HRM - University Questions Year : 2003 - 2005 Topics Human Resource Management: Scope, Functions, Challenge, Problem

Note: All Questions carry equal Marks Short Notes : Any Three Question 1. Discuss the functions of Human Resource Management in an organisation. Enumerate the challenges of HRM in the present organisational context 2. What are the special Problems faced by Indian Corporates in Making Human Resource Management function more successful

Year 2005 2003

Organisation of Personal Functions : - Personal Dept, Policies - Responsibilities & place in organisation

1. What is Personnel Policy? Describe the important personnel policies that affect the job of a Personnel Manager Short Notes : a] HR Policies


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Manpower Planning: - Job Analysis, Description - Scientific Recruitment & Selection Methods

1. What is Manpower Planning? Discuss the process and importance of manpower planning in organisation 2. Discuss the sources of recruitment for an organisation. Describe the steps in the selection procedure in an organisation 3. What are different sources of recruitment? Explain the merits & demerits of each 4. What is Manpower Planning? What factors do you consider while forecasting manpower needs of an organisation? 5. What is Job Design? How it is different form Job Analysis? Explain with suitable Examples. 6. What are the modern sources and techniques of recruitment? 7. Discuss the methods of reliability. How is reliability of "Interview" as a selection instrument found? Short Notes : a] Jon Analysis, b] Job Evaluation a] Probationary Period, b] Sons of soil theory in Recruitment a] Job Evaluation 1. Discuss any two theories of motivation. Explain the strategies used by organisations to motivate employees. 2. A situational Combination of rewards and punishments can effectively motivate men, Is the statement True or False ? Explain 3. Define Motivation. Discuss any Two theories of Motivation Short Notes : a] Job Satisfaction, b] Employee Morale, C] Employee Turnover 1. What is performance Appraisal System and what are its objectives? Describe the various sources of errors in the appraisal process. What is the difference between the Performance Appraisal and Performance Management System in an Organisation? 2. 360 degrees Performance Appraisal mostly can do away with biased approach while assessing an employee. Do you agree with the above statement? Give your views. 3. What are objectives of 'Performance Appraisal System' ? What are sources of error in the appraisal process. Short Notes : a] Appraisal by Peers 1. Discuss the importance of Training and development in organisations. How do you identify the training needs in an organisation? Describe the different methods of training. 2. For internal mobility Management Development Programme is a must. Comment 3. How would you evaluate training program? Does its evaluation have any bearing on its design? Short Notes : a] Career Development, b] Maslow's Theory of needs 1. What are formal merits of organisational structure? Short Notes : a] Multi Skilling, b] Resolving Conflict 1. What is organisational Change? Discuss the sources of resistance to change in organisations. How effective change be implemented in an organisation? Short Notes : a] Job Rotation, b] Managing Change

Motivating Employees: - Strategies, Incentive Schemes - Job enrichment, Empowerment - Job Satisfaction, Morale, Personal Turnover

Performance Appraisal System: - MBO Approach, Performance Counseling, Career Planning


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Training & Development: - Identification of Training Needs -Training Methods, MDP

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Organisation Development: - Organisation Structure Re-engg - Multi-skilling, BPR Management of Organisational Change: - HRD Strategies for long term planning & growth - Productivity & HRM

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