© Pepe Subirana 2011. Headsushi.com The 12 BRAND ARCHETYPES. PRINCESS LEIA, the Lover.

VICTORIA’S SECRET is a “Lover” brand, as is any brand that helps people find love, for example by feeling attractive.

LUKE SKYWALKER, the Hero. BMW is a “Hero” brand suggesting success and the braveness of driving fast. A BMW car, is “the horse of the hero”.

MICROSOFT represents the ruling standard. Google is the “Outlaw” archetype. I personally am partial to Microsoft: Good products (MS Office) cost work and must be paid for. owning the word “for free”. GOOGLE fights the big media companies (such as Universal) and puts their music and videos for free in the hands of the little people. Much like Robin Hood steals from the rich to give the money to the poor. the Outlaw. .© Pepe Subirana 2011. the Ruler. the “Ruler” archetype. DARTH VADER. Microsoft.com JAN SOLO. The Outlaw typically fights the Rules: Google vs. Headsushi.

That means lots of Santa Claus and the childish joy of Xmass. innocent world of childhood.© Pepe Subirana 2011. . Headsushi. HARVARD University is a Sage brand as is any brand that has to do with having superior knowledge or science as for example Britannica or IBM. the Innocent.com YODA. etc.” and that its ads should consistently depict the ideal. the Sage. COCACOLA advertising didn’t catch with the audience until Coke realized that its archetype is the “Innocent. Think Einstein! C3PO.

RD2D repaired ANY technical problem on Luke Skywalker’s combat spaceship. . solves any problem by the use of high-tech. is the Magician archetype. the Magician. RED BULL is the “Magician” as is any highscience or technically-savvy brand which. Red Bull’s code is “the magic potion” which secret formula (science) gives you strength to stay awake all night long through the party. A technical expert or scientist. Headsushi.© Pepe Subirana 2011. science or magic. like McGiver or Merlin.com R2D2.

which is what makes it an “Artist” brand. Headsushi. . the Artist. makes food. ADOBE helps people express themselves and create (think Photoshop or Flash).com Anakin’s mother. the Great Mother. Any company that nurtures people (and especially kids) like NESTLE’s KitKat is a “Great Mother” archetype.© Pepe Subirana 2011. Shmi. Cantine Mos Eisley: Music band. NESTLE with its “mothe-bird nurturing baby-birds in a nest”-logo.

com CHEWBACCA. Chewbacca is John Little. In “Robin Hood”. Normal People. the strong. Headsushi. ordinary sidekick of the hero.” lacking any sense of exclusivity. WALMART is a brand for “normal people. We want to BELONG to the good ol’ normal people.© Pepe Subirana 2011. . the Good.

So let’s take instead NIKE as “Jester”/FUN example.© Pepe Subirana 2011. DISNEY is all about FUN.com Jar Jar Binks. Actually. the Jester. See how NIKE is an “Explorer” brand for many teenagers too. Disney is a combination of COKE’s “Innocent” archetype with the “Jester” one. Headsushi. As is any other “Jester” company. NIKE helps people have FUN/ENJOY sports. .

the Explorer – LOUIS VUITTON makes an statement about any woman carrying one of its bags. It says to other people “I’m a posh.© Pepe Subirana 2011. Their archetype is the “Explorer”.com JEDI KNIGHT ORDER. Products that give us a sense of identity. Headsushi. rich girl”. Tommy Hilfiger) are called IDENTITY MARKERS. like being a “Jedi Knight” or a “successful executive” (BMW) or a posh girl or dude (Louis Vuitton. .

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