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› Wring greater efficiencies out of existing resources › Cut capital spending by boosting asset-utilization rates › Boost revenue with automated billing › Reduce errors by tracking medical devices › Increase patient monitoring and safety › Improve medication management
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certification and recognition. being held on Sept. CSCM. Founder and Editor. please visit www. RFID Journal ABOUT RFID JOURNAL RFID Journal is the leading independent media and events company devoted solely to radio frequency identification and its many business applications. RFID Journal’s mission is to help businesses use RFID technologies to improve the way they do business. 13. including RFIDSCM (Certified RFID Supply Chain Manager). Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how leading health-care providers are benefiting from RFID today. Hospitals and health-care facilities all around the world are benefiting from the cost savings and efficiencies provided by radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time location system (RTLS) technologies.iscea. ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN EDUCATION ALLIANCE The International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) is a worldwide organization with a mission of providing supply chain knowledge through education.Co-Located with the ISCEA Strategic Health Care Workshop • NEW RFID IN HEALTH CARE CASE STUDY DVD – FREE WITH REGISTRATION www. 2011. By attending. This year’s conference will be co-located with the ISCEA Strategic Workshop. with timely news. you will learn how your organization can join the leading health-care providers that are employing the latest RFID systems to: › Boost asset-utilization rates with RTLS solutions › Leverage RTLS and RFID technologies to wring greater efficiencies out of existing resources › Reduce errors by tracking medical devices › Increase patient monitoring and safety › Improve medication management › And so much more! To view the most up-to-date speaker list and agenda. online and at face-to-face events worldwide. ISCEA develops internationally recognized certification programs.rfidjournal. CSCA. Register early to save—be sure to use the code on the cover of this brochure for maximum . RFID in Health Care is the only event where you can hear leading health-care providers and early adopters share real-world case studies. and see the latest technology solutions designed for your industry. www. CCRM and CLM.rfidjournalevents. Mark Roberti. We look forward to hosting you in Chicago on Sept. Thank you for your time and consideration. 12 Dear Colleague. 12. strategic analysis and case studies—in print. 2011.rfidjournalevents.

rfidjournalevents. Army U. DEROME biomedical ECRI Geisinger Health System Gila Regional Medical Center Guthrie Healthcare System Gwinnett Medical Center HCA Eastern Group Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati HGA Architects & Engineers HPPI HTMT Johnson & Johnson Joint Commission. San Diego University of Massachusetts Medical Center University of Michigan University of Munster University of Pennsylvania University of Rochester University of Tennessee University of Texas System UTMD Anderson Cancer Center Valley Hospital Vanguard Health Systems VHA Virginia Mason Medical Center Washington Hospital Center WellStar Health System William Beaumont Hospitals Womans Hospital Yale University Health Servcies To view more companies.Co-Located with the ISCEA Strategic Health Care Workshop • .S. The Kaiser Permanente Karl Storz Endoscopy Kettering Medical Center Network King Hussein Cancer Center Lahey Clinic Medical Center Legacy Health System Martin Memorial Health Systems McKesson Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Midland Memorial Hospital Ministry of Finance Ontario Mississippi Baptist Health Systems NAL Worldwide National Institute of Standards and Technology Naval Medical Logistics Command Nebraska Medical Center New Hanover Health Network New York Presbyterian Hospital Newton Wellesley Hospital Nihon Hospital Service North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System North Shore Medical Center Parkway Hospital Partners North Shore Medical Center Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Providence Health Care Systems Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Saint Elizabeth Health Center Salem Community Hospital San Joaquin Community Hospital Satko Oral Surgery Scott & White Memorial Hospital Seton Family of Hospitals Shands Teaching Hospital Sister of Mercy Health Systems South Coast Health System St. Department of Veterans Affairs UBC Centre for Disease Control UCLA WINMEC University Hospitals University of British Columbia University of California. Bay Medical Center BayCare Health Systems Bradley Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center BMG Bon Secours Richmond Health Systems Boston Medical Center British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Broadlane Brooke Army Medical Center Cambridge Health Alliance Cardinal Health Caritas St.S. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Acorda Therapeutics American Heart Association Anne Arundel Health System Appleseed Healthcare Argosy Univesity Arizona State University Ascension Health AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Aurora Health Care Avalon Health Care Avnet EMA Baxa Corp. visit our website NEW RFID IN HEALTH CARE CASE STUDY DVD – FREE WITH REGISTRATION www. 12 THOSE THAT ATTENDED PAST RFID IN HEALTHCARE EVENTS INCLUDE: Acutech Corp. Alexius Medical Center Staffordshire University Swedish Health Services Temple University Health System Texas Children’s Hospital U.Elizabeth’s Medical Center Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Chatham Kent Health Alliance Childrens Hospital Medical Center of Akron Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Christus Health Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center City of Hope National Medical Center Cleveland Clinic Colorado State University CombineMed Consorta Dade Behring Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Dean Health System Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Deluxe Corp.

and attached tags to mobile assets of high value. Director of Cardiovascular Services. perform periodic maintenance of its assets more efficiently.8 million in revenue due to reductions in left-withouttreatment (LWOT) patients and diversions. Department of Emergency Medicine. with 25 percent of U. learn how Mission Hospital is using the system to better manage its moveable medical equipment.rfidjournalevents. such as adult asthma. In this session. Hohberger. COPD and depression. The presenter will also discuss how real-time location system (RTLS) technology has reduced the firm’s annual operating costs. as well as an RFID-enabled journal to improve medication management. Ph. AEMC implemented automatic tracking within its ED in 2003.8 percent to zero. resulting in $14. Hear how the company employs RFID asset tags to provide increased supply chain efficiency. Founder and Editor. resulting in capital purchase savings and lowered rental costs. Following the system’s installation.D. IT Enterprise Architect. learn about RFID technology and equipment selection.56 MHz RFID tags have been accepted by the International Society for Blood Transfusion and the U.000 to $200.S. including equipment inventory. The solution has provided the the hospital with real-time visibility. Speaker: Michael Kohler.. resulting in an annual savings of $150. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare AGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE 11:45 AM RFID-ENABLED JOURNALS HELP PATIENTS TRACK AND MANAGE CHRONIC DISEASES AT MERIDIAN HEALTH Meridian Health. Speaker: Sandra Elliott. in order to increase the satisfaction of both patients and caregivers. RFID Journal 9:00 AM IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY WITH RTLS AT ALBERT EINSTEIN MEDICAL CENTER Albert Einstein Medical Center (AEMC) is using an automatic tracking system to improve patient flow. Learn how the firm’s newest application enables patients to monitor their sleeping habits during the night. in the comfort of their own home. is employing a hybrid infrared (IR) and RFID system to track the location. 2011 8:45 AM OPENING REMARKS Speaker: Mark Roberti. and is utilizing the system to track the real-time location and care status of all patients. Tallahassee Memorial HeathCare began employing radio frequency identification as a means of obtaining accurate real-time visibility regarding patients. Calif. The presenter will also discuss the benefits and deployment issues at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa Health Center.000 worth of equipment that had been lost each year prior to the system being installed. pain. providing 100 percent coverage in the building’s public sections. identify the location of medical equipment. Chairman. which operates five New Jersey hospitals and a home-care service.D. The rate of lost or stolen devices dropped from 13. The journals’ latest application targets poor sleep health—a pervasive problem. Moderator: Diane Hubisz. Chudnofsky. staff members and assets. cleaning and maintenance of its moveable medical equipment. providing a method for monitoring the impact of lifestyle changes on sleep patterns.000 Mission Hospital. Albert Einstein Medical Center 9:45 AM MISSION HOSPITAL IMPROVES EQUIPMENT UTILITY RATE AND SAVES $150. Speaker: Clive P. assure Joint Commission compliance and reduce equipment loss. RFID Systems Architect.S. This is the first FDA-permitted implementation of RFID in all phases of blood-banking. and decrease emergency department (ED) overcrowding.. and to offer greater independence and safety to patients with chronic diseases.Co-Located with the ISCEA Strategic Health Care Workshop • Sept. a 552-bed facility with two campuses in Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach. Hear how the department has achieved quantifiable improvements in operating performance. integration with the blood enterprise-computing system. Tufts Medical Center 2:45 PM VEIN-TO-VEIN IMPLEMENTATION OF HF RFID IN BLOOD COLLECTION THROUGH TRANSFUSION ISO 18000-3m1 13. Director of Material Management. in terms of process improvement. This smart card.. streamline the admissions process. Mission Hospital— Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach 10:30 AM NETWORKING BREAK 11:00 AM INCREASING EFFICIENCIES BY USING RFID TO TRACK ASSETS Several years ago. has developed electronic health journals for patients to answer key questions regarding symptoms of their condition. In this session. the equipment utility rate for tagged items rose by 7 percent. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as data carriers to augment ISBT128 bar-code data on blood products. reduce length of stay and patient walkouts. RFID tag performance and tag survivability issues. enabling optimized inventory levels. CardioVascular Center. and analyze and report on department performance. Meridian Health 12:30 PM LUNCH BREAK 2:00 PM RFID FOR IMPROVED RESULTS Learn how Tufts Medical Center uses passive RFID to track high-value products across four specialty departments and its materials-management department. adults reporting insufficient sleep or rest at least 15 out of every 30 . Speaker: Carl R. M. BloodCenter of Wisconsin 3:30 PM NETWORKING BREAK 4 NEW RFID IN HEALTH CARE CASE STUDY DVD – FREE WITH REGISTRATION www. 13. as well as FDA-required RF safety testing. as well as improved door-to-disposition times. The firm deployed RFID access points throughout the facility. sizable financial benefits and improved inter-departmental collaboration around supply chain improvements. 12 AGENDA SEPT. tracks overall activity levels associated with sleep and combines that knowledge with common daily symptoms into a core sleep assessment. Director of Consumer Technology and Service Development. Speaker: Jay Adams. worn during the night.

12 AGENDA SEPT.12..S. As the coolers move around the facility. Many of these growth. their locations are tracked using the hospital's existing RFID readers and infrared emitters. Hear about how the RFID-enabled blood-bank-management system has been so successful that the hospital has now applied for a patent. Dr. Ph. AGENDA AT A GLANCE: 09:00 AM Registration 09:30 AM Introduction of Speakers and Current State: Healthcare Supply Chain 10:00 AM Introduction of Potential Models and Model Discussion 10:30 AM Internal Value Principles and Improvement Possibilities 11. NEW RFID IN HEALTH CARE CASE STUDY DVD – FREE WITH REGISTRATION www. blood factors and snakebite antivenom-not only are expensive. Gerald (Jerry) Ledlow.D.D. He has more than 25 years of health-care leadership. Receiving Manager. and how it plans to market the solution to other medical facilities. Sharp Memorial Hospital 4:45 PM BEYOND ASSET TRACKING: HOW WAKE FOREST BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER LEVERAGED AN EXISTING REAL-TIME LOCATION SYSTEM Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC) is employing a real-time location system (RTLS) to track the locations of IV poles. Dr. He was recognized as a “2004 Rainmaker” by DC Velocity magazine. Learn how the RFID system is enabling the staff to know where the drugs are located. lot numbers and expiration dates of slow-moving. By utilizing the system for its 35 coolers. The 368-bed facility is utilizing the system to manage the inventory levels. Karl B Manrodt. and in 2005 was awarded the Eugene Bishop Award for Sustained Academic Excellence by Georgia Southern University’s College of Business. pumps and other items as they are moved around the 4-million-square-foot campus. Speaker: John Johnson. the reality is that leadingedge providers can experience true growth opportunities and gain competitive advantage in the market. Ledlow is a board-certified health-care executive and an associate professor at Georgia Southern University. Ledlow is also the Heath Care Committee chair of the (IISB) ISCEA International Standards Board. Manrodt served on the board of directors for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Marketing & Logistics. These medications-such as rabies vaccines. Each cooler has an RFID tag encoded with a unique ID number linked to the cooler in the RTLS. Karl Manrodt is a professor of logistics in Georgia Southern University’s Department of Management. FACHE Dr. in health policy and management. Speaker: Ronald Noel. in order to ensure that it meets the storage-temperature requirements of the U. PRINCIPLES AND VESTED OUTSOURCING—A STRATEGIC APPROACH While some may only see challenges in health care. and that staff members receive updates when the products are scheduled to be returned to the blood bank.Co-Located with the ISCEA Strategic Health Care Workshop • Sept. as well as the amount of each product available in stock at all times. positioning and cost-saving opportunities reside below the normal C-suite’s radar. Director of Pharmacy. In August 2010. MHA. management and academic experience. so that it can reduce the quantity of items that are never administered due to exceeding their expiration date. 2011 4:00 PM SHARP MEMORIAL HOSPITAL TESTS RFID-ENABLED DRUG-MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Sharp Memorial Hospital is currently conducting a pilot project using RFID-enabled drug-dispensing cabinets in conjunction with standard EPC Gen 2 tags. holding leadership positions in supply chain.rfidjournalevents. Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center 5:30 PM CLOSING REMARKS Speaker: Mark Roberti. half as a practitioner and half as an academic-scholar. facilities. Dr. the hospital began using its existing RTLS to track how long blood coolers remained outside its blood bank. as well as in other leadership roles with WERC. Dr. Founder and Editor. the facility has been able to ensure that the coolers are not lost. high-cost pharmaceuticals that hospitals seldom administer. but that are vital to have ready nonetheless. as part of a company’s supply chain systems and associated processes. RFID Journal 5:35 PM CONFERENCE CONCLUDES AGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE ISCEA STRATEGIC WORKSHOP: DETERMINING YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTHCARE SUPPLY CHAIN: STRATEGIES. managed care and academic positions as the doctoral program director of two research universities.00 AM Example: Metrics in the Supply Chain (Other Industries as Example) 11:15 AM Break 11:30 AM External Value Principles and Knowing Your Suppliers & Vendors 12:30 PM Lunch 01:30 PM Vertical “Relationship” Integration 02:00 PM Vested Outsourcing 02:45 PM Break 03:00 PM Discussion (What to do on Monday) and Mini-Group Work and Report-Out 03:45 PM Summary and Review 04:00 PM Conclusion WORKSHOP LEADERS INCLUDE: Dr. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). but also sometimes have a short shelf . Ph.

* EARLY REGISTRATION THRU 07/15/11 ADVANCE REGISTRATION 07/16/11 . CSCM. › All meal and networking functions › How to Choose the Right RFID System: A Step-by-Step Guide for Providers of Health Care ($399 value) › Health Care RTLS ROI Calculator ($199 value) › 7. 4 amcintosh@rfidjournal. 13.Co-Located with the ISCEA Strategic Health Care Workshop • Sept. 12 EXHIBITORS AND SPONSORS EXHIBITORS REGISTRATION OPTIONS CONFERENCE + WORKSHOP PASS › Admission to the Optimize Your Health Care Supply Chain Performance Workshop on Sept. 13 › Exhibits on Sept. CLM).595 CONFERENCE PASS › Admission to the conference on (212) 584-9400 ext. 13 › Exhibits on Sept. PLEASE CONTACT: *The ISCEA PDUs are good for CE requirements of any of the ISCEA Certifications (RFIDSCM.5 ISCEA PDUs * EARLY REGISTRATION THRU 07/15/11 ADVANCE REGISTRATION 07/16/11 .195 $1. (212) 584-9400 ext. 12 › NEW RFID IN HEALTH CARE CASE STUDY DVD – FREE WITH REGISTRATION www. 12 › Admission to the Conference on Sept.395 $1.8/19/11 REGULAR/ON-SITE REGISTRATION AFTER 8/19/11 $899 $999 $999 FOR EXHIBIT AND SPONSORSHIP .8/19/11 REGULAR/ON-SITE REGISTRATION AFTER 8/19/11 $1. Alan McIntosh DIRECTOR OF SALES Matthew Singer DIRECTOR OF SALES TEAMS OF 3 OR MORE SAVE! Team discounts of 20% off each registration are available to groups of three or more registrants from the same company. 6 msinger@rfidjournal. CSCA. Discounts can not be combined with any other offer.5 ISCEA PDUs. online registrations must be completed during the same online session. 13. › All meal and networking functions › How to Choose the Right RFID System: A Step-by-Step Guide for Providers of Health Care ($399 value) › Health Care RTLS ROI Calculator ($199 value) › 15 ISCEA PDUs * EARLY REGISTRATION THRU 07/15/11 ADVANCE REGISTRATION 07/16/11 .8/19/11 $299 $399 $599 RESEARCH PARTNERS MEDIA PARTNERS REGULAR/ON-SITE REGISTRATION AFTER 8/19/11 WORKSHOP PASS › Admission to the Optimize Your Health Care Supply Chain Performance › Workshop on Sept. To secure the team discount.rfidjournalevents.

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