1.4 cu. in./24cc 2-Cycle

Model No. 358.797931

WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product.


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when this Gas Blower is maintained. Sears witl repair. which are expendable parts and become worn during normal use. upset. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. If this Blower is used for rental purposes. IL 60179 Failure to follow all Safety Rules and Precautions can result in serious injury. . or if you are under the influence of alcohol. This warranty applies only while this product is in use in the United States. and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state° Sears. and tuned up according to the instructions in the operator's manual. free of charge. servicing. ill. or clothing with loosely hanging straps. well ventilated place. poured. ° Inspect the area before starting the unit. D/817WA Hoffman Estates. spark plug. or performing maintenance on unit. PLAN AHEAD ° Always wear eye protection when operating. etc. wire. tassels. dry. loose clothing. glass. any defects in material or workmanship. be thrown. This warranty excludes blower tubes. Roebuck and Co. drugs. this warranty applies for 30 days from the date of purchase. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE BY RETURNING THE BLOWER TO THE NEAREST SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES. If this blower is used for commercial purposes. 2 . use an approved. ° Restrict unit to users who understand and will follow all warnings and safety rules in this manual. and air cleaner. and animals away from work area a minimum of 50 feet (15 m) when starting or operating unit. ° Secure hair above shoulder length. • Always wear respirator or face mask when working with unit in dusty environments. • Mix and pour fuel in an outdoor area. lubricated. ties. Keep children. Remove all debris and hard objects such as rocks. or work that can cause sparks) in the areas where fuel is mixed. this warranty applies for 90 days from the date of purchase. or medication. KNOW YOUR UNIT ° Read your Operator's Manual carefully until you completely understand and can follow all warnings and safety rules before operating the unit. Secure or remove jewelry.Warranty Statement Safety Rules Assembly Operation Maintenance Service & Adjustments 2 2 4 6 8 9 Storage Troubleshooting Parts List Spanish Chart 9 10 11 14 Back Parts and Ordering FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN ® GAS BLOWER For two (2) years from date of purchase. HANDLE FUEL WITH CAUTION ° Eliminate all sources of sparks or flame (including smoking. etco They can be caught in moving parts. = Do not operate the unit when you are tired. that can ricochet. bystanders. Dept. or otherwise cause injury or damage during operation. Wearing eye protection wilt help to prevent rocks or debris from being blown or ricocheting into eyes and face which can result in blindness and/or serious in- jury. open flames. store fuel in a cool. or stored.

furnaces. fireplaces. • Move at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from fuel and fueling site before starting engine. and solid objects such as trees. Empty fuel tank before storing the unit. dirt.marked container for all fuel purposes. always install blower tubes. wails. and/or grass covered land in the above -3- . animals. and elbow tube frequently. or damaged parts. damaging unit. etc. sand. brush. The engine must be stopped and the impeller blades no longer turning to avoid serious injury from the rotating blades. When using your unit as a blower. SPECIAL NOTICE: For users on U. hard area while engine is running. Never place objects inside the blower tubes. Do not smoke while handling fuel or while operating the unit° ° Do not fill fuel tank while engine is running. ° Use only for jobs explained in this manual. etc. including California(Public Resources Codes 4442 and 4443). • Never run unit without the proper equipment attached. Oregon. grass. . or cause other damage. Do not use until unit is in proper working order. always with engine stopped and spark plug disconnected_ Keep vents and discharge tubes free of debris which can accumulate and restrict proper air flow. glass. OPERATE YOUR UNIT SAFELY ° Stop the engine before opening the vacuum inlet door. Do not store the unit or fuel in a closed area where fuel vapors can reach sparks or an open flame from hot water heaters. Make sure vacuum bag assembly is completely zipped. automobiles. • Keep outside surfaces free of oil and fuel. Do not use any accessory or attachment other than those recommended ° ° . vacuum tubes. rooftops. Keep firm footing and balance at all times_ . ° Never place any object in the air intake opening as this could restrict proper air flow and cause damage to the unit. • To avoid static electricity shock. or other substances which may contain toxic materials. fertilizers. • Never start or run engine inside a closed room or building_ Breathing exhaust fumes can kW. o Store in a dry area out of reach of children. always direct the blowing debris away from people. Forest Land and in some states. missing. etc. ° Avoid dangerous environments. ° Wipe up fuel spills before starting engine. MAINTAIN YOUR UNIT PROPERLY ° Have all maintenance other than the recommended procedures described in the Operator's Manual performed by Sears Service° Disconnect spark plug before performing maintenance except for carburetor adjustments. Idaho. could be picked up by the air intake and thrown out through discharge opening. The force of air can cause rocks. • Inspect unit before each use for worn. Use up fuel left in carburetor by starting engine and letting it run until it steps. Minnesota. When using your unit as a vacuum. barbecue pits. etc. and Washington: Certain internal combustion engines operated on forest. Do not use in unventilated areas or where explosive vapors or carbon monoxide build up could be present. Maine. Use only recommended CRAFTSMAN® replacement parts. do not use near leaf or brush fires. New Jersey. loose.S. dust. . do not wear rubber gloves or any other insulated gloves while operating unit. steep slopes. electric motors or switches. trees. o Do not set unit on any surface except a clean. ° Never use for spreading chemicals. etc. always install vacuum tubes and vacuum bag assembly. ° To avoid spreading fire. ° Do not overreach or use from unstable surfaces such as ladders. property. ashtrays. blower tubes. ° Check air intake opening. or sticks to be thrown or to ricochet which can hurt people or animals. Debris such as gravel. break glass. o by manufacturer for use with your unit. or causing serious injury to bystanders or operator. use of any other parts may void your warranty and cause damage to your unit.

loss of strength. remove tube.797931 . BLOWER TUBE ASSEMBLY • Align the rib on the blower tube with the groove in the blower outlet. Elbow Tube Small Zipper Opening Rib NOTE: Make sure edge of the small opening is flush against the flared area of the elbow tube.'_\__ Outlet__ TubeBI°wer o To remove the tube._ _L__ Rib ° Tighten the tube clamp by turning the knob clockwise. change in skin color or texture. Make sure the zipper is closed completely. • No tools are required for assembly. contact Sears Service for the correct kit. SPECIAL NOTICE: Exposure to vibrations through prolonged use of gaso- line powered hand tools could cause blood vessel or nerve damage in the fingers.. blower tubes. or joints. ASSEMBLY WARNING: If received assembled. The spark arrestor. turn the knob countemlockwise to loosen clamp. -4- . and joints of people prone to cimulation disorders or abnormal swelling. Blower • Blower tube ° Upper vacuum tube ° Lower vacuum tube ° Elbow tube ..areas are required to be equipped with a spark arrestor. or loss of feeling in the fingers. Model 358. Blower ff. however. Groove_. If symptoms occur such as numbness. discontinue the use of this tool and seek medical attention. An antivibration system does not guarantee the avoidance of these problems. Check with your state or local authorities for regulations pertaining to these requirementso Failure to follow these requirements is a violation of the law. = Push the small end of the elbow tube through the small opening in the bag. repeat all steps to ensure your unit is propedy assembled and all fasteners are secure. slide the tube into place. VACUUM BAG ASSEMBLY o Open the zipper on the vacuum bag and insert the elbow tube. and maintained for the prevention of fire. if a spark arrestor is required in your area. a spark arrestor is available as an optional part. equipped. hands._'. or the engine must be constructed. and the rib on the elbow tube is on the bottom. hands. Users who operate power tools on a continual and regular basis must monitor closely their physical condition and the condition of this tool. CARTON CONTENTS Check carton contents against the following list. o Close the zipper on the bag. and nozzles must be assembled to unit to be in full compliance with regulations. Prolonged use in cold weather has been linked to blood vessel damage in otherwise healthy people. maintained in effective working order. • Secure the ends of the shoulder strap by routing the strap through the buckle as shown. This unit is not factory equipped with a spark arrestor. Vacuum bag ° 2-Cycle Engine Oil NOTE: It is normal for the fuel filter to rattle in the empty fuel tank. pain.

= Remove blower tube from engine. Hooks • Insert the elbow tube into the blower outlet. make sure latch on the vacuum inlet cover is securely fastened. Vacuum Inlet _ Retainingv_Je_mPOSt.__'__ Cover ---__ -5- .. Push lower vacuum tube into upper vacuum Upper tube° • Place the hooks on the vacuum tube on the retaining posts.. = Hold the vacuum inlet cover open until upper vacuum tube is installed. Lower Vacuum Tube • Insert a screwdriver into the latch area on the vacuum inlet cover° __Rib f Latch] Latch BlowerArea Vacuum inlet Cover ° Gently tilt the handle of the screwdriw er toward the back of the unit while pulling up on the vacuum inlet cover with your other hand. pivot tube into position. ° When converting back to the blower feature.VACUUM TUBE ASSEMBLY WARNING Stop engine and be sure the impeller blades have stopped tuming before opening the vacuum inlet door or attempting to insert or remove the vacuum tubes. _Groove • Turn clamp knob clockwise to tighten. Secure vacuum tube by turning the knob clockwise until tight. o Align the lower vacuum tube as shown. The rotating blades can cause serious injury. Make sure elbow tube rib is aligned with the blower outlet groove.

_.. When mixing fuel. ii .. Call 1-800-235-5878= FUELING ENGINE This engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline. See ... move Cold Start (_ lever to the Run position. To stop engine. gasoline must be mixed with a good quality 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil. __ - "_--'==J_- \Rear ON/STOP SWITCH The ON/STOP switch is used to stop the engine° The switch stays in the ON position. Move it all the way forward for full speed operation.2 ounces of oil with 1 gallon of unleaded gasoline).oo [)...i... Move it all the way rearward for idle speed. i... COLD START The Cold Start (_ helps to supply fuel to the carburetor during starting° This allows you to start a cold engine° Activate the Cold Start (_ by moving the Cold Start C) lever to the Start position.11 the Starting Your Engine section for complete starting information.KNOW YOUR BLOWER READ THIS OPERATOR'S MANUAL AND SAFETY" RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT_ Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments° Save this manual for future reference..i ... If you do not understand the -6- . . _ "_ FuelMix Fill Cap _ ".. Once oil is added to gasoline.fSpark Run Primer-Speed Control (_) I ON[STOP _wltcn Bu./.. do not attempt to fuel your unit. __EyeProtection---_ safety rules. . SPEED CONTROL (_) The Speed Control (_ controls engine speed...11.t_'><j ® __..... follow instructions printed on container....... We recommend Craftsman brand oil. shake container momentarily to assure that Blower Vacuum BEFORE STARTING ENGINE WARNING: Be sure to read the fuel information in the safety rules before you begin.. DO NOT USE automotive oil or boat oil..111 . Activate Primer Button (_) by pressing it and allowing it to return to its original position..\ I )l Tubo Starter K'3 VaouumTube "---_ v .11.. .. . After engine has started.... i. Mix gasoline and oil at a ratio of 40:! (A 40:1 ratio is obtained by mixing 3. These oils will cause engine damage.. Before operation. PRIMER BUTTON Q The Primer Button (_) removes air from the fuel lines and fills them with fuel This allows you to start the engine with fewer pulls on the starter rope.11. push and hold the switch in the STOP position until the engine comes to a complete stop.

follow cold engine starting procedure° o To stop the engine.t_ . Use fresh fuel next season. discharge opening. Drain the gas tank. Make sure the blower end is directed away from people. start the engine and let it run until the fuel lines and carburetor are empty. Move at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from the fueling site.t_ position. sand. Do not set unit on any surface except a clean. Then move speed control lever (_) to desired speed: . Speed Control I | _ "_ Switch ® Cold .. press and hold the stop O switch until engine stops° DIFFICULT STARTING OR STARTING A FLOODED ENGINE Rooded engines can be started by placing the cold start lever in the Run position.r_ is for fast engine speed. STARTING YOUR ENGINE BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE You MUST make sure the tubes are secure before using the unit. . and solid objects.. etc. = To stop the engine. To avoid engine problems. or . move the speed control lever to _ to allow engine to idle. animals.. empty the fuel system before storage for 30 days or longer. = Fuel engine.after engine starts° ° Run engine in the fast . . refer to the Troubleshooting Chart or call 1-800-235-5878_ WARNING: When starting engine. hard area when starting engine or while engine is running. hold the unit as illustrated. grass. STOPPING YOUR ENGINE . Debris such as gravel. FOR A WARM ENGINE o Verify cold start lever C) is in the Run position.the fuel is thoroughly mixed. Move speed control lever (_ to fast . Move cold start lever (_ to Run if: . press and hold the stop O switch until engine stops. damaging the unit or property. then. could be picked up by the air intake and thrown out through the -7- . = Pull starter rope until engine starts. pull rope until engine starts° After engine starts. Starting could require pulling the starter rope many times depending on how badly the unit is flooded. To stop the engine.t_ position for a 30 second warm-up. Craftsman brand oil is already blended with fuel stabilizer. press and hold the stop O switch until engine stops. STARTING A COLD ENGINE OR A WARM ENGINE AFTER RUNNING OUT OF FUEL • Verify cold start lever (_) is in the Run position. or causing serious injury to bystanders or the operator.r_ position_ = Move cold start lever (_) to Start. Always read and follow the safety rules relating to fuel before fueling your unit° IMPORTANT Experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol or using ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage_ Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage.Engine does not start after 3 pulis. Move speed control lever to fast . dust. If engine does not start in 3 pulls. Never use engine or carburetor cleaner products in the fuel tank or permanent damage may occur. if the unit still doesn't start. ° Move speed control lever (_) to the fast . glass. = Hold the unit in the starting position as shown. Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable alternative in minimizing the formation of fuel gum deposits during storage. See the STORAGE section for additional information. is for slow engine speed. ° Press primer button (_)slowly 12 times. Pull starter rope until engine starts.

i i i i i Replace spark p!ug Replace fuel filter GENERALRECOMMENDATIONS The warranty on this unit does not coyer items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence.. o Wash the filter in soap and water. To receive full value from the warranty.. . Install new fuel filter on fuel line. push and hold switch in the STOP position until engine comes to a completestop.. nonadjustable° = Twist. • Remove spark plug from cylinder and discard.the operator must maintain unit as instructed in this manual.. CHECK FOR LOOSE FASTENERS AND PARTS .Ensure On/Stop switch functions pmpedy.. Pull filter from tank and remove it from the fuel line. o Remove parts as illustrated. Make sure engine stops. Check for Loose fasteners and parts Check for damacJedor worn parts Clean unit and labels Clean air filter i.-Ibs). Always clean after every 5 hours of operation. CLEAN UNIT & LABELS • Clean the unit using a damp cloth with a mild detergent. Set spark plug gap at . ° On/Stop Switch.Discontinue use of vacuum bag if it is torn or damaged.. . i. socket wrench (10-12 ff. Spark Plug Boot • Air Filter ° Housing Screws CHECK FOR DAMAGED OR WORN PARTS Refer replacement of damaged/worn parts to your Sears Service Center.Discontinue use of unit if fuel tank shows signs of damage or leaks.hUe. reinstall parts. Doing so can create a fire hazard or produce harmful evaporative emissions. drain unit by running it dry of fuel. To stopengine.i. then remove fuel cap/ retainer assembly from tank. Wipe off unit with a ciean dry cloth.CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES CARE & MAINTENANCE TASK WHEN TO PERFORM Before each use Before each use After each use Every 5 hours of operation Yearly Yearly . • Fuel Tank-.. ° Allow filter to dry. ° Replace with Champion RCJ-8Y spark plug and tighten with a 3/4 in.025 in. • Vacuum Bag . Cleaning the air filter: A dirty air filter decreases engine performance and increases fuel consumption and harmful emissions. REPLACE FUEL FILTER To replace fuel filter. then restart engine and CO.. ° Replace parts° REPLACE SPARK PLUG Replace spark plug each year to ensure the engine starts easier and runs better. CLEAN AIR FILTER Do not clean filter in gasoline or other flammable solvent. • Reinstall the spark plug boot. Air Filter Air Filter Cover o Clean the cover and the area around it to keep debris from falling into the carburetor chamber when the cover is removed. then pull off spark plug boot. Various adjustments will need to be made periodically to properly maintain your unit. Ignition timing is fixed.

a dirty fuel fitter. WARNING: • Allow engine to cool. or smokes during acceleration. No further adjustments are necessary if performance is satisfactory. electric motors or switches. and secure the unit before storing or transporting. call our customer assistance hetp fine at 1_800-235-5878. and proceed to the adjustment section. etc.We recommend all service and adjustments not listed in this manual be performed by your Sears Service Center. • "rum counterclockwise to decrease speed. turn mixture screw clockwise in 1/16-turn increments until performance is satisfactory. CARBURETOR PRESETS When making carburetor preset adjustments. . Now turn counterclockwise 4-1/2 turns. Acceleration Check If engine dies or hesitates instead of accelerating. ___ IdleSpeed Screw I=1 _. do not force plastic limiter caps beyond the stops or damage wil! occur. See "Mixture" under adjusting procedure. 9 • Store unit and fuel in a well ventilated area where fuel vapors cannot reach sparks or open flames from water heaters. • Turn clockwise to increase engine speed if engine stalls or dies. • Turn the idle speed screw clockwise until it stops." To adjust presets: • Turn the mixture screw counterclockwise until it stops. Then accelerate the engine and note performance. refer to troubleshooting chart or call 1-800-235-5878. If engine performance is acceptable at the preset positions. CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT Carburetor adjustment is critical and if done improperly can permanently damage the engine as well as the carburetor. Prepare unit for storage at end of season or if it will not be used for 30 days or more. bogs down. Check these conditions before adjusting the carburetor_ The carburetor has been carefully set at the factory. If engine does not start.L mitercap) ADJUSTING PROCEDURE Idle Speed "IDLE" Allow engine to idle_Adjust speed until engine runs without stalling. no further adjustmerits are necessary. Repeat this procedure as necessary for proper adjustment. If carburetor presets are not needed. furnaces. Mixture "MIX" Allow engine to idle. Reset if necessary. If you require further assistance or are unsure about performing this procedure. Start motor. If engine hesitates. I_ Mixture Screw I.I - 17 (wit. Old fuel. or flooding may give the impression of an improperly adjusted carburetor. proceed to "ADJUSTINGPROCEDURE. Idle Speed. Adjustments may be necessary if you notice any of the following conditions: • Engine will not idler See "Idle Speed" and "Mixture" under adjusting procedure° • Engine dies or hesitates instead of accelerating. turn mixture screw counterclockwise untilyou have smooth acceleration. See =Acceleration Check" under adjusting procedure° o Loss of power. After completing adjustments. check for acceleration. let it run for 3 minutes. a dirty air filter. Recheck and adjust as necessary for acceptable performance.

broken." . ° Compression low. • lacks power. Compression low. If you do not use this Sears oil. nuts.Spark plug not firing. CRAFTSMAN 40:1. Replace any damaged. stabilizer." ° Carbon build up. use care and good judgement. Engine will not idle properly. Clean or replace air filter. EXTERNAL SURFACES ° If your unit is to be stored for a period of time. Position unit so that any sharp object cannot accidentally cause injury. If situations occur which are not covered in this manual. Run engine at least 5 minutes after adding stabilizer. Check for dirty fuel filter. contact your Sears Service Center/Department or call the Customer Assistance Helpline at 1-800-235-5878. ." • Spark plug incorrect. • Carburetor requiresadjustmenL • Crankshaft seals worn. • Fuel mixture incorrect. o Store unit and fuel well out of the reach of children. you can add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank. If you need assistance. Replace with correct spark plug. ° Contact Sears Service. FUEL SYSTEM Under Fueling Engine in the Operating Section of this manual. Contact Sears Service. 2-cycle engine oil (air cooled) through the spark plug opening. • See "Carburetor Adjustments. Store in a clean dry area° o Lightly oil external metal surfaces." Fill tank with correct fuel mixture. Add stabilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or fuel storage container. Install new spark plug. CAUSE CHART REMEDY ° ° @ ° o Engine flooded. ° Fuel not reaching carburetor." ° Contact Sears Service. ° See "Fueling Your Unit. Choke par'dallyon. Carbon build up. INTERNAL ENGINE = Remove spark plug and pour I teaspoon of 40:1. re*ga ° See "Carburetor Adjustments. ° Air filter dirty° ° Carburetor requires adjustment. use only fresh fuel having the proper gasoline to oil ratio° OTHER ° Do not store gasoline from one season to another. ° Check entire unit for loose screws. . o Compression low. and bolts. ° Fuel tank empty. repot or replace_ • Contact Sears Service. Follow the mix instructions found on stabilizer container. Air filter dirty. See "Starting Instructions. • Replace your gasoline can if it starts to rust. Slowly pull the starter rope 8 to 10 times to distribute oil. Engine runs hot. ° At the beginning of the next season. Contact Sears Service. Check for kinked or split fuel line. Spark plug fouled. o Replace spark plug with new one of recommended type and heat range. replace. ° Clean or replace air filter. 2-cycle engine oil (air cooled) is already blended with fuel TROUBLESHOOTING TROUBLE Engine will not start. Empty fuel tank and refill with correct fuel mixture. clean it thoroughly before storage. Carburetorrequiresadjustment. -10- . • See "Carburetor Adjustments. Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable altematire in minimizing the fomlation of fuel gum deposits during storage. or worn parts. o Adjust choke. see message labeled IMPORTANT regarding the use of gasohol in your engine." ° Contact Sears Service. or = dies under a Ioado ° Engine smokes excessively. • Fuel mixture incorrect. Engine will not • accelerate. Clean or replace spark plug.• Store unit with all guards in place. ° Carburetor requiresadjustment_ • See "Carburetor Adjustments. • Clean air filter.

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