Fundamental Supervisory Skills Workshop
A tribute to Former HR Phil CEO and group owner Ma. Concepcion “Jing” Ureta

Fundamental Supervisory Skills Workshop
In true Ma. Concepcion “Jing” Ureta Fashion, the HR Philippines Core Group Members; President Frederick “Ricky” Gumaru, sought after speakers/trainers Jet Nera of Sh!ne, Edwin Ebreo of ExeQserve, Sonnie Santos and Events Guru JM Matienzo joined forces to bring value-laden training on the birthdate of HR Philippine‟s founding member and leader. The Fundamental Supervisory Skills Workshop is designed to help supervisors assess their own mindsets, adjust accordingly to a NEW set of paradigms and step up to leadership. This program will equip them to carry out fundamental supervisory functions as Planning, Organizing, Leading/Directing and Controlling. This program is being held as a tribute to HR Philippines former CEO and founder Jing Ureta who recently passed on and was supposed to celebrate her birthday on December 6, 2011. All facilitators and Ariva volunteered to contribute to this event for free. Part of the proceeds of this program will fund future HR Philippines projects as our commitment to continuing what Jing has started. Workshop Objectives By the end of the workshop, the learners would be able to:  Think, speak and behave as a “professional supervisor / manager.  Describe in detail their supervisory/managerial roles and responsibilities.  Transcend the rank-and-file mentality and adopt the right mindset of a supervisor/manager.  Apply the right emphasis on concern for “results” and concern for “relationships” in day-to-day situations.  Prepare sound and comprehensive action plans for one‟s work unit.  Effectively communicate action plans and get buy-in of subordinates.  Hire the right person for a position in the work unit, observing required competencies.  Delegate the right work to the right person using the right approach.  Ensure accomplishment of plans using different control mechanisms.  Make use of practical techniques in motivating and bringing out the best from subordinates.  Identify performance management as a tool for improving employees‟ performance  Ensure disciplined subordinates through effective use of discipline principles and procedures.


Target Participants New or upcoming supervisors, managers, team leaders who haven‟t attended a basic training on leadership and supervisory course

Workshop Highlights
Module 1: LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS: Embracing Supervisory/Managerial Roles & Responsibilities  Perspective: Clarifying Your Leadership Role As A Supervisor / Manager  Get Ready for Change: Expanding Your “Comfort Zone”  Transcending the “Rank-and-File” Mentality  Your Main Role: Link Between Management and Staff  A Paradigm Shift: Achieve Results Through Your People  Operating Vs. Managing: The Difference Between “Supervising” Vs. “Doing”  Discovering P.O.L.C. - The Managerial/Supervisory Responsibilities  Moving from “Technical Expert” to “People Expert”  Gaining the “People Savvy”: A Range of People Skills  Your Leadership Orientation: Production or People  Five Types of „Leaders‟: Which One Are You?
Resource Speaker: Joselito “Jet” G. Nera, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker, Managing Director, SH!NE-JGNera Consulting Group

Module 2:

PLANNING and Goal Setting          The Essence of “Planning” What Happens When We Don‟t Plan? Types of Plans Made By Supervisors Mental Barriers to Planning A Step-by-Step Planning Model Some Reasons Why Plans Fail Crucial Prerequisites of Successful Plans Communicating the Plan and Getting Commitment The Planning Process

Resource Speaker: Edwin Ebreo, Human Resource and Organization Development Consultant, President, ExeQserve Corporation

Module 2:

Effective ORGANIZING Through Hiring and Delegation  What Does It Mean to “Organize”?  Activities in Organizing Your Work Unit  Clarifying Roles and Work Distribution in Your Team  Getting the Right People in Your Team: Avoiding “Misfits”  The Qualities of the “Best Fit” Worker  The Supervisor‟s Role in The Hiring Process  Effective Delegation: The Right Work to the Right Person  What “Should Be” and “Cannot Be” Delegated 3

   

Practical Tips: Planning How and Whom To Delegate A Six-Step Process in Effective Delegation Making the Follow-Up and Checking On Progress Addressing Obstacles: Why Supervisors Don‟t Delegate

Resource Speaker: Edwin Ebreo, Human Resource and Organization Development Consultant, President, ExeQserve Corporation

Module 3:

Leading/Directing   Understanding the Leading/Directing Function Applying the Situational Leadership concept in directing work o Structuring/Directing o Coaching o Supporting o Delegating Motivating People o A Working Definition of “Motivation” o Assumptions in Motivating People o The Five Human Motives: Hierarchy of Needs o Some Practical Tips: Motivating People Without the Cash o How To Create a Workplace that Motivates o Tools to Inspire “Self-Motivation” Among People

Resource Speaker: Severo “Sonnie” Santos, HR 2.0 and Cyber Wellness Guy; Change Advocate & Speaker. Executive Director of WSPH and Business Values 2.0

Module 4:  

CONTROLLING: The Supervisor’s Function in Ensuring Results Understanding the concept of Controlling Performance management as a control tool o Setting performance goals o Monitoring performance o Developing capacity to perform o Appraising performance o Rewarding performance Discipline as a form of control o Common Views of Employee Discipline o The Right Perspective of “Discipline” o The “Hot Stove” Rule in Disciplining o Preventive Vs. Corrective Disciplining o Progressive Discipline Procedures

Resource Speaker: Raffy Perfecto, President, Magnitude Human Resources Development


Fundamental Supervisory Skills Workshop
Date: December 5 and 6, 201 Venue: Eurotel Pedro Gil [in front of Robinson's Ermita]

FEES P 4,000.00 for early bird; P 5,000 regular rate FEES INCLUSION: Certificate of Completion Basic Training Toolkit Meals PAYMENT DETAILS: Pay to "SHINE-JGNera Training Consultants" OR "Joselito G. Nera" C/A # - 103-009399-7 United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Ayala Ave., Branch Keep a copy of the bank deposit slip and present on the day of training. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND EARLY REGISTRATION CALL US AT

ARIVA! Events Managements, Inc. 895-8058 / 895-9527 / 890-9651 Call/Text: 0917-3257870 Duo #: 022114363

Please register here:: http://wp.me/p1CABJ-mu


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