sup guys ! again one of the best programs there is !

i love his stuff really worth the read ! i really recommend it. ps: session 2 was corrupt so i didn't really take notes of it. ps2 : there is a product i downloaded from demonoid called pure perosnality it has a technique called conversation ninjitsu which i found pretty freaking awesome if you incorporate it with other techniques of conversation! i will post it with the other part of my conversation notes i am going to upload.

after this i am going to share all the routines i am using, and going to use in the future, palm reading, cold reading, soul gazing routines, ring in finger routine,... and a bunch of openers that i will be using. ! here are the notes: ! enjoy ! Bobby Rio conversation escalation notes: - Small talk cannot be avoided so I should take advantage of this fact and learn how to make small talk sexy - Why do guys struggle in this area? it’s because sometimes they can’t even open a girl, or the quickly loose steam after opening the conversation, they can’t move the conversation to a sexual level and they can’t get any further than that and they usually get stuck in the friend zone - Sometimes we do not approach because we do not know what to say, or completely running out of things to say and get stuck into the awkward silences. - One of the biggest fucked up things a guy can do when meeting a new minute is going into interview mode don’t, don’t do it ! - I should take the conversation to a sexual level once the conversation is on and flowing. Don’t go overload on rapport. Just when I see the horny look in her eyes escalate the conversation. - Everything can be faked except conversation( once I start talking everything will be revealed) - It’s not really what you say! It’s what I say underneath what I am saying and taking it to the next level. It’s all about small talk but doing it In a way that creates attraction So what are the fundamentals of a good conversation? So what are the big mistakes I am doing? - The 90/10 rules which means saying too much at the beginning of a conversation. Make the questions rhetorical questions and not ask interview mode! For example tell her a story about the question I asked before she even answers! ( ex: where are you from? I m from a town were … then let her answer) - Going into a conversation with a completely different energy level then the people I am talking to! So I should go in with a slightly higher energy level than the girl I am talking to - Speaking of rapport! A big mistake is not assuming rapport always assume rapport and talk to her as if I knew her forever. Talk to her that way( with the mindset

Take off the social mask and assume rapport always( when I first meet somebody remove that mask and assume rapport. tell my own stories that I know they will impress and craft them when opportunity presents itself for me to tell it) . besides I cannot experience real connection with the mask on) keep in mind display a cool vulnerability .and .practice(to get good at it). instead of questions make statements (for example instead of what kind of music do you like! say you I totally take you ask a kind of girl that listens to rap music) get the picture?! Good ok. instead of it being you answer my question)so think statements and try to avoid questions as much as possible . so figure out the quickest way to get it to the fun.Not having tactics ready! do not take on the personality to someone else.I’ve been fucking her for a long time and she’s all over my dick ) . I should be the one to lead the conversation.Don’t ask questions. the ability to talk is what will take me further in life than anything . Be me not someone else but be ready at the same time be equipped with my own tactics and knowing how to take it to the next level. once I get it to the fun can get her to the sexual.don’t wait for smooth transitions just change the conversation myself( say I don’t want to talk about this right now) . I know how to play the game and I get it. Ps: it takes knowledge( knowing what to do and say). and imitating. know how to take it to the fun.Getting hung up on the idea of transitioning( the constant thinking of the how do I move the conversation to the next level). Just be ready. Nothing beats the fact that I cannot talk. I do that by implementing some flirtatious banter. and be myself don’t act like I socially should act like what I would act like when I am in my comfort zone.Work on my small talk( use some pop culture references. there are very forgiving transitions( just go in the subject I want to talk about). know a formula to make her laugh instead of memorizing jokes. making fun of her voice while she talks. Skills will not naturally improve unless I learn what works and implement it. just have my own stories and tell them.Admitting that it will not get better on its own. back and forth talking. my conversation should be like this “ what can u insert or comment or add to what I just said. I want to subconsciously convey to her that I know the rules.Make small talk sexy. don’t make them think I am funny. just give them what they want and have fun with them( give them that nervous giggle) . The first steps to take to improve my conversation: . interview mode will put the burden on her! Don’t let her lead the interaction. there are no smooth perfect transitions. know tactics. Because the longer I wait the harder it becomes to change.When it comes to flirting! Women want fun and not funny remember that. get on this quickly.

There is no way to practice under pressure (when I am horny and with a girl I want and don’t want to mess up with) and no way to actually be emotionally detached from the outcome. -see the right time to talk to her! -use baiting which means throw in a little pieces and wait for her to ask me a question -get out of my head and pay attention to the girl. Session 1: -conversation the most important skill to cultivate it’s what I use the most during my life. And do also shadow boxing! Which means visualize me using the new techniques I am using? -get comfortable letting certain phrases out of my mouth. -if I feel ok talking about something than it will become easy to become to the girl -get her invested in the conversation.evaluation of what works for me and what does not( to see what fits my personality what is getting me results and what is setting me back). So master one skill at a time. and getting her personally invested in me -look for hook points in a conversation (when she rather wants me to stay then to go) -practice not talking too much nor too little. Use sparring practice which means take a technique and use it in low pressure environment that means with regular girls. she likes that -throw sexual comments every now and then and fill into the time between with normal conversation that way she will know what I want and she will not be disoriented ( women are naturally sexual too). -change between threads freely. if I get negative results walk away Session 4: -be in tune to what a girl is feeling at all time. throw in some small clues that she will get curious and ask me questions about. start flirting but the sooner the . -remember that I am not there to sell myself I am there to enjoy the conversation and have a good time -as soon as I feel that a girl is ready for taking flirting. lead the conversation. -do a time bridge after conversations. Make it a habit so it becomes second nature. practice on easy mode to be able to handle things under pressure because it is hard to practice under pressure and even nearly impossible. I will always be using it and getting good at it will get me instant gratification. It’s skill building when it doesn’t count. and become used to reading reactions Session 3: -Mindset that should underline my conversations: I am not trying to get sex.realise that girls actually want it and like it. So do sparring practice. I and she are plays in a game that we both want to play. So yes conversation can be learned but it needs the three things listed above. if I get positive results cool get the number do that also if she was neutral. with no worries that she will pick up on it. It is what will take me the furthest in life -pressure handicaps learning! So take it easy and practice in easy mode. Always try to accomplish the maximum with the minimum. And try to accomplish a lot with a little. or convince them or maneuver my way into a sexual relationships. women already go out to have sex but they want nothing to do with it (they want a guy to lead them through it and take full responsibility for it) I am making her a favor when I approach her.

Session 5: -if I still fear rejection when I open it will not go well (she will tell I am fearful if I am) be ok with rejection and don’t fear it accept it. on the arm. two it’s on. there is nothing wrong in being aggressive but there is something wrong in not being aggressive (because I will end in the friend zone). or be nonchalant and like cool thanks and talk about something else ( those convey that I get compliments all the time) Ps: for every one hour I study pu stuff I need to go in flied 2 hours Session 6: . or say I know :P. or you’re not going to get in my pants keep trying baby. -use future projection from time to time (to put the frame that we are going to do something together in the future without actually asking her) -use some false interpretations from time to time too can use this to compliment them indirectly -use this 4 step process a lot.) -don’t wait for signs of attraction to start touching the girl! And start touching her in the first 3 minutes.Use cold reads! those are some attraction switches . the second step is to ask her if she has done something similar that she has done. repetition. the knee (all stage one kino) and when doing this read the reaction of the girl. three 20 mins of meaningless conversation. -reward her when she compliments me( kino or whatever) say thank you and kino immediately . there is some girls that will touch me back (good) some girls who will lean back away from the touch (bad).Tease at any chance I can . absurdaty… just use a little of each every once in a while -keep in mind if she is still standing there that means that she is attracted (or else she will make up an excuse and leave. do some frame tests and depending on the results either frame test more or start flirting. Accept being rejected for being more aggressive than ending up in the friend zone and be seen as a pussy.I didn’t really understand what the fuck he was talking about but I understood . Be very subtle at the begging. and the forth thing is future projecting about something I would do with her in the future. I should think if she likes me great if she doesn’t I don’t really care. if she does not move back but no signal as well! Continue and move forward and proceed to stage two kino. But turn that a little bit down in the day. -be screening her personality all the time see if I would like being with her -there are three results when approaching! One getting rejected.better. touch her on the shoulder. third reward her for doing that. -have the blow me or blow me out mentality -use slight exaggeration. Calibrate. first tell a little fun story about myself.

) The outer game of conversation skills: Small talk secrets: -always provide bait when answering a question or making a statement (example when someone asks me where are you from don’t just say I m from Lebanon! say I m from Lebanon the only country where u can go from the beach to skiing in less than 4 hours but nobody actually do that: P.pauses. or whatever. take every chance to get better) . face expressins. develop different stories for different moods . learn to pick up on what she says and likes and expand on it) -parroting. it should be smooth and breaks the ice) -look for key words coming out of a woman’s mouth. practice that and use it often.Storytelling. stick to my word have integrity. be visual and descriptive.that don’t use a method that does not conform to my personality. parrot back the last word she said (ex she says she said I went to a fantastic run I say fantastic Han!) -research weird stories or funny stories and use them when conversation comes low or awkward and talking stops) Now the big guns: .voicetone variation.Mindsets. start strong and end great.Discipline.elment of surprise…. continue to practice every day ( find time to practice. mental tricks I use to keep myself in the right mind frame when talking to women ( let myself become curious about others. make that time to practice. learn to spot the topics that excite her and jump on those topics. . get pumped and exited to start the conversations( make an intention to get better at this and remind myself at every approach opportunity.Be motivated. whether a statement. get dedicated to get better and improve ) . use the time I have. -use a two to one ratio between high pressure and low pressure practice ( shadow boxing and sparring ) The inner game of conversation skills: . or don’t wait for perfection and stop giving myself excuses and go out and do it -don’t focus too much on outer game instead. living the emotion.Grounding! Show her that I am human give her a sneak peak of behind the curtains. use body language. a silly comment or whatever (hey this is jenny the pretty one: P. focus on building the skill it’s more important than any woman. Session 7: -as soon as I learn it practice it! It really digs down to speed of implementation -don’t search for the perfect state. calibrate between inner and outer game. make a story collection a personal story connection and craft them to become even better and tell them when the time presents itself. add meat to everything that people can bate on) -when introducing someone always say someone about him.

let her in on little glimpses of the real me .Active listening.Sexual framing! Use it far enough in the conversation.Role playing. imitating something she has said. By this I make them know that it is ok for them to show me this side of them to me ( I can use covers to wedge these sexual framing in remember the Halloween party example. playfully competing with her. imitating a facial expression she has just made . get some rapport on multiple topics. it makes her know that I am fun at heart.Never answer a question directly unless it’s NO! . let her finish her sentence.Learn palm reading! The special report as well. creating an imaginary scenario or a persona that both of us can play together. And it depends on what do I want from the situation. That makes her think that I am listening. she will imagine a time in the future with me. future project the experience. and gives room for kino. . Introduce a sexual intent early on in the conversation. Examples. Don’t lose the vibe of me picking her up. lead with the roles and let her follow and play along. But don’t dwell too much about the topic. . some girls needs less rapport. .): -find some mutual interest. a common ground that we both like early on in the conversation. some girls needs more rapport. always calibrate every situation is different. its playground childish fun things and it’s great because it is under the radar. -when I since that she does not want to talk about something just drop it and don’t talk about any more -calibrate. . playfully taking her hand and pushing it into some guys ass that is standing inform of her. pointing out the face she does when she is angry at someone. overly bragging. pretending to give her a high five and leave her hanging.Teasing! This is the used to spark the attraction. make indefinite plans without setting a date in a vague way. -look for hooks which are something that she enjoys talking about.) Building rapport (ps I never want to build too much rapport I do not want to end up in the friend zone. playfully push her. So sit back and wait and listen to her whole message and don’t react directly. imitating something she just said.tell her things that make me seem human. So remember rapport depends on the girl. get that out of her head that I am there to pick her up. Some tactics: .practice by teasing everyone . say we need to do that one day .Cold reading! Read the special report about the cold reading! And get good at using the first ones first and add some of my own personality in it. picking on her.When we find mutual interest. ask opinion related question and open ended questions. Don’t get deep report on one topic.

. Or ask her hey are you cold? -too much rapport. tell her general statements that personalize her . say for example wow this is pretty awkward someone has to say something quick: P. or a joke or whatever just let her know I remember what she told me before. we make them awkward (with friends silence is not awkward) so ho do I defuse awkward silence? By humor. And bring out into the open.Unmasking! Showing her that I have a life outside of the venue we are in. is saying I understand how you feel without me feeling it. pauses and tempo in sync with hers The obstacles: -awkward silences. . bring what is happening into light the obvious. Don’t let her get too comfortable. Make sure that I myself am open. Or just be blunt about it Ps: can pick right back up at that rapport level I left at the last time I saw her . remember the structure of how I should compliment. . I do that by state how I imagine how she would have felt. so repeat the main points that she said in different wording.Use matching.Pacing.Use some cold reading. by giving her an indirect compliment. Or comment on how she feels on something in particular.Give her some approval a little bit.Show some cool vulnerability. Or I can change location. or comment or her own closeness.Empathy. use her trance words the words that she use and feed it back to her . bring out the elephant in the room ..Amplify repeat back to her showing her that I understand her. Or have canned responses. make a joke about it.Mirroring! Showing her a reflection of herself or what is going on. in a calculated way which leads her to unmask herself as well and this gives the feeling that I have known her for ages. later on in the night remember something she said earlier and say it. she starts telling me too much. Use humor to diffuse the situation. unmasking that social mask.Captioning. -when she is very closed off and not opening up. get my voice tone. is pacing her reality. tell her something that is slightly embarrassing which makes me look kind of cool . That shows her that I listened and understood her . .

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