is significantly better. ―Without you guys I don’t know what I would do,‖ says James who also grew up in foster care and has no family support. ―There’s nothing else for me here except for this clinic.‖

Program Outputs
   

Grew from serving 450 people a year to almost 550, including 256 new patients Provided 3610 patient encounters between medical, dental, mental health and patient education Filled 4150 prescriptions through various programs and assistance Provided $141,787 worth of dental services

Where We’re Headed 2011-2014
  Continue volunteer medical provider model with additional access through paid Nurse Practitioner Redefine patient eligibility to reflect changes in health care policy & environment to allow more flexibility in service Develop dedicated funding strategies for medical, dental, and mental health services as each grows including fee for service and co-op models Growing independent of Genesis World Mission administrative and funding support Page 3

For a list of our incredible volunteers visit genesisworldmission.org/ourvolunteers.htm

Volunteer physicians network
James noticed about a year ago that his mind did not work as it once did: he would forget things, and have a hard time articulating thoughts. He also had difficulty swallowing, he lost weight, his motor movement and even the ability to walk normally was affected. James called the Garden City Community Clinic because his hips hurt and he thought he might be getting arthritis. Clinic staff were alarmed that his condition appeared far more involved because he was dragging his foot and it took enormous effort to simply move and sit. He was seen by Dr. Watts who was afraid he may have a condition that was untreatable, possibly Multiple Sclerosis. He requested a Volunteer Physicians Network (VPN) referral for an MRI. James was referred through VPN to Intermountain Medical Imaging where radiologists discovered a very large tumor on his upper spinal cord, requiring emergency surgery. He was immediately sent to St. Alphonsus for confirmation and the delicate and high risk surgery was performed nine days later. James had several aggressive neurofibroma in his cervical spine that would have ultimately left him paralyzed. Today James is full of gratitude. Although he is currently unable to work, he is so very thankful that he can still walk and his mind is once again clear. He has been evaluated for rehabilitation and walking far better while undergoing physical therapy to regain strength and endurance. Without the help of many generous doctors, and a network that connected them all together, James knows his health would have continually worsened and probably have end up being paralyzed.

Program Outputs
  

849 uninsured, low-income patients referred for specialty consultations 1848 referral appointments resulting in diagnostic and/or definitive care $1.3 Million in donated services and specialty care

Where We’re Headed 2011-2014
  Internalize clinic referral process with addition of VPN assistants Expand VPN referral access to include both nonprofit and for-profit clinics in South Idaho communities that serve eligible population Investigate feasibility of a local Dental network similar to VPN Investigate other services that could fall under VPN referrals (e.g. medical transportation, translation services, etc)

 

For a list of participating VPN specialists and hospitals visit genesisworldmission.org/vpn.htm

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G e n e s i s i n t e r n at i o n a l
Genesis International continues in its fourth year of partnership with the PEFA Mercy Medical Clinic in Ndumberi Kenya. The clinic has increased patient services and opened a maternity center this past year and has become financially secure and self-sustainable. This collaboration set the stage for another partnership with MAP International Kenya, whom are now working with in the Burangi community along the Kenyan coast near Malindi. The community empowerment model that we are working within there has already exceeded our expectations and has helped us redefine what success should look like for our international projects. We have witnessed this community become more organized and determined to improve their lives with just a little encouragement, guidance and support from outsiders. Villagers have cleared over 15 kilometers of bush for a road that now gives them access to the market. Village leaders have dug massive water catchment pits with shovels; these pits will hold water not only for irrigation of crops and fish farming, but also will become a source of drinking water that can be filtered. Families already can foresee being able to double their income and this in turn will allow them to pay for health care services at the future clinic that Genesis will help facilitate. We have been humbled and awed by our friends in Burangi and God continues to lead us in our desire to inspire this community and help them rise up out of the trap of generational poverty.

Program Outputs
   

Ongoing support of PEFA Mercy Medical Center (Ndumberi Kenya) Three medical camps were held in Burangi serving 3,371 patients Strategic planning for upcoming financing, construction & ongoing support of clinic in Burangi Implementing an empowerment model with inspiring results through strong partnerships Where We’re Headed 2011-2014
     Conclusion of a 5 year MOU with PEFA Mercy Ministries Exploration of new project with PEFA Mercy Ministries and the Ndumberi PMMC Continuing partnership with MAP International to build Phase I of a medical clinic in Burangi Organization and facilitation of medical teams in Burangi, including ISU medical students Strategic planning for future duplication of the empowerment model in other communities

To subscribe to our e-newsletter dedicated to Kenya visit tinyurl.com/gwmemailsignup

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A Decade of Growth(2001-2011)

Garden City Community Clinic—2002

Dr. John Hisel, DDS—2004

Guatemala 2002

Kirasha Kenya 2003

Burangi Kenya 2010

PEFA Mercy Medical Center—2009

PEFA Container Shipment—April 2007

To watch videos about our work visit youtube.com/genesisworldmission
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F i n a n c i a l S tat e m e n t s
J u n e 1 , 2 0 1 0 — M a y 3 1 , 2 0 1 1 We are so grateful to the many sources of support we receive, knowing that all of it is sourced in the favor and provision of God. We received a “clean” opinion on our financial statements, which were independently audited by certified public accountants Harris and Co. PLLC.

Income by Source
Foundation and Corporate Contributions and Pledges Fundraising Events Contracted Revenue Government Other In-Kind Labor In-Kind Materials & Supplies

2010-2011 $294,056 $213,498 $58,542 $49,950 $9,213 $340,109 $71,962 $1,037,330 28% 21% 5% 5% 0% 1% 33% 7%

2009-2010 $127,656 $218,662 $41,813 $77,407 $21,034 $560 $315,622 $108,438 $911,192 14% 24% 5% 8% 2% 0% 35% 12%

Total Income: $1,037,330

Thank you to the following Foundations, Corporations, Churches and Agencies who invest in Genesis World Mission through cash and in kind donations.

     

                

Consumer Financial Solutions Intermountain Medical Imaging Regence Community Foundation of Oregon Saint Alphonsus Health System St. Luke’s Health System United Way of Treasure Valley

 

Family Medicine Residency of Idaho Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation

   

Angels Among Us Harry W. Morrison Foundation Patterson Dental Terry Reilly Health Services

All Saints Presbyterian Church Atlas Frontiers Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation Boise Valley Christian Communion Camille Beckman Foundation Capital Christian Center Eastwind Community Church First Southern Baptist Church (Mountain Home) First United Methodist Church (Cathedral of the Rockies) Genesis Medical Center Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation Idaho Urologic Institute Microsoft Morningside LLC PharMerica Sunrise and Downtown Boise Rotary Clubs Wells Fargo Foundation

For a complete list of our annual donors visit genesisworldmission.org/oursupporters.htm
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Program expenses
Department Expenses (Cash and In-Kind)
Administration, $66,515 , 7% Fundraising, $112,521 , 12% Garden City Community Clinic, $556,947 , 60% Garden City Community Clinic Volunteer Physicians Network

International Programs, $133,982 , 15%

International Programs
Administration Fundraising

Volunteer Physicians Network, $54,697 , 6%

The difference in total expenses from the previous year held steady within a few thousand dollars. An overall increase in fundraising expenses this year from 8% to 12% was driven by two decisions with an appropriate return on investment. First, with the midyear loss of clinic grants in December, we shifted personnel into general fund development which has resulted in increased grant funds for 2011. Second, the return to the auction format at our annual dinner helped raise our fundraising event income. International programs also saw an increase in spending as the Malindi project required regular travel to Kenya by our International Director.

It is worth pointing out the amazing amount of in-kind support from the community that is recorded in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP). This year, about 40% of overall expenses were recorded through in-kind support. This includes the fair market value of goods and services donated to support Genesis’ direct operations, including volunteer salary values, professional fees (e.g. labs, radiology), and supplies (medical, dental, fundraising, etc.)

GCCC VPN International Administrative Cash In-Kind Cash In-Kind Cash In-Kind Cash In-Kind Salaries, Taxes and Benefits 168,084 177,114 41,564 3,342 42,501 1,556 39,461 18,339 Program Expenses 25,925 19,080 3,011 437 83,807 528 2,474 450 Occupancy (incl. interest/depreciation) 44,898 85 5,012 - 3,574 - 4,851 Professional Fees 8,861 112,726 918 321 2,004 -8 913 26 Fundraising Events Expense 174 93 22 Total 247,943 309,005 50,597 4,100 131,908 2,075 47,699 18,815

Cash vs. In-Kind Expense

Fundraising Cash In-Kind 39,531 19,533 8,328 601 2,301 768 643 19,630 21,187 70,558 41,963

Cash 331,142 123,545 60,636 13,463 19,918 548,705

Total In-Kind Grand Total 219,883 551,025 21,095 144,641 85 60,721 113,708 127,171 21,187 41,104 375,957 924,662

Balance sheet
Current assets reflects significant growth this year, mainly due to the late year receipt of the Regence Foundation of Oregon grant which was carried over in reserve to the current fiscal year. The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation helped us make a significant investment in upgrading our information technology infrastructure. Finally, the long-term note held on the building was refinanced to a lower interest rate and extended maturity. The apparent increase in long-term liability reflects the difference in the “current” portion of the debt this year based on the new maturity date. Balance Sheet Current Assets Property and Equipment Total Assets Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets 5/31/11 290,279 566,453 856,732 35,135 203,716 617,881 856,732 5/31/10 200,511 537,758 738,269 41,067 191,993 505,209 738,269

For a full copy of our financial statements visit genesisworldmission.org/our_newsroom.htm

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