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April 2004

Customer Profile
About Irwin Seating
Irwin goes Lean
Irwin Seating has a long and been streamlined , inventory Lean journey. Irwin Seating
Irwin Seating Company successful history implement- and warehouse space re- has involved everyone in the
is the world’s leading ing continuous improvement duced. The company has organization in the Lean initia-
supplier of seating prod- programs. They fully believe in been so successful that regu- tives including sales, customer
ucts for theatres, audi-
Lean manufacturing concepts service, information systems,
toriums and convention
and have developed a show production, shop floor and
centers. From Carnegie
case for the benefits offered project mangers. Good team-
Hall to the Pepsi Center
by Lean manufacturing. work in the front office and on
our chairs are installed
the shop floor has ensured
in thousands of venues Craftsmanship, quality and
that the Lean principles are
worldwide. The com- innovation have been the
pany operates globally executed successfully.
watchwords at Irwin Seating
with facilities in North for almost 100 years.
America, Europe and
Irwin Seating has used Lean Irwin Seating has used Se-
Asia. Irwin Seating Products
practices to successfully re- radex ERP software since
duce 1995 working closely with
Seradex to automate several
WIP by 92%
lar tours are conducted for Lean initiatives including elec-
Floor Space by 82%
VALUED outside companies. tronic Kanban, daily supplier
Supplier Lead times by
PARTNER 89% scheduling, Takt pacing and
The company has utilized re-
There are many examples of Bar Coding. Irwin Seating has
sources including people, proc-
successfully implementing many more exciting projects
“To implement our Lean esses and technology in its
Lean practices. Production has on the horizon.
manufacturing vision
required top notch sup-
port from our ERP part-
ner— cookie cutter solu-
tions just won’t work.
S e r a d e x T e c h n o l o g y P l a t f o r m
Seradex has been criti- The Seradex ERP System is Microsoft Visual.Net platform Seradex integrates with lead-
cal to our success and
designed for the make to order and operates on Microsoft SQL ing accounting systems. Irwin
will continue to play a key
role in future projects. “ manufacturer. The powerful database. The technology is using the acclaimed ACCPAC
product configurator, AutoCAD connects a broad range of for Windows financial account-
Sam Cangialosi integration and support for business technologies to en- ing solution.
Irwin Seating
Lean manufacturing is an ideal able companies to access and
fit for Irwin Seating. use important information,
whenever and wherever it is
The system is built utilizing

Product Configurator
The Seradex product configurator allows Irwin
to configure complex variations of seat size,
type, fabric and options and then instantly
create a detailed bill of material. The user is

Seradex Inc.
4460 Harvester Rd.
Burlington, ON
L7M 4X2

Phone: 905-332-5051

prompted to select a series of options or

choices that create a unique configuration.
Build your Business with Seradex
These details are passed to jobs for quoting
or processing.

S e r a d e x a n d L e a n M a n u fa c t u r i n g

We asked Mark Corker the President tory every 3 days. Some manufacturing deal direct with the developer. Typi-
of Seradex a few questions about ERP companies turn their inventory every 3 cally ERP products are sold through
and Lean Manufacturing months. Dell is spending a billion dol- dealers who can only offer a cookie
lars per year on IS to stretch their com- cutter package because they don’t
Many people see Lean as eliminating
petitive advantage. control product development.
ERP systems?
Irwin Seating is also using their infor-
There are many older style ERP solu-
mation systems to cut costs and im-
tions that hinder manufacturing per-
prove customer service. This requires
formance. We have embraced Lean
very close collaboration with a flexible
manufacturing concepts. For example
vendor. Seradex gladly participates in
automated Kanban systems combine
these Lean initiatives and is delighted
the best of both worlds - eliminating
to see a company like Irwin Seating
error prone record keeping for inex-
truly exploiting information technology.
pensive short lead time items but
automating reordering with a simple What does your company offer that
bar code swipe. others don’t?

Are information systems a commodity? Rock solid financials, proven project

ERP Flexibility
Let’s put it this way Dell turns its inven- management and no middleman—you