Ferrera’s 2012 Stock Market Forecast Now Available: 2011 Forecast Nailed May Top The Sacred Science

Institute has published "The Outlook for 2012" by renowned Ga nn expert, Daniel T. Ferrera. Mr. Ferrera has written and published multiple bo oks on forecasting financial markets, including a 100+ year forecast. Idyllwild, CA, November 08, 2011 -- The Sacred Science Institute announced the p ublication of famed market forecaster Daniel T. Ferrera’s new annual forecast. Thi s is the fifth consecutive annual forecast Ferrara has written, each one a gem c overing market forecasts for the stock market, gold, and economic overviews. In addition, Ferrera shares a great deal of his forecasting methodology, invaluable training for any current or would-be trader or investor. As an example from last year’s forecast, Dan originally wrote on page 1, “The market will likely finish the year in positive territory, but pullbacks indicated afte r June 2011 (or August) could potentially erase much of the gains made from the lows in September 2010 through the anticipated rally forecasted into June 2011.” A fter forecasting pullbacks in June and/or August (forecast written in autumn of 2010), he realized that as the market unfolded, the top was forming in early May . He then issued an update to subscribers on May 3 advising as follows: “Based on market structure, underlying cycles and basic technical chart patterns combined with the general stock market forecast that has been in place since the market l ows of March 2009, one should consider locking in profits based upon the Februar y 18th swing high point (1343.01 on S&P500).” This update called the market top wi thin one day. The 42-page “Outlook for 2012,” inspired by the late W.D. Gann’s forecasting work, uti lizes extensive analysis of multiple cycles and astute current trends analysis. This book is a must resource for any serious investor wishing to preserve their capital and increase their net worth in these difficult times. In it, Ferrera p rovides invaluable insights into trading cycles, overall economic cycles, and st ock market trends. To find out, check out his forecast here: http://sacredscienc e.com/ferrera/ Ferrera’s Outlooks have proven popular due to their astounding accuracy and subscr ibers keep coming back for more. In prior years, he forecasted the market top wi thin one week in October 2007 and correctly identified (again within one week) M arch 12 of 2009 as the best time to purchase stocks in 2009. The subsequent mark et rally was the strongest U.S. stock market rise since 1938. Dan clearly states several times in the text that his purpose to help the invest or avoid risk. As usual, Ferrara has filled “The Outlook for 2012,” with fascinating insights and educational materials. These include Ferrera’s detailed analysis usi ng diverse forecasting methodologies, all of which confirm the key times for mar ket reversals in 2012. The Table of Contents: General Outlook (p.3); Gann Review (p. 17); 10 Year, 41 Month, and 24 Month Composite Forecast (p. 21); Mass Press ure Chart (p. 25); Monthly Outlook Based on Historical Patterns (p. 30); The Eco nomy (p. 37); Public Confidence for 2011 – Includes “The Fed” and “The Dollar” & Gold (p. 39); Addendum: Counting on the 10 Year Cycle (p. 42). To see one of Ferrera’s pri or published forecasts, see the “Outlook for 2008,” available free on line at: http: //www.sacredscience.com/ferrera/Outlook2012.htm plus additional free charts. Als o, his prior years forecasts (2009-11) are available at a substantial discount. About Daniel T. Ferrera: Since 1998, Daniel T. Ferrera has been a featured writer in Traders World Magazi ne and is one of the country s most highly respected Gann experts. He is also th e author of ten related books on the subject of trading, market cycles, W.D. Gan n and The Square of Nine. Ferrera is well known for his cycles work and market f orecasts, which are made several years in advance. One of his more famous foreca sts was the bull market top in 2000 and the 3-year bear market that followed. Mr


. Ferrera has been studying the price action of markets for over 20 years and ha s more than 12 years trading experience. As a former stock and commodities broke r with 7 years experience, he has worked both sides of the trading fence and off ers a unique perspective to any investor. In his first course, The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled, he predicted a stock market low in 2003 where most analy sts were expecting a high and wrote: "My personal belief is that the year 2003 w ill probably be a low and not a high. There are many interesting numeric and ast rological cycles that support this view.” In his masterful course on cycles, Wheels Within Wheels, released in 2002, Mr. F errera illustrated how Gold would have a major advance, interest rates would con tinue to decline into 2007, and he predicted that the stock market would experie nce a strong advance from 2003 to 2006. The text includes an extended 100-year market forecast into 2108 which has proven remarkably accurate since its first p ublication in 2002. Mr. Ferrera has also written a practical trading course, “The Keys to Successful Speculation.” Mr. Ferrera’s articles are available for free downl oad at the site listed below. For more information and to order these and others of Mr. Ferrera’s works, please visit: http://www.sacredscience.com/ferrera About Sacred Science Institute: The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religio us, and non-academic Research Institute dedicated to the rediscovery and applica tion of Sacred Science in all fields of technology, science and philosophy. The Sacred Science Institute is intent upon making accessible the wisdom traditions of a variety of cultures, both ancient and modern, focusing on their scientific, philosophical and spiritual traditions, so as to promote understanding and comm unication based upon the core teachings and principles of these great traditions . We feel that many cultural barriers may be overcome by developing a deeper und erstanding of the laws of nature and the universe, and by discovering the corres pondences between the representational modes of logic and symbolism used by grou ps and individuals separated by space and time. Contact: Lee Stein Sacred Science Institute PO Box 3617 Idyllwild, CA 92549 951-659-8181 info@sacredscience.com http://www.sacredscience.com

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