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***HIV Myth***
HIV Myth/Reality...........................................................................................................................................................1 Frontline – HIV does not cause AIDS............................................................................................................................4 Economy mod.................................................................................................................................................................5 Trade-off mod.................................................................................................................................................................6 Africa..............................................................................................................................................................................7 Africa..............................................................................................................................................................................8 Africa..............................................................................................................................................................................9 Qualifications debate.....................................................................................................................................................10 Qualifications debate.....................................................................................................................................................11 Pharma-conspiracy........................................................................................................................................................12 Correlation ≠ causation.................................................................................................................................................13 Correlation ≠ causation.................................................................................................................................................14 Rules of virology...........................................................................................................................................................15 Documentation..............................................................................................................................................................16 Chimps..........................................................................................................................................................................17 A2 AIDS is really bad...................................................................................................................................................18 A2 Cures......................................................................................................................................................................19 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................20 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................21 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................22 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................24 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................25 A2 Cures – turns...........................................................................................................................................................26 A2 Cures are tested.......................................................................................................................................................27 A2 Studies.....................................................................................................................................................................28 A2 Studies.....................................................................................................................................................................29 A2 Scientific consensus................................................................................................................................................30 A2 Scientific consensus................................................................................................................................................31 A2 People feel better (at first…)...................................................................................................................................32 A2 ELISA test...............................................................................................................................................................33 A2 Multiple-hit theory..................................................................................................................................................34 A2 AIDS is different.....................................................................................................................................................35 A2 T–cells.....................................................................................................................................................................36 A2 Dormancy................................................................................................................................................................37 A2 Mutations.................................................................................................................................................................38 A2 Then why are people dying?...................................................................................................................................39 A2 Why do people get sick?.........................................................................................................................................40 A2 Why do people get sick?.........................................................................................................................................41 A2 Why do people get sick?.........................................................................................................................................43 A2 ARVs.......................................................................................................................................................................44 A2 AZT.........................................................................................................................................................................45 A2 Condoms.................................................................................................................................................................46 HIV doesn’t exist..........................................................................................................................................................47 ......................................................................................................................................................................................48 Frontline – HIV causes AIDS.......................................................................................................................................49 T–cells...........................................................................................................................................................................50 Transmission.................................................................................................................................................................51 African AIDS real.........................................................................................................................................................52 AIDS myth ↑ other diseases..........................................................................................................................................53 A2 Chimps....................................................................................................................................................................54 A2 Antibody testing fails..............................................................................................................................................55 A2 Bad testing...............................................................................................................................................................56


JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 ARVs bad................................................................................................................................................................57 A2 Farber......................................................................................................................................................................58 A2 Duesberg.................................................................................................................................................................59 A2 Mbeki......................................................................................................................................................................60 A2 HIV is a mystery.....................................................................................................................................................61


JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS

***HIV Myth***


is harmless. and AIDS. 000issue accessed June 28.I. cholera. and as.V." Duesberg argues that recreational drugs are what destroy the immune system.I. medical blunder of the 20th century''. AZT. staff writer for the New York Times. In 1998. a mere "passenger" virus-one of the thousands of organisms that live within and among us. 2007. at a fraction of the cost of AIDS with technology that was far less sophisticated than what is available now.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Frontline – HIV does not cause AIDS HIV does not cause AIDS – policy based on this premise trades off with effective research and passes a death sentence on millions. causes AIDS is politically correct.” The New Yorker. tuberculosis. 4 . "All infectious epidemics of the past. not a retrovirus. http://web.com/universe/document?_m=937994bb3449a62eeef47601f51cae6d&_docnum=1&wchp=dGLbVlbzSkVb&_md5=cc797ac3f56690e911251d238897e3c0 Annals Of Science. Rasnick later argued. Michael Specter. With H. VV No. In his initial paper. "To pretend to think that H. before their immune system can respond. “THE DENIALISTS. or even eliminated.V.V.I.I. Duesberg has argued that H. a drug.I. WP Just as most scientists became convinced that H. The dangerous attacks on the consensus about H. and in more than a dozen since.I. very fundable. Pg. have long been brought under control. 32 Vol.V. adding that even in "the freest of all countries. David Rasnick. March 12. such as polio. wrote. in 1987. Duesberg also has written that no virus can cause disease after the body starts to produce a neutralizing immune response. for the first time..V. Duesberg contends that to prevent AIDS-and even to cure the disease-it is necessary only to eat properly and abstain from harmful drug use. never causing damage or requiring us even to notice that they exist. however." Duesberg told an interviewer not long ago. had nothing to do with the disease. is "the biggest scientific. and very. the tens of thousands of researchers who have devoted their lives to treating the virus have been wasting their time and billions of dollars." The focus on H.. nonconformists are excommunicated at all social and scientific levels. Peter Duesberg insisted that H. more than a decade can pass between the moment a person becomes infected and the time when he becomes visibly ill. as George Bush calls the U. was the cause of the epidemic. he and one of his collaborators. He believes that a virus cannot be the cause of an illness if the illness becomes evident only many years after the initial infection. smallpox and syphilis. socially attractive. 2007..S.V.V. Viruses typically make people sick shortly after infecting them.I.lexisnexis. was shown to interfere with the virus directly.

Yet it has also produced the least results. Why? Duesberg explains how the lure of money and prestige. AIDS research is better funded than any other disease including cancer. India--these countries with their billions of people and their nuclear weapons will pose a much greater danger to world order than Germany and Japan did in the 30s. World Policy Institute) 1992 Hundreds of millions--billions--of people have pinned their hopes on the international market economy. http://www.” date accessed: 6/27/07. But what if it can't? What if the global economy stagnates--or even shrinks? In that case.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Economy mod Misguided AIDS research hurts the economy.net/aids/books/pdbinvent. we will face a new period of international conflict: South against North. 5 . They and their leaders have embraced market principles--and drawn closer to the west--because they believe that our system can work for them.virusmyth. Peter Duesberg. rich against poor. have tempted otherwise responsible scientists to overlook even suppress . Causes a nuclear war Walter Russel Mead (Policy Analyst. professor of molecular and cellular biology at University of California. combined with powerful political pressures.htm With annual federal funding at more than $7 billion. “Inventing the AIDS Virus. China. Russia. 1996.major flaws in current AIDS theory.

Donated blood is now screened in even the poorest countries. yet environmental activists and the European Union have essentially blocked its use in those areas that need it most. is all you need to know to understand how the Toronto conference could attract a stunning 24. And for that they must die.200 per year – compared to North America. Meanwhile. attorney and journalist specializing in health issues.3 billion for 2005 and is slated to hit $10 billion in 2007.000 attendees who have been rightly labeled “the AIDS industry. Yet even current AIDS spending swamps spending on malaria and tuberculosis. The size of that pie.html] A. Michael Fumento. they don’t have a politically correct disease. 6 . Other paths to a cure exist. up from a fifth that number in 2001.” Nevertheless.7 billion between 2002-2004 but reached $8.html] A.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Trade-off mod AIDS SPENDING TRADES OFF WITH OTHER INFECTIOUS AND CUREABLE DISEASES – WHILE ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT DOES NOTHING TO CURE THE HOST Michael Fumento. 8/17/2006. UNAIDS reports that 1.G.com/disease/aidsconference. As for the bizarre assertion that AIDS remains yet to be tackled.com/disease/aidsconference. “Understanding the AIDS Industry”. Canadian National Post. Malaria in Africa and Asia can be prevented for a pittance by spraying DDT.fumento. TB can be cured with $65 of medicine. Antiretroviral therapy for AIDS cures no one and while it costs relatively little in the Third World – $300-$1. that $10 billion isn’t nearly enough. [http://www. which together kill about twice as many people annually as does AIDS. 8/17/2006. “Understanding the AIDS Industry”.G. Alas for these victims. attorney and journalist specializing in health issues. Canadian National Post. worldwide AIDS spending averaged $1. The level of AIDS testing and education in poorer nations has skyrocketed. insists UNAIDS.3 million people in lowand middle-income countries received antiretroviral therapy in 2004.fumento. and the desire to have a slice of it. [http://www.

28.V antibodies.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_.if they were all added up. Then you could diagnose that person as suffering from AIDS. 7 . depending on how much damage has been caused.. as comprising 26 different diseases." Nevertheless. twenty-three years ago the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that a growing number of male homosexuals and intravenous (IV) drug users were experiencing a mysterious epidemic of diseases. where being H.. healthy state providing the compromising factors are removed. Neville Hodgkinson.htm accessed 6/27/2007 If the scientists who maintain that "HIV" is a myth are right. According to Miller. 20 years ago. African AIDS rate is almost entirely unrelated to HIV. weight loss (anorexia).. dementia.the African AIDS story is complicated. More evidence Becky Blanton (Staff writer for The Sierra Times ) 7. I think it was.2003 HIV Does Not Cause AIDS says Doctors' Group The Sierra Times TG “Based on a ruling by the World Health Organization.I. in which you no longer needed the human immunodeficiency virus to be present for the disease. Current AIDS Assumptions Actually Hurt Africa More Jad Adams. to be diagnosed as AIDS. you know. that. various other things that would all .uniquely.-positive is not even a factor in diagnosis. According to Geshekter.V. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www.. performed to determine this.I. author “The HIV Myth.. chronic diarrhea. fever. a rare malignant tumor called Kaposi’s sarcoma.garynull. Uganda. the condition.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Africa Expanded definition of African AIDS artificially inflates the true infection rate. Tom Bethell 6/16/2006 “When Science Drives Politics” NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO What I'm . The second problem is that there is no really reliable .. tuberculosis. is diagnosed with the following clinical symptoms-a persistent cough. fundamentally different than the definition of AIDS that is used in industrialized countries. But the problem with the AIDS test is there are lots of other conditions. are enough to trigger a false positive on the test because it is not. If an African in a supposedly highly infected country like Rwanda. etc. in 1985. their analysis holds a crucial message of hope for people who have tested positive. This is particularly depressing if HIV has little to do with AIDS even when it is accurately detected. persistent diarrhea. Western scientists claim that 85 percent of the African population is positive for H. This explains why millions of "positive" people have stayed well for years. at that point. a high fever.virusmyth. The person could have 10 percent weight loss. Poor people unable to afford drugs prove that HIV is not responsible.I. It means that. Bangui. But the point that very few people seem to know about is that the . And the result was. BETHELL: .they did. And the health conditions in Sub-Sahara in Africa that are present all over the place. millions of people all over Africa became eligible for an AIDS definition.. The CDC defines the epidemic "AIDS" (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). a ten-percent weight loss in the last two months-and lives in one of these countries. it does not uniquely read positive to those in HIV. when tests are rarely.net/aids/data/nheuropean. people in Africa can be diagnosed as having AIDS without having to have an HIV test. FLATOW: All right. lymphoma. diarrhea.” pp201 Whatever the specific cause of the pattern of the epidemic in Africa.. "the definition of AIDS in Africa is . that person has AIDS.V.is that AIDS was redefined. they gave points. which included several odd types of pneumonia. they did also do HIV testing in Sub-Saharan Africa. “The HIV Myth. And at a conference that was held in Bangui(ph).Mr. especially in poor countries unable to afford the anti-viral drugs. Zaire. it is certain that the inappropriate application of technology designed to detect HIV antibodies did the continent a great deal of harm.htm accessed 6/27/2007 AIDS minus H.” 1989. if ever. a person's immune system may return to a normal. 6/22/1998 "AIDS: Is Anyone Positive" THE EUROPEAN http://www. is especially prevalent in Africa. contrary to predictions based on the "deadly virus" view.

Nightline’s predicted 50 million dead Africans by the year 2000 proved to be 20 million in 2005. Every one of these diseases have been endemic in Africa for generations. 'Get All The Facts: HIV does not cause AIDS' Toxi-Health International. (In the USA 300. Patients are classified as AIDS cases without laboratory proof that they have either immunodeficiency or HIV infection. 1995 However in Africa.) AIDS in Africa is portrayed as providing two important lessons for the West. in 1998 it estimated that 12% of Rwandans age 15-49 were infected. 8/17/2006. All that is required is to have various clinical conditions. and their use must be discontinued immediately. release of endogenous cortisol. For example. AIDS is diagnosed through out-of-date means Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos & Valendar Turner Rethinking AIDS Jan. AIDS in Africa is diagnosed inefficiently Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos & Valendar Turner Rethinking AIDS Jan.5 million Sub-Saharan Africans have AIDS-Africa is apparently in the grip of an AIDS pandemic. But of course. Dixon CA 1999 TG AIDS in Africa is caused by malnutrition. reported AIDS deaths peaked at 1. and glucocorticoids. As AIDS goes from a death sentence to a manageable disease. These changes are reversible by feeding. AIDS is diagnosed if a person has one or more of approximately 27 relatively rare diseases. Atrophy in the lymphoid tissue in people suffering from malnutrition has been known since 1925.” America’s ABC News Nightline declared that within 12 years “50 million Africans may have died of AIDS. 1995 Unlike the West. Michael Fumento. The size of the thymus in malnourished children increased from 20% of normal to 107% of normal. a former U.” Other factors cause AIDS in Africa Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati.” according to the 2006 UNAIDS Report. AIDS is diagnosed according to the World Health Organization's 1986/87 Bangui" definitions that can best be described as a collage of common non-specific symptoms. following nine weeks of feeding. such as AZT. protease inhibitors. diarrhea. the focus of this conference is on international AIDS.000 people have been listed as AIDS cases. Further.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Africa AFRICAN AIDS INFECTION RATES AREN’T A THREAT – MOST NUMBERS SKEWED BY THE MEDIA. AIDS will eventually overtake the West. according to the UN’s estimate. attorney and journalist specializing in health issues. some 2. According to James Chin. meanwhile.N. Uganda’s population has fully doubled. fever. But the conditions accepted as forming the "S"(syndrome) of "AIDS" in Africa bear no relationship to AIDS in the West. 1995 According to the World Health Organization. In the West. tuberculosis (TB) and a cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma. such concocted figures are “pure advocacy. Canadian National Post. will kill about 66. the putative cause of AIDS. . These figures are from an agency that itself has grossly exaggerated the world AIDS threat. Whoops.com/disease/aidsconference. AIDS in Africa is diagnosed without any laboratory tests. 8 . are highly toxic. They can even cause AIDS in asymptomatic patients.” Problem is. “Understanding the AIDS Industry”. or that African AIDS is heterosexually spread. Malnutrition causes severe atrophy in the thymus and lymphoid organs and impairs the function of the T cells. there is no convincing evidence that millions of Africans are infected with HIV.501 in 1995 while last year there were only 59. [http://www. Yet since 1985. Cancer.000 Canadians of all ages this year. and make the disease worse in patients with AIDS. On the other hand. those predictions were made between 1986 and 1988. other agencies had estimated a horrific 30% of Rwandans were infected. it doesn’t prove that HIV is the cause Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos & Valendar Turner Rethinking AIDS Jan. data also indicate that the HIV incidence rate has peaked in most countries. The first is an example of the potential devastation that AIDS can unleash.html] A. Though many Africans have AIDS. and opportunistic diseases. now it says it’s only 3%. “In sub-Saharan Africa.fumento.G. which we all know is wiping whole continents off the map. official who made some of the earliest global HIV estimates. These drugs do not have any therapeutic value. I have found that the medications currently used to treat patients with AIDS. A high Ugandan official said that within two years his nation will “be a desert. the region with the largest burden of the AIDS epidemic. the second is that by heterosexual spread. However. such as cough.

University of California Berkeley. (World Health Organization 2001b. (ii) However. Duesberg and Rasnick 1998). However. 1987).3a Literature confirms that illicit recreational drugs cause AIDS defining and other drug-specific diseases: We have recently summarized the evidence from over 60 publications. African "AIDS" victims suffer from a completely different pattern of illnesses to those in the West: largely old African diseases such as slim disease. beginning in 1909 (Achard et al 1909). University of California Berkeley. In all. If the critics prove to be right. because as of 1985 the WHO decided at a conference in Bangui. Six million Africans have been shown to be HIV-positive. Malnutrition. the equivalent of the whole population of the US! Therefore.3 Prediction 2: Drugs cause AIDS and other diseases 4. indigenous diseases. weight loss.html] A. HIV hasn’t spread AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa Duesberg 2003 (professor of Biology at Berkley CLAUS KOEHNLEIN* and DAVID RASNICK Donner Laboratory. Ross 2003) and non-scientific observers (Hodgkinson 1996. addictions ranging from years to over a decade are typically required to reach pathogenic thresholds. Gellman 2000). The non-scientific observers even include the United Nations (Namango and World Food Program of the United Nations 2001) and president Mbeki of South Africa (Cherry 2000.ias. antiviral chemotherapy and malnutrition June 2003 ER 6/27/06 http://www.in/jbiosci/jun2003/383.000 cases annually (figure 1c). Duesberg 2003 (professor of Biology at Berkley CLAUS KOEHNLEIN* and DAVID RASNICK Donner Laboratory. to accept African AIDS diagnoses without HIV-tests (see § 3). Seligmann et al 1984. a possible. Berkeley. At recreational doses. either microbial or chemical cause. Hence sub-Saharan African AIDS is compatible with a random. Stewart et al 2000.522 cases (World Health Organization 2001b).ias. Van de Perre et al 1984. Shenton 1998. the African AIDS-defining diseases are clinically indistinguishable from conventional African morbidity and mortality (see above). antiviral chemotherapy and malnutrition June 2003 ER 6/27/06 http://www. which prove that regular consumption of illicit recreational drugs causes all AIDS defining and additional drug-specific diseases at time and dose-dependent rates (Duesberg 1996b. Africa. They are being rediagnosed as AIDS because virus-hunters can point to the presence of HIV. Piot et al 1984. the critics argue. a long-awaited explosion of AIDS has not happened. 4. b. “AIDS: Can We Be Positive?” – The Sunday Times as accessed on Duesberg’s website. 1989. Fiala 1998. the entire edifice of international alarm and expenditure surrounding HIV is based on a faulty premise: that HIV is a new. By 2001. parasitic infections and poor sanitary conditions. are almost never diagnosed in Africa (Goodgame 1990.G.pdf) A new AIDS epidemic was also claimed to have emerged in sub-Saharan Africa in 1984 (Bayley 1984. Quinn et al 1986. The African epidemic is also a collection of long-established. the HIV-AIDS link would be seen as the biggest medical and scietific blunder this century. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs. In sharp contrast to its US/European namesakes. and back issues). (iii) Further the HIV-based definition of AIDS (see § 3) can not be used in Africa to distinguish AIDS-defining from otherwise indistinguishable diseases. Thus the literature confirms the original “lifestyle”.pdf) African AIDS coincides with malnutrition: The case for malnutrition and lack of drinkable water as the common denominator and probable cause of African AIDS in the HIV-era has been made by scientific (Mims and White 1984. However. Oliver 2000. the predominant and most distinctive AIDS diseases in the US and Europe. (Colebunders et al 1987. For example. fever.or drug AIDS hypothesis.000 AIDS cases have been reported during the past eight years. But again. 4/26/1992.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Africa NUMEROUS OTHER DISEASES IN AFRICA ARE THE CAUSE OF DEATHS Neville Hodgkinson . According to the WHO the African epidemic has increased from 1984 until the early 1990s. diarrhoea and tuberculosis. the distribution of AIDS-defining diseases in Africa differs strongly from those in the US and Europe (table 2). Thus Africa had gained since 1980 274 million people. not HIV is the cause of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1989. Konotey-Ahulu 1987a.ac. similar to the epidemics of the US and Europe. Africa had reportedly generated a cumulative total of 1. Abouya et al 1992). Pallangyo et al 1987. if not impossible to verify – unless the African AIDS diseases were highly distinctive. That is a small percentage of the total number of deaths that could be expected anyway over that period out of a 6m-strong group. the African AIDS epidemic is randomly distributed between the sexes and not restricted to behavioural risk groups (Blattner et al 1988. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and Kaposi’s sarcoma. 120. b. the sub-Saharan African population has grown. but has since leveled off to generate about 75. 9 . Seligmann et al 1984.com/media/nhpositive. such as chronic fevers. there are three reasons for questioning these numbers: (i) During the African A DS epidemic. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs. [http://duesberg.093. diarrhea and tuberculosis (table 2). Malan 2001). alias “slim disease”. at an annual rate of about 2×6% per year – from 378 million in 1980 to 652 million in 2000 (US Bureau of the Census International Data Base 2001). above-normal loss of 1 million Africans over a period in which over 200 millions were gained is statistically hard. Berkeley. staff writer for The Sunday Times. deadly virus. World Health Organization 2001a). Konotey-Ahulu 1987a. according to the World Health Organisation. Duesberg 1992). usually associated with malnutrition. the dissident scientists claim.in/jbiosci/jun2003/383. Duesberg 1988.ac. According to this view.

htm accessed 6/27/2007 HIV doesn't have anything to do with AIDS. basically. The truth is guarded by experts and hidden by a thick forest of jargon. The fraud." Their authors intentionally mislead the public.–equals–AIDS hypothesis.233.. believes outspoken scientists are scapegoated as a warning to others in the science world. and The Lancet-would even publish this letter.. who was chair of the history of science for the American Association for the Advancement of Science.equals-AIDS hypothesis wasn't getting anywhere. Says Lehrman. For years he was supported by an NIH "outstanding investigator" grant. the government agency that has been funding and policing AIDS research for the last decade. I sponsored a conference featuring 100 AIDS survivors who beat the odds using alternative therapies. and by Nobel Prizewinning scientist Walter Gilbert. where the threat of losing grants always looms as a very real possibility. The institutions involved in the scandal have had a long time to hide their tracks.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. doesn't cause AIDS. The only way the truth is going to get broad public exposure is for journalists to finally do their jobs. but they have been silenced. Similarly. incompetence and outright lies produced by the cult of HIV have already been documented. Peter Duesberg. This is what Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley has been saying for five years: that HIV doesn't attack the immune system. in his efforts to organize a symposium to discuss problems with the H. The resistance to new evidence and exploration continues. "Viruses have been around for billions of years and now they're coming out for the latest AIDS conference.” http://64. study. his grant was cut off.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_.I.D. not a single member of the mainstream media attended. able to plow through the intimidating technical literature. that the H.A. the theory was challenged by a world-renowned retrovirologist." Frank Buianouckas. Tom Bethell. understanding. Duesberg is one of the world's leading experts on retroviruses.S. Even though Professor Duesberg's exhaustive exposé Inventing the AIDS Virus masterfully demolishes the HIV hypothesis. I'm afraid we have two or three more years before the "emperor's new clothes" become embarrassingly apparent to everyone. Just last year." Buianouckas says.V. DAVID RASNICK. "Look what happened to one of the great scientific geniuses.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. He is not popular with the National Institutes of Health. August. Professor Charles Geshekter." Duesberg is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and was the first to map the genetic structure of retroviruses. but after he attacked the HIV theory of AIDS. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. M. followed by new understanding.V.A.net/aids/data/drinhibit. they were ridiculed and their funding was stopped. professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley.167. But holding the perpetrators accountable will not be easy.D. Early on. 8/17/1992 "Could Duesberg be Right?" NATIONAL REVIEW http://www. "None of these five leading scientific publications – Nature. to dig up and examine the truth for themselves rather than parrot the unquestioned claims of pharmaceutical flacks and hack scientists. Washington editor of The American Spectator and a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution. “INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS. date accessed: 6/25/07 It has taken me 15 years of curiosity.net/aids/data/tbcould. and suggested that other avenues. a committee of 40 scientists sent a simple letter to the five leading scientific publications in the English-speaking world. Others report comparable experiences. I called him at his Berkeley lab and Another possibility is that asked what he thought of the news from Amsterdam. Although press releases were issued on three occasions. The most qualified authors are on our side – many of their authors probably agree but fear for their professional existence. doubt. "How many different viruses are we going to have that all evolved in the last ten years and all cause the same disease?" Duesberg asked. acceptance. reports that in June 1991. "What has he gained from his courageous stand? I think lesser scientists see that and will keep their mouths shut. Lehrman. This is called suppression. credentials. and is in fact harmless. new doubt. The Journal of the American Medical Association. Pacific Division. A professor of molecular biology. Peter Duesberg. Nathaniel S. 10 .I. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www.virusmyth. was thwarted by elements in the A. But instead of being urged on in their attempt to help mankind. The New England Journal of Medicine. Ph.be explored. Science. to come to terms with HIV/AIDS--and I'm a scientist.garynull. in Brooklyn. The letter said.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Qualifications debate Peter Duesberg – the figurehead of our argument – is one of the most qualified molecular biologists on the planet.virusmyth. I have little confidence that this will happen anytime soon. there have always been people questioning or disagreeing with the official theory and treatment approach. No wonder the public has bought the contagious AIDS theory. New York. and all those papers. former clinical director of Kingsboro Psychiatric Center. and the possibility that we may now have one more lethal virus to worry about. 1996.htm accessed 6/27/2007 The fact is. Biochemist PhD.

cancer. doctors and scientists question the theory that AIDS is caused by HIV. who has long maintained that retroviruses like HIV are harmless. get into trouble for questioning mainstream AIDS doctrine. counts several hundred prominent scientists among its members.net/aids/data/fghangover." Pharmaceutical companies are directly or indirectly involved in most AIDS research. "or from their own incestuous journals. Medical history with cancer is reason to ignore their evidence. and AIDS educators worry about losing their jobs.7 percent of all people diagnosed as having cancer die. 40 years later." Doctors also worry about being sued for malpractice. but from prolonged exposure to various environmental and lifestyle factors that compromise the immune system. Frank Green.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Despite the position of mainstream specialists like these. Look at these statistics quoted by Dr.virusmyth. 49." 11 ." he told me. some patients. Rasnick’s change in thinking isn’t as unusual as it used to be. 50. As Dr. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.garynull. If you question anything about the mainstream approach. Charles Thomas of Harvard University." Hundreds of scientists agree with us. you’re accused of being homophobic and promoting unsafe sex." Giraldo says.D.htm accessed 6/27/2007 One reason to be skeptical about the quality of the information we're getting is that the so-called AIDS authorities are the same people who were the socalled cancer experts.net/aids/data/fghangover. Here's how it breaks down." Moss further explains the link between AIDS. Despite the problems with the theory that exposure to HIV leads to AIDS. and advertisements for drugs have become a major source of revenue for gay publications. Duesberg was pretty much a lone voice crying in the wilderness." Maggiore scoffs.6 percent of all people diagnosed as having cancer died. many AIDS doctors dismiss the arguments of dissident scientists out of hand." HIV testing will be encouraged so that patients can be referred for early intervention. including three Nobel Prize winners. such as drug abuse. too. A new program starting up at the Antioch Baptist Church on Cedar Avenue is a good example. They make between 40 and 50 percent of all the chemotherapy. which censor opposing views. and asked that I change his name for this article." Maggiore says. it’s generally accepted as an indisputable fact. Michael Cooper works as a counselor for an AIDS service organization. "Most of the information they get after medical school comes from pharmaceutical companies." Scientists. "My boss doesn’t want me to talk to you. Major funders for the program include the Cleveland Clinic and two drug companies — Bristol-Myers Squibb and Auguron Pharmaceuticals — all of which stand to profit from the referrals. In 1990. the blood products used to treat hemophilia and AIDS treatments themselves. and business. the year I started in my practice. Ten years ago. "There’s no incentive for being a whistle blower or iconoclast. "The paradigm that was laid down for how to milk the cancer problem is basically the same paradigm which is being followed in milking the AIDS problem. [And members] of the Memorial Sloan Kettering board [have also been] high officials of Bristol-Myers Squibb. Nine-tenths of one percent improvement. malnutrition. and they’ve also become a force in AIDS education. "Many cancer authorities have shifted over to AIDS for the simple reason that it is where a lot of the money is available. They also make the AIDS drug D. Many AIDS service organizations and advocacy groups accept at least some funding from drug companies. founded by Dr. David Rasnick now agrees with Peter Duesberg.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Part of the problem is that doctors themselves are often unaware of the controversy surrounding mainstream AIDS theory.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Qualifications debate Even if their scientists are not intentionally biased they are misinformed. The Agape Program is designed "to heighten awareness about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the African-American Community. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. Duesberg contends that AIDS results not from exposure to a virus.virusmyth. which is as much a political as a medical phenomenon. "This is especially true of AIDS. The free treatment information magazines provided to HIV-positive people are funded by drug companies.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. In his books Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled? and Inventing the AIDS Virus. after approximately $40 billion has been spent in research." Allowing the same people to run the show doesn't bode all that well for the possibility of finding a cure. saying. Even when they’re aware of opposing views about AIDS causation and treatment. Seymour Brenner: "In 1950. "They don’t want us to be right.I. Bruce Halstead explains. But that’s no longer the case. "I could lose my job for telling the truth. Frank Green. and it is where you have more opportunity. "because it means they’ve been killing their patients. The largest producer of chemotherapy in the world is BristolMyers Squibb.

pure drug company puff pieces.net/aids/data/fghangover. has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV. As one patient put it in POZ magazine. The governments of entire nations are infiltrated and run by lobbyists and executors of the pharmaceutical industry. There are of course agents which kill in 100 percent of cases untreated. that's where it happens. accomplices and all those responsible for the greatest crimes ever committed in the course of human history. AZT.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "Look at the media. "is that the drug companies are now in league together. among other U. neuropathy. mass media and in politics. Jad Adams.net/aids/data/jatalk.heall.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "One of the most sinister aspects of this whole thing.htm When the Health Education Authority told me that the only difference between HIV and AIDS was time.virusmyth." But are they being given the information they need to make an informed decision? Steven Goldring says that he wasn’t. Frank Green. The legislation of these nations is corrupted and abused to systematically continue the mass murder and genocide of millions of innocent patients and people. The pharmaceutical corporations have planned and executed this mass murder and genocide willfully and systematically to further expand a global drug market of over one trillion dollars annually. They are just pure propaganda. medicine. with their PR people. "Doctors aren’t doing that. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. This holocaust is neither the result of coincidence nor negligence. "You have to understand that these AIDS journalists have very close relationships with the drug companies.S. 2000 "Science Fiction" GEAR MAGAZINE http://www. "They just foisted the drugs on me. Spin. USA Today.html accessed 6/27/2007 This is a public tribunal. They believe that they’re better off with the drugs than without them. but they are fast acting agents such as Clostridium botulinum (causing botulism). "And those reporters won the Pulitzer that year for their AIDS reporting. "Look at those earliest pieces about Ho and the cocktails that ran in the Wall Street Journal. author: “AIDS The HIV Myth. Thus. More than 95% of the pharmaceutical drugs currently sold are without proven efficacy while the severe side-effects of these drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world. I do my own research and make up my own mind. Therefore. To commit these crimes. The pharmaceutical industry exerts a huge influence on scientists and journalists. not viruses claimed to take ten years to cause the condition with which they are associated. publications. and AIDS for more than a decade." Rasnick concludes.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Pharma-conspiracy Pharmaceutical conglomerates ensure that effective cures are never developed to maintain their financial bottom line – this kills hundreds of millions. “AIDS—Myths and Realities 15 Years On." Cooper agrees. I mean." Media hype informs their impact claims." "The key to empowering people is giving them all the information. They fund all the research. She is a regular contributor to Esquire. I’ m very skeptical of everything they tell me. It’s insane. This then was the background. Prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces or totally eliminates the sales of pharmaceutical drugs for this disease.” 1996.virusmyth. Drug companies only cooperate to make drugs that cure each other’s side effects. Hundreds of millions of people continue to die from heart attacks. strokes and other diseases that can be prevented and eliminated. they weren’t only wrong in any terms." Despite diabetes." Bad science misleads the public." he said. first of all. "without explaining what they did or what the side effects were. and Gear. Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity. There is almost no such thing as independent research. All clinical trials are paid for by the drug companies. The toxic effect of one company’s drug is used to make another company’s drug more absorbable. many patients aren’t as quick to stop treatment as Cooper and Goldring were. they fund everything. a formal complaint to the International Court of Justice and other courts as well as a direct appeal to the patients and people of the world to bring to justice the pharmaceutical corporations. buffalo humps and all the other problems associated with drug cocktails. they were cruelly misleading. I don ’t feel like I was given a real choice." he says. "I’ d rather be alive with a hump than dead and rotting in my grave. Celia Farber.virusmyth. 2006 http://www. March. They only tell one side of the story. 12 . pharmaceutical corporations systematically obstruct and even fight the prevention and the eradication of diseases. That affects how things get reported.” date accessed: 6/27/07 http://www.com/medicalfreedom/codexabuse. their executives.net/aids/data/cffiction. the pharmaceutical corporations use a maze of executors and accomplices in science. pharmaceutical corporations also promote the occurrence of new diseases as the basis for their expanding global market of pharmaceutical drugs.

Thomas. Their argument relies on circular reasoning." Duesberg reports. "Nobody could quantify it. In science.-positive.htm accessed 6/27/2007 But by 1985. and that a person must be exposed to the other virus as well as HIV in order to progress to AIDS. Frank Green. "The H. Others contend that some people are genetically equipped to fight off HIV." More evidence Frank Green. while most do not have this protection.V and AIDS are indeed correlated. One reason to doubt that H. though it’s not usually fatal. and then disappears.net/aids/data/fghangover. The fact that many people with AIDS test positive for antibodies to HIV doesn’t necessarily mean that HIV causes AIDS..com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. Further. And this doesn’t include cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I. That’s circular reasoning.I.garynull.V.-positive homosexual men who have remained healthy for more than a decade. The situation is further complicated by the fact that there are people with AIDS conditions who test negative for HIV. There are also incidences of H. elicits the information of antibody. causes AIDS is that many people who have been diagnosed as H.I. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. he had begun to question whether HIV is really the cause of AIDS. though most of them don’t do anything.S. even though their symptoms are identical. about 50 percent should have developed AIDS.I. the theory that AIDS is caused by HIV is actually unproven. "There may be many more.V in groups considered to be at risk of developing the syndrome. AIDS is defined by the presence of HIV. not one chimp has come down with AIDS diseases. One thing’s certain: the current focus on HIV as the sole cause of AIDS in research insures that theories like these will remain unproven for some time to come. molecular biologist and former Harvard and Johns Hopkins professor. There are about 40 different diseases that result in an AIDS diagnosis when a person is HIV-positive. infects these animals." he says.htm accessed 6/27/2007 While H. yet only two percent annually develop AIDS-indicator diseases. As reported by Celia Farber in Spin magazine.V-positive never become sick. The editors of the newsletter Rethinking AIDS (now renamed Reappraising AIDS) point out that approximately 75 percent of American hemophiliacs have had H.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Many AIDS researchers now suggest that there may be co-factors involved in an HIV-positive patient’s progression to AIDS. it disproves the hypothesis.V. and HIV is defined as the virus that causes AIDS.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Correlation ≠ causation Too many counterexamples disprove the link between HIV and AIDS even if both exist in some.I. not actual science.V. Even after many years. correlation does not equal causation. as in the U.I.I. and it does not seem to cause AIDS. the causative link has not been proven.V for more than seven years. in Amsterdam. As Charles A. Numerous cases of AIDS without H. In science the exception does not prove the rule. At first.I. "It was often undetectable in the body. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. is neither necessary nor sufficient to induce an immune deficiency and AIDS-defining illnesses. A person with the same disease who tests HIV-negative doesn’t have AIDS.V have always existed and were even discussed at the Eighth International Conference on AIDS. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. According to predictions. "[There are] an approximate 5. In other words. the rest are presumptive diagnoses.V.000 cases of AIDS without H.V.net/aids/data/fghangover. Most researchers contend that these people do not have AIDS.I. Our bodies are full of viruses. I thought they’d found the wrong virus. only 50 percent of all cases of AIDS are confirmed H.I. Some maintain that there’s an additional virus involved. Scientists ruled out a hundred viruses before they found the one that causes polio. an immune deficient condition with symptoms similar to AIDS." The possibility of being H. This means we have an animal model for H. Such findings also conclude that H. explains. of which there is ample evidence. multiplies." Though it’s often represented to be an undeniable fact. 13 . in experiments. But I soon gave up the notion that AIDS is contagious. never develop the syndrome. just like in humans. chimpanzees repeatedly inoculated with H.V. It just doesn’t follow the model of an infectious disease.I. But that’s because the definition of HIV/AIDS is circular. researchers began reporting cases of HIV-negative AIDS as early as 1992.virusmyth.virusmyth.V.I.I.V-positive without developing AIDS does not discount causation as much as the reverse scenario.

14 . 1992. excuses in the form that Koch's postulates are outdated or too rigourous are abundant.G. And this is a violation of Koch's second postulate. over a million Americans. including AZT itself: this is dependent on the definition of an infectious disease. But this is nitpicking. but statistics show it seems to. as of 2000. as much as 20-30 years).org/ramblings/science/HIV_AIDS. because the mode of infection can be different and doesn't necessarily have to be the same and doesn't necessarily have to be distributed. it should not care about whether you are male or female or heterosexual or homosexual. located [http://www. Six million Africans supposedly. Again. but Duesberg doesn't do his position any good by coming up with unsubstantiated theories.ram. this is an example of non-rigourness that is at the heart of this argument. associate professor at the University of Washington. A lot of people with HIV do not have AIDS: About a third of the HIV+ people. AIDS is not an infectious disease and caused by various toxins. wherein the distribution of AIDS is equal among all members of a population. “Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?” – Samudrala’s Website. This "eventually" has changed from 1-2 years (the number initially given) now to 5-10 years (most recently. to be precise. A million Americans alone with HIV with normal T-cell counts. This is like saying any other STD isn't an infectious disease (even though most STDs are distributed pretty equally among the population). a reason given for this fact is that everyone with HIV will eventually develop AIDS. The fact that we have to question the HIV hypothesis is indicative of the shaky ground we're on. One should answer this discrepancy in a robust manner. But this is where I think Duesberg and others are wrong in their viewpoint. If HIV were the causative agent. he comes up with an hypothesis that even less justifiable than the HIV one.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Correlation ≠ causation THE HIV AND AIDS CORRELATION HAS BEEN DISPROVED BY NUMBERS OF AMERICANS AND AFRICANS ALIKE Ram Samudrala. Of course.html] A. The problem is that he is forced to answer the question "so what causes it if isn't HIV?" Instead of following his own advice.

18). not later when it is dormant. It actively infects only 1 in 104 to > 105 T cells (4. 241 pp. as well as six cardinal rules of virology. which allegedly first appeared on this planet only a few years ago (20). and frequently cytomegalovirus disease in children (21). the hallmark of AIDS. the body regenerates about 5% of its T cells (16). 3) In violation of Koch's third postulate. In the United States. HIV can cause a mononucleosis-like disease during the acute infection. they often promote cell growth. of biology-Univ. 15 . In Africa the same virus is thought to cause slim disease. However. or viral RNA (4. The virus would be a plausible cause of AIDS if it were reactivated after an asymptomatic latency.” Science vol. Thus the "AIDS test" identifies effective natural vaccination. 17). 4) In contrast to all pathogenic viruses that cause degenerative diseases. 2) In violation of Koch's second postulate. which is why HIV is so hard to transmit (9. pure HIV does not reproduce AIDS when inoculated into chimpanzees or accidentally into healthy humans (9. Since all genes of HIV are active during replication. are capable of causing AIDS. This is said even though T cells grown in culture. 13). a retrovirus. “HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS. perhaps its only pathogenic potential (9. In the United States. the proposition that within a few years two viruses capable of causing AIDS could have evolved is highly improbable (25). July 1988. accessed June 27. 7) Retroviruses are typically not cytocidal. 10. 13). 92% of AIDS patients are male (19). 1) HIV is in violation of Koch's first postulate because it is not possible to detect free virus (1. prof. AIDS should occur early when HIV is active. 2007. fever. the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has established guidelines to diagnose AIDS when all laboratory evidence for HIV is negative (8). HIV-1 and HIV-2. 514-517. This is because during the 2 days it takes HIV to replicate. Duesberg. HIV is not biochemically active in the disease syndrome it is named for (14). Yet HIV. causing degenerative disease killing billions of T cells (15. although the virus is thought to have existed in Africa not much longer than in the United States (20). HIV cannot be isolated from 20 to 50% of AIDS cases (1. Peter H. HIV remains inactive during AIDS. HIV cannot account for the loss of T cells. Therefore. the virus is said to cause Kaposi's sarcoma only in homosexuals. is said to behave like a cytocidal virus. 12. 2). of California-Berkely. like herpes viruses. they were long considered the most plausible viral carcinogens (9). 7) in all cases of AIDS. On the contrary. 17). even if all infected cells died. It depends on activating dormant provirus in millions of susceptible cells propagated in vitro away from the suppressive immune system of the host. Since viruses are products of gradual evolution. HIV-1 and HIV-2 differ about 60% in their nucleic acid sequences (24). which produce much more virus than has ever been observed in AIDS patients. 5) It is paradoxical that HIV is said to cause AIDS only after the onset of antiviral immunity. 6. Moreover. The immunity against HIV is so effective that free virus is undetectable (see point 1). more than enough to compensate for losses due to HIV. provirus (3-5). Indeed. 9-11). jk Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not the cause of AIDS because it fails to meet the postulates of Koch and Henle. "isolation" is very indirect. 7. 18). continue to divide (9.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Rules of virology HIV doesn’t cause AIDS – it violates several rules of virology. detected by a positive "AIDS test. 8) It is paradoxical for a virus to have a country-specific host range and a risk group-specific pathology. and diarrhea almost exclusively (22. Indeed. but in Africa AIDS is equally distributed between the sexes. Under these conditions. 6. 6) The long and highly variable intervals between the onset of antiviral immunity and AIDS. mostly Pneumocystis pneumonia in hemophiliacs. 12. are bizarre for a virus that replicates within 1 to 2 days in tissue culture and induces antiviral immunity within 1 to 2 months after an acute infection (9." because all other viruses are most pathogenic before immunity. 23). averaging 8 years. the ultimate protection against viral disease. 15). 9) It is now claimed that at least two viruses.

On the one hand." 16 . come up with statements such as that attributed to the famous Kary Mullis.com/icu/infect/virus/index TG Many ordinary people seem confused about AIDS. at least with a high probability. "dissident scientists". we have the vast majority of the scientific community apparently quite happy with statements such as "HIV causes AIDS".com website: "If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS. featured prominently on the virusmyth.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Documentation There are no documents that claim that HIV is the cause of AIDS Lara Hopley and Jo van Schalkwyk 4/25/2007 “Where Duesberg failed” www.anaesthetist. there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact. on the other. There is no such document. among them several Nobel prizewinners.

multiplies. and then disappears. "The H.I. in any event. we can essentially eliminate AIDS. explains." AIDS MICROBE IS IN QUESTION OF CAUSING DISEASE – SCIENTIFIC THEORY AND CHIMPANZEE TESTS PROVE Michael Fumento. and. in experiments. As Charles A. molecular biologist and former Harvard and Johns Hopkins professor. Root-Bernstein attributes tremendous scientific importance to the fact that the HIV-AIDS connection does not satisfy Koch's postulates. "Every person with AIDS for whom there is sufficient documentation.fumento. to establish the relationhip between a disease and its suspected cause. says Root-Bernstein. was not the epidemiological equivalent of Moses the Lawgiver. The myxomatosis virus..I. ." as Root-Bernstein writes. Even after many years. Three years ago. In particular "there is no doubt. But Koch. By failing to look for these co-factors. though a brilliant researcher. a system devised a century ago by Robert Koch. just like in humans. July 1993.V. Why is HIV not sufficient to cause AIDS? Taking a tack from Duesberg. Feline leukemia virus kills huge numbers of cats but their owners are not afflicted.html] A. He declined. Thomas.V. Researchers despaired of finding a test animal to develop treatments for Hansen's disease (leprosy) until someone discovered the disease in armadillos. and it does not seem to cause AIDS. terribly remiss. scientists have been terribly. This means we have an animal model for H.garynull. that the microbe in question must be able to induce disease in healthy test animals. For if we can eliminate those factors. How can Root-Bernstein not know all this? 17 . I challenged Duesberg to make himself a test animal by injecting himself with purified HIV.com/heretic. Root-Bernstein makes much of the fact that HIV does not induce AIDS in chimpanzees and other nonhumans. risk factors" associated with immune suppressants. but we know of a number of pathogens which.I. never develop the syndrome.V.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Chimps Lack of an animal model for AIDS proves the human immune system survives HIV. lawyer and journalist of health issues. elicits the information of antibody. artificially introduced into Australia to control the feral rabbit population." he writes. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. “Heretic: Rethinking AIDS” – Commentary Magazine [http://www. "has some subset of . succeeded in killing millions of the animals but no humans. being species-specific. viruses had not even been discovered when he formulated his rules. It is certainly true that the HIV-AIDS link does not satisfy all four of Koch's postulates. are exceptions in this way. infects these animals.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. . chimpanzees repeatedly inoculated with H. not one chimp has come down with AIDS diseases. a German physician.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Further. But this is only because we are ethically forbidden to use humans as test animals when fatal diseases are involved.G. that it does not satisfy the third postulate: namely.

Ph. AIDS researchers have failed to show how the virus could be doing the damage attributed to it. One is considered "immune" for development of the disease. evidence suggests HIV might produce mild flu-like symptoms within 24-48 hours after infection to a new organism. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www.I. but without any associated pathology. after which symptoms appear. and defeated it.htm accessed 6/27/2007 A) The advocates of the HIV hypothesis suggest HIV is significantly different from all other viruses in that the presence of antibody alone is sufficient to predict the future development of deadly AIDS symptoms. however. and believe that the presence of antibody alone is synonymous to a death sentence. without proliferating significantly to other cells and tissues.V. In all other diseases.I. however. Slow spread of HIV cells proves it is not deadly. The viral hypothesis of AIDS likewise suffers from this difficulty. 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings" http://www..com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. The [rate] of H. and leads a rather quiet existence in the organism. Duesberg suggests it is probably a perinatally-transmitted retrovirus which has been within a small percentage of the human race for generations. the "hiding places" have not been demonstrated to any degree of significance. which suggests that H.. B) HIV=AIDS advocates counter that the virus goes into "hiding" within certain cells of the body.org/hiv_aids. In a few cases.garynull.V. because the technology to identify and search for retroviruses was developed in recent years.orgonelab. In fact. but after that it has no additional affect upon the individual.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Third. and doomsday predictions about its spread have collapsed. Journalist Neville Hodgkinson writes in The Sunday Times of London that challengers of the original hypothesis are growing in number because after 11 years of work on H.orgonelab. James DeMeo.D. thereby producing acute symptoms.htm accessed 6/27/2007 E) HIV does not readily or quickly kill the t-helper blood cells..garynull. It appears to infect those cells only with great difficulty.I. As Duesberg points out.I. By contrast. director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab.V.org/hiv_aids. With HIV. and for this reason.V.I. they fail to demonstrate this part of their hypothesis. director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. The link between H.-infected Americans has [increased more slowly] instead of increasing rapidly as predicted. theory have failed spectacularly. and remains dormant for many years until such time that something triggers them into activity.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 AIDS is really bad All of their reasons why HIV and AIDS are devastating are proof that the connection is fabricated.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. and they kill the infected cells.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Nonetheless. Rather. HIV does none of this. which act as its host. infecting many cell types. James DeMeo. a lot is happening behind the scenes. 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings" http://www. However.D. AIDS in the United States and Europe has not spread through the general population. we are asked to suspend this well-known immunological response. HIV was observed for the first time only in recent years. viruses which produce deadly symptoms proliferate rapidly. this absence of demonstrated "hiding viruses" was a major stumbling-block to the general theory of viral causation of diseases. and once having infected them. is an old virus that has been with us for centuries without causing an epidemic. but successfully responded to it. predictions based on the H.V. Ph. lives quietly and uneventfully within those cells for their normal lifetime. Bad science also implicates their impact claims. or from further exposure to that infectious agent." 18 . the presence of antibody in the absence of active virus is a clear sign that the individual's immune system has been exposed to the virus. this is the precise nature of a retrovirus. which does not kill its host cell. More evidence Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. and AIDS is not as close as once believed. it remains almost entirely confined to the original risk groupsmainly sexually promiscuous gay men and drug abusers. Active virus is spread widely in such a virus-sickened organism and is not difficult to identify or locate.

19 .orgonelab. Robert Gallo. and his laboratory is very-well funded by tax dollars. immunologically-related disorders.in fact. But AIDS changed all that. no advancements in the treatment or prevention of AIDS has taken place. the economic and social sectors of all industrialized countries are currently held hostage by the ill-conceived and criminal practices of pharmaceutical corporations. Throughout the 20 th century. Empirically proven that their studies can’t produce a cure – funding just gets funneled into special interest groups’ pockets. 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings" http://www. announced "The probable cause of AIDS has been found". Like so much else in the science on which current AIDS strategy is based. director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab.net/aids/data/fghangover. Fortunately. or the legal dispute. and then introduced Dr. Duesberg. A prolonged legal battle ensued regarding who would retain lucrative international patent rights to HIV-antibody testing. but rather at a Washington D. backing their respective scientists. the so-called "AIDS Tests" which cost from $15 to $50 each. Both the French and American governments got into the legal dispute. The HIV Hypothesis of AIDS has produced no public health benefits. and is a total failure. Bayer and BASF have determined the fate not only of that country but of the entire world. historically. Gallo has never been censured for his unethical conduct. his research funding terminated. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. A particular example is the Federal Republic of Germany. the leading export nation of such pharmaceutical products in the world. HIV-positive people are advised to stay on the drugs for their entire lives. the theory remains unproven. Funding for virus research had precipitously declined over the years. from the very beginning of this industry. non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs.com/medicalfreedom/codexabuse. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris.html accessed 6/27/2007 Throughout the 20th century the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal to control the health care system of nations by systematically replacing natural. viral theories of disease have generally failed to bring forth either cures or advancements in treatments. By contrast. That’s not the case with the new AIDS drugs. in an out-of-court settlement. and into generally ineffective and counter-productive "safe sex" educational programs. Margaret Heckler. This political event was eventually overshadowed by the fact that Gallo had misrepresented "his" discovery of HIV -. The theory behind this practice is that HIV will return in a new and more virulent form if treatment is stopped. In April 1984. However. As the result of the systematic take-over of the health care system by nationally and internationally operating pharmaceutical corporations billions of people in almost all countries of the United Nations have been paying trillions of dollars for pharmaceutical drugs that neither prevent diseases nor cure them. 2006 http://www.virusmyth. Ph. As hundreds of millions of public dollars are being shoveled into the research laboratories of the HIV=AIDS researchers. then Secretary of Health and Human Services.heall. The governments. This is particularly true for cancer and other degenerative.. HIV was announced. press conference.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Most drugs used in modern medicine are prescribed for a short time and are stopped as soon as symptoms clear up. the major vocal critic of the entire shabby affair. he collects new awards and medals nearly every month. but it is quite a gravy train for a lot of special interests! Dangerous drugs will be continuously used.org/hiv_aids. who presented his "discovery of the AIDS virus" to a story-hungry press. and a new "official history of the discovery of HIV" was written and distributed. even if the level of virus in their blood becomes undetectable. has been censored and isolated for his criticisms. the German pharmaceutical corporations Hoechst. The architects of the pharmaceutical industry were unscrupulous entrepreneurs and financiers who. Later. James DeMeo. However. expunged of all unpleasant references to the unethical stealing of ideas.D. both Gallo and Montagnier agreed to split the royalties. not at a scientific meeting. he had acquired his samples of HIV on loan from the real discoverer.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures Pharmaceutical companies ensure cures will always be ineffective. Gallo was later exposed and no credible individuals in the scientific community supported the "official history". Frank Green. Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity.C.htm accessed 6/27/2007 G) The HIV hypothesis of AIDS is rooted in the general viral theory of diseases. had defined the human body and the diseases it hosts as their marketplace.

and thus was shelved." Geneticist Richard Strohman states..V.'s manufacturers.V virus. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www.A. or even through deliberate injection. and even when it does. particularly the cells in the bone marrow...htm accessed 6/27/2007 D) HIV is a difficult and inefficient virus to transmit from one organism to another.N.T..I. adviser to the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health. Ph. Around 150 chimpanzees have been injected with HIV by the National Institute of Health.A.I..D. which are the immune system.. it certainly causes fund-raisers. either accidentally." Frank Buianouckas elaborates on how keeping the H. theory alive supports business interests. There is no denying that AIDS creates a lucrative business for A. 20 . And it keeps the AIDS establishment going . You are killing off your immune system every six hours with A. was originally developed as a chemotherapy agent in the late sixties for the treatment of leukemia. It supports dances. Ralph W.Z. "because if H. "There's every reason to think that A. director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. in a program which began ten years ago.htm accessed 6/27/2007 A. Needle-stick injuries in hospitals. James DeMeo. Chimpanzees prove the virus alone cannot cause death.V.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. causes anything. and all are still healthy. The virus simply does not "infect" so easily.Z.T.T will kill you faster than an AIDS-related disease . where hospital workers are accidentally exposed to HIV-infected blood.Z.Z..V. It will kill every cell in your body that's making D.when so exposed.. Ph.. "I am suspect about everything involved in this AIDS epidemic. For instance. the drug was revived as a treatment for AIDS on the theory that it would inhibit the replication of the H. In the early eighties.-chain terminator.T. "is AIDS by prescription." he explains. Duesberg claims that A. primates may develop typical antibody responses. It sells stocks.D. by sexual means. but was soon found to be too toxic for human use. 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings" http://www.org/hiv_aids." Why are these sorts of conclusions being suppressed and ridiculed? To answer this question.orgonelab. But has this drug been proven safe and effective? Researchers are now saying some disturbing things. It sells condoms.T has long been the medical orthodoxy's choice treatment for AIDS and people who are H. we need to understand the lengths to which powerful business interests will go in order to protect their products and themselves. but do not sicken and die. Nothing could cause AIDS more directly than a substance that is doing only one thingkilling cells.Z.-positive.T. Moss. Many attempts have been made to infect primates with AIDS diseases through direct injection of HIV -.Z. because it's a D. says that "these things happen as a matter of course in the search for the highest possible profits out of the medical system. but not the symptoms of AIDS. also fail to demonstrate any cases of AIDS.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns Anti-AIDS drugs do far more damage to the immune system – their evidence is biased by business interests.I. produces only the well-known antibody response.garynull.N. A.I.

S. publications.net/aids/data/cffiction. That's why it's complicated. has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV. among other U. co-founder of AmFAR. now practicing in New York's Greenwich Village. 2000 "Science Fiction" GEAR MAGAZINE http://www. buddy systems. and to keep them on them. AZT. Celia Farber. But the target population for the drug companies are the healthy people.S. March." says veteran AIDS doctor Joseph Sonnabend. 2000 "Science Fiction" GEAR MAGAZINE http://www. four years after the initial AIDS cocktail drug hype erupted. She is a regular contributor to Esquire. They call it "treatment compliance. But now. Such tragedies are seen as an inevitable "side effect" of a drug regimen so punishing that an entire surveillance system has been put in place to ensure that people stick to it." 21 .virusmyth. USA Today.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns “Treatment compliance” regimes ensure a quick death. and Gear. publications. among other U. through debilitating ill effects. and AIDS for more than a decade. Spin. and AIDS for more than a decade. "But they've probably hurt more people than they've helped. Here’s comparative evidence Celia Farber. The people for whom benefit has been proven beyond a doubt are really sick people who would have died without them three years ago. There are beepers. She is a regular contributor to Esquire. AZT.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "There is absolutely no question whatsoever that protease inhibitors have helped people. has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV. it is a common one in the age of AIDS drug cocktails (as the combination treatments championed by Ho have become known). Spin." and it has largely replaced Safe Sex as the core social imperative of the AIDS industry. USA Today. and Gear. March. and even groups of AIDS professionals who infiltrate people's social networks to enlist them to help promote and dispense the drugs. whether they are sick or healthy. support groups. There are computer chips embedded in bottle caps that record the date and time of each opening. The goal is to get as many HIV-positive people on the drugs as possible. observation centers where patients take the drugs while being watched.virusmyth.htm accessed 6/27/2007 This is not a rare story. the utopian promise is fast turning into a nightmare.net/aids/data/cffiction. which are dismissed as a small price to pay for the benefit of lowering the amount of virus in the blood. and those people will almost certainly have their lives shortened by these drugs.

“INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS.FURTHER." In the concluding section of their paper.G 1) long-term recreational drug use (cocaine. “The media. During my "sabbatical. Nevertheless. Rasnick report that "Chemically distinct drugs cause distinct AIDS-defining disease: for example. “that the premise upon which this eradication program is founded is wrong. “Having HIV is not a death sentence. and AZT causes immunodeficiency. It’s not a message the mainstream media is likely to pick up on however. if you read the articles out there. Duesberg and Dr. nitrite inhalants cause Kaposi's sarcoma. date accessed: 6/25/07 Following the Peace Corps stint. The rumor was short-lived since Merck soon began construction of a plant in southern Georgia to produce commercial quantities of its HIV protease inhibitor. April 2002 “HIV & AIDS” Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients http://find. Kaposi's sarcoma with conventional cancer therapy.g. 3) AIDS patients were treated for their specific diseases with proven medications. but it's not the end of the world. 2) the anti-viral drugs (DNA chain terminators. Prof. and that’s just not accurate.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns This turns the affirmative case. 1996. Some openly acknowledged that HIV protease inhibitors weren't working and likely never would." HIV protease inhibitors had become a hot item. 22 . I learned that many of them wished they had never gotten involved in HIV work. tuberculosis with antibiotics.” The good news the evidence shows that those who do have HIV can lead long. The noninfectious chemical bases for AIDS is supported by a lot of important data.” Miller said. Several of the large drug companies had extensive programs underway. eat healthy and live healthy lives.com/03/07/29/blanton.” Miller said. “There’s growing evidence. which "compared the onset of AIDS and death in AZT-treated. Rasnick state: "According to the drug hypothesis.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C%2529%253AFQE%253D%2528su%252CNone %252C8%2529Duesberg%2524&contentSet=IACDocuments&sort=DateDescend&tabID=T002&sgCurrentPosition=0&subjectAction=DISPLAY_SUBJECTS&prodId=EAIM&searchId=R1&cur rentPosition=9&userGroupName=ksstate_ukans&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&sgHitCountType=None&qrySerId=Locale%28en%2C%2C %29%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C8%29Duesberg %24&inPS=true&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&displaySubject=&docId=A84211121&docType=IAC p.sierratimes. Merck had already spent $500 million on their HIV protease inhibitor program. and amphetamines). Over the last 20 years the US government has carried out a program to eradicate the HIV virus. compared with an annual mortality of 1. and dementia. 2007.virusmyth. Prof. but the grapevine had it that Merck was seriously thinking of pulling out of the field for a number of reasons.” he said.htm] A. I returned to the lab.6–8." he noted. Roche had their inhibitors well into clinical trials. August. muscle atrophy." Drug companies know their medications will fail. Jule Klotter.” http://64. editorial assistant.” he said. e.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. and protease inhibitors) that doctors prescribe to people who are HIV positive.4 percent in HIV-positive people who refuse treatment with anti-viral drugs. AIDS would be entirely preventable and at least partially curable if: 1) AZT and other anti-HIV drugs were banned.galegroup. healthy lives. lymphoma.” Miller said. "It's like having herpes. heroin. The drugs the affirmative provides to treat HIV are what causes AIDS. from private conversations with colleague. Biochemist PhD. It’s always HIV/AIDS.net/aids/data/drinhibit. They’ve used 100. Animal testing indicates that AZT causes immunodeficiency and cancer in those who are exposed to high doses of the drug when they are young. NO TREATMENT IS THE SMARTEST OPTION WHEN INFECTED.167. and weight loss with good nutrition.233. 7/28/03.000 government-funded doctors and scientists and have cost taxpayers more than $100 billion. malnutrition (and lack of drinkable water). DAVID RASNICK.7 percent. HIV-positive male homosexuals to untreated controls" in 1749 subjects. always links HIV with AIDS." “Those with HIV need to stop the drug use. Duesberg and Dr.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. WP The role of toxic anti-HIV drugs in the progression of AIDS cannot be ignored since current practice recommends using these drugs as a prophylatic in persons who test HIV positive. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. like AZT. research fellow for the Sierra Times. and 3) especially in Africa. Becky Blanton. CURRENT HIV/AIDS ANTI-RETROVIRAL DRUG AND MEDICATIONS RAISE THE MORTALITY RATE OF VICTIMS . found that AZT increased mortality by 25%. nitrite inhalants. 2) Recreational drug use were controlled by advertising that drugs may cause AIDS. In 1993 I began making proteases inhibitors again for the same diseases I worked on in the 1980s. The 1994 British-French Concorde study. facts like this one: HIV-positive people treated with anti-viral drugs have an annual mortality rate of 6. 18(1) accessed June 27. “You don’t read HIV or AIDS by itself. healthy.com/itx/retrieve. "It's not the best thing. cocaine causes weight loss. "HIV Does Not Cause AIDS says Doctors' Group" The Sierra Times [http://www.

JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS 23 .

Is a vaccine possible? . said. drugs suppress replication of the virus. will have to be taken for a lifetime and perhaps changed to combat resistance. Surprisingly our conclusion is supported by a survey of AIDS researchers conducted by the New York Times. many unanswered questions exist about whether and when one can be developed. so the medicines. and by 2001/2002 over 450. antiviral chemotherapy and malnutrition June 2003 ER 6/27/06 http://www. . The asymptomatic HIV-positives are treated according to the slogan. . The most fundamental discrepancy between the HIV-AIDS hypothesis and the facts is the paradox. and since there are no paradoxes in nature only flawed hypotheses.ias.ac. that the plethora of the diseases attributed to this virus would not show up for 5–10 years after infection (table 4). not even the most fundamental ones (Weiss and Jaffe 1990. and is most compatible with being a passenger virus. which should give the functioning parts of the immune system a chance to eliminate remaining virus. O’Brien 1997). Anti-HIV drugs contribute to the Cause of AIDS. young men and women. that a latent.I. well over half of these 450.000 US citizens (Hall 1996). “The AIDS questions that linger” (Altman 2001a). Dr Fauci said. . By 1996 200. Here we offer one such hypothesis.ac. That does not happen. . Stolberg 2001).000 people.I. would cause a plethora of fatal diseases in sexually active. University of California Berkeley. Indeed the hypothesis was born with several serious birth defects and has developed further defects since. Since 19 years of HIV-AIDS research have failed to produce tangible benefits for AIDS patients and risk groups.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns The HIV Leads to AIDS theory is flawed. Anti-H. that we don’t understand’.): How does H. from the body. we conclude that HIV is not sufficient for AIDS. in the race to claim a share of the new viral cause for AIDS and of virus-based AIDS treatments. and anti-HIV drugs As of 1996 the DNA chain-terminators were mixed with HIV protease inhibitors to generate so-called “drug cocktails” (Ho 1995. most of these should have given pause to HIV-AIDS researchers to rethink and reconsider. Due to the CDC’s 1993-definition of AIDS. testable hypothesis. expensive and time-consuming to answer basic and practical questions. . the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. (E. antiviral chemotherapy and malnutrition June 2003 ER 6/27/06 http://www. the scientific method calls for an alternative.V. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs. Thus recreational and anti-HIV drugs are the common denominator of AIDS in the US. As a result of the many discrepancies between the HIV hypothesis and the facts. shortly after the publication of the Durban Declaration. Such a list could fill a newspaper. … Despite the gains … experts say reviewing unanswered questions could prove useful as a measure of progress for AIDS and other diseases.” Thus HIV-AIDS researchers have not solved the discrepancies and paradoxes of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. namely the Durban Declaration that was published in Nature in 2000 and has been signed by “over 5. but still do not follow the scientific method of searching for alternative explanations (Costello 1995).000 (France 2001. (Regarding anti-HIV medications:) . . the New York Times interviewed a dozen leading AIDS researchers for an article that turned into a list of questions. Altman 2002). on 30 January 2001.ias. Why does AIDS predispose infected persons to certain types of cancer and infections and not others? . It can be seen in table 4 that the HIV-hypothesis fails to predict 17 specific facts of AIDS. that was introduced by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1995 (Ho 1995). 24 . alias lifestyle. Our hypothesis extends the early. . Duesberg 2003 (professor of Biology at Berkley CLAUS KOEHNLEIN* and DAVID RASNICK Donner Laboratory. . scientists say they have learned more about this viral disease than any other. subvert the immune system? . that is only present in less than 1 out of 500 susceptible T-cells and rarely expressed in a few of those.pdf) Despite its spectacular birthday the HIV-AIDS hypothesis has remained entirely unproductive to this date: There is as yet no anti-HIV-AIDS vaccine. drugs only exacerbate the problem. ‘So something is bizarre about that. similar to those asked by us in table 4: “In the 20 years since the first cases of AIDS were detected. including Nobel prizewinners” (The Durban Declaration 2000). Berkeley. and even then would create debate. the new drugs do not completely eliminate H. Duesberg 2003 (professor of Biology at Berkley CLAUS KOEHNLEIN* and DAVID RASNICK Donner Laboratory. and now abandoned “lifestyle” hypothesis (§ 2) and subsequent drug-AIDS hypotheses from us and others (Duesberg 1992. which can have dangerous side effects. ‘It is the rare person who gets up and strips himself of his personal agenda and articulates what we really do not know because by saying that they would diminish the impact of their own work. Berkeley.in/jbiosci/jun2003/383. The treatments are now so complicated that it is difficult. And. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1997). However. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs.g. noncytopathic and immunologically neutralized retrovirus [a virus that is inherently not cytopathic (Duesberg 1987)]. no effective prevention and not a single AIDS patient has ever been cured – the hallmarks of a flawed hypothesis. and few have disputed the claim. . early and hard”. University of California Berkeley. . At the 20th anniversary of AIDS.000 treated subjects were clinically healthy at the time they started taking the anti-HIV drugs (table 1) and are thus not patients (Centers for Disease Control 1992.V.pdf) The chemical-AIDS hypothesis proposes that the AIDS epidemics of the US and Europe are caused by recreational drugs.I. Our analysis is based on the most recent and most authoritative case made for the HIV-AIDS hypothesis since 1984. were taking prescriptions of such drugs to prevent or cure AIDS (Stolberg 2001). “The Trojan horse of emergency” (Szasz 2001) was saddled so quickly that there was little time and no interest to address these defects. Cohen 1994. “Time to hit HIV.in/jbiosci/jun2003/383. Dr Anthony S Fauci. What combinations of drugs should be started first and when? Why do side effects like unusual accumulations of fat in the abdomen and neck develop? . Duesberg and Rasnick 1998). and also in Europe (see below).V. which is their agenda’. An analysis of the defects of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis based on its failure to predict AIDS facts is shown in table 4.

by 1987 transfusions of blood and factor VIII had already infected most hemophiliacs for a long time. But. For example. which is the equivalent of 1×5–3 × 106 molecules of DNA chainterminators per body cell! Here. The high doses of protease inhibitors currently administered to patients are at minimum 50 times that needed to completely inhibit the cellular. the “anti-viral” doses were increased 4–5 orders of magnitude above what is needed to render HIV noninfectious in vitro. because the increased mortality was attributed to HIV by the authors of the study. and below). we present evidence that anti-HIV drugs cause AIDS defining diseases. University of California Berkeley. which is necessary for HIV assembly (Fields 2001). anorexia (weight loss). Mice in which cathepsin D is deleted develop anorexia.HIV drugs: A sudden 10-fold increase in the mortality of HIV-positive British hemophiliacs. Most of them were already infected before 1984 (about 75% in the US). even advertises the inevitable toxity of the DNA chainterminator AZT with a scull and crossbones (figure 4a). Duesberg 2003 (professor of Biology at Berkley CLAUS KOEHNLEIN* and DAVID RASNICK Donner Laboratory. diarrhea – which is also an AIDS defining disease (Centers for Disease Control 1985. Palella et al 1998. Richman et al 1987. Even HIVpositive pregnant mothers are prescribed 500 mg of AZT per day during the second and third trimester of pregnancy pregnancy to reduce the probability of transmission of HIV to their babies by 17% (from 25% to 8%) – at the cost of having to treat 100% of the pregnant mothers and babies with AZT (Connor et al 1994).Dournon et al 1988. on the facts that the increased mortality was restricted to HIV positive hemophiliacs and that the increase was independent of he degree of hemophilia (which is inversely proportional to the life expectancy of the patient). But since no therapeutic effects were observed at the low doses at which these inhibitors “block HIV replication in the test tube” (The Durban Declaration 2000). Yet. (see table 6 and particularly table 7 below for consequences). The label of a 100 mg-sample from the Sigma Chemical Co. Stolberg 2001). but does not mention cellular or human toxicity (see figure 4b). right after the introduction of AZT in 1987. T-cell deficiency and death (see § 4e). intestinal aspartyl protease cathepsin D (calculation based on the Roche inhibitor Saquinavir. (ii) HIV protease inhibitors: The HIV protease inhibitors were designed to inhibit specifically auto-proteolytic processing of HIV proteins. In addition. 1987) – is a common problem with all the protease inhibitors (table 6). long before AIDS.ac. (iii) Drug cocktails: AZT and other DNA chain-terminators are now typically supplemented by inhibitors of proteases to form drug “cocktails” (Ho 1995. Even the editor of the Lancet wrote an editorial asking.2. shown in figure 5. A daily dose of these includes about 1 g of one or more DNA chain-terminators per clinically ill person and 0×5 g per asymptomatic HIV positive per day (Stolberg 2001) (see also § 4. although their immunotoxicity or bone ”marrow suppression” was immediately recognized (Kolata 1987. both (i) in the presence and (ii) in the absence of HIV. the DNA chain-terminators are currently prescribed at doses of about 500 mg per day (§ 4. Mir and Costello 1988).ias. the DNA chain-terminators are inevitably cytotoxic. other diseases and death. to kill growing human cells as cancer therapy by terminating DNA synthesis (Horwitz et al 1964). a nonmedicalsupplier.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns Anti-Viral Drugs are extremely lethal Causing Death and the Symptoms of AIDS. Richman et al 1987). see also (Nussbaum 1990. the Abbott inhibitor Ritonivar is 1000 times more potent against cathepsin D than Saquinavir). i. or to 1 to 2 g of inhibitor per day (Rasnick 1997). (i) Diseases and death in HIV-positives treated with anti. because all blood supplies with HIV antibodies were banned after the introduction of the HIV-antibody. “Will Duesberg now concede defeat” (Horton 1995)? Darby et al based their conclusion on the sudden 10-fold increase of the hemophiliacs’ mortality in 1987. DNA chain-terminators were first licensed as anti-HIV drugs in 1987. that were originally developed 40 years ago. made scientific headlines in 1995.e. Day 2000. and thus immunotoxic like most other chemotherapies (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 1982. Considering their mechanism of action. Thus protease inhibitors can cause at least three AIDS defining diseases. as well as by the editor of Nature.pdf) DNA chain-terminators: Currently nearly all anti-HIV prescriptions include DNA chain-terminators.in/jbiosci/jun2003/383. Oliver 2000). “More conviction on HIV and AIDS” (Maddox 1995). and die about 26 days after birth (Saftig et al 1995). (Deeks et al 1997). 25 . Berkeley. The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs. a typical prescription flask with 100 capsules of 100 mg Retrovir (AZT) from the medical supplier Burroughs Wellcome instructs its late user (see below). 1986. their “Thymus and spleen undergo massive destruction with fulminant loss of T and B cells”. Duesberg 1996b).2b). The inevitable immunotoxicity and lethality of AZT was confirmed in AIDS patients within less than a year after its licensing as anti-HIV-AIDS drugs (Kolata 1987. antiviral chemotherapy and malnutrition June 2003 ER 6/27/06 http://www. “Take 1 capsule 5 times daily”. Darby et al (1995).

Yet those reservations pale next to the position of Duesberg.galegroup. Jon Cohen. 1994 “Could drugs. Duesberg argues that AZT. writer for Science.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C%2529%253AFQE%253D %2528su%252CNone%252C8%2529Duesberg%2524&contentSet=IACDocuments&sort=DateDescend&tabID=T002&sgCurrentPosition=0&subjectAction=DISPLAY_SUBJECTS&prod Id=EAIM&searchId=R1&currentPosition=16&userGroupName=ksstate_ukans&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&s gHitCountType=None&qrySerId=Locale%28en%2C%2C%29%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C8%29Duesberg %3AAnd%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C3%29HIV %24&inPS=true&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&displaySubject=&docId=A15948813&docType=IAC pp1648(2) accessed June 28. be the cause of AIDS? (Peter Duesberg's claim that HIV does not cause AIDS)(Special News Report)” Science v266. AZT can be severely toxic." he wrote in response to questions from Science. and there is compelling evidence that the drug probably doesn't help infected people live longer unless they already have full-blown AIDS.n5191 http://find." Duesberg attacks AZT on several different levels.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures – turns The drugs we use to treat AIDS victims are what cause AIDS. in fact.com/itx/retrieve. But Duesberg notes that AZT is not specifically targeted against the DNA of the virus but against DNA synthesis. His most sweeping attack is on the rationale for using AZT in AIDS therapy. and in so doing prevents HIV from replicating. Although it is one of the few drugs approved for fighting AIDS. the very drug designed to treat AIDS. And even his severest critics concede that AZT is no wonder drug. "Since DNA is the central molecule of life. who contends AZT is "AIDS by prescription. 26 . can. December 9. AZT treatment is not compatible with life. cause it. 2007. which AIDS researchers say is necessary for the virus to cause disease. AZT interrupts synthesis of viral DNA. rather than a virus. WP In addition to heroin and cocaine.

net/aids/data/nheuropean. Frank Green. Toward the end of 1997. But viral load is even worse. trials are stopped before potential problems emerge. publications. insists that the tests are useless as a diagnostic tool in AIDS treatment." Surrogate markers are measurements like T-cell and viral load counts. that might work in a new car lot. Neville Hodgkinson. these toxicities. For example.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Cures are tested Whether or not drugs work is impossible to know – adequate tests were never done. has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV. and Gear. Now. but they never did clinical studies. Kary Mullis. March. which is the most expensive part of drug development. Much the same happened with AZT. who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. but their desperation is clouding their judgment. Frustrated with what he believes is a misuse of his invention. a biochemist and US AIDS researcher who worked with protease inhibitors for 20 years. Instead." says Rasnick. they broke the record for speed of approval.net/aids/data/cffiction. a process that normally takes years.especially AIDS -.virusmyth.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "When the FDA approved protease inhibitors for AIDS treatment in 1996. who now devotes his time to warning people about protease inhibitors. Suddenly. "The real test of whether a car is going to work is to put the key in the ignition and drive it off the lot. "It sets a dangerous precedent.S. "Whenever you give a drug.drugs these days are tested in the human population -. the first alleged "gold standard" of AIDS treatment: in a four-year Anglo-French study it was shown to be bringing a 25 per cent rise in deaths in those receiving the drug compared with those given a placebo. At best. of course. 6/22/1998 "AIDS: Is Anyone Positive" THE EUROPEAN http://www.net/aids/data/fghangover.virusmyth. they just count bumpers and make a calculation." Rasnick warns.htm accessed 6/27/2007 AIDS doctors earnestly want to find something to show for the billions of dollars put into the HIV theory. compared with only eight deaths in a group receiving three.htm accessed 6/27/2007 The rush to get the new AIDS drugs on the market caused a near-total disintegration of the FDA drug approval process." Trials are stopped early – usually because of high patient death. They would only complain if the drugs were not approved fast enough. but they don’t. "not just for AIDS." Rasnick explains. AZT. among other U. This result was presented as meaning the protease inhibitor cocktail reduces deaths by half but even the trial leader admitted that with 1. Twenty cars divided by two bumpers per car means 10 working cars." Dr. is that the bodies of people with AIDS are like junkyards piled mile-high with various diseases and drugs. "Doing a PCR test is like counting bumpers in a junkyard." The analogy." "These damn things were released without proper evaluation or testing. a 1. The authors wrote: "The success seen in controlled studies is not necessarily reflected in everyday practice. not decrease." Rasnick contends. short trials.200 people being studied. neutral or negative. and AIDS for more than a decade. But to this day. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. The companies had reported data on surrogate markers. Data can be skewed to show anything under such circumstances. That’s why they came up with viral load. Spin. Mullis became an outspoken member of the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. You haven't a clue. USA Today. People think PCR tests look at whole HIV. You don't know whether it's going to be good. which made viral load testing possible. So protease inhibitors were approved on small. it was unethical to wait for clinical trial results. including a protease inhibitor. in which results were virtually engineered. a study from Germany showed that almost half of those taking protease inhibitors had their virus levels increase. "Even mainstream researchers admit that." More evidence Celia Farber. something that is biologically active. according to some scientists. Drug companies no longer have to demonstrate that drugs make people better to get them approved. That's why previously the FDA approval process was so laborious. Not everyone agrees that they provide an accurate picture of health.after they are released. She is a regular contributor to Esquire. It was to protect people against these unknowns.200-person trial was halted prematurely in February last year because there were 18 deaths in a group receiving two anti-viral drugs. 27 . Some -. Some of these drugs were approved in a matter of weeks. you're going to get some responses. Driving the car off the lot would be analogous to walking away from the hospital with a clean bill of health. the difference had not reached statistical significance. 2000 "Science Fiction" GEAR MAGAZINE http://www. not a single protease inhibitor has been proven to be effective in terms of clinical symptoms. but it’s not going to work in a junkyard. but for all diseases. It’s pure Orwellian deception. pointed out last year that none of the recently lauded drugs in that class approved by the US Food and Drug Administration had completed a full clinical trial.virusmyth. But who was going to complain? Certainly not the recipients of the drugs. Dr David Rasnick. Instead. "T-cell counts are worthless as surrogate markers. they’re looking at two strands of DNA that make up 3 percent of the genome.

S. It resists inhibitors because its active site is shaped in such a way that inhibitors cannot fit inside. government officials predicted a vaccine would be available in two years. that the cause of AIDS has been misidentified as a virus now known as HIV. There are many cases of persons with all the symptoms of AIDS who do not have any HIV infection. much less how to stop it. 2007. June 1994. Jad Adams. winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993. HIV researchers are still unable to explain how HIV. author: “AIDS The HIV Myth. Ten years later no vaccine is in sight. indeed I might well have been the first to use the term ‘AIDS dissident’ so it does fall to me to give something of a definition. Imagine one of these resistant. the inhibitor and the substrate have the same shape. prof. 1996. The correlation is imperfect at best. August.virusmyth. jk First. but not just because its premise--that HIV replicates hyperactively--is false. DAVID RASNICK. accessed June 27. lab-created HIV proteases. after spending billions of dollars. That's great.” 1996. The mutation theory is preposterous because it is illogical.233. it remains almost entirely confined to the original risk groups. Kary Mullis. and U. “AIDS—Myths and Realities 15 Years On.167. the only evidence that HIV does cause AIDS is correlation. There is no concrete evidence that HIV causes AIDS Charles Thomas. and that we should be looking elsewhere for the cause. though not all of them have necessarily been held by those who called themselves dissident.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Studies Studies misidentify HIV as the cause of AIDS. Enzyme inhibitors work only because they are shaped like the substrates the enzymes act upon: when an inhibitor fits snugly into an enzyme's active site. then the substrate cannot. which in this case is to produce HIV. however. Their studies are unrealistic – don’t show a connection. There are three fundamental arguments which characterize AIDS dissidents. Rather. predictions based on the HIV theory have failed spectacularly. mainly sexually promiscuous gay men and drug abusers. But how in the world is the substrate going to fit? Remember. “What Causes AIDS?” Reason. the way a lock cannot tell the difference between a key and a copy of a key. One is that the predicted spread of the AIDS epidemic has been vastly exaggerated. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. The present stalemate contrasts dramatically with the confidence expressed in 1984. damages the immune system. a conventional retrovirus with a very simple genetic organization. There are also many cases of persons who have been infected by HIV for more than a decade and show no signs of illness. and Phillip E. AIDS in the United States and Europe has not spread through the general population. “INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS.” date accessed: 6/27/07 http://www. biochemist. which suggests that HIV is an old virus that has been with us for centuries without causing an epidemic. and the certainty about how the virus destroys the immune system has dissolved in confusion. At that time Gallo thought the virus killed cells directly by infecting them. This is now inhibitors keep an enzyme from performing its task. date accessed: 6/25/07 The mutation theory is preposterous. in the absence of any agreement about how HIV causes AIDS.net/aids/data/jatalk. Third. Johnson.htm I have viewed the AIDS epidemic from the dissident perspective. 28 . Biochemist PhD.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us.net/aids/data/drinhibit. secondly that the drug AZT at best brings no benefit and at worst poisons those who take it.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. Of law. and thirdly.” http://64.virusmyth. The number of HIV-infected Americans has remained constant for years instead of increasing rapidly as predicted. they appear identical to the active site. Second.

The conventional wisdom about HIV is that once a person has HIV they will automatically and eventually get AIDS. these are the HIV is undetectable in the AIDS tests. author “The HIV Myth. people have not been able to detect any substantial levels of the most puzzling of virus in AIDS patients and that has been one of the aspects of the viral infection. Jad Adams. More recent results have shown that alternative cells to the T cells have been identified as a target for the virus. are the patients who die.” pp92 The best evidence that the virus is associated with AIDS patients is antibody to the virus which is at best an indirect test. is simply not true. Recent findings support our argument.” 1989. It is effective too. not those who contract HIV.” pp83 In general. said “It’s a shocking statement but it will very likely prove to be true.” Those who contract AIDS. Miller says. protection.2003 HIV Does Not Cause AIDS says Doctors' Group The Sierra Times TG HIV does not cause AIDS. Dr. held recently in Phoenix. In fact. That. it is so effective that the virus titre is undetectable. author “The HIV Myth. it's almost an argument against the virus causing the disease because typically antibody to a virus means vaccination. Donald W.” 1989. Arizona July 19. “The HIV Myth. “Once people realize this is true. Miller.28. Becky Blanton (Staff writer for The Sierra Times ) 7. “The HIV Myth. It takes a very expensive laboratory to activate the virus and grow it in a cell culture. That was one of the most startling pieces of information to come out of the 21st Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP). Jad Adams. Between one in ten thousand and one in a hundred thousand cells in the peripheral blood of patients can be shown to be infected at any given time. it will turn the way things are done on its head.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Studies Tests support our argument. Jr. 29 . an attendee at the meeting.” Miller said of the claim.

html] A. with speculation that it could include AIDS "dissidents" who question the causal role of HIV in AIDS. The President's spokesman denied that Mbeki has "gone soft" on AIDS. the South African government has insisted that it will stick to plans to convene a panel of experts who will.G. an essential part of the immune system. he said. Peter Duesberg and Charles Geshekter. 354: 1710). News of Mbeki's telephone conversation earlier this year with David Rasnick. insisting that he is committed to help curb the spread of the epidemic. 4/1/2000.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Scientific consensus THE HIV AND AIDS LINK IS HOTLY DEBATED BY VIROLOGISTS WORLDWIDE – EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA HAS CHALLENGED THE LINK IN HOPES OF FINDING A CURE AND SOLVING THE INHERENT PROBLEM Adele Baleta. Rasnick and his colleagues. and the effectiveness of zidovudine "were non issues" in the USA.6/26/07 [http://web.G.Accessed on LexisNexus(TM) Academic . Scientists believed HIV was a new. and some rare cancers. President Thabo Mbeki said he would not be put off by critics and will continue to question conventional wisdom on the relation between HIV and AIDS. research fellow for The Lancet. Some of these scientists now suggest that the virus can be harmless on its own. which affects about 4 million South Africans.. News of plans to form the international panel was leaked to the media last month. In the face of mounting international criticism." He said the link between HIV and AIDS.com/media/nhpositive. staff writer for The Sunday Times. are vocal proponents of the theory that long-term consumption of recreational drugs and of anti-HIV drugs causes AIDS. sexually-transmitted disease. but which have only come to light recently because of modern techniques of analysis. and that it is almost certainly harmless almost no different from scores of other innocuous viruses in the same class that may have been around for centuries. On March 26. SCIENTISTS ARE CHALLENGING THE HIV AND AIDS LINK – SEVERAL NEGATIVE HEALTH LIFESTYLES PROVED MORE ACCEPTABLE THAN HIV Neville Hodgkinson . Makgoba pointed out that in 1995 the US National Institutes of Health published a document refuting the controversial theories. newspapers of the Independent Group in South Africa quoted Rasnick. But other sceptics go further. but may play a part in throwing the immune system into disarray when other infections are present. cease to work. Other critics say that Mbeki's interventions are setting back an already inadequate effort against AIDS and that he is undermining the efforts of AIDS-awareness campaigns. of the University of California. president of the Medical Research Council said Mbeki's continuing flirtation with unorthodox theories was a "national scandal". rather than a new microbe. In South Africa.com/] . that it is not normally sexually transmitted. Local AIDS activists and doctors said such a panel would make South Africa the laughing stock of the world. Government.lexis-nexis. and predicted that it would eventually put the sexually-active population at risk.. But the failure of the epidemic to "explode" into the general population has encouraged some experts to ask whether a simple cause-and-effect link between HIV and AIDS really exists. was strong in its resolve that a response to HIV/AIDS would not be confined by demands not to speak to the dissidents. 30 . is mostly to blame. a US AIDS dissident added fuel to the fire. They argue that the virus is not new.thelancet. reappraise scientific evidence that HIV causes AIDS. What they are saying is that new ideas are emerging that question the extent of HIV's role in AIDS. To explain the AIDS epidemic. 4/26/1992. They do not question the existence of the disease called AIDS the acquired immune deficiency syndrome in which the body's normal deaga a variety of infections. John Moore of the Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center in New York told the Independent Group: "Mbeki has given lifeblood to a dead cause. [http://duesberg. but argue that this is because those people have been exposed to special health risks that bring them into contact with many infectious agents. An ongoing controversy in the Department of Health is the government's refusal to fund provision of zidovudine (AZT) to pregnant women to prevent vertical HIV transmission (see Lancet 2000. That in itself is dramatically different frm the view held for years by most AIDS scientists: that the presence of HIV in the body is a time-bomb which sooner or later will explode. Mbeki was lambasted after concluding that zidovudine is toxic after he personally trawled the internet for information (see Lancet 1999. seeking out and destroying all the body's T-cells. as saying that Mbeki had phoned him and asked whether he "would support his Mbeki's efforts regarding AZT and Aids".com/universe/document? _m=0d422e75cfc09a9406451f5620d76c5b&_docnum=2&wchp=dGLzVzz-zSkVb&_md5=04060bcac36289917a091a7b09eb1537] A. 355: 1710). On March 18. He said the President was disturbed by the "rabid intolerence" displayed in the media to different viewpoints in the AIDS debate. This could mean some people who are HIV-positive will never fall ill. It's tantamount to Holocaust denial because the implications are so serious. “AIDS: Can We Be Positive?” – The Sunday Times as accessed on Duesberg’s website. Malegapuru Makgoba. Berkeley. many favour an idea originally proposed when the first cases were discovered in a group of male homosexual drug users with devastating bacterial and other infections: that a dangerous lifestyle. in part. "Questioning of HIV theory causes dismay in South Africa" The Lancet [http://www. They do not deny that HIV is usually present in people whose immune systems have failed.

the world scientific community has finally accepted that he was the first scientist to discover the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)." But he says some people develop the symptoms of Aids the immune system failing. After eight years and numerous inquiries. "HIV infection doesn't necessarily lead to Aids. Life is looking up for Professor Luc Montagnier.G. and not Dr Robert Gallo of the US National Institutes of Health. While Gallo now faces a federal inquiry into allegations of perjury and patent fraud. and infections taking the body over as a result without HIV being present or playing any part in their illness. without HIV." 31 . Montagnier accepts there is "a very strong case that HIV has something to do with Aids. it may remain "benign".JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Scientific consensus EVEN THE BIOCHEMIST THAT DISOVERED AIDS IN THE 1980’S ADMITS THAT THE HIV/AIDS LINK MAY NOT EXIST Neville Hodgkinson . Unlike some American critics of the "HIV equals Aids" theory. [http://duesberg. Even when the virus is in the body. "There are some people who could escape that. 4/26/1992. There are obvious cases of transmission of Aids from one person to another where HIV was the only risk factor." he said.com/media/nhpositive. The institute is suing the American government for millions of dollars in lost royalties arising from the test for detecting the virus. “AIDS: Can We Be Positive?” – The Sunday Times as accessed on Duesberg’s website. staff writer for The Sunday Times. Montagnier has moved into a new Aids research wing at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. but we can hope by treatments to increase this number. It may be a minority. has yet to be resolved: that of determining exactly how HIV can bring about the conditions in the body that lead to Aids.html] A. However. becoming dangerous only in the presence of other organisms. where he is director of cancer research. I don't think we would have Aids epidemics. another battle. which Montagnier considers much more important.

"Patients who believed they were dying were suddenly given hope.virusmyth.htm accessed 6/27/2007 When doctors began to prescribe protease inhibitors along with AZT. a Colombian-born infectious disease specialist living in New York." When people taking the cocktails started to get sick again. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. and the side effects take over. not actual cures. Some patients develop resistance to the drugs. Roberto Giraldo. They don’t work for everybody. "It was their change in attitude that impacted their health. Frank Green. "But it comes with a price. They maintained that patients develop resistance to the drugs over time. the era of drug cocktails was born. More than half the patients undergoing treatment are now expected to "fail" on the medications. "The difference has been dramatic in terms of well-being and survival. There are a lot of pills and a lot of side effects. "After a while.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 People feel better (at first…) Placebos work too – people feel better because of hope. If the drugs are as ineffective as Rasnick and Duesberg contend." Calabrese says." he reminds us. why did some patients feel better after they started taking them? Dr." It soon became apparent that the drugs were far from the panacea they were made out to be. Some AIDS patients who were already sick improved for awhile on the new combinations. and it wasn’t long before drug companies began promoting early treatment for healthy HIV-positive people. AIDS researchers came up with another unproven theory to account for it.net/aids/data/fghangover. and that the solution is to keep switching them to different combinations." Giraldo says. attributes their progress to the placebo effect. People have been locked into very complex medical regimens. "the placebo effect wears off." 32 . but many patients have dramatically improved on them.

would be the ones that have had the highest level of exposure to HIV antigens.Since all undiluted blood specimens react positive on the ELISA test.would have had a lower level of exposure to HIV. a test that supposedly tests for antibodies to HIV.net/aids/data/rgelisa.virusmyth. the results presented here suggest that every single human being has HIV antibodies. And this suggests that everybody has been exposed to HIV antigens.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 ELISA test ELISA Test for HIV shows that everyone has HIV Roberto Giraldo 1998/1999 “Everybody reacts positive on the ELISA test for HIV” CONTINUUM http://www. This would mean that all of us have been exposed to the virus that is believed to be the cause of AIDS. 33 . And the pharmaceutical company that commercializes the ELISA kits states that Abbott HIVAB HIV-1 EIA is an vitro qualitative Enzyme Immunoassay for the Detection of Antibody to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) in Human Serum and Plasma (1).htm TG It is accepted worldwide that the ELISA test for HIV detects antibodies against what is known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (3-4-5-6). The people that react positive even at a dilution of 1:400. The rest of the people -the ones that only react positive with undiluted serum [1:1].

"One of a small but growing group of AIDS heretics" is how Robert Root-Bernstein. recently described himself in the Wall Street Journal. Root-Bernstein is joined in his heresy most notably by the biologist Pete Duesberg at Berkeley. in a nutshell. lawyer and journalist of health issues. Root-Bernstein is not so quick to dismiss any role for HIV. “Heretic: Rethinking AIDS” – Commentary Magazine [http://www. shape." Root-Bernstein espouses what has been called the "multiple-hit" theory according to which repeated blows from such sources as recreational drugs. 34 .fumento. He grants that there appears to be a strong if incomplete overlap between persons infected with HIV and those who eventually contract and die of AIDS.G. is that "HIV is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause AIDS. rather. whose views have been publicized in journals ranging from Policy Review to the Atlantic. sexually transmitted diseases.html] A. both Duesberg and RootBernstein argue that for the last eight year we have been going down the wrong path by treating the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) as necessary to cause AIDS. a physiologist at Michigan State University. But his thesis.com/heretic. HIV is a harmless "hitchhiker" which somehow manages to find its way into the bodies of persons with immuno-compromised systems. or form. Duesberg claims that HIV does not cause AIDS and does not contribute to it in any way. July 1993.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Multiple-hit theory HIV DOES NOT CAUSE AIDS – THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A PROPER LINK Michael Fumento. and the antibiotics used to treat those diseases damage the immune system so severely as to allow the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS to strike and kill. Although there are apparent divergences between them.

the organism can induce the disease in an inoculated host. 2) The organism is not found in other diseases.. For each year that passes. partly because of expanded HIV testing programs. The HIV hypothesis fails on all the above counts. There are many examples of people suffering from AIDS symptoms. They are: 1) The organism must occur in each case of a disease and in amounts sufficient to cause pathological effects. an unscientific attempt to salvage an hypothesis which fails to accurately predict observed pathology or epidemiology. Many have lived over 10 years without developing the predicted AIDS symptoms. And so. These postulates have very successfully guided microbiological research for the last 100 years. Failure to develop symptoms after inoculation is a sign the organism is not the active agent of the disease. 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings" http://www. of course. the CDC is continually redefining and lengthening the "latency period" for development of AIDS symptoms.orgonelab. Every year. the latency period is extended by around one additional year.htm accessed 6/27/2007 C) The HIV hypothesis of AIDS does not satisfy Koch's postulates for the identification of a pathogen as the causative agent for a particular disease. but who remain symptom-free for years. This is. but who do not show traces of HIV. director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. but also because so many previously identified antibody-positive people remain alive and healthy. 35 . that Koch's postulates don't apply to HIV. There are additionally a large number of people in whom traces of HIV have been identified (virus or antibody). Not only does HIV "hide" in the body.D.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 AIDS is different The assertion that AIDS is unique is unscientific – too many counterexamples.org/hiv_aids. the group of people identified as "HIV antibody positive" gets larger. and 3) After isolation and propagation in culture. This difficulty has prompted some "HIV Fundamentalists" to assert that HIV is unique in the world of viruses. or other health problems. James DeMeo. it "sleeps". Ph.

Originally designed to treat cancer. he agrees. As Duesberg explains. but the H. While destroying cancer and HIV cells. I don’t what is. namely AIDS. The virus in fact is very difficult to find. "Since they have no benefit. these drugs. [AIDS patients] are taking 30 to 50 pills a day. a disease of persistently growing cells. Washington editor of The American Spectator and a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution.V. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. and they add another drug that plugs up the damn. As a result. "Most viruses kill cells. While inhibiting aspartyl protease in HIV. they can also inhibit human enzymes. Tom Bethell. 5/5/1999 "Cocktail hangover" CLEVELAND FREE TIMES http://www. because they were rushed to market without completing animal studies. This has been lengthened to account for the failure of AIDS cases to keep pace with projections. or a collection of fatal diseases that is said to be due to the complete loss of T cells. Yet it is said to kill after a ten-year (average) latency period. 8/17/1992 "Could Duesberg be Right?" NATIONAL REVIEW http://www. there was a 25 percent greater mortality rate in people who took AZT sooner rather than later. but certainly not the so-called AIDS virus.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Something has been attacking the immune system. as well as cells in the digestive system. they prevent the formation of new cells by blocking the development of DNA chains.virusmyth.I. you cannot explain a fatal disease. The T-cells of AIDS patients do dwindle away. the AIDS establishment now considers it malpractice to use AZT monotherapy [AZT without other drugs] in adults." Rasnick agrees: "In the Concorde study.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "I don’t see why they call them side effects. we’re learning in people." Duesberg complains." Duesberg believes. This was confirmed by a study conducted by the Veterans Administration." Supposed cures destroy T-cells. "can only result in death. is infected. T-cell loss is not linked to fatalities. that cell doesn't die.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 T–cells T-cell damage is not proof of a connection.and the virus does "take. Nobody knows what the long-term effect will be. too. One in a thousand cells. as well. for example. Most people who have been put on DNA terminators in the past 10 years have either died or continue to suffer.garynull." or replicate within them-but none has yet come down with AIDS. inhibits the liver enzymes that detoxify [fat-soluble] drugs. Usually only antibodies can be detected-which is why an antibody test is used for HIV. central nervous system and muscle tissue. Over one hundred chimps have been infected with HIV since 1985 -. and even if it is in a cell. If you infect one in a thousand cells with a virus that doesn't kill it in the first place." The DNA terminators include AZT and several other nucleoside analogs commonly used in AIDS cocktails. Yet they recommend it for infants. Their destructive power is the reason they were never approved for cancer treatment.net/aids/data/tbcould. But HIV has never been shown physically to attack T-cells. Concentrations build up to toxic levels in the body.net/aids/data/fghangover. "Long-term use of DNA terminators. which are now called antivirals. "Ritonavir [a protease inhibitor made by Abbott Laboratories].virusmyth. Frank Green. even in patients dying of AIDS. 36 . virus has proven to be a weak one. at most. and it kills people. If that isn’t Lewis Carroll through the looking glass. Everything we’re learning about them. The list of side effects keeps growing.htm accessed 6/27/2007 You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media. can also destroy healthy blood cells. and there has been an increase in such opportunistic diseases as pneumocystis in the past decade. Indications are that HIV is swiftly neutralized by the body's defenses. Another oddity: researchers still have no "animal model" for AIDS.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_. "Protease inhibitors can be toxic. these are the main effects of the drugs. It rarely infects even one cell.

I.. "like measles from your friend or your sister or brother. better than any other type of virus.V were deadly. then to a hundred times a hundred cells.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Dormancy Impossible – delay in death proves that the HIV virus is not responsible." Duesberg continues. Kaposi's sarcoma. or pneumonia. or two or three at the latest. Initially. He argues that if H. And not one of them does that.V.. "We have an encyclopedic knowledge of retroviruses accumulated in the last 20 or 30 years. all of which are called AIDS now. But a long latency period is not possible. and Johnson. you either get infected and get a disease. a newly infected person will experience mild flu-like symptoms. There's no such thing. We know about hundreds and thousands of them. At no time do you get infected today and then ten years later get dementia. according to Duesberg.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_.I.garynull. The first cell gets infected. diarrhea." 37 . in a typical fashion. you will have caught it from that contact. Then the infection spreads a day later to a hundred cells. Then the immune system will attack the virus and reduce its numbers to insignificant amounts. it would attack immunity right away. or you reject it and don't get one. "When you contract any virus. If H. or herpes from a sexual contact. and so on. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE http://www. it must do so years later. argue Thomas. Within a week or two.htm accessed 6/27/2007 The immune system appears to respond to H.I. within a week. Mullis.V destroys the immune system.. after the immune system has already destroyed the virus.

But these claims of high effectiveness were always for just one of the eight substrates. date accessed: 6/25/07 I'm glad I pulled out of the race for HIV protease inhibitors.virusmyth. Even to this day. however. “INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS. date accessed: 6/25/07 The vogue explanation for the failure of the inhibitors to benefit AIDS patients is that HIV replicates so fast that it eventually develops mutant forms of protease that resist the inhibitors.167.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. the less it made sense that this wimpy virus could cause such devastation. HIV Lacks the Viral Strength to Develop AIDS DAVID RASNICK. or 0. as did many scientist throughout the world. what you end up with is essentially zero.001%. devising ingenious explanations for how the so-called AIDS virus (HIV) destroyed the immune systems of its victims. “INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS.virusmyth. August. “INHIBITORS OF HIV PROTEASE USELESS AGAINST AIDS. Sometime in 1987 I realized that HIV could not cause AIDS. date accessed: 6/25/07 I reminded him that in order for an HIV protease to produce a new virus. or even 0. these drug-resistant proteases were effectively non-functional.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. Biochemist PhD.167.” http://64. though at the time I still thought AIDS might be infectious. Although I couldn't prove that HIV was innocent at that time. I spent countless hours. August.” http://64.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. August. and pointed out that the ability to cut just one of those substrates did not represent the overall ability of the enzyme to produce HIV. The more I examined HIV. In other words. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.233.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. you must multiply together all eight percentages. In every case. Yet he was claiming that some of these resistant proteases were as much as 90% effective when compared to non-mutated protease. They could NOT produce viruses. was completely accepted--without question--as soon as it was proposed.233.net/aids/data/drinhibit. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. 38 .01%. And when you multiply even a very large percentage like 90% by a bunch of tiny percentages like 0. it had to cleave eight different substrates. By the end of 1985 the number of exotic hypotheses necessary to account for HIV being the sole cause of AIDS convinced me that something was fundamentally wrong with the basic assumptions that had become entrenched in the mega-institutions of science and medicine. 1996.net/aids/data/drinhibit.htm+HIV+not+contribute+to+AIDS+mutation&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. no one has ever found a resistant HIV protease in any patient. It wasn't long before I had serious doubts about the viral hypothesis of AIDS. I could show that the arguments for its guilt were unconvincing. the effectiveness on the other substrates was absurdly low. numbers like 0. Biochemist PhD.net/aids/data/drinhibit. Mutation theory is a myth.104/search? q=cache:JavifItuYrkJ:www. DAVID RASNICK.” http://64. Biochemist PhD. even in patients that are claimed to have them! The only inhibitorresistant HIV proteases anybody has ever examined are those produced in the lab using genetic engineering.167. 1996.1%. President: Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. DAVID RASNICK.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Mutations The mutation level of HIV to AIDS is virtually zero. In order to calculate the total effectiveness of these mutant proteases. just like the HIV theory itself.virusmyth.233. Nevertheless. the mutation explanation. 1996.1%.

JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS

A2 Then why are people dying?
AIDS is just a combination of other diseases. James DeMeo, Ph.D., director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, 1993 "HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS: A Summary of
Current Research Findings" http://www.orgonelab.org/hiv_aids.htm accessed 6/27/2007 F) Duesberg points to the fact that, before the retrovirus HIV was discovered, and before AIDS was identified and proclaimed as an infectious disorder, people in high risk groups were dying of the same disease symptoms and were diagnosed quite differently. Before AIDS, these same symptoms were diagnosed as candidiasis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, syphilis, anemia, dementia, sarcoma, and other diseases or infections well-known to attending physicians. Today, the diagnosis of "AIDS" is made whenever any of 25 different disease symptoms appear in the presence of active HIV or HIV antibody. If they display symptoms and have traces of HIV in their blood, the physicians says they have "AIDS"; if no traces of HIV are found, they are diagnosed as having one or more of those original 25 diseases. Duesberg points out the incredible potency attributed to this one virus, HIV, which is said to produce such widely varied symptoms -- and yet, as discussed above, laboratory studies of HIV suggest its hidden nature, its

non-toxicity, and its difficulty of transmission.

More evidence. Gary Null November/December 1995 "HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths of the AIDS War" PENTHOUSE
MAGAZINE http://www.garynull.com/Documents/AIDS/hiv_equals_aids_and_other_myths_.htm accessed 6/27/2007 "In a nutshell, the idea of AIDS is a phony construct," states Lauritsen. "it ties together 29 old diseases along with the presumption of H.I.V. infection.... This is not caused by H.I.V., the retrovirus." "As applied, the H.I.V. theory is ... useless as a medical hypothesis," asserts Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel prize in chemistry for inventing the polymerase-chain-react ion test for detecting the human immunodeficiency virus. "I am well convinced that H.I.V. is harmless," states Dr. Fabio Franchi, a specialist in infectious diseases and preventive medicine. Why do these scientists and hundreds of others doubt the
official story on AIDS? Thomas, Mullis, and Johnson offer three reasons: "First, after spending billions of dollars, H.I.V. researchers are still unable to explain how H.I.V., a conventional retrovirus with a very simple genetic organization, damages the immune system, much less how to stop it. The present stalemate contrasts dramatically with the confidence expressed in 1984. At that time Gallo thought the virus killed cells directly by infecting them, and the U.S. government officials predicted a vaccine would be available in two years. [Eleven] years later, no vaccine is in sight, and the certainty about how the virus destroys the immune system has dissolved in confusion. "Second, in the absence

of any agreement about how H.I.V. causes AIDS, the only evidence that H.I.V. does cause AIDS is correlation. The correlation is imperfect at best, however. There are many cases of persons with all the symptoms of AIDS who do not have any H.I.V. infection. There are also many cases of persons who have been infected by H.I.V. for more than a decade and show no signs of illness. "Third, predictions based on the H.I.V. theory have failed spectacularly. AIDS in
the United States and Europe has not spread through the general population. Rather, it remains almost entirely confined to the original risk groups-mainly sexually promiscuous gay men and drug abusers. The [rate] of H.I.V.-infected Americans has [increased more slowly] instead of increasing rapidly as predicted, which suggests that H.I.V. is an old virus that has been with us for centuries without causing an epidemic."

Other retroviruses Kimberly Bufkin, research fellow for the Forty-Niner Online. 4/17/1995. “Scientist says HIV not cause of AIDS” - Forty-Niner
online as accessed on [http://www.csulb.edu/~d49er/Issue26/26nmullis.html]. A.G. Nobel Prize winner and future O.J. Simpson trial DNA expert witness Kary B. Mullis spoke on campus April 6 in the Small Auditorium of the University Student Union on his hypothesis that HIV is not the cause AIDS. This was the second consecutive day that Mullis spoke on campus. On April 5, he discussed the differences and similarities between law and science. Although he did not clearly

define it during his presentation, Mullis' hypothesis is that AIDS is not caused by HIV, but by several retroviruses. Mullis said that if a person's immune system was infected by a large collection of dormant retroviruses and if that group of cells divide and multiply, the dormant retrovirus will be copied. When a retrovirus is copied, possibly into a million copies, it breaks loose from the cells and leaks into the blood stream. From then on a chain reaction is created, Mullis said. "Eventually there is going to come a time when a percentage of the population is going to have AIDS and not have had HIV," Mullis said. Mullis said he does not believe that HIV alone is not the cause of AIDS because he has yet
to see any papers or proof that actually link HIV and AIDS. He suggested that anyone who has any papers to support the hypotheses that HIV is linked to AIDS, to send him a copy. A student in the audience asked Mullis if he was telling them to be skeptical of HIV being the cause of AIDS, why shouldn't people be skeptical of all retroviruses, including HIV. Mullis' response was that the cause of AIDS might not even be a virus, and that he was examining it in a different way than it has been now. Should Mullis' suggested hypothesis prove to be true, vaccine

for AIDS would be impossible to develop. Because there would be so many viruses, that once a person tried to knock out one, another would take its place, he said. Mullis also said there is a high rate of false positive-AIDS tests and that many people are dying from AZT, one of the most commonly used drugs for HIV and AIDS patients. "The established AIDS research committee is incapable of realizing that they may be wrong," Mullis said.
Mullis also responded to questions asked of him about the O.J. Simpson trial, where he will be on the stand as a defense witness in a couple of months, and about the autobiography that he is currently writing.


JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS

A2 Why do people get sick?
HIV IS NOT THE CAUSE OF AIDS - BUT SEVERAL OTHER NEGATIVE HEALTH HABITS ARE. Becky Blanton, research fellow for the Sierra Times, 7/28/2003, "HIV Does Not Cause AIDS says Doctors' Group" The Sierra Times [http://www.sierratimes.com/03/07/29/blanton.htm] A.G

“Based on a ruling by the World Health Organization, people in Africa can be diagnosed as having AIDS without having to have an HIV test. According to Miller, twenty-three years ago the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that a growing number of male homosexuals and intravenous (IV) drug users were experiencing a mysterious epidemic of diseases, which included several odd types of pneumonia, a rare malignant tumor called Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphoma, dementia, tuberculosis, weight loss (anorexia), fever, diarrhea, etc. The CDC defines the epidemic "AIDS" (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), as comprising 26 different diseases. From 1981–2001 AIDS has afflicted 800,000 people in the US, 250,000 in Europe, and 1,000,000 in Africa. In the United States, AIDS strikes young male homosexuals (66 percent of all AIDS cases), male and female IV drug users (32 percent of all AIDS cases, 75 percent of them male), hemophiliacs and other transfusion recipients (1 percent), and children borne to drug-addicted mothers (1 percent). Miller said the research points not to sexual transmission, but more to long-term drug use. “Well, now we’ve seen that homosexual males use recreational drugs in greater amounts and duration than straight males,” Miller said. The recreational drugs in question are cocaine, heroin, nitrite inhalants and amphetamines. If HIV is not the cause of AIDS, then what is? Miller said Rasnick presented strong evidence in support of the hypothesis that AIDS is caused by three things, singly or in combination: 1) long-term recreational drug use (cocaine, heroin, nitrite inhalants, and amphetamines); 2) the antiviral drugs (DNA chain terminators, like AZT, and protease inhibitors) that doctors prescribe to people who are HIV positive; and 3) especially in Africa, malnutrition (and lack of drinkable water).


JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS

A2 Why do people get sick?
Risky lifestyle Jule Klotter, editorial assistant, April 2002 “HIV & AIDS” Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
http://find.galegroup.com/itx/retrieve.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C%2529%253AFQE%253D %2528su%252CNone%252C8%2529Duesberg%2524&contentSet=IACDocuments&sort=DateDescend&tabID=T002&sgCurrentPosition=0&subjectAction=DISPLAY_SUBJECTS&prod Id=EAIM&searchId=R1&currentPosition=9&userGroupName=ksstate_ukans&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&sg HitCountType=None&qrySerId=Locale%28en%2C%2C%29%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C8%29Duesberg %24&inPS=true&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&displaySubject=&docId=A84211121&docType=IAC p. 18(1) accessed June 27, 2007. WP In an article published in the Netherlands' medical journal Genetica, Professor Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick, PhD, criticize the generally-accepted hypothesis that AIDS is caused by HIV. They propose instead that the use of recreational and/or toxic anti-HIV drugs is the primary cause of AIDS and that HIV is a "harmless passenger virus." In their article, the scientists explain that the AIDS epidemic does not have the characteristics of an infectious disease. First, unlike other infectious diseases, no single identifiable illness has been specifically linked to HIV and only HIV. The 30-plus illnesses attributed to AIDS occur in persons who test HIV positive and, also, in those who test negative. Second, the progression of AIDS has been non-exponential and non-random in the United States and Europe. The authors explain: "...infectious epidemics, particularly viral epidemics, disappear again within weeks or months as a result of antiviral or microbial immunity and the selection of resistant survivors.....This generates the conventional bell curve, a rapid rise of cases within weeks or months, followed by a decline as immunity arises and susceptible hosts die out. But there is no evidence for the emergence of immunity as the AIDS epidemic continues to progress." Non-exponential progression is characteristic of a lifestyle disease. Furthermore, the distribution of AIDS in the US and Europe is distinctly nonrandom: 86% are male; over 60% are homosexual; and 85% are 25-49 years old - the age group least likely to develop an infectious disease. According to a study by S.O. Aral
and K. K. Holmes that the authors cite, infectious sexually-transmitted diseases are most likely to occur among young adults in the ir teens, twenties, and thirties [Sci. Am. 264: (Feb.)62-69]. Another indication that AIDS is a lifestyle rather than infectious disease, according to Prof. Duesberg and Dr. Rasnick, is the lack of documented transmission from AIDS patients to healthcare workers. According to CDC records (1997), 25 healthcare workers over a period of 17 years were identified as

"possible occupationally acquired AIDS' cases." The CDC provided no evidence to support this claim. Prof. Duesberg and Dr. Rasnick note: "The professional literature has yet to describe the first doctor who has contracted AIDS (not HIV) from the over 650,000 American and over 150,000 European AIDS patients...." In comparison, 1,000 health care workers get hepatitis each year by getting accidentally jabbed by contaminated needles.

Drug use Jule Klotter, editorial assistant, April 2002 “HIV & AIDS” Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
http://find.galegroup.com/itx/retrieve.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C%2529%253AFQE%253D%2528su%252CNone %252C8%2529Duesberg%2524&contentSet=IACDocuments&sort=DateDescend&tabID=T002&sgCurrentPosition=0&subjectAction=DISPLAY_SUBJECTS&prodId=EAIM&searchId=R1&cur rentPosition=9&userGroupName=ksstate_ukans&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&sgHitCountType=None&qrySerId=Locale%28en%2C%2C %29%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C8%29Duesberg %24&inPS=true&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&displaySubject=&docId=A84211121&docType=IAC p. 18(1) accessed June 27, 2007. WP

According to Prof. Duesberg and Dr. Rasnick, the one commonality among AIDS patients is the use of drugs that weaken the immune system: i.e., recreational drugs such as cocaine, heroin, nitrite inhalants, and amphetamines and/or toxic anti-HIV drugs, such as AZT and other DNA chain-terminators. They point out that the rise in AIDS cases during the 1980s corresponded to a rise in the use of recreational drugs during the same period. As the use of recreational drugs fell, the number of AIDS cases also decreased. Prior to the April 1984 press conference during which Robert Gallo announced the discovery of the "AIDS virus," several investigators had suggested that drug use was the cause of AIDS. Prof. Duesberg and Dr. Rasnick state, "Based on data from the CDC and from independent investigators, nearly all AIDS patients were either male homosexuals who had used recreational drugs as aphrodisiacs and psychoactive stimulants, or were heterosexual intravenous drug users." A 1993 epidemiological 'commentary' by Micha el
Ascher et al, published in Nature, supposedly refuted the drug-AIDS hypothesis; but "virtually all of the patients in the report" (according to Prof. Duesberg and Dr. Rasnick) had used nitrites and most had used cocaine, amphetamines, and/or were taking AZT or another DNA chainterminator. Although the Nature article included a graph supposedly showing "a curve of 'drug-free' HIV-positive AIDS patients losing their Tcells over time," an independent analysis of the database found no drug-free patients in the study. In addition, Ascher et al. had excluded 45


Rasnick claim.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Prof." HIV-free. "The huge AIDS literature cannot offer even one statistically significant group of drug-free AIDS patients from America and Europe. drug-using patients with AIDS-defining diseases. Duesberg and Dr. 42 .

WP In March 1988. Duesberg cites a study of drug users.000 people AZT for a hypothesis that's at best unproven. . last year Duesberg charged that the authors of a study in Nature showing that only HIV-positive drug users developed AIDS had fabricated data. both HIV-negative and HIV-positive." But Duesberg says he's a rebel with several causes of AIDS--it's just that none of them happen to be the consensus favorite. CD4 cells. Duesberg builds what he calls his "drug-AIDS" hypothesis using a variety of studies he says show that "a critical lifetime dosage of drugs appears necessary in HIV-positives and sufficient in HIV-negatives to induce AIDS-indicator and other diseases. .com/itx/retrieve. AZT. 2007. . Duesberg cites this among his evidence that drug use can cause AIDS. 43 . AIDS researchers agree. his contention that illicit drugs cause AIDS has provoked heated disagreement.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Why do people get sick? Drug use Jon Cohen. . December 9. "We're in the middle of giving 200. Berkeley. be the cause of AIDS? (Peter Duesberg's claim that HIV does not cause AIDS)(Special News Report)” Science v266. Among the causes he favors (at least for homosexuals and users of injectable drugs.n5191 http://find. Duesberg points out that drug use (in particular. The Dutch group found that. and amphetamines. writer for Science. are a subset of T lymphocytes. among both HIV-positive and HIV-negative drugs users.do?subjectParam=Locale%2528en%252C%252C%2529%253AFQE%253D %2528su%252CNone%252C8%2529Duesberg%2524&contentSet=IACDocuments&sort=DateDescend&tabID=T002&sgCurrentPosition=0&subjectAction=DISPLAY_SUBJECTS&prod Id=EAIM&searchId=R1&currentPosition=16&userGroupName=ksstate_ukans&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&s gHitCountType=None&qrySerId=Locale%28en%2C%2C%29%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C8%29Duesberg %3AAnd%3AFQE%3D%28ke%2CNone%2C3%29HIV %24&inPS=true&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&displaySubject=&docId=A15948813&docType=IAC pp1648(2) accessed June 28. 1994 “Could drugs. . use of nitrite inhalants known as "poppers") has been high among some subgroups in the homosexual population. rather than a virus." To make his case that drug use causes AIDS. in which a Dutch group examined the ability of the drug users' T lymphocytes to kick into action when stimulated. But beyond that. he thinks the disease is due to the use of illicit drugs such as heroin.galegroup. What we should do is point out it's not just against the law to use drugs. it may be against your health. We're telling 250 million Americans to use clean needles to inject cocaine and heroin." To make the case that drugs are sufficient to cause AIDS in HIV-negatives. T lymphocytes are an important set of immune-system cells that circulate in the blood. cocaine. Duesberg highlights data he argues show AIDS-like immune abnormalities and diseases in long-term drug users. "AIDS is new because the drug epidemic is new. For example. Showing how heated the conflict between Duesberg and the majority of AIDS researchers has become. the charge was found to be groundless by an independent panel at the University of California. the groups hardest hit by AIDS in the United States and Europe) are drugs. the group whose progressive decline is the hallmark of AIDS. as well as to the first drug approved for treating AIDS. . HIV. T cell reactivity decreased as the frequency of injection increased. the headline of a news article in Science called Peter Duesberg a "rebel without a cause of AIDS." argues Duesberg. Specifically.

000issue accessed June 28.V. "Let us be honest. never raising his voice.'' He said that people are obsessed with whether H. causes AIDS.V. in America there is an official literature-and there are a lot of people in the African-American community who feel maybe there is a conspiracy and that racism has a lot to do with it.s? Hundreds of millions of U.S. March 12. You are not allowed to talk about anything else. VV No.V.com/universe/document?_m=937994bb3449a62eeef47601f51cae6d&_docnum=1&wchp=dGLbVlbzSkVb&_md5=cc797ac3f56690e911251d238897e3c0 Annals Of Science. Why. but that he considered such arguments "completely academic and not relevant for the treatment of sick people.R. It is the first rule of pharmaceutical companies. “THE DENIALISTS. Pg.I. staff writer for the New York Times.” The New Yorker. Only one approach to treating this deadly illness is permitted. "There are A.I.s. for instance.R.'' he continued. 2007. dollars have been spent on research and you have to get a return on your investment. http://web. is AIDS the biggest problem that exists in Africa? You start to wonder if there is a social selection for this disease. Is it not a coincidence that Africa is the poorest continent in the world? Did you ever think that it's in the interest of some people for it to stay that way?" 44 .V. Michael Specter. Very frankly. and AIDS.lexisnexis. The dangerous attacks on the consensus about H. WP "The situation in America is one of intolerance. and they simply terrorize their opponents. Who benefits from A. 2007." He went on.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 ARVs There is no benefit to using ARVs. 32 Vol.

[http://duesberg. said his skepticism about HIV started in the late 1980s when. a French and an American researcher who were specialists in C-type retroviruses announced that they had isolated such a virus in material taken from the lymph nodes of a Parisian decorator. president Ronald Reagan to do something about the AIDS epidemic in the United States. cramping." Not only has HIV never been isolated in the way that other viruses. Describing the AIDS drug AZT as "a poison which has been prescribed by doctors. In short order.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 AZT THE CORRELATION BETWEEN HIV AND AIDS WAS CREATED BY POLITICS AND ECONOMICS – NOT BY SCIENCE – AND HAS LED TO THE NEGATIVE AZT DRUG Henry Hess. “NO PROOF HIV CAUSES AIDS. acne infesting her face and neck.html] A. among other things.html] A. “NO PROOF HIV CAUSES AIDS. night sweats. By Dr. [http://www. and treatments based on that theory are putting people's lives at risk. 10/19/1998." AZT HAS PROVEN A HARMFUL ANTI-RETROVIRAL DRUG IN THE PAST – SHOWING AIDS-LIKE SYMPTOMS Neville Hodgkinson .G. A year after the operation. Mullis. running wild. a Nobel-Prize-winning biochemist told a Toronto audience last night. a situation he described as "one closed. a group challenging the scientific link between HIV and AIDS. and shortly before graduating from the University of Florida. for a disease supposedly caused by an organism no one has isolated. Mullis is equally famous as an iconoclast and intellectual daredevil. he said. SAYS SPEAKER” – The Globe and Mail.com/mullisnews. pressure was mounting on then U. [http://www. 10. Dancing Naked in the Mind Field. in filling out an application for research funding. with which her illness had started. but researchers have also been unable to prove a causal link between HIV and any of the diseases associated with AIDS.html] A. The world was devastated on hearing what it took to be the horror of AIDS. and it was assumed she had picked up the virus from her dentist. Tragically. tight circle of stupidity. deals with. 45 . His recent autobiography. 10/19/1998. he said. HEAL asserts that the so-called drug cocktails aimed at eradicating HIV "harm far more patients than they help" because they are toxic to the immune system. he was unable to find a scientific reference to support the idea that HIV caused AIDS. There is no proof that the human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS.com/media/nhpositive. of losing more than 40lb. research fellow for the Globe and Mail of Toronto.000 scientists who had spent the last decade in a fruitless search for a virus that caused cancer were about to lose their jobs. have been. Dr.G.com/mullisnews. he said. he said. of nausea and vomiting. In a bitter farewell letter. Duesberg says. 4/26/1992. chronic fevers.healtoronto. Kimberley who was a virgin. diarrhoea. Yet every one of these symptoms could readily be attributable to the AZT Kimberley was given to the end because of its known mode of action. the 23-year-old American student who died four years after having two wisdom teeth extracted by her dentist. such as polio. and of the white fungus. By the mid1980s. and the rest is history. of blisters on her sides. “AIDS: Can We Be Positive?” – The Sunday Times as accessed on Duesberg’s website.healtoronto.* ANTI-RETROVIRAL TREATMENT DRUG AZT ACTS AS A POISON – HIV HAS YET TO EVEN BE ISOLATED BY BIOLOGISTS Henry Hess. His lecture was sponsored by HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison). SAYS SPEAKER” – The Globe and Mail. research fellow for the Globe and Mail of Toronto. In December 1989 she was found to be HIV-positive. Mullis's account. Her health declined further. Kimberley wrote of her hair falling out. a bswhod of AIDS in September 1990. In its published literature. the discovery of HIV owed more to politics and economics than to science. Despite his credentials as a scientific heavyweight. and doctors considered stress and hepatitis as possible causes. he believes the same could have been true for Kimberley Bergalis.. AIDS is defined as HIV infection. Nevertheless.S. "A lot of people think that we have that [proof] when we really don't." Kary Mullis said people should be skeptical of scientific orthodoxy. no mechanism whereby HIV could produce such symptoms has ever been demonstrated. who shared the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his invention of the polymerase chain-reaction technique for replicating DNA. By contrast. do not address the underlying problems of immune deficiency and do not allow for the possibility that many HIV-positive people will not develop AIDS.G. At the same time. Dr.. and had never injected drugs developed oral thrush. his belief in flying saucers. staff writer for The Sunday Times.

3 [78]. indeed. and syphilis are the most highly transmissible STDs’’ [88].JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Condoms Condoms won’t help because AIDS is not sexually transmissible. that corresponds once again to about 1 per 1000 acts for male-to-female and half of that for female-to-male transmission. if there had been more frequent intercourse. or 0.2 [85]. a study of 1802 couples found infection rates among discordant couples (one partner initially HIV-positive and the other initially negative) of 10 per 100 person-years male-to-female and 5 per 100 person years for female-to-male [87]. in Africa (Mwanza). herpes.0009 was the actual figure) and much less than that (0.6 The chance of infection for syphilis is about 30 percent with each sexual exposure to syphilis sores. In any case.1% or even less: on the order of 1 per 1000 acts of intercourse [76]. For 100 acts of intercourse per year.6–2. chlamydia.7 In general. or 0. rather less than 1 per 1000 for male-to-female transmission (0. BAUER 2005 (Henry Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Demographic Characteristics of HIV: How Did HIV Spread? Journal of Scientific exploration) It is also a shibboleth. or.8–1 per 1000 [81].5–2.5–1.9 [83].female transmission. trichomoniasis. The risk of sexual transmission of HIV has been found in several independent studies to be well under 1%. and again also a myth. less than 1 per 1000 for male-to-female and half that for female-to male [80]. gonorrhea. the risk of becoming HIV-positive was only 7% during a year of unprotected intercourse with an infected partner [86] (which would correspond to only 70 acts of intercourse in a year at a transmission rate of 1 per thousand.6–0. or 0. Other estimates for gonorrhea transmission are 50% likelihood for male-to-female transmission and 25% for female-to-male [89]. 46 . 0. It remains only to draw the obvious inference that HIV is not sexually transmitted. Thus the risk of transmitting HIV is hundreds of times less than that of transmitting STDs: ‘‘the likelihood of transmitting gonorrhea during vaginal intercourse ranges from 20 percent to 80 percent for female-to-male transmission and from 50 percent to 70 percent for male-to. HPV. more like 0.6–0. then the transmission rate was correspondingly even lower). or 80% male-to-female and 20–25% for female-to-male [90].00011) for female-to-male transmission.8–1 per 1000 [77] or 0.8 [84]. in a 10-year study [79]. that unprotected intercourse brings great danger of spreading HIV. for male-to-female. or 0. impossible to understand. more precisely. ‘‘the transmission probabilities presented are so low that it becomes difficult to understand the magnitude of the HIV-1 pandemic’’ [91] — difficult to understand if HIV is sexually transmitted. 0.6 [82].

a mother of two. Ironically.net/aids/data/cffiction. USA Today. She is a regular contributor to Esquire. “What if HIV does not exist?” – Now Communications. and Gear. 7/23/1999 "Dissidents debate Duesberg: Does HIV exist?" THE BAY AREA REPORTER http://www. which has sucked up billions of our research dollars and tied up laboratories the world over. who was convicted on January 31 this year of endangering the lives of three women. Nitsche implies that Duesberg will not admit that HIV does not exist -. This possibility . accessed via Google at [http://www. not scientists. courtesy of a number of mind-blowing interviews with renegade scientists who believe that HIV is not really a microbiological entity but merely a collection of signals caused by stresses on the immune system. strokes. which says AIDS was an epidemic in Africa. dated June 19.smu. Duesberg must defend the existence of his object of study. Nitsche contends that the denial of the existence of HIV is necessary to lay to rest once and for all the idea that HIV is related to the "artificial diagnosis" of AIDS.that the virus known as HIV. has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV. If this is true." he tells me. "No one has ever proved its existence as a virus. and AIDS for more than a decade. accessed [http://www. QC. "There is no massive epidemic of HIV infections because no one has proven it. In his June 19 letter. diabetes and other complications caused primarily by the drug's interference with the body's natural ability to metabolize fat. This is also causing the fat redistribution that leads to humpbacks and huge torso in men. The 5000 people who signed the Durban Declaration in 2000. physicians. The Perth Group. AIDS service providers.Parenzee's appeal application continues tomorrow before Justice John Sulan. I look for science .even though he knows better -. pharmaceutical companies. and the federal government defend the theory that HIV causes AIDS because accepting that it does not would put them out of a job.S. she said. Parenzee had unprotected sex with the women. staff writer.edu/pseudo/AIDS/Expert. I can hear the indignation in their voices when I query them. which is as strong as you get in terms of causal linkage in science. dismissed recent World Health Organisation and United Nations reports that outline the world AIDS epidemic. believes there is no link between HIV and AIDS.com/issues/16/12/News/feature. among other U.devastating in its implications . At the same time. 35." says Val Turner. staff writer for NOW Communications in 1996. Todd Cardy.'' she told the court. knowing he was HIV-positive. Parenzee's lawyer. LONDON. rendering patients stick-like. Kevin Borick. argued Parenzee could not have committed the crimes because HIV does not exist.physics.htm accessed 6/27/2007 Hospitals around the country are reporting radical increases in heart attacks.html] A. arms and legs.G.html accessed 6/27/2007 Nitsche's most recent open letter.G. Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos said there was no published reports that conclude HIV exists or could be linked to AIDS. publications. I now find myself very close to believing the truly astounding .aegis.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS HIV doesn’t exist HIV DOESN’T EXIST Colman Jones.I do not look for consensus. AZT. delved into personal accusations.html] A. director of the division of infectious disease epidemiology at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark and a leading AIDS researcher. Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos. March. “Expert Witness Says HIV Doesn’t Exist” – From the AAP. "Multiple laboratories across the world using somewhat different techniques. fat disappears from the face. "It can't be questioned. as a retrovirologist. One of the women. "I am a scientist.came to me here in London. A PERTH medical researcher has told an Adelaide court that Africa does not have an AIDS crisis because HIV does not exist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos today told the South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal that no one had proven that HIV exists.nowtoronto. linked to HIV and spread by sexual contact. "The data is out there.com/news/bar/1999/BR990715. and gigantic breasts in women. became infected with HIV while the other two tested negative to the virus. 47 . "HIV is a metaphor for a lot of quasi-related phenomena. Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos is a witness in the appeal case of Andre Chad Parenzee." insists an incredulous Stanley Weiss.After years spent wading through the minutiae of AIDS science. Nitsche asks Duesberg. which Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos heads. "Can you assume responsibility that [the HIV antibody] test gives sentences of death everyday and everywhere in the world even though it is easy to demonstrate that it has nothing at all to do with any virus or antibodies against it?" ummm… Celia Farber. a medical engineer from Royal Perth Hospital. this is similar to the accusations made by many AIDS dissidents that mainstream researchers. 2000 "Science Fiction" GEAR MAGAZINE http://www. Spin. researcher for the AAP in 12/09/2006. have come up with essentially the same result.virusmyth. does not exist. every assumption about AIDS testing and treatment gets thrown to the wind. The idea of HIV is bad science.because. the Perth Group. Under cross examination today from Prosecutor Sandi McDonald. HIV DOESN’T EXIST… AGAIN. England . were backed by politicians.'' Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos denied she was appearing at the case to gain publicity for her theories and her research organisation. different specimens. Australia. an AIDS analyst and senior consultant in emergency medicine at the Royal Perth Hospital in Perth. different approaches. Liz Highleyman." HIV specialists consider this theory out-and-out heresy.

JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS ***HIV causes AIDS*** 48 .

outside the host. as listed below. In addition. February 27. Koch’s definitive litmus test National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. For example. 3. However. B. Curr Opin Immunol 1996. cloned HIV in the laboratory. perhaps the most-cited are Koch's postulates.14:249. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. These overwhelming odds provide a clarity of association that is unusual in medical research (MACS and WIHS Principal Investigators. Statistical analysis National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. as well as in almost all HIV-seropositive individuals with both early.14. analysis of data from more than 8. Pubbl Stn Zool Napoli [II] 1992.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. with the only common denominator being their infection with HIV (NIAID. bacterial infections. numerous studies from around the world show that virtually all AIDS patients are HIV-seropositive. 2000). homosexual men and women. sexual behavior patterns and drug abuse patterns do not predict who develops AIDS. developed in the late 19th century. as well as in individuals in earlier stages of HIV disease. The dentist and three of the patients developed AIDS and died. With regard to postulate #1. the polymerase chain (PCR) and other sophisticated molecular techniques have enabled researchers to document the presence of HIV genes in virtually all patients with AIDS.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. With regard to postulate #2. C. and for more than a century Koch's postulates. HIV was isolated from the infected individual.207. Curr Opin Immunol 1996.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 Other viral infections. Isolation: the suspected pathogen can be isolated -.and late-stage disease. sexual partners of hemophiliacs and transfusion recipients. and at least one of the other patients has developed AIDS. sequenced and shown to be the infecting strain of virus.207. February 27.8:613. 2.com/niaid/hivcausesaids.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. transmission of HIV from a Florida dentist to six patients has been documented by genetic analyses of virus isolated from both the dentist and the patients. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS.14. 2003.thebody. Goedert. 1997. Ciesielski et al. Epidemiological association: the suspected cause must be strongly associated with the disease. Individuals from diverse backgrounds.” http://72. including heterosexual men and women. produces the disease in that host. 49 .html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 In cohort studies. particularly with regard to viruses (Harden. Goedert. Transmission pathogenesis: transfer of the suspected pathogen to an uninfected host.8:613). Koch's postulates have been variously interpreted by many scientists. In all three cases. Postulate #3 has been fulfilled in tragic incidents involving three laboratory workers with no other risk factors who have developed AIDS or severe immunosuppression after accidental exposure to concentrated.and propagated -.100 times more likely to develop an AIDS-associated illness than those who were HIV-seronegative. hemophiliacs. Ann Intern Med 1994. O'Brien. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www.” http://72.” http://72.thebody. severe immunosuppression and AIDS-defining illnesses occur almost exclusively in individuals who are HIV-infected. the basic tenets remain the same.14.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. man or animal. and modifications have been suggested to accommodate new technologies.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 Among many criteria used over the years to prove the link between putative pathogenic (disease-causing) agents and disease. injection-drug users and infants have all developed AIDS. 2003.207. that is they carry antibodies that indicate HIV infection. In another tragic incident. 1995). O'Brien. Common denominator National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. have served as the litmus test for determining the cause of any epidemic disease: 1. modern culture techniques have allowed the isolation of HIV in virtually all AIDS patients.121:886).000 participants in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) and the Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) demonstrated that participants who were HIV-seropositive were 1. Five of the patients had no HIV risk factors other than multiple visits to the dentist for invasive procedures (O'Brien. 2003.thebody.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Frontline – HIV causes AIDS HIV causes AIDS: A. February 27.

which interfere with the HIV lifecycle. People with AIDS often suffer infections of the lungs. When the CD4+ T cell count falls below 200/mm3. 50 . November 2004. neurologic conditions. A healthy. crucial immune cells called CD4 positive (CD4+) T cells are disabled and killed during the typical course of infection.gov/factsheets/howhiv. The HIV-mediated destruction of the lymph nodes and related immunologic organs also plays a major role in causing the immunosuppression seen in people with AIDS. Most scientists think that HIV causes AIDS by directly inducing the death of CD4+ T cells or interfering with their normal function. diarrhea. brain. These cells.htm Untreated HIV disease is characterized by a gradual deterioration of immune function. For example. signaling other cells in the immune system to perform their special functions. the network of signaling molecules that normally regulates a person’s immune response is disrupted during HIV disease. the number of these cells in a person’s blood progressively declines. the end stage of HIV disease. and cancers such as Kaposi’s sarcoma and certain types of lymphomas. intestinal tract. impairing a person’s ability to fight other infections. “How HIV Causes AIDS. preserve CD4+ T cells and immune function as well as delay clinical illness. Immunosuppression by HIV is confirmed by the fact that medicines.” http://www.niaid. sometimes called “T-helper cells. as well as debilitating weight loss.200 CD4+ T cells per cubic millimeter (mm3) of blood. and by triggering other events that weaken a person’s immune function. and other organs. uninfected person usually has 800 to 1. During untreated HIV infection. Most notably. a person becomes particularly vulnerable to the opportunistic infections and cancers that typify AIDS.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS T–cells HIV kills T-Cells which causes AIDS—science is on our side.” play a central role in the immune response.nih. Part of the NIH. eyes. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. 2003.” http://72. 51 . Census Bureau. the occurrence of AIDS in human populations around the world has closely followed the appearance of HIV.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 In addition.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. and two of the three had symptoms probably related to HIV infection (van den Berg et al. UNAIDS). Subsequently. CDC. Of the remaining three children. February 27. During the 10-year period.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. eight of the children died of AIDS.thebody.14.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 Historically. Ann Intern Med 1985.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. occupationally acquired HIV infection. but not before then. 1999). the first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981 among homosexual men in New York and California. country and city where AIDS has appeared.S. researchers followed 11 children who had become infected with HIV as neonates by small aliquots of plasma from a single HIV-infected donor. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. U.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. all showed a progressive decline in cellular immunity. cohort of gay men showed the presence of HIV antibodies as early as 1978.” http://72. 2003. Our argument doesn’t rely on dormancy. Jaffe et al.103:210. In the United States. of whom 25 have developed AIDS in the absence of other risk factors. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. and retrospective examination of frozen blood samples from a U. the CDC had received reports of 56 health care workers in the United States with documented. HIV AIDS Surveillance Report 1999. The development of AIDS following known HIV seroconversion also has been repeatedly observed in pediatric and adult blood transfusion cases.S.207. February 27. Acta Paediatr 1994.83:17).JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS Transmission Transmission occurs incidentally – at least 56 cases. MMWR 1981. injection-drug use and sexual transmission in which seroconversion can be documented using serial blood samples (CDC. in every region.30:305.207. in mother-to-child transmission. evidence of HIV infection has preceded AIDS by just a few years (CDC.30:250. For example.14. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. MMWR 1981. AIDS Knowledge Base. through December 1999.11[2]:1. and in studies of hemophilia. in a 10-year study in the Netherlands.thebody.

who used. HIV/AIDS denialists play a dangerous game of trying to convince people—predominantly people of color—that denial of HIV's role in causing AIDS makes good science. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. one of many African leaders. for his willingness to institutionalize such denialist policies in the South African government’s response to deaths meant that he murdered his own people. perhaps hundreds of thousands of Africans would be alive in his country today. Thankfully. and that Africans had been duped by American and European scientists. did not exist in Africa. Why do I say this? Was it not for his willful misleading of his own people. he associated AIDS with white imperialists and said it. his homophobic tendencies. calculatedly. he had seen AIDS as a disease associated with. promote the myth of "The AIDS Myth" in and amongst Black communities. content to allow his own homophobia to color his view on AIDS. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. reckless denialist of the weight of evidence that leads to the reality of AIDS is irresponsible. Mbeki had already made clear. almost exclusively. In other words. are racist in that. whereas his fellow comrades. African American. whom he believed. of course. “possibly. However.org/reports/denialist_harpers. 52 . for. and Europe. Tony Glover. however.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS African AIDS real Their authors operate on a racist subtext that dooms Africa. rabidly. even. Mbeki. he played a deadly game. against his own people. The kicker is this: during the transformation of the government from apartheid to democracy. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI.” had created the virus. at first Mbeki vehemently opposed it. and gay rights are codified in that new constitution. Duesberg’s theories found a ready reader in South African President Thabo Mbeki (President of South Africa after Nelson Mandela). someone under 40 dies of AIDS every minute.S.html accessed 6/29/2007 As he hawked his denialist writings. I have seen such intent amongst prominent HIV denialists—who do.html accessed 6/29/2007 I happen to believe that those who believe in promoting the “AIDS Myth” are dangerous. allowed that the denialist theories of Deusberg be given incredible weight even against the mounting stench of the corpses in his own nation. was. his own peoples’ willingness to view AIDS as something created by imperialists to destroy Africa. predominantly. My experience is that. they spread the myth of the AIDS myth. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. African American.6 million in this nation of 45 million are infected. would not allow HIV medications to be distributed under government authority and government financial support. Nearly 6. especially on the continent of Africa. tens of thousands. when people focus on spreading denial predominantly amongst people of color. smartly. Mbeki’s denial should be considered a crime against humanity. in my estimation. including Mandela supported gay rights to be codified in a new constitution. knowing the consequences. Questioning HIV's role in causing AIDS is. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. Mbeki did win out when it came to HIV/AIDS. However.actupny. already wanting nothing to do with AIDS in Africa. Tony Glover. to a large degree. racist. His denialist tendencies meant for years that South Africa. He took the mistrust that Africans already had of whites— be they in Europe or America—and. in effect. as a nation.org/reports/denialist_harpers.actupny. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. and. amongst people of color. predominantly. a valid and necessary endeavor as a counterpoint to HIV scientists who. Mbeki. Today. Some. Mbeki’s small-mindedness did not win out when it came to a new constitution in South Africa. American and European homosexual men and with government scientists in the U. and is. have excellent evidence as to HIV being a necessary component to the many components that lead to an AIDS diagnosis. in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS in Africa is only denied as an attempt for leaders to dissent foreign “white” influence – South Africa proves that the result will be widespread death.

18:689).104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www.thebody. including well-educated members of the middle class (UNAIDS.14.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. However. formerly confined to the elderly and malnourished. 53 . mortality over three years among children who had received recommended childhood immunizations and who survived the first year of life was 9.207. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. 2000). For example. findings are similar.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 MYTH: There is no AIDS in Africa. in a study in Cote d'Ivoire. are now common among HIV-infected young and middle-aged people. 2003. Elsewhere in Africa. Lancet 1995. high rates of mortality from these diseases.5 times higher among HIV-seropositive children than among HIV-seronegative children. Pediatr Infect Dis J 1999. 345:607). National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The leading causes of death were wasting and respiratory conditions (Taha et al. diarrheal diseases and TB -have long been severe burdens there.” http://72. AIDS is nothing more than a new name for old diseases. February 27. HIVseropositive individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) were 17 times more likely to die within six months than HIV-seronegative individuals with pulmonary TB (Ackah et al.such as wasting syndrome. In Malawi.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS AIDS myth ↑ other diseases HIV has exacerbated other diseases within Africa. FACT: The diseases that have come to be associated with AIDS in Africa -.

More than a dozen strains of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV).182:1051. Chimpanzees experimentally infected with HIV have developed severe immunosuppression and AIDS.70:3189). Arch Pathol Lab Med 1998. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. chimeric viruses known as SHIVs. J Virol 1996. In severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mice given a human immune system. 2003. Liska et al. J Infect Dis 2000.22:523.15:445. In addition. which contain an SIV backbone with various HIV genes in place of the corresponding SIV genes.14.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. Further strengthening the association of these viruses with AIDS. cause AIDS in macaques.32:183. Joag et al. cause AIDS in Asian macaques.363:732. researchers have shown that SIV/SHIVs isolated from animals with AIDS cause AIDS when transmitted to uninfected animals (O'Neil et al.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. Virus Res 1994. also causes an AIDS-like syndrome in baboons. February 27. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 1999. HIV-2. Aldrovandi et al. HIV produces similar patterns of cell killing and pathogenesis as seen in people.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Chimps New animal tests prove the causal link. 54 . a close cousin of HIV.” http://72.thebody. Hirsch et al.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 Koch's postulates also have been fulfilled in animal models of human AIDS. Nature 1993.207. Locher et al. a less virulent variant of HIV which causes AIDS in people.

While not widely used for routine testing due to high cost and requirements in laboratory equipment.8:411. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. HIV antibody tests exceed the performance of most other infectious disease tests in both sensitivity (the ability of the screening test to give a positive finding when the person tested truly has the disease ) and specificity (the ability of the test to give a negative finding when the subjects tested are free of the disease under study). JAMA 1991. 2003. AIDS 1999. Current HIV antibody tests have sensitivity and specificity in excess of 98% and are therefore extremely reliable (WHO.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. NEJM 1991.7:55. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr Hum Retrovirol 1995. antigens and the virus itself in body fluids and cells.13:109. J Clin Virol 1999. J Clin Microbiol 1990. Clin Diagn Virol 1996.” http://72.325:1.thebody.266:2861).html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 MYTH: HIV antibody testing is unreliable. Samdal et al. 55 . these direct testing techniques have confirmed the validity of the antibody tests (Jackson et al.14:25. Sloand et al. Urassa et al. Busch et al. Nkengasong et al. 1998. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.28:16.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Antibody testing fails Antibody tests are the most accurate tests there are.14. February 27. Silvester et al. Progress in testing methodology has also enabled detection of viral genetic material.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. FACT: Diagnosis of infection using antibody testing is one of the bestestablished concepts in medicine.207.

it. It truly. However. the Myth of the AIDS Myth is. predicated on the fact that two of the tests used to identify people with HIV—the Western Blot and the ELISA test—are completed by scientists who test for antibodies to HIV. the very same processes—PCR (polymerase chain reaction) that have correctly and accurately identified many other viruses or which. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. denialists look to the fact that one half of one percent to one percent of those who test get inconclusive results. the evidence is overwhelming that those scientific processes used to identify HIV. and for years have been able to test. from where I sit both as a scientist. African American. refuse to question. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. and. identify not only retroviruses but also other human viruses . Another argument is that because the processes of testing for HIV often involves looking for fragments of the RNA code that comprise HIV rather than for the entire virus itself. In statistical theory (I am a biostatistician by profession). 100% accuracy is. scientists can test today. often for the HIV antigen—the HIV retrovirus itself. from that they discern that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS.actupny. and as someone who has buried or otherwise witnessed hundreds of people dead from HIV and AIDS. In other words. Indeed. but practically never heard of. that these tests are somehow invalid. and.html accessed 6/29/2007 Firstly.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Bad testing Their evidence is outdated – testing for HIV itself can now take place. In the meantime. truly. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. NO—and I mean no scientific testing method is 100% accurate. is impressive. some of these same denialists believe in the existence of things that cannot be otherwise proven to exist. those who question the process that identified HIV. in fact do test. HIV has not been proven to exist in the bodies of those who have been determined to have antibodies to the HIV retrovirus. Their authors is about a very small subset of testing. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. 56 . or accurately. also. is the sublime bordering on the ridiculous. in terms of the specificity and accuracy of the tests used to identify HIV. like God. accurately.html accessed 6/29/2007 With a given that humans and their scientific methods can be fallible. African American. provide genetic identification in cases of rape or murder. accurately. Tony Glover.actupny. provide specific diagnoses in cases of pregnancy (many early pregnancy tests use the same technology). Tony Glover. theoretically possible. However.org/reports/denialist_harpers. often. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. The argument goes something like this: Since scientists test only for the antibodies to HIV and not for the virus itself.org/reports/denialist_harpers. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. for me.

13:1687). Lancet 2000.7 per 100 patient-years of observation in 1994 (before the availability of HAART) to 2. 2003. Lancet 1998.179:717. Am J Epidemiol 2000. known as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Studies prove ARV’s solve AIDS.). Palella et al. Hogg et al.280:1497.352:1725. Cameron et al.5 per 100 patient years in 1998. In the 1980s.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 ARVs bad ARV’s solve HIV and AIDS a wealth of scientific data and studies concur. In more recent years.14.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. CMAJ 1999. among both adults and children (Figure 1. Significantly.284:190. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. de Martino et al. JAMA 1998. CMAJ 1999.352:1725.30:S5. Detels et al. three-drug combination therapies have produced another 50 percent to 80 percent improvements in progression to AIDS and in survival when compared to twodrug regimens in clinical trials (HHS. Schwarcz et al. Among HIV-infected patients who had not yet developed AIDS.280:1497. and abundant evidence that antiretroviral therapy. 2004).355:1158. NEJM 1998. Mocroft et al. for a year or two. Vittinghoff et al. As with medications for any serious diseases. Lancet 2000. Lancet 2000. Kaplan et al.13:1687. JAMA 2000. J Infect Dis 1999.152:178.355:1158. Kaplan et al.207.thebody.” http://72. Clin Infect Dis 2000. Schwarcz et al.160:659. CASCADE Collaboration. Lancet 2000. Mocroft et al.351:543). Lancet 1998.207. February 27. an effect which clearly would not be seen if antiretroviral drugs caused AIDS (Figure 1. Mocroft et al. McNaghten et al.337:725.30:S5. Mocroft et al. and people in developing countries today where very few individuals have access to these medications (UNAIDS. NEJM 1998.179:717.356:291. Vittinghoff et al.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. February 27. Subsequent clinical trials found that patients receiving two-drug combinations had up to 50 percent increases in time to progression to AIDS and in survival when compared to people receiving single-drug therapy. CASCADE Collaboration.11[2]:1. The lack of excess AIDS cases and death in the AZT arms of these placebo-controlled trials effectively counters the argument that AZT causes AIDS (NIAID.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 The availability of potent combinations of drugs that specifically block HIV replication has dramatically improved the prognosis for HIV-infected individuals.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 FACT: The vast majority of people with AIDS never received antiretroviral drugs. CDC. Detels et al. HIV AIDS Surveillance Report 1999.com/niaid/hivcausesaids. there is no evidence that antiretroviral drugs cause the severe immunosuppression that typifies AIDS. Use of these potent anti-HIV combination therapies has contributed to dramatic reductions in the incidence of AIDS and AIDS-related deaths in populations where these drugs are widely available. Such an effect would not be seen if HIV did not have a central role in causing AIDS. long-term follow-up of these trials did not show a prolonged benefit of AZT. clinical trials enrolling patients with AIDS found that AZT given as single-drug therapy conferred a modest (and short-lived) survival advantage compared to placebo.338:853. when used according to established guidelines. but also never indicated that the drug increased disease progression or mortality.thebody. JAMA 1998.” http://72. Palella et al. 2003. the onset of AIDS-related illnesses. Use of potent anti-HIV combination therapies has contributed to dramatic reductions in the incidence of AIDS and AIDS-related deaths in populations where these drugs are widely available. However. Lancet 2000. can significantly reduce the incidence of AIDS and death among HIVinfected individuals as compared to previously available HIV treatment regimens (Hammer et al. CDC. HIV AIDS Surveillance Report 1999. JAMA 2000. 1995). placebo-controlled trials found that AZT given as single-drug therapy delayed. McNaghten et al. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. Am J Epidemiol 2000. can improve the length and quality of life of HIV-infected individuals. 2000). For example.152:178. AIDS 1999. Clinical trials have shown that potent three-drug combinations of anti-HIV drugs. NEJM 1997.11[2]:1.com/niaid/hivcausesaids.14. J Infect Dis 1999. when the majority of patients received HAART (Mocroft et al. antiretroviral drugs can have toxic side effects. the incidence of new AIDS-defining illnesses declined from 30.356:291).160:659.284:190. AIDS 1999.338:853. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. 57 . in a prospective study of more than 7. Lancet 1998. including those in developed countries prior to the licensure of AZT in 1987. de Martino et al. Hogg et al. Clin Infect Dis 2000.356:291.300 HIV-infected patients in 52 European outpatient clinics.

know exactly what they do. who. lie). she would have balanced the views and reportage of HIV denialists with irrefutable evidence about the truth about HIV and AIDS —namely that people infected by HIV and show signs of deteriorating immune health who do not utilize antiretroviral treatments die at rates far exceeding those who do. exists amongst Europeans. generally.. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. Fully aware that promoting denialist agendas in those communities has the consequence that millions. and. outright lies. Tony Glover. obfuscate. HIV. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. who obscure the truth. and provides little opportunity for any science that speaks to the reality of HIV-AIDS amongst either amongst Africans or African Americans. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade.e. in ignorance.actupny. and its associated disease AIDS. more and more. it. the disease is epidemic predominantly in and amongst people of color communities.html accessed 6/29/2007 Farber has written an article filled with misstatements. While. of course. 58 . become infected and/or die from the disease. is a virus that wreaks disproportionate havoc on African-descendant communities (including Latino communities with African heritages) and Asian communities.org/reports/denialist_harpers. pseudo scientists and irresponsible journalists who promote denialist agendas via articles that repeatedly misstate facts (i. If Farber were credible in her approach. African American. Today.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Farber Celia Farber publishes lies and unbalanced reports.

by and large. was co-opted by Dr. acquired immune deficiency syndrome. African American. the retrovirus. from my perspective. call their spade a spade. had enough of bigoted scientists who.html accessed 6/29/2007 I have. 59 . They are bigots for the evidence is that such HIV denialist theorists tend to hawk their wares in people of color communities and third world nations. as a retrovirus. as you may know is a U. comfortably. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. And so it is that I call him out as a bigot. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www.org/reports/denialist_harpers. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. Duesberg is a bigot content to see black people and gays die. African American. as a scientist with an ax to grind. for years now.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Duesberg Peter Duesberg is discredited – he has an anti-government agenda. To make a longer story.. short. Tony Glover.-based scientist. Tony Glover.S. nations founded by Europeans have moved on to curtailing HIV and AIDS in predominantly white communities throughout the world.actupny. Peter H. Robert Gallo. who researched the retrovirus class of viruses to which HIV belongs. Spurned as the discoverer of HIV.org/reports/denialist_harpers. HIV denialists.actupny..5FM WBAI. because. push their own denialist agendas on people of color. like Duesberg. effectively. Gallo is pre-dated by many scientists. Gallo. with their own axes to grind. he believes. in my journalistic and scientific career.html accessed 6/29/2007 Mostly. The show was entitled “AIDS is Over. Duesberg.Not!” and it included a debate by scientists and doctors on both sides of the issue. Dr. Duesberg I believe is a bigot who is happy to see HIV and AIDS proliferate unchecked in African-descendant communities. Duesberg considers himself to be a pioneer in retroviral research whose scientific work. Duesberg has made a life.S. had a vendetta against U. been discredited. government researchers. This happened on a radio show I helped produce and co-host in New York City on 99. who. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. Duesberg—forever and a day it seems—has staked his claim that he was the true discoverer of HIV and its associated class of virus. Duesberg has made a career of being Gallo’s thorn in the side. Duesberg has. a career even. Duesberg has. plays in the syndrome—the collection of illnesses—most people have come to know as AIDS. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. out of discrediting the very real role HIV. many of whom wish not to confront the reality of AIDS in their communities. Regarding he and/or those who support his inane approach to the topic of whether HIV causes AIDS—I. whom I have interviewed. While Robert Gallo may not have discovered HIV. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. Dr. is said to have discovered HIV. have their father figure in one Dr.

There are many more Mbekis in Africa and. like Duesberg. That AIDS was something that could be denied. Mbeki had already made up his mind that HIV could not be the cause of AIDS. Many leaders in Africa and Asia. he has been a radio and print journalist for over a decade. They deny it. thankfully. Thabo Mbeki and the lesson of denial in South Africa leading to the death— literally -. in particular. largely. Tony Glover.html accessed 6/29/2007 Mbeki first became President of South Africa near the turn of the 21st century. In effect.a policy that has been reversed. 2006 "AIDS Denialism in Harper's" http://www. That. However. For example. mostly due to the work of Nelson Mandela. where I live. in Harlem.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 Mbeki Mbeki only supports your argument because of his anti-gay agenda – the consequence is unnecessary deaths across South Africa. Today. However. The inertia represented by their inability to move past a paradigm that still has this disease associated with “faggots.org/reports/denialist_harpers. with homosexuals. unfortunately. hawked their pseudo science in South Africa and other nations -predominantly in Africa and Asia.The historical record is clear on this. after years of refusal to allow AIDS medications in his nation -. is fact.” has meant that entire sub-populations in Harlem still die.actupny. the damage had already been done. under the weight of the millions of corpses buried due to his ignorance -. however you parse it. in June 1999. These were nations steeped in homophobia and AIDS phobia by presidents and dictators who did not want a disease associated with homosexuals to become associated with death and disease in their nations. they do not deny HIV’s existence for scientific reasons. from AIDS. African American.South Africa has embarked on a new course. 60 . in African-descendant communities in the United States of America. Mbeki used the plausibility of HIV denialists and their scientific cheerleaders as a way to support what his bigotry had already determined. so often. because of their inability to embrace a disease so much still associated. who is not an AIDS denialist. HIV denialists. at least in South Africa. did not want to confront an AIDS crisis that had already killed millions and that was too closely aligned with those they deemed pariahs—gay men. and he did so because he was already in denial that AIDS could be behind the deaths of millions of his countrymen. in their minds. co-founder of both the Gay Lesbian Independent Broadcasters and OutFM radio collectives at WBAI. such denialists abound.of hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) who could have been saved is but one example of the legacy what HIV denialists have wrought.

61 . are poorly understood. including tuberculosis and hepatitis B.104/search?q=cache:9gkSufS8eZ4J:www. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The critics' reasoning would lead to the conclusion that M. tuberculosis is not the cause of tuberculosis or that hepatitis B virus is not a cause of liver disease (Evans. the disease-causing mechanisms in many diseases. However. “The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. 2003. Most infectious agents have been associated with the disease they cause long before their pathogenic mechanisms have been discovered. Because research in pathogenesis is difficult when precise animal models are unavailable.” http://72. a complete understanding of the pathogenesis of a disease is not a prerequisite to knowing its cause. FACT: A great deal is known about the pathogenesis of HIV disease. February 27.html+ %22HIV+causes+AIDS%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=10 MYTH: HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS because researchers are unable to explain precisely how HIV destroys the immune system.thebody.55:193). Yale J Biol Med 1982.JDI (Ross & Ozzy) HIV/AIDS A2 HIV is a mystery This is really dumb – if this logic were true we’d never understand any disease.207.com/niaid/hivcausesaids.14. even though important details remain to be elucidated.

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